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⚾ | Tokyo Gas advances to the final with 9 goals in a big win against the city Honda Kumamoto and Honda Kumamoto on the 9th

Photo: Tokyo Gas Yuya Ishikawa hit a double in a timely manner to wipe out runners [Photo: Tomoyo Nakatogawa]

Tokyo Gas advance to the final with 9 goals against the city, Honda Kumamoto and Honda Kumamoto on the 9th

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In the professional baseball draft meeting this fall, NTT East's infielder Daigo Uekawahata, who was nominated for 9th place by Nippon-Ham, played an active part with 2 bases including 3 hits, but did not reach.

Nippon-Ham Dora 9 and Daigo Uekawahata disappear in the semi-finals The 92nd Intercity Baseball Tournament will play two semi-finals at Tokyo Dome on the 8th ... → Continue reading


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Professional baseball draft conference

Professional baseball draft conference(Professional and Kyu Draft Kaigi)Japan Baseball OrganizationIs a conference held by the company to acquire new players.The official name isNew player selection meeting.


This meeting is held every yearOctoberToInstituteJapan Baseball OrganizationSponsored by (NPB)New player selection meeting rulesBased on the procedure stipulated in, the right to negotiate a contract with a new player is distributed to each baseball team belonging to professional baseball.2009 Or later,TokyoMinato-kuIt is inGrand Prince Hotel New TakanawaThe "International Pavilion Pamir" is used as the venue. At NPB, in addition to the rookie player selection meeting,Training playerA training player draft (official name is a training player selection meeting) will be held for acquisition.

Draft system

Players who can be nominated at the draft meeting

At the draft meeting, new players stipulated in Article 1 of the rules for the new player selection meeting are eligible.That is, among the players who have never joined the Nippon Professional Baseball team in the past, they have Japanese nationality or are Japanese.Junior high school,UniversityAnd a school similar to this,UniversityAnd any of similar organizations (that is,Ichijo school) Is a player who has experience in school.If you are enrolled in a Japanese school, March of the year following the draft meetinggraduateExpected, in the case of university, be a player who has been in school for 4 years.

Players who cannot be nominated
  • After April 4 of the draft yearDrop outPlayer
  • To the federation to which you belongProfessional aspirationsStudents / students (high school students who are planning to go on to school or get a job) who have not submitted2004 From college students2007 Measures from)[1]
  • Players who have joined the adult baseball team and have joined the club as junior high school graduates or high school graduates for 3 years, otherwise those who have not passed 2 years (Japan Baseball FederationAccording to the agreement with.(Except when the team you belong to is abolished or closed)
  • Players who were nominated at the draft meeting of the previous year and did not join the team after that (only for the team concerned).However, there are some exceptions.

Shikoku Island League plus,Baseball Challenge LeagueDomesticIndependent LeagueIs treated in the same way as professional baseball, but players who want to become professionals can be nominated from the first year of their affiliation.This was done in response to a request from the league in 2005 when the Shikoku Island League was launched, and was followed by the Baseball Challenge League, which was launched after that.Directly without going through Nippon Professional BaseballMajor LeagueAs a general rule, draft nominations are also required for players who are enrolled in teams outside Japan, such as in independent leagues and overseas leagues.

Special case of nomination freeze when refusing past draft nominations and signing a contract with a foreign team

If a draft target player who submitted a professional aspiration report refuses to be nominated for a draft meeting and contracts with a foreign team, high school students will be draft nomination frozen players for 3 years after returning to Japan, and non-high school students will be draft nominations for 2 years. There wasn't.

Exceptions to designated frozen athletes during past Olympics

Summer olympicInBaseball competitionSo, in an era when only amateur players could participate (1984 -Los Angelesから1996 -Atlanta(Up to), the amateur side listed the Olympic strengthening athletes as designated frozen athletes, and specified that the athletes should not be nominated for draft until the end of the Olympic Games (eg, at the time of the Atlanta Olympics).Hitoshi Ono).However, if he became a designated frozen player, he could be nominated in the draft after the Olympic Games regardless of the freezing period of 3 years for junior high and high school graduates and 2 years for university graduates.

