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⚽ | Kobe, Chairman Hiroshi Mikitani looks back on the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake "A city where the hands of fire are not subdued ..."

Photo Hiroshi Mikitani Photo courtesy of Gettyimages

Hiroshi Mikitani, Chairman of Kobe, looks back on the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake "A city where the hands of fire are not subdued ..."

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Vissel Kobe started on January 1995, 1, but Daiei Co., Ltd., the largest shareholder of the operating company, withdrew in March due to the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

Hiroshi Mikitani, Chairman of Rakuten Vissel Kobe Co., Ltd., which operates Vissel Kobe in the Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League ... → Continue reading

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Rakuten Group > VISSEL KOBE

VISSEL KOBE(Vissel Kobe)Japan OfHyogoKobe CityHometown[1],Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) professionalsサ ッ カ ーclub.


1966Kawasaki Steel Mizushima Soccer Club(1987/Renamed to Kawasaki Steel Soccer Club) became the predecessor[1],1997/Joined the J League[1]. Home stadiumNoevir Stadium Kobe[1], The practice ground is Ibuki no Mori Stadium[1](Detail is#Stadium/practice fieldSee).

The team name "Vissel" is a coined word that combines the English words "VICTORY" and "VESSEL".[1].. An image of Kobe, an international port city, meaning "victory departure"[1]..We also pledge to be a team that continues to challenge victory with the dreams of Kobe citizens.[1].

マ ス コ ッ トIs familiar to Kobe and Hyogo,"MOVI" with the motif of[1]..A coined word that combines the bark of a cow "Moh" and the victory "Victory".

The operating company is Rakuten Vissel Kobe Co., Ltd. (formerly Crimson Football Club Co., Ltd.)[2].. When the company was first established in 2004A limited companyCrimson Group(RakutenCEO OfHiroshi MikitaniIs wholly owned by (Personal Asset Management Company)RakutenThere was no investment from[5] But,2014/12ToRakutenAcquired all shares of the operating company[6].



1993/In December, "Citizens' Association for Creating Professional Soccer Teams in Kobe (Ore KOBE)" was established by volunteers of local citizens.[7].. At the same timeOkayamaKurashikiBased inKawasaki Steel Soccer ClubWith the intention of Kawasaki Steel Headquarters1994/In 3 month1995/It was decided to move to Kobe City. In June 1994, it was headquartered in Kobe at that time.General supermarket OfDaieiBecomes the main sponsorKobe Orange Soccer Club Co., Ltd.Established[1][7].. In September 1994, the club name was decided to be "VISSEL KOBE"[7].



1/1, Started as VISSEL KOBE[1] But it was the first day of practice1/17ToGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeOccurs[8], The players practiced for the first time on the ground in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture.[7](February 2th).The practice field "Ibuki no Mori Stadium (former)" in Kobe was completed in July 6.In June, it later became a symbol of the club,Mr. KobeFW calledAkihiro NagashimaJoined.

Daiei (10% of the capital of 50 billion yen), which was the largest shareholder of the operating company, withdrew in March due to the impact of the earthquake.Sadayuki Adachi, who was the general manager of the strengthening department at that time, struggled to acquire sponsors, and on May 3, the trade name of the operating company was changed to VISSEL KOBE Co., Ltd.The uniform also had white and black stripes and orange lines on the collar and sleeves, but with the withdrawal of Daiei, it was changed from orange to emerald green (Vissel blue).


Active at that time before the 16th section, which will be the second half of the leagueDenmark national team OfMichael laudruppJoins[9]..By defeating NTT Kanto 3-1 in the final round,Japan Football League(JFL) XNUMXnd place[10], Joined the J-League from the 1997 season[1].


Of the second section of the leagueNagoya Grampus EightAkihiro Nagashima scored two goals in the match, and the team scored their first J-League victory.[11][12]..In the same year, the first in J League historyFair Play Award (Takaennomiya Cup)Was awarded.


Korea Rep. National team FWKim Do HoonAlthough it required a strong 2 top with Nagashima, it was sluggish with 16 consecutive losses in the middle of the season. He defeated Sapporo in the J1 entry deciding match and managed to decide to remain in J1.


To the directorRyoichi KawakatsuIs inaugurated. The 2nd stage came in 7th place and was the club's highest ranking record for many years until it was updated in 2016.


DFKeiji UmimotoWas selected as the club's first national player. In the 2nd stage, he remained in J1 while struggling with consecutive losses.Nagashima retired from active duty for this year only.


FW who left KyotoChiura Miura, MFMochizuki Shigeyoshi, DFSiji Clay, MF from ShimizuSantosJoined.Kobe Wing StadiumIn the game that was dropped, it mobilized 3 people, the largest number in club history.


From YokohamaShoji Castle, G from OsakaRyuji BantoHowever, Kawakatsu resigned and served as a coach to succeed him due to sluggishness such as suffering five consecutive losses in the 1st stage.Hiroshi MatsudaWas inaugurated in the form of being promoted. FW before the opening of the 2nd stageOséas, MFAlisonAcquired.In the final section, Shimizu was defeated and he remained at the last minute.


NewlyHiroshi SoejimaWas appointed as the new manager and started the 3rd consecutive win in the official game, but in the 1st stage Round 14 Oita game, he lost with 8 goals, which is the worst record, and suffered many goals throughout the year (League worst 63 goals).Even so, at the end of the game, Kazu and Harito decided to stay without waiting for the final round.

