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⚾ | "I can become stronger" Takuya Kai welcomes 6 younger people to voluntary training

Photo Softbank Takuya Kai, Yakult Motohiro Shima and others have released their own training [Photo: Yusuke Fukutani]

"I can become stronger" Takuya Kai welcomes 6 younger people to voluntary training

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As Yuki Yanagita said before, there are many things that can be learned from other players, regardless of seniors or juniors, saying, "Of course, there is a lot to learn."

Softbank's voluntary training, which "became a disciple" on Yakult's island, was released to the press on the 8th in a large group of eight people this year ... → Continue reading


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seniors and juniors

Yuki Yanagita

Yuki Yanagita(Yuki Yanagi,1988/May 10 -) isHiroshimaHiroshima cityAsanami WardBackground[3][4] OfProfessional baseball player(Outfielder). Right-handed and left-handed.Fukuoka Softbank HawksBelongs. Nickname is "Gita'[5][Note 1].

2015/degree,2020/Every timePacific LeagueMVP.NPBFirst everTriple threeLeading batterSimultaneous achievement of[7].. 2015You CanNew Word/Buzzword AwardAnnual Grand Prize winner ("Triple Three",Tetsuto YamadaWith). Continuous match in NPBFour ballsRecord holder. Tokyo OlympicsBaseball gold medalist.


Before entering professional

Hiroshima City Otsuka Elementary SchoolWhen I was in 3rd gradeSaiki WardBelonging to "West style May-gaoka boys baseball club" ofbaseballStart[8][9][10], Formerly right-handed, turned to left-handed when in sixth grade[11].

When attending Hiroshima City Junior High SchoolBaseball) Belonged to.Hiroshima Commercial High SchoolIn the age of 2 years, he participated in the Chinese tournament in the autumn of 3 years and was defeated in the Hiroshima tournament best 4 in the summer of 11 years. High school total XNUMXHome run.

After graduating from high schoolHiroshima University of EconomicsGo on to. It became regular from the autumn of 1 year,Hiroshima Roku University Baseball LeagueLeading batter and best nine acquisition. At 2 years, both spring and autumn were selected as the best nine in the league (2008/). Participated in university championships for 3 consecutive years from this year[12].. In the spring of 3rd year, with a batting average of .528, he won the best player award, top hitter and best nine in the league. In the fall, he won the top batter and the best nine.

2010/In the autumn of 4 years, he won the top nine batters and the best nine in the league. 82 batting averages in college, 428, 8 home runs and 60 RBIs[13]..I weighed 3 kilograms when I was in my third year of high school, but when I was in collegeTomonori Kanemoto,Sho NakataAs a result of gaining weight at the gym they attend, the long-distance throwing distance has increased by 10 meters and the 50-meter running time has also increased by 0.3 seconds.[14][15].Professional baseball draft meeting of the same yearBeforeYokohama Bay Starsexcept forProfessional baseball (NPB) of-Pa11 teams listed Yanagita, but especiallyChiba Lotte Marines-Chunichi Dragons-Hanshin TigersWas enthusiastically investigating Yanagita[16]..And on the day of the draft meeting (October 10),Fukuoka Softbank HawksReceived the second round nomination from[17].. 2nd place nomination from several candidatesAkiyama ShogoIt was fixed in the direction of nominatingSadaharu OhAsked, "Wait, who (among the nomination candidates) will fly the most (hit the ball)?"[18].. The scout in chargeMotoyasu Wakaiwas[19].Uniform numberIs "44. "

Softbank era

2011/Although the spring camp is the only newcomer to start group A[20], The first appearance in the official game was on May 5 of the same year,Sapporo DomeVs made inHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersNominee batter in battleAlex CabreraHe was a first base runner on the first and third bases with a tie in the 9th inning.At this time, immediately afterYuki KokuboBy hitting the right middle triple in a timely manner, he fell into the home base from the first base and recorded the first goal.[21][22].. July 7 of the same yearToyama City Stadium Alpine StadiumMade inFresh all-star gameNo. 4 selectedMedium-sizedHe started the game with 4 hits but 1 hit[23]。二軍では77試合に出場し、規定未到達ながら251打数で打率.291、13本塁打(リーグ1位)、43打点(リーグ4位)、5三塁打(リーグ1位タイ)、20盗塁(リーグ4位)、外野手部門の6補殺(リーグ2位タイ)と活躍したものの、85三振(リーグ2位)、外野手部門5失策(リーグ1位タイ)、守備率.962と粗さも目立った。Western leagueHome run[24]And won the Mizuno Month MVP (Farm) in August. Off seasonプ エ ル ト リ コ OfWinter leagueに派遣され、11月4日から12月22日までの22試合に出場、規定未到達で38打数11安打、打率.271、3本塁打、11打点、OPS.772の成績を残した[25][26].. Eighteen games started, and the breakdown was five designated hitter games, 18 outfield games, and no missteps.He also hit a grand slam on December 5th.[27].

