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🏓 | Wang Yidi vs Sun Yingsha | WTT Cup Finals Singapore Women's Final


Wang Yidi vs Sun Yingsha | WTT Cup Finals Singapore Women's Final

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Kasumi Ishikawa, Miu Hirano and other Tokyo Olympic medalists overthrow China and aim to be the best in the world!

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Hirano Miu

Miu Hirano(Miu Hirano[1],2000 May 4[1] -) isShizuokaNumazu Citybirth[1],YamanashiChuo CityBackground[8][9]of,JapanGirlsTable tennisplayer. Height 158 ​​cm, weight 45 kg[1].. Right shakebackbackDrive type.ITTFWorld rankingThe highest rank is 5th (July 2017)[4].RankIs 8 steps.T League TheNippon Life Red ElfAffiliation[10][1][11].Ohara Gakuen High Schoolgraduate. Management isCross Bee[Source required].Yuto MuramatsuCousin[12],World championshipWe have participated in international competitions such as.

From childhood to 4 years oldAll Japan Championship-Bambi sectionParticipation. In small 2Junior sectionParticipation / victory. Participated in all 3 events in 4rd grade. It attracted attention by breaking a number of youngest records such as winning general women's singles in elementary school 4.

In junior high school, he was mainly active in doubles. The same grade that formed a combinationMito ItoIs a friend and rivalryMiumiWas nicknamed. The youngest in 2014ITTF World TourWon[13],World Tour Grand FinalWon the championship. Also in 2016World Junior ChampionshipGroup victory inHina Hayata,Kato MiyuTogether withWomen's table tennis golden generationAlso called one of.

2016 Rio OlympicsAfter losing the election, he is also active in singles. At the youngestWorld CupとAll Japan ChampionshipWon the championship. 2017 isAsian ChampionshipWon the championship for the first time in 21 years as a Japanese playerWorld championshipHe won the medal for the first time in 48 years as a Japanese player.2020 Tokyo OlympicsFirst inSpain national athleteI was nominated as a (group) and won a silver medal.



2000 May 4ToShizuokaNumazu CityBorn in[14].. The real name "Miu" isspace shuttle-EndeavorThe parents who were impressed by the successful launch ofBeautyNewYuNamed from "Sora"[15].. 2 years oldYamanashiNakakoma DistrictTatomi Town(Current:YamanashiChuo City) Live in[14].. Around this time, I attended an English conversation class once a week.[16].

"Hirano Talent Education and Research Center Table Tennis Research Department (Taku Hiraoka)" taught by my mother, starting with table tennis at 3 years and 5 months[17]I also put a table tennis table on the second floor of my grandfather's home where I spent up to the fifth grade of elementary school and hone my skills[18].. Debuted at the former Tatomi Town Large Ball Table Tennis Tournament in April 2004[19].. July,All Japan Table Tennis ChampionshipsBambi sectionYoungest participation in history[20].. October 2005 issueTable tennis kingdomTo decorate the cover of[21], FormerAi FukuharaLike, I was good at table tennis from an early age, and when I was about to lose, I cried and regretted it.MediaIt was called "The Second Ai-chan" and became famous. From April 2Central City Tatomikita Elementary SchoolGo to[14]. AlsoTakuji NishimuraFormer girlRepresentation from JapanDirected by the directorTokyo Fuji UniversityI participated in the table tennis club several times a year from the first grade of elementary school until I graduated.[22].. July,Bambi sectionThen.Ai FukuharaSince then, he has become the second first grader winner in history.[14]. August 2009Junior sectionIn the second grade of elementary school, Ai Fukuhara's youngest appearance and victory record was set.[23]. AlsoHopes Japan National TeamThe youngest convened in the training camp[24].. JulyTokyo ChampionshipSet the record for the youngest victory in the tournament[25].

