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🇯🇵 | Sat on Mitakeumi on the 1th day, all wrestlers disappear Terunofuji is a fan to defend XNUMX defeat "The battle for the championship has become fun"


On the 1th day, all the wrestlers disappeared in Mitakeumi. Terunofuji is a fan of XNUMX defeat.

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Terunofuji, who confronted Abu Saki (Abumatsu), the fifth in front of him in the subsequent efforts, leaned over without danger and defended one defeat.

<January place of sumo wrestling> ◇ 18th day ◇ XNUMXth ◇ Tokyo, Ryogoku Kokugikan Sekiwake, Mitakeumi (Dewanoumi) who kept undefeated in front ... → Continue reading


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Abu Sakiya

Abu Saki Keiya(Ousho Fumi,1996/May 7 -) isAomoriKitatsugaru-gunNakadomari TownI'm fromAbumatsu roomActive affiliationGrand SumoWrestler.. My real name isUchikoshimachi Keiya(Utetsu Fumiya).Height 176 cm, weight 163 kg, blood type O.The highest rank is westsummary(2017/November location,2018/January location). The four-pronged name "Abu Saki" contains a wish from a local teacher, "Let the flowers bloom on the ground."[2].


At the recommendation of my grandfather, I started sumo wrestling at the age of 5 and went to the local Nakazato Dojo to strengthen my strength.[3].TakarafujiIs a senior in the 10th grade of Nakazato Dojo and longs for Uchikoshimachi[4].. New NHK Sumo Wrestling BroadcastTen carsIn the interview, he said, "I thought the sumo wrestlers were cool."[5].. Nakazato Elementary School 6th gradeAll Japan Elementary School Sumo ChampionshipWon.Nakadomari Municipal Nakasato Junior High SchoolAfter entering the university, in the second and third years, he achieved the first two consecutive victories in the history of the national prefectural junior high school sumo championship in the open weight class.[6][7].. Born in a snowy country, he is good at winter sports. Skiing and snowboarding are also quite skillful, and he says, "It's been a long time since I've been moving fast for my weight, and that's why I have springs."[2].Mai seaAccording to the story, he was a mess when he was a kid.[8].. When I was an amateur, my strict father ordered me to gain 1 kg in a week, and I was forced to do push-ups and skipping rope 5 times a day, but since my father was young, I was practicing while competing with my father.[9].

After graduating from junior high schoolSanbongi Agricultural High SchoolGo on to school. With the national high school sumo Usa tournament while being a first graderNational bodyHe won the Sumo Boys' Division and contributed to winning the Towada Tournament in team competitions, demonstrating his abilities and deepening his confidence without waiting for graduation.Angular fieldDecided to enter. Former Juryo who dropped out of high school in November and was a director and room affiliation in the dojo era since he was in elementary schoolFuruichiHowever, there was an exchange of lessons due to the synchronization of the university.[10]Abumatsu room (Sekiwaki-Masarao),2013/January, stepped on the first ring[11][12].. Uchikoshimachi later told a weekly magazine about the introduction, "I dared to choose a strict room. I can be a sumo wrestler for 20 years at the longest. I want to enrich that time."[13].. East in November 2014MakushitaWith a record of 3 wins and 5 losses on the third piece, it was decided to be promoted to the new Juryo at the place in January 2 at the ranking organization meeting after the place.[14].. 18 years, 5 months and 20 days (at the time of the announcement of the ranking) is the 10th youngest speed advancement since the Showa era. At the promotion conference, he showed that he used the words "thank you" and "humility" eight times, saying "don't forget to be grateful and humble", and his teacher Abumatsu said, "I'm short and small, but I'm small. There is a spring in the whole body. I want you to take a sumo wrestler that will uproot your opponent with speed and instantaneous power. "I was hoping that I would like you to become the most practicing wrestler in the sumo world.[15].

SekitoriSecond place after promotion2015/I experienced the first loss since I started in March. In November of the same year, he was closed for the first time from the 3th day, but re-entered from the 11th day.[16].. This year, he won three places and settled in ten positions for one year. However, there is also the effect of injury2016/Experienced the fall to the Makushita in May. Immediately before the fall, at the end of the morning training at the Spring Tour TatebayashiA rare village(At that timeOzeki) It was reported that they were colliding with each other and practicing.[17].. Maybe it was worth practicing on the tour, the place in May was the championship deciding matchKoyanagiAlthough he lost to Juryo, he won all seven races and decided to make a comeback in one place. In September placeChiakiIn connection with the battle for victory of 11 cars, he finished the place with a good result of 4 wins and 11 losses. The following November place lost, but2017/In the January place, he won with 1 wins and 9 losses, and in the following March place, he left a record of 6 wins and 3 losses with the second piece of the West Juryo in connection with the victory battle until Chiakiraku, and successfully made a new start in the May place.