2012/No. 6 against Japan Ham on June 22Right handAt the starting position at 7th turn at batYuki SaitoGot a four ball from and achieved the first base run by a professional. With the same card on June 6, he started as the 23th right-winger, with two first at-batsMitsuo YoshikawaIs the base for professional first hitsFukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN DomeAchieved in. In the 5th inning at bat, Yoshikawa made a first run with a third base and recorded a multi-hit (surviving during the second goro, the first score)[28].. The third batInuiHit the sliderthird basemanPlayed the grab of No. 4 and got a base with an error[29].. June 6 vsOrix BuffaloesIn battle,Nishi Yuki OfFork ballBy hitting the first RBI in a timely manner, he recorded his first RBI with a professional player.Immediately attempted to steal, catcherIto HikaruAlso achieved the first professional first base. August 8 pairSaitama Seibu LionsIn battleHitoshi TamuraIn the middle due to injury,Hironori MatsunagaHe hit a two-point home run from to the top of the right wing seat, and this was his first home run with a professional.[30][31].. The home run at the 81st bat in total was an estimated 135 meters oversized bullet[32].. June 8 vsChiba Lotte MarinesIn the scene of tie ten times of extension of the battle,Yasuhiko YabutaSince then, he has recorded two consecutive home runs for the first time in his life.[33].. This goodbye hit is for AugustSKY PerfecTV! Dramatic Goodbye AwardWas awarded as[34].. In the game against Orix on September 9, 25 hits and 5 hitsSmash hit awardRecorded[35].. In the match against Japan Ham on October 10rd, with 3 hits with 3 hits and 9 runs without hits,Toshiharu MoriuchiCarrying an outside corner straight ball to the left seat, recording the first full-base home run as a professional[36].

Climax series first stageIs the second round on October 10,Hideaki WakuiからPost seasonHe hit the first infield hit.In the second army, he participated in 51 games with a batting average of .300 and a record of 2 stolen bases in 16nd place in the league.

2013/Hit 12 home runs, the most in 6 teams in the open game[37]The opening one army was played. He had a good batting average of .4 by April and had three home runs, but on the rightGroinPurulentLymph nodeMissed the 5st Army registration on May 1 after receiving a fire diagnosis[38], The army was reinstated on 11th of the same month. June 6 pairSep-pa Exchange Battle,Hiroshima Toyo CarpHiroshima's ace, hitting the first three-point home run after promotion from the first three-point lead in the game, one death second and third baseKenta MaedaKnocked out[39].. June 6Uchikawa SeiichiAfter the return of the left-winger, the rest of the exchange battles appeared on the way. However, his left shoulder was hurt in the match against Nippon-Ham on June 6, and the player registration was deleted on June 25.[40].. On June 6Fukuoka cityTest results in a hospitalCuffDiagnosed as damaged[41].. When he returned to the 7st Army on July 15, he returned as a substitute in the match against Lotte on the same day, and became a substitute hit until August 8th. When he started as a No. 13 hitter in the game against Seibu on August 8, he had just replaced 14 times.Kazuhisa IshiiHe hit a three-point home run, which was his first home run in about two and a half months. From August 2thNobuhiro MatsudaHe was selected as No. 4 due to his illness, and played a role with batting average of .9 and OPS.8 in 10 games and 45 at-bats until September 300.Although he continued to play as a designated hitter and pinch hitter, he returned to the outfield defense in the match against Orix on September 928, and started in the remaining eight games with his right fielder. On September 9, he recorded the first professional multi-stolen base in the match against Rakuten.For the first time in his third year as a professional, he recorded double-digit home runs and double-digit stolen bases.

2014/Had a good start in the opening game against Lotte against homeruns, including a home run, but from April 4st against Nippon Ham, two dead balls were received in the same card due to a thorough internal corner attack (the same year). Mark got stricter with the result, and finally received 1 dead balls in the league second place[42]). I struggled with a batting average of .4 in 8 games until April 10th, but in the situation of April 161th, the first at-bat at the second at-bat at baseball against Seibu,Greg ReynoldsHigherChange upTheBack screenAs of the end of April, he returned to a batting average of .4, including hitting a full-base home run. In the game against Nippon-Ham on April 276Sho NakataCatch the liner and die, then strike back to the home with a strong shoulder and touch up the third base runnerHaruka NishikawaWas out and died two times, and Shohei Ohtani, the first base runner who stole the base at the end, was put out and contributed to the triple play of the team for the first time in 15 years.[43].. Monthly batting average of .5 and 395 hits (both league tops) in MayMonthly MVPWon[44][45].All star gamesFirst selected as a manager recommended player[46].. On the 7th of July, in the 18st round, he played with a leftist from the substitute and played a base with a four ball.[47].. Round 7 of July 19 (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), starting as the first middle player, with the 1th at bat in the 6th inningDaisuke Yamai2 hits in this game, such as hitting a 4-point home run to the left of the back screen[48]Won the best player award in the match[49][50].. From August 8th to September 26th, he maintained his longest hit and 9 consecutive games longest[51].. On September 9, he recorded 24 hits in one game in his fourth year as a professional[52].. Finally batting average of team top .317 (3rd place in league)[53], Base rate .413 (league second place), stolen base 2 (league second place)[54]With 15 hits and 4 multi-steals. The RBI has also increased to 70,Victory RBI TheLee Dae-hoHe contributed to the league championship with 10 next.

