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⚽ | Barcelona, ​​city FW transfer fee of about 58 billion yen ready ... Negotiations between clubs are difficult

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Transfer fee of about 58 billion yen prepared for Barcelona, ​​city FW ... Negotiations between clubs are difficult

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In addition, the Spanish national team is willing to transfer to Barcelona, ​​and it seems that he has directly appealed to the coach Josep Guardiola, who leads the city, for the transfer.

Barcelona are still in talks to win Manchester City's Spanish striker Ferran Torres ... → Continue reading

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Transfer to Barcelona

Spain national football team

Spain national football team(Soccer Spain, Hyo,West: Selección nacional de fútbol de España) IsSpanish Football FederationOrganized by (RFEF)サ ッ カ ーNational team.Nickname is "La Roja (West: The Red,redMeaning. ) ".in JapanInvincible fleetKnown by the nickname of[1][Annotation 1].


FIFA World CupIt is one of eight teams that have won the championship.UEFA European ChampionshipHe has won the most three times with Germany, and has won the first two consecutive championships in history and the third consecutive championship in the European Championship and the World Cup.Also,FIFA rankingIt is also one of eight teams with experience of leading the team.

Originally, the level is high in JapanLiga EspanyolaAnd also in the World Cup1978 competitionHistorically, it has been regarded as one of the most powerful nations in the world, having continued to participate since the year.However, due to the high level and enthusiastic domestic league, the people have strong loyalty to the clubs they support, such as local clubs, and the national team is not very popular with the people.At the World Cup1950 competitionFor a long time, the top eight were the best results, except for the fourth place, and there were times when they were ridiculed as "eternal championship candidates" and "powerhouses who could not win."In addition, as of 4, the results of the first match of the World Cup are 8 wins, 2018 draws and 4 losses, which is not good for a powerful country, and the first match victory in the World Cup in the latter half of the 4th century is only in 7.

However, since the latter half of the 2000s, possession soccer has dominated the game against the backdrop of high-precision passes and overwhelming ball-keeping power.Tiki Taka) Established the style and achieved achievements such as winning the European Championship and the World Cup.

Also known for clean play in recent years2006 FIFA World Cup-2010 FIFA World Cup-2018 FIFA World CupHas won the Fair Play Award.



Held in Belgium in 1920Antwerp OlympicsThe Spanish national team was established with the main purpose of participating. The first round was held at Stud Joseph Marien in Brussels and was runner-up in the previous and last two tournaments.DenmarkPlay against.Patricio Alaborasa scored the final point and won 1-0.This score is also the first score in the history of the Spanish national team, and Spain is the 28th country in the world to play the national (regional) national team match. In the second round, the host countryBelgiumI played against and lost 1-3.Belgium in the semifinals NetherlandsIn the finalCzechoslovakiaIn the final, Czechoslovakia left the pitch in protest of the referee in the middle of the match and was excluded from the tournament results.For this reason, the four countries that lost in the second round (Spain,Sweden,Italy,Norway) And the two countries that lost in the semifinals (France、オランダ)の間で順位決定戦が行なわれ、順位決定1回戦のスウェーデン戦(2-1)、順位決定2回戦のイタリア戦(2-0)、銀メダル決定戦のオランダ戦(3-1)に3連勝したスペインが銀メダルに輝いた。スウェーデン戦では1点を先行されたが、ホセ・マリア・ベラウステとドミンゴ・ゴメス=アセードの得点で逆転勝利。イタリア戦ではが素晴らしい2得点を挙げてメダルを確定させたが、これ以後はUEFA Euro 2012He never beat Italy in the official match for 92 years until the final.Sesmaga scored two goals against the Netherlands, andPichichiAlso scored and won 3-1.In this tournament, the coach will lead the Spanish national team, and the players will be Gomez-Asade, Alaborasa, Mariano Arate, Juan Artora, Joaquin Basquez, Belauste, Sabino Bilbao, Ramon Egia Sabal, Ramon Hill,Ricardo Zamora, Silvero Isaguile, Pichichi, Luis Otello, Francisco Pagasaultundua, Josep Samitier, Agustin Sancho, Cessmaga, Pedro Bajana.The Spanish national team made a mark at the first international tournament, but it took a long time to succeed.

Late 1930'sSpanish Civil WarSome of them have stopped their activities as representatives.1938 FIFA World CupHe has not participated in the district qualifying. In the mid-1940sSecond World WarThe activity was suspended during the war, but after the war1950 FIFA World Cup/QualifyingParticipated in the neighboring countryPortugalWith a record of 1 win and 1 draw (5-1, 2-2), he decided to participate in this tournament.In this tournament group league held in BrazilEngland,チリ,AmericaAdvance to the final tournament.This tournament is the only tournament in the history of the FIFA World Cup in which the winning country is decided by the final league system, and it became the top in each group.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,Brazil, Sweden and Spain competed for victory.Spain, who drew 2-2 against Uruguay in the first match, lost to Brazil in the second match and Sweden in the final match, finishing the tournament in 2th place out of 4 countries.The top scorer in the team scored 4 pointsEstanislau BasolaIs.The Spanish national team, which always ends in "disappointment", did not perform well in the subsequent FIFA World Cup, and the result of 4th place continued to be the highest result of the Spanish national team for 60 years, but won the championship.2010 FIFA World CupThe record was updated at. In 1960European Nations Cup(CurrentUEFA European Championship) Was held for the first time in Spain1960 European Nations CupI participated in the qualifying.French from ArgentinaHelenio HerreraLed by the coach and Italian coach Daniel Newlan, he defeated Poland in the first qualifying round with a total of 1-2 in two games, but for political reasons in the quarterfinals.USSRHe refused to play against him and withdrew from qualifying.Alfred Di StefanoLed to1962 FIFA World Cup/QualifyingThen.WalesIn the intercontinental playoffs, defeating 2 games with a total of 3-2モロッコHe defeated (Africa National Team) in a total of 2-4 in two games and decided to participate in this tournament, but ended up at the bottom of the tournament group league with 2 win and 1 losses.