Validity period of contract negotiation right

The draft meeting gives you the right to negotiate a contract with a player.Therefore, if a player contract cannot be made after being nominated at the draft meeting, the nominated player will not join the team.The expiration date of the player contract negotiation right is until the end of March of the following year of the draft meeting that acquired the contract negotiation right with the player, and if it is not possible to contract with the player and announce it as a controlled player by that time, contract negotiation The right becomes invalid.For players belonging to the adult baseball team, this deadline is until the end of January of the following year.

Elective meeting

According to the rules of the newcomer selection meeting, the "high school student selection meeting" (October 10-1 every year) for high school students and the "university / worker selection" for non-high school students It is stipulated that two meetings, "Meetings" (November 14-11 every year), be convened, but they have been held collectively since 10.

How to select a selection meeting
  • Each team declares the end of the selection when there are no more players who want to win, and cannot participate in the nomination after that.
  • Weber methodThe "reverse order of team rankings" used in is the reverse order of pennant race rankings one week before the meeting (the lowest team is the first).The first order of the same ranking teams in both the Central League and the Pacific League will be decided as follows.
(Until 2014)
  1. League that won the All-Star Game in the conference year
  2. If you cannot decide in 1.[2], A league in which the goal difference of all-star games in the conference year is dominant
  3. If you cannot decide in 1.2.[3],lottery
(2015 to 2018)
  1. Of the conference yearSep-pa Exchange BattleLeague that won
  2. If it cannot be decided in 1., the league where the total goal difference in the interleague game in the conference year is dominant
  3. If it cannot be decided in 1.2., Lottery
(2019 年 か ら)
  1. Central League and Pacific League change every other year (Central League in 1, Pacific League in 2019)
  • The first round is a bid lottery.In other words, all participating teams nominate players at the same time[4] Then, if the nominations are duplicated, a lottery will be held.For the teams that did not win the lottery, the bid lottery will be held again only for the teams that did not win the lottery, and this will be repeated until the first round nominated player of all the teams is confirmed.
  • In the second round, the Weber method is selected for "reverse order of team ranking".
  • Select the 3rd round in the reverse order of the 2nd round (reverse Weber method).
  • From the 4th round onward, the Weber method and the reverse Weber method are alternated, and this is continued until all the teams declare the end of the selection.However, if the total number of nominated players reaches 120, it will end even if there are teams that have not declared the end of selection (for example, if there are 3 teams that continue to be nominated in a certain round, they will be nominated at that point. If the total number of players is 118 (2 remaining until the upper limit is reached),Only the top two teams in the order of nomination can be nominated[Source required]).

Training player selection meeting

If there are less than 120 nominated players in the elective meeting, it will be held after the elective meeting is over.It is a meeting aimed at acquiring trained athletes rather than registered athletes under control.

How to select a training player selection meeting
  • Participate in the selection meeting by expressing the intention to nominate only the team that has the player to be nominated.In addition, it is possible that no one is nominated even if the intention to select is displayed (as an example).2019 draftYokohama DeNA in).
  • Alternate Weber and reverse Weber methods, and continue until all teams declare the end of their selection.

