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⚽ | Supporting artist Mone Kamishiraishi sings the cheering song "Nostalgic Future"

Photo Mone Kamishiraishi (Photo = Kimihiko Yajima)

Supporting artist Mone Kamishiraishi sings the support song "Nostalgic Future"

If you write the contents roughly
The cheering song for this tournament was born in a special collaboration sung by Mone Kamishiraishi, who is in charge of writing and composing the lyrics and composition of Naotaro Moriyama, who has a passion for high school soccer since the high school soccer club. It is a "nostalgic future".

On January 1th, Mone Kamishiraishi cheered on the cheering song "Nostalgic ..." at the final of the 10th National High School Soccer Tournament held at the National Stadium. → Continue reading

 High school soccer dot com

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Moriyama Naotaro

Naotaro Moriyama(Naotaro Moriyama,1976/May 4 -) isJapan OfSinger-songwriter,An actor..He belongs to Setuna International.He is 172 cm tall.TokyoShibuyaI'm fromSeijo Universitygraduate[1].Blood TypeIs B type.

LyricsPlays most songsOkachimachiI am co-creating with. Since 2005, she has also co-written.

My wife is a pianistMamiko Hirai[2].. Mother isRyoko Moriyama,My fatherJames Taki..Manager's half-sisterNaho Moriyama..To my brother-in-law (sister's husband)Hiroaki OgiThere is.Kamayatsu HiroshiIs a cousin's uncle.



  • The origin of the name is "elementary"tooKuAkiraFrom "Raka".
  • I belonged to the soccer club when I was in high school[7]..He was good at soccer and was aiming to become a professional.Therefore, she never thought of becoming a singer when she was a student.[8].
  • I love soccer,2012/At that timeFC BarcelonaFormer who belonged toSpain representative OfAndres IniestaThemed "And IniestaI made a song called.2018/IniestaVISSEL KOBEThis song became a hot topic.
  • At the time of my debut, I was too busy to do my ownSongI had never known that was a hit.
  • 2003/May 4,Music StationFirst appeared in "Sakura (single singing)", but was scheduled to appeartATuWas a substitute for canceling the appearance just before[9][10].



#Release datetitleformStandard product numberOricon recordRecording album
Highest rankNumber of appearances
Indies (in the name of Naotaro)
1st2001/11/10WasremonoCDCJNR-3Album not recorded
Major (Naotaro Moriyama)
1st2002/11/27Stardust SerenadeCDUPCH-5144187 bit1 timesMasterpiece selection 2001-2005
2nd2003/3/5Sakura (singing)UPCH-51661 bit133 timesDry song is just right for fish food
3rd2003/8/20End of summerCD + DVDUPCH-9122
(Limited Edition)
6 bit19 timesWords born across many rivers
(Normal Edition)
4th2004/1/10Sun / voiceCDUPCH-52285 bit13 timesIn search of new spices
5th2004/3/17To a living thing


9 bit13 times
6th2004/8/4Now is life-flying edition-UPCH-915020 bit6 times
7th2005/2/23Whereabouts of Time-Introduction / Spring Sky-UPCH-529315 bit10 timesMasterpiece selection 2001-2005
8th2005/6/15The evening of a little loveUPCH-531610 bit6 timesGreat masterpiece selection
9th2005/11/16FukaUPCH-534610 bit20 timesKazemachi intersection
配 信2005/12/1412Music distributionNot applicableGreat masterpiece selection
10th2006/3/1You are the fifth seasonCD + DVDUPCH-9226
(Limited Edition)
13 bit7 timesKazemachi intersection
(Normal Edition)
11th2006/9/13Become the windCDUPCH-541018 bit3 times
12th2006/10/25I miss you / like a dream ~ So I longed for the clouds ~UPCH-542727 bit4 times
13th2007/5/9Future ~ Sonnet born in a windy afternoon ~CD + DVDUPCH-89003
(Limited Edition)
14 bit5 timesGuys!
(Normal Edition)
14th2007/8/8Sun's NihohiCD + DVDUPCH-89011
(Limited Edition)
25 bit3 times
(Normal Edition)
15th2008/1/30Snow dropCD + DVDUPCH-89018
(Limited Edition)
13 bit4 times
(Normal Edition)
16th2008/8/27If it's hard to liveCDUPCH-8008823 bit14 timesIn the middle of everything
17th2009/10/21CD + DVDUPCH-89063
(Limited Edition)
12 bit3 times
(Normal Edition)
18th2010/9/29Kacho Fugetsu / In wordsCDUPCH-8020231 bit3 times
19th2013/3/27daysCDUPCH-8031546 bit3 timesA certain story
20th2014/8/13Young peopleUPCH-8037125 bit6 timesGolden heart
配 信2014/10/15Make the five line notation an airplaneMusic distributionNot applicable
2015/9/2Rivals (Ayakoji ShoAnd Naotaro Moriyama)CDAVCD-8335830 bit2 timesAlbum not recorded
21st2015/9/9Live (say)UPCH-8041230 bit2 timesOh
配 信2016/12/7Everyone is the sameMusic distributionNot applicable822
2017/6/7Taste of sin
2017/6/21Absolutely okayAmulet with DL codePRON-6018
配 信2018/3/21Music distribution
2018/6/6Human forest
2019/10/30Sakura (XNUMX)Amazing world
2020/1/24Thank you for this word (TV version)
2020/3/6Thank you for this word
2020/5/29Worst spring (playing talk)
2020/7/17Right there NEW DAYS
2021/2/10Sakura (Chorus of XNUMX)
22nd2021/3/17Sakura (XNUMX chorus) / Worst springCD + DVD
(Limited Edition)
UICZ-918010 bit7 times
CD(Normal Edition)UICZ-5150
CD + DVD + maskD2CT-1275
配 信
2021/9/29I want to go farMusic distributionNot applicableAlbum not recorded
2021/10/27Kakuun UbokumoAmazing world
2021/11/24It's white and soft
2022/2/14Say I love you