In 19641964 European Nations CupBecame the host country and won the first victory.Previously popularHungaryIn the final, he defeated the Soviet Union, which refused to play four years ago, and decided to win.He was tied 2-1 until the end, but in the 4th minute he scored the final and won the major international title for the first time in 1 years since the 1 Antwerp Olympics. Spain in 841982 FIFA World CupWas decided as the host country.From this tournament, 24 countries have participated.Jose Santa MariaExpectations for the team led by the manager were high. In the primary group stageホンジュラス,ユ ー ゴ ス ラ ビ ア,Northern IrelandAnd advanced to the second group league in 1nd place with 1 win, 1 draw and 4 loss (2 points). In the second group leagueWest Germany, But became the same group as England, but was eliminated at the bottom of 1 minute and 1 loss, and Santa Maria was dismissed.

Interim director in 1969Miguel MuñozWas appointed as the official coach of the Spanish national team in 1982.UEFA European Championship 1984 QualifyingThen. Netherlands,Ireland,アイス ランド,MaltaIt became group 7 of the same group.Spain was second in the group after the Netherlands before the final round, and it was necessary to win the final round against Malta by 2 points or more in order to participate in this tournament.It was 11-3 at the time of half-time, but in the second half he scored 1 points and won 9-12 and decided to participate in the main tournament in the reverse direction to the Netherlands (UEFA European Championship 1984 Qualifying Spain 12-1 MaltaAlso refer to).In this tournament group leagueルーマニア,Portugal, Joined Group B in the same group as West Germany, and although the match against Romania and Portugal was a 1-1 draw, they defeated West Germany 1-0 and decided to advance to the final tournament in the lead.SemifinalDenmarkThe match was a 1-1 draw after the extension, and he won the penalty shootout 5-4 and decided to advance to the final.In the finalFranceAlthough it was 0-0 in the first half of the war, he lost 2 goals in the second half and lost 0-2, and was the runner-up without winning the championship for the first time in 20 years.

1986 FIFA World Cup/Europe QualifyingThen.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu, Wales, Iceland and the same group 7 won and decided to participate in this tournament.Held in Mexico1986 FIFA World CupLost to Brazil in the first match of the group league, but with Northern IrelandアルジェリアWon and decided to advance to the final tournament.In the first round of the final tournament against DenmarkEmilio ButraguegnoHe won 4-5 with 1 goals, but the quarter-final match against Belgium ended in a 1-1 draw, and he lost the penalty shootout 4-5.Director Munoz will continue to take command,UEFA European Championship 1988 QualifyingThen.Austria,Romania,アルバニアPassed through the group with impressive results.UEFA European Championship 1988In this tournament group league, they defeated Denmark 3-2, but lost to Italy and West Germany 0-1 and 0-2, respectively, and were eliminated from the group league.

1990s-early 2000s

Louis SuarezDirector is appointed,1990 FIFA World Cup/Europe QualifyingThen, the group with Ireland, Hungary, Northern Ireland and Malta was ranked first in the tournament.1990 FIFA World CupIn the group league of this tournament, he drew 0-0 to Uruguay, but advanced to the final tournament by defeating Korea Rep. 3-1 and Belgium 2-1.However, he lost to Yugoslavia 1-1 in the first round of the final tournament.UEFA EURO '92 Qualifying TheVicente MieraAlthough led by the coach, he missed out on the tournament as the third place in the group after France and Czechoslovakia.Miera directed in the summer of 3Barcelona OlympicHe also led the Spanish national team, who won the gold medal.[Annotation 2].. In 1992Javier ClementeDirector is appointed,1994 FIFA World Cup/Europe QualifyingThen, he decided to participate in this tournament with 8 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss.1994 FIFA World CupIn this tournament group league South KoreaTo 2-2,GermanyTo 1-1,BoliviaHe decided to advance to the second round with 3 win and 1 draws of 1-2. In the second roundSwitzerlandWon 3-0, but lost to Italy in the quarterfinals.

UEFA EURO '96 QualifyingThen, he won the group that lived with Denmark, Belgium, Cyprus, Macedonia and Armenia.Held in EnglandUEFA EURO '96In the group league of this tournament, they played against Bulgaria, France and Romania, and although the first two games were 2-1 draws, they defeated Romania 1-2.In the quarter-finals, they played against the host country England, and even after the extension, they were scoreless, and England, who won the penalty shootout 1-4, won the semi-finals.1998 FIFA World Cup/Europe QualifyingThen.ユ ー ゴ ス ラ ビ ア,Czech RepublicAs with the undefeated, he decided to participate in this tournament.Clemente's second FIFA World Cup finals1998 FIFA World CupFor the first time, 32 countries participated in the event and it was held in France.In the group leagueEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euLost toパラグアイDraw toBulgariaHowever, despite the fact that the goal difference was 1st, they were eliminated in 4rd place in the group with 3 points.

