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⚾ | [Yokohama DeNA] 9 players participated in the rookie workshop Kozono "Samurai Japan is the goal"

Photo Take a lecture online Kozono = 2 military facilities "DOCK" in Natsushima-cho, Yokosuka City (provided by the team)

[Yokohama DeNA] 9 players participated in the rookie workshop Kozono "Samurai Japan is the goal"

If you write the contents roughly
I hope more players will join SAMURAI JAPAN as many as possible. "

On the 12th, a professional baseball rookie workshop was held on the 12th, with 128 rookie players from XNUMX teams including pitcher Kenta Kozono (Wakayama High School) of Yokohama DeNA ... → Continue reading

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    Baseball representative from Japan

    Baseball representative from Japan(Yakyu Nidai Hyo, Yakyu Nidai Hyo)World Baseball Softball Federation(Premier 12)International Olympic CommitteeOrganized tournament (Olympic Games)World Baseball Classic(WBC) Organized at the time of participationJapan OfbaseballNational team.Especially in Japan,SAMURAI JAPAN(Samurai Japan) ".

    Team name

    The name of this team is "Baseball National Team", but in 2000Sydney OlympicsUntil then, he was called "All Japan". From then on, official announcements on official websites and the like all went back to the past and standardized as "baseball representative from Japan". The reason for the name change and the fact of the change are not explained. Recent "baseball representative from Japan" and past "all Japan" are the same.

    2st World Baseball Classic (WBC)The nickname of the Japanese national team was "SAMURAI JAPAN".But in March 2008hockeyRepresentation from JapanIt is very similar to the nickname "Samurai JAPAN" that was announced and registered as a trademark.Japan Hockey AssociationThe spokesman said, "I used to call myself" Samurai "before the WBC Japan National Team. I wasn't sick because we were the originators." Then, he submitted a protest statement to related organizations such as the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).On the other hand, the NPB side did not withdraw "SAMURAI JAPAN" because there was no problem with the rules such as "similar trademark", so the director of the Japan Hockey Association said, "We are better. "Because it was early, get the money."[1][2].. About this, the NPB Commissioner of that timeRyozo KatoCommented, "We would like to ask both sides to cooperate and support us so that they can become more active and more active," said Nagai, who saw Japan's success at the WBC. There are complex feelings about what is on the table."[3].. By the way, "Samurai Japan"DentsuIs registered as a trademark.

    After the permanent representation in 2012, the team name was "SAMURAI JAPANWill be officially used. The nickname "Samurai Japan" refers to all generations, including the top team, so even when a member of society or a university representative participates, it is called "Samurai Japan".so thatIt is not "top team = SAMURAI JAPAN".


    back ground

    Japanese baseball worldProfessional baseball,Amateur baseball(Adult baseball-Student baseballEtc.) have evolved intricately intertwined with each other. In addition, each group has been operated independently,Yanagawa incidentAs typified by the conflict between professionals and amateurs in Japan, there is a history that conflicts between groups have sometimes become a problem.

    In international competitions, WBSC is mainly in charge, but onceMetal batThe Japanese representative of baseball is a player of amateur players (student baseball/worker baseball) because the use of theNational teamAnd, the amateur association has taken the lead in selecting the representative players as well.[Annotation 2].. However,International Olympic CommitteeIn response to a request from the (IOC) to send professionals to the Olympics,1998/With the approval of professional participation in international competitions as a turning point, the Japanese national baseball team has a history of responding differently to each competition due to the speculation of each group.

    Even now, although there is a "Baseball Japan Representative Management Committee (JMBC)" as an organization that oversees the representative business of each association,サ ッ カ ーInJapan Football AssociationIt is not an organization that controls the entire Japanese baseball world like this. WBSC sponsoredWBSC Premier 12aboutAll Japan Baseball AssociationIs sponsored by MLB OrganizationWorld Baseball ClassicAbout (WBC) player dispatchJapan Baseball OrganizationCurrently, the response is different, such as (NPB) taking the initiative.

    Foundation period

    1954/,Asian Baseball ChampionshipAt the time of holding, for the national team formation in the amateur ball world, Japan Student Baseball AssociationAnd the Japan Professional Baseball Association (currentlyJapan Baseball Federation(JABA) jointly forms the "Japan Amateur Baseball Association". A representative team is formed from here. This can be said to be the first of Japan's national baseball team[Annotation 3].. Send the national team from the "Japan Amateur Baseball Association" to the Asian Baseball Championship 6 times (3 working adults, 2 students, 1 mixture). However, the "Japan Amateur Baseball Association"Japan Volleyball Association,Japan Football AssociationThe Japan Student Baseball Association opposes the move to become an umbrella organization for amateur baseball. 1966 Student Association withdrew. The Amateur Society dismantled in the air and disbanded.

    The Japan Amateur Baseball Association broke up due to the conflict between the student side and the working side, but an organization was needed to send the national team to the international game. Therefore, as a looser amateur world organization, as an affiliated organization of both associations1967/Establishes "Japan Amateur Baseball International Committee". Under this committee,1972/World championshipFirst appearance,1973/Intercontinental cupTo win the championship,1980/World Championship Japan held,1987/Asian Baseball ChampionshipHeld in Japan,Open competitionAs1984 Los Angeles Olympics,1988 Seoul OlympicsWe sent representative teams to both Olympics, and eachgold medal-silver medalWas won.

