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⛷ | Slope dazzling winter pattern Cute footprints, Hida Ryuha ski resort mountaintop

Photo A slope with snow-covered high peaks in the background of the lift = Hida Ryuha Ski Resort mountaintop slope in Hida City

Dazzling winter pattern on the slopes, cute footprints, and the summit of Hida Ryuha Ski Resort

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It is said that diamond dust can be seen on sunny days when it gets colder.

On a winter day when warm sunlight shines down, standing on the Hida Nagareha Ski Resort summit slope just below the summit of Nagarehayama in Hida City, Gifu Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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氷 氷

氷 氷What is (saihyo)?atmosphereThe steam insideSublimation(Deposition) Very small ice crystals ( Ofcrystal) Fall.Diamond dustIs famous as

On a sunny morning, etc.temperature Below freezingOccurs when the temperature is below 10 ° C.VisibilityIs over 1km.It is called diamond dust because it looks shining in the sunlight.Can be made artificially[1].

Light with ice crystalsReflection,refractionBy doing so, in the atmosphere around the sun and moon, where diamond dust is generated,Sun dog,Sun pillarSuch asAtmospheric optical phenomenonMay appear.

Observation example

In Japan in the midwinterHokkaidoInland area (AsahikawaEtc.) is typical.However, although it is generally said that diamond dust does not occur unless it is extremely cold, February 2005, 2Tsukuba CityOccurrence has been observed locally, albeit for a short time, even at a temperature of -2 ° C, such as in the morning.At this timeMoistureWas almost 0 ° C.On the contrary, in December at -30 ℃Rocky mountainEven in the middle morning, it is observed only in the forest, and local conditions with weak winds are important. MarchMt. Zao OfHoarfrostIn the observation in the forest (about -10 ℃), a large amount of trees are found up to the height of the tree. JanuaryMoscowIt was observed for more than 10 hour in the enclosed courtyard (about -1 ℃) in the suburbs because the temperature and wind were stable. In the morning of January 2009, 1KumamotoObserved at (on the day)Mount AsoThe lowest temperature above was -11.4 ° C).

Difference from ice fog

To a similar phenomenonice fogThere is (ice)[2]..Ice fog is a phenomenon in which small ice crystals float in the atmosphere, and is strictly different from fine ice on which ice crystals fall.The size of ice crystals is also characterized by the fact that fine ice is larger than ice fog.weatherAs a type of ice fog(I.e.Included in, but fine iceprecipitationSince it is a phenomenon, it is included in snow.Therefore, even if the sky is clear, if fine ice, that is, diamond dust, is observed, the weather at that time will be recorded as snow instead of sunny.


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