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⚾ | "Professionals are different" "Fast ~~ Too amazing" Fans admire the catch ball of Takaishikawa

Photo Softbank Hiiragi Ishikawa [Photo: Fujiura Kazuto]

"Professionals are different" "Fast ~~ too amazing" Fans admired Takaishikawa's catch ball

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Although it is a catch ball, the sound of piercing the mitt is echoing.

Ishikawa is in the midst of voluntary training for the 9th season The catch ball of pitcher Shuta Ishikawa of Softbank is attracting attention ... → Continue reading


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Catch ball

Catch ball(Japanglish: Catchball), two or more people are mutuallypitching-CatchIt is an act of repeating.


Catch ballbaseball-soft ballIs considered to be one of the important basic exercises in[1].. In factProfessional baseballExperienced people also recognize the importance of catch ball,Hideki Matsui"The catch ball is full of various things. I want you to take good care of it." "I knew the level of the team just by looking at the catch ball, whether it was thrown properly in my chest," he said.IchiroPositions catch ball as "one of the confirmations of technology", strong ball, loose ball, and evencurveWas throwing[2].

On the other hand, catch balls are for families, especiallyParent-child OfcommunicationOften used as a means, former professional baseball playersKazumi Saito"(Catchball) was the only communication with my father who wasn't at home."Kimiyasu Kudo"Rather than exchanging words, throwing balls will fill your child's heart, and your dad will be able to interact with your child. Just catching a ball will make you communicate."[3].

It is said that it is important for catch balls to firmly catch the ball thrown by the opponent and then throw back the ball that the opponent can easily catch.[1]..From this point of view, "a conversation that emphasizes that you must take the other person's words properly and speak yourself"Word catch ball"(Or "Conversation catch ball") May be expressed as[4]..In addition, the bounce of conversation is sometimes referred to as "the catch ball continues."

"Catchball" isJapanglishIn English, it is simply called "catch".Also, "playing catch" is called "play catch".

Prohibition of catch in the park

You can play catchpublic facilityHas decreased in recent years2018/According to a survey conducted by "The Power of Parks LAB", about 3 places were extracted from each of the parks in the three metropolitan areas.Metropolitan area (Japan)In addition to 100% of the parks where baseball and soccer are prohibited,Kansai regionBut it was 62%.Against this backgroundCity Park LawFrom the viewpoint of "using it so as not to bother other park users" stipulated in the ordinances based on the above, there is a point that the manager side must ensure the safety of all users, and the park There is also an example of banning after receiving a complaint from an adjacent resident.[5].

Yu ball

The ball for catch ball, which has the same design as the conventional hard ball and has the same seams, but is made soft and safe, is "Yu ball".In the past, catch balls were played on many streets and parks, but in recent years, the number of parks that prohibit acts has increased, and even if you want to play catch, there are not many places to play.I was afraid that this situation would cause children to lack communication and leave baseball.Japan Professional Baseball Players Association Inner and outer rubberThis ball was born through joint development with.


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