Climax seriesAt the final stage, on October 10, the first roundHiroshi UranoIn the 10th round on October 18th, he hit a double in a timely manner.Hiroshi KisanukiSince then, he has played in all 6 games, including batting first home batter home run, with a batting average of .25 with 280 at-bats and 3 RBIs.Japan seriesIn the first round on October 10th,Randy MessengerFrom 6 timesJapan seriesWhen he hit the first hit, he hit the pitcher to Wright even in the 7th inning with 5nd and 20rd base, and recorded the first RBI in the Japan Series.Participated in all 8 games, 4 hits in 5 at bats (batting average XNUMX%), XNUMX goals and contributed to the team's number one in Japan[55]Won the Excellent Player Award of the Championship[56].. OtherMitsui Golden Grab Award[57][58]When,Best nine[59]Was awarded for the first time. October 10US-Japan baseball 2014 OfRepresentation from JapanWas elected to[60].. In Round 11 on November 14Hisashi IwakumaFrom center over 2 points timely triple, timely in front of the light, in the 8th inningTakeshi WadaHit a double in a timely manner over the center[61].. In Round 11 on November 16thChris Capuan,Rob Utten,Tommy HunterHit each and hit hard hit awards[62].. Participated in all 5 games, 3% batting average, 6 hits and 4 RBIs[63][64].Justin MornaudPraised "I want to go home with America"[65].. From the team on December 12Yuki KokuboWas used by9It was announced that the uniform number will be changed to[66].. Signed with an estimated annual salary of 12 million yen, up 25 million yen in contract renewal negotiations on December 5800[67].

2015/Was selected as the Japan representative of "GLOBAL BASEBALL MATCH 2 Samurai Japan vs. Europe" on February 16th before the opening[68].. Competed in the 3st round on March 10th with "No. 1 Right Hand"[69]In the 3nd round of March 11, he started with "2rd right wing"[70].

In regular season, June 6Yokohama DeNA BaystarsIn battleDaisuke MiuraI hit an oversized home run that hit the scoreboard directly from, and at that time a part of the vision was broken.[71](Broken Vision Panel is home to SoftBankFukuoka Yahoo Auctions! DomeOn display[72]). On September 9th, he achieved his first 8 home runs in one season against Nippon-Ham Fighters.[73].. On September 9th, 15 stolen bases for the second consecutive year against Orix[74].. On September 9th against LotteLee Dae EunReceived a dead ball from[75], From the next day until the end of the season, he missed the starting lineup, but recorded a good batting average of .363, 34 home runs, 32 stolen bases, 99 RBIs, and an on-base percentage of .469.My firstLeading batterWins the title of the top 12 teamsOPS(1.101) andRC27(11.39), and of the 10th professional baseball history (first in a team)Triple threeIt was a year of achievement of "orders of magnitude" and "recording"[76][77].. Also this year,Tokyo Yakult Swallows OfTetsuto YamadaAlso achieved triple three,1950/ToYoshiyuki IwamotoKaoru BettotoIs the first time in 65 years that two triple three achievers have been born.[78]..This year's on-base percentage of .469 is the highest ever among outfielders with more than 400 at-bats in the season and players with more than 10 stolen bases in the season.[79].. On June 101st WBSC Premier 12Selected as 28 final roasters from Japan[80]However, the dead ball received on September 9 above is directly hitting near the left knee[81]Announced on November 11 that it will withdraw from Japan due to a contusion of the left femoral condyle.[82][83].. On November 11th, he underwent free body removal of his right elbow joint.[84].. On November 11, the points that led the team to the Japanese series and the achievement of the triple three were evaluated, and the Pacific LeagueMVPWas elected to[85].. In the greeting of the award, “I want to win the third straight because the team has won the second straight,” he said about his enthusiasm for the next year.[85].. On December 12, the contract was renewed with an estimated annual salary of 25 million yen, an increase of 1 million yen.[86].

2016/Entered the season in the expected situation of triple three for the second consecutive year[87].. In the Rakuten match on April 4, he recorded 15 consecutive four-ball games, which is a new record for the Pa League.Teruo TabeUpdated 15 consecutive games for the first time in 65 years[88].. in this waySelected eyeOn the other hand, I suffered from the thorough mark of the opponent pitcher, and I struggled with the batting average falling to .5 in the match against Nippon Ham on May 3[89].. After the end of May, he gradually improved his performance, but in the end, the batting average was .5, 306 home runs, 18 stolen bases, 23 RBIs, and a base run rate of .73. Meanwhile,OPSIs ".969",RC27"9.29" was the highest score in any league. Being elected as the Japan national team of "Samurai Japan Baseball Netherlands National Baseball Mexico National Team Strengthening Game" on October 10[90]But declined due to right elbow arthritis on October 10[91].. On December 12, the contract was renewed with an estimated annual salary of 21 million yen, a decrease of 1000 million yen.[92].

2017/It is,Itoi YoshioI went with[93]Aiming at physical reform with voluntary training, we will restrict diets that consume almost no carbohydrates,[94]I heard that training methodWith DarvishBe complained to[95].. In response, Yanagida responded, "I was touched. I was glad that Mr. Dal said that. Because he knew me."[96].. Miyazaki spring camp starts from group B due to the influence of the right elbow[97].. Also from that effect4rd WBC OfRepresentation from JapanElection was delayed[98].. In the open game, they showed a recovery such as defending in the game against Hanshin on March 3[99], The opening one army was in time[100].

