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⚾ | President is a “fan from the Nishitetsu era” Why Belluna acquired the naming rights for Seibu headquarters

Photo Seibu held a press conference on the 17th and announced that it would change the name of its home base to "Belluna Dome" [Photo: Provided by the team]

The president is a "fan from the Nishitetsu era" Why Belluna acquired the naming rights of Seibu headquarters

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From March 2017, MetLife Life Insurance Co., Ltd. acquired the naming right and moved to "MetLife Dome".

"MetLife Dome" will be "Belluna Dome" from March Seibu will hold a press conference in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture on the 3th. → Continue reading


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MetLife Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Seibu Dome

Seibu Dome(Seibu Dome) isJapan OfSaitamaTokorozawa[Annotation 1]It is inDome Stadium..In the southwestern part of Saitama prefectureSayama HillsIt is located in a location surrounded by greenery. From March 2022Berna Naming rightsAnd the nameBelluna DomeAnd

Professional baseball-Pacific League(Pa League)Saitama Seibu LionsIs based in. The facility isSeibu RailwayOwned and owned by Seibu Lions Co., Ltd. (Some facilities operation, management, security, cleaning workCooperationExternal toConsignment).

Initially there is no roofSeibu Lions StadiumIt was (Seibu Lions Kyujo), but later a roof was erected and it became a dome stadium. Before the dome constructionSeibu StadiumThe popular name is often used, and the station name of the nearest station remains unchanged after the dome construction.Seibu Stadium Station.


Instead of building a structure such as a stand on flat groundHilly areaA method of digging down the pit to install a structure is used, and a stand is provided using the slope of the digging portion. Due to the digging ceremony, the spectators enter through the central entrance at the back of the outfield back screen, and the traffic lines are guided to each seat via the sloped passage around the outfield stand. Therefore, to go to the seats around the back net, it takes about half a round of the stand, but for the spectators who use the box seats on the back of the net, a dedicated entrance is installed separately.

As the lowest cost and most environmentally friendly stadium in the existing dome stadiumSeibu GroupIs promoting as a "stadium coexisting with the natural environment". In addition, the "Sai no Kuni S landscape Award" was awarded to Saitama Prefecture for recognizing buildings with excellent scenery, which are highly evaluated for the parts that utilize the rich nature of the Sayama Hills.1999/Has been awarded.

Because there is no wall surface, it is the only one in JapanOutside the venueHome runDome Baseball StadiumIt is.2001/から2007/Until then belonged to Seibu LionsAlex CabreraOften struck off-site bullets. Also, depending on the weather conditions, rain blows into the upper seats, and thunder can be heard at the same level as outdoors.

Due to its location on the inland Sayama Hills, it is cold in early spring and autumn, and it is hot and humid in the summer during night games. This tendency became more pronounced because the sun was blocked by the dome, making it easier for hot air and moisture to accumulate. Measures against the cold in early spring, autumn and rain, but in the summerheatstrokeMeasures are needed. Since there is no forced ventilation facility (there are several large electric fans that take in the outside air, the effect is limited), there is dampness during precipitation and sometimes in the field.(I.e.Can be put in.Since there are no walls, the sun shines during the day game.Due to the harsh heat, unlike other all-weather domes, day games are not held in the summer.In addition, since many Sugi trees are planted in the surrounding area, a large amount of Sugi pollen will be scattered during the open battle in early spring.When watching the open game in early spring, you must also take measures against pollinosis.

On the smoke separation surface2021/The smoking area was moved to the roof of the Shishi Building, and the smoking situation was improved.However, in the past, smoking areas could not be set up inside the roof of the dome due to the provisions of the Fire Service Act, so smoking areas were set up in areas not covered by the roof in both the inner and outer fields.However, there is no separate building with air conditioning such as a smoking room, and since it is a simple form in which an ashtray is installed in the open air, cigarette smoke may flow into the passage or stand depending on the wind direction, and complete smoke separation. It has not been converted.

2008/Up until the same as many other stadiums, the first-base side bench was for the home team,2009/From the degree, the 3rd base side near various facilities such as the baseball team office, practice field, training camp, etc. is used for the home.[Annotation 2]..Regarding this bench change, a former Seibu player and a team memberTaisei TakagiAs mentioned above, various facilities are concentrated on the third base side, securing a flow line when spectators enter and leave, and various stores and facilities are better than the first base side. In addition to the service improvement, it was explained that the main purpose was to establish a new sub-locker room for Seibu players behind the third base bench. Seibu's main locker room is located in the upper ridge behind the backnet, so it is far from the bench, and although players have long requested that a locker room be installed behind the bench, this is a structural problem of the stand. Since it was difficult to secure space near the first-base side bench, it was decided to install various equipment on the third-base side bench, which had a structural margin.[1].


Originally "Seibuen Stadium"[2]Small scaleStadium(1963/Completion), mainlyAmateur baseball gameIn addition to being used inNippon Professional Baseball (NPB)Second Army Battle (Eastern LeagueThe official game) was also held, albeit slightly.


Below isAerial photographyComparison by.

For the purpose of changing to a stadium for rent that can also hold the official game of NPB1978/From June, we started the renovation work of Seibuen Velodrome.

On the other hand,Yoshiaki TsutsumiServes as President and Representative DirectorNational land planThen, it was an affiliated company at that timePrince HotelToAdult baseballteam(Prince Hotel Koshiki Baseball Club) Is planned to be formed.The renovated stadium was also considered to be used as an activity base for the club.However, I was suffering from financial difficultiesFukuoka baseball(Crown writer lions) To acquire Lions ownership in October 1978NPB Commissioner(At the timeKaneko sharpIn response to a request from such as, the concept of using the stadium was changed.After actually acquiring the ownership, after changing the team name to "Seibu Lions"HeadquartersTheChuo Ward, Fukuoka City OfHeiwadai StadiumAnnounced that it will move to the new stadium after renovation[3]..Tsutsumi is my father (the founder of Seibu Group)Kojiro Tsutsumi) Has strictly ordered me not to manage a professional baseball team.[Annotation 3]However, it was decided that "it is not possible to hold games throughout the season at a rental stadium that only attracts existing NPB baseball teams, so it is more profitable to own the baseball team by yourself through the acquisition of the Crown baseball team and use it as a base." It is said that he decided to own the baseball team[4].

The model of the stadium isDodger Stadiumso,Yoshiro IkeharaIs in charge of the design.Waseda University Baseball ClubOf the national land planning employee (at that time) who was seconded as a director toKenichi Ishiyama[Annotation 4]However, a design advisor was commissioned by Tsutsumi.When Ishiyama accompanied the Seibuen stadium on the bank, he noticed that the scenery in the outfield direction from the infield stand was good. "From the infield stand, you can see the mountains of Sayama (normal)Unesco villageIf you are going to build a new stadium (after dismantling the Seibuen stadium), it is better to place the stadium in the opposite direction to the Seibuen stadium in order to take advantage of this landscape.If you change the direction, it will be easier for the sun to enter the fielder's eyes in the day game, but if the fielder wears sunglasses, it's okay, "he advised Tsutsumi.Tsutsumi incorporated this proposal into the layout of the new stadium.[4][5].

