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⛳ | Accordia, the largest golf course, why is it a tool for fund money games?Continuous torture

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Accordia, the largest golf course, why is it a tool for fund money games?Continuous torture

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Accordia will continue to carry the fate of being a money game card that is rolled between funds.

Fortress Investment Group, a US investment fund under SoftBank Group (SBG), is domestic ... → Continue reading

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Money game

Money game(British: money games) IsmoneyUsedGameThat.

Accordia Golf

Accordia Golf Co., Ltd.(Accordia Golf Co., Ltd.) Is from all over Japanゴ ル フ 場It is a resort company whose business is to own and operate.

American in 2002Investment bank Goldman SachsBecame a subsidiary of Real Estate Investment Fund, and since thenBubble burstMembership system in various parts of Japan that has suffered from financial difficultiesGolf clubBecame a sponsor of and acquired one after another. In January 2011, it dissolved its capital tie-up with Goldman Sachs.


  • 1981/May 9 --Established as Takenuma Golf Driving Range Co., Ltd. in Fujioka City, Gunma Prefecture (as the company name suggests)Driving rangeIt is said that he was in charge of business and management.
  • 1983-Takenuma Golf Driving Range is acquired by Fujioka Development.
  • March 1991-Fujioka Development sells Takenuma Golf Driving Range shares to Nittou Hotel Golf Course Management Company.
  • December 1997-Nitto Kogyo and Nitto Life (formerly, golf course management subsidiary)Over-the-counter marketListed) in Tokyo District CourtReconciliationApplication.
  • January 1998-Nippon Harifu, a subsidiary that succeeded Nitto Life's main business, to the Fukui District CourtbankruptcyApplication.
  • February 1998-Nitto Kogyo managementResort hotel"Hotel NittoOnumaIs completely out of business (Resort mansionOnuma Lake House in the lotManagement associationSurvived by). With long-term care that converted the guest room in 2004Paid nursing home for the elderlyUntil it becomes a "wildflower"ruinsIt becomes a state.
  • May 1999-Reconciliation approval.
  • 2002/1 month - Goldman Sachs OfInvestment fund"South Wind Realty Finance Cayman Company" acquires the shares of Nitto Kogyo and takes control.South Wind repaid (takes over) long-term debt in one lump sum.
  • 2002/March --Renamed to Golf Alliance Japan Co., Ltd.
  • July 2002-Nitto Life applies for Civil Rehabilitation Law to Tokyo District Court
  • September 2003-Nitto Life merged with Golf Alliance Japan.
  • 2005/March --Renamed to Accordia Golf Co., Ltd.Furthermore, in May, the company name will be changed to the current one ("・" (midpointWith"Accordia Golf"Re-changed to).
  • 2006/May 11 --Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 2011/May 1 --Dissolved the business alliance with Goldman Sachs.
  • 2011/May 1 --433,987 of the total shares (28,000) held by GS and investment fundsTreasury stockAcquired as, and the rest with Goldman Sachs SecuritiesDaiwa Securities Capital MarketsReceived a purchase transaction and resold a part of it to overseas investors.
  • 2012/May 5 ――The president resigned from the position of president after being pointed out about entertainment expenses in an investigation by an in-house special committee[2]..Ryusuke Kamada takes over as his successor.
  • 2012/May 11 - PGM HoldingsBut against AccordiaHostile TOBStart.On the other hand, President Ryusuke KamadaMay 12Announced that it will pay 90% of net income[3].
  • 2013/May 1 - RenoPGM's hostile takeover bid fails as it acquires more than 20% of Accordia's stake with affiliates[4][5].
  • 2013/May 9 - Golf digest onlineCanceled the business alliance with.
  • 2014/May 8 ――According to the implementation of Asset Lite by Business Trust, all shares of consolidated subsidiaries Accordia AH11, Accordia AH12 and Accordia AH03 were invested in kind by an anonymous partnership in Accordia Golf Asset LLC, and the equity interest in the anonymous partnership Transferred.Acquired a unit of Accordia Golf Trust, a corporation in Singapore.
  • 2016/May 6 --President Ryusuke Kamada retires.Yuko Tashiro becomes president.
  • September 2016, 9-Transferred all shares of Chitose Country Club to Biosystem.
  • 2016/May 10 -Head officeShibuya Cross TowerからShinagawa Seaside Park TowerMoved to.
  • 2017/May 1 --MBK P Resort Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of MBK Partners, conducted a takeover bid and acquired 89.18% of the shares to become the parent company.[6].
  • 2017/May 3 --Delisted from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 2017/May 3 - Stock consolidationBecame a wholly owned subsidiary of MBKP Resort Co., Ltd.[7].



  • July 2013, 7 Autonomous driving cart goes out of control at Otsuki Golf Garden 7th hole in Yamanashi prefecture. Four were seriously and slightly injured, one of whom was transported by a doctor helicopter.

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