Full album

#Release datetitleformStandard product numberOricon record
Highest rankNumber of appearances
1st2004/5/26In search of new spicesCDUPCH-13471 bit19 times
2nd2006/11/29Kazemachi intersection2CDUPCH-9272
(Limited Edition)
19 bit8 times
(Normal Edition)
2007/3/30CD + DVDUPCH-29002
(special edition)
3rd2008/3/5Guys!CD + DVDUPCH-29009
(Limited Edition)
15 bit10 times
(Normal Edition)
4th2010/6/9In the middle of everythingCDUPCH-2019911 bit7 times
Concept2010/12/15Rare Tracks vol.1CDUPCH-2022336 bit2 times
5th2012/4/11Nice SomethingCDUPCH-2027211 bit7 times
6th2013/4/24A certain storyCD + 2DVDUPCH-29135
(Limited Edition)
26 bit3 times
(Normal Edition)
7th2013/12/11The limit of freedomCDUPCH-2033525 bit3 times
8th2014/11/19Golden heartUPCH-2037225 bit5 times
9th2016/6/1OhCD + DVDUPCH-29221
(Limited Edition)
13 bit5 times
(Normal Edition)
10th2018/8/22822CD + DVDUPCH-29302
(Limited Edition)
9 bit6 times
(Normal Edition)
11th2022/3/16CD + poetry collection + DVDD2CT-173
(Fan club limited edition)
CD + Poetry CollectionUICZ-9207
(Limited Edition)
(Regular Edition / First Press)
(Normal Edition)

Core album

#Release datetitleformStandard product numberOricon record
Highest rankNumber of appearances
Indies (in the name of Naotaro)
Major (Naotaro Moriyama)
1st2002/10/2Dry song is just right for fish foodCDUPCH-117318 bit65 times
2nd2003/6/18Words born across many riversCD + DVDUPCH-9060
(Limited Edition)
3 bit34 times
(Normal Edition)

Best album

#Release datetitleformStandard product numberOricon record
Highest rankNumber of appearances
1st2005/6/15Masterpiece selection 2001-20052CDUPCH-9181
(Limited Edition)
3 bit44 times
(Normal Edition)
2nd2016/9/21Great masterpiece selection2CD + DVDUPCH-29225
(Limited Edition)
4 bit29 times
(Normal Edition)

Video work

#Release datetitleformStandard product numberContentsOricon record
Highest rankNumber of appearances
1st2003/12/3Eternity is in the music boxDVD + CDUPBH-111210 bit19 times
(First-run limited special price board)
2004/4/28To a living thingDVDUPBH-500329 bit7 times
2nd2005/4/20Theater performance Forest peopleDVD + CDUPBH-116131 bit4 times
(First-run limited special price board)
3rd2006/6/28You are the fifth season
Tour documentary film
2DVDUPBH-118825 bit2 times
(First-run limited special price board)
4th2008/1/30XNUMX Himeji CastleUPBH-2001221 bit3 times
5th2012/10/3Naotaro Moriyama Music Video CollectionDVDUPBH-2009823 bit3 times
6th2014/8/13Concert Tour 2013-14 "The Limits of Freedom"
~ Let's talk about my true story ~
UPBH-2012123 bit3 times
7th2017/10/25Absolutely okay
~ 15th Anniversary Tour and Drama ~
Blu-rayUPXH-2005829 bit1 times
2 Blu-rayPDXN-1903
(Full production limited FC board)
2DVDUPBH-2019416 bit1 times
(Full production limited FC board)
8th2018/3/21Theater performance "That castle"UPBH-2020839 bit1 times
2DVD + CDPDBN-1906
(Complete build-to-order limited FC board)
2 Blu-ray + CDPDXN-1906
(Complete build-to-order limited FC board)
9th2020/4/15Human forestBlu-rayPOXS-2100218 bit1 times
2 Blu-rayPDXN-1914
(Full production limited FC board)
2DVDPOBD-21043 4/XNUMX20 bit1 times
(Full production limited FC board)

Participating CD

  1. "Utaoni (GA-KI) ~ Yu Aku Tribute ~" (July 2008, 7)
  2. "Masashi Sada Tribute Sada no Uta(September 2008, 10)
  3. "The Light feat.Kj from Dragon Ash, Naotaro Moriyama, PES from RIP SLYME" Miss Monday (January 2009, 1)
  4. "1939 MONSIEUR" (February 2009, 2)