In addition, Ishiyama went on an American expedition in 1978 as a director of the Waseda University baseball club.[Annotation 5]Inside, I witnessed the construction site of a stadium integrated with baseball-related facilities.In addition, he undertook the renovation work of Seibuen Velodrome.Seibu constructionAt the request ofDodger StadiumWhen you reach out,Los Angeles DodgersOf the staff (at that time)Iku IkuharaI got the blueprint of the stadium from.At the time when the stadium design advisor was commissioned by the bank, he said, "I didn't know that the bank was planning to own the baseball stadium." Was there.So, based on my experience on the US expedition, I approached Ikehara with the idea of ​​a facility equipped with a subground, training camp, and indoor practice area.In addition, "the spectators are watching the game as if they were coaches, so I want to leave the fun of inferring the coach's strategy from the practice scene of the relief pitcher in a visible form," so the first and third bases. After separating the infield stand on the side and the foul zone with a wire meshbull-penRecommended to use for bank. He turned to Tsutsumi, who insisted that he should make a bullpen on the subground and then move the relief pitcher on a scooter according to the development of the game.[Annotation 6].

On the other hand, Tsutsumi requested Ikehara through Ishiyama to keep the height of the outfield fence to 180m, saying that "the real thrill of baseball is that an outfielder with a height of 2cm jumps up and picks up a home run ball."Sumo wrestlingMasuIshiyama was also instructed to install a box seat for a group of four people on the back of the net.In the end, Ikehara reflected all of the above ideas in the design of the stadium.SubgroundSeibu Second Stadium-Seibu third stadium, The training camp was built as "Seibu Lions (first) Wakashishi Dormitory"[4]..By the way, the Seibu Group is spending a total of 50 billion yen on a series of construction works.[6].

Seibu Lions, with Yoshiaki Tsutsumi as the owner, will join the NPB team after the end of the 1978 season.Pacific LeagueJoined.The new stadium after the renovation will be the home of the Seibu baseball stadium.Seibu Lions StadiumWith the name1979/Opened in.However, due to the fact that the completion was delayed until just before the start of the NPB regular season,Open battleUse in[Annotation 7] ..The Kokeraotoshi match is the official match of the league on April 4 (Seibu vs. Seibu)Nippon HamDay game)Prime Minister OfFukuda Yoshio(Tsumi's marriage mediator) appears at the opening ceremony.In Seibu, a newcomer (first draft member)Mori ShigekazuHe entrusted the pitcher with the starting mound, but after the fielders recorded 7 missteps, he lost to Nippon-Ham 1 to 7.[6]..At the beginning of the opening, there were strict restrictions on the advertisements posted in the hall, so no company advertisements were seen from the ground except for the scoreboard.


Seibu Stadium was opened as an outdoor stadium, but it was supposed to have a roof at the design stage.According to Ishiyama, a stadium adviser, around the stadiumYamaguchi Reservoir (Sayama Lake),Murayama Reservoir (Lake Tama)It is said that it was assumed after predicting that the sky above the stadium would be a path for rain clouds because of the existence of[4].

On the other hand, the Seibu baseball team temporarily opened the dome stadium.Odaiba(Minato-ku, TokyoThe plan was to relocate the base from Seibu Stadium on the condition that it be constructed in a landfill site.However, in the 23 wards of Tokyo at that time, three NPB baseball teams had already set up the headquarters of one army.[Annotation 8]As a result, there were a series of concerns about the need to obtain the approval of the above-mentioned team, the backlash from local fans, the high construction costs, and the decrease in sales of Seibu Railway, a group company.In the end, in line with the design assumptions of Seibu Stadium, it was decided to respond with an unusual construction in Japan, "building a roof on an existing outdoor facility."

Construction was carried out over two phases during the 1997 and 1998 NPB off-seasons. Since the stainless metal roof was installed above the spectators' seats in the first construction in 2, the construction was completed.Seibu DomeIt was renamed.However, since the field part was not covered with a roof in the first construction, it was canceled in the rain one after another in the 1 season game while calling itself "dome".[Annotation 9].

Since the membrane roof was also installed on the field in the second construction in 1998,1999/In addition, it restarted as the 5th dome stadium in Japan.The field, which was 95m on both wings and 120m in the middle since the opening, was expanded to 100m on both wings and 122m in the middle with this construction.[7]..By the way, the first home run after the dome was made by Seibu on March 1th of the same year.巨人Of the giant in the open battleHideki MatsuiHas recorded.

The 145m-diameter membrane roof weighs 2100t and was lifted up to a height of 3m with 37.3 wires in about 100 days.[7]..The design supervision at this time was an architectYoshiro IkeharaWent[7].

The membrane roof after the dome stadium is supported by pillars extending from the top of the stand, but unlike other dome stadiums, it is natural from the gap because it was erected in a design that does not create a wall between the roof and the stand. It is designed to take in air.Therefore, it is rare for a dome stadium, and no air conditioning equipment is installed in the stadium.[Annotation 10]..In addition, the possibility that the scheduled game will be canceled due to rain disappeared when the second construction was completed.However,typhoonMatches that were organized on days when abnormal weather is expected, such as, may be canceled due to special reasons (consideration for the safety of athletes and spectators and suspension of transportation).[Annotation 11].

2007-2008 refurbishment

Although it was transformed into a dome, the facilities for the audience have not been radically renovated since it opened. Because of the digging stand, all the shops and toilets were concentrated along the aisle at the top of the stand, and there was no such facility inside the stand. Therefore, in order for the audience to use various equipment, it is necessary to go up and down stairs,Barrier-freeHas been pointed out for many years. New baseball stadiums were built at the bases of other baseball teams, and new equipment was built up one after another at the existing baseball stadiums. Was also sluggish.

Meanwhile, the Seibu baseball team launched the "Seibu Lions Charter" in 2007, which states the principles of compliance and community-based team management.May 8Established. Among them, the stadium facility was stipulated as “creating a stadium into a comfortable “touching space”.” In accordance with this, it was decided to start full-scale facility renovation, and large-scale renovation work started from the same year off. After all, in the same year, the number of spectators in the same year was 12 teams worst due to the poor team performance.The details of the renovation are as follows.Later). After the first renovation, the 2008 season was able to record a significant increase in spectator mobilization, up 29.3% from the previous year, due to the good performance of the team.

Phase 1 construction

2008/By March, full-colored scoreboard, new artificial turf "Astrostage MJ" replacement, rubber fence change, used by audienceWCWas also renewed. The audio equipment has also been changed to a new medium-sized line array speaker so that clear sound can be heard far away. The total construction cost is 13 billion yen. In the second phase constructionField sheetThe foul area and bullpen have been refurbished in preparation for installation.