    To the official Olympic Games

    1992 Barcelona OlympicsSince it became a formal competition, the baseball team became a problem again. Although the "Japan Amateur Baseball International Committee" existed, as a representative organization of baseballJapan Athletic Association(Co-op),International Baseball Federation(IBAF) was a member of the Japan Professional Baseball Association[Annotation 4].1992 Barcelona OlympicsSince baseball has become a formal competition, it has become necessary to integrate and join IBAF in the amateur ball world. For this reason, the "Japan Amateur Baseball International Committee" was progressively dissolved, and as a "rooftop" organization that was not a superordinate organization of the Japan Student Baseball Association and the Japan Baseball Federation (formerly the Japan Professional Baseball Association) in 1990All Japan Amateur Baseball Federation(BFJ) was formed, and this organizationJapan Olympic CommitteeJoin the (JOC). After that, the Japanese baseball team will be organized by this BFJ[Annotation 5][Annotation 6].

    Although not a Japanese representative,Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeThere was1995/In addition, the Japanese selection will play against foreign playersGreat Hanshin Earthquake reconstruction support charity dream game] Is being held.

    To participate in professional players

    IBAF is1998/Allowed professional participation in international competitions. 1998Bangkok Asian Games Baseball Games[Annotation 7]Challenged with all amateurs, and belonged to the Dodgers at that timePark ParkFinished the runner-up in front of the all-professional Korean national team.

    BFJ unless a professional participates2000/ OfSydney OlympicsSolidified with the idea that he could not participate,1999/In the Sydney Olympics qualifying, the first professional baseball player to participate in the international competition will be realized by the BFJ requesting the professional baseball side (at this time, the professional side will also participate in the OlympicsCentral League,Pacific League, There was a temperature difference in each team).Atsushi Furuta,Daisuke MatsuzakaThe mixed pro-Am team, including the team, broke through the Asian qualifying round, but lost to all-pro South Korea again. In the 2000 Sydney Olympics finals, a mixed team of professionals and amateurs also faced, and as a result, they lost to all-professional South Korea again in the bronze medal match, and Japan missed the medal for the first time since the Los Angeles Olympics.

    Japan decided that it was impossible to obtain a medal as long as it challenged with a halfway formation,2004/ OfAthens OlympicsDecided to be an all-professional. The organization right of the representative is also from BFJAll Japan Baseball ConferenceWill move to2001/In Taiwan34rd IBAF World CupTherefore, the All Japan Baseball Conference will send out the Japanese national team.However, it is not easy to win on the world stage even with professional power, and following the World Cup,2002/ OfThe 15th IBAF Intercontinental CupHowever, he did not perform well and served as a director as a native of Ama.Toshihiko GotoThe Japanese national team continued to slump for a long time, including the fact that he was retired.

    The 2003 Athens Olympics Asian QualifyingMajor LeaguerThe Japanese national team of all professionals except was decided to be formed, but since it was just after the end of the season of professional baseball, it succeeded in having domestic top class players. The director has also changed the policy of choosing from amateurs, has professional director experience and is popular with the public, and has experience in winning the Japanese series.Nagashima ShigeoServed as the director and passed the qualifying in the championship. The following 2004 Athens Olympics final round, two professionals will be selected from the 12 teams because the season is professional baseball. However, Nagashima had suddenly fallen ill and had no professional director experience at the time of election.Kiyoshi NakahataUnlike the qualifying, the representative coach acted as the conductor, so it was far from a perfect system. The qualifying league was the first to pass in the Olympics, but was eliminated before Australia in the semifinals. However, overwhelming Canada in the 1rd place match, he won the bronze medal and barely kept the all-professional aspect. The Athens Olympics have made us realize again that even if we have all-star professional players, we cannot easily break the barriers of the world.

    It was the last Olympics2008/ OfBeijing OlympicsThen, at the time of the election, I had no experience of winning the Japan Series, but in Chunichi and HanshinCentral LeagueFrom a professional with experience of winningSenichi HoshinoBecame the coach and broke through the Asian qualifiers held off-season in 2007.However, the Beijing Olympics main race, which continued to convene the main members of the Asian qualifying round, was defeated in a send-off match against the 12 teams, and while it was pointed out from the beginning that the morale and the condition of the players were low, the 3rd place playoff However, he lost to the United States and ended up with zero medals since the Sydney Olympics.

    It was biased such that players who were in poor condition or out of order and players who were once directed by Hoshino, Hanshin and Chunichi, were used up more and more, and all of them were used up. A major feature was that the harmful effects of the usage method were observed. Professional players who have experienced the Beijing Olympics have had a negative influence even after the tournament, resulting in distrust of the Japanese national team.2008 Beijing Olympics Baseball Tournament-Japan National TeamSee section).

    World Baseball Classic

    World Baseball Classic(WBC)Major league baseball(MLB) mechanism andMLB Players AssociationThe Japanese side will dispatch the top team of the "Japan National Baseball Marketing Committee (JBMC)".

    2005/In May, the MLB Organization announces the holding of WBC as an international baseball tournament. Even after the IBAF professional ban was lifted, the MLB Organization did not allow participation in international competitions, and the idea was to make it a truly world-class competition to replace the Olympic Games and the IBAF World Cup. The WBC was not sponsored by the IBAF but was positioned as an official World Championship, provided that MLB drinks the IBAF's anti-doping regulations.And in the form of invitations to 5 countries / regions2006/It will be held in March.

    Japan initially refused to participate due to self-righteous management of MLB and doubts about the timing of the event in March, but finally decided to participate. at that timeFukuoka Softbank HawksDirector'sSadaharu OhBecame the manager, and the national team from MLBIchiroAkinori OtsukaThe Japanese national team, including MLB players, was formed for the first time with the participation of two people.2006 World Baseball Classic Japan National TeamSee). Held in March 20061th competitionIs the finalCubaIt became the first winning country.

