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⚾ | [MLB] D Army releases young Hope & wins big pitcher?Reporter's view "It makes sense"

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[MLB] D Army releases young Hope & gets big pitcher?Reporter's view "It makes sense"

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"The team entered the off-season with the need to reinforce the starting pitcher.

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    Starting pitcher

    Starting pitcher(Sempatsutsu, English:starter) Isbaseball,soft ball,cricketAt the start of the matchStarting memberFirst throw aspitcherSay. In baseball/softball, it is sometimes called simply the starter. If one pitcher is thrown and then another pitcher is replaced,Rescue pitcherSay. This section describes starting pitchers of baseball.


    Generally long for startersinningIs required to throw. In baseball, the starting pitcherWinning pitcherYou have to throw at least 5 innings to get the right to[Note 1]It is believed that starting pitchers should throw at least 5 innings without a large number of goals.Major LeagueThen, in a situation where 100 balls will be replaced as described later, 6 innings or more will be 3Self-responsibilityTo keep withinQuality startIt is called (good starter), and is one of the important indicators for measuring the ability of starting pitchers.

    For that reason, relief pitchers usually drop off before the batter completes a cycle.[Note 2], The starting pitcher must play with the opponent batter for two or more rounds, and in the meantime, the opponent batter has a variety of pitches so that he or she will not get used to pitching. Technology is required.

    On the other hand, it is said that the act of throwing an object is unnatural for humans considering the structure of the body. The shoulders and arms of the pitcher are twisted more than necessary, which puts a strain on the shoulder plate on the shoulders, and the inner ligaments of the elbows tend to stretch easily, which adversely affects the ulnar nerve. To take damage[1].. As a result, an excessive number of pitches will cause a failure. Based on the fact that many excellent pitchers have shortened player lives due to overuse, in modern baseball they often change to rescue pitchers (replacement, suppression) after 6 times, and starting pitchers do 9 times.Complete pitchThere is less to do than before.

    For pitchers with a certain level or higher, the capillaries are cut around the elbow area due to the load of the pitch. It has been proved that it will take more than 4 days to reproduce due to the development of sports medicine, so it is usual for starting pitchers to leave a pitching interval of 4 to 6 days in current professional baseball At least 1 days from the next day, up to 3 days will not go out in the game and adjust. The team will appoint multiple starting pitchers in rotation. thisStarting rotationThat.

    The number of innings and the pitching interval are different in Japan and the United States. In Japan, it is basically 6th in the middle, but depending on the team situation, 5 to 4th in the middle, there are many innings at the 100th to 6th innings, with 7 innings as a guide. In this case, the number of spheres may exceed 120), whereas in the United States, the pitching interval is 4 days, and the change around 100 spheres is strictly protected. For that reason, the United States and other countries have been developing relief pitchers from an early stage, and the division of labor such as intermediate pitchers, setup pitchers, and hold pitchers is remarkable. From around the 1990s).

    Incidentally,Japanese high school baseballInAce-class starterIt is not uncommon for all players to complete all games, and especially in the spring/summer Koshien tournaments and summer local tournaments, the final schedule is overcrowded, so ace pitchers may start every day and throw more than 100 balls each time. It's not uncommon (even if you're off to a quality start, it's inevitable to lose first). The fact that such usage methods, overcrowding schedules, and throwing a total of hundreds of balls are taken up in the media as a beautiful story is a symbol of the failure prevention etc. and the old-fashioned constitution in Japan these days. There are pros and cons[2][3][4][5].

    The beginning of the match

    At the beginning of the match in the pitcher record,The number of games that were started and changed in the middleIs counted. In other words, the number of starting pitches is the total number of the initial number of games and the total number of pitches.

    Starting rotation

    The starting rotation is generally composed of about five pitchers. The top five pitchers in the team are selected and often used for rotation. Being in rotation is an honor for pitchers. The starting rotation plays the role of leading the team to victory by earning white stars.

    In the U.S., it was common for four pitchers to start in the middle of 1960 days in the 4s, and when five pitchers started in the middle of the 3s in 1970 days. Adopted by the team. 5Auckland AthleticsAlthough he continued his pitching principle and scored 91 pitches in the team, the results of each starting pitcher rapidly dropped from the following year. With this as a trigger, the idea of ​​letting the starting pitcher complete the pitch has receded, and the introduction of a limit on the number of pitches per starting pitcher and the division of labor of the relief pitcher that began in the 1s proceeded at once.

    In Japan, the pitcher called the ace of each team has started many games for a long time, and the concept of starting pitcher was not always established because the situation such as relief pitching continued when not starting. Starting around the 1980s, the starting rotation of the middle 5th day was established, and in the 1990s, the middle 6th day became usual.