After withdrawing from DaieiThe main sponsor did not appear and the difficult management continued, and a deficit was recorded every year. First year of J-League promotion1997/Cumulative deficit at the end is about 25 billion yen[Source required].1998/After the seasonIto HamWithdrew from the uniform chest sponsor.To compensate for this, he received an interest-free loan of 9 million yen from Kobe City, but as a condition, he was required to restructure the team, and the operating company also reduced capital and cut the annual budget to 13 billion yen.[Source required]

The annual budget of Kobe, which does not have a parent company, is small compared to other clubs, and the annual number of visitors has been sluggish, so the shortfall has to be relied on a single-year loan from the local government, Kobe City. Continued, and repeated borrowing while increasing the amount every year.[Source required]On December 2003, 12, the operating company VISSEL KOBE Co., Ltd.Tokyo District CourtToCivil Rehabilitation LawI applied for the application of[13][14].With a cumulative deficit of about 42 billion yen, unsecured loans from Kobe City amounted to about 15 billion yen.[Source required]



Born in Hyogo prefecture on January 1thRakutenIs the representative director ofHiroshi MikitaniCrimson Football Club Co., Ltd.2004/1/5Established)2/1I took over the business rights of the team[13][14]..Kobe City has withdrawn from team management and will provide side support such as using the stadium.The final amount of debt to Vissel Kobe Co., Ltd. in Kobe City is 11 million yen.Most of the loans were from Kobe City and could not be collected.[Source required]

Ivan HasekBecame the director.2002 FIFA World Cup OfTurkey national teamFW OfIlhan MansuzJoined, but Ilhan only participated in three games and left the team at his own request in the middle of the season. Just before the opening of the 3nd stage, former Tokyo VPatrick Mboma,Kashima AntlersからTomoyuki Hirase, Czech prestigiousFK TepliceTo MFPavel HorváthWe made a lot of efforts such as acquiring them.Although the club remained in the lower ranks, Bando scored 17 goals in the league match and was tied for third place in the scoring ranking.


Tokyo VFrom active Japan national team DFAkihiro MiuraAcquired.After winning the opening round, he had not won 12 official games, and Hideki Matsunaga resigned after the match against Hiroshima in Section 6, and Emerson Leão took office, but his performance did not improve and he was dismissed in just over two months.After that, Pavel Řehark officially became the director. FW Kazuyoshi Miura, who has been a member of the club since 2, left the group in July because he was out of the plan. FW Ivo, who also played for the Bundesliga in AugustDFMartin MüllerEarned.2004/Of subscriptionMFPavel HorváthIn addition, it became a system of three Czechs (2004/Affiliated DF fromHogel Machado Marquez,2005/June midfielderDiego de Souza Gama SilvaLeaves the group).Since falling to the bottom in Section 7, it has been sluggish throughout the year,11/20 OfOmiyaLost the battle and demoted to J2.

Also, the director2004/Hasek, in a year and a halfHiroshi Kato,Hidenori Matsunaga,Emerson Leon,Pavel JehaakThe fact that five commanders took turns also highlights the stray pattern of the club at that time.


Team slogan:Kobe Forever Forward

Of the first directorStewart BaxterBecame a director for the first time in nine years. FWRyuji Banto G OsakaAlthough he transferred to, many mainstays, including Jun Miura, remained. England for many years on the DF linePremier LeagueDF with many years of playing experienceEmerson August TomeAcquired.The attackers had few turns in J1FC TokyoFWYusuke Kondo,HiroshimaFWHiroto MogiEarned.

In the top teamSatellite teamAs "VISSEL KOBE U-21", from the viewpoint of specializing in teams to strengthen the training of young players and providing practical opportunities for players with little participation experience.SC Tottori(Current:Gainale Tottori) And tie-up.Also, in charge of Yokohama FM Youth and Nashotore Kansai areaRyo AdachiIs appointed as U-21 coach.

4/10, Crimson FC President MikitaniCEOPresidentInaugurated.Adachi concurrently serves as GM and CEOThe presidentInaugurated. May,Yomiuri Soccer Club,Urawa,Japan Football AssociationHideo Sato, who has held important positions in such fields, is appointed as a GM assistant.In addition, an artificial turf ground was completed in Ibuki no Mori.

On August 8, Baxter returned to Japan due to family reasons and returned to Kobe as a coach four days ago.Hiroshi MatsudaIs promoted to director.League matchYokohama FC-oakIn the final round, he was reversed by Kashiwa and finished in 3rd place.The first game at the home lacking Miura, who was sent off in the final game, was a draw.12/9,FukuokaIn the second and second half of the qualification match, FW Kondo scored the first goal.After that, he was tied and was attacked by Fukuoka, but he endured and decided to be promoted to J2.

2007-2012 (J1)


Team slogan:Tomoniikou We walk together forever

Matsuda system second year.To the training managerTakigawa Daini High SchoolSoccer club managerKazuo KurodaIs appointed.

Yokohama FMからTatsuya Enomoto,C OsakaからYoshito OkuboWith a complete transfer,YamagataからLeandro, OriginalJeonbuk Hyundai OfBottiWas acquired by a loan transfer.While Miura left the group in the middle of the seasonUrawaTo MFTomoyuki Sakai,NiigataTo MFJun Marques Davidson, Rental from FukuokaSeiji KogaAcquired.Although he lost five games in a row from Section 21 to Section 26, he won the match against Kofu in Section 5 and decided to remain in J31.The final ranking is 1th.


Team slogan:Tomoniikou We walk together forever

Matsuda system third year.

Korea Rep. Captain MFKim Nam Il,OitaFormer Japan national team FWShota Matsuhashi,Yokohama FMTo MFTakayuki Yoshida,FC TokyoTo MFNorio Suzuki,KofuTo FWDaisuke SudoAnd so on.On the other handYusuke KondoLeft the group.

Yoshito Okubo is the captain,Kunimoto Kitamoto, Tatsuya Enomoto became the deputy captain.It has been doing well since the opening and was in second place at one point.Then Leandro,Seiji Koga, Kunie Kitamoto and others were injured one after another, and the ranking dropped to the relegation range for a while, but after that, they achieved 1 consecutive victories, which is the J5 club record, and decided to remain in the FC Tokyo match on November 11. ..Emperor's cupIn the first roundMasaru Matsumoto FCWon with the most points (8-0) in the official game after joining the J-League, but in the 5th roundTosuLost to.

As of November, according to Kyodo NewsHiroshi MatsudaWas requested to continue the director, but Matsuda was dismissed from the director in December.[15]. Also,Keisuke Kurihara,Tomoyuki SakaiIn addition to veterans, four youth graduates also left the group due to the expiration of the contract.


Team slogan:Tomoniikou We walk together forever

To the directorCR FlamengoからCaio JuniorIs appointed.