From March 2009Osaka Based inMiki HouseBelonging to the team "MIKI HOUSE JSC" to hone the skills of going alone[26].. Also the coach is the originalWorld rankBecame 5th[27].. JulyTurnip sectionWon[28]. August 2010All Japan ChampionshipSet the youngest record for the 4th full entry[29].. August at Hong Kong Junior & Cadet OpenITTFSponsored debut. The result was the best 32 for Cadet Women's Singles and the best 32 for Women's Doubles. January 2011All Japan ChampionshipIn general singles, he won at 11 years and 10 months, breaking the record for Ai Fukuhara's youngest victory for the first time in 9 tournaments (10 minutes later).Mito ItoUpdated)[27].. JulyAsian ChampionshipLeave a record of 30th out of 18 in the women's representative selection[16].. JulyEast Asia Hopes Table Tennis ChampionshipsWon the singles and won the group[30][31].. JulyCadet DepartmentWinner under 13 years old[32]. August 2012Junior sectionMade it to the final with the second elementary school student since Fukuhara[33].. In SeptemberJapan Top 12 Table Tennis TournamentFirst appeared at the age of 11[34].. JulyEast Asia Hopes Table Tennis ChampionshipsXNUMXnd place in singles and XNUMXst place in group[35].. JulyCadet DepartmentWinner under 14 years old[36].

Active in the world

Mito ItoWomen's Doubles with January 2013All Japan ChampionshipThe youngest victory in the tournament[37], MarchITTF World TourHe was the youngest player to reach the podium at the Qatar Open.MiumiWas nicknamed[38].. In April, entered the JOC Elite Academy in the first year of junior high school. Coach becomes Liu Jie, a member of JOC Elite Academy[39].. JulyITTFWon the Junior Circuit Korea Cadet Women's Singles[40].. In MayWorld Junior ChampionshipWon second place in the group[41].

January 2014 (1 years old),Junior sectionFinished in 2nd place again, following the year before last[42].. July,Japan Top 12Then he was the youngest to advance to the final but lost[43].. In the same month, he won the women's doubles at the World Tour Germany Open, and Hirano, who was 13 years old and 350 days old, became the third record.[44]. In addition, the total age of the two (2 years 27 days) is the youngest record in historyGuinness World RecordsCertified by[45].. He won the Spanish Open the following week and won his second victory. Even in singles, advanced to the final, formerWorld championshipQueen'sGuo Yu(Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku) Breaks the youngest record in history to advance to the final at the age of 15 for the first time in 11 years[46](Next weekHina HayataIs updated[47]). Held in Chongqing in MayChinese Super LeagueBelonging to the same elite academy from Japanese to the Henan team in Henan province of the A-League, which is a subordinate organization ofYuma HamamotoParticipated in the race with 2 wins and 1 loss in singles and 3 wins and 1 loss in doubles.[48][49].. The 9th Asian Junior Table Tennis Championships held in September (India, India)Mumbai) Participated in the Cadet Women's Group with a trio of Mima Ito and Hina Hayata, defeating China in the final and winning the championship.[50][51].Asian GamesToAi FukuharaSince then in junior high schoolRepresentation from JapanChosen by[52], In the group finalZhu Yuling(Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku) And the team was also a silver medal[53].. First victory at Russia Open Under 11 in November[54].. In December, the World Junior Championships were silver medals for both women's doubles and groups.[55][56].ITTF World Tour Grand FinalThen, in the women's doubles, Guo Yue was the youngest Japanese player in history to overtake the 15-year-old and won the championship for the first time through men and women.[57][58].

In March 2015 (3 years old), won the Spanish Open U14 Singles Final over Makoto Ito.[59].53rd World Championship Individual CompetitionThen.Representation from JapanBoth singles and doubles were selected[12], Just beforeAll Japan ChampionshipWon two consecutive titlesSayaka Hirano-Kazumi IshikawaNo pair was electedMiki HouseWas to submit a protest statement[60].. Singles lost the third round in this tournament[61], Doubles lost in the second round[62].. Won the doubles at the Korea Open in July[63].

Rio Olympics, world championship defeat setback

Ranked 2015th in the world ranking on September 9, 2 (14 years old)Kazumi Ishikawa,Ai Fukuhara,Mito ItoBecause it was the fourth Japanese afterRio OlympicsLost from the women's group representative and became a substitute player for the group competition[64][65].. ContinueAsian ChampionshipIs the 4th round of singlesLiu Poon(Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku) Lost[66].. Women's doubles, even in the finals in groupsChen dream(Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku) And both were runners-up[67][68].. Won the Polish Open Under 10 in October[69].. In addition, the coach will become sharper Nakazawa[70].. JulyGrand finalWomen's Doubles in the finalPolite, (Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku)Zhu Yuling(Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku) Lost to the group and missed the second straight victory[71].

