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⚾ | [MLB] Former Rakuten Jones to be inducted into the US Hall of Fame “The flow is changing” “The best ever” defensive strength evaluation

Photo Former Rakuten Andrew Jones [Photo: Getty Images]

[MLB] Former Rakuten Jones to Hall of Fame "The flow is changing" "Highest ever" defensive strength evaluation

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"Until the 29-year-old season, it was almost certain that he would be inducted into the Hall of Fame," he said. indicate.

The rice of Andrew Jones who contributed to Rakuten's number one in Japan in 4, which rose to 33.9% in the fourth vote ... → Continue reading


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Defensive ability


PalaceWhat is (Dendo)?

  1. Along with "Government Hall",Ancient timesJapan OfbuildingOne of the styles.Horyuji templeKondo andKofuku-ji TempleTokindo is a typical example.
  2. Generally large, luxurious and magnificentBuilding.
  3. A building or place that has a central function in a specific field.
  4. A facility / place to commemorate a person who has made achievements in a specific field.Details in this section.

Palace(Dendo,hall of fame) Has left a remarkable achievement in a certain fieldIndividualOrGroupHonorthe purposeEstablished inMuseum, Refers to the award hall.Hall of Fame,Hall of FameAlso called.


The idea of ​​gathering people with excellent achievements in one place is19st centuryToBavarian kingdom OfLudwig IV Danube riverBuilt on the coastWalhalla TempleIt can also be seen in.this isWar deadHero ( = Ghost) GatherNordic mythologyThe castle that appears in "ValhallaIt is named after.

today,The United States of America,CanadaThe Hall of Fame, which is often seen in places such as肖像画,SouvenirThe actual hall where etc. were displayedMuseumAsexistIn some cases, the organization only maintains a list of the names of more symbolically noteworthy persons.NowadaysOn the internet OfWebsiteThere is also an example made as.

Hollywood Walk of FameThe one with a commemorative plate embedded in the road surface likeWalk of fame (walk of fame, Honorary sidewalk).In the English-speaking world, the antonym of the Hall of Fame is sometimes used as the hall of shame.

The first Hall of Fame in the United States1900/ToNew York University"(The Hall of Fame for Great Americans)" was founded by.The most famous Hall of Fame, though controversialNew York StateCooperstownIt is in"American Baseball Hall of Fame".This is often simply abbreviated as "Hall of Fame" or "Cooperstown".

Generally that of the sports world is well known,Nursing, Etc.Best Jeanist Award JapanIn some cases, such fashion fields also have such items.

Main Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame for Culture, Arts and Entertainment

Technology and Industry Hall of Fame

Sports Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame in the fictional world

  • Computer games
    • Pokemon(In the Pokemon League that appears in each work, the four heavenly kings who are boss-like trainerschampionTheDefeat everything, And the Pokemon used at that time is described as "inducted into the Hall of Fame", and if you do thisEnding demoIs displayed)

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