Phase 2 construction

Subsequently, the second phase of construction began in mid-November 2008. A part of the infield stand was cut open and a restaurant, a shop, a toilet, and a nursing room were installed inside the middle tier. AlsoElevatorBarrier-free, such as by installing a Terrace seatsField sheetWas also installed. This second phase construction was carried out with a total construction cost of 2 billion yen.[8]. The stadium after the rehabilitation was unveiled for the first time in the open game with the giant on March 2009, 3, but the field seats and terrace seats were in service after the opening of the regular season base on April 27. Also, bench seats on both the first and third base sidesSumie IndustryIt was replaced with one made by[9].

Prior to this second phase of construction, preparatory work for the expansion of the above-mentioned various facilities was carried out from the end of May of the same year, and part of the upper section of the infield stand on the 2st and 5rd base side (infield designated B seat) About 1 seats) was closed and the embankment was opened. Same yearMay 5 OfSep-pa Exchange Battle·versusChunichi DragonsDuring the period from the war to the end of the same season, no tickets were issued for the construction works.

2017-Renovation and redevelopment in 2021

As a project to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Seibu Lions in 2018, from the end of 2017 to the spring of 2021, ground-level spectator seats, stores and aisles around the stadium, second stadium and second military facilities, player dormitories, etc. Implemented a large-scale redevelopment of[10][11][12]..As part of this, chairs have been permanently installed since the 2021 season in the lawn area (lawn seats), which has occupied most of the outfield stands since the opening.Details later).

Equipment outline

Stadium data

  • Location: 2135 Kamiyamaguchi, Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture
  • Capacity: 31,552[13].
  • Total floor area: 42,541m2
  • Both wings: 100 m, Mid-size: 122 m (1999 -)
    (Until 1998, both wings: 95 m, mid-size: 120 m)
  • Outfield fence height: 3.2 m (midsize)-4.37 m (both wings) (1999 -)
  • Ground area: 12,631.29m2(2009 -)
    (1998m until 13,3002, From 1999 to 2007 13,860m2, 2008 was 12,686 m2
  • Inner and outer fields: Artificial turf for baseball (MizunoMS Craft Baseball Turf, MizunoSekisui ResinJoint development of the company) (2016 -)
  • Scoreboard: Full colorLED(PanasonicMade, height 13m x width 46m x 1 side) (2021-)


As a stadium that meets international standards, the size is 100m for both wings, and 122m for mid-size, which is common in Japan. At the beginning of the opening, the wings were 95 m wide and the mid-sized 120 m, which was the widest stadium in 1979, but in the 1990s, other stadiums became one after another to meet international standards, so the stand was cut down with the construction of the dome. Is1999/Has been expanded to the current size. There is a remnant on the stand at the foul pole.

The ground is entirely artificial grass from the beginning. Initially, the pile length was short, and the field color was a vivid one-sided green called "really artificial turf". Also, in the rear of the home baseLions“Leo”, a pet mark, was drawn on the first base foul zone, and it has been popular with fans for many years.2008/The artificial turf was completely re-covered and the new Astro Stage MJ artificial turf was adopted. This is a combination of two types of turf of different lengths that bring the scenery and functions closer to natural turf, and at first glance it has a natural atmosphere like natural turf. At the time of this replacement, the team logo and the paint of Leo mark were once abolished due to consideration of bench change, but only the team logo is the Lions uniform sponsor behind the home base from 2009.NikeIt was revived side by side with the logo mark of. The baseball logo was on the third base, but this was soon abolished. As of 2015, the team logo has been designed on the third base bench. It was on the outfield fenceNikeThe logo has been discontinued since the 2015 season.2015/The artificial turf has been completely replaced from mid-December. This is the first home base of a Japanese professional baseball team,MizunoCompanySekisui Resin"MS Craft Baseball Turf", an artificial turf for baseball, jointly developed by the company[14].. This is a shape that does not deteriorate over time, and that suppresses the scattering of the filler when bouncing the ball compared to the conventional one, and the color is a two-tone color type with the infield part earth-colored.

bull-penIs outside the foul ground on the outfield side and is fenced off from the playing field. This fence used to be only wire mesh,2001/ToHiroshi HiraoWhen processing the foul fly,Spike shoesRubber was added to the lower part because he was seriously injured due to the fact that his teeth were hooked on the wire mesh. Also the position2007/I used to be closer to home.

When the bullpen was first opened,Hot Motto Field Kobe (Kobe Sports Park Baseball Field),Nagano Olympic Stadium (Minami Nagano Sports Park Baseball Stadium)But it has been adopted. Hot Motto Field KobeField sheetThe position changed during the adoption of, but Seibu Dome has moved to a similar position in a manner that follows this.

The foul ground has been narrowed to near the specified value from 2008, and the ground area is 2009m from 12,631.29.2However, as of 2009, this number is the lowest on the home ground of the Japanese professional baseball team.


The outfield fence is a combination of rubber and wire mesh, and the height of the midfield is 3.2m. The rubber part gradually rises toward the seat part near the two-wing foul pole, but when the stand is scraped due to the expansion of the field, this changes the height of the fence according to the height of the cross section. This is because

2008/At the time of renovation before the season, "Skydex Wall Pad" manufactured by Promat, Inc. in the United States was used as a cushioning material for the infield and outfield fences. It is a combination of two types of urethane materials (soft polyurethane foam and thermoplastic urethane), and it has about 2 times the shock absorption power compared to conventional polyurethane pads.[15].

At the infield fence,2020/Until the season, a ball-proof net with a height of 5 m was installed above the rubber fence.However, due to the renovation work in the off-season of the same year, the height of the ball-proof net was increased to 20m.At the stage of formulating a repair plan, the Seibu baseball team conducted a simulation when the liner-type hit ball released by the batter from the turn at bat headed for the stand.Based on the simulation, we analyzed the data of the hitting speed and the gravity and air resistance applied to the hitting ball.As a result, when the height of the ball-proof net is extended to 20 m, the probability that the infield seat spectator can avoid the direct hit of the liner-type hit ball is 5% compared to the case where the conventional 96 m net is continuously installed. It turned out to rise[16].


At the time of constructionAmericaThen,Circular combined stadiumAt the same timeYokohama StadiumIs also circular, but the stadium has a traditional fan shape. There was no facility inside the stand due to the digging ceremony,2009/More facilities have been added inside.

The entrance gate was installed independently on the 1st and 3rd base sides from the beginning of the opening, and re-entry was permitted (there are shops and products only on either the 1st or 3rd base side, and behind the back net. The area is only accessible to the corresponding ticket purchaser). Both gates were removed after the end of the 2020 season, and a new main gate was established in 2021.[17](Re-entry is not possible).