FW Yoshito OkuboVfL WolfsburgTo, FW LeandroG OsakaWhile transferring to Brazilian FWMarcel, MFAlan BahiaFrom KawasakiKazuki Ganaha, AustriaRed Bull SalzburgFormer Japan national team DFTsuneyasu MiyamotoWas won.

The league match was a big defeat in the 5th round (April 4th) against Yokohama FM with 11 goals since 2006.After that, it sank to the bottom. In June, FW Yoshito Okubo returned, but on June 5, Caio Junior resigned as coach because of Qatar club coach.To succeedMasahiro WadaWas appointed as the general manager of the team headquarters. In August, former directors of Omiya and SapporoToshiya MiuraBecame a director (Wada became a head coach).After Miura took office, he survived undefeated in August, defeating Kashima, who was the leader, but after September he couldn't improve his points and Kashiwa was relegated to Round 8, so his stay was confirmed.The season result is 9th.


Team slogan:Tomoniikou We walk together forever

The second year of Toshiya Miura's system.The presidential position changed from Adachi to Koichi Kanoya.

While Kim Nam-il transferred to the Russian LeagueKusatsuScored 2 points in J23Ken Tsukura, Oita to MFEdmiwsonAcquired.Furthermore, DF from Omiya on the left side where Seiji Koga and Toshihiko Uchiyama passedDaisuke Tomita, Kashiwa to MFPopoWon.Although he won the opening round, the condition of Yoshito Okubo, who was injured in the national team, did not improve, and new players such as Tokura and Tomita were late, so he could not win in a row.

FW who participated in the practice after the break at the World CupLee JaeminContracted with in July.On the other hand, in the league match, six players were sent off in seven games from verses 7 to 17, two of which were sent off by goalkeeper Tatsuya Enomoto, and there were two situations in which the field player served as goalkeeper. Toshiya Miura was dismissed on September 23, the day after he lost the match against Kyoto on September 7, and Wada became the manager.In addition, although he was 6th at the end of Round 2, he won the Urawa Red Diamonds in the final round and lost 2th place FC Tokyo at the end of Round 9, so J11 remained in 9th place in the final ranking.In addition, in the 12 seasonFoul pointsWas 149 and a penalty of 150 million yen was imposed (the 17th place in the foul points is Omiya with 100 points).


Team slogan:Tomoniikou We walk together forever

The second year of the Wada system.

Hisashi Akira,Daisuke Tomita KofuWhat,Edmiwson KumamotoWhat,Tatsuya Enomoto TokushimaWhat,Yutaro Takahashi C OsakaWhat,Kazuki Ganaha JFL-FC RyukyuComplete transfer to,Shusuke Tsubouchi(Omiya),Kota Ogi(Kofu) has completely transferred to the rental transfer destination.

As a reinforcement, DF from C OsakaKenji Haneda,UAE LeagueAl WaslTo MFRogerinhoJoined with a complete transfer, DFMasaki Yanagawa, MFKenji BabaHas returned from a rental transfer.

Midfielder at home against Hiroshima, although he was doing well in the early stagesMasatoshi MiharaAfter leaving the injury, he was sluggish with 9 minutes and 3 losses in 6 races.After that, the reinforcement players did not function and many people were injured, and they were forced to fight hard, such as not winning 9 games.[16] However, "soccer that holds the ball more and overwhelms the opponent"[16] Infiltrated, new captain Yoshida, Okubo, Park Kang-jo,Germany 2nd Division OfCottbusLeaved and joined in the middle of the seasonTakato SomaWith the success of veterans, they finally finished the league match in 9th place, which is the highest ranking ever, and cleared the "single digit ranking achievement" set as the goal for this season.[16]..In addition, the total number of visitors per year has increased from last year, the only club that has been enrolled in J1 since last year (103.1% compared to the previous year).


Team slogan:Tomoniikou We walk together forever

The second year of the Wada system.

BottiFiguerense FCRogerinhoCeará SCPopoUrawaTo, IshibashiNagoyaMatsuokaIwataTransferred to.Also,KusatsuYanagawa who transferred to rentalTochigi SCIn MishimaMitoBabaShonanKususeAndCompletely transferred to.AritaAtagoIn addition, Mr. KiTottoriIn addition, after Hirota, who was registered as two types last season, signed a professional contract,GifuRental transfer to.In addition, Miyamoto has retired.

The reinforcement isG OsakaからHashimoto Hideo,Takagi Kazumichi,KashimaからYuzo Tashiro,Takuya NozawaAcquired a total of 4 former Japan national team players.Also,YamagataTo GKHiroki Uekusa,Heiduk SplitJapan national team DF who had left the groupMasahiko InamiEarned againLee Kwang-seon,Ryo OkuiTwo college graduates have joined the team.Former non-players in MarchFC BarcelonaThe vice chairman is appointed as a director.Also, in MayThai Premier League OfChonburi FCAnd formed a business alliance.

In the league match, four consecutive losses after the opening two consecutive wins (six consecutive losses including the Nabisco Cup).At the end of Section 2, it was 4 wins and 6 losses (8 wins and 3 losses including the Nabisco Cup).4/30Wada was dismissed from the director.Head coachRyo AdachiBecame a provisional director[17].. Former coach Gamba Osaka on May 5Akira NishinoWas appointed.2014 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 4 QualifyingThe league match was interrupted by the team, and they won three consecutive games from the 14th round, but after September, the league match and the Emperor's CupSAGAWA SHIGA FCHe did not win 9 official games in a row, and lost 3 games in a row.

Nishino was dismissed from the coach on the 11th, the day after losing the game against Yokohama FM on November 7, and head coach Ryo Adachi was appointed as the successor coach.[18][19] But,Section 34Sanfrecce HiroshimaAfter losing the match, he finished 16th and was relegated to J2.


Team slogan:Tomoniiko. We walk together forever

The second year of the Adachi system.Former coach Chiba as a top team coachTakashi KiyamaWas appointed,Jiro TakedaTo replace the GK coachSijimarWas appointed.

Okubo(I.e.NozawaKashimaInohaIwataKondoMitoTakagiOitaTransferred to each.Fernando, Anderson, and Bae Chun-suk have left the group, and Park and Haneda have retired.In addition, Kamita and HirotaTottoriTransferred to a deadline.