History of the draft system

Transition of draft system

  • 1964 , At the Pacific League Owners RoundtableNishitetsu LionsPresident/Matajiro Nishi NFLProposed to introduce a draft system that follows.
  • 1965 The first draft meeting was held on November 11th.Submit a list that ranks the players (up to 17 players) that each team wants to acquire in advance, and if the first place in the list overlaps, a lottery will be held, and the missing team will replace the second player in the list. It was done in a unique way to determine the first draft player by winning the game.This is only the first draft nomination, the second and lower drafts are normalWeber methodAnd reverse Weber nominations were made alternately.
  • 1966 IssocietyA high school studentOut ofNational bodyThe first draft of September for those who do not participate inUniversityThe second draft of November was held for the national polity participants.
  • 1967 In addition, the system for submitting the list up to that point was abolished, and players will be nominated in order based on the order of nomination decided in advance by lottery.At this time, odd-numbered nominations are made in descending order, and even-numbered nominations are made in ascending order.As a result, the priority of the lower teams, which had been maintained by the Weber method in the second place nomination, disappeared.
  • 1978 In addition, the system has been renewed, and a method has been adopted in which all teams appoint one player at a time at the same time and draw lots when there are duplicates. The nomination for the 1st place is similar to the one adopted from 1965 to 1966, except that it continues after the 2nd place.Only the teams that did not win the lottery are eligible, but by appointing replacement players by the Weber method for odd-numbered places and the reverse Weber method for even-numbered places, the lower teams have been given a slight preferential treatment.
  • 1991 From then on, the 4th place was changed to the same as before, and the nominations after the 5th place were changed to alternate between the Weber method and the reverse Weber method.From this year, out-of-draft enrollment was abolished.
  • 1993 , So that influential players can join the desired teamReverse nomination systemWas introduced.For new players other than high school students, the player nominates a team that wants to join (two or more teams are possible, but there was no such case), and the nominated team nominates this player at the draft meeting. By doing so, you can get priority.The reverse nomination is applied only to the 2st and 1nd place players, and after the 2rd place, the Weber method and the reverse Weber method will be alternated.
  • 2001 , Instead of reverse nomination,Free acquisition frameWas provided.The slot itself is almost the same as the reverse nomination, and the only change is that the order of nominations when using one of these slots has been unified (previously if there was only one reverse nominee). However, I was able to participate in the first round of nominations, see "Draft system from 1 to 1" below for details).Due to the use / non-use of the free acquisition frame, it will be possible to make a round that cannot be nominated, and from this year to 1, the "round" will be used instead of the "rank".
  • 2005 From, the free acquisition frame is "Hope to joinIn October, the draft was for high school students, and in November, the draft was for university students and working adults. (For details, see "10-11." Draft system ").Also, only in 2, a training player draft was held in December to select training players, but2006 From now on, this will be done following a normal draft meeting.For more information about trained playersTraining player systemSee section.
  • 2007 ToSeibu Lions Slush FundThe debate about the abolition of the desired enrollment quota was raised due to concerns that it would become a hotbed for slush funds, and the desired enrollment quota was abolished from this year's meeting.
  • 2008 As a result, the high school student selection meeting and the university / worker selection meeting were reintegrated and held together.

Draft system from 2001 to 2004

Free acquisition frame
  • Before the draft meeting, up to 2 players from each team can be freely acquired as contracted unofficial players.
  • It is not possible to acquire high school students or similar players.
  • It is not obligatory to use it, and even if it is used, each team is free to decide whether to acquire only one person or the upper limit of two people.
  • Athletes acquired through the free quota will not be nominated by other teams in the normal nomination of players at draft meetings.
Normal player nomination
  • Each team declares the end of the selection when there are no more players who want to win, and cannot participate in the nomination after that.
  • In the first round, only the teams that did not use the free acquisition quota can participate, and all participating teams will nominate players at the same time, and if the nominations overlap, a lottery will be held.Only the teams that did not win the lottery will repeat this process to determine the designated players.
  • In the second round, only the team that used one free acquisition slot can participate, and the designated player will be confirmed by the Weber method.
  • In the third round, only teams that did not use the free acquisition quota can participate, and the designated players will be confirmed by the Weber method.
  • From the 4th round onward, the reverse Weber method and the Weber method will be alternated, and this will continue until the total number of nominated players including the free acquisition slot reaches 120 for all teams or all teams declare the end of selection.

2005-2006 draft system

Background of introduction

2004 ToMeiji University OfYasuhiro IchibaOn the other hand, some team members are aiming for free acquisitionBack metalThe problem I was passing (Ichiba IncidentSee) was discovered.The cause of this case is said to be the draft system at that time shown above, and it was decided to revise it.