January 2016 (1 years old, 15rd year middle school student),All Japan ChampionshipIn the general club women's singles, it was a match against Mima Ito, who lost 1 win and 7 losses in the semifinals, but she defeated straight and advanced to the final in the youngest in history.[72][73], I was worried about flash photography and lacked concentration, and was defeated by Kasumi Ishikawa[74].. HoweverWorld championshipThe victory points introduced from the history of the previous year (the players who beat the top 50 in the world ranking are evaluated by the point system)Wakamiya MisakoIt leaked from the representative.Yasukazu MurakamiThe women's national team coach said, "There were many people at the board of directors who said that Miu Hirano, who worked hard at the All Japan Championship, would be okay. (Omitted) I really want to choose. Hirano is growing. However, this victory point Even though we have set up a system, we cannot abandon it and choose from a standpoint. "[75].. First World Tour Singles Championship at the Polish Open in April[76].. At the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in August, he was unable to participate in the match because he became a substitute player as mentioned above, and served as a training partner for Kasumi Ishikawa and others behind the scenes.[77].

The youngest winner in singles one after another

2016April,PhiladelphiaMade inWorld CupWon the first non-Chinese championship at the age of 16 and the youngest in the history of the tournament.[78]. AlsoJSCof,2020 Tokyo OlympicsSelected as a target for a new business to intensively strengthen young promising players overseas[79],Chinese Super League OfInner MongoliaJoined Ordos 1980 (Hubei 1980) and fought all over China for a month with 1 wins and 3 losses in singles.[80][81].. July,ITTF Star AwardWon the Breakthrough Starshot Award[82].. Won the World Junior Championships for the first time in 6 tournaments[83].Grand finalThen in the singles semifinalHan Inn(German flag Germany) Lost to 3rd place[84].

2017/1All Japan ChampionshipIn the general club women's singles, he advanced to the final for the second consecutive year, defeating Kasumi Ishikawa, who has won the championship for the third time in a row, 2-3, and won the championship at 4 years and 2 months, the youngest in history.[1][8].. In April 2017Cross BeeConclude a management contract with[85]. Also23th Asian ChampionshipIn the final, the group advanced to the final without dropping even one game until the final.Liu Poon(Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku) Lost to runner-up[86].. And the women's singles ranked first in the world in the quarterfinals on April 4, which was also their birthday.Polite(Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku) Is defeated at the end of the full game by reversing while being preceded by 2 games[87], Second place in the semi-finalsZhu Yuling(Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku) To advance to the final, 5th place in the finalChen dream(Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku), Won 3-0 (11-9, 11-8, 11-7) straight, 1996 as the youngest and Japanese team playerChie KoyamaIt was the first time in 21 years since then to conquer Asia.[Note 1][89][90].. In May54th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchDoubles lost to polite / Liu Shiwen in the third round[91], Singles in the semifinalsAsian ChampionshipAlthough it was a rematch since then, it was politely defeated 1-4,1969 Munich GamesToshiko Owada,Miho HamadaWon the bronze medal, the first women's singles medal in 48 years since then[92][93].. July,World rankingI became the XNUMXth place, which is my highest rank, and became the top Japanese for the first time.[94].. July,Youth olympicWon the right to participate[95]. AlsoGermany Open Women's Doubles (PairHina Hayata) Won[96].


From April 2018, completed JOC Elite Academy one year ahead of schedule and turned professional.Nippon LifeBecome a member[10].. Held in Halmstad, Sweden in MayWorld Championship Team BattleSo in the semifinalsLiang Xia Gin(Korea flag Korea) 3-0 and contributed more than the silver medal for the third consecutive tournament[97].


January,2020 World Championship Busan OfFinal selection for Japan National TeamIn the finalHina HayataDefeated and won the championship and won the representative right.


On January 1th, it was announced that he was appointed as a representative player of the Tokyo Olympics group, and he decided to participate in the first Olympics.[98].

In February, doubles with Kasumi Ishikawa at the Hungarian OpenDu Kaiju/Li HaoqingDefeated the pair and won the first victory[99].