In the regular season, on April 4th against Orix,Nishi YukiReceived a dead ball near the back of his left foot and changed his injuries[101].. After that, he missed two games, but returned to the starting team for the first time in three games against Seibu on May 2.[102].. In the Sep-Pac exchange game, in the match against Yakult on June 6, we decided to win the goodbye with an infield hit that stopped on the line of Botebote 6 times behind[103], In the same game against Yakult on the next day, 7th, hit a home run with an estimated flight distance of 145 meters, etc.[104], Hit 6 consecutive games until June 9 against Hanshin[105], Contributed to the team's third consecutive year's highest success rate in the Sep-Pac match, and became the first ever player to win the second Nihon Life Sep-Pac best match award (MVP).[106].. On June 6, at the Fukuoka Yahoo Auctions! Dome, he recorded three consecutive batting home runs and six RBIs in one game in his own tie. The second run of No. 23 No. 3 is the 1th person in professional baseball history, and has 6 home runs in total. The third consecutive at-bat home run in the third solo No. 2 solo1966/ OfNankai Hawks-Katsuya NomuraIt has been 51 years since then.[107].. On July 7th, he received the fourth Mitsui Nippon Life Month MVP for the fourth time since September 7.[108].. Held on both 7th and 14th JulyMy Navi All-Star Game 2017Was elected with 2 votes, which is the highest number of votes for the second consecutive year[109].. In the home run competition that was held before the match on the 14th and 15th, it won the victory for two consecutive days.[110].. Although he missed the match against Lotte on July 7 due to the impact of the ball hitting his right knee in the match against Nippon Ham on July 7.[111]On September 9th, when it became the league championship decision gameMetLife DomeIn the battle against Seibu in the 1-point behind, he hit a 4-point home run in the top of the 2th inning and reached the goal of 2 home runs for the first time in 30 years.[112].. In the match against Nippon-Ham on September 9, the right flank was injured when swinging, and it was replaced midway. The next 20 daysSapporo cityAfter undergoing a detailed examination at the hospital, he was diagnosed as having 2 degrees of right abdominal oblique muscle injury and 3 degree intercostal muscle injury (moderate), and was expected to be completely cured for XNUMX weeks.[113]..In addition, an additional examination was performed on September 9, revealing damage to the right 28th costal cartilage.[114].Leading batterThe title ofAkiyama ShogoWhen,Most home runsMost RBIThe title of the teammateAlfredo DespineHowever, he could not participate in the subsequent games and missed the title.However, batting average .310, 31 home runs, 99 RBIs, on-base percentage .426 and batting average, home runs, and RBIs in the three categories, which exceeded the previous year's results, is the third consecutive year.Highest base rateWon the title[115].

With Rakuten who was in danger of participating due to the above injuryClimax seriesHas participated in the regular season from Round 10 on October 22nd, not as the 5rd batter, but as the "3st / center fielder". He was the first batter in the bottom of the first inning and made an infield hit to make a foothold for the first goal.Japan seriesAdvance to[116].Yokohama DeNA BaystarsAlso participated in the Japanese series with "No. 1 and medium-sized hands". In the first match on October 10, the first batter in the back of the first inning hit the center with a hit, and the 28rd Despine's timely strike gave him the first goal and the fifth inning right before the right.[117]In the second round on October 10, he was the first batter in the bottom of the first inning and hit the base in front of the light, and scored the first goal with a timely hit of No. 29 Despaigne in two consecutive games. 2 points behind In the bottom of the 1th inning, in the scene of 2st and 3rd base, hit a timely hit in front of the center approaching 2 point difference[118].. In the third round on October 10, the first batter on the table in the first inning was a base hit with a hit before the right, secondKenta ImamiyaThe first ball was stolen in the at-bat. No. 4 Seiki Uchikawa's timely shot recorded the first goal score[119]..The team won the number one spot in Japan for the first time in two years. November 2th, with the third Mitsui Golden Glove Award in two years since 11[120]Received Best Nine on November 11th[121].. On December 12, the contract was renewed with a three-year contract with an estimated annual salary of 23 million yen, an increase of 5 million yen, which is the first Japanese player in Hawks to exceed 2 million.[122][Note 2].

2018/Remained strong from the opening, and became the 4th person (21th time) in the history of Japanese professional baseball in the Nippon-Ham match on April 65.Cycle hitsAchieved[125].. On June 6th, the back of the right thigh was injured in the Sino-Japanese battle of the exchange game, and from the next day 8 games were played with the right wing or the left wing from the next day, but during that time I lost my temper[126],All Star Game 2018In the fan vote of, both leagues got the most votes for the third consecutive year[127].. On September 9, during the pre-match practice before the direct confrontation with the top Seibu, the batting ball of the bait practice by Seibu hit the left side of the head directly, was transported to the hospital by an ambulance, and the bruise was diagnosed by inspection, and the next 16 On the dayConcussionSpecial measures were applied, the registered players were deleted, and they returned on the 23rd.[128].. Finally batting average .352, 36 home runs, 102 RBI. Recorded a career high on home run and RBI, and the second time in three yearsLeading batterAnd the fourth time in a row for four consecutive yearsHighest base rateWon two personal titles[129].. The batting average of .350 or more is recorded for the 11th time in history.[130]Was the 5th player in history to score 5 batting averages for 11 consecutive years[131][Note 3].. In addition, he recorded the league top in both base run rate and long hit rate, but this has won both divisions for the fourth consecutive year,Sadaharu OhSecond only to history[132].. In the postseason,Climax seriesBatting .450, 2 homers, 8 RBIs and batting line in the final stage[133].. ContinueJapan seriesThen, while breaking the bat in the 5th inning of the 10th round, he showed an activity of hitting a goodbye home run.[134]Selected as an excellent player[135].. Off, they both won the Golden Grab Award for the fourth time and the best nine with full votes.[136][137].. After the first year of the three-year contract, the contract was renewed on December 3st, when the contract was renewed with an estimated annual salary of 1 million yen + volume, an increase of 12 million yen.[122].