Almost all infield seats, including unreserved seats, have cup holders.As mentioned above, because it is a digging type, you can access while watching the game through the outer passage and the passages in the middle and lower tiers of the infield stand.A standing space is set in the outer aisle by a white line, and a special ticket may be prepared at the time of congestion.The back of the back net is a special seat, the seat is leather-covered, there is a separate entrance, and at the time of victory, you can directly touch the players passing through Victory Road, which sets it apart from other spectator seats.This seat is sold in units of two instead of one.In addition, annual tickets are on sale for the bench side seats and the back of the back net.The back of the back net is sold as a box seat in units of 1 seats.In addition to this, there are suites that require advance reservations as special bleachers. From 2, "Doug Out Terrace" (terrace sheet) and "Field View Sheet" (field sheet) have been added. From 4, a "stainless steel counter" (standing seat with a stainless steel counter), which is rare as a baseball stadium watching space, has been installed on the upper stage of the infield stand on the first base side.[18].

Until 2019, when Seibu won, the players were pulling up to the locker through the stairs called "Victory Road" behind the back net, which was also a chance for fans to interact with the players. From 2021, with the construction of the premium lounge behind the back net, Victory Road also changed to a form that passes through a corner of the lounge (in 2020).New coronavirusVictory Road was not used even during Seibu's victory to prevent contact between fans and players due to the epidemic.)[19].. In addition,Visitor teamAnd when he couldn't win, Seibu had to climb the 108 steps behind the bench, but the stairs disappeared due to the opening of the lounge.[20].

For the outfield area, from the opening2020/For the past 42 years, most of the space was devoted to lawn seats.Seats with chaise longues were provided in the remaining space, but the number of seats was small and on the day of the Seibu battlePrivate cheering partyWas in the camp for support.The lawn seats before the domeNatural grassHowever, after the dome,Artificial grassIt has changed to.

The lawn seats before the dome are open to the general public on weekends and holidays during the official game, during the student's summer vacation, Seibu or the Pacific League championship of the competition team, because the protection of natural grass is prioritized. Matches that may be decided,Japan seriesWas limited to.A metal roof that covers the audience seats like a donut has been completed1998/The outfield seats were natural grass, but the lawn died because the amount of sunshine in the audience seats, which was shaded by the roof, dropped significantly.For this reason, when fixing the seat brought to the outfield seat with tape,Curing tapeWas only allowed to use.However, renovation work during the 2020 off-season[17]So, the lawn seats were completely converted to chair seats.Behind the light side, a new seat (140 seats) with a counter called "Light Panorama Terrace" was installed.[21].

In this construction, in addition to the "Light Panorama Terrace", the "Lions Premium Lounge" (a space that can accommodate up to 12 people at the same time), which is the largest permanent watching space behind the back net at the base of the NPB483 baseball team, will be behind the back net. The basement of the stand seats, "Premium Excite Seats" (sand-covered seats) 203 seats in front of the lounge, "Net back table 4" (group seats) "Net back counter seats" (seats with counters) "Net back reserved seats" The stand behind the back net[22], "L's Terrace Seat" directly above the XNUMXst and XNUMXrd base side dugout, "Lions Universal Deck" above the left wing area (near the base of the left wing of the scoreboard), "Visitor Universal Deck" above the right wing area (scoreboard right) (Near the base of the pillar), "Stainless steel counter" on the upper stage of the infield stand on the third base side[18]Newly established in each. The "Universal Deck" is a watching space with a ball-hitting defense plate that only wheelchair passengers and companions can enter. By providing similar spaces for the "Premium Excite Seat" and "L's Terrace Seat", you can ride in a wheelchair. The number of seats where you can watch the game as it is has been greatly increased from before the construction.[23].

In addition, in Seibu baseball team2021/FromThermos"Stainless steel counter" betweenMeito industry(Home lumbarConcluded a facility naming rights sponsorship contract for "Light Panorama Terrace" with the manufacturer of "Light Panorama Terrace".During the contract period, they will be operated as "THERMOS Stainless Counter" and "Mateau Home Lumber Light Panorama Terrace" respectively.[17][21][18].. same yearMay 7(Friday)Round 71 of the 1st NPB All-Star GameWas held,Priority measures such as prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infectionsWas issued by the Japanese government to Saitama Prefecture, so the number of admission tickets (tickets) sold was limited to 1.The holding of the All-Star game itselfRound 2019 of 2 (Hanshin Koshien Stadium)Despite being the first in two years since then, the total number of paying visitors was 2, the lowest in All-Star game history.[24].


Shops are scattered outside the upper aisle. Until 2018, there were shops that could not be used depending on the seat type because there was a ticket check at the boundary because the grade of seats increased in order from the entrance behind the back screen to the back of the back net (designated by Uchino). Shops in the seat area cannot be used with non-reserved seat tickets, but shops in the non-reserved seat area can be used with tickets for reserved seats in the infield). Ticket checks have been abolished from 2019 (checks when entering the outfield lawn area, field view seats, etc. will continue), and most seat restrictions have been removed (premium seat limited shops still exist).

From 2009, a shop called "L's Dining" has been added inside the middle section of the Uchino stand. E-money at the shops excluding some at the same timePASMO(And interoperable IC fare cards) are now available. Until 2019, a shop with a mobile sales car called a gourmet wagon was open outside the stadium.

In addition, you can receive "L points", which is a point service for Lions fan clubs, at almost all shops including gourmet wagons.The seller was not compatible, but from 2020, an "L point subsidy ticket" was distributed at the time of purchase, and it will be added when information is sent from the team official app or fan club My Page.

Until 2008, this stadiumCredit cardThere were a few beer sellers who could pay by. Handy typeCATI carry around a credit card processing terminal, and in my hatCredit Saison,visa,master CardHad three logos. In addition, as a result of the above-mentioned PASMO shop support, the seller's credit card support has ended.

Stadium advertisement

After the stadium opened,1997/Other than the ads on the scoreboard, of the fence standAdsHave been eliminated altogether.1998/For the first time, an advertising sign was installed on the roof of the stand (audience seat),1999/With the complete dome, four ads are attached to each fence on the left-right pole (increased thereafter).

In addition, the huge advertising billboards that are installed in the outfield seats of a normal dome stadium cannot be installed vertically, so a typical horizontally long billboard is used.2009/Had been installed until,2010/A huge signboard like another dome is displayed in a diagonal direction. Once installed on the ceiling on the left wing standNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.The player who hit the ball directly on the (JOQR) signboard was supposed to get a prize of 1000 million yen from the company, but no player achieved it.

In 2009, the signboard on the roof home base side was changed from an advertisement to a panel commemorating the season when Seibu became Japan's number one (including the Nishitetsu era, 2008 won the Asia Series).All championship year displays use the logo of the uniform number used for that year. From 2012 on the right sideKazuhisa Inao OfPermanent numberA panel was set up to honor "24".Both of these panels were posted until 2020 and were removed during the off-season of the same year.