UEFA EURO 2000 QualifyingCyprus was dismissed after losing 1-2 to Cyprus in the first section ofJose Antonio CamachoThe director took office.If you win all the remaining games in the qualifying and decide to participate in this tournament,UEFA Euro 2000In the first match of the group league of this tournament, they advanced to the quarterfinals by defeating Norway 1-0, Slovenia 2-1 and Yugoslavia 4-3, but in the quarterfinals they defeated 1998 FIFA World Cup champion France 1-2. Lost in.2002 FIFA World Cup/Europe QualifyingWith Austria, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Liechtenstein in the same group, it was expected that they would make a breakthrough in this tournament by passing the lead.Co-sponsored in Japan and South Korea2002 FIFA World CupIn this tournament, he defeated Slovenia 3-1 and Paraguay 3-1 and South Africa 3-2.In the first round of the final tournament, he defeated the Republic of Ireland after a penalty shootout, but in the quarterfinal against Korea Rep. Scored alleged points and lost at the end of the penalty shootout[2]..Held in PortugalUEFA Euro 2004Then the host country Portugal,Russia,GreeceIt became the same group as.He defeated Russia 1-0 and drew 1-1 to Greece, but lost to Portugal, where the draw was decided to win, and cut off the path to the final tournament.After the tournamentInaki SaesThe director has been dismissedLuis AragonésThe director took office.

Late 2000s-early 2010s

2006 FIFA World Cup

2006 FIFA World Cup/Europe QualifyingIn, he was in the same group as Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Lithuania and San Marino, but finished second after Serbia and Montenegro and managed to defeat Slovakia in the playoffs to qualify for the tournament.Held in Germany2006 FIFA World CupIn this tournament group league, they defeated Ukraine 4-0, Tunisia 3-1 and Saudi Arabia 1-0 to advance to the final tournament, but lost to France 1-1 in the first round of the final tournament.With Brazil after the tournamentFIFA Fair Play AwardsWas awarded.

UEFA EURO 2008 victory

UEFA EURO 2008 finalStarting lineup

After losing at the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Aragonés pushed for the establishment of a pass soccer style that emphasized player coordination with a short pass, which would later be called Tiki Taka.GuardianThe paper is "Total footballIt is an important improvement of the player, and it is a tactic that relies on the player's position change. "[3]..Initially suffered very muchUEFA EURO 2008 QualifyingHowever, from around 2007, he gradually improved his condition and finally decided to participate in this tournament with 36 of the 28 points he could get.Co-sponsored in Switzerland and AustriaUEFA Euro 2008Although it was the 12th place seed order in this tournament[Annotation 3], Russia 4-1 and Sweden and last-time champion Greece 2-1 to pass Group D.The quarter-final against Italy won the penalty shootout 4-2 as a result of the scoreless draw, and in the semi-final again against Russia and won 3-0.[4]..ViennaErnst Happel StadionIn the final against Germany inFernando TorresWon 33-1 with the only goal scored in the 0rd minute[5].. He won the major tournament for the first time since 1964.Spain scored 12 points, the most in each country, with 4 pointsDavid VillaBecame the top scorer.Xavi HernandezWon the Tournament Most Valuable Player Award and as many as nine players from Spain were selected for the Team of the Tournament[Annotation 4].

FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 3rd place

Aragonés retired after EURO 2008Vicente del BosqueDirector takes office[6].. Villa played 2008 games in 1 and scored 16 goals in 15.Raul GonzalezUpdated the highest score (10 points) of the year (calendar year) recorded by[7]..Villa also scored against England on February 2009, 2, scoring 11 consecutive games and breaking the Spanish national team's consecutive scoring record (6 consecutive games).[8]..Coach Del Bosque has won 10 consecutive victories since the first match, breaking the record of consecutive wins (1969 matches) from the first match recorded by the coach who led the Brazilian national team in 9.

Held in South Africa in 2009FIFA Confederations Cup 2009In the first match against New Zealand, Torres achieved the fastest hat-trick in the history of the tournament and won 5-0.He also won the group league by winning against Iraq (1-0) and South Africa (2-0). He recorded 15 consecutive victories and extended his undefeated record from 2006 to 35 games, but lost to the semi-final against the United States 0-2 and lost his record. In the bronze medal match against South Africa, he won 3-3 at the end of overtime.[9].

2010 FIFA World Cup Winner

2010 FIFA World Cup FinalStarting lineup

In the 2010 FIFA World Cup European QualifierエストニアAnd also won against Bosnia and Herzegovina[10][11], Finished the qualifying with all 10 wins.As the top candidate for victory in the previous reputation2010 FIFA World CupIt was expected that he would make a breakthrough in the tournament.In the group league of this tournament held in South Africa, they were in the same group as Switzerland, Honduras and Chile, and lost 0-1 in the first match against Switzerland, but Villa scored two goals against Honduras and 2-to Chile. I won by 2.He defeated Portugal 1-1 in the first round of the final tournament and 1-0 against Paraguay in the quarterfinals. Decided to enter the top four for the first time since the 1 tournament, in the semi-final against GermanyCarles PuyolDecided the final point with his head and proceeded to the final.The final match against the Netherlands was entangled until the extension,Cesc FabregasFrom the pathAndres IniestaScored the final point and Spain won the first FIFA World Cup.The final was a very rough match, with Spain showing five and the Netherlands showing nine yellow and one red cards, renewing the highest number of cards in the final.Spain finished the tournament with 5 goals and 9 goals, but both goals and goals were the lowest in the tournament.In addition, it became the first team to finish four games up to the final without any goals, and it became the first country to win while losing the opening game.In the past, only Brazil (the 1 tournament held in Sweden and the 8 tournament co-sponsored by Japan and South Korea) won the championship in countries other than the continent where their own country exists, and it was held outside Europe. It became the first country in Europe to win the tournament.In addition, all other European champions (Italy, Germany, England and France) have won their own competitions.ContinuousWorld CupEuropean ChampionshipWon all of them1972 competition~1974 competition OfWest Germany,1998 competition~2000 competition OfFranceThis is the third team after the team, and it is the first time in history to achieve it without including the tournament held locally.Spain has won the FIFA Fair Play Awards for the second time in a row, with many players receiving individual awards[12].. The keeper who kept 2 goalsIker CasillasWon the Golden Globe Award, and Villa with 5 points and 1 assist won the bronze ball (excellent player award) and silver boots (2nd in the scoring ranking).