    2009/Held in February2th competitionThen.Yomiuri GiantsSupervisesTatsunori HaraBecame the director. As in the previous tournament, the Japanese national team including MLB players were formed, and even in the final South KoreaDefeated and won the championship.While achieving consecutive victories, the burden was heavy because the national team coach was also the team coach of the NPB, and as with the first tournament, there were a series of declined national team candidates. It was not possible to solve the problem, and it was a tournament that put a stone in the way of WBC Japan selection.

    Make national team permanent and strengthen collaboration with professional amateurs

    Since the difficult selection of directors at the 2nd WBC, there have been many opinions that the selection and decision of directors should be made at an early stage.2010/A plan to make a director decision in July was also reported[4].. However, at the stage of May 2011, "Person selection remains a difficult problem."Yoshifumi EjiriPointed out by[5]Commented at the stage of May 2012 that "it is unclear where to make decisions and where to make decisions."[6]As shown by, the subsequent movement was sluggish. In NPB2013rd WBC in 3In 2010, it was announced that there would be a permanent representative and a plan to hold an international tournament by NPB, with the aim of strengthening the Japanese national team and stabilizing the finances by increasing income. investigated[4][7].

    2011/At the NPB owners' meeting held on October 10, the Japanese national team was made permanent and "SAMURAI JAPANIt was decided to call it[8].

    2012/As an original international match on March 3thGreat East Japan Earthquake reconstruction aid baseball matchWas carried out for the first time.IBAF President Ricardo Fraccari, who watched the match, said, "It will be an internationally valid message (toward the return to the Olympics)," he said, welcoming the permanent delegation.[9].. The SAMURAI JAPAN Project Committee, which consists of four NPB teams and discusses the business and business of the Japanese representative of baseball, was established at the same time as the permanent establishment, and two international games will be held in the autumn of 4 and the spring of 2012, even though the opponent has not been decided. Announcement[10][6].. The Samurai Japan Project Committee says, "We want to proceed with business (in terms of business development)" and "increase the value of a large project called Samurai Japan," implying that Samurai Japan is a business.[10][11].

    On the other hand, in regard to the 3rd WBC, there is a problem of non-participation regarding the sponsorship rights and goods sales rights of the Japanese national team. Continued until September[12][13][11][14].. The organizer has confirmed that the sponsorship rights unique to Japan belong to Japan.[12][15][16].. On September 2012, 9, the NPB3 team decided to set up a business department within NPB aiming at business development utilizing SAMURAI JAPAN. We recruit sponsors every four years, sell merchandise, hold two international games in the spring and autumn, and have not reviewed the conditions for participating in WBC due to their TV broadcasting rights, etc. I told the NPB athletes side that[16].. The athletes' group announced on the 4th of the following day that they would participate in the WBC, saying "NPB has made a firm commitment to build a solid business".[17].

    Seen as a leading director on October 2012, 10Koji AkiyamaBy the affirmation ofKoji YamamotoWas officially decided to take office. November is a friendly matchSamurai Japan Match 2012 “Japan vs. Cuba”In the selection of representative players based on a questionnaire by the coach of 12 teams[18].. On November 2012, 11, McDonald's Japan and Asahi Breweries, who had previously sponsored the WBC, decided to forgo the sponsor because they could not secure the budget due to the problem of the athletes' association.[19](Asahi Breweries has signed a sponsorship contract with a one-year contract later.[20]).

    2013/ Of3rd WBCSo in the semifinalsPuerto Rico National TeamLost to the tournament and missed the third consecutive title.

    After the establishment of the new Samurai Japan system

    Until now, amateur-led representatives dispatched to many international competitions and professional-led representatives dispatched to WBC have been mixed, and they wore uniforms of different designs, but in May 2013 May 5thJapan Baseball Organization(NPB) andAll Japan Baseball Association(BFJ) held a press conference and announced the establishment of the "Japan National Baseball Team Marketing Committee (JMBC)".The uniforms will be unified to the "Samurai Japan" specifications that have been worn by professional-led representatives, and we will work with professional amateurs to improve their competitiveness and expand the market in the future. Start from the Japan-US University Championship in July 2013[21].

    As representative director on October 2013, 10Yuki KokuboWas appointed[22],In SeptemberTaiwanThe top team will play their first match at "2013 BASEBALL CHALLENGE Japan VS Chinese Taipei" held at. On October 10th, she became the coach of the women's national team.Koichi OkuraAnnounced to be appointed[23].

    2014/The 2st SAMURAI JAPAN Summit will be held on February 10. A technical director has been newly established as a position with the purpose of "contacting professionals at the Japan Baseball National Management Committee (JBMC)" and "supporting top team managers".Yoshitaka ShikatoriAnnounces that he will concurrently serve as 15U representative director[24]. SameMeiji UniversityDirector'sTatsuya ZenbaBecame the director of the universityKeimin KojimaWill be appointed as amateur coach[25].. September 4thTokushima Prefectural Naruto Whirlpool High SchoolDirector'sHiroshi TakahashiAppointed as 18U national team coach[26].. September 6thToshihisa HitoshiAnnounces a plan to enter the 12U national team and enter the 12U national team selection on the Internet[27].. September 6thKatsuo HirataBecomes the 21U national team coach[28].. University representative in July27th Harlem Baseball WeekParticipate in. On July 7Orix Buffaloes OfChihiro KanekoItoi Yoshio,Yomiuri Giants OfHayato Sakamoto,Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles OfMotohiro Shima,Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters OfSho Nakata,Hiroshima Toyo Carp OfKenta MaedaAnnounced that six players have been selected as representatives of the 6 top team[29].. On August 8th, as a warm-up game, "MLB selection"2014 ALL STAR SERIESOfficially announced to be held in November[30].. In August, 8U representative2st 15U Baseball World CupIn August, the 8U national team also participated in. In September, the women’s representative6th IBAF Women's World Cup9U representative also in September10th 18U Asian Baseball ChampionshipParticipate in.