Regarding the contents of the amendment, the fact that the contract money and contract order are restricted in the draft system has become a hotbed to use the back money, and if it is possible to freely acquire new players, there is no need to create a back money. He insisted that the team that sought a method closer to free competition and the system of free acquisition quota that brings free competition halfway into the draft system would be a hotbed of slush funds, and abolished the free acquisition quota and completelyWeber methodThe team, which claims that there will be no slush funds in the draft, insisted on reforming the system according to their wishes.

The discussion began with the aim of resolving the slush fund problem, but each team argued for a system that would allow them to acquire influential players, and there was no consensus.As a compromise, on a trial basis2005 2006 For the two years, the name of the free acquisition frameHope to joinAfter changing to, we held a draft meeting with the number of slots reduced from 2 to 1.

Hope to join
  • Before the draft meeting, up to 1 players from each team can be freely acquired as contracted unofficial players.
  • It is not possible to acquire high school students or similar players using the desired enrollment quota.
  • It is up to each team to use or not use the desired enrollment quota, but it is necessary to apply in advance which one to use.
  • In some cases, you may not be able to obtain a contracted unofficial player even though you have applied to use the desired enrollment quota.
  • Athletes acquired by the desired enrollment quota will not be nominated by other teams in the normal nomination of players at the draft meeting.
High school draft
  • Draft conference for high school students only, held in October (2006 Will be held in September).
  • Each team declares the end of the selection when there are no more players who want to win, and cannot participate in the nomination after that.
  • In the first round, all participating teams will nominate players at the same time, and if there are duplicate nominations, a lottery will be held.Only the teams that did not win the lottery will nominate replacement players by Weber. You do not have to make the first round of nomination, in which case you will apply in advance.
  • In the second round, only the teams that have applied in advance not to use the desired enrollment quota can participate, and the designated players will be confirmed by the Weber method.
  • From the third round onwards, the Weber method and the reverse Weber method are alternated, and this is continued until all teams declare the end of the selection.
Draft for college students, adults and others
  • It will be held in November at a draft meeting for new players other than high school students, such as university students and working adults.
  • Each team declares the end of the selection when there are no more players who want to win, and cannot participate in the nomination after that.
  • In the first round, only the teams that applied in advance to use the desired enrollment quota but could not obtain a contracted unofficial player can participate, and the nominated player will be confirmed by the Weber method.
  • In the second round, only the teams that did not nominate the first round in the high school draft can participate, and the nominated players will be confirmed by the Weber method.
  • From the third round onward, the Weber method and the reverse Weber method will be alternated, and this will be done until the total number of nominated players including the desired enrollment frame and high school draft is 3, or all the teams declare the end of selection. continue.
  • Each team follows the usual nominationTraining playerCan be nominated.

Changes in the number of designated people

  • 1965 - 1966 : Only for those who are listed in the list.
  • 1967 - 1973 : No limit on the number of people.
  • 1974 - 1977 : Within 6 people for each team.
  • 1978 - 1980 : Up to 4 people from each team.In this regard, it returned to its original number in three years.The reason for this is that the members of society have expressed concern about the large number of players being taken outside the draft, and the real intention is to stop the overfishing of Seibu and Prince Hotels.[5].
  • 1981 - 1990 : Within 6 people for each team.
  • 1991 - 1994 : Within 10 people for each team.
  • 1995 - 2000 : Each team has 8 people or less (1999 - 2000 If there is a team with less than 8 members, 96 or more and 9 or less can be nominated if the total number is 10 or less).
  • 2001 After: There is no limit on the number of people if the total number of 12 teams is 120 or less (including free acquisition quota, desired enrollment quota, and trained players). * 1

*1:2008 After that, domesticIndependent LeagueIf a player or a foreign professional baseball player is nominated, it is not included in the number limit.

Display of designated players

From the beginning1988 Until then, the announcement of the nominated player was read aloud by the moderator, and then the handwritten paper was pasted on the panel for the first-placed nominated player.

1989 From now on, the nominated players will be displayed on the monitor TV set up at the venue at the same time as the announcement, and the duplicate nominated players and the players who are in second place or lower will also be displayed.