UEFA EURO 2012 victory

UEFA EURO 2012 finalStarting lineup

UEFA EURO 2012 QualifyingThen, like the previous tournament, it was included in Group I from the first pot,Czech Republic,Scotland,リトアニア,LichtensteinAnd was the same set.He won all eight games and decided to participate in this tournament.

UEFA Euro 2012In this tournament, it was included in Group C, Italy,Croatia, Became the same group as Ireland.In the first match against Italy, in the 1st minuteAntonio Di NataleWas able to score the first goal[13], Of Spain in 64 minutesDavid SilvaPasses through Cesc, and CescGenre Luigi BuffonBecause I scored a tie goal to break[13], The match ended in a 1-1 draw. Torres scored the opening goal in the 2th minute against Ireland in the second match[14]No additional points were scored by the end of the first half, but Silva scored Spain's second goal in the 49th minute.[14].. In the 70th minute, Torres scored his second goal from Silva's assist.[14], Cesc scored a bad fourth point from Silva's corner kick[14].. The third match against Croatia was tougher than expected andIvan Strinić,Ivan PerisicOpponent attackers such as, made many chances, but the keeper Casillas handled it without problems[15]..The match was heading towards a scoreless draw, but in the middleJesus NavasScored the final point in the 88th minute[15]..Spain finished three group league games with 3 wins and 2 draw, and decided to advance to the final tournament at the top of the group.

In the quarterfinalsFrancePlay against.Left side backJordi AlbaFrom the assist ofXabi AlonsoScored the first goal in the header[16]..In the second half of FranceAnthony Revéveère Pedro RodriguezXabi Alonso scored an additional point in the PK to decide the match[16]..In the semifinalsPortugalPlay against.Portugal in the quarterfinalsCzech RepublicAt the end of the matchク リ ス テ ィ ア ー ノ · ロ ナ ウ ドWas winning with a final point[17]..The match against Portugal was more difficult than expected, and many deciding machines were made.[18]I managed to keep it to zero[18]..Spain showed signs of gradual improvement, but couldn't score in overtime and the match was brought into a penalty shootout.[18]..Xabi Alonso, who had a successful penalty shootout against France, became Spain's number one kicker,Rui PatrícioStopped by[18]..No. 1 in PortugalJoan MoutinhoCasillas saves his kick and it's five minutes[18], 4thBruno AlvesSpain missed Portugal, but the second to fifth players all succeeded in the penalty shootout[18]Spain, who won the penalty shootout 4-3, decided to advance to the final for the fourth time following the 1964, 1984 and 2008 tournaments.[18]..In addition, the fourth fastest of SpainSergio RamosDetermines the PK with a chip kick called Panenka[18]..The final was against Italy, which was also played in the first match of the group league, and won 4-0 to win the championship.[19]..Spain dominated the match right after the start, with Silva scoring the opening goal in the 14th minute and Aruba scoring an additional goal in the 41st minute, returning the first half 2-0.Italy runs out of three shiftsTiago MottaWas injured in the hamstring and was forced to continue the match with 10 players[19]..Spain in 84 minutes Torres in 88 minutesJuan Manuel MataScored additional points and won 4-0 to win the tournament for the second time in a row.[19].

Spain, which won the UEFA EURO 2008, 2010 FIFA World Cup and UEFA EURO 2012, became the first national team to win three consecutive major international competitions.In addition, it should be notedEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euWas in 1924Paris olympicCopa AmericaHe won 1924, but withdrew during the Copa America 1925 tournament, eliminating the possibility of winning three consecutive major international tournaments.Spain, who won the final by four points, broke the record for the maximum score difference in the UEFA European Championship final.The record up to that pointUEFA European Championship 1972It was three points behind when West Germany defeated the Soviet Union 3-0 in the final.Spain won the UEFA European Championship for the third time, lining up with Germany, which had the most wins on its own.Spain has scored 3 goals (3 goals and 11 goal) in the match from the first match of the group league to the final, which is the largest goal difference record in the tournament.The record up to that pointUEFA European Championship 1984France (9 points difference, 12 goals and 3 goals), but France recorded in 1 games, one less than Spain.Coach Del Bosque has won the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Championship respectively.Helmut SchönThis is the second record after the director (West Germany).[20]..In addition to both international competitions on behalf of the clubUEFA Champions LeagueDirector Del Bosque is the first to win[21].. The negative evaluation of Spain until the early 2000s changed completely, and even the call of one of the best teams in football history has been heard.FrenchLequipPaperGary LinekerIn other words, he wrote, "Soccer is a sport of 11 to 11 players, and in the end it ends in a victory for Spain."The British Guardian wrote, "(Spain in the late 2000s and early 2010s) has been forever talked about as the golden age of Spain, and no team (past or future) will be able to match."