Provide music

  • Ryoko Moriyama
    • "Mother Earth" (July 2005, 7)
      Lyrics: Kite Okachimachi / Composition: Naotaro Moriyama / Arrangement:Toshiyuki Watanabe
    • "Now" (April 2016, 4)
      Lyrics and composition: Naotaro Moriyama, Kite Okachimachi / Arrangement:Satoshi Takebe
  • NHK National School Music Competition
    • "Rainbow"(Year 2006)
      Lyrics: Kite Okachimachi, Naotaro Moriyama / Composition: Naotaro Moriyama / Arrangement:Takatomi Nobunaga
      * 18 NHK National School Music Contest Junior High School Division Assignment Song
  • Kousuke Naka
    • "flower(November 2007, 4)
      Lyrics: Kite Okachimachi / Composition: Naotaro Moriyama / Arrangement:Shin Kono
  • 20th Century(Yoshihiko Inohara
    • "To a distant place(November 2010, 3)
      Lyrics: Kite Okachimachi / Composition / Arrangement: Naotaro Moriyama
  • 20th Century
    • "Kanotoi Hanasaga Monora(November 2020, 3)
      Lyrics: Kite Okachimachi / Composition: Naotaro Moriyama / Arrangement:Kei Kawano
    • "Goodluck Baby(November 2021, 9)
      Lyrics: Kite Okachimachi / Composition: Naotaro Moriyama / Arrangement: Daisuke Sakurai
  • Asako Toki
    • "Kamakura(November 2010, 5)
      Lyrics: Kite Okachimachi, Asako Toki / Composition: Naotaro Moriyama / Arrangement:Takada Ren
  • Red pencil[Annotation 1]
    • "Carp streamer" (2011)
      Lyrics and composition: Naotaro Moriyama
      * Although it has not been made into a sound source such as a CD,Banana manAkaempitsu's singing scene is recorded on the live DVD "emerald music".
  • Ishikawa Sayuri
    • "When looking up at the sky" (April 2014, 4)
      Lyrics: Kite Okachimachi / Composition: Naotaro Moriyama / Arrangement:Nobuo Kurata
    • "Forever FOREVER" (April 2014, 4)
      Lyrics and composition: Naotaro Moriyama, Kite Okachimachi / Arrangement: Nobuo Kurata
  • SMAP
    • "One Chance!(November 2014, 9)
      Lyrics and composition: Naotaro Moriyama, Kite Okachimachi / Arrangement: Toshiya Shimizu
      Kimura TakuyaSolo song
  • Kishidan
    • "Baumkuchen" (August 2017, 8)
      Lyrics: Kite Okachimachi, Naotaro Moriyama / Composition: Naotaro Moriyama / Arrangement: Ken Kiuchi
  • Shinobu Otake
    • "Shinobu" (August 2017, 11)
      Lyrics and composition: Kite Okachimachi, Naotaro Moriyama / Arrangement: Kei Kawano
  • Kimura Takuya
  • AI
    • "Aldebaran(November 2021, 11)
      Lyrics and composition: Naotaro Moriyama / Arrangement:Saito cat
  • Hanako Miko
    • "Mayfly Song" (April 2022, 4)
      Lyrics and composition: Naotaro Moriyama / Arrangement: Satoshi Takebe


  • Caramel Street Delivery Husband (2003)
  • Core live tour "Unlaughable joke" (2004/May 1 - May 4 19 venues 20 performances)
  • Star Tour 2004 "The Earth is Probably Not a Sphere" (2004May 6 - May 7 24 venues 25 performances)
  • School festivalTour 2004 "I suddenly wanted to eat curry rice" (2004)May 10 - May 11 6 venues 6 performances)
  • Theater performance "Forest People" (2005/May 2 - May 2 2 venues 13 performances)
  • Concert Tour 2005 "Kimi wa Gobanmeno" (2005May 7 - May 9 31 venues 35 performances)
    • After that, "Concert Tour 2005-2006" Kimiwa Gobanmeno "Additional Performance" (2005May 12 - 2006/May 3 28 venues and 28 performances).The total of 59 performances at 63 venues, including regular performances and additional performances, was the largest live tour in Naotaro's history.
  • Fan club tour 2007 "Goodbye Nao-chan Club-It's not a flatulence Zepp-" (2007/May 1 - May 1 2 venues 2 performances)
  • World Tour 2007 "For All Soft Things" (2007/May 2 - May 6 43 venues 46 performances)
    • The final performance isTaiwanIt was held at the "Taipei International Convention Center".
  • Rakutenworld Heritagetheater"Himeji castleSpecial Concert ”(2007May 11
  • Concert Tour 2008 "You !?" (2008/May 4 - May 7 30 venues 35 performances)
    • The final of this performance will be held in Okinawa.After that, on July 7rd and 23th, Tokyo Shibuya "CCLemon Hall"The final performance in Tokyo" was held.
  • Acoustic Request FC Tour '08 "Singing at Zepp Night (Heart) -Leave it to me and you guys go first-" ・ ・ Long !! Long !! I'm calling you (laughs) !!! (2008/May 9 - May 9 6 venues 7 performances)
  • Rakutenworld Heritagetheater"Nikko Toshogu ShrineSpecial Concert ”(2008May 10-12 days
  • Concert Tour 2009 "How much detail can I get?" (2009/May 4 - May 10 47 venues 51 performances)
  • Acoustic Request FC Tour '09 "Singing at Zepp Night (Heart) ~ I'm sorry m (_ _) m ~" (2009/May 12 - May 12 6 venues 7 performances)
  • Moriyama Naotaro fan club tour 2010 "Well then everyone, Hello" (2010/May 6 - May 7 11 venues 12 performances)
  • Concert Tour 2010 "I have ninety-nine white pigeons" (2010/May 9 - May 12 26 venues 26 performances)
  • Naotaro Moriyama Fan Club Tour 2011 "Rock'n Roll Hospital" (2011/May 6 - May 7 10 venues 12 performances)
  • Concert Tour 2011 "Penguins seeing off the missed train" (2011/May 8 - May 12 31 venues 32 performances)
  • 10th Anniversary Tour 2012 "Kousekiseiboy" (2012/May 4 - May 7 11 venues 11 performances)
  • Naotaro Moriyama Theater Performance "Toarumonogatari" (2012/May 10 - May 11
    w/Saiki Shigeru/Hiroshi Shimizu[Avoid ambiguity]/Mayu Tsuruta/idea
  • Naotaro Moriyama Fan Club Tour 2012 "Otoko wa Tsuraiyo-Naotaro Anniversary Yatsure" (2012/May 11 - May 12
  • Naotaro Moriyama Concert Tour 2013-14 "The Limits of Freedom" (2013/May 10 - 2014/May 2
  • Concert Tour 2015 "To the West" (2015/May 1 - May 6
  • SPACE SHOWER TV "LIVE with YOU" ~ Naotaro Moriyama ~ (2016/May 6
  • Fan club tour 2016 "Waku Waku ♪ Fun Party" (2016/May 6 - May 7
  • Naotaro Moriyama 15th Anniversary Tour "Absolutely Okay" (2017/May 1 - May 7
  • Naotaro Moriyama Theater Performance "That Castle" (2017/May 9 - May 10