Partly because of the training, the place in May 2017, which was greeted by the new opening, was a black star on the first day, but with five consecutive victories from the second day, it was decided to win on the 5th day. Chiakiraku has been a rival since before the introduction, and has competed with junior high and high schools in national competitions.Noble scenicLost to. Even so, in the end, it was his first double-digit win with 10 wins and 5 losses.Three awardsWon the fighting award[18].. (By the way, there are four winners of the three prizes at this place, including Abu Saki, but it became a rare event that all the other three also lost Chiakiraku.[19].. ) "I didn't think about the first three awards at all. I'm grateful and happy," he said. "Looking back at the place now," "I think it was the first time for me to start a new season." When asked, "I think all the good and bad points have come out. I found some issues, but I'm confident in some parts." "Thanks to everyone's support, I enjoyed the most. I think it was. "[20].. On June 6th, I took 17th place with Kisenosato Yutaka who came to practice and won 27 times.[21][22].. Among them was sumo wrestling on the train road.[23].

Fortunately, the next July location was given the position of the sixth front of the West, seven and a half higher than the previous location. The place in July participated in the competition for the championship until it dropped out after suffering the 7th loss on the 7th day, and finally a good result of 6 wins and 7 losses.[24].. I missed the award, but I was a candidate for the fighting award and the skill award[25].. Two consecutive double-digit wins from the new opening is the fourth record under the six-place system a year[26].. Summer tour on August 8th At the Tsugaru apple market place, I am always excitedTakayasuIt was in great shape, winning all 7 races in the XNUMXrd lesson.[27].. "I'm glad. My legs moved well. I was happy with the local cheers," said Abu Saki.[28].

The following September location was the third east front of the top round robin.Yokozuna・ Since there were many people who were closed in Ozeki, only 1 Yokozuna and 2 Ozeki actually played against each other, but Yokozuna ・Hima FujiFirst fromVenusAcquisition and OzekiTerunofujiThere was a white star from, and at the end of the 5th day, he was the sole leader in the battle for victory in the Makuuchi.[29].. Especially when he won Venus in the match against Harumafuji, he decided to make a full turn in the air.[30][31].. In the second half of the game, he dropped out of the competition for the championship due to three consecutive losses, but in the end it was 3 wins and 10 losses, and there was no achievement after the summer of 5 when the 15-day system was established.[32], Achieved the feat of double-digit white star in three consecutive places from the new opening, and won the second fighting award. In the preparation room of Chiakiraku, he said, "I'm really happy to win double digits. I got the push sumo that my teacher taught me." He said, "I found out that I still don't have the horsepower to bring with one shot. My sumo. Polish and prepare for the next Kyushu place. "[33].. Due to this good result, it will be new in NovembersummaryI was promoted to (Nishi Koyui). The promotion of the new three roles at 21 years and 3 months is the sixth youngest record for a sumo wrestler in the first bale since Heisei.[34].. In November, he won the match against Harumafuji on the first day and got off to a good start, but in the subsequent high-ranking matches, there were many efforts to lose while attacking from the stand-up, and from the second day he lost 11 consecutive games. 2th dayTochihe MountainI lost the battle and had no time to win, but I won in a row from there. 14 losses on the 2th dayWhite PengWas chasingKitakatsu FujiIn Chiakiraku, Takarafuji, a senior in his hometown, was pushed out by train, and he overcame the place of the new three roles. January 2018 Not only did the place not behave as 1 wins and 9 losses until the 4th day, but also the 5th dayYano CastleHe hurt his right knee in the war, was examined in Tokyo, and submitted a medical certificate on the 1nd, stating that "the posterior cruciate ligament of the right knee needs to be closed in January" and will be closed from the 22th day.[35].. This is my first time to be closed in Makuuchi. Abu Saki was the 5th person to lose for the first time in the 6th place from the new opening since the establishment of the 9-place system a year, and the case due to the closure was in May 1985.KitaoSecond case since[36].. February 2rd, after the placeShiba Park OfZojoji TempleMade inSetsubun Nuo folk religionI told him that he would not participate once because he was closed at the place just before, but he decided to participate after the place and actuallyMomentumSprinkled beans with friends[37].

The place is closed in March because the injury does not heal. It was announced that the spring tour after the place will be closed from the first day[38].. In May, the place fell to Juryo and returned to the ring with the number one in the West Juryo. This place showed a difference of 5 wins and 12 losses, and won 3 cars, which was his first victory in each stage. In July, the 7th West Front and the 11nd opening were played, and here again 2 wins and 10 losses and his 5th double-digit white star in the Makuuchi. Kisenosato Yutaka, who came to the Abumatsu room on September 4nd to practice, took 2th and won 9 wins. The engine was fully open from the very beginning. Kisenosato is a fierce push by Abu Saki, and while receiving a number of strong throat rings, he opposes by pushing without being particular about turning. Even after that, the fierce sumo wrestling was continued as if young people with a lot of blood were doing it, and Kisenosato exposed his emotions such as screaming "Ah shit" while bleeding his nose.[39].