2019/In the match against Lotte held at the base Yakuoku Dome on April 4, he complained of discomfort on the back of his left knee and was replaced on the way.The next day, I was examined and was diagnosed with "left semimembranosus tendon injury (strain)" and was deregistered.[138]。当初は全治3週間程度と見込まれていたが、想定以上に回復に時間がかかり、実戦復帰は遅くなった。シーズン前半はわずか9試合の出場で、31打数11安打の打率.355、4本塁打14打点という成績だったが、ファン投票で33万1,338票を集め外野手部門3位でオールスターに選出されたが[139], Declined due to breakdown[140].. When returning to the actual battle in the Western League game against Hiroshima on August 8[141]Returned to the 8st Army against Orix on August 21st[142]..However, from the beginning of September, the right elbow started to hurt.[143]It was far from perfect, and in the end, 38 games, 128 at bats, 37 hits, batting average .289, and 7 home runs, 23 RBIs.

On November 11th, off, he underwent right elbow arthroscopic free body resection and synovectomy.[144].. The contract renewal negotiations began on December 12, and the 25-year contract was renewed from the following year, which was scheduled to be the third year of the 3-year contract.For the first 3 years, the current contract will be extended, and the annual salary will not be reduced due to the variable annual salary system. + It became a volume. After the end of 7 years, he suggested that he would retire, saying, "It's the finish. That's it."[2].

2020/At the second bat at July 7 (to Seibu/Fukuoka PayPay Dome),Tatsuya ImaiHit right over from1000 hits in totalAchieved (306th person in history)[145].. Achievement in the 912th game is the fourth fastest in the history of the team (including the predecessor team)[146].. July 7st (on the Seibu/Fukuoka PayPay dome) three times, after hitting a baseballRyoya Kurihara OfTimely hitI went back to home base32 points per monthAchieved NPB Thailand record (3rd person in history)[147]. 巨人WithJapan seriesでは、第4戦では1回に決勝弾となる逆転1号2ランを放つなど4試合で14打数6安打、打率.429、1本塁打3打点と活躍し、優秀選手に選ばれた[148].. He contributed to the league championship for the first time in three years and the number one in Japan for the fourth consecutive year.[149]..First timeMost hitsIn addition to winning the title ofOPSHas achieved good results with batting average of 1nd place, home run 3rd place, and RBI 2rd place in 3st place, 3 major categories, Best Nine Award and Golden Glove Award, which is the 2th award for the first time in 5 years, and the 2015nd Pacific League since 2.・ Won the league MVP[150][151].. After the first year of the three-year contract, the contract was renewed on December 7st, when the contract was renewed with an estimated annual salary of 1 million yen + volume, an increase of 12 million yen.[152].

2021/Was the third batting order in the opening round (March 3, against Lotte, Fukuoka PayPay Dome), but on May 26th.GlacialAfter being deregistered in the 4st Army due to a breakdown, he was often appointed as No. 2.In addition, the second appointment was also conspicuous in order to make it an attack-oriented batting line. Achieved the 6th person in history to hit 12 home runs in the match against Yakult (Fukuoka PayPay Dome) on June 110.[153].. In the match against Lotte (ZOZO Marine) on June 6, the first matchAki SasakiHit a solo home run for the first time from[154]In the 9th inning, he hit a solo home run in season 1 which is the second run in one game for the first time in the season, and took the top position in the home run league alone.[155]..Immediately after the team's winning percentage fell below 5%, on July 7 (against Orix / Fukuoka PayPay Dome), a two-run reversal was released.[156]On the 11th (same as above), he hit two home runs in a row, leading the team to victory in both games and at the same time regaining the top position in the home run league alone.[157].Baseball competition of the 2020 Tokyo OlympicsAs a representative of Japan, participated in all 5 gamesgold medalContributed to[158].. In September, he won the 9th monthly MVP with a batting average of .22, 358 hits, 29 home runs, 4 RBIs and 14 stolen base in 1 games.[159].. With a batting average of .141 (300th in the league), 4 home runs (28rd in the league), and 3 RBIs (80th in the league) in 4 games, he is the sixth best nine for two consecutive years.[160], 6th Golden Glove Award[161]Won the award.

2022/, I hurt my left shoulder while running on the base in the game against Orix on April 4 immediately after the opening, and I was diagnosed with left shoulder cuffitis by MRI examination at the hospital, so I canceled the registration on April 5.[162].. Registered as an army on April 4[163].. In the match against Orix (PayPay Dome) on May 5, the starting lineup was completely suppressed to 3 hit in 20 at bats in the previous year's direct confrontation, and 1 at bats were not hit on that day as well.Yoshinobu YamamotoFrom 3-3, in the bottom of the 6th inning with 1 dead base, Yamamoto hit the 153km fastball, hit the left middle home run terrace back fence, and knocked out Yamamoto.Quality startThe continuous recording also stopped at 22.He reached 4000 at bats in this match and his batting average at this point was .3179.Aoki NobuchikaIt was ranked 5th in history after.

