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⚾ | Yakult announces coaching staff Yuichi Matsumoto Operation Coach, Motohiro Shima is also an assistant coach

Photo Yakult Director Shingo Takatsu [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

Yakult announces coaching staff Yuichi Matsumoto Operation Coach, Motohiro Shima is also an assistant coach

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Noriyuki Shiroishi, who left Nippon-Ham for this season, will serve as the chief and defensive baseball coach of the 2nd army.

Head coach Miyade announced the coaching staff for the 2 season on the 8th. … → Continue reading


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2 Army Chief and Defensive Baseball Coach

Noriyuki Shiroishi

Noriyuki Shiroishi(Noriyuki Shiroishi,1973 May 4 -) isSaitamaOmiya city(CurrentSaitama) OriginalProfessional baseball player(Infielder),Professional baseball coach.

yuanPart-time workerHas a unique career.2005 から2008 UntilTokyo Yakult SwallowsPlayer president.Ex-wifeFree announcer OfMiho Ohashi.


Before entering professional

I used to play soccer when I was littleLiftingHowever, he turned to softball because he couldn't do it well, and he belonged to the Japanese-style baseball club when he was in junior high school.Kasukabe Kyoei High SchoolAfter going on to school, he belongs to the baseball club and also serves as captain. In 1991, the third (or sixth)shortstopAs63th Selected High School Baseball TournamentThe 73rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipIn the summer, he lost in the first match, but in the spring he won one victory.In the summer Saitama tournament finalKen KadokuraTo holdSeibou Gakuen High SchoolDefeated.Recorded 7 home runs in high school.After graduationAoyama Gakuin UniversityGo to school (to classmates)Tomoya TsuboiHowever, he dropped out in a week.

After dropping out of collegegas stationI lived as an employee,Nippon Ham FightersPassed the enrollment test,1994 Professional Baseball Draft ConferenceJoined the group after being nominated for 5th place by Nippon-Ham.Prior to the Nippon-Ham joining testYakult SwallowsI also took the entrance exam, but I failed.

Japan ham era

Second year of joining1997 ToFresh all-star gameIn addition to participating in, the first in the history of the teamFarm Japan ChampionshipAlthough he contributed to the conquest, he only participated in a small number of appearances in the army.1998 OfPacific LeagueThe day before the official game starts,Toshihiro NoguchiTransferred to Yakult Swallows who failed the enrollment test before joining the pro in the exchange trade with.Yakult is behind this tradeProfessional baseball tax evasion caseShortstop who was suspended byShinya MiyamotoThere was a situation that I had to find a substitute for.[1]

Yakult era

1998 Immediately after the transfer, he entered the XNUMXst Army bench and could not be fully active as a shortstop due to Achilles tendon pain.Takahiro IkeyamaThe number of turns has increased dramatically in the form of supportingChunichi DragonsHe was also selected as a starting member in the battle.After returning to Miyamoto, mainlysecond basemanParticipated as.He also recorded his first professional home run and participated in 3 games, which exceeded the total number of appearances in one army during the three years he was enrolled in Nippon Ham.1999 May 4 OfYokohama Bay StarsBattle (Yokohama Stadium)so,Katsuyuki DobashiPlayed the first starter of the opening game with XNUMXth and XNUMXnd baseman due to the breakdown of.

2002 Although he grabbed the starting pitcher (second baseman) for the second opening game, he was forced to dislocate his left elbow on April 2 and was forced to leave for a long time (due to the aftereffects of this dislocation, his left elbow cannot be straightened even now).However, he recorded his best eight home runs this year.2005 Robbed a regular second baseman from Dobashi and participated in 130 games, the most of his own, with a batting average of .256, 92 hits, and 2 home runs.After the end of the season, he became the player chairman of Yakult.Jingu StadiumAt the time of the starting lineup announcement at, he was introduced as "the handsome player chairman".

2007 Started the opening second army due to back pain. When he was promoted on April 4, he hit a home run and was doing well, but immediately after that.Herpes zosterThe doctor instructed me to take an absolute rest, and my bad luck continued.2008 TheHiroyasu TanakaAnd transferred from Nippon-HamKeizo KawashimaHas emerged, and the number of participants has dropped sharply, mainly in the first half of the game.Kazuhiro HatakeyamaI participated in the defense of.In the second half of the game, he suffered from back pain and had a batting average of .048.

2009 Although suffering from back pain, he recorded a batting average of 3% or more in the second army. Following the dislocation of the left elbow in 2002, the pain in the right elbow also overlapped, so I felt the limits of my body, and in the same yearMay 10Announced retirement from active duty.October 10, the same year when the retirement match was heldYomiuri GiantsBattle (Meiji Jingu Stadium), Participated in the 1th inning to chase 8 point,Ochi DaisukeContributed to the team's come-from-behind victory by hitting a double through the middle left, after the matchMasato HanadaRetirement ceremony was held with[2].. On October 10th, the next2010 Announced that he will be appointed as a baseball coach for the XNUMXst Army.

After retirement

2011 Rested from September 9th, it has been the cause of back pain since the days of active duty.Herniated discI had an operation.Originally it was planned to be after the end of the season, but since it would hinder knocking, etc., surgery was started (from the October 2011, 10 issue of Weekly Baseball).He returned on October 24, the same year (during the rest, Dobashi, who was the coach of the second army infield defense base at that time, took the place).

2014 Leave Yakult as far as possible[3]Then,2015 TheHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersHe served as a second-arm hitting coach, and from the following year 2016, he became a first-arm hitting coach.[4].

From the 2020 season, he will be reassigned to the second army infield defense coach. February, Okinawa PrefectureKunigami VillageDuring the batting practice of the second army camp in, he suddenly collapsed and smashed his face.NagoHe was urgently transferred to the hospital and underwent a detailed examination, but he had no abnormality in his head and was diagnosed with a bruise in the mandible.In addition, it is said that Shiroishi was hit by the left knee just before he collapsed.[5]..Strive for hospitalization for several days and rest for about a week[6], Later returned.

Withdrawal due to contract expiration on November 2021, 11[7].

On December 12rd, it was announced that he would return to Yakult as the second army chief and defensive baseball coach.[8].

Detailed information

Hit results by year


Every time
















1995Nippon Ham2331200020000000000. 667. 667. 6671.333
19963551100010000000020. 200. 200. 200. 400
19974110000000000000010. 000. 000. 000. 000
1998Yakult4450453131022041120300110. 289. 333. 444. 778
199986103937134001752130522293. 140. 200. 183. 383
2000816143310042001010060. 214. 267. 286. 552
2001313836493001200010100100. 250. 270. 333. 604
20028025323026571108922811721410533. 248. 289. 400. 689
200311728024533641405932812722333417. 261. 330. 380. 709
200411934131529677048622237115135814. 213. 254. 273. 528
20051303893592592181211830221001911669. 256. 296. 329. 624
200670153130123020238510601730314. 231. 320. 292. 612
2007811161099234023390030301222. 211. 239. 303. 542
20084126210110020005000061. 048. 048. 095. 143
Total: 15 years81717751607154376671255201331010525101111033643. 234. 283. 324. 606


First record

Uniform number

  • 54(1995-in the middle of 1998)
  • 28(In the middle of 1998-2000)
  • 00(2001)
  • 10(2002-2009)
  • 87(2010-2014)
  • 79(2015 -)


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