Draft meeting moderator

Institutional problems

Discussion of freedom to choose a team

In the current designated bidding and Weber methods, there is almost no freedom of choice for the team on the player side, so there are various opinions related to concerns about the outflow of players overseas.

  • Position to respect the freedom of the players
    • Opinions concerned about the outflow of students and adult players overseas due to difficulty in joining the desired team[6].
    • Opinion that it is special about not being able to hear any hope about occupation or workplace in comparison with other industries[7].
    • The Constitution of JapanGuaranteeFreedom of choiceOpinion that it may be an infringement.
    • Opinion such as "I'm sorry I couldn't go to the team of hope" as an emotional theory.
  • A position that prioritizes the balance of forces for the development of the professional baseball world over the freedom of players
    • Opinion that a Weber system should be introduced that will lead to a force balance to activate official games as well as prevent illegal draft activities.[8].
    • Opinions that the U.S. ball world wants mainly players who have left a track record in the Japanese ball world in response to concerns about the outflow of promising players overseas[9].
    • Opinion that the insistence on the part of the nominee that "only the team of hope will join" is contrary to the purpose of the draft[10].
    • A company (a general company, etc.)Japan Baseball Organization) ・ Opinion that the idea of ​​department (baseball team) may not infringe on freedom of choice of occupation.
  • Position to respect the freedom of active players
    • Opinion that if we are discussing the freedom of choice of a player's team, we should expand the FA system instead of discussing only the draft system.[11].
    • Opinion that the transfer of active players due to the circumstances of the team such as trade and FA compensation should be discussed in the same way.
There is a strong request from the players' association for the expansion of FA and posting.[12] However, neither the team side nor the player association side has reviewed the unified contract, and there is no discussion that players should be allowed to choose their team even when transferring players due to the circumstances of the team.

Concerns about avoiding nominations from other than specific baseball teams that hide their aspirations for Major League Baseball

Professional baseball aspiration reportEven players who can be nominated at the Professional Baseball Draft Conference that submittedMajor LeagueIf you express your desire to play in, the nomination may be postponed with respect for the player's will.However, there is a concern that if there is a player that the team that is taking advantage of this wants to acquire, there is a concern that the method of making the player express his desire for Major League Baseball and avoiding the nomination from other baseball teams will be used as a "loophole". There is an opinion that rules should be developed assuming this case.[13][14].

Main events of the draft meeting

An unprecedented bumper crop

1968 draftThen.Koji Yamamoto(Hiroshima1rd place),Koichi Tabuchi(Hanshin1rd place),Arito Tsuyo(Tokyo1rd place),Nomura(Ocean1rd place),Senichi Hoshino(Chunichi1rd place),Hisashi Yamada(Hankyu1rd place),Osamu Higashi(Nishitetsu1rd place),Minohashi(Toei1rd place),Shuji Kato(Hankyu 2nd place),Yasunori Oshima(3rd place in Chunichi),Toruhiro Kaneda(Toei 4th),Fukumoto Yutaka(Hankyu 7nd place),Kinji Shimatani(9rd place in Chunichi),Hiromitsu Kadota(Hankyu 12th place, refusal to join)[15],Fujiwara Mitsuru(南海4rd place),Mitsuo Inaba(Hiroshima 6th place, refusal to join)[16],Keiichi Nagasaki(Hanshin 8th place, refusal to join)[17],Mizutani NorihiroMany players representing professional baseball in the 2s and 1970s, such as (1980nd place in Chunichi), were nominated.[18]..Of the 15 people nominated by Hankyu, three (Kato, Fukumoto, Kadota) have achieved 3 hits, and one (Yamada) has achieved 2000 wins.巨人At this time, if Tabuchi was nominated by another team, he announced that he would nominate Hoshino in 1st place, but in reality it was not Hoshino.Osamu ShimanoIt is also famous that Hoshino, who heard it, said, "Isn't it a mistake between Hoshi and Shima?"After this, Shimano couldn't make a big success as a player, but after transferring and retiring to Hankyu, he became a team mascot in Japanese professional sports.Suit actorBecome a pioneer of. Breaking the 100-meter Japanese record,1964 Tokyo Olympics1968 Mexico City OlympicsTrack and field athletes who participated inHideo IijimaWas nominated in 9th place in Tokyo, which was also a hot topic.