    2015/On January 1th, it was announced that "GLOBAL BASEBALL MATCH 19 SAMURAI JAPAN vs. Europe National Team" will be held as a warm-up game. Newly established in NovemberWBSC Premier 121th competitionParticipated in.準決勝でIn the semifinals South KoreaI suffered a come-from-behind defeat against my opponent and ended up in 3rd place.

    2017/ Of4rd WBCSo I aimed to win the championship for the first time in eight years, but in the semi-finalsThe United States of AmericaLost to, and became the best four in two consecutive tournaments.

    7/31, On behalf of Kokubo who retiresAtsunori InabaBecame the manager of the top team. 2020Tokyo OlympicsSet a goal for the gold medal at.In addition, a strengthening headquarters was newly established to support supervision, and became the general manager.Masatake YamanakaWas also announced that[31].

    2018/In November, as a warm-up game,2018 Japan-US baseballWas held.

    2019/Held in2nd Premier 12Then in the final South KoreaDefeated and won the WBSC Premier12 for the first time.

    2020/ TheImpact of COVID-19There was no event at all.

    2021/ TheTokyo OlympicsA press conference was held on April 100, which is 4 days until the opening, and as a second visitor uniformredAdopting a uniform based on (Later[32]Announced to hold a warm-up game before the Olympics[33]..At the Tokyo Olympics, he won the first gold medal after participating in a professional player with five consecutive victories.[34].. Inaba retires from top team manager due to expiration of term on September 9[35]..Then, on December 12nd, as a new directorHideki KuriyamaAnnounced the inauguration of[36].. Expected to be held in March 20235rd WBCThe contract period is about one and a half years until the scheduled time of the tournament.[37].. Announced a new uniform on January 1th (Later[38].

    Changes in uniforms

    Foundation period

    • 1931/
      "NIPPON" logo with dark blue flower letters on a white background. 1931US-Japan baseballUsed in.The manufacturer isMatsuya[39][40].
    • 1934/
      With a dark blue collar and a black "AN" logo on the left chest.(English editionUsed in[Annotation 8]..The manufacturer isTakashimaya[42][43].
    • 1940-1942
      Black "NIPPON" logo on left sleeveSun flagAnd number.There is no uniform number.Toa TournamentUsed in.The manufacturer isIshiikajiyama[44][43].
    • 1949/
      The red racket line and the cuffs / base of the sleeves have the same color line, and the red "ALL JAPAN" logo is on the left chest.A zipper is mounted on the front part. Used in ALL STAR SERIES in 1949.Manufacturer unknown[45][43].
    • 1951-1956
      A blue racket line, an emblem with a mark that combines the letter "J" and the flags of Japan and the United States on the left chest. 1951, 1953,1956 ALL STAR SERIESUsed in.The manufacturer isTamazawa[46][47].

    After the Olympic Games

    • 1984-2000
      Los Angeles Olympics,Seoul Olympics,Barcelona Olympic,Atlanta Olympics,Sydney OlympicsUsed in.For home use, black pinstripes on a white background.The Japanese flag and the black "JAPAN" logo are on the left chest, and the red and black numbers are on the right chest and back, respectively.The logo and number are gold borders.Navy blue for visitors, red and white lines on the cuffs (similar lines on the neck only for the Barcelona Olympics).A red-rimmed Japanese flag and a white "JAPAN" logo on the left chest, and a white number on the right chest and back.Only the Sydney Olympics has a red logo and a white border "Japan".Manufacturers will continue until 2017Mizuno[48][49].
    • 2003-2008
      Athens Olympics,Beijing OlympicsUsed in qualifying and main tournament.Double pinstripe, a new logo mark with a gold rim that combines the Japanese flag and red "Japan" on the left chest, and a black number on the right chest and back as well.The design is the same, the home is white and the visitor is gray.[50][51].
    • 2006/
      2006 WBCUsed in.Home is dark blue on a white backgroundRaglan sleevesThe logo is "Japan" in red and gold-rimmed cursive on the chest, and the number is on the left chest and back with black gold-rimmed.The visitor is a dark blue background with a red accent from the bottom of the sleeve to the side, and the logo and number are the same design but the color is red[52][53].
    • 2009-2012
      2009 WBCUsed in such as.The design is not much different from the previous WBC, but sublimation print is adopted.Also, the dark blue of the home and the red color of the visitor have been changed from the flank to the shoulder.[54][55].
    • 2012-2013
      Samurai Japan Match 2012 “Japan vs. Cuba”,2013 WBCUsed in.From the previous WBC, the color and the number on the left chest have been removed, and the logo on the home has been changed to dark blue.The logo of the visitor became "JAPAN" in serif style.[56][57][58].