I hurt my back in the second half of July and missed the T-League All-Star match in September, the international tournament held in China in November, and the T-League main match.[100].


All Japan Championship general club women's singles, which became the first actual battle in about 10 months, lost to Miyuu Kihara in the 6th round[100].

January,WTTMiddle East hub, doubles with Kasumi Ishikawa in the contender tournament, and runner-up with Kasumi Ishikawa in the star contender tournament.

Chronological Table


Same ageMito ItoSince childhood, he has made a double spare and has achieved results at international competitions.MiumiWas nicknamed[38].. The youngest in history in February 2013ITTF World TourOn the podium of the year, Ito, who won the German Open in March 2014, 3 years and 13 days, won in 160, 2002 years and 13 days.Guo YuThe youngest record in history, 13 years old and 350 days old, became the third record.[44]. In addition, the total age of the two (2 years 27 days) is the youngest record in historyGuinness World RecordsCertified by[101].. He won the Spanish Open the following week and won his second victory at the end of the year.World Junior ChampionshipIn the second place,ITTF World Tour Grand FinalThen won the youngest. 2015 7 Korea Open championship, October ofAsian Championship12nd place, and XNUMXnd place in the Grand Final in December. HoweverRio OlympicsAnd the plain is reserved[77], Ito will participate in the Rio Olympics, so the pair will be temporarily canceled. After the Rio Olympics, I made a pair again, but the results did not improve at the World Junior Championships in December, "I'm sure each other is stronger in singles, but not in doubles. I feel like I'm doing too many things. That leads to mistakes. I did what I couldn't do before, and in a sense I was stable. But now I'm doing too much. Even if I get points, that's the pattern. I don't know if it's okay, so it doesn't feel right. "(Ito)," It's been a while since I was in the previous team, and that's why I can't do it. There is a feeling that the power of the doubles is on the contrary. It feels like doubles in the front. ”(Hirano) and because they grow rapidly with each other, the combination of doubles collapses.[102],2017 World ChampionshipIs plainKazumi Ishikawa, ItoHina HayataI decided to form doubles with[103].

In addition, it is a relationship to work hard as a rival, and at firstBambi section,Turnip sectionMiu Hirano was leading the race, but Mima Ito was the youngest since around 2011.ITTFHe started to stand out, winning the Cadet and Junior Open, and was the youngest to win the World Tour.OlympicBecame a medalist and led the way by winning 6 consecutive wins in a direct confrontation. HoweverRio OlympicsMiu Hirano is the youngest after the defeatWorld Cup-All Japan Championship-Asian ChampionshipHe has been overtaken by winning the championship in Japan and winning four consecutive games in a direct confrontation. Of the 4 singles matches, Miu Hirano has 23 wins and Mima Ito has 8 wins. Among them, the final is 15 times, and the winner is 5 times. Miu Hirano won 12 and Mima Ito won 10 out of 4 races sponsored by the ITTF. Among them, the final is once, and the winner is five times.


Polite(Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku) Is2015 World ChampionshipsとRio OlympicsIs winningWorld rankThe first player, the most competitive and the most losing opponent[104].. From the first match, including the world championship, all straight defeats 7 consecutive times (By the way, even in the 2016 Super League, they lost straight[105])Was.2017 Asian ChampionshipEven in the quarter-finals, he was driven to the edge of 0-2, but he finally took it in the third game (3 games in total). After that, he took three games in a row while being brought to Deuce and won his first victory in a reversal, gaining momentum and winning the championship.[106][107].. But immediately after54th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchSo, we played in the semi-finals and lost 1-4[93].. Sponsored by ITTF, 1 win 10 losses in total[108].

Liu Poon(Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku) Is the originalWorld rankIn 1st place, she is a "longing player" who is practicing with an emphasis on how to enter the fore and center of gravity, using her as a model.[109][66].. I haven't won even once yet2017 Asian ChampionshipBut lost in a group[86].. Sponsored by ITTF, 0 win 5 losses in total[110].