Characteristics as a player

From off 2013Triple threeIs the goal[164][165]Produces T-shirts for Off 2014[166][167].. In 2015, we achieved the triple three promised.

All star gamesIn the fan voting of from 2016 to 2018IchiroIt has recorded the most votes in both leagues for the third consecutive year since then.[168].. In 2019, he developed left semimembranosus tendon injury early in the season and was selected as the third place in the outfielder category with 9 votes, despite having played only nine games before the ball feast.[140].


From 2015 to 2018, he has ranked first in the league for both base run rate and long hit rate for four consecutive years. this isSadaharu OhIt is the second record in the history of professional baseball next to[169][170].. In addition, it represents the outstanding degree of the score generated by the batter per turn at batwRC +But for the fourth consecutive year, I've been in the league first place[171], Often referred to as "the world's strongest hitter"[172][173].. In the three years from 2015 to 2017, we also recorded the most league four balls at the same time, and in 3Sadaharu OhEstablished NPB record for 18 consecutive games[174].

Batting form in high schoolNorihiro NakamuraIt was a one-footed method that imitated. After becoming a university student,Tomonori KanemotoI said that I would like to use a simple skating method like[14]Changed to a form in which the right foot is smoothly forwarded in reference to foreign players in the 2011 off Puerto Rico Winter League[175].. In the 2018 open game, the outfield defense runner coachMuramatsu AritoFrom "Tuffy RoseI am temporarily changing to a form that says ``I like it'' and prepares the bat to lie overhead[176].

With the center of gravity left on the left foot, it is possible to hit a strong ball to the left wing in the opposite direction with a hit that combines daringness and softness, achieving both outstanding distance and high batting average in the ball world.[177].. "Pull in the opposite direction"[178]Home runs to wide-angle lenses, also known asHideki Matsui"It has never been seen by Japanese until now that the distance from the center is in the opposite direction."[179].Atsushi FurutaSaid, "Although the flight distance is good, you can fly to the stand even if you hit it slightly," he said, and batting that gives a flight distance like Yanagita is necessary to give children romance.[180].

If you are an ordinary batter, the ground ball, which has a high probability of being out, will pass through the infield from the speed of the hit ball, and even if you do not pass through, you will hit quickly. Until 2016, Lotte had adopted the "Yanagita Shift," which tends to pull extremely and moves the fielder in the light direction where the ball is easy to fly.[181]However, the rate of pulling has decreased and the number of hits in the opposite direction has increased with each passing year.[182].

In 2015, the percentage of batting excluding bunts was 57%, which was a majority, exceeding the league average of 47%, and it was a ground ball hitter with a higher probability of hitting a ball than an average batter.[183].. This trend continued in 2016, and because it is a type that does not raise the hit ball so much, it was said that it is a batter who is hard to increase home runs for power.[184].. However, in 2017, as a result of changing to a swing conscious of reducing goro and increasing high fly, the ratio of goro out 2016 / fly out 138 in 62 was goro out 8 / fly out 24 and fly as of August 82. The percentage of outs is increasing, and he says, "If you hit the ground, it is better to strike out"[185][186].

In "2011 Power Hitter No. 12 Selected by 4 Professionals" in "Sport!" Broadcast on December 2011, 100, despite not hitting home runs or even one hit in the 1st Army at that time.Hirokazu InabaWas picked up as an out-of-ranked player with one vote.Ibata commented, "I was surprised to bring it to the back screen lightly (in the second army). I don't know anything about it, but I thought the power I had was a little extraordinary."[187]..Ibata later ranked him in the No. 2021 position in the Japanese active category in the power ranking in a video released in September 9.[188].

Kiyohara KazuhiroMasumi KuwataIn the CM of "SKY PerfecTV!", which was aired in 2013, when both of them planned to form a team by selecting ideal members from the active players, Yanagita had no plate prepared in the mid-sized division. Kiyohara wrote his name directly on the whiteboard and introduced, "I found a great guy at the camp. I think the swing speed is the fastest for Japanese people."[189].

January 2012Koji AkiyamaTaken by the director,Obihiro Forest Baseball FieldBefore the match against Nippon HamItoi YoshioSaw the batting practice[190]With that, with AkiyamaSadaharu OhParticipated in Itoi's voluntary training since off 2013 with the recommendation of the chairman.[191].. Itoi says about Yanagida, "probably the most Japanese. Bakemon."[192]"I think Gita is about two steps higher in flight distance."[193]It has said. From 2018Masahisa YoshidaWe are doing voluntary training in addition to[194].

Base run/defense

Although it is a manual measurement at the 2015 spring camp50 metersShunshi who recorded 5 seconds 55[195].. Excellent in pure foot speed, boasting a wide stride and leg strength that makes use of your physique[196].. Armed with fast running base[197]In 15, played the first-ever hitter batter and triple three at the same time[198].. UBR, which aims for base running ability, has been in the league top 2014 for four consecutive years since 4, and has excellent running and stealing abilities, recording first place in 3.[199].