    After unifying SAMURAI JAPAN uniforms

    • 2013-2017
      Yuki KokuboUsed while in office as the top team manager of.The design has been completely redesigned, with black dot-patterned pinstripes on a white background for the home and white dot-patterned pinstripes on a dark blue background for visitors.The chest logo is "JAPAN" in flower typeface, and has a black and gold border along with the uniform number and player name.2017 WBCOnly the neck and cuffs have golden lines[59][57][60].
    • 2017-2021
      Atsunori InabaUsed while in office as the top team manager of.The pinstripe has been changed to a loop-tie design, with a dark blue home and a red racket line and cuffs for visitors.For visitors, the logo and text color will be white.The manufacturer isASICSchange to[61][57].
    • 2021/
      Tokyo OlympicsUsed in.The size of the uniform number has been reduced to meet the regulations of the Olympics.In addition to the existing home visitors, we have added a uniform based on crimson for the second visitor.[32].
    • 2022-
      Hideki KuriyamaUsed since taking office as the top team manager of.The home has a diamond-shaped double helix structure with dark blue and crimson pinstripes.The visitor is closer to the 2006 and 2009 WBC visitor designs, with a dark blue background with a red accent from the sleeves to the flanks, and the logo is a floral typeface as before.Also, for the first time in 13 years, the numbers have been restored to the left chest of both home visitors.The manufacturer is Mizuno again[38][62].

    Official sponsor

    The following is in line with the sequence described on the Japanese representative official website (as of August 2022).

    Diamond partner

    Official Partner

    Official Ticketing Partner

    Official suit partner

    Official uniform partner

    National Baseball Classic Team

    World Baseball ClassicThen the conditions for entering the Japanese national team

    • Have Japanese nationality
    • Have permanent residence status in Japan
    • Born in Japan
    • Either of the parents of the person has Japanese nationality
    • One of the parents was born in Japan

    Any one or more of the above 5 conditions must be satisfied.

    World Baseball Classic
    TimesHeld yearHost countryResultdirected byRepresentation from JapanProfessional participation
    12006/United States flag/Japanese flag/Puerto Rico flag1 bit WinSadaharu OhRepresentative memberEveryone
    22009/United States flag/Japanese flag/Puerto Rico flag/Mexican flag/Canadian flag1 bit WinTatsunori HaraRepresentative memberEveryone
    32013/United States flag/Japanese flag/Puerto Rico flag/Taiwan flag3 bitKoji YamamotoRepresentative memberEveryone
    42017/United States flag/Japanese flag/Republic of Korea flag/Mexican flag3 bitYuki KokuboRepresentative memberEveryone
    5United States flag/Japanese flag/Taiwan flagHideki Kuriyama

    National team in the Olympic baseball competition

    Japanese representative of Olympic baseball1992/ OfBarcelona Olympicから1996/ OfAtlanta OlympicsUntilamateurIt was a team of players only.ProfessionalAthletes were allowed to participate2000/ OfSydney OlympicsNow for the amateur-based membersDaisuke MatsuzakaParticipated in a mixed team of 8 professionals, but for the first timeMedalMissed.2004/ OfAthens OlympicsThen, for the first time, we formed a team with only professional baseball players and won a bronze medal. To be selected for the team, you must have Japanese nationality.

    Also, at the IOC General Assembly in July 20052012/ OfLondon OlympicsBecause it was deleted2008/ OfBeijing OlympicsWas the last Olympic event as an official event,2021/ OfTokyo OlympicsSo, it was held for the first time in 13 years as an official event where the host city limited to the Tokyo Olympics can be added, and Japan won the all-win victory and won the gold medal for the first time as an official competition.[63].. In 2024Paris olympicIt has been deleted again, and at the moment it is the last official baseball competition for the Olympic Games.

    Open competition
    Held yearConventionResultdirected byRepresentation from JapanProfessional participationTournament details
    1964/Japanese flag Tokyo1 losses 1 minuteAkihito Kobayashi(student)
    Seiji Inaba(society)
    Representative memberNoneTournament details
    1984/United States flag Los Angeles11 bit gold medalRei MatsunagaRepresentative memberNoneTournament details
    1988/Republic of Korea flag Seoul22 bit silver medalYoshinobu SuzukiRepresentative memberNoneTournament details
    Formal competition
    Held yearConventionResultdirected byRepresentation from JapanProfessional participationTournament details
    1992/Spanish flag Barcelona33 bit bronze medalMasatake YamanakaRepresentative memberNoneTournament details
    1996/United States flag Atlanta22 bit silver medalKatsushi KawashimaRepresentative memberNoneTournament details
    2000/Australian flag Sydney4 bitOtagaki KozoRepresentative memberpartTournament details
    2004/Greek flag Athens33 bit bronze medalKiyoshi Nakahata[Annotation 9]Representative memberEveryoneTournament details
    2008/Flag of the People's Republic of China Beijing4 bitSenichi HoshinoRepresentative memberEveryoneTournament details
    2021/Japanese flag Tokyo11 bit gold medal[64]Atsunori InabaRepresentative memberEveryoneTournament details

    National team at WBSC Premier 12

    To be a representative, you must have Japanese nationality.