2014 FIFA World Cup

In Group B, in the first match against the Netherlands, which was the same card as the final match of the previous tournament, although the first half PK was the first,Robin van persieArien RobbenVan Persie lost 2-6 after the match, saying, "It was okay to score 7th, 8th, and 1th points."[22]In the second round against Chile, I couldn't say that I had enough chances to play in the club I belonged to, and I made a mistake in the Champions League final due to the lack of understanding of the match, and I made a mistake in the first round of the World Cup. didIker Casillas [23]He made a mistake that allowed the opponent to score a second goal, and lost 2-0 in a row.[24]..Among the registered members this time, the Spanish team was fighting for victory in three competitions until the end.[Annotation 5]On the contrary, the condition of the main players belonging to the club has deteriorated, and it is decided that Spain will lose the first league for the first time since the 1998 France tournament.This is the fifth time that the champion of the previous tournament has been eliminated in the group league for the second consecutive tournament, following the Italian national team at the 1 South Africa tournament.[25]It was the first time in the history of the World Cup that the champion of the previous tournament lost the group league with two consecutive losses since the opening.

Late 2010s-Present

UEFA Euro 2016

In qualifyingGroup CBelonging to, he decided to participate in the 9th main tournament after passing the lead.In this tournament, it belongs to Group D and is the first matchCzech RepublicWar, the second roundTurkey matchAnd decided to break through the group league in the second game.But in the third roundCroatiaSince he lost the match, he passed in 2nd place in the group.In Round of 16, he won 4-0 in the final of the previous tournament.ItalyHowever, he lost 0-2 and did not win the UEFA EURO 3rd consecutive title for the first time in history.On June 2016, 6, after his defeat, coach Vicente del Bosque announced his resignation and finished his eight-year command on behalf of Spain.

2018 FIFA World Cup

In July 2016 after the end of UEFA EURO 2016Julen LopeteguiWas appointed as the Spanish national team coach.

However, on June 2018, 2018, the day before the opening of the 6 FIFA World Cup, the Spanish Football Federation announced that Lopetegui had been dismissed.[26](SuccessorFernando Hierro).

Group BThen in the first matchPortugalWhile leading the battleク リ ス テ ィ ア ー ノ · ロ ナ ウ ドAllowed a hat-trick to draw 3-3, followed by(I.e.Win 1-0 in the match, but Round 3モロッコIn the battle, he was preempted and caught up, but allowed the lead again, and in the additional time in the second halfIago AspasThey caught up with the goal and drew, lining up with Portugal with 5 points, but ranked first by the difference in total points, and advanced to the final tournament for the first time in two tournaments since winning 1.Group A 2010nd place in the host countryRussiaAlthough he took the lead against the opponent, he was caught up by giving a penalty, and after that, he was overwhelmed by the ball control rate throughout the first and second half, but the goal was not scored.[27]However, even if it was extended as it was, it could not be settled, so I got involved in the penalty shootout. In penalty shootoutMoss, Aspas removed and eventually lost 2-3.Midfielder Iniesta announces retirement from national team after defeat[28]..July 2018 after the tournament,Louis EnriqueBecame the director.


It was postponed for one year and held in 1UEFA Euro 2020Then I passed the group stage in 2nd place.In Round of 16Croatia, In the quarterfinalsSwitzerlandDespite winning, he lost to Italy in the semi-finals.

Team image


From the Spanish national team fansThe Red Fury"(Red anger), Which was during the independence of the Netherlands by the Spanish army in the 16th and 17th centuries.AntwerpComes from invading and destroying[29].. Also thisThe Red FuryIs an informal nickname.

Another known nickname is national sport.BullfightAnd from the temperament of Spanish supporters "Los Toros"(Bullfight) Is also used, meaning a bullfighter for supporters. "Matador"Ya"Toreros"There is.

in recent years,Luis AragonésPrefered to use "The Red"("Red") Is often used by media and supporters[30].

In Japan, the above notation is rare,Invincible fleetKnown by the nickname of[31][Annotation 6].


England national team(Wembley Stadium) AndFrance representative(Stade de France), Etc., the Spanish national team does not have a home stadium, but official games such as international tournament qualifyingreal MadridIs the home stadium ofEstadio Santiago BernabeuOften held in (Madrid).Other than thatAtletico MadridIs the home stadium ofWanda Metropolitano(Madrid),Valencia CFIs the home stadium ofEstadio de Mestalla(Valencia) is also often used, and the Spanish national teamEstadio Vicente CalderonI have never lost in the official game at.In addition to these stadiums in international friendly matchesSevilla FCIs the home stadium ofEstadio Ramon Sanchez Pishua(Seville) is also often used.It is often held outside of big cities, and in recent yearsCiudad Deportiva(La Coruña),San Mamés Barrier(Bilbao),Benito Villamarín(Seville),Cornella-El Prat(Barcelona),Estadio Anoeta(San Sebastian) etc. are used.Matches may be held outside mainland Spain,UEFA EURO 2008 Qualifying OfNorthern IrelandThe battle isCanary islands-Gran Canaria OfEstadio Gran CanariaIt was held in (Las Palmas).In recent years, the conflict between the Spanish government and the Catalan government, which is the historical background of Spain,Catalan independence movementSupportFC BarcelonaPlayers are often booed during matches in Madrid, the capital of Spain, so there are no matches in Madrid or Barcelona, ​​the iconic cities of the Spanish and Catalunya governments. (As of December 2016)

Uniform and logo

Traditionally, red and yellow trimmings are used at home.This is both red and yellowSpanish flagBecause it is used in.Red and yellow represent "blood and gold," respectively.

Away, he used white uniforms in the past and blue uniforms now. When playing against the Netherlands at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, he decided to wear a third uniform after being pointed out by the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) that "it is difficult to distinguish the home uniform from the Netherlands".This is based on white.

Logo isCoat of arms of SpainA soccer ball and a ribbon are treated under a shield with a yellow (golden) border on a black background.The shield is yellow with 1913 and the year of establishment, and the ribbon isGothicThe initials "RFEF" of the Spanish Football Federation are written in.