Kazumi Ishikawa TheAll Japan ChampionshipHe is a player who has won four times. ThatAll Japan ChampionshipIn 2016, he lost in the final and allowed three consecutive victories, but the following year he played in the final again and won his first victory, winning the youngest victory. In total, the ITTF sponsorship is 3 wins and 0 losses. The national national tournament is 4 win and 1 loss[1][111][112], Won the first international tournament 2019-8 in the semifinals at the Czech Open in August 4,

Hitomi SatoAndITTF World TourHirano 5 wins and Sato 2 wins in the final of 3 times. In addition, Hirano, who also won the remaining Polish Open, often competes for victory, such as winning the tour for the first time. There has never been a national national convention. 3 wins and 3 losses in total[113][112].

Hina HayataIs the sameGolden ageIs a rival of. In total, the ITTF sponsorship is 4 wins and 3 losses. The national national tournament is 0 wins and 1 loss[114][112].

Kato MiyuIs also the sameGolden ageのライバルで、年度別決勝で5回対戦があり、平野2勝(2007バンビ、2009カブ)、加藤3勝(2008カブ、2011ホープス、2014ジュニア)と幼少期より優勝を争ってきた。通算ではITTF主催は1勝2敗。国内全国大会は2勝4敗である[115][112].

Play style

Before being rejected for the Rio Olympics, it was a rally style that emphasized stability, but after becoming a coach, Akira Nakazawa changed the model to a high-speed rally style table tennis that launches aggressive bangs. In addition to the backhand, which he was good at until then, in order to increase the power of the forehand, he actively adopted strength training such as increasing the squat from 15 kg to 37 kg.[77][116].. Also originalWorld rankSecond placeLiu Poon(Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku) Was used as a model to improve the form with a low center of gravity, with an emphasis on how to enter the fore and the center of gravity.[109][117].

Coach Akira Nakazawa said, "I haven't changed the form itself. I changed the order in which I put more effort. It's a flow to move the center of gravity. It has been improved so that it can be used. Until now, it was rather ineffective. It cannot beat the strong Chinese players as it is. The reason why Hirano is able to do high-speed rally is how to ride the center of gravity of the foot and how to use it. I tried to give priority to thinking. Table tennis is fast. In the human body, the most dexterous hand reacts first. Then, the consciousness of the foot is inevitably loosened. All power is the foot. It is transmitted from the top to the top. You can also twist your hips because you have legs. In any play, I made sure to keep the center of gravity in mind before playing. Then, it becomes easier to balance and score continuously. I can do it now. "[118].

When I was in elementary school, when I finished school, I practiced at Hirano Takuken, which my mother teaches, and also participated in the practice of working adults and high school students, practicing for an average of 1 hours a day.[119].

JOC Elite AcademyThen, I practice 1 hours a day on school days and 4-6 hours on weekends. Monthly holidays are at most 7 days, and sometimes 4 days[120].

However, since the model change of the play style, I have been suffering from pain in the right shoulder pain, and in January 2017, I was taking painkillers and taping at the All Japan Championships, and I am challenging with pain in the subsequent tournaments. The 1th World Table Tennis Championships individual match also recurred at the German training camp just before, and the match was played with taping.


yuanHopes Japan National TeamAt the time of convening the first national team training camp, the manager said, "The basic technique of hitting the ball is really solid. Even compared to when Fukuhara and Ishikawa were eight years old, they have something that can be expected from the future." "The game of table tennis I understand (...) I'm thinking of letting the opponent hit instead of just blindly hitting. "[24].

Japan Table Tennis Association OfMasahiro MaeharaThe Managing Director (currently Vice Chairman)JOC Elite AcademyAt the entrance ceremony, he said, "Plains are the pillar of Japan in the future. It is our mission to raise her."[121].

前Yasukazu MurakamiThe women's representative director2016 World ChampionshipsIn the representative announcement, "I always said that if I changed to a male coach and really wanted to beat China, I couldn't win with just a control shot. I had to set myself up and gain power with a quick hitting point. I had missed it for a while. I corrected it well and this tournament was successful. I really want to choose. The plains are growing. However, even though I established this victory point system, I abandoned it I can't choose from my standpoint. "[75]

Mika BabaThe women's national team coach is 2017All Japan ChampionshipIn response to the victory, he commented, "The fore has become very strong and sharp, and the ball has become heavier. Also, when I want one here in the game, I can play boldly."[117].