    WBSC Premier 12
    TimesHeld yearHost countryResultdirected byRepresentation from JapanProfessional participationRemarks
    12015/Japanese flag/Taiwan flag3 bitYuki KokuboRepresentative memberEveryone
    22019/Japanese flag/Mexican flag/Taiwan flag/Republic of Korea flag1 bit WinAtsunori InabaRepresentative memberEveryoneTokyo OlympicsQualifying and competition

    National teams at other international competitions

    World Championships

    IBAF World Cup
    TimesHeld yearHost countryResultdirected byRepresentation from JapanProfessional participationRemarks
    301988/Italian flag Italy4 bitYoshinobu SuzukiNo
    311990/Canadian flag Canada5 bitMasatake YamanakaNo
    321994/Nicaragua flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu33 bit bronze medalKatsushi KawashimaNo
    331998/Italian flag Italy5 bitOtagaki KozoNo
    342001/Taiwan flag Republic of China(Taiwan4 bitToshihiko GotoRepresentative memberpart
    352003/Cuban flag Cuba33 bit bronze medalMurakami TadanoriRepresentative memberNo
    362005/Dutch flag Netherlands5 bitYasuhiko SugimotoRepresentative memberNo
    372007/Taiwan flag Republic of China (Taiwan)33 bit bronze medalTazuru KakinoRepresentative memberNo
    382009/Italian flag Italy10th (2nd round eliminated)Yasuhiko SugimotoRepresentative memberNo
    392011/Panama flag パナマ12th (1nd round eliminated)Keimin KojimaRepresentative memberNo
    IBAF Intercontinental Cup
    TimesHeld yearHost countryResultdirected byRepresentation from JapanProfessional participationRemarks
    1991/Spanish flag Spain22 bit silver medalMasatake YamanakaNo
    1993/Italian flag Italy33 bit bronze medalKatsushi KawashimaNo
    1995/Cuban flag Cuba22 bit silver medalKatsushi KawashimaNo
    131997/Spanish flag Spain11 bit gold medalOtagaki KozoNo
    141999/Australian flag Australia33 bit bronze medalOtagaki KozoRepresentative memberpartProfessional participation for the first time
    152002/Cuban flag Cuba5 bitToshihiko GotoRepresentative memberpart
    162006/Taiwan flag Republic of China (Taiwan)4 bitYasuhiko SugimotoRepresentative memberNo
    172010/Taiwan flag Republic of China (Taiwan)5 bitIka OkazakiRepresentative memberEveryone
    Harlem Baseball Week
    TimesHeld yearResultdirected byRepresentation from JapanProfessional participationRemarks
    222004/33 bit bronze medalTomoyasu HaginoRepresentative memberNoMember of society
    232006/4 bitHiroaki TakahashiRepresentative memberNoMember of society
    242008/4 bitKawarai MasaoRepresentative memberNoUniversity representative
    252010/33 bit bronze medalTakai KeigoNoKeiji University Baseball FederationSelection
    262012/5 bitToshihiro NakamuraNoUniversity representative
    272014/22 bit silver medalTatsuya ZenbaRepresentative memberNoUniversity representative
    282016/22 bit silver medalTomonari MizoguchiRepresentative memberNoTokyo Roku University BaseballSelection
    2018/11 bit gold medalTsutomu IkutaNoUniversity representative
    2022/Tetsuya OkuboNoUniversity representative
    Pre olympic
    Held yearTournament nameHost countryResultdirected byRepresentation from JapanProfessional participationRemarks
    2007/Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku11 bit gold medalSenichi HoshinoRepresentative memberpart

    Games in Asia

    Asian Games Baseball Games
    Held yearConventionResultdirected byRepresentation from JapanProfessional participationTournament detailsRemarks
    1990/Flag of the People's Republic of China Beijing33 bit bronze medalMasatake YamanakaNoTournament detailsOpen competition
    1994/Japanese flag Hiroshima11 bit gold medalKatsushi KawashimaNoTournament detailsFormal competition
    1998/Kingdom of Thailand flag Bangkok22 bit silver medalOtagaki KozoNoTournament detailsFormal competition
    2002/Republic of Korea flag Busan33 bit bronze medalToshihiko GotoRepresentative memberpartTournament detailsFormal competition
    2006/Qatar flag Doha22 bit silver medalTazuru KakinoRepresentative memberNoTournament detailsFormal competition
    2010/Flag of the People's Republic of China Guangzhou33 bit bronze medalKeimin KojimaRepresentative memberNoTournament detailsFormal competition
    2014/Republic of Korea flag Incheon33 bit bronze medalKeimin KojimaRepresentative memberNoTournament detailsFormal competition
    2018/Indonesian flag Jakarta Palembang22 bit silver medalAkio IshiiNoTournament detailsFormal competition
    Flag of the People's Republic of China HangzhouNoFormal competition
    Asian Baseball Championship
    TimesHeld yearvenueResultdirected byRepresentation from JapanProfessional participationRemarks
    161991/Flag of the People's Republic of China Beijing11 bit gold medalMasatake YamanakaRepresentative memberNoBarcelona OlympicQualifying and competition
    171993/Australian flag Perth11 bit gold medalKatsushi KawashimaRepresentative memberNo
    181995/Japanese flag Kurashiki11 bit gold medalKatsushi KawashimaRepresentative memberNoAtlanta OlympicsQualifying and competition
    191997/Taiwan flag Taipei22 bit silver medalMasakazu SatakeRepresentative memberNo
    201999/Republic of Korea flag Seoul22 bit silver medalOtagaki KozoRepresentative memberpartSydney OlympicsQualifying and competition.
    The first time a professional participates.
    212001/Taiwan flag Taipei33 bit bronze medalToshihiko GotoRepresentative memberNo
    222003/Japanese flag Sapporo11 bit gold medalNagashima ShigeoRepresentative memberEveryoneAthens OlympicsQualifying and competition
    232005/Japanese flag Miyazaki11 bit gold medalYasuhiko SugimotoRepresentative memberNo
    242007/Taiwan flag Taichung11 bit gold medalSenichi HoshinoRepresentative memberEveryone[Annotation 10]Beijing OlympicsQualifying and competition
    252009/Japanese flag Sapporo11 bit gold medalYasuhiko SugimotoRepresentative memberNo
    262012/Taiwan flag Taichung11 bit gold medalKeimin KojimaRepresentative memberNo
    272015/Taiwan flag Taichung33 bit bronze medalTsuyoshi AndoNo
    282017/Taiwan flag New north11 bit gold medalAkio IshiiNo
    292019/Taiwan flag Taichung22 bit silver medalAkio IshiiNoTokyo OlympicsQualifying and competition
    Held yearConventionResultdirected byRepresentation from JapanProfessional participationTournament detailsRemarks
    2013/Flag of the People's Republic of China Tianjin11 bit gold medalKeimin KojimaRepresentative memberNo