Appearance event

  • June 2003, 6 --INGNI presents FUNKY1 802th Anniversary Special Jive the Keys
  • June 2003, 6-The 21rd Songs Day Concert
  • May 2004, 5 --30 special INGNI presents Songs Letters -Dear J-STANDARD-
  • October 2004, 8- ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2004
  • August 2004, 8 --SOUND MARINA 28 in SAKA ~ Feel the voice 2004 ~
  • October 2004, 8- J-WAVE LIVE 2000 + 4
  • August 2005, 8 --J-WAVE LIVE 21 + 2000
  • August 2006, 8 --J-WAVE LIVE 18 + 2000
  • October 2006, 9- RADIO BERRY Veriten Live 2006 Special
  • August 2007, 8 --J-WAVE LIVE 18 + 2000
  • May 2008th, 8nd, 2- Passion continent SPECIAL LIVE SUMMER TIME BONANZA '08
  • August 2008, 8 --J-WAVE LIVE 17 + 2000
  • October 2008, 8- Konosuke SakazakiOdaiba Folk Village Deluxe 21st Night Masashi Sada Live XNUMXth Year Slope (Saki)
  • August 2009st and 8th, 1 --Jonetsu Tairiku SPECIAL LIVE SUMMER TIME BONANZA '8
  • July 2010, 7 --Odaiba United States 25 ~ Laughing Bay is fortunate !! ~ Mezamashi Live
  • July 2010st and August 7th, 31 --Jonetsu Tairiku SPECIAL LIVE SUMMER TIME BONANZA '8
  • August 2011, 8-ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 5
  • April 2012, 4 --The Birthday Party in Masashi Super Arena -10 people's Masashi-kun WORLD-
  • April 2013, 4 --J-WAVE 20th ANNIVERSARY TOKYO Guitar Jamboree
  • April 2013, 4 --Hibiya Noon Fancy Brigade
  • October 2013, 9- Kishidan Expo2013 ~ Boso Bakuon Ryozanpaku ~
  • August 2014, 8 --Odaiba New Continent 14 Mezamashi Live
  • September 2014, 9 --Kishidan Banpaku 13 ~ Boso University Panic! Super Clash !!
  • October 2014, 10 --Zanzibar Night 12
  • November 2014, 11 --The Covers Presents "The Covers' Fes. ~ Cover Song Night ~"
  • March 2015, 3 --FFA Folk Days-Chapter 12 Folk Songs Beyond Generations-
  • October 2015, 8- a-nation island Kohnosuke Sakazaki's Momoiro Folk Village Deluxe
  • September 2015, 9 --Kishidan Banpaku 19 ~ Boso! Conflict! World Musou! Delusion! Frenzy! Great Runaway! ~
  • August 2016, 8 --J-WAVE LIVE SUMMER JAM 20
  • September 2016, 9 --Kishidan Banpaku 18 ~ Boso Rock and Roll Champion Carnival ~
  • October 2017, 10- TV Asahi Dream Festival2017

Main appearance

TV drama


NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramOrder of appearanceOpponent
2003/(15)/54 timesFirstSakura (singing)16/30Ayumi Hamasaki
2005/(17)/56 times2Fuka08/29Ayako Fuji
2008/(20)/59 times3If it's hard to live18/26Angela Aki
* Appearance order represents "appearance order/number of participants".

71 times(2020/)Ikusaburo YamazakiMade a special appearance with LatoContinuous tv novel"Ale』Singing songs related to.

Music specials

Other TV programs

Tie-up list

Stardust SerenadeNHK drama "Nagoya Buddhist altar story"Ending theme
The sun rises from the westJDL / Japan Digital Laboratory "JDL / IBEX Treasurer" CM song
Fuji Television Network, Incseries"Shimura style"Ending theme
Sakura (singing)Every day broadcasting/TBSEnding theme of the series "World Urrun Stay Record"
NTTCorporate CM song
End of summerAsahi Broadcasting(TV Asahiseries)"Heat fight Koshien"Ending theme
Calbee"Summer potato" CM song
Kazautaau"Ringing song] CM song
soundmovies"Half-fall] Theme song
First lifeCM song
Theme of "Radio Charity Musicthon"NRNSeries "29thRadio Charity Musicson"Theme song
To a living thingFuji Television Network, IncSeries drama "To you dear] Theme song
TBSSeries drama "3rd Year Class B Kinpachi sensei 8th series"Insert song
Now is lifeFuji TVAthens OlympicsCheer song
Whereabouts of Time-Introduction / Spring Sky-Coca Cola"Sokenbicha] CM song
Lullaby of the windCentral Japan Broadcasting Company・ Aichi Expo Image Song
Blue-eyed loverWILLCOM "AIR-EDGE PRO" CM song
High school third graderTBSDrama"27 years old summer vacation] Theme song
The evening of a little loveNippon TVseries"Tuesday Suspense TheaterTheme song (June-September 2005)
SetunaKinki Nippon Railway"2005. Summer Campaign" CM song
FukaNHKContinuous tv novel(Late 2005) "Haruka of the Wind] Theme song
You are the fifth seasonYamazaki bread2006 corporate CM song
Become the windYomiuri TelevisionSeries "30thBird Human Contest Championship"Image Song
It's like a dream ~ So I longed for the clouds ~EPSON"Colorario] CM song
Q ・ O ・ L"WOWOWEuropean Soccer ”Image Song
JR EastCorporate CM song
Sun's NihohiAsahi beerHapposhu "Style Free" CM song
Bath @ Day-Solo song of support-"Liga Espanyola"Image Song
Future ~ Sonnet born in a windy afternoon ~movies"First Snow Love Virgin Snow] Theme song
Snow dropTV Asahi seriesBeat Takeshi TV Tackle"Ending theme
Because the stars are beautiful nightBS Asahi "EARTH friendly MEDIA" theme song
flowerFuji TV series "Friday PrestigeWhale and medaka"Ending theme
If it's hard to liveSchool corporation mode school"Shuto Iko-Osaka Isen-Nagoya Medical College] CM song
Cross company"Earth music and ecology] CM song
Flower birdTV Asahi seriesSaturday wide theater』Ending theme (April 2010-)
Young peopleFuji TV 55th Anniversary Drama "Young people 2014] Theme song
Make the five line notation an airplanemovies"Godtan Kiss Patience Championship THE MOVIE2 Psychic Love] Theme song
Everyone is the sameNHK E-Tele "I found it!"Ending theme
TV Tokyo series "World Business Satellite"Ending theme
Human forestFuji TV ONE / TWO / NEXT × J: COM co-produced serial drama "Memory" theme song
Taste of sinNissin Foods "Bukkomi Rice" collaboration song
Flower nameSeijo Gakuen 100th Anniversary Song
Sakura (XNUMX)Nippon TV series drama "Cherry blossom] Theme song
Thank you for this wordTelevision Animation"Somali and the Forest God"Opening theme
Sunsetmovies"hope] Theme song
Sakura (Chorus of XNUMX)Calorie mate"Invisible" CM song
I want to go farYomiuri TV / NTV series "I want to go farTheme song
Kakuun Ubokumo"Healing the wounds of the heart <Theatrical version>Theme song
It's white and softTV TOKYO drama 24 "Snack scratches"Ending theme
Flower (XNUMX)Theme song for "2021 JAPAN LIVE YELL project" by the Japan Performers Association