General Manager of Japan Table Tennis Association Strengthening HeadquartersElite AcademyThe general director's2017 World ChampionshipsAt the time of the representative announcement, "I'm putting in a training camp just thinking about defeating China, she absorbs everything, and the more I do, the stronger I get."Liu PoonIs over. It's okay to become the world champion. "[122]. Also2017 Asian ChampionshipAfter winning the championship, he commented, "I'm getting stronger and faster than I expected. The speed (of play) is absolutely fast. Younger children get stronger with each match."[123].

Kouki(Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku) Chinese women's coach2013 World ChampionshipsImmediately after, he was asked, "Are there any young players who could pose a threat to Chinese women in the future at this tournament?" "In terms of training young players, Japan is relatively advanced and is putting effort into it. This year At the Qatar Open, we have already dispatched players around the age of 14, and in the future they could pose a major threat to us. "(Athletes around the age of 14 who participated in the Qatar Open." They refer to Miu Hirano, Mima Ito, Yui Hamamoto, Miyu Kato, and others. They are the players called the "golden generation" who will bear the future of the Japanese women's team.)[124].. afterwardsAsian Championship"Hirano dominated the match. Her technique is more advanced than us," he said.[125].

4 年 間Junior representativeFrom South Korea who served as a coach forRepublic of Korea flag South Korea) IsAsian ChampionshipIn response to the victory, "Hirano was expected to win. Under my guidance, if Mima Ito had a genius skin, Miu Hirano was a hard worker. The two were doubles partners when they were in the middle two. However, I was divided when I was in high school 2. I had a strong sense of rivalry. Hirano, who was a little inferior in ability, had a strong competitive spirit.Asian ChampionshipThen) I think that one day I was thinking of winning Ito. "[126].

He coached for 1 to 4 years in junior high school, saying, "She was very serious about every practice and every ball. You can see it with your eyes. If there is something I don't understand, I will definitely research it thoroughly. This was something that other players around the same age could not easily see. "[127].

A trainer from the Japan Table Tennis Association evaluates the practice of insects, saying, "If I had any concerns even after having dinner, I would go back and hit the ball."[92][128].



Both parents are exUniversity of TsukubaTable Tennis Departmentcaptain, Mariko, the mother of a former teacher, has been in the top eight. AlsoPhysicianFatherUniversity of TsukubaAdvance to the second round of the All Japan Championship in the times[14], The second daughter Sewa, and the third daughter Ako are also table tennis players and table tennis families.[129][130].. Also AkoHopes Japan National TeamSelected for 2016East Asia Hopes Table Tennis ChampionshipsHave participated in[131].. Grandfather'sYamanashi UniversityHonorary professor OfMathematicianでYamanashi Medical University[132]I was an advisor to the table tennis club[133], In the spring of 2016Order of the Sacred TreasureHas received the award[18].Yuto MuramatsuCousin, from Taku HiraokaWorld championshipParticipated in international competitions such as[12].



  • According to her motherTable tennisI hate losing at that time, but I usually have a quiet personality and do not want to stand out[119].
  • Same gradeSwimmingAthlete'sRikako IkeBefore the big tournament, there is enough friendship to keep in touch with[141][142].

Battle history

Main results (double spares in parentheses, group members)