    As of the end of the 2016 season, there are 200 people who have achieved 11 wins in the number of starting wins (starting pitcher wins) only in Japan professional baseball, and in Japan and the U.S.Hiroki KurodaIs the first time in history[6].

    Opening pitcher

    OpenerStarter pitcher atOpening pitcherCall. The opening pitchers in professional baseball in Japan are often appointed by the representative pitchers of the team, with each pitching team being called an ace, and it is an honor for the pitchers to be nominated as the opening pitcher.


    In the opener, the pitcher originally used for relief pitches the starting pitcher, throws one or two short innings, and then the original starting pitcher.Long reliefAs a method of using as a continuous pitcher, and the relief pitcher who started at this time. In addition, it is called a long-relief pitcher who succeeded from the opener, bulk guy (bulk guy), or pseudo-starter (pseudo starter).2018 MLBTampa Bay RaysIs actively working on this usage method[7]The record was 90 wins and 72 losses.

    Main start record

    MLB total record

    RankingPlayer nameStarting lineup
    1Sai Young815
    2Nolan Ryan773
    3Don Sutton756
    4Greg Maddux740
    5Phil Nikuro716
    6Steve Carlton709
    7Roger Clemens707
    8Tommy John700
    9Gaylord Perry690
    10Pad Galvin688
    RankingPlayer nameStarting lineup
    11Burt Eleven685
    12Tom Gravin682
    13Walter johnson666
    14Warren Spahn665
    15Tom shiver647
    16Jamie Moyer638
    17Jim Kart625
    18Frank Tanana616
    19Early Win611
    20Robin roberts609
    • Records at end of 2021 season[8]

    MLB season record

    RankingPlayer nameClubStarting lineupRecord yearRemarks
    1Jack ChessbroNew York Highlanders511904A leagueRecord
    2Ed WalshChicago White Sox491908
    3Joe McGuinityNew York Giants481903After the 20th centuryNational LeagueRecord
    4Big willisBoston Bean Eaters461902
    Lube WaddellPhiladelphia Athletics1904Left pitcher record since the 20th century
    Christy matthewsonNew York Giants
    Ed WalshChicago White Sox1907
    Dave DavenportSt. Louis Terriers1915Federal LeagueRecord
    • Records after 1901 are targeted, records are as of the end of 2021[9]

    Japanese professional baseball

    • At the end of 2021 season
    Number of starting pitches
    RankingPlayer nameStarting lineup
    1Yoneda Tetsuya626
    2Masaaki Koyama583
    3Suzuki revelation577
    4Shoichi Kaneda569
    5Osamu Higashi537
    6Yamamoto Masa514
    7Daisuke Miura488
    Ishikawa Masanori
    9Takao Kajimoto487
    10Takehiko Bessho483
    Total starting wins
    RankingPlayer namevictory
    1Suzuki revelation288
    2Masaaki Koyama273
    3Shoichi Kaneda268
    4Takehiko Bessho264
    5Yoneda Tetsuya260
    Total number of starting and losing battles
    RankingPlayer namedefeat
    1Shoichi Kaneda229
    2Yoneda Tetsuya226
    3Osamu Higashi225
    4Suzuki revelation219
    5Takao Kajimoto197
    Number of pitches starting from the season
    RankingPlayer nameClubStarting lineupRecord year
    1Yasuo HayashiAsahi511942
    2Akira BesshoNankai Hawks501947
    3Junzo SanadaPacific491946
    4Jiro NoguchiOcean481942
    Giichiro ShirakiSenator1946
    Kozo NaitoGold star1946
    Number of starters of the season
    RankingPlayer nameClubvictoryRecord year
    1Hiroshi Suda巨人321940
    Hideo Fujimoto巨人1943
    3Jiro NoguchiOcean301942
    4V. Starhin巨人291939
    Akira Bessho南海1947
    Number of starts and losses in the season
    RankingPlayer nameClubdefeatRecord year
    1Junichi MochizukiEagles251939
    Kikuya YoshioLion1940
    Shigezo IshiharaYamato1942
    Kozo NaitoGold star1946
    5Kameda TadashiEagles241939


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    注 釈

    1. ^ In Japan at the time of vocational baseball, this regulation is ambiguous, even if the starting pitcher pitches 5 innings or more, and his team takes the lead while pitching the starting pitcher, and his team defends the lead to the end and wins. The record of the winning pitcherReliefThere was also a case attached to.
    2. ^ However, this does not apply to a long-relief pitcher who plays a long inning after that if the starting pitcher descends early.

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