In the final of the World Cup South Africa tournament mentioned above, the match was played in a dark blue uniform away, and when the championship was decided, the "one star on the logo (indicating the number of World Cup championships)" home made for this time I changed into a red uniform for the award ceremony.From now on, uniforms with this logo will be used.



    Win      second place     3rd place / best 4     4 bit

Convention1 bit2 bit3 bittotal
Summer olympic1203
FIFA Confederations Cup0112
FIFA World Cup1001
UEFA European Championship3115
Mediterranean Games2125
International Football Federation(FIFA) Sponsored Generational World Tournament35311
European Football Federation(UEFA) Sponsored Generational Tournament18101240

FIFA World Cup

Held yearResultmatchvictoryDrawdefeatscoreGoal
Uruguay flag 1930Non-participation
Italian flag 1934Best 8311143
French flag 1938Non-participationNote 1
Brazilian flag 19504 bit63121012
Swiss flag 1954Lost qualifying
Swedish flag 1958
Chilean flag 1962Group league lost310223
England flag 1966Group league lost310245
Mexican flag 1970Lost qualifying
West Germany flag 1974
Argentina flag 1978Group league lost311122
Spanish flag 1982Lost the first league512245
Mexican flag 1986Best 85311114
Italian flag 1990Best 16421164
United States flag 1994Best 85221106
French flag 1998Group league lost311184
Japanese flagRepublic of Korea flag 2002Best 85320105
German flag 2006Best 16430194
South African flag 2010Win760182
Brazilian flag 2014Group league lost310247
Russian flag 2018Best 16413076
Total15 appearances / 1 victory633015189972

Note 1Spanish Civil WarFor

UEFA European Championship

Held yearResultmatchvictoryDrawdefeatscoreGoal
French flag 1960Lost qualifyingNote 1
Spanish flag 1964Win220042
Italian flag 1968Lost qualifying
Belgian flag 1972
Yugoslavia flag 1976
Italian flag 1980Best 8301224
French flag 1984second place513145
West Germany flag 1988Group league lost310235
Swedish flag 1992Lost qualifying
England flag 1996Best 8413043
Belgian flagDutch flag 2000Best 8420277
Portugal flag 2004Group league lost311122
Austrian flagSwiss flag 2008Win6510123
Polish flagUkrainian flag 2012Win6420121
French flag 2016Best 16420254
European Union flag 2021Best 46240136
Total11 appearances / 3 victory462115106842

Note 1Abstain on the way for political reasons

FIFA Confederations Cup

(Only the tournaments that participated are listed)

Held yearResultmatchvictoryDrawdefeatscoreGoal
South African flag 20093 bit5401114
Brazilian flag 2013second place5311154
Total2 appearances / 0 victory10712268

Summer olympic

Held yearResultmatchvictoryDrawdefeatscoreGoal
British flag 1908Non-participation
Swedish flag 1912
Belgian flag 1920second place540195
French flag 19241 Round100101
Dutch flag 1928Best 8311199
United States flag 1932No soccer competition
Nazi Germany flag 1936Non-participationNote 1
British flag 1948Lost qualifying
Finnish flag 1952
Australian flag Swedish flag 1956
Italian flag 1960
Japanese flag 1964
Mexican flag 1968Best 8421142
West Germany flag 1972Lost qualifying
Canadian flag 1976Second league200213
Soviet Union flag 1980Second league303022
United States flag 1984Lost qualifying
Republic of Korea flag 1988
Spanish flag 1992Win6600142
United States flag 1996Best 8421157
Australian flag 2000second place6411126
Greek flag 2004Lost qualifying
Flag of the People's Republic of China 2008
British flag 2012Second league301202
Brazilian flag 2016Lost qualifying
Total9 appearances / 1 victory37197115639

Note 1Spanish Civil WarFor

Current convened members

August 2021, 5,UEFA Euro 2020And will be held on June 6th and 4th just beforePortugalBattle,リトアニア24 members announced for a friendly match[32]..In addition, EURO can register a total of 26 members, but the Spanish national team registered with 24 members.

Number of appearances and goal update : 2021 year 3 month 31 day(I.e.At the end of the war

No.PosPlayer nameDate of birth (age)Number of appearancesgoalEnrolled club
1GKDavid de hair (‭1990-11-07)1990 May 11(30 years old)450England flag Manchester United
2DFCesar Azpilicueta (‭1989-08-24)1989 May 8(31 years old)250England flag Chelsea
3DFAimelik Raporte (‭1994-05-27)1994 May 5(27 years old)00England flag Manchester City
4DFPau Torres (‭1997-01-16)1997 May 1(24 years old)71Spanish flag Villarreal
5MFSergio Busquets (‭1988-07-16)1988 May 7(32 years old)1222Spanish flag Barcelona
6DFDiego Llorente (‭1993-08-16)1993 May 8(27 years old)70England flag Leeds United
7FWAlvaro Morata (‭1992-10-23)1992 May 10(28 years old)3919Italian flag Juventus
8MFMoss (‭1992-01-08)1992 May 1(29 years old)490Spanish flag Atletico Madrid
9FWGerard Moreno (‭1992-04-07)1992 May 4(29 years old)105Spanish flag Villarreal
10MFTiago (‭1991-04-11)1991 May 4(30 years old)419England flag Liverpool
11FWAdama Traoré (‭1996-01-25)1996 May 1(25 years old)50England flag Wolverhampton Wanderers
12DFEric Garcia (‭2001-01-09)2001 May 1(20 years old)70England flag FC Barcelona
13GKRobert Sanchez (‭1997-11-18)1997 May 11(23 years old)00England flag Brighton
14DFJose Gaya (‭1995-05-25)1995 May 5(26 years old)132Spanish flag バ レ ン シ ア
15MFDani Olmo (‭1998-05-07)1998 May 5(23 years old)113German flag Leipzig
16MFRodrigue (‭1996-06-22)1996 May 6(24 years old)191England flag Manchester City
17DFMarcos Llorente (‭1995-01-30)1995 May 1(26 years old)40Spanish flag Atletico Madrid
18DFJordi Alba (‭1989-03-21)1989 May 3(32 years old)728Spanish flag Barcelona
19MFFabian Ruiz (‭1996-04-03)1996 May 4(25 years old)111Italian flag Naples
20FWFerran Torres (‭2000-02-29)2000 May 2(21 years old)106England flag Manchester City
21FWMikel Oyarzabal (‭1997-04-27)1997 May 4(24 years old)134Spanish flag Real Sociedad
22FWPablo Sarabia (‭1992-05-11)1992 May 5(29 years old)31French flag Paris Saint-Germain
23GKUnai Simon (‭1997-06-11)1997 May 6(24 years old)60Spanish flag Athletic Bilbao
24MFPedri (‭2002-11-25)2002 May 11(18 years old)30Spanish flag Barcelona