Scoreboard vision

The scoreboard building opens2020/Until then, I continued to use the skeleton as it was while repairing the display part.On the pillars of the scoreboard, advertisements for the sponsors were posted for the seasons in which naming rights were used.

1978/At the time of groundbreaking, the scoreboard building was first completed, and a photograph of the new Seibu Lions was taken with only the scoreboard completed on the open space.[25].

The light emitting part at the beginning of the completion is a single colorHID lampThe player display in vertical on the left side, a large image device (6.5 m in height, 8.5 m in width) in the middle, and a score on the right (up to 10 times can be displayed. After 11 times, clear the data 1-10 times to 1 There was a display such as the input from the times) and the refereeing body. The large video device was black and white1987/In colorSonyMadeJumbotronWas changed to1995/ToToshiba Lighting & TechnologyMade ofSuper color visionHas been replaced by.In addition, the team name display has been changed from one letter of the alphabet to the team logo.

The player display had a horizontal scroll format. When it was the Seibu Lions Stadium,Nankai Hawks(at that time)·Noriyuki KawanoBecause there was no character data for "Mura", the player name was sometimes displayed as "Kawano". Until 2007Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters(at that time)·MICHEALWas written as "MICHEL"[Annotation 12].

From off 20072008/In the renovation work carried out until spring, the scoreboard display part was completely refurbished, and full-colorLED OfMatsushita Electric (currently Panasonic)MadeAstro VisionBecame. The size of the screen is 6.528 m in height and 49.152 m in width, and it is a full digital one.High definition videoIt supports full display of one screen and split display of up to 4 screens.

Computer graphics are used to display the score, and during a baseball game, it is divided into three screens and used except when producing a full screen display.The member table is written horizontally on the left screen, and the score is displayed on the right screen.The center screen is used for video effects.The ball speed display is also displayed on the center screen.The sub-score board behind the back net was not refurbished and remained the same as the conventional display (basic inning display is up to 3 times. If it is an extra time for professional baseball specifications, it is now possible to add up to 9 times. ing).

The team was in the same yearMay 3As a result of soliciting the nickname of this large-sized vision in the open call for one month from, there was a maximum of 1 applications out of 2,514.L Vision(L Vision) adopted,May 4Was named. In addition, during the renovation of the same year, a new ribbon-shaped video device with a length of 1.152m and a width of 30.72m was installed under the sub-scoreboard.[26].

2011/As with other stadiums, it was announced on March 3 of the same year that the ball count display was changed from "SBO" to the international standard "BSO".

From 2014, the design has been changed to display the current batter's facial photograph (Seibu only), and the defense position display has been changed from numbers to English abbreviations (pitcher = P, catcher = C, first baseman = 1B, Leftist = LF, substitute = PH, substitute = PR, etc.) In addition, the sub-scoreboard also has its light emitting part replaced with an LED, and a ball speed display has also been added. From the 2016 season, the layout has been unchanged, but the production has been renewed.

There was a problem that the scoreboard display returned to the 2020-2008 specifications in the Rakuten game of the practice game in 13.The team name was katakana, and the ones at that time were different from "Eagles" and "Lions".

The scoreboard was once dismantled in 2020,2021/Made by Panasonic from the season[27]..A new scoreboard has been set up (the name remains the same as "L Vision").The new vision has a height of 13m, a width of 46m, and an area of ​​about 600m.2And expanded to about twice the size of the conventional one.Also, on the roof of the center building behind the back net, width 2m x height 10.2m, about 5.6m2Subvision is newly established[17][28]..Along with this, the ribbon-shaped vision was removed.

At the beginning of the opening, there was a pole on the scoreboard with the flag of the team. When making a dome, the height of the pole was lowered to a position where it did not interfere with the roof, and the flag was fixed and displayed in a shape that was like being blown by the wind. Same as other dome stadiums from 2008 when the scoreboard was renovatedBatonThe method has been changed.

Back screen

Back screenConsists of 5 horizontally long panels, 4 of which can be pulled up (used in theaters, etc.drop curtainAlmost the same). The middle section of the outfield fence can also be opened to the left and right. This mid-sized part is the entrance to the field, and equipment used for batting practice etc. is taken in and out from this entrance. In addition, the equipment and luggage of both teams are put in and taken out from here, and after the end of the match on the final day of the consecutive battle, the truck may ride directly in the field for pickup.[Annotation 13].. We also carry in equipment and exhibits from here, even during events such as concerts. Depending on the time of day, you can see the inside of the hall at the field level from the rear of the entrance.

From 2014, fine mesh nets have been put on the wire mesh part of the outfield fence on the back screen part. Although the causal relationship is unknown, there was a case where the TV staff who covered the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles league championship in 2013 invaded in front of the back screen and interfered with the game progress.[29].


The diameter of the roof covering the entire dome is 223m[7]It is supported by 24 V-shaped pillars provided on the outer circumference of the stand.The donut-shaped outer circumference is made of steel-framed stainless steel and has a total weight of about 8,000 tons.The center is 145m in diameter[7], Area 17,000m2, A membrane roof part with a total weight of about 2,000t, made of steel frameTeflonThe film has a structure that allows natural light to be taken in while having weather resistance and nonflammability.However, even in a day game, the illuminance is low and it is difficult to see the hit ball, etc. with only natural light, so when baseball is held, the illuminance is supplemented by using lighting together in the day game.

The highest part of the ceiling is 64.5m from the ground plane.Ground ruleAs a result, the ball hitting the ceiling is treated as ball-in-play (continuation of play), and it is determined whether it is fair or foul based on the drop point or the point touched by the fielder. If the fielder catches the ball directly, it is treated as a flyout. Be seen. If the ball is caught in the ceiling, suspended objects, or a pillar, it will be treated as an entitled double run in the fair area and a foul ball in the foul area. However, the part of the ground rules was changed in response to Alex Cabrera's continuous hitting of the ball with a home-running direct hit to the ceiling, and the "certified home run" will be applied only when it hits the ceiling of the outfield fair area. Became. After that, Cabrera shot a home run, which is the first application of the new rule, and a commemorative flag is installed on the left ceiling.

Under the roofChukoh Chemical IndustryThe mesh membrane material manufactured by is installed as a decorative material to avoid birds.


The lighting is attached to the upper part of the inside of the metal roof so as to go around the stadium. However, it is not installed right from the beginning just above the home base and scoreboard, which hinders play. In addition, the number of lights has been reduced so that it is easier to judge on the extension line of the foul pole. allMetal halide lampThe high color rendering and the high efficiency are used in combination.2010/It was renewed and changed to a whiter one than before.

Before the dome (1997), there were 6 lighting towers (4 on the infield side and 2 on the outfield side). All of the infields were removed when the dome was made, but the ones on the outfield were left until the end of the 2010 season for lighting the outside passages, but were removed in 2010. Unnecessary lamps were removed.