The reinforcement isUrawaFW who was enrolled from to 2011Popo,ShimizuTo GKYamamoto Kaito,Ulsan Hyundai FCTo MFEstebanWith each complete transfer,(I.e.からKyohei SugiuraFor a limited time.I was transferred for a limited timeKoki Arita,Hiroyuki Kawamoto,Tsubasa Oya,Takahide KishiReturned to the team and from youthRyo Matsumura,Ryosuke Maeda,Tomoki WadaWas promoted. Brazil in FebruaryPalmeirasTo FWMadinhoJoined for a limited time.

Three consecutive victories since the opening.Section 3京都Although he lost the game, he did not lose 5 games from Section 9 (6 wins and 3 draws).However, Section 16TottoriLosing the battle, at the end of the same section, the leader who has been keeping since the second sectionG OsakaI gave up to.After that, he maintained the second place until the 34th section, and took the lead again from the 2th section to the 35th section.In addition, in the 38th round against Matsumoto, he scored 37 goals per game, which is a league record for clubs.Section 1, draw in a direct confrontation with 7rd place Kyoto, which will be confirmed within 39nd place if you win, and miss the decision to return to J2 on your own[20] At the same time, although he surrendered the lead to Gamba Osaka again, in the 40th round, when Kyoto, who played the match earlier, lost to Gamba Osaka, Kobe's second place or higher in the season was confirmed, and he decided to return to J2 in one year.[21]..In addition, the J2 league match was the second place result.The Emperor's Cup lost to Cerezo Osaka in the third round.



Team slogan:Unity-One Team, One Family, One Dream-

The third year of the Adachi system. Inaugurated from the middle of 3BroloThe physical coachNagoyaTransferred to, until 2007NiigataServed as a physical coach atFlavioBecame a physical coach.

PopoIwataLee Kwang-seonFukuokaWhat,C OsakaFrom gold with a time limit,PalmeirasMazinho with a time limit returns from, Arita, Mihara respectively京都,NagasakiTransfer to a deadline,TottoriHirota, who had a deadline for the event, Ki, Tokura, and Hayashi, who had been notified that they were out of force, left the team.Esteban has been deregistered as a playerJeju United FCAfter July 2014Tokushima VoltisIt became a transfer with a deadline.

Reinforcement is FW who scored 1 points in J16 the previous yearMarquinhosTheYokohama FMFromK LeagueFW who scored 17 points inPedro juniorTheJeju United FCObtained from.Other DFTakahiro Masukawa,Takahashi Saki, MFSimplicity,Jeong Woo YoungJoined.(I.e.MF who had subscribed for a limited time fromKyohei SugiuraAcquired by complete transfer.From youth to GKYoshimaru AzusaWas promoted, and FW Yosuke TashiroKokoku High SchoolI joined more.

League match Section 8 Won the away game with Kashima for the first time in 15 years, and took the lead in the league match for the first time in club history, and was third until the World Cup suspension period.Nabisco CupThen, while the club advanced to the final tournament for the first time in history, the Emperor's Cup was in the second round (first round).Kwansei Gakuin UniversityLost to. Section 11 on November 2ndSagan TosuIn the defeat of the warAFC Champions LeagueIt was announced that the contract expired after the season of director Ryo Adachi, who took command for about two years immediately after the disappearance of participation in[22]..In the end of the season, he lost 4 consecutive league games and finished 11th. On December 12, Hideo Hashimoto and Hiroto Mogi announced the expiration of their contracts. On December 9, the retirement of Sidmar GK coach Flabio Physical Coach was announced.Along with that, Alex Top Team GK Coach Pimente Uphysical Coach was appointed.NelsinhoHas been announced as the director.


Team slogan:Unity-One Team, One Family, One Dream-

The first year of the Nelsinho system.

PlantingNagasaki, MogiFukushima, HashimotoC Osaka, SugiuraSendaiKawamotoOmiyaCompletely transferred to京都Arita, who had been transferred to for a limited time, became a complete transfer.In addition, Simplício and Tashiro have left the group.MatsumuraTochigiIt was a one-year loan transfer.

The reinforcement isFC TokyoTo FWChima Watanabe,OmiyaTo DFShohei Takahashi,TosuTo DFYasuda University, MF from BrazilFerrugemShimizuからBuenoJoined for a limited time.Previous yearFukuokaFW who joined for a limited time fromDaisuke IshizuHas extended the deadline.京都MF who was transferred with a deadline toHideo TanakaNagasakiMF who was transferred with a deadline toMasatoshi MiharaIs back.Higashi Fukuoka High SchoolTo MFMasuyama Chaoyang,Waseda UniversityTo GKKoki MatsuzawaJoined as a newcomer.

It often lacks the main force due to breakdowns throughout the year, and since April it has not been able to earn winning stars in home games, and the 4st stage is sluggish at 1th place. Before the opening of the 13nd stage, the contract with Ferrugem was canceled and the FW was replaced.LeandroReturned to the team for the first time in seven years since 2008. In the opening round of the 7nd stage, Leandro also scored a goal and started to win 2-5, but lost 0 consecutive games from Section 4 to Section 6.Use as a home at this timeNoevir StadiumThe pitch condition was so bad that Nelsinho complained at a press conference after the match that "I couldn't make the rhythm because of the pitch condition."[23][24]..Therefore, the 2nd stage 9th section Sagan Tosu match and Nabisco Cup quarterfinal Kashiwa Reysol matchKobe Universiade Memorial StadiumThe match venue was changed to. Five consecutive losses from September, leaving the possibility of demotion with 9th place in the annual points at the time of the 5th section of the 2nd stage, but competing for the remaining 14th and 15th sectionsMontedio YamagataMasaru Matsumoto FCHe won two consecutive battles with him and confirmed his remaining.Nabisco CupWas in the best four and the Emperor's Cup was in the best eight.


Team slogan:Unity-One Team, One Family, One Dream-

The first year of the Nelsinho system.