Taku Hiraoka era

MIKI HOUSE JSC Yamanashi era

Middle school

High School days

After graduating from high school

  • March 2019 --ITTF Challenge Plus Oman Open Women's Singles Hina HayataLost to 3rd place.
  • March 2019 --ITTF World Tour Qatar Open Women's Singles He ZhuojiaLost to the best 16.
  • April 2019 --ITTF-ATTU Asian Cup 4th place playoff lost to Doo Hoi Kem 5th.
  • February 2019- 55th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchWomen's Singles Politely defeated and the best 8.
  • May 2019 --ITTF World Tour China Open Women's Singles Politely defeated and best 5.
  • June 2019 --ITTF World Tour Hong Kong Open Women's Singles Lost to Makoto Ito in 6rd place.
  • June 2019 --ITTF World Tour Japan Open 6rd place after losing to women's singles Liu Shiwen.
  • July 2019 --ITTF World Tour Korea Open Women's Singles Losing to Chen Meng, Best 7, Women's Doubles (Saki Shibata) Best 8.
  • July 2019 --ITTF World Tour Australia Open Women's Singles Lost to Makoto Ito, Best 7, Women's Doubles, Saki Shibata) Best 16.
  • July 2019-Johor Bahru Tournament Best 7 after losing to Feng Tianwei.
  • February 2019- ITTF World TourBulgaria Open Women's Singles Chen KodouLost to the best 16 women's doubles (Saki Shibata) runner-up.
  • August 2019 --ITTF World Tour Czech Open Women's Singles Runner-up after losing to Chen Xingtong, Women's Doubles (Saki Shibata) Runner-up.
  • September 2019-Asian Championships lost to China to runner-up, women's doubles (Kasumi Ishikawa) 9rd.
  • November 2019-World Cup Women's Group Runner-up.
  • December 2019-Japan Top 12 runner-up.
  • February 2020 --ITTF World Tour Germany Open Women's Doubles (Kasumi Ishikawa) Lost to Chen Meng / Wang Manyu to runner-up.
  • February 2020 --ITTF World Tour Hungarian Open Women's Doubles (Kasumi Ishikawa) Defeats Doo Hoi Kem / Lee Ho Ching to win the championship.
  • February 2021- WTTMiddle East Hub Contender Doha Women's Doubles (Kasumi Ishikawa) Defeated Chung Satoshi / Chen Szu-Yu to win the championship.
  • March 2021 --WTT Middle East Hub Star Contender Doha Women's Doubles (Kasumi Ishikawa) Jeon Ji Hee / Yutaka Shin lost to runner-up.
  • February 2021- Tokyo Olympics Women's group runner-up.
  • February 2021- 56th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchWomen's Singles Chen dreamLost to the best 16, women's doubles (Kazumi Ishikawa)Grandson/Wang ManyuLost to the pair in the quarterfinals.


* Highest grade


Women's doubles

Mixed doubles


International competition final

*Only general section

Women's Singles

 Win 3, Runner up 3

ResultYear.monthConventionScoreOpponentOfficial video
second place2014.04World tour・ Spain OP1-4 Swedish flag[1]
Win2016.04World Tour Poland OP4-0 Singapore flag[2]
second place2016.05World Tour Croatia OP1-4 Japanese flagHitomi Sato[3]
Win2016.10World Cup4-0 Chinese Taipei flagCheng I-Ching[4]
Win2017.0423th Asian Championship3-0 Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaChen dream[5]
second place2019.08World tour・ Czech OP3-4 Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaChen Kodou[6]

Women's doubles

 Win 7, Runner up 8

ResultYear.monthConventionpairScoreOpponentOfficial video
Win2014.03World tour・German OPJapanese flagMito Ito3-0 Polish flag/Polish flagPartica[7]
Win2014.04World Tour Spain OPJapanese flagMito Ito3-2 Austrian flagRyu Ja/Czech flag[8]
second place2014.06World Tour/Korea OPJapanese flagMito Ito0-3 Flag of the People's Republic of China/Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaWang Manyu
Win2014.12ITTF World Tour Grand FinalJapanese flagMito Ito4-0 Polish flagGzybovska/Polish flagPartica
second place2015.03World Tour Spain OPJapanese flagMito Ito2-3 Japanese flagAi Fukuhara/Japanese flagWakamiya Misako[9]
Win2015.07World Tour/Korea OPJapanese flagMito Ito3-2 Japanese flagHina Hayata/Japanese flagHitomi Sato[10]
second place2015.1022th Asian ChampionshipJapanese flagMito Ito0-4 Democratic People's Republic of Korea flagKim Hye Seon[Avoid ambiguity]/Democratic People's Republic of Korea flagLee Mi Kyung
second place2015.12World Tour Grand FinalJapanese flagMito Ito0-4 Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaPolite/Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaZhu Yuling[11]
Win2017.11World Tour-German OPJapanese flagHina Hayata3-0 Chinese Taipei flag/Chinese Taipei flagCheng I-Ching[12]
second place2019.8World Tour Bulgaria OPJapanese flagSaki Shibata0-3 Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaGu Yuting/Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaKiko[13]
second place2019.8World Tour/Czech OPJapanese flagSaki Shibata1-3 Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaGu Yuting/Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaKiko[14]
second place2019.8World Tour-German OPJapanese flagKazumi Ishikawa1-3 Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaChen dream/Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaWang Manyu[15]
Win2020.2World Tour Hungary OPJapanese flagKazumi Ishikawa3-0 Hong Kong flagDu Kaiju/Hong Kong flagLi Haoqing[16]
Win2021.03WTT Contender DohaJapanese flagKazumi Ishikawa3-0 Chinese Taipei flag/Chinese Taipei flag[17]
second place2021.03WTT Star Contender DohaJapanese flagKazumi Ishikawa0-3 Republic of Korea flagTian Zhixi/Republic of Korea flag[18]


