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⚾ | "You can't take a picture unless you're a mom" Lotte Sasaki Akira "Real face" is "soft expression"

Photo Lotte, Aki Sasaki [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

"You can't take a picture unless you're a mom." Lotte Sasaki Akira's "real face" is a "soft expression"

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The youthful expression that "Reiwa's monster" showed at his parents' house, "the expression is soft", "it's too cute and it's a sin w", "both are cute", "it's like a 20-year-old youth and smiles" "It's a shot that can only be taken by moms," he said.

After attending the seijin-shiki in Iwate prefecture, Lotte's pitcher Roki Sasaki, who "reunited" at his parents' house, showed off two shots of cuteness with his dog ... → Continue reading


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