Okui is in Omiya, Yasuda is in Nagoya, Masukawa is in Sapporo, Bueno is in Kashima, and Morioka is in Poland.Wroclaw, Jeong Woo Young in ChinaChongqing Rikiho FCCompletely transferred to each.Marquinhos and Wada leave the group.

The reinforcement isMitoTo DFYudai TanakaFrom Tosu to MFNaoyuki Fujita, South KoreaUlsan HyundaiFrom Korea Rep. National Team GKKim Seung GyuAcquired by complete transfer.DF from ShimizuDaisuke MuramatsuWith a loan transfer.Midfielder Ryo Matsumura, who had been transferred to Tochigi for a limited time, is back.From youth to DFSo Fujitani, DFJunya Higashi, MFYuya NakasakaIs promoted to the top team.Kwansei Gakuin UniversityFormer youth midfielderSeigo Kobayashi,Hannan UniversityTo MFYoshitaka MatsushitaJoined a new graduate.In addition, DF who left Iwata on February 2Masahiko InamiHas been announced to return for the first time in four years. From the 4nd stageSC InternacionalTo MFNiutonAnd DF from UrawaHashimoto KazuJoined.

Although he lost to Kofu in the opening round, he won his first victory with a 2-6 reversal victory against Niigata in Section 3.In the previous year, FW Pedro Junior, who was cried by injury, recovered, and after the two tops with Leandro were fixed, the attack surface showed a sense of stability, but the combination of voluntary was hard to decide, and the composition of each game was changed. I was forced to do it. The 2st stage suffered 1th place, but the 12nd stage won the aforementioned MF Niuton and DF Wataru Hashimoto. After the 2nd stage 2th section FC Tokyo match, he achieved good results with 8 wins, 8 draw and 1 loss in the league match. 1nd stage 2th section Although the dream of winning the stage was cut off because he lost the match against Sendai, he finished the 15nd stage in 2nd place.The annual result is 2th, the highest ever.In addition, FW Leandro scored 7 points and became the club's first J-League top scorer.


Team slogan:Unity-One Team, One Family, One Dream-

The first year of the Nelsinho system.

Soma retires, Yamamoto千葉, Shohei TakahashiIwata, Pedro JuniorKashima, MatsuzawaTokushima, Yudai TanakaSapporoComplete transfer to, Matsumura to Tokushima, MasuyamaYokohama FCLoan transfer to Ishizu, with the expiration of the loan transfer periodFukuokaReturn toGunmaTashiro, who had been transferred to for a limited time, left the group.

The reinforcement isSendaiTo DFHirofumi Watanabe,G OsakaTo MFKotaro Omori,FC TokyoTo MFHideto Takahashi,ShonanTo FWShuhei Otsuki,Portugal 1st Division OfSporting CPSince last yearoakFW played inJunya TanakaJoined with a complete transfer.DF who was a transfer for a limited timeHashimoto KazuJoined with a complete transfer, and Yoshimaru and Yamaguchi returned from the transfer destination with a time limit.Also, former Germany national team FWLucas PodolskiJoined and joined the team in July.In the same July, the first part of the NetherlandsADO The HagueFrom the former Japan national team FWHalfner MikeJoined.

Although he made a good start to achieve the club's first four consecutive wins in the opening round, Leandro, the top scorer of the previous year, was seriously injured for six months in the opening round (the same place was injured again just before his return in September, and the season was desperate. became).Furthermore, when Junya Tanaka and Kazuma Watanabe's strikers struggle from the beginning and fall into a lack of scoring ability.[Source required]The ranking is sluggish, with three consecutive losses from mid-April to late April.Lukas Podolski joined, but suffered three consecutive losses in the summer, canceled Nelsinho's coaching contract on August 4 and head coachTakayuki YoshidaBecame the director[25]..Although he stabilized his defense and allowed Podolski, who seemed to be isolated in the attack, to play freely, all three games of the season last were black stars and he lost three consecutive games for the third time in the season.The ranking in the league was 3th, which was a single-digit ranking for the second consecutive year.Emperor's cupLost to C-Osaka in the semi-finals.


Team slogan:Unity-To Become the No.1 CLUB in Asia-

Yoshida system second year.

IwanamiUrawaIn addition to a complete transfer to Brazil, NiutonBahiaHideto TakahashiTosuOmoriFC TokyoTokushigeNagasakiMatsumura, who had been transferred to Tokushima for a limited timeNaganoHideo TanakaMiyazakiComplete transfer to.EastFukushimaYamaguchiOitaKobayashiMontedio YamagataWescley in BrazilCearáMukaiFC ImabariAfter returning fromMIO Biwako ShigaTransfer to each with time limit.

FW who scored 2 goals in the J19 league in FukuokaWellingtonDF who has won the championship in UrawaDaisuke Nasu, Midfielder who was playing as a main player in SendaiHiroki Mita, GK will be back for the first time in 11 yearsKota Ogi, Korea Rep. National team MF who was playing until 2015Jeong Woo YoungWith a complete transfer, Thailand national team DFTheerathonJoined with a loan transfer.Two types of youth-born FW registered last yearDaiki Sasaki,Biwako Seikei Sports CollegeDF fromDaiki Miya,Aomori Yamada High SchoolMidfielder fromYuta GoyaJoined from.He was also a sports director for the club until 2007.Atsuhiro MiuraWas welcomed.Lukas Podolski is appointed as team captain. In mayFC BarcelonaFrom Spain national team MFAndres IniestaAnnounced full transfer[26]..In the middle of the seasonTokushimaTo DFReo OsakiFC GifuMore FWToru FuruhashiAcquired by complete transfer.LeandroTokyo VJung Woo YoungAl SaddCompletely transferred to and left the group.Mike Havenaar and Ogawa transferred to Sendai and Shonan for a limited time, respectively.

With the early fit of new members Mita and Wellington, the success of young players such as rookie Sasaki and Goya, and the success of Iniesta who joined after the World Cup, he temporarily moved up to 4th place and participated in the ACL as he aimed. The possibility of this was also realistic, but from the end of August, he suffered five consecutive losses and dropped the ranking at once. Canceled Yoshida's supervision contract on September 8th.Assistant coachKentaro HayashiAfter fighting two games with the acting director, as a successorJuan Manuel RilloWas inaugurated.He survived with one loss in six games at the end of the season, including winning the match against Nagoya in Section 31, which was the biggest remaining match, and J6 remained in Section 1.