2021 results

W cupQualifying 2021/3/25Spain 1-1  GreeceSpanish flag Granada, Spain 
Morata Goal in 33 minutes 33 minutesレポートGoal in 57 minutes 57 minutes (PK) BakasetasArena: Nuevo los Carmenes
Audience: No Audience
Chief referee: Italian flag
W cupQualifying 2021/3/28ジ ョ ー ジ ジ 1-2  SpainGeorgia (country) flag Tbilisi, ジ ョ ー ジ ジ 
Kuvaratsu Helia Goal in 43 minutes 43 minutesレポートGoal in 56 minutes 56 minutes Torres
Goal in 90 minutes 90 minutes Ormo
Arena: Boris Paichase Stadium
Audience: No Audience
Chief referee: Romanian flag
W cupQualifying 2021/3/31Spain 3-1  (I.e.Spanish flag Seville, Spain 
Ormo Goal in 34 minutes 34 minutes
Torres Goal in 36 minutes 36 minutes
Moreno Goal in 75 minutes 75 minutes
レポートGoal in 70 minutes 70 minutes HarimiArena: La Cartuja
Audience: No Audience
Chief referee: Danish flag
Friendly match 2021/6/4Spain 0-0  PortugalSpanish flag Madrid, Spain 
レポートArena: Wanda Metropolitano
Audience: 15,000
Chief referee: England flag
Friendly match 2021/6/8Spain 4-0  リトアニアSpanish flag Leganes, Spain 
Guillamón Goal in 3 minutes 3 minutes
Diaz Goal in 24 minutes 24 minutes
Miranda Goal in 57 minutes 57 minutes
Puado Goal in 72 minutes 72 minutes
Audience: No Audience
Chief referee: French flag
EURO 2021/6/14Spain 0-0  SwedenSpanish flag Seville, Spain 
レポートArena: La Cartuja
Audience: 10,559
Chief referee: Flag of Slovenia Slavco Vinci
EURO 2021/6/19Spain 1-1  PolandSpanish flag Seville, Spain 
Morata Goal in 25 minutes 25 minutesレポートGoal in 54 minutes 54 minutes LewandowskiArena: La Cartuja
Audience: 11,742
Chief referee: Italian flag Daniele Orsato
EURO 2021/6/23Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu 0-5  SpainSpanish flag Seville, Spain 
レポートGoal in 30 minutes 30 minutes (OG) Dubravka
Goal in 45 + 3 minutes 45 + 3 minutes Raporte
Goal in 53 minutes 53 minutes Sarabia
Goal in 67 minutes 67 minutes Torres
Goal in 71 minutes 71 minutes (OG) Kucka
Arena: La Cartuja
Audience: 11,204
Chief referee: Dutch flag Bjorn Kuipels
Best 16
Croatia 3-5  SpainDanish flag Copenhagen, Denmark 
Pedori Goal in 20 minutes 20 minutes (OG)
Orsic Goal in 85 minutes 85 minutes
Pasalić Goal in 90 minutes 90 minutes
レポートGoal in 38 minutes 38 minutes Sarabia
Goal in 57 minutes 57 minutes Aspiriqueta
Goal in 76 minutes 76 minutes Torres
Goal in 100 minutes 100 minutes Morata
Goal in 103 minutes 103 minutes Oyarzabal
Arena: Parken Stadion
Audience: 22,771
Chief referee: Turkish flag Genet Chacle
Best 4
Italy 1-1
(6-5 PK battle)
 SpainEngland flag UK, England 
Chiesa Goal in 60 minutes 60 minutesレポートGoal in 80 minutes 80 minutes MorataArena: Wembley Stadium
Audience: 57,811
Chief referee: German flag Felix Brych
  PK battle 
Locatelli Miss
Belotti success
Bonucci success
Bernardeschi success
Giordinho success
 Miss Ormo
success Moreno
success Thiago
Miss Morata


Major titles

Winner (1): 2010
4th place (1): 1950
Winner (3): 1964, 2008, 2012
Runner-up (1): 1984
Best 4 (1): 2021
Runner-up (1): 2013
3th place (1): 2009
Gold medal (1): 1992
Silver medal (2): 1920, 2000

Other titles

Award (2): 2006, 2010
Award (5): 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Award (1): 2010
Award (1): 2011