Music video

directed bySong title
"Small love at nightfall" - YouTube
"Folk is a friend who talks to me kindly" - YouTube"Kacho Fugetsu"
Okachimachi"To a living thing" - YouTube
"Taiyounonihohi" - YouTube
Kensuke Kawamura"Become the wind" - YouTube
groovisions"Now is life-flying edition-" - YouTube
"I miss you" - YouTube
"Future-Sonnet born in a windy afternoon-" - YouTube"Tears" - YouTube
Takatoshi Tsuchiya"Dokomo Kashikomo Parking Lot" - YouTube"Young people" - YouTube "days" - YouTube"Living" "December (12 ver.)"
"It's raining, but it's raining."
NICK SMITH"It's like a dream-so I longed for the clouds-" - YouTube
Maki Iron Horse"Sakura (single song)" - YouTube"End of summer" - YouTube"If it's hard to live" - YouTube"Sun" - YouTube
Moriyama Naotaro"You guys" - YouTube
Yasuyuki Yamaguchi"December" - YouTube"Snow Drop" - YouTube"You are the fifth season" - YouTube"The Whereabouts of Time-Introduction-Spring Sky-""Fuka" - YouTube
"Stardust Serenade" - YouTube"The sun rises from the west" - YouTube
Unknown"Someday Farewell" "Roadside Trees"


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High school soccer

High school soccer(Koukou Soccer) is soccer played by high school students in the high school soccer club.It also refers to a soccer tournament for high school students.

Educational institutions and club youth

Global tide

EuropeIn the soccer world of South America and South America, it is common for club teams to invest a lot in young talented players and train them individually, and national level tournaments are organized as high school and university soccer. Not done[1].

Among them,EnglandThen, National School Soccer Association ESFA (en: English Schools' Football Association) Holds national tournaments in various categories, including high school soccer.

And many players who are active as professionals are also discharged.

School-based upbringing Some schools have football academy programs, such as Buckswood School's Football Academy in East Sussex.[2],Teikyo London SchoolSoccer course[3]There are also some schools like.

en: Independent Schools Football Association(ISFA) also holds the Boodles ISFA Cup, a knockout contest between ISFA member schools.

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThere is a system in which the soccer association recognizes secondary schools as performance schools and supports their development.However, national competitions are held in the Scottish Youth Cup in the club's youth section (en: Scottish_Youth_Cup).

The United States of AmericaIs organized by the American Youth Soccer Organizationen: American_Youth_Soccer_OrganizationAnd the National Federation of State High Schoolsen: National_Federation_of_State_High_School_AssociationsThe soccer subcommittee is known, but school sports are not limited to soccer, and all sports are in the form of a season system.This is every season, in springAthletics,baseballIn the summer, we prepare for autumn sports during the summer vacation, and in the fallAmerican footballbasketball, Soccer in winter, etc., are played only for a certain period of time.

However, for boys, the North American Major League Baseball (DA (development academy)) is under the jurisdiction of the American Football Association.MLS) Is formed, and soccer is played here all year round.

On the other hand, even now, including girls, the youth age of the country belongs to the soccer club in high school and university as in Japan, and the competition continues.And each school has a grade-based top team, a second team, a C team and three basic teams, each with a state-based state cup.

The top team can join players of any grade depending on their ability (also called variety).The representatives of each school will compete against each other throughout the season and participate in the State Cup at the end of the season.And the second team (also called junior varsity (JV)) is basically from 3th grade, which is equivalent to the third year of junior high school in Japan, to 9th grade, which is equivalent to the second year of high school in Japan, that is, from U-2 to 11th generation. It is composed.Players of higher grades who want to play soccer but cannot join the top team cannot play in the school team.The final C team (also known as the freshman team) consists of only 15th and 17th grade players, the U-9 and 10 generations.This team is basically positioned as a team of players who have just entered high school, and will play season matches with the freshman teams of other schools.

In addition to scouts joining each team, there is a tryout just before the season.This is usually done by about 100 players, and each team has about 20 players passing.

There is a club team called Travel Soccer if you want to play outside of the season or players who have leaked to the school team.In the American youth and high school ages, if you don't belong to a DA team, you don't have to play with the same team all year long, and if you want to continue playing soccer after the high school soccer season, you can play a team. You will be looking for it.