Team slogan:the No.1 Club in Asia ~ Unity ~

The second year of the Lillo system.

New York City FCMore former Spain national teamDavid VillaJoined.Besides, from C OsakaYamaguchi firefly, From KashimaNishi Daigo, From Gamba OsakaRyo HatsuseJoined and Ogawa returned from a loan transfer.After the start of the seasonVitoria SetubalThanDankler, From FC BarcelonaSergi SamperJoined[27]..In addition to the loan transfer period for Nagasawa, Thiraton, and Yasser, Fujita transferred to C-Osaka, Takahashi to Kashiwa, Otsuki to Yamagata, and Matsushita to Sendai.Mike Havenaar is a new player who has been transferred from Kobe for a limited timeBangkok United FCKobayashi completely transferred to Oita after the transfer period to Yamagata expired.

In May,TosuDF with playing experience inJoanne OmariDF who left BarcelonaThomas vermaelenJoined with a complete transfer, and GK who was enrolled for three and a half yearsKim Seung GyuAs a fill-in for the withdrawalYokohama FMTo GKTaiki IikuraJoined with a complete transfer. In augustDaiki SasakiHas returned from a loan transfer, and from OitaNoriaki Fujimoto,Hamburger SVからTakanori SakaiJoined by full transfer.

It will be the first time for a J-League club in February before the opening.The United States of AmericaConducted a pre-season tour based inMLSPlayed a match with the team[28]..Also on July 7thFC BarcelonaAnd played a friendly match at "Rakuten Cup"[29][30].

On April 4, Lillo's supervision contract was canceled on the same date at his own will.The contract of the head coach and assistant coach was canceled at the same time.[31]..Yoshida, who was the director until September of the previous year, took over as the successor.[32].

After that, from April to the end of May, Yoshida retired during the suspension period after losing 4 consecutive losses in the league match club worst and dropping the ranking significantly with 5 consecutive losses in the official match.GermanThorsten FinkWas appointed as the new commander.Gotoku Sakai and Vermaelen, who joined after taking office as Fink, fit quickly, and the results that were unstable after fixing the formation to 3 backs are stable.The season result ended in 8th place.While scoring 61 points, the highest number in the club's history, there are only five no-goal games. With 5 goals, he was second in the league worst, and it was a season that left a challenge for defense.

On the other hand, the Emperor's Cup won well,New National StadiumIn the final that was droppedKashimaWon the first title in club history.at the same timeAFC Champions LeagueWon the right to participate.


Team slogan:the No.1 Club in Asia ~ Unity ~

Second year of fink system.

Villa, Nasu and Ogi retire from active duty.Hashimoto transferred to Gifu, Omari to FC Tokyo, Miya to Tosu, and Mihara to Kashiwa.Kobayashi transferred to Yokohama FC and Masuyama transferred to Fukuoka for a limited time.In addition, Noda, Wellington, Mukai, Podolski, and Mike Havenaar left the group due to the expiration of the contract.

From ShimizuDouglas, DF from University of TsukubaTetsushi Yamakawa, From YamaguchiKikuchi RyuhoJoined.DF who was transferred for a limited time last yearRyo Hatsuse, MFYuya NakasakaIs back.

Held prior to the opening of the leagueFUJI XEROX SUPER CUP 2020Then, he won his first victory at the end of the penalty shootout.Due to the suspension period of the coronavirus and the accompanying change in the ACL schedule, there are many games that cannot be won or lost at the end of the game due to the unusually overcrowded game schedule, and the 8-game league match from August to September. Fink retired due to family reasons on September 9, when there was no victory.The successor is a sports directorAtsuhiro MiuraWas appointed[33]..The new Miura system started with four consecutive victories, including a match led by Bibes Assistant Coach, but did not continue after that, and the league match ended with six consecutive losses from Section 4 to Section 29.The 34th place of the year, 6 points, was the lowest since the promotion in 14.

In the ACL, which was the first challenge, in FebruaryJohor Darul Takjim FCBattle (invalid match because he later declined the tournament),Suwon Samsung Bluewings1-0 and victory.Then resumed in NovemberGuangzhou constantAlso won and broke through the group league.In the final tournamentShanghai PortDefeated Suwon Samsung, but in the semi-finalsUlsan Hyundai FCLost in overtime and lost in the best four.


The second year of Atsuhiro Miura's system.

Nishi moved to Urawa, Ogawa moved to Yokohama FC, Yoshimaru and Fujitani moved to Kitakyushu, and Watanabe and Dankler left the group due to the expiration of the contract.

From Tokyo VInoue Shione, From HiroshimaRyotaro HironagaFrom IwataNagisa Sakurauchi, From Maebashi Ikuei High SchoolTatsunori Sakurai,CR FlamengoからRincon, Kenya National TeamAyub TimbeJoined.I was transferred for a limited timeYuki KobayashiMasuyama ChaoyangHas returned.

In the middle of the season, Furuhashi is in ScotlandCelticYasui transferred to Machida, Masuyama transferred to Oita, Fujimoto transferred to Shimizu for a limited time, and Mashika left the group due to contract cancellation. In AugustNewcastle UnitedFormer Japan national team FW who left the groupYoshinori Muto,Werder BremenFrom Japan National Team FWYuya Osako,CF montréalFormer Barcelona forward who had left the groupBojan KrkicWas won.

It improves the number of goals conceded in the previous year and the loss of the auction at the end of the game, and conversely, it demonstrates the tenacity to pick up points and take 3 points at the end of the game.Young people such as Hatsuse and Nakasaka, who had few turns, greatly increased their chances of participating. In the match against Nagoya, which is competing for the right to participate in the ACL, two points were preceded in the first half, but FW Muto and MF Iniesta scored to maintain the difference in points.There was no omission in the match with the lower team, and although he lost the match in the match against Yokohama FM in Section 2, there were also results from other venues, and he won the second ACL entry right. With 37 wins, 2 draws and 21 defeats and 10 points, the third place in the league has significantly updated the club's highest record.It was the first time in club history that there were no consecutive losses in league games.