1989 Also known as the year when the draft was a good harvest[19].Hideo NomoNominations of 8 teams, which is the largest number in history, are concentrated in the lotteryKintetsuIs assigned to join the group.Even if it ’s just the first place out of NomoKazuhiro Sasaki(1st place in the ocean),Satoru Komiyama(Lotte1rd place),Ryuji Nishimura(Yakult1rd place),Minoru Kasai(Hanshin 1st place),Daiki Motoki(Daiei1st place, refusal to join)[20] Names such as, and othersGo Yoda(1rd place in Chunichi),Tetsuya Shiozaki(Seibu1rd place),Shinji Sasaoka(Hiroshima 1st place),Tsutomu Iwamoto(Nippon Ham2rd place),Atsushi Furuta(Yakult 2nd place),Kazuki Inoue(2rd place in Chunichi),Hiroo Ishii(Kintetsu 3rd place),Yuji Yoshioka(Giants 3rd),Takehiro Hashimoto(Daiei 3rd),Maeda Satoshi(Hiroshima 4st place),Katsuhiko Miyachi(Seibu 4th),Takeshi Shinjo(Hanshin 5st place),Hitoshi Taneda(6rd place in Chunichi),Asai(Hiroshima 6th), 4 major league players (Nomo, Sasaki, Shinjo, Komiyama), 2000 hits 2 (Furuda, Maeda), 250 1 saver (Sasaki), etc. in the 1990s Many players who played an active part from the 2000s to the XNUMXs have been nominated.Also, later become a talentPunch sato(Kazuhiro Sato)OryxHas been nominated for the first place.

1996 Is the year the Atlanta Olympics took placeTadahito Iguchi(Daiei 1rd),Makoto Imaoka(Hanshin 1st place),Yoshitomo Tani(Orix 2nd),Nobuhiko Matsunaka(Daiei 2nd place ・Reverse nomination) And others who contributed to the silver medal were nominated at the top.OtherOgasawara Michidai(Nippon-Ham 3rd place),Kazuhiro Wada(Seibu 4th),Akinori Iwamura(Yakult 2nd place),Morino Masahiko(2rd place in Chunichi),Makoto Kosaka(Lotte 5th),Hiroshi Shibahara(Daiei 3rd),Koichi IsobeMembers who would later grow into the team's main batters, such as (Kintetsu 3rd), were nominated, and the batters' human resources were the usual draft meetings.

Another famous year is1980 Degree1988 Born1998 draft2006 draftHigh school student nominated by2002 draft2010 draftCollege student nominated by2004 draft2012 draftThere is a university graduate member of society who has been nominated for.Regarding this, the former later saidMatsuzaka generation, The latter is "Handkerchief generationIt came to be called each.In the Matsuzaka generation, no player entered the Meikyukai, but in the handkerchief generation, one person (Hayato Sakamoto) who achieved 2000 hits was produced.

vice versa,1986 draftIn the past, only amateur players could participateOlympic OfBaseball representative from JapanDue to the freeze on the nomination of leading players due to the selection, only a few players with high expectations can be found.Bad cropThere is also a year when it was said.In a prominent example2014 draftThis was the case with Yakult, and it was a terrible crop, with everyone leaving and retiring within six years of joining the group.

Niura problem

1968 OfThe 50rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipWon second place inShizuoka Commercial High School OfToshio ShinuraWas Korean.Although he announced that he would like to drop out of high school and become a professional player, the draft system at that time stated that the players to be acquired were "those with Japanese nationality", and even after graduating from Japanese school, foreign players were not eligible for drafting. As a result, the contract fee of 1000 million yen, which was a limitation in the draft system, was ignored, and the battle involved six domestic teams and major leagues.As a result, Niura dropped out of high school in the same year.Yomiuri GiantsJoined outside the draft.This triggered a change to the rule that "all players belonging to Japanese schools should be drafted".[21].