Field lighting from 2020LEDWas transformed[30].. Since it lights up faster than the metal halide lamp and the amount of light can be easily adjusted, when a home team player (Seibu) hits a home run, the performance is tailored to the player who goes around the diamond.[31], During the hero interview, an attempt is made to turn off lights other than the player's overhead.


Female staff were in charge of the announcements in the Seibu-sponsored games until 2009.

Since 2010, male staff have been hired, and the stadium DJ has made most of the announcements since the starting lineup was announced.

2011-2012 is in charge of only male staff.

2013/From the season, women are in charge of introducing players and calling attention to the visitor team, and stadium DJ RISUKE (Risuke Kume) is in charge of the home team (Seibu).

Seibu Stadium, Seibu Dome and Fireworks

From the era of outdoor stadiums, it has been a regular event of this stadium by Hosoya EnterprisefireworksIs the launch. This was to celebrate when Seibu Lions players hit a home run and if the fireworks launched during the home run remained after the game ended and they won the game, they would launch fireworks from the ground at Seibu No. XNUMX stadium.

It became a dome stadium1999/After that, this fireworks launch was once stopped.2002/ - 2009/If Seibu wins the game until the season, in front of the back screen in the domePaper tapeAt the same time, a fireworks display is being performed. Previously there was a fireworks launch even during a home run, but if you launch a firework during a match at the current dome, smoke will be trapped inside the dome, which will interfere with the progress of the match.2010/From now on, it will be an effect that fireworks will be displayed on the scoreboard to reduce costs, and it is no longer a real firework.

1983/May 6,Hankyu Braves-Fukumoto YutakaWhen a new world record for stolen bases was achieved at this stadium, he fired exceptionally while firing as a player of a team other than Seibu, celebrating his feat. Also,All star gamesAt that time, fireworks were launched in celebration of home runs and victory of all the players.

Incidentally,Emperor ShowaThe condition of suddenly changed1988/From late September until the end of the same season, nationwideRitualIn the tide of self-restraint, the launch of fireworks was canceled in a manner that complied with it.

The only permanent electronic organ on the earth in Japan's professional baseball headquarters

With the opening as Seibu Stadium,Electronic organIs installed in the open space on the third base side stand upper tier (just below the middle L's dining sheet in 2019)[32][33]..On the days of Seibu-controlled games and team events, multiple organists dispatched to the Seibu baseball team from Harmony Music (the operating company of music classes, etc.) take turns playing.[33].

Before the match, the organ players perform live performances of the songs of the players whose birthdays are on the day of the day and the players who are ahead of the award ceremony (both Seibu). During the match, he plays sounds that alert the audience to the foul ball (3 types) and sounds that match Seibu's score. There are more than a dozen different repertoires of performances, even when the progress of the game is stopped due to player changes etc., and between innings.BGMPlaying. You can change the sound played when scoring according to the score, or inside the organHammond organTo take in the sound of[32]Also, ingenuity has been made, such as taking care not to overlap with the cheering party's performance and cheering.[33].

From 2010 during the Seibu Dome era, on the exteriorWalnutIt was usedRolandIntroduced "AT-90S" (upper model released in 2001).Dodger StadiumHowever, since it was a model that was once used, Seibu baseball team decided to purchase it even though it was already discontinued[32][33].

By the way, since the late 1970s when Seibu Stadium openedNPBThen, some baseball teams have an electronic organ permanently installed at their baseball stadium. It also serves as an advertisement for the musical instrument manufacturer who is the manufacturer of the electronic organ,MLB,Minor leagueIt was used for player's appearance music and BGM performance, etc. against the background that the production by electronic organ has been established at the base of[34]. But,Hanshin TigersIn the late 1990sHanshin Koshien StadiumThe player's appearance songCDOther teams except Seibu also followed Hanshin because it started to flow from[32].. In the first half of the 2000s, among the home ground fields of the same metropolitan area as our baseball field,Yokohama Stadium(Opened in 1978)Tokyo Dome(Opened in 1988)ZOZO Marine StadiumElectronic organs and live music have disappeared from the official game (opened in 1990 → home of Lotte since 1992) (except for the reissue and commemorative event held by the team)[33][35].. Due to these circumstances, Seibu is the only team that has a permanent or permanent use of electronic organs at the baseball stadium in the NPB as of the 2019 postseason.[33].. According to a person related to the team, “BGM can be played on a CD, but as a Seibu team, I want to value the realism of the life. The electronic organ can be flexibly produced, so it is most suitable for creating the atmosphere of the field. "[32].

Naming rights

Changes in names due to naming rights
  • Invoice SEIBU Dome (March 2005, 3-December 1, 2006)
  • Goodwill Dome (January 2007, 1-January 1, 2008)
  • Seibu Prince Dome (March 2015, 3-February 1, 2017)
  • MetLife Dome (March 2017, 3-February 1, 2022)
  • Berna Dome (March 2022, 3-scheduled for February 1, 2027)

Invoice SEIBU dome

Seibu GroupIn 2004, as part of the management improvement plan,Second armyThe team nameNaming rightsDecided to sell (Naming Rights). The reason why I gave up the acquisition isInvoice.. First the same yearMay 12Announced that it will acquire the naming rights of the two troops under a three-year contract and that the team name will be "Invoice" from the following 3 season, approved by the professional baseball executive committee on January 2005 .. On the same day, Invoice also agreed on the Seibu Dome naming rights under a two-year contract from the 1 season. The name has been changed from March 25Invoice SEIBU dome(Invoice Save Dome).

Initially, I wanted to use the name "Invoice dome" for the dome, but the Seibu side rejected it as "I want you to put the letters "Seibu"." Also,Seibu Stadium StationRegarding "I want you to change the name to "Invoice SEIBU Dome-mae Station"",Railway stationThis was also unacceptable because the name change required complicated administrative procedures such as various administrative procedures.

With the name change, the company logo of "INVOICE" was put on various parts of the dome and the uniforms of the stadium staff. Invoice has also set up a ticket voucher for the Seibu Lions Pacific League sponsored match as one of its shareholder benefits. Also, in the official records of professional baseball and various news media, it was referred to as "Invoice Dome" or "Invoice Seibu".

Initially, Invoice wanted a long-term contract for these naming rights for 10 years or more, and said that it would like to acquire naming rights after 2007, and offered to Seibu from the 2006 season when the contract expired. However, the Seibu side notified Invoice that "the contract has expired and will not be renewed after 2007."After all, on September 2006, 9, Invoice abandoned the contract renewal.It was decided to cancel the contract of the second army with one year left, and the names bearing these "invoices" will be discontinued by the end of the same year.

Goodwill dome

Seibu has been considering new contractors for naming rights to replace Invoice, but on December 2006, 12,Goodwill Group2007/May 1Agreement for a total of 5 billion yen (estimated amount) for 25 years from. By the end of the year, we are proceeding with preparations for changes such as guidance signs and dome signs at Seibu Stadium, which are adjacent to the station, and from the same day, the "Invoice SEIBU Dome"Goodwill dome, The name of the second army was changed from "Invoice" to "Goodwill".