Atsuhiro Miura 3rd year

DF Thomas Vermaelen retired (later retired from active duty), FW Douglas transferred to Kashiwa, FW Junya Tanaka completely transferred to Gifu, GK Ito transferred to Gunma, and MF Sakurai transferred to Tokushima for a limited time.Russia on March 3, after the opening, with FIFA provisional measuresFC RostovMF whose contract with was suspendedKento HashimotoIs a loan transfer until June 6th, and on April 30st, a midfielder joined from Aioi Gakuin High School.

FW Fujimoto, who had been transferred to Shimizu for a limited time, has returned, and Urawa has also defended.Tomoaki Makino, MFYasuya Futaki, Yokohama FM to MFTakahiro OgiwaraAcquired by complete transfer.Also, as a new graduate, GK from Chuo UniversityYuya TsuboiAnd youth from DFYusei OzakiJoined.

ACL Playoffs on March 3thMelbourne Victory戦を延長の末4-3で下し、4月からの本選出場を決めた。一方リーグでは開幕からクラブワースト更新となる7試合未勝利となり、3月20日付で三浦が契約解除となった。4月2日、6日の2試合はLuis PlanagumaTakes command as a provisional director on April 4thMiguel Angel RotinaWas appointed as the new director.



ク ラ ブ

By individual

Stadium/practice field

Home stadiumNoevir Stadium KobeIs[1],Kobe Sports Park Universiade Memorial StadiumHowever, home games are held irregularly.In addition, past home game holding stadiumsList of results by year of VISSEL KOBE # Number of visitors by yearchecking ...

The practice area is Kobe CityNishi-wardThe "Ibuki no Mori Stadium" in Ibukidai Higashimachi 2003-chome (Nishijin Minami New Town) was used, but in October 10Biofermin PharmaceuticalAcquired a training ground site for the construction of a new factory (delivered in March 2004)[34] Did2005/2It was relocated to "Ibuki no Mori Stadium" (same name), which was built in Hasetani-cho, Nishi-ku, Kobe, which is adjacent to Kobe High-Tech Park, for about 5 million yen.

Ticket pricing

From the 2009 season to the 2016 season, VISSEL KOBE introduced a system in which ticket prices differ depending on the opponent in the league match (no cup match is set). The A price is 1,000 yen higher for adults and 500 yen higher for elementary and junior high school students than the B price.The target clubs for each year's category are as shown in the table below. There was no setting in 2017, and dynamic pricing has been introduced since then.

年度AffiliationA priceB price
2009J1Urawa, FC Tokyo, Yokohama FM, G OsakaYamagata, Kashima, Omiya, Chiba, Kashiwa, Kawasaki, Niigata, Shimizu, Iwata, Nagoya, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Oita
2010Kashima, Urawa, Gamba Osaka, HiroshimaSendai, Yamagata, Omiya, FC Tokyo, Kawasaki, Yokohama FM, Shonan, Niigata, Shimizu, Iwata, Nagoya, Kyoto, C Osaka
2011Urawa, G Osaka, C OsakaSendai, Yamagata, Kashima, Omiya, Kashiwa, Kawasaki, Yokohama FM, Kofu, Niigata, Shimizu, Iwata, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka
2012Urawa, Nagoya, Gamba Osaka, HiroshimaSapporo, Sendai, Kashima, Omiya, Kashiwa, FC Tokyo, Kawasaki, Yokohama FM, Niigata, Shimizu, Iwata, C Osaka, Tosu
2013J2No settings
2014J1Urawa, G Osaka, C Osaka, HiroshimaSendai, Kashima, Omiya, Kashiwa, FC Tokyo, Kawasaki, Yokohama FM, Kofu, Niigata, Shimizu, Nagoya, Tokushima, Torisu
2015Kashima, Urawa, Kashiwa, Matsumoto, Nagoya, Gamba OsakaSendai, Yamagata, FC Tokyo, Kawasaki, Yokohama FM, Shonan, Kofu, Niigata, Shimizu, Hiroshima, Torisu
2016Kashima, Urawa, Gamba Osaka, HiroshimaSendai, Omiya, Kashiwa, FC Tokyo, Kawasaki, Yokohama FM, Shonan, Kofu, Niigata, Iwata, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Tosu
2017No settings


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)rougerougerouge
FP (2nd)whiteblackwhite
FP (3rd)blackblackblack
GK (1st)绿绿绿
GK (2nd)light bluelight bluelight blue
FP 1st
FP 2nd
FP 3rd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Team color

  •     Crimson Red (rouge, 2005-): Hope and delight, aggressive[35]
  •     White: Fair play[35]
  •     Black: Strength and fighting spirit[35]

Transition of team color

  • Founded-May 1995: White (   ),black(   ),Orange(   
  • June 1995-December 6: White (   ),black(   ), Vissel Blue (   
    • White: Fair play, Black: Strength and fighting spirit, Vissel Blue: Kobe sea and hope
    • The vertical stripes of black and white (Vissel stripe) represent cooperation, meaning that black absorbs all light (citizen's voice, support) and white emits it.
  • The silver used in the away uniforms from 2002 to 2004 represented "the brilliance of a team's gem like a pearl."
    • Crimson Football Club Co., Ltd., which acquired the management rights of Vissel in March 2004 (the details are described above), said that it was "dispelling the stagnant management image" and "expressing a strong passion". ,2005/From the team color "Crimson Red (rouge) ”Was announced to be changed to the one based on[36].. In December 2004, new logos, emblems and uniforms for the 12 season were announced.[37].

