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⛳ | <Breaking News> Nice Eagle also jumps out and Hideki Matsuyama rises to the top!Extend to 8 under in total and go to the second half

Photo Hideki Matsuyama emerged to the top tie in the first half (Photo: Getty Images)

<Breaking news> Nice eagle also pops out and Hideki Matsuyama rises to the top!Extend to 8 under in total and go to the second half

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Still, he stole the bounceback birdie in the 9th par 5 and jumped to the top again.

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BOUNCEBACK(Bounceback) is a duo of Tomoki Kawade and Emiko Takeuchi.mainlyJ-POP OfLyrics-Composition-ArrangerIt is a Japanese group that does.AvexIs an exclusive writer of.



  • Tomoki Kawade(Tomoki Kawade,1966/May 1 -)
    • In charge of composition.GifuHashimawhere one is from.Has publishing experience as a brass band composer.
  • Emiko Takeuchi (Emiko Takeuchi,1971/May 2 -)
    • In charge of lyrics.Tokyowhere one is from.After working at a music school, he changed to a music job.

Main song providers

ArtiststitleOffer contentsMain recorded works
Idling!!!Don't be afraidCompositionSOW Sense of Wonder
Third anniversarySUNRISE
Yuna ItoFaithFaith / Pureyes
Love'll Be AlrightSongwriting
Sumire UesakaFeast of peopleCompositionLife Concuda Medinero
UltracatsgravitationLyricsUltra C
AKB idling!!!Let's chew!CompositionLet's chew!
AKB4850%Himawari-gumi 2nd Stage "I can't let my dream die"
fan letterTeam K 5th Stage "reverse rise"
During the squallTeam A 5th Stage "Love Prohibition Ordinance"
Wanted to meetWanted to meet
Defense of loveSunflower Team 1st Stage "My Sun"
Lightning of youthHimawari-gumi 2nd Stage "I can't let my dream die"
EXILEBladeEX-STYLE ~ Kiss you ~
SandcastlesStyles Of Beyond
X21Next to youLyricsX gift
I love you…Magical ☆ kiss
Absolute heroineIt's summer !!
Parallel Girl in the MirrorLyrics (co-authored)Parallel Girl in the Mirror
Because I run away from reality, reality is terribleLyricsBecause I run away from reality, reality is terrible
You and my summer
Ki KitanoCherry blossomLyricsCherry blossom
May iiLyrics
Mei Ai ~ BOUNCEBACK ORGANIC MIX ~Lyrics / remix
Hitomi ShimatanibelovedLyrics / ArrangementShantae
PoinsettiaLyrics / Composition / ArrangementPoinsettia ~ Flax Winter Memories ~
PartyLyrics / Composition / Arrangement
Brand New HeartLyrics / Composition / Arrangement
Jewel of KissLyricsJewel of Kiss
SundayLyrics / Composition / ArrangementRecollection + LOVE LETTER
Drops of loveLyricsCrossovers
Love song
Looking for flowers
PrayerLyrics / Composition / Arrangementll
Sky HighHeart & Symphony
Sun godLyrics
HarumachibitoSongwritingHaru Machibito / Camellia
Sky for two of usMidnight guitar
SweetSLolitA ☆ Strawberry in summerSongwritingLolitA ☆ Strawberry in summer
Love ★ Raspberry Juice
Love like candy flossCompositionLove like candy floss
into the daylight ~ To those who shoot light ~
Tear “Lemon” DropSongwritingSWEETS
Lonesome CherryComposition
snow crystalsKeep on movin'
SUPER ☆ GiRLSDream attractionLyricsTranscendental girl
Crushing wind and you
Love rules
Miracle doesn't stop!
MAX! Maiden HeartMAX! Maiden Heart / Happy GO Lucky! ~ Hapi ☆ Raki de Go! ~
Women's power ← ParadiseWomen's power ← Paradise
1,000,000 ☆ Smile1,000,000 ☆ Smile
Crazy materialCelebration
Rave Together !!!
Promised bouquet
Ever summer high fiveEver summer high five
Sky blue miracleSky blue miracle
Catch The Dream
Youth glitterLyrics (co-authored)Transcendence ★ Gakuen ~ Tokimeki High Range !!! ~
Takahashi HitomiMelodyCompositionsympathy
Tamaki NamiRealizeLyricsRealize
day by daySongwritinggreeting
Endless DreamLyricsBrightdown
Hiroshi TamakiHoldHold
Kirari TsukishimaSpaghettiLyrics / Composition / Arrangement☆☆☆
Oh! TomodachiComposition / ArrangementPapancake
TRFLive Your DaysComposition (co-writing)Live Your Days
Broken FlowerLyricsGRAVITY
dreamGet OverCompositionGet Over
Everlasting SnowLyrics (co-writing) / composition
Come Go With Me-sign-LyricsBoy meets Girl
Holy Love-beginning-
Dream5Lucky daysOur Natsu !!
AAAThe power of encounter IIICompositiondepArture
Kiseki of the beginningSongwriting
Summer RevolutionCompositionBreak Down / Break your name / Summer Revolution
Nagase MiyuGAMEGateway to Tomorrow
winter memories
Ayumi Hamasakiourselves&
Greatful days
No way to sayNo way to say
Because of youMemorial address
HiroRoad of happinessComposition / Arrangementlove you
Naked and TrueNaked and True
Hey! Say! JUMPSchool revolutionMayonaka no Shadow Boy
Passion JUMP
Sleeping Reno ForestMagic Power
LOVE MOTION to the sun!Hey! Say! JUMP 2007-2017 I / O
Hey! Say! 7Hey! Say!CompositionHey! Say!
BoAAmazing KissLyrics / Composition / Arrangement (co-writing)Amazing Kiss
Feelings are connectedCompositionFeelings are connected
Every Heart -Minna no Kimochi-Every Heart -Minna no Kimochi-
flowerMiracle / NO.1
BESIDE YOU -Voice calling me-JEWEL SONG / BESIDE YOU -Voice calling me-
Midnight ParadeDOUBLE
Masami MitsuokaDistance LoveComposition / Arrangement
Mizuki NanaParis DaisyComposition
RuppinaRepentComposition / ArrangementRuppina
If ~ At that time, at that place ~Lyrics (co-writing) / composition / arrangementRuppina II
OneComposition / Arrangementin the name of love
Yuki WakaiLast MomentLyrics (co-authored)WONDERLAND

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