Along with this, the name "Seibu" disappeared from the stadium name for the first time since it opened as Seibu Lions Stadium.Japan Broadcasting Corporation(NHK) was once called "Goodwill Seibu Dome".

However, in 200712,GoodwillWas found to have been engaged in illegal dispatch work,Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareReceived a business suspension order fromAnother clause). Therefore, the company applied to Seibu baseball team to cancel the contract of naming rights. Seibu Railway and the Seibu baseball team that owns the stadium also accepted it, and "Goodwill" disappeared from the names of the stadium and the second army in just one year.

In response to this, Seibu side has a new contract for naming rights.2008/Decided on the policy of postponing the introduction of the season. 2008May 1The stadium name was changed back to "Seibu Dome", and the name of the second army team was changed to "Saitama Seibu Lions", which is the same as the first army. Seibu'sTakashi GotoThe owner has taken a careful stance on the resumption of the introduction of naming rights, "there is a risk that the image of the contractor will be involved in the team," and thereafter.2014/It was postponed until the end of the season.

Seibu Prince Dome

December 2014, 12, the stadium naming rights for the next seasonPrince Hotel[Annotation 14]Acquired the name of the stadiumSeibu Prince Dome”Was announced.[36].. The contract period is one year from March 2015, 3 to February 1, 2016, and the contract is automatically renewed until the following year. The contract amount is not disclosed.

Since then, unlike the previous two companies, only the naming rights for the stadium name have been acquired, and the name of the second army team has not changed as "Saitama Seibu Lions".

MetLife Dome

August 2017, 1,MetLife Life InsuranceFrom March of the same year2022/Announced that it has agreed to acquire the stadium naming rights for five years until the end of February.As a result, the stadium name becomes "MetLife DomeWas changed to[37][38].

Belluna Dome

January 2022, 1, Saitama Prefecture from March of the same yearAgeo CityHeadquartered inmail orderCompanyBernaAnnounced that it will acquire the stadium naming rights[39]..The contract period is 2027 years until the end of June 2[39]..As a result, the stadium name becomes "Belluna DomeWas changed to[39].

Surrounding facilities

By the recommendation of Kenichi Ishiyama, the design advisor, the only baseball stadium that is the baseball stadium of the existing Japanese professional baseball is equipped with facilities such as subground, indoor practice field and training camp in the vicinity.[5][40][Annotation 15].

Lion Building

A building that was built adjacent to the stadium from the beginning of the Seibu stadium.

From the entrance hall, you can access the basement-up to the 2nd floor (the 2nd floor is only open on non-official games of the 2st Army).On the day of the official game of the 3st Army, the XNUMXnd and XNUMXrd floors will be displayed from the stadium side.DAZNEnter through the "deck"[41].

  • Basement:Sayama ski areaLocker room / changing room (directly connected to the ski resort on the south side of the building)
  • 1st floor: Entrance hall, multipurpose room, Shishi Building office
  • 2nd floor: Large food area "Green Forest Deli & Cafe (July 2020, 7- [42]) ”, The lion entrance (the entrance connecting the 2nd floor of the lion building and the passage on the left wing side of the stadium, only the traffic to and from the rooftop is open on the day of the official battle of the XNUMXst Army)
  • 3rd floor: Lions Team Store Shishi Building (July 2020, 7- [43]), Children's facility "TeikyouKids Room (August 2020, 8- [44]) ”, Broadcasting studio“ L Studio ”(moved from the square in front of the dome)
  • Rooftop: Smoking area

Past lion building facilities

  • Baseball team office
    Located on the ground floor from 1980 to the middle of the 2019 season. On the second floor, there was a press room used by the team to hold a press conference.
  • Curry shop "Ciel"
    Opened on the 1st floor in November 1986 and closed on June 11, 2010.
  • Lions Store Flags
    Opened on April 2011, 4 and closed on June 9, 2019 at the site of "Ciere".
  • Chinese food "Shishi" Seibu Dome store
    Opened on the 2nd floor from the opening of the stadium, closed from May 2012, 5 due to various reasons, closed on September 21, 9.The 14rd floor is the "Shishi" banquet hall, which was used as a venue for beer hanging when the victory was decided at Seibu Dome.
    Opened on September 2012, 9 and closed on January 15, 2017 at the site of the "Lion".
  • Lions Kids Park
    Opened on April 2017, 4 at the former restaurant site, closed on June 4, 2019.
  • Multipurpose space
    The site of the "lion" banquet hall.It was used for uniform crimping and exhibitions at fan appreciation events.

Other peripheral facilities

  • Seibu Lions Office Building (Team Office)
    3 stories. Newly built in 40 on the north side of the Shishi Building as part of the 2019th anniversary project.It is integrated with the Shishi Building.
  • Seibu Second Stadium(The name for the 2020 years from March 3, 1 is "CAR5 field")
    It is the base of the Seibu army, and the army sometimes uses it for practice before the match at the dome.
  • Wakashishi Dormitory (2nd generation)
    As part of the team's 40th anniversary project, it will be built on the grounds of parking lot B with four floors.In addition to dormitory facilities such as living spaces and dining rooms, MLB-specification lockers (for all players) have been introduced for the first time as a supervisory room or NPB baseball team facility.
  • Lions Training Center
    Constructed at the same time as the 2nd generation Wakashishi Dormitory. The training facility owned by the NPB12 team has the largest area (50m x 50m), with 5 lanes for bullpen and 4 lanes for batting.The shutter can be opened and closed at the north end, opening as a "fan deck" where fans can observe the practice. From 2020,Saitama Seibu Lions LadiesAlso used in practice.
  • Lions Team Store Flags
    2 stories. Due to the 40th anniversary project, it was newly built in 2019 at the new main gate location, and then moved from the 1st floor of the Shishi Building to open.
  • Teikyo Kids Field
    An outdoor play facility for children that opened in 2021.Open only on the day of the official match of the XNUMXst Army.
  • Seibu Dome Tennis Court

Other non-existing peripheral facilities

  • Seibu third stadium
    • Mainly for practice. Closed in 2003 to improve audience service2004/A parking lot with a capacity of about 550 cars was set up.
  • Seibu Dome Soccer Park (former Seibu third stadium)
    • Artificial turf is put up in the parking lot, and it is rented as a soccer court on days when there are no games or events at the dome. Closed in 2018.
  • Seibu Lions training camp (first Wakashishi dormitory), indoor practice area
    A one-story building outside Seibu No. 1980 Stadium, used from 2019 to the middle of the 2019 season.The indoor practice area is located next to it.Both were dismantled in XNUMX and the site was converted to a subground and bullpen at the second stadium.

Use outside of professional baseball

Relationship with Yokohama Arena

On December 2017, 3,Yokohama ArenaWhen it was announced that the operating company of the company will become a subsidiary of Seibu Railway, the reason for becoming a subsidiary is to utilize the sales power of Yokohama Arena to attract concerts and sports events to the Seibu Dome.[45].