    Other tournaments

    US-Japan baseball[Annotation 11]
    Held yearvenueResultdirected byRepresentation from JapanTournament detailsRemarks
    2014/Japanese flag Osaka-Tokyo-Sapporo3 wins 2 lossesYuki KokuboRepresentative memberTournament details
    2018/Japanese flag Tokyo-Hiroshima-Nagoya5 wins 1 lossesAtsunori InabaRepresentative memberTournament details

    National team by age

    In addition to the “strongest” national team that sends all teams to the world championships and the Olympics, there are age-based national teams that send to tournaments with age restrictions on player qualifications. However, in the Japanese baseball world, where the concept of the national team was ambiguous, there were almost no such national teams. Baseball also has international competitions for each age group, and Japan also participates. But these teamsAll Japan Baseball Conference,All Japan Amateur Baseball FederationIs not an official national team organized byAll Nippon University Baseball Federation,Japan High School Baseball FederationMost of them were selected teams. Since 2013, a representative team for each age group has been established as a representative business of the Japan Baseball Marketing Committee (JMBC). The convening will be conducted by the organizations and groups that control each age, but will be dispatched to the tournament as a representative project of JMBC.

    Member of society

    World Port Tournament
    • Japan has won this tournament once.
    France International Baseball Tournament
    • Japan has won this tournament once.
    BFA Asian Baseball Championship
    • Japan has won this tournament once.
    • Held once every two years or once every three years by the BFA sponsor,baseballInternational Convention by Country Representatives in Asia. Since it may be held as the Olympic Asian qualifying, professional athletes may participate after the 1999 tournament, which was also held as the qualifying for the Sydney Games where professional athletes were also elected to represent the Olympics. is there.
    Asian Games
    • Japan has won this tournament once.
    • Asian Olympic CouncilBaseball competition at the Asian Games hosted by (OCA). The 1990 tournament was adopted as an open competition, and officially started from the 1994 tournament. The national team is composed of a mixture of university students and working people, and the 2002 tournament also represented professional players. However, due to the timing of the 2014 tournament, all the representative athletes were selected from the adult team.
    East Asian Games
    • Japan has won this tournament once.
    • 6 timesIt was held only at the tournament.

    U-23 (former U-21) representative

    WBSC U-23 World Cup
    • Japan has won this tournament once.
    • It was first held in 23 at a competition for children under 2016 years old.
    Asian Professional Baseball Championship
    • Japan has won this tournament once.

    University representative

    World University Baseball Championship
    • Japan has won this tournament once.
    • Universiade is a competition for college students, but baseball was not included due to its low popularity. Therefore, since 2002, IBAF has decided to hold the World College Baseball Championship Tournament for university students who compete against each other. It is not the All Japan University Baseball Federation, but the All Japan Baseball Conference that sent the team to this tournament. At the time of the first meeting,Nagashima ShigeoServed. The uniforms are the same as those worn by professionals at the Taiwan World Cup and the Athens Olympics, and in that sense, this team can be said to be Japan's first representative of Japan by age group. By the way, there is no requirement to be a college student to qualify for the tournament, and under the rules, professionals and adults of the same age can also be selected.2012 competitionWas scheduled to be held in Taiwan, but the number of applicants for participation was limited to 4 and it was canceled because it did not meet the required 6 or more countries.
    • Successive representatives of Japan- 1 times,2 times,3 times,4 times,5 times
    US-Japan University Baseball Championship
    • Japan has won this tournament once.
    • Japan has won this tournament once.
    • As mentioned earlier, baseball is relatively low in popularity.1993/, Except for the 95 tournament, they continued to be excluded from the competition. But,2015/It was decided that baseball will be adopted as the host country selection competition at the tournament held in1995 competitionIt has been 20 years since it was adopted for the first time in 10 years. Also continue2017 competitionBut it was adopted as a competition event.
    • Successive representatives of Japan -,,28 times,
    BFA Asian University Baseball Championship