Long cast records 125 meters[200].. Shoulder strength is the selling point[201]When it was thrown from the mound, it recorded 144 km/h, and although he said that he was "amateur", the control was disjointed, but when using a ball with a measuring function, the number of rotations was 2300 rpm.NorimotoIt was average[202].. The fastest was 148km/h measured during college[203].

Armed with outfield defenses that make use of strong shoulders and speed[204]It is also said thatDELTA OfSaber metricsThe defensive evaluation by analysts based on the ranking is 2016th out of 12 among the centers of 12 teams in 10.[205]In 2017, it was the lowest among the 500 players who defended more than 11 innings, and it was said that "Unlike the reputation, the defensive contribution is not large compared to the center fielders of other teams."[206].. In the overall defensive evaluation by DELTA analysts in 2018, it was ranked 11th out of 5 people, slightly inferior to the average in the defensive range, and it is said that the farther the ball is hit from the fixed position, the less likely it is to be caught compared to other center fielders. To.On the other hand, it is the first place in the prevention of advancement by arm rating.[207].. At UZR in 2020Koshimoto KojiNext to the 8nd place out of 2 center fielders[2].


Uncle (father'sCousin) Is the originalNishitetsu Lions-Pacific Club LionsKintetsu BuffaloesWas a pitcherYutaka Yanagita[208][209].

I'm from Hiroshima city, so I'm a big fan of myself and othersHiroshima Toyo CarpI'm a fan and many times since I was a childFormer Hiroshima City StadiumI went to.He even participated in the famous "Squat Support" and called himself "Carp Boys".[210].. I like the Hawks that I belong to, but I commented that I wouldn't become a Hawks fan because I was a fan because I wanted to see the victory of Carp.[211][212].. Longing playerKenjiro Nomura[63][213].

TeammatesHiiragi Ishikawa-Chiga UniversityAnd RakutenMasahiro TanakaAs well asMomoiro Clover ZIs a fan of (Mononov). He has been to live performances and says, "Momokuro is always polite and polite and human."[214].. A total of 13 songs from Momoiro Clover Z are used for the at-bat appearance songs (#Appearance songSee). In 2016, the original player appearance song for Yanagita "Shin Luka Anti LukaWas provided by the group[215].. It was my favorite memberAri AnkaSince he left in January 2018, the chances of using Momoiro Clover Z's songs have decreased, but in the extra time of the 1th round of the Japan Series in the same year, ``Kaito Girl", And hit a goodbye home run at that turn at bat.[216].

Announced that they got married in July of the same year on November 2015, 11[217].. On January 2016, 1, it was reported that the first baby girl was born on 20th of the same month.[218].

In Kumamoto, we receive questions from elementary school students in a talk show format at nine baseball classes in Kyushu sponsored by the baseball team, and ask Yanagida, who is married and has children, a rare question, "Do you have a boyfriend?" While laughing at the elementary school students, he answered "I don't have a boyfriend?" And asked "Are there any scary players?"Tomomi Takahashipitcher. I'm scared because I can hit a dead ball."[219].

In 2017 season,Hero interviewAt the time ofinterviewerEvery time I was asked about the favorable factors, I repeatedly answered that it was a "gentle heart"[220], When it suffered mentally in the beginning of May due to sickness,Kimiyasu KudoIt started when the director screamed in his chest and said, "Let's spend your day in your heart calmly today." The "ritual" continued every day.[221].

Special skill isBowlingMy personal best is 267. After college, I went straight to the bowling alley after practice[10].

Boat rider OfRyuta MineFans. From around 2016Boat racingIt is said that he liked (boat race), and in December 2019Suminoe Boat RacecourseI met Mine at the event at[222].. otherTakayuki Ishino/Kiryu Junpei/Uryu MasayoshiThere is also a relationship with such players, and sometimes they share voluntary training with a boat racer they know.[223].

Off voluntary training

In the past (mentioned above), I was allowed to participate in the winter voluntary training of Yoshio Itoi during the Orix era, and I am willing to carry out joint voluntary training with young people regardless of team.[224].. 2021 is the same SoftbankYusuke Masago,Kenta Tanigawara, Lotte'sHisanori Yasuda,Kyodai Fujiwara[225].. In 2022SagaUreshino CitySo, in addition to the previous year's members Masago, Tanigawara, Yasuda, Nippon-HamKiyomiya Kotaro, SeibuDaisuke TogawaAlso participated.However, it was later revealed that all of them were infected with the new coronavirus during the camp and showed a positive reaction.[226].

Detailed information

Hit results by year


Every time
















2011Softbank6551000000000000030. 000. 000. 000. 000
20126821219517481015751861201025562. 246. 300. 385. 685
201310433729848881921114441101003207963. 295. 377. 483. 860
201414461552491166184152377033603725161318. 317. 413. 452. 865
2015138605502110182311343179932801884141019. 363. 469. 6311.101
20161205364288213131418224732320010028978. 306. 446. 523. 969
20171305514489513930131264991470789871236. 310. 426. 5891.016
201813055047595167295363141022170562481058. 352. 431. 6611.092
2019381571281737617662341002821284. 289. 420. 516. 936
2020119515427901462352926686720384811032. 342. 449. 6231.071
2021141593516951553622827980600269861226. 300. 388. 541. 929
Total: 11 years113846763946741125923326214218669115635221634437396556. 319. 421. 554. 975
  • At the end of the 2021 season
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league