In travel soccer, it is also a great opportunity to participate in tournaments as a team or to participate in what is called a Showcase where university coaches come to visit.In addition, unlike high school soccer, players can decide which team they belong to by taking into account their own abilities.

In addition, the guidance is based on the idea that each player is different, and the guidance stance is that the instructor does not give guidance but teaches to the questions asked by the players.

There are many things in common with the United StatesCanadaIn this case, due to the climatic conditions, it is not possible to play soccer in winter in areas where it snows or where the temperature exceeds minus.At high schools in Canada, the club activities of the soccer club are similar to those in Japan, and it is said that the school has a season system, mainly from February to May is the soccer season, and other competitions are held. In Canada, after the regular season, from June to August after the semester, participate in club teams other than your team and showcase camps to improve your skills and play in front of scouts from colleges and professional clubs. There is an opportunity to show off.Students who are not satisfied with high school club activities and want to devote themselves to soccer all year round can belong to a private club team and work after school and on weekends, or they can have two teams.However, since it is not a school club activity, you may have to be absent from school depending on the schedule of the tournament.

Besides this, in high schools in CanadaAcademyIn addition to sports, there is a system that allows you to intensively learn and practice specialized fields of art and culture.There are sports other than soccer, and besides sports, there are academies in the fields of art such as dance, theater, and video production.And although it is possible to convert to credits like other learning subjects, this academy is different from club activities that are carried out after class, and activities are carried out during class hours.Therefore, it is possible to obtain credits.However, in the case of soccer etc., it is not for beginners, it requires some years of experience and achievements, there is a limit to the number of people that can be accepted, and it may cost in addition to the normal tuition fee.

There is no national tournament in Canada's high school soccer as in the United States, and league games are played in each state by dividing the district, and the representatives of each league win the playoffs and decide the title of the state.However, depending on the state, if there are about 1,000 high schools alone, there may be a considerable number of high schools participating in the competition in that state alone.

Since the North American League has a draft, one goal is to become a member of the high school national team, but this is because the exposure to scouts spreads at once when selected as a state representative or a national representative, so it is named as a strong university or draft candidate. This is because there is a high possibility that they will be connected.

When Canada's junior age level category is U15 or above, there is an MLS team sub-organization (junior youth) at the top, and they play against the same major youth teams throughout the season.Next is the BC Premier League, a league of state club teams.This can also be quite a long journey as it is an expedition across states.Below that, there is a league in the state and surrounding areas called Metro.Below that are gold, silver, and bronze, and these gold and silver are also divided into two levels, gold 1 and gold 2, and the smaller the number, the higher the level.The team that won the throne in Silver 2 may challenge the top Gold 1 in the next season, but depending on the age, there are up to 2 Gold Leagues, and there are no Bronze Leagues.The categories are divided according to age, and gold is the highest level, especially below U3.In other words, there is no more than the Metro League in the younger ages, so there is a tendency for gold to increase and bronze leagues to be born.And at the bottom is the house league in the town area.There is a selection at every level, and you can join the team after clearing it, but it is difficult to join the team without a scout in the BC Premier League and above. There is a certain aspect.

South Korea is[4]As analyzed in, the Korea Football Association (KFA) has institutionalized a designated school system from the elementary school soccer club, and elites and other players aiming for the top are selected as early as in elementary school.

The country's K-League requires all clubs to have U-12, U-15, and U-18 youth teams, but the Korean K-League's sub-organizations are basically local elementary, junior high, and high schools. The club activities of the school are in the form of a club team because they are affiliated with.In particular, high schools have incorporated strong high schools that were originally in the area under their umbrella.

As for the youth development situation in South Korea, school physical education has played a role in finding and training athletes in South Korea, as in Japan in the past.

As Korean sports are called elite sportsism, it is known that if a child finds that he / she has a talent for sports, he / she will focus on sports instead of studying.Soccer is no exception, and its training is also a minority elitism and thorough Spartan guidance.

The former so-called "four compulsion degree" (Sagan Chedo), that is, the "physical education technician system" was also well known.This system is Korea's unique player selection system that if you do not make good results in tournament-style national competitions that are held several times a year, you will not be scouted as a sports scholarship student at the next school, that is, the school where the soccer club is located. It is called by the common name because the team to which it belongs needs to be in the top four in the tournament.There are several national tournaments a year, and from among the designated schools that have achieved the best four or more, the players who can be recommended to join the soccer club of the designated school to which they will go to the next school will be decided.

Like the United States, South Korea is a selection other than recommendation to join the high school soccer club, and not everyone wants to join it.And because it is a subordinate organization of the club, the leader is a professional, which is a big feature.

The team is organized by about 30 people, and about 5 staff members are assigned to that number, and a large number of people are instructed firmly.And all athletes are obliged to enter the club dormitory from junior high school students.

In this way, it is sifted from junior high school to high school and university.There is also an enthusiastic aspect of going on to university in the country, and the system, which has a system for going on to university, is highly evaluated, and the elitism of South Korea remains a fundamental factor.

For this reason, the number of soccer clubs and the competition population are surprisingly small.[5].

However, Koreans are so popular that soccer is a national sport, and soccer is not unpopular.Grass soccer called Chogi Chuk and soccer club classes run by famous retired players were also popular.However, the association at that time allowed only soccer activities performed as school sports to be registered as an association, and the situation where the Korean high school soccer club is located is as described above.

The fierce competition symbolized by the degree of coercion aroused the players' obsession with victory.In other words, in order to continue playing soccer, the team to which they belong must perform well each time they go on to school, so the players have strong physical strength, indomitable mental strength, and indomitable mental strength in such a fierce competition for survival. The tradition of Korean soccer, such as the strength of the game here, was instilled in the mind and body.However, in this case, both players and leaders have no choice but to become victorious.Therefore, rather than spending a lot of time acquiring skills and tactical knowledge, it can be said that the focus has always been on speed and physical strength so that the opponent can be overwhelmed quickly.

