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⚽ | City defender sent off with a stupid kick ... Pep also cut off with "complete red"


City defender sent off with a stupid kick ... Pep also cut off with "complete red"

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He pointed out that the red card in the dead rubber is only unnecessary because he is an important player for the team.

The final round of the UEFA Champions League group stage in various parts of Europe.Man who has already decided to break through ... → Continue reading


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Digestive match

Digestive match(Shokajiai) is mainly for sportsmatchIt is one of the classifications related to.League match OfSportsWinFrom the time the ranking of the team or your team is confirmed until the end of the final matchmatchTo call.


Generally, in league games, the winning team and the results of all gamesplay offAdvance team.Furthermore, the teams to be replaced with the lower leagues will be decided.However, in reality, the rankings of those teams may be fixed before the final round, so the remaining matches are almost meaningless for teams that have decided to win, advance to the playoffs, or be demoted to the lower league. It becomes a thing.Also, if the chances of winning, advancing to the playoffs, or being promoted to the upper leagues disappear, the rest of the match will still be meaningless to the team.These are commonly referred to as dead rubber (however, there are cases where you can indirectly benefit from affecting the composition of the playoffs and replacement conditions. Also, in shogiPlace battleIn some cases, it may be possible to advance the next promotion battle to an advantage or avoid the crisis of demotion / fall by raising even one rank).

In principle,Round-robinOr it occurs only in a method close to it.In addition, the larger the number of games, the larger the number of digestive games tends to be.Even with the winning methodFIFA World CupIf there is a round-robin round like this, a dead rubber match will occur.

Grand SumoThen.NumberingDue to the presence of, it is difficult for a dead rubber match to occur.In particularsummaryIn principle, there is no digestive match below.HoweverOzekiChiakiIf a single-digit win has been decided to win / lose, a dead rubber match will occur.For Ozeki, there is not much difference in evaluation between 8 wins and 9 wins, and all the losses areCorner numberThis is because they are in the same line (7 wins, 8 losses, and all 15 losses are the same).Yokozuna are often closed if they do not perform well, and they rarely play a dead rubber match.

Major league baseballThen, the digestive game may be canceled.If all of the following conditions are met, the match will not be played.

  1. This is a match scheduled to be held after the final day of the league (usually the first Sunday of October) (a match that has been postponed due to rain cancellation, etc.).
  2. It does not affect the district victory battle or the wild card battle.
  3. The final rankings of the two teams have been finalized.

Long time agoFIFA World Cup/QualifyingHowever, the match between teams whose possibility of breaking through the qualifying or advancing to the next round of the qualifying has disappeared was sometimes canceled.Currently used for pot divisionFIFA rankingHowever, due to the calculation method in which the points of qualifying are heavily weighted, there are virtually no dead rubber games in countries that have passed the qualifying.

In many cases, no alternative schedule is set for international baseball games if the digestive game is canceled in the rain.vice versaJapan Baseball Organization(NPB) In professional baseball under the jurisdictionClimax seriesAnd it is allowed to proceed with the digestive game at the same time.

Depending on the sports leagueWartime regime-Pandemic-strikeIf a certain number of games are canceled due to reasons such as, the ranking of the team to which they belong will not be decided.Post season・ Replacement and awards may be canceled.

Focus of digestive match

The topic is fighting for lower rankings and achieving personal records.It is often criticized because it is sometimes played without regard to the victory or defeat of the team in order to win an individual title or set a new record (Tetsuya Usami #Position for RecordsSee).In addition, the main playersJapan seriesEtc. and subsequent matches (so-calledPost seasonIn order to prevent injuries in front of), we may put in a lot of rookie players and reserves to give them the opportunity to participate in the game, to improve their abilities for the next year, and to try new tactics ().サ ッ カ ーThen.turnover(Called the system).In any case, the audience will have to enjoy the game differently from the usual game, and the number of visitors will decrease.Also, the media broadcast is rarely done in the digestive game,Terrestrial waveIt is in Osaka that the broadcast will be carried out until the final raceMBS RadioAnd HiroshimaRCC radioLimited to some broadcasting stations.

In the digestive game only for that yearRetirementOf the star playerRetirement matchIs often formed (they may not be able to start in the starting lineup unless they are in a digestive match due to weakness), and in this case, a national television broadcast or a large crowd may be gathered.Nagashima ShigeoRetirement match is also a dead rubber match, and the opponent who decided to winChunichi DragonsIs playing a match with an order centered on substitute players (this is the main playerMay 10,Nagoya cityWas having a victory celebration parade at[1]).