    U-18 National Team

    WBSC U-18 World Cup
    • Japan has not won the tournament yet.
    • The WBSC U-18 World Cup is an international competition under the age of 1981 that is sponsored by WBSC since 18. Japan is a summer Koshien tournamentNational High School Baseball ChampionshipBecause of the same time, I didn't send the team until recently.2004 competitionSince it was held in September, Koshien participants were included for the first timeSelection teamParticipated. Since 2012, when the Koshien tournament no longer coincides, I have continued to participate. Although there are no restrictions on qualification for participation by professionals, amateurs, etc., the representative teams up to now have been selected teams for high school students. The 2015 competition was held for the first time in Japan.
    • Successive representatives from Japan (only in competitions) -,21 times,25 times,26 times,27 times
    BFA U-18 Asian Championship
    • Japan has won this tournament once.
    • The AAA Asian Baseball Championship is the first in 1994. This is held in September, so I participate every time. High school students are not eligible for participation, and early born professionals, members of society, and players in the first year of college can also participate. In recent years, the World Championship and the Asian Championship are held every other year, and the Asian Championship also serves as the qualifying for the World Championship. This team was not a representative of Japan sent by the All Japan Baseball Conference, but was a “high school selection” organized by the Takano Ren, which is the same as in the Japan-Korea Friendship Tournament and the Japan-US Friendship Tournament. Of 17th AAA Asian Baseball ChampionshipHowever, the use of metal bats was banned, but since it was a post-report to Japan, Takano Ren refused to send the team as "they are different" or "out of the meaning of the tournament." For this reason, the Japan Baseball Federation is supported by its affiliated companies (first year of early birth), clubs, and vocational school players.RepresentativeWas selected and sent to the same competition. This team was certified as a representative business by the All Japan Baseball Conference and became the first official U-18 national team to participate in the tournament. 20119th AAA Asian Baseball ChampionshipThen by Takano RenRepresentativeParticipated and won the championship.
    • Successive representatives of Japan (1st-10th)- 1 times,2 times,3 times,4 times,5 times,6 times,7 times,8 times,9 times,
    Japan-US Friendship High School Baseball Tournament
    • Japan has won this tournament once.

    U-15 National Team (Former U-16 National Team)

    WBSC U-15 World Cup
    • Japan has won this tournament once.
    • The WBSC U-15 World Cup is an international tournament sponsored by WBSC, under the age of 15. In 2005, the 12th convention was held in Mexico, and Japan was in 4th place. I sent the tournament team at this timeLittle senior.. There are no school teams in the middle school age baseball team, only club teams. A long-established little senior,Boys leagueFive other federations are mixed. A competition where these five federations meet and compete together is held in Tokyo every August.Giants Cup National Youth Baseball Tournament(Giants Cup) only. This WBSC U-15 World Cup participating team was initially a selected team of Little Senior, not the representative team of All Japan. In the period when the Giants Cup was officially approved by the All Japan Championship, national teams selected from all seven federations (at that time) were formed and a friendly match was held with the Taiwanese national team in November. In addition, from the WBSC U-7 World Cup (cancelled) held in Venezuela in 11, despite being a selected team of Little Senior alone,All Japan Baseball ConferenceIt has been certified as a representative business of and became an official Japanese national team under 15 years old. From 2012, from the AA World Baseball Championship by representatives under the age of 15WBSC U-15 World CupThe tournament was renewed.
    BFA U-15 Asian Championship
    • Japan has won this tournament once.
    • The BFA U-15 Asian Championships is an international competition sponsored by the Asian Baseball Federation, where you can compete under the age of 15. It is currently held every two years with the World Cup. The tournament is not a hardball,KWB ballDone in. For this reason, unlike the World Cup, instead of the hardball baseball team, the club is selected from club club teams and junior high school teams. In addition to the World Cup using hardball, which the former professional baseball player also serves, the representative directorJapan Junior High School Baseball FederationHave been selected from.
    • Japan has won this tournament once.
    • Established in 2007 to commemorate the holding of the "1st All Japan Junior High School Baseball Championship Giants Cup", which competes for Japan's best middle school baseball. Japan national team is organized from 7 major junior high school baseball leagues (currently 5). Players belonging to the hardball baseball team will compete in this tournament as the Asian Championships have switched to the KWB ball and elected a representative from the softball baseball team.

    U-12 National Team

    WBSC U-12 World Cup
    • Japan has not won the tournament yet.
    • The WBSC U-12 World Cup was established in 12 by representatives under the age of 2011.
    BFA U-12 Asian Championship
    • Japan has won this tournament once.

    Women's National Team (Madonna Japan)

    WBSC Women's World Cup
    • Japan has won this tournament once.
    • The first Japanese women's baseball team was formed to participate in the 1999 Spring National Games in Florida. The all-Japan women's hardball baseball team executive committee was organized as the dispatching source at this time. It was a voluntary organization that had no legal personality. To the teamOtsuka PharmaceuticalWas named "Team Energen" with the sponsor. After that, we will regularly select and strengthen the team, but since this team is not a “representative team” organized by a public organization, but it is actually the same as a club team, it belongs to the university baseball club that passed the selection When players participate in double registrationJapan Student Baseball AssociationRejected by. For this reason, the executive committee aims to become a member of the Japan Baseball Federation in 2002 in order to officially recognize all Japanese women as true national teams.Japan Women's Baseball Association", and participation from the university baseball club is now accepted. In 2003, the corporate status was acquired, and in 2004, the membership of the Japan Baseball Federation was approved and it became a member organization of the All Japan Baseball Conference. In 2006, the Japanese National Team of Women's Baseball was approved as a representative dispatch business of the All Japan Baseball Conference, and it became a clear representative team. Internationally launched in 2001, in 2004International Baseball Federation(IBAF) hosted the IBAF Women's Baseball World Cup (1st competition), and Japan Women's Baseball National Team won second place. In 2006, the second tournament was held in Taiwan, and the first Japanese national baseball teamAthens Olympics representativeI wear the same uniform as I participated. Held in Ehime, Japan in 20083th competitionHas won and then4th competition(2010 years),5th competition(2012 years),6th competition(2014 years),7th competition(2016), he won both 8th times and is currently winning 6 consecutive times.
    Women's Baseball World Tournament
    • Japan has won this tournament once.
    Women's Baseball Asian Cup
    • Japan has won this tournament once.


    [How to use footnotes]

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