On the other hand, because of the pursuit of fierceness, it was difficult to create skillful players.In fact, soccer, which has a single tone of energy and physical strength, struggles on the world stage even if it wins in Asia.Moreover2002 World CupAround this time, problems such as the rampant rough play were pointed out, probably because of the supremacy of victory so far, and we headed for correction.And the minority elite principle invites the fixation of human resources, and the buried rough stones and the difficult side to excavate are highlighted.

In particular, at the World Youth Championship held in 1999, which is known to have resulted in contrasting results with Japan, the association, which was made aware of the harmful effects and limitations of its own soccer training environment, drastically started this year. We are embarking on reform.Decided to include youth development costs in the association's annual budget as a route to expand the base. From 2000, we started to provide support money to elementary and junior high schools planning to create a new soccer club.

In 2002, each K-League club was obliged to establish a subordinate organization for youth development, and from 2003, a club team that was active as a local soccer class that was not under the control of the association was registered, and school soccer We categorized the departments into one type and the clubs into two types to expand the base.

From 2008, he will start the high school challenge league.This is a league match between clubs affiliated with the league and the high school soccer club.Until now, tournament battles have been the only opportunity for this generation, but this has led to the formation of games every weekend.By holding these league games, it seems that the association is trying to eliminate tournament games just to fuel the competitiveness of players and teams in the future, which is a special system that allows you to enter university with the top four. It is perceived as a challenge to the system that has become a kind of academic background-oriented society that created.In fact, it is said that there was a considerable amount of opposition from leaders and parents who supported the existing system that allows them to acquire educational background in soccer.On the other hand, since 2013, the league has established rules regarding the registration of young players within the team.All clubs must include one U-23 player in the starting eleven.The number of U-22 players in the league is also on the rise.In other words, it is necessary to raise and register such athletes as soon as possible.

Also, a project to study abroad for excellent players of the Korea Football Association for high school studentsExcellent player overseas study programLaunched and raised players.

Known for enthusiastic soccer fansXi JinpingThe "Soccer Reform and Development Comprehensive Plan" formulated by the President of the People's Republic of China was entitled "Soccer Football Training".Documentary movieThe theme is Japanese high school soccer.ChugokuIn this case, it is overwhelming that there are no club activities not only in ordinary high schools but also in elementary and junior high schools, so it can be said that students do not even have the opportunity to play soccer, so it is nationwide in China. There is no high school soccer tournament held on a large scale.In addition to the fact that Chinese schools are only interested in increasing the rate of enrollmentphysical educationIt is said that the current situation is that there are many cases where the lessons are changed to other subjects.Also, if the child is going to get injured at school, the parentsclaimThere is a tendency to avoid school, such as soccer, where the body is likely to hit and get injured.In short, schools are most afraid to be held accountable, and schools are said to do a fair amount of homework every day due to their child's focus on grades, and homework ends late at night and at other times. Can't be taken at all.

For this reason, from 2015, the State Council and the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of an organization called the National Youth School Football Division, and in the two years since the establishment of a school featuring soccer, about 2 schools were established, and at the same time 1 regions. Will be designated as a soccer reform area.

Until then, in China, soccer training had subordinate organizations established with the establishment of professional teams and soccer academies called football schools / bases nationwide, and basically there was a club team in the city in the junior high school age. It is a mechanism that players who play there and have the ability move to the above organization at any time.In other words, when it comes to high school beyond that, there is basically no club activity in China as before, so players who could not join the subordinate organization or soccer academy did not have the option to join the high school soccer club and continue playing soccer. ..For this reason, it was not possible to continue full-scale soccer unless the player was a prominent player by the time he was in junior high school.

If you enter a sub-organization or soccer academy, everyone will live together in a boarding accommodation.In the case of the academy, the mother is run by a company and entrusts students from elementary school to high school, but both do not educate to general schools, but the cram school prepared by the team provides only the minimum education.

It is common to live such a life on the premises and work hard at training, but there are also subordinate organizations that go from home to work as a team.

On the other hand, in the case of the school with the above characteristics, the lessons are taken with almost the same contents as the ordinary school, and all the physical education lessons lead the school life of soccer.

Depending on the training organization, some players in the same academy may be confused with the players who belong to the club activities of the previous school featuring soccer and the players who belong to the club subordinate organization or the academy.There is a big difference in the services received by the players belonging to the school and the players belonging to the academy. Of course, everything from clothing, food and housing to expedition expenses is the responsibility of the operating company of the academy of the club to which it belongs.Therefore, if you are a player belonging to a subordinate organization, you may go on an overseas expedition from around childhood, but if the period is a long period such as one month, the club will bear the full amount, so a considerable amount of money will move.


In Japan, many schools are engaged in soccer as a club activity at school institutions, but in the case of soccer in the high school age,baseballUnlike other sports,National High School Athletic Federation(High body ream) andJapan Football AssociationHigh school club activities under the supervision of (Japanese "high school soccer")[6]Besides, there is also the option of so-called club youth.In particularJ LeagueAfter the inauguration, the number of cases where the youth team of the J League club plays an active role as a professional after playing is increasing, and the elite in the junior high school age chooses club youth, and the students who leaked from it choose the high school soccer club. It is becoming. 2006AFC U-17 ChampionshipIn the U-16 Japan National Team, which won the championship, there were only 22 registered members and only one member of the junior high and high school soccer club, which was a symbolic result.