In March 2020, the place was the 3th position in the front of the west, with 5 wins and 9 losses. On the 6th day, he won the Distinguished Service Award for defeating Yokozuna Hakuho and bringing the battle for victory into a melee.[40].

From December 12th to 18rd, I worked as a perfect attendant for the joint training held at the sumo training school for 23 days.Perfect attendance is another in SekitoriKiribayamaonly[41].

According to the report in January 2021Tenkaiho PengAlready just before the 23rd generation Otowayama was namedOld name OfOtowayamaIt became clear that it had acquired[42].

In January 2021, the place showed an activity to put the soil on Daieishō, who was the sole leader with one loss on the 1th day.[43]..After finishing this place with 10 wins and 5 losses, he was nominated for the fighting award with the condition that if he gave a white star to Chiakiraku, he would win the award.[44]He said, "I'm not particularly conscious of being a candidate for the fighting award," and when he lost to Chiakiraku, he said, "I reached out first. It ’s just weak. ”[45].. In November, the number was raised to the second east front, and the three roles since the beginning of 11 are about to bloom.To this place, he appealed that he was doing well, saying, "The feeling itself is really good right now, so raise your feelings firmly. I think I'll just take the plunge."[46].


He is good at pushing haste by taking advantage of short-body obesity. Basically, there are sumo wrestlers who take a straight line without assembling or pulling, and use the strength of the spring in the lower body to push the opponent out of the ring at once. On the other hand, a strong spring means that the hip joint is stiff, and because of the heavy weight, sumo wrestling that easily falls is conspicuous, and when you lose, you usually lose with a pulling technique. In places where both ankles are bad, the force to move forward is weakened, and it is easier to fall off from the beginning. When he won the fighting award in May 2017, he commented on his sumo wrestling, saying, "I found some issues, both good and bad. I want to improve my standing."[47].. In May 2017, I couldn't see the haste that I was good at because I overlooked the opponent.Musashi River(Former yokozunaMusashimaru) Also points out that[48].. At the same place, the effort that ended within 15 seconds out of 10 was 13th, and within 5 seconds was 10th, so sumo is fast even though I overlooked the opponent[49].. At the roundtable discussion in front of the place in November 2017, Abumatsu basically instructed Abusaki to stick to pushing even if he was hit or not, and he went inside the opponent while pushing. He made a statement to the effect that he was teaching sumo in the direction, and Maiumi said at the same roundtable discussion, "Abusaki is not very tall at 11 cm, so if you can squeeze it, you will not be able to do it well, and you will be good at it. If you try to take it, you will be pushed. I think that figure is a weapon. "[50].. In another column of the same period, in addition to that, "It has a certain amount of horsepower and moves fast" "It is fast to pull and you can take turns. Even if you look at the opponent, there are parts that can not be narrowed down and it is difficult to do. Let's praise[51].. Talent and enthusiastChika YamaneIn the report of the 2017 autumn tour, "Pushing is a weapon, of course, but I think that the judgment is even better. It is also attractive that you can take sumo not only by pushing sumo but also by assembling (...) I felt like I was overpowered when I was watching, and there were some sumo wrestlers who went too far ahead and lost. "[52].. On the other hand, the sumo wrestling in January 201814s FutakoyamaIt is,Noble scenic,Ontake Sea,Kitakatsu FujiHe pointed out that "I don't have a lot of things that this is strong", and as a common point other than Mitakeumi, he puts in a pattern of sumo wrestling, saying "I push it in and go to hit it immediately".[53].. The ideal sumo wrestling for Abu Saki around May 2019 is a sumo wrestling that closes the hand, raises the upper body with the throat ring and goes forward as it is, and the match against Asanoyama on the 5th day of the same place is typical.[54].. On the 2020th day of March 3, Hakuho was slammed in front of him and broke by pushing out, and he was the president of Hakuho (former yokozuna, former yokozuna).North Shokai) Said, "To beat Hakuho, this kind of sumo was a model."[55]..It's not that you can't get four sumo wrestling at all, but it's a disaster, and sometimes the hits are weakened by witnessing the aim of turning, and the second day of the place in November 2021 is a good example.[56].. The average working time in 2021 is 4.8 seconds, which is the shortest sumo wrestler among the wrestlers who reigned in Makuuchi in all six places of the year.[57].


  • Summer tour on August 2015, 8 at Sapporo locationWhite Peng,Tail carWas pressed by the drum. Hakuho said, "Abusaki was doing his best in the second half (of the summer tour)," and the director of the tail car tour also said, "(I.e.AlsoYano CastleI couldn't even fall down. "[58].
  • The characters "Abu Saki" were written by Toshiyasu Ono, who was the mayor of Nakadomari Town at the time, and the Aomori Nebuta Mawashi, which was painted by Haruichi Kitamura, and the graphic designer