In addition, even if the ranking of the own team is decided, it is a dead rubber match, but if the winning team is not decided, the fans expect to fight seriously in the match against the team competing for the victory.1982 Of Nippon Professional BaseballCentral LeagueThen,Yokohama Ocean WhalesIs a player of his own team with a batting average of 1st in the match against the Chunichi Dragons, who bet on the Central League championship team, with the recognition that "the ranking of the ocean has been decidedKeiji NagasakiOf the enemy team batter with a batting average of 2nd placeYasushi TaoAll at batsShy awayAlthough he won the battle for the top hitter, he lost a lot in the match and was criticized for "contributing" to the victory of Chunichi.

Occasionally, measures taken with the aim of reducing the number of dead rubber games will lead to an increase in the number of dead rubber games, and even if the number of dead rubber games decreases as a result, criticism may come from players and fans.1952 Of Nippon Professional BaseballPacific LeagueSo, after 7 round robins with 18 teams, we adopted an irregular league match where the top 4 teams round robin 4 times, but criticism from the team that missed the second league advancement and the inability to simply compare results It was abolished for only one year.In addition, the league1973 Adopted from to 19822 season systemHowever, there was a problem that the digestive game also occurred in each of the previous and next periods (it was not possible to digest all the games in the first half by the start of the second half, and it was also seen that the first half of the game was played after the end of the second half).this isBig difference matchCountermeasures are likely to be similar.


In professional baseball, in both leagues since 2007Playoff system(Climax series) Has been introduced, and the number of dead rubber games has decreased significantly.In professional soccer, it depends on the country and region,Replacement battleAnd because it also uses the promotion playoffs to the top league, there are fewer digestive games than baseball.Professional basketballB LeaguePlayoff system (B.LEAGUE ChampionshipEtc.), so there is no formal dead rubber match.

Depending on the team and players, games other than the main league games, cup games, tournaments, etc. may be treated as digestive games.However, especially in professional sports, such acts lead to disappointment, so many places are prohibited by the regulations.2000 May 4 OfJ LeagueYamazaki Nabisco Cup OfShonan Bellmare vsAvispa FukuokaIn the match, Fukuoka will replace most of the members, and will face the match with the formation of a satellite team, and the league rules (commonly known as "play with the strongest members").Best member rules) Was controversial.


  • ShogiPlayer OfKunio Yonecho(Originalcelebrity, OriginalJapan Shogi FederationThe chairman, deceased) wrote his own book, "Study of Competition in Humans" (ShodenshaIn the non-book), "The game that is important for the opponent even in the digestive game for me is a big game that attracts luck for several years, and I try desperately than the master game and beat the opponent with all my strength" Advocating "Yonenaga Theory" (Yonenaga Philosophy),Shogi worldIs widely supported.The player who lost the match against the player who has nothing to do with promotion or demotion and missed the promotion, or who suffered from the demotion / fall, is the opponent who practiced this by the U.S. chief himself.Genichi OhnoThere are many at the beginning.2010 May 423st period pointed to byRyuo BattleAlready in the 5 group remaining deciding matchRetirementWas decided (will not participate in the next Ryuo match regardless of victory or defeat) 74 years oldMichio AriyoshiBut,Koichi KinoshitaIs defeated and demoted to 6 groups and "remains" in 5 groups.Also, in the same period, in the Ryuo 5 group residual deciding match, the 68-year-old who had decided to retire like AriyoshiNobuyuki OuchiBut,Kazuo IshidaHas been defeated and demoted to 6 groups.
  • Go・ Normal in the title game of shogiNumber gameEnds at the time of winning or losing, and there is no dead rubber match, but exceptionally at the time of its establishmentWarlordThe seventh game was supposed to point to the seventh.The losing side to maintain interestThe piece is dropped and pointsA "point-in system" was introduced, and a piece-dropping battle was held.for that reasonJinya caseIs said to be the distant cause of the occurrence.
  • 2012 yearsLondon OlympicsIn the badminton competition women's doubles in Japan, a situation occurred in which 1 pairs of 4 pairs, who had been decided to pass the first league, played a lethargic match in order to make a favorable combination in the final tournament.[2].
  • World Baseball ClassicIn the double elimination round, there will be a 1st place deciding match between passing countries.[2].


  1. ^ [October 10] 14 (Showa 1974) Shigeo Nagashima retires Mr. and the people around him on that day(Sports Nippon / Daily Professional Baseball) Originally before thisMay 10It should have been done in the rain, but it was postponed on this day because it was canceled in the rain.However, there is a story that the parade was forced in Chunichi because the fans were not satisfied with the absence of the main players in this championship parade.
  2. ^ a b Strictly speaking, it is not a dead rubber match as the match result will affect the combination of the next round.

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