Amateur baseball

An official game of amateur baseball is also held at Seibu Dome.

Adult baseballWas founded in the same year as the opening of the stadiumPrince Hotel Koshiki Baseball ClubWas also used as a main stadium in the Kanto area, as he had a training camp nearby. Held every mid-MarchJABA Tokyo Sponichi TournamentIt was one of the holding stadiums. AlsoAll Japan Club Baseball ChampionshipThe main tournament was held from 1979 to 1995 at Seibu Stadium and Seibu XNUMXrd Stadium. After that, it was once every other year, but fixed again.Baseball against cityQualifying may be held in Tokyo (maybe because Prince Hotel was a member of Tokyo, the South Kanto qualifying including Saitama has not been held). In grass baseball,Strong LeagueFrom 2004National softball baseball unified championship match, Japan CupIt is used in the national convention of.

high school baseballSo from 1981 to 1991National High School Baseball Championship Saitama TournamentIt was used as one of the holding stadiums. This is because the number of participating schools in the Saitama Tournament has increased rapidly, and it will be used as the main stadium in high school baseball in Saitama Prefecture.Saitama Prefecture Omiya StadiumAt that time, however, it was difficult to hold the opening ceremony because the field was so old and narrow. The first year, 1981, Seibu Stadium only held the opening ceremony and the game immediately after that, the following 1982 quarterfinals (1984 from the semifinals) after the game was also held at Seibu Stadium. Since the prefectural Omiya Stadium was renovated in 1992, Seibu Stadium and Seibu Dome have never been used in high school baseball official games, but in 2020102nd ChampionshipIn the alternative tournament (Summer Saitama High School Baseball Championship) due to the cancellation of the event, the semi-finals and finals were held at the main stadium provided by the Seibu baseball team.[46].. Also, in the spring of 2016Toto University BaseballThe second division league used for the first time as a league game of college baseball[47].


Although there are few cases, if a spectator seat is provided in the field, it can accommodate up to 4 people.

In 1982QueenBut"Hot Space TourI did one of the performances.

Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi held "SUPER LIVE IN Seibu Stadium" on July 1983, 7.It was a concert in the rain.

In 1984, at "SUPER ROCK 84 IN JAPAN"White snake,Scorpions,Michael Schenker Group,Bon Jovi,AnvilAppears.

1986/から2005/Was held every summer untilMisato WatanabeThe stadium live of is well known. On the day of the live eventSeibu RailwayThe special train by was also operated.

2000/ToPIERROTIt was the shortest record at that time to be used in live performances and perform in a dome less than two years after the major debut.

2009/ToMizuki Nana Voice actorFor the first time, a solo dome performance in Japan will be held at this venue.2015/Since then, many performances related to anime and game works have been held.Since Seibu Railway itself is active in tie-ups with anime works, it sometimes runs wrapping trains in time with performances.

In the Kanto region, it is common that it is not included in the “dome tour” because there is a Tokyo dome, but depending on the artist, the Tokyo dome, which has many restrictions, is not held, and the Seibu dome is used for the “dome tour”. There are cases to be incorporated.

Major artist events that held the concert

Lists the artist events that have held concerts at this venue since 2009.redThe year indicates the schedule.

High school quiz

"National High School Quiz ChampionshipThe Kanto tournament of1984/It has been held at the Seibu Lions Stadium since the 2nd tournament. Even if it becomes Seibu Dome, except for some years2010/It was used as the venue for the Kanto convention until the 30th convention.


1996/The Midsummer FestivalFNS day・ 10 people surpassed each other as the venue for the "Golf Pond Pocha Approach Championship" held as the golf qualifying session for "The 1th Anniversary of 2500 Million People's Super Dream Rinpic" and for the final Fujilinks 211th hole. Used.

Fighting sports

Other events

In the off-season of 2020,Momoiro Clover ZHeld an event "Momokuro Lion Z EXPO" to display the history and costumes of.This was Seibu's first independent event other than baseball.CoronaHowever, about 18 people visited during the 1-day period.[48].

In addition, it is often used in events such as commercials, TV program shooting, and handshake events.


  • Seibu Sayama Line-Yamaguchi Line (Leoliner)Seibu Stadium StationImmediately after getting off
    On the Sayama Line, trains departing from and arriving at Nishitokorozawa Station are operating as regular trains,Ikebukuro LineThroughIkebukuro StationDeparture and arrival trains are also in operation.Yamaguchi LineTamako StationDeparture and arrival, but at the same stationTamako LineKokubunji StationI am in contact with the direction.On the day of the match, the number of trains on the Sayama Line, Yamaguchi Line, and Tamako Line will be increased, and the Sayama Line will be on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in the direction of Tokorozawa Station on the Ikebukuro Line (trains departing from and arriving at Seibu Shinjuku Line and Shinkiba Station on the Subway Yurakucho Line, Motomachi on the Minato Mirai Line). Many temporary direct trains are operated from (including the first train at Chinatown Station).Also, Ikebukuro StationTokorozawa Station・Temporary limited express that stops only at Seibu Stadium"Stadium Express (Dome)"Is driven.
    "Rose Express" (International Rose and Gardening Show), "MISATO TRAIN" (at events other than baseballMisato Watanabeconcert,2005/There are times when temporary trains such as) are operated.
    During the special timetable at the concert, direct operation from the Ikebukuro line will be carried out from an earlier time than the baseball day, and the operation interval of the Sayama line section operation will be shortened in a form that complements the Ikebukuro line regular train.Direct trains from the Seibu Shinjuku Line will not be operated.
    After the match, some trains bound for Ikebukuro carry out pattern transportation according to the time when the match ends.This is along the lineHanshin Koshien StadiumThere isHanshin Electric RailwayImmediately after acquiring the Seibu Group's baseball team, he learned the know-how of spectator transportation from Hanshin.There is also a pattern diamond at the end of the concert.
  • Tachikawa Station-Tamagawajosui Station-Kamikitadai StationMore temporary bus only on match day[49]Run (Seibu Bus,Tachikawa Bus).
    In addition, the first three flights will start from the north exit of Tachikawa Station, and the return flight will be all flights to Kamitakita Station and Tamakawa Station north exit via Tamagawa Josui Station North Exit.
  • If you are driving from Tokyo,Ome Highway(Tokyo Metropolitan Route 5 Shinjuku Ome Line) 2 km north of the Imokubo intersection.
  • If you are driving from within Saitama prefecture,Ken-O ExpresswayIruma InterchangeFrom 10 km.Kanetsu ExpresswayTokorozawa interchangeFrom 12 km[50].
    There are four toll parking lots, A, B, C, and D, but when professional baseball is held, parking lot A is reserved for the baseball team and the press and is not available to the general public. Since the B parking lot is a privilege parking lot for box seat purchasers, it will be opened with a space for it secured in advance.There is also a private parking lot.


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