Arakawa Incident

Blank day

Light and dark of KK combination

Negotiation right correction

2005 High School DraftThen, the lottery result was erroneously announced, and there was a problem that it would be corrected later.It was the first time in three years since 2002 that a lottery was held at the draft meeting.

Yomiuri GiantsOrix Buffaloes Osaka Toin High School OfTakanobu TsujiuchiWas nominated for the first place, so a lottery was held between the two.Orix BuffaloesKatsuhiro NakamuraGMDraws a lottery, but was pushed regardless of whether the lottery was won or missedNPBIt was announced that Orix Buffaloes had acquired the right to negotiate with Tsujiuchi because he insisted that he had drawn the winning lottery because he misunderstood the official seal of.

Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersFukuoka Softbank Hawks Fukuoka Daiichi High School OfDai-Kang YangIn the lottery that was held because I nominated the 1st place, Fukuoka Softbank Hawks alsoSadaharu OhIt was announced that the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks had acquired the right to negotiate with Yang because the director misunderstood the lottery.Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersTray hillmanThe lottery drawn by the director was stamped with "the right to negotiate", but after returning to his seat because he could not read the Chinese characters,Takada ShigeruGM pointed out that it was a winning lottery.

Yomiuri GiantsTsuneo HoriuchiIt turned out that the director was also drawing a lottery, and it was corrected that the right to negotiate with Tsujiuchi was acquired by the Yomiuri Giants and the right to negotiate with Yang was acquired by the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters.These are due to the fact that the NPB side believed in the director's facial expressions and claims without confirming the actual lottery and announced it as a lottery result as it was.

2015 draftHowever, the same trouble as in 2005 occurred[22].Hanshin TigersTokyo Yakult Swallows Meiji University OfTakayama ShunWas nominated for the first place, so a lottery was held between the two.Tokyo Yakult SwallowsManaka ManakaAlthough the director drew a lottery, it was announced that Tokyo Yakult Swallows had acquired the right to negotiate with Takayama because he misunderstood the logo mark of the draft meeting as a sign of acquisition of the right to negotiate and made a guts pose thinking that he had drawn the lottery. ..Immediately after that, however, the secretary general of NPB, Atsushi Ihara, who hosts the draft meeting, announced that there was a mistake in confirming the winning lottery, and as a result of the confirmation, the Hanshin TigersTomonori KanemotoIt turned out that the director was drawing a lottery, and Takayama's right to negotiate was corrected to be acquired by the Hanshin Tigers.At this time, based on the case of 2005, it happened even though the lottery form was explained in advance.In response to this trouble, from 2016, the lottery was changed to a completely blank sheet without printing the logo mark.

About crown sponsorship / public draft

  • Since 2009, it has been held in a "public draft" that invites 1000 general fans selected by lottery to the venue.Applicants who wish to participate apply by e-mail from the special site (the deadline is mid-September every year), and the winners will be announced by sending a winning notification e-mail.In addition, the start time, which was usually daytime, has been changed to evening, and a nomination announcement has been made.announcer(Hiroyuki Sekino) will be in charge, and cheers will occur every time the lottery results and nominations are made.InterviewWas shown upShowHas come to be given.
    • To prevent resale, invitees are required to verify their identity when entering the venue on the day of the event.In addition, souvenirs will be given at the same time[23].
  • From 2009 to 2012ToshibaWill be the crown sponsor and will be held as "Professional Baseball Draft Conference Supported by TOSHIBA", and Toshiba will be in the venuemonitor, Used by the teamLaptopEtc. provided.Also, it hasn't been done for a whileCommercial broadcast(TBS)byTerrestrial wavelive broadcastWas revived.
  • From 2010, the representatives of each team will select the designated players that have been handwritten.personal computerThe input was unified to shorten the holding time.[24]..This computer isDynabookDraft conference specification special version (team flag of each participating teammotifMadeDesign)use. From 2011, in addition to the personal computer, to display player dataTablet"REGZA Tablet" (also a special version) was used.
  • From 2013, the crown sponsor companyTaisho PharmaceuticalNext, "Professional Baseball Draft Conference Supported by Lipovitan D(The terrestrial broadcast is also sponsored by Taisho Pharmaceutical)[25]..PCHewlett Packard JapanMade of made.
  • 2020 isNew coronavirusIn order to prevent the infection, it was carried out without spectators.
  • Similarly, in 2021, it was held without spectators to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.