Change of uniform

  • For the two seasons from 1997 to 1998, the message emblem "Tomorrow !! Kobe", which was recognized as a special case by the J League, was attached to the bottom of the sleeve sponsor.Based in the same KobeProfessional baseball-Orix Blue WaveWas labeled "Ganbaro KOBE".
  • In the first half of the 1995 4th JFL League match (May-end of July), there were no sleeve sponsors.In addition, from 5 to March 7, there was no chest sponsor and the team logo was on.
  • 2005 isGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeOn the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the event, we co-sponsored the "10 Years of the Earthquake, Sending from Kobe" project sponsored by Kobe City, and put the original logo on the bottom of the J League mark on the right sleeve.
  • From 2005,Uniform numberThe player name is now entered at the bottom of.
  • From 2008, the area name "KOBE" has been added to the bottom of the J-League mark on the right sleeve.
  • From 2010, only GK uniforms use 3rd uniforms (shirt: green, pants: green, stockings: green).
  • Number edging from 2007 to 2009, "Gold" used for uniform piping from 2008 to 2009.
  • "Beige" is used for uniform piping from 2010 to 2012.
  • The 2015nd coloring of the 2 GK uniform uses blue instead of the conventional green.Along with that, the 1st coloring was changed from yellow to green.[38]..In addition, yellow was adopted as the coloring of GK of the special uniform of 2015.[39]
  • In 2016, we adopted a black-based striped pattern as the 1st uniform for the first time in 12 years.[40]..The silhouette of the ship, which is the origin of the club name, is printed on the sleeves of the uniform, and the anchor mark is printed on the hem.Also, the 2nd coloring of the GK uniform has returned from blue to yellow.
  • Since 2015, the logo has been attached to the inside of the collar, with the logo of "VISSEL 2015 YEARS" in 20 and "Unity" in 2016.
  • In 2018, the club's first field player's 3rd uniform will be adopted. With the adoption of the 3rd uniform, the 2nd uniform is light blue instead of white.
Special uniform
  • 2014/
    • Adopted a uniform based on green.Match sponsored by Kawasaki Heavy Industries[Annotation 1] Wear at[41]..It was the only special uniform worn in home games other than summer (Section 32 Yokohama FM match).
  • 2015/
    • In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the club's founding, we adopted a black uniform that imaged the night view of Kobe.[42].. Worn in 2 home games on the 5nd stage[Annotation 2]..By the way, the GK uniform has the image of a sunrise in Kobe.
  • 2017/
    • Adopted a pink and purple two-tone uniform with the motif of hydrangea, which is a flower of Kobe citizens[43]..Worn in 4 summer home games[Annotation 3].. The GK uniform is the same black as the 2nd uniform, but it is designed to match the special uniform.

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestRakutenRakuten2004-2004-2012 is written as "Rakuten ® Ten"
2014-2016 is marked with "®"
2013/2017 is written as "® Rakuten"
clavicleI'mRenewal2022-Written on the left
Rakuten totoRakuten totoFebruary 2018-Written on the right
Upper backSuzetteHenri Charpentier2019-2016-2018 lower back
2019 FP 1st / 3rd / GK 1st is written as "HENRI CHARPENTIER"
Lower backKawasaki Heavy IndustriesKawasaki2019-2003 is chest
2004-2018 is the upper back
In 2014, "Kawasaki Powering your potential"Notation
2015 --2017 2nd / GK 3rd and
2014-2015 special uniform is written as "Kawasaki Heavy Industries"
Front of pantsKen min foodsKenmin
Rice noodles
Back of pantsDigital Alliance HoldingsExshop2022-

The history of uniform supply

Successive uniforms

FP 1st
1997 - 1998
1999 - 2002
2003 - 2004
2005 - 2006
2009 - 2010
2022 -
FP 2nd
1997 - 1998
1999 - 2001
2002 - 2003
2005 - 2006
2022 -
FP other
Crimson FC
10 anniversary
ク ラ ブ
20 anniversary
Kobe port opened
150 anniversary
2018 3rd
2019 3rd
ク ラ ブ
25 anniversary
2021 3rd
2022 3rd-

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1995Ito HamBefore banasics /
Before ban- /
-Before banasics
2001HYOGO /
HAA Kobe
2002HAA Kobe
2004Rakuten ® TenKawasakiFULLCASTDaiwa Securities
Ito Ham
2009Scalp D
2012Scalp DSmart marriage
2013® Rakutenes e-zakkamania
Powering your potential
Kawasaki Heavy Industries
Kawasaki Heavy Industries
(2nd / GK 3rd / Special)
Kawasaki Heavy Industries
(2nd / GK 3rd)
Henri CharpentierNOEVIRe-zakka
2017® Rakuten
2018Rakuten- /
Rakuten Aspyrian
Overcome cancer.live.
- /
Rakuten toto
2019Rakuten Aspyrian
Overcome cancer.live.
(1st / 3rd / GK 1st)
Henri Charpentier
(2nd / GK 2nd)
Rice noodles
2020Rakuten Medical
Overcome cancer.live.
Henri Charpentier-



At the time of establishmentKobe football clubThe academy was established by transferring youth and junior youth from[44].

In 2005, the individual support group for training support "Vitamin Club" was established.[45].

Established Itami Junior Youth Team in 2006[46].

In March 2009, a player dormitory (commonly known as Mikitani House) was completed in Fukutani, Hasetani-cho, Nishi-ku, Kobe, near "Ibuki no Mori Stadium".The total construction cost was about 3 million yen, and Mikitani paid the entire amount, and former Sapporo GM Shin Murano became the dormitory manager, and his wife Akiko Murano became the dormitory mother.In addition, the training managerKazuo KurodaBecame a youth director[47][48].

In December 2011, the general incorporated association VISSEL KOBE Sports Club was established with the aim of contributing to the spread and development of local sports activities.[49].

Native player



2 wins (1999, 2013)
2 wins (2013, 2017)
1 victory (2011)
3 wins (2006, 2009, 2011)

Junior youth

1 wins (2009/
1 wins (2009/


  • Every day broadcasting(MBS)
    • "VV Vissel" (July 2014, 7-) * Broadcast once a month in 16, broadcast only in even-numbered months except November in 2014.
  • Sun Television(SUN)
    • "Vissel Stadium" (irregular broadcast) * Broadcast once a month in 2016
    • "Vissel Live!(Game broadcast program. 2017-)


Profit and loss

年度leagueincomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationMore informationscostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen
  • Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

年度leagueRevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingMore informationscostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSaleProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

年度leagueRevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesMore informationscostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2016


年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapital
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016


注 釈

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