Hit results by year


Every time





201123Pacific League----------
2014263 bit3 bit-8 bit-10 bit2 bit2 bit10 bit4 bit
2015271 bit2 bit6 bit-3 bit3 bit2 bit1 bit1 bit1 bit
2016285 bit-3 bit7 bit-10 bit4 bit1 bit1 bit1 bit
2017292 bit8 bit3 bit-3 bit2 bit8 bit1 bit1 bit1 bit
2018301 bit3 bit6 bit7 bit2 bit4 bit7 bit1 bit1 bit1 bit
2020322 bit1 bit6 bit3 bit3 bit3 bit-3 bit1 bit1 bit
2021334 bit2 bit2 bit-3 bit4 bit-5 bit3 bit3 bit
  • -Is less than 10th place.

Olympic batting results


Every time
















2020Japan521202510062000010050. 250. 286. 300

Defensive results by year

Every time






2011Softbank20000. 000
201262113010. 991
2014144273661. 979
2015132272741. 986
2016120247640. 984
2017130233611. 996
2018127248833. 988
20193360341. 940
2020102192251. 975
2021128183772. 964
total10371928483511. 983
  • At the end of the 2021 season
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the most league
  • Bold year TheGolden Grab AwardAward




First record
Record of milestone
  • 100 home runs: June 2017, 6, 23th round against Saitama Seibu Lions (Fukuoka Yahoo Auctions! Dome), 10thKatsunori HiraiTo the right Nakagoshi 2 runs *The 283rd person in history[232]
  • 150 home runs: October 2018, 10, 5th round against Orix Buffaloes (Kyocera Dome Osaka), 4 timesDaiki TomeiTo Saikou solo *170th person in history[233]
  • 1000 hits: July 2020, 7, 28th round against Saitama Seibu Lions (Fukuoka PayPay Dome), 7rd roundTatsuya ImaiFrom right to hit ※The 306th person in history[231]
  • 1000 games participation: July 2021, 3, vsChiba Lotte Marines3rd round (Fukuoka PayPay Dome), starting pitcher in 3rd and center field * 509th person in history[230]
  • 200 home runs: August 2021, 6, vs.Tokyo Yakult SwallowsRound 2 (Fukuoka PayPay Dome), in the bottom of the 4thYasuhiro OgawaFrom left Nakagoshi solo * 110th person in history[234]
  • 1000 strikeouts: May 2022, 5, against Chiba Lotte Marines 20th round (Fukuoka PayPay Dome), in the bottom of the 9thTayron GuerreroFrom the strikeout * 73th in history[235]
Other records
  • Triple three: 2015 *10th person in history
    • Triple Three and top hitter, and batting average .350 and Triple Three achieved in the same year are the only ones in history
    • Achieved triple three from both leagues in the same year (Tokyo Yakult Swallows in the Central League)Tetsuto YamadaAchieved) in 1950Yoshiyuki Iwamoto-Kaoru BettotoSecond time in 65 years since then
  • Batting average .350, 35 home runs 20 stolen bases: 2018 *Fumio Fujimura,Makoto KozuruThe third person in history after (both in 1950)
    • Twice 2% 3 20 stolen bases in the Pacific LeagueHiroyuki NakajimaSixth person since then, in the teamTokuharu Iida-Makoto SasakiThe third person after.The only top hitter in history to hit 3-20 twice
    • Twice 2% 3 30 stolen basesAota Noboru-Koji Yamamoto・ The fourth person in history after Yamada, the only person in history to do 4-3 twice in 5% 20 minutes or more.
  • 18 consecutive walks: 2016 *Sadaharu Oh,Barry BondsWorld record Thailand alongside[236]
  • 32 points per month: July 2020 * Third person in history, NPB tie record (other achievers are May 7)Hirose UnkoAnd in August 2013Shuichi Murata[237]
  • Cycle hits: April 2018, 4, 21th round of Nippon Ham Fighters against Hokkaido (Sapporo Dome) *5th person in history (65th time)
  • Top batting average, highest on-base percentage, highest slugging percentage at the same time: 2 times (2015, 2018) * King (5 times),Nagashima Shigeo,Hiromitsu OchiaiNPB 3th place tie after (4 times) (OtherIsao Harimoto,Randy Bath
  • League maximum score: 4 times *Fukumoto YutakaSecond place in the Pacific League after Thailand, Sadaharu Oh only twice in a row for more than two years
  • The most walks in the league for 3 consecutive years *Yasumitsu Toyota, Fukumoto, Ochiai, the longest Pacific League Thailand
  • Maximum slugging percentage: 4 times in a row for 5 yearsFutoshi NakanishiPacific League Thailand record lined up in
  • Season batting average 3%: 5 times for 7 consecutive years * Pacific League 5th place tie for 8 consecutive years, team record. 7 timesHiromitsu KadotaSecond place in the history of the team after (8 times)
  • Season 150 hits: 4 times * In the teamNobuhiko Matsunaka,Uchikawa Seiichi5rd place Thailand after (3 times)
  • All star gamesParticipation: 6 times (2014-2018, 2021) * Although elected in 2019, participation declined

Uniform number

Representative history

Appearance song

Current song


Past songs

Related information




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