Runner up 6

ResultYear.monthConventionScoreOpponentOfficial video
second place2014.10Incheon Asian Games0-3 Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaZhu Yuling
second place2015.1022th Asian Championship1-3 Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaChen dream
second place2017.0423th Asian Championship1-3 Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaLiu Poon[19]
second place2018.05World Championship Team Battle0-3 Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaPolite[20]
second place2018.05World Championship Team Battle0-3 Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaLiu Poon[21]
second place2021.08Tokyo Olympics0-3 Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaWang Manyu

Domestic tournament final

*Only general section

Women's Singles

 Win 1, Runner up 3

second place2014.03Japan Top 121-4 Saki Tashiro
second place2016.01All Japan Championship1-4 Kazumi Ishikawa
Win2017.01All Japan Championship4-2 Kazumi Ishikawa
second place2018.01All Japan Championship1-4 Mito Ito


Runner up 1

second place2013.10All Japan Championship2-3 (Nippon Life)

List of competition results

Abbreviation explanation

S = Women's Singles, D = Women's Doubles, M = Mixed Doubles, T = Group


W = 3st place, F = 4nd place, B = 8rd place, # P = # place (XNUMXth place or less), QF = Best XNUMX, # R = # Round robin defeat, RR = Round Robin defeat

YearsWorld championshipWorld CupGrand finalAsian GamesAsian ChampionshipAsian CupAll Japan ChampionshipTop 12

Chinese Super League

It is the result of singles in the Chinese Super League.

201619803137Kiko 2–3 3–1Chen dream 0–3Polite 0–3Zhu Yuling 2–3Liu Poon 0–3Feng Yalan 3–0 3–0Wang Manyu 0–3Hu Limei 1–3

Match record

ITTFSingles match record against major players in official matches[187].. Bold is the highest ranked player in the world

* As of 2020 year

World ranking

2010 841826813826
2011 822823822810802810769550498402405388
2012 389396394408313281253255279283276281
2013 28328318218117918014715410311011078
2014 696953493334333345444842
2015 373751362919182017181616
2016 18211919111114141617911
2017 9991187556656
2018 676667899999
2019 999999910991011
2020 11

T league results

YearsTeamUniform numberEventNumber of matchesvictorydefeatEventNumber of matchesvictorydefeat
2018-19 Nippon Life Red Elf#1Single8 match6 wins2 lossesDoubles2 match2 wins0 losses
2019-20 3 match3 wins0 losses3 match2 wins1 losses
2020-21 10 match6 wins4 losses6 match5 wins1 losses


  • Chuo City Sports Honor Award (2016)[188]
  • Youth Encouragement Award (2017)[189][190]


Youngest record

Guinness World Records

  • Youngest winners of an ITTF World Tour Doubles title (combined age)[101]
"ITTF World Tour Doubles Youngest Winner (Total Age)" Achieved with Mima Ito
Record:27 years, 145 days (2014 3 年 月 日 30)

Japan new record

Representative history

Hopes Japan National Team
Junior Japan representative
Table tennis representative from Japan




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    • Butterfly / Tenergy 05 (-January 2017)
    • butterfly/Tenergy 64(December 2017-)








January 2017Cross BeeConclude a management contract with[203]

Media appearance

tv set

And many others


And many others

Related books

  • Mariko Hirano, "Miu is Miu. ― A parenting diary that raises dreams and promotes independence ”(2017 ISBN-978 4907838867)
  • Table Tennis Pia Miumi Hina / High School Girl Trio (Pia MOOK) (2017,ISBN-978 4835633701)
  • Mitsuru Jojima, "Miu Hirano and Makoto Ito, do your best! Ping Pong Girls” (Kodansha 2018 ISBN 978-4-06-287031-3)


And many others


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注 釈

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