Unofficial title

Award (3): 2008, 2010, 2012
Winner (1): 2010
Winner (1): 2012
Title retention period 1961年6月11日-1962年5月31日, 1972年1月12日-1973年5月2日, 1986年6月18日-1986年6月22日, 2001年3月28日-2002年3月27日, 2010年7月11日-2010年9月7日

Undefeated for 2007 consecutive races from 2009 to 35

スペイン代表は2007年2月7日から2009年6月24日まで35戦連続無敗を続け、1993年12月16日から1996年1月21日まで35戦連続無敗を続けたブラジル代表の記録に並んだ。ブラジル代表はU-23代表を送り込んだ1996年のCONCACAF Gold CupLost to Mexico, but officially counted as the defeat of A.Except for this defeat, the Brazilian national team remained undefeated until they lost to Norway on May 1997, 5, which means they have been undefeated for 30 consecutive games.It was both Spain and Brazil that broke the undefeated record.North Central America Caribbean Football Federation(CONCACAF) The country of affiliation.

May 2 England1–0Manchester, Old TraffordFriendly match
May 3 Denmark2–1Madrid, Santiago BernabeuUEFA EURO 2008 Qualifying
May 3 アイス ランド1–0パ ル マ, IberostalUEFA EURO 2008 Qualifying
May 6 ラトビア2–0Riga, Skonto StadiumUEFA EURO 2008 Qualifying
May 6 Lichtenstein2–0Vaduz, Rheinpark StadiumUEFA EURO 2008 Qualifying
May 8 Greece3–2Thessaloniki,Friendly match
May 9 アイス ランド1–1Reykjavik, LaugardalsvölUEFA EURO 2008 Qualifying
May 9 ラトビア2–0Oviedo,UEFA EURO 2008 Qualifying
May 10 Denmark3–1Arhus,UEFA EURO 2008 Qualifying
May 10 Finland0–0Helsinki, Olympic stadiumFriendly match
May 11 Sweden3–0Madrid, Santiago BernabeuUEFA EURO 2008 Qualifying
May 11 Northern Ireland1–0Las Palmas, Gran canariaUEFA EURO 2008 Qualifying
May 2 France1–0マ ラ ガ, La RosaredaFriendly match
May 3 Italy1–0Elche, Martinez ValeroFriendly match
May 5 Peru2–1Huelva, Nuevo ColombinoFriendly match
May 6 The United States of America1–0Santander, El SardineroFriendly match
May 6 Russia4–1Innsbruck, Tivoli StadionUEFA Euro 2008Group D
May 6 Sweden2–1Innsbruck, Tivoli StadionUEFA Euro 2008Group D
May 6 Greece2–1Salzburg, Red Bull ArenaUEFA Euro 2008Group D
May 6 Italy0–0Vienna, Ernst Happel StadionUEFA Euro 2008quaterfinals
May 6 Russia3–0Vienna, Ernst Happel StadionUEFA Euro 2008Semifinals
May 6 Germany1–0Vienna, Ernst Happel StadionUEFA Euro 2008final
May 8 Denmark3–0Copenhagen, Parken StadionFriendly match
May 9 Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu1–0Murcia, Nueva Condomina2010 FIFA World Cup/Europe Qualifying
May 9 アルメニア4–0Albacete, Carlos Belmonte2010 FIFA World Cup/Europe Qualifying
May 10 エストニア3–0Tallinn, A Le Coq Arena2010 FIFA World Cup/Europe Qualifying
May 10 Belgium2–1ブ リ ュ ッ セ ル, King Baudouin Stadium2010 FIFA World Cup/Europe Qualifying
May 11 チリ3–0Villa Real, El MadrigalFriendly match
May 2 England2–0Sevilla, Sanchez PisfanFriendly match
May 3 Turkey1–0Madrid, Santiago Bernabeu2010 FIFA World Cup/Europe Qualifying
May 4 Turkey2–1Istanbul,2010 FIFA World Cup/Europe Qualifying
May 6 アゼルバイジャン6–0Baku, Tofiq Béframov StadiumFriendly match
May 6 New Zealand5–0Rustenburg, Royal Bafoken StadiumFIFA Confederations Cup 2009Group league
May 6 (I.e.1–0Bloom fontaine, Freestate StadiumFIFA Confederations Cup 2009Group league
May 6 Republic of South Africa2–0Bloom fontaine, Freestate StadiumFIFA Confederations Cup 2009Group league



  • As of July 2021
  • TaiziIs an active player


  • As of July 2021
  • TaiziIs an active player

directed by

Francisco Bull1920
Pedro Parahes1923-1924
Paulino Alcantara1951
Ricardo Zamora1952
Pedro Escartin Moran1952-1961
Helenio Herrera1959-1962
Miguel Muñoz1962
Jose Villalonga1962-1966
Domingo Balmanja1966-1968
Luis Molowny1969
Ladislao Kubara1969-1980
Jose Santa Maria1980-1982
Miguel Muñoz1982-1988
Louis Suarez1988-1991
Vicente Miera1991-1992
Javier Clemente1992-1998
Jose Antonio Camacho1998-2002
Inaki Saes2002-2004
Luis Aragonés2004-2008
Vicente del Bosque2008-2016
Julen Lopetegui2016-2018
Fernando Hierro2018
Louis Enrique2018-2019
Robert Moreno2019
Louis Enrique2019

Tournament song

ConventionAnthem / songArtistsComposer / Label
2002 FIFA World Cup"Vivimos La Selección"
UEFA Euro 2004"Sírvame una Copita"Warner music
UEFA Euro 2008"Pasar de cuartos"Warner music
UEFA Euro 2012"No hay 2 sin 3" ft. David BisbalUniversal Music


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