Records of the draft meeting

Parent-child designated player

 Such.There is no example of parent-child nomination first place yet[31].

If you include the training draft

 There is an example.

Conference relay

Terrestrial wave
After 2009TBSIs relaying. In 2009, the focus was on information about the players to watch, but since 2010,N studio・第1部』(16:53 - 17:45→16:53 - 17:50→16:50 - 17:50)の差し替えでTBS seriesLive broadcast on 28 stations nationwide.
Apart from this, relatedRaw special program"Draft emergency student special number! Thank you mom"(2010-2020)→ "Breaking News! Draft Conference THE Fateful Day"(2021 -)2010 --2014 19:00 --20:54, 2015 --2019 is approximately 19:00 --22:00, 2020 --is 19:00 --21: 00 on the TBS affiliated 28 stations nationwide. Each is broadcasting.
On the radioNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.In "Nippon Broadcasting Show Up Nighter Special], Which is being broadcast exclusively live.In principle, it will start at 17:00 (2013:17 in 09, 2015:17 in 05) and will be broadcast for about 60 minutes with commentary from the venue.note that,"Nighter off wide frameIf you enter, change the time zone of the Kanto local and continue broadcasting. Since 2021 was Monday, the program was suspended and broadcast until 18:10.From 2017 in the Osaka areaMBS RadioWill broadcast the first roundEven in the evening, M Raji』Program in the label[32]It will be broadcast by jumping from the middle in the form of being included at 17:XNUMX.
In the past, 2007Fuji Television Network, IncAlthough it may be relayed suddenly like, basically, only the top nominated players will be relayed, the relay will end without waiting for the end of the draft meeting, and it may be continued to the attention player during the program. Not a few.Also, from 1977 to 1988Channel 12 in Tokyo → TV Tokyo[33]Chiba TelevisionFrom1989 から2000 TheTV AsahiThere was also a nationwide broadcast from each.However, until 1981, there was no affiliated station of Tokyo 12ch → TV TOKYO, soChukyo areaKinkiIs distributed by the same stationIndependent Prefecture Area BureauBroadcast from, even after the establishment of the net1988 The draft conference was broadcast in the form of distribution by Chiba Television.
CS:Sky A
Complete live broadcast from before the start to the end[34] In addition to the above, a complete recording broadcast is also being performed on the night of the day.Pure draft conference broadcast[35] Therefore, there are many viewers who choose CS broadcasting even when terrestrial broadcasting is being performed.Asahi Broadcasting Group HoldingsBroadcasting business is outsourced by a subsidiaryAsahi Broadcasting TVSports announcer is in charge of the live commentary and interviewer.As a guest, familiar with amateur baseballJunji OzekiAnd baseball magazine "Weekly baseballWe welcome reporters in charge of amateur baseball. In the 2008 broadcast,Hanshin TigersAfter working as a scout in the West Japan area of ​​Japan, he just became a pitching coach of the baseball team.Takashi YamaguchiAppeared as a guest.
Apart from the relayFuji TV ONEof"Professional baseball newsOn the day of the draft, under the title of "Draft Special", a digest version of the 1st place nominated part and a list of all nominated players (including training slots) will be broadcast in a way that follows the game digest during the regular season. ing.
Online delivery
In 2016, the video will be distributed from 16:53 on the TBS TV program HP, which broadcasts terrestrial broadcasting, until the end of the conference. In 2018, the video distribution service ``ParaviLive streaming will be held from 16:30 until the end of the conference.


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