In such a situationShunsuke Nakamura,Keisuke HondaIn the junior high school age, there are some players who belonged to the junior youth of the J League club but were not promoted to the youth team, but their abilities have blossomed in the high school soccer club.This is because the number of club youth teams is extremely small compared to the high school soccer club, and the number of players who can join them is very limited.Yuji Nakazawa,Kengo NakamuraAs you can see, there are some players who are completely unknown in high school but later climb up to the Japanese national team, and the high school soccer club is extremely important as a fine net to scoop up such talents. Even after the J-League was launchedKawashima Eiji,Shinji Okazaki,Yuto Nagatomo,Makoto Hasebe,Atsuto Uchida,Inui,Takuma AsanoThere are still many high school (and even college) graduates from the soccer club, so high school soccer is still a valuable source of players for the J.League club.Also known to athletes as the "Winter National"National High School Soccer Championship[7]Is still the stage I admire.Especially in championshipsNippon TVAs a result of being broadcast on TV as the secretariat, there is a significant difference in the treatment of club youth and high school soccer by the media, and there is almost no opportunity to be featured in sports news in club youth-only tournaments. While the promotion from junior youth to youth is surely seen, there are still quite a few players who choose the high school soccer club aiming for the national winter.[7].

Another national high school soccer tournament,National high school general gymnastics soccer competitionThere is (summer inter-school athletic meet).

In the above two tournaments, mix with club youths to decide the best team in Japan for two types (high school age)Takamado Palace U-18 Soccer LeagueIncluding, it is called the three major tournaments. The predecessor of the U-18 Soccer LeagueTakamadomiya All Japan Youth Soccer Championship (U-18) TournamentAnd when there was no youth team, it consisted only of selected high school soccer teams.National Athletic MeetThe soccer competition boys' division was counted as one of the three major tournaments.

The high school soccer tournament for girls has been held since 1992 with the above-mentioned summer inter-high women's soccer club.All Japan High School Women's Soccer ChampionshipIs being implemented.

As a result of the excellent talents of high school soccer gathering in club youth, the status of strong schools and prestigious schools where elite players have been concentrated in high school soccer has declined, and excellent leaders are not only in the high school age but also in small schools.・ High school soccer is entering the “war-torn country era”, partly because the number of junior high school students is increasing all over the country and the player base is rising nationwide.

In addition, sponsored by the Japan Football AssociationEmperor's cupHigh school teams can also participate in each prefecture's qualifying round.Of course, not only the high school soccer club belonging to the Kotairen, but all the two registered teams in each prefecture, that is, the high school soccer club as well as the club youth are open to the door.However, club youth tends to be concentrated in metropolitan areas, and how to get the two-class registration team to participate in the prefectural qualifying depends on the prefecture.And because of the annual schedule of the high school soccer club, it is difficult to qualify for the Emperor's Cup. There are many prefectures that also use the results of soccer league, prince league, etc.).For details on the conditions for qualifying for high school teams in each prefectureEmperor's Cup All Japan Soccer ChampionshipAnd refer to the articles of each prefecture qualifying tournament.

There is an opinion that even in Japan, we should emulate individual-oriented training like European club teams, but on the other handIbiza OsimThere is also an opinion that positively evaluates club activities at school institutions, such as saying that the system of club activities in Japan is a wonderful system from a global perspective.[1].

For example, even in the high school soccer clubTakeshi Amagasaki,Yuya OsakoIn those cases,High school consistent schoolI was playing at.For this reason, it is known that Shibasaki had already joined the team of Aomori Yamada High School and experienced Prince League Tohoku at the time of middle school 3.

With FC LAVIDA in Saitama PrefectureShohei High School, Boso Rovers Kisarazu FC andTakushoku University Koryo High SchoolThe integrated system of local clubs and high schools, which have three types (junior high school students) such as the soccer club, is also increasing.Public in the case of Boscovilla Soccer Academy in Nara PrefectureNara Prefectural Yamabe High SchoolIs working with.

The environment and sharing of human resources are extremely beneficial, and the 6-year system gives us time to give guidance toward high goals.

The number of affiliated schools with the J League Youth Team is increasing.

To give an example Sanfrecce HiroshimaWith youthHiroshima Prefectural Yoshida High School,Namiki Gakuin High School, Kashiwa ReysolWith youthNippon Sport Science University Kashiwa High School, Kashima AntlersWith youthKashima Gakuen High School, Tokyo VerdyYouth and High School, Vegalta SendaiWith youthMeisei High School attached to Sendai University, Albirex NiigataWith youthKaishi GakuenJAPAN Soccer CollegeHigh School, Kyoto SangaWith youthRitsumeikan Uji High School, Gamba OsakaWith youthOtemon Gakuin High School, Cerezo OsakaWith youthKogoku High School, VISSEL KOBEWith youthKobe Gakuin University High School, Fagiano OkayamaWith youthOkayama Gakugeikan High School, Sagan TosuWith youthTatsuya High School There are alliances such as.

JFA Academy FukushimaIs local for both men and women at the time of inaugurationFukushima Prefectural Tomioka High SchoolWith the alliance with the company and the policy of establishing and strengthening the soccer club for both men and women, it will lead to participation in the national tournament.

Among the soccer clubs affiliated with the J LeagueGainale TottoriWorks with U-18, established by the clubYonago Shoin High SchoolIs also the official sponsor of the club.

Some are run by J.League clubs.

The alliance is with club youth playersCorrespondence high school-Support schoolA synergistic effect of strengthening may be expected by going to school, having a J.League club youth coach join the coaching of the high school soccer club, or renting out a club practice field to the school.Also, in recent years, while receiving training in the J League youth team, if the promotion to the top team is not achieved at the time of graduating from high school, it may be operated such as going on to an affiliated university of a partner high school. Be done.

Effects on the body

In a survey of high school soccer players, Kogo et al. (2018)[8]Is a growing sports injuryOsgood-Schlatter diseaseWas more likely to occur in the axial leg, and when it occurred, it was reported that the rectus femoris muscle thickness of the axial leg was significantly lower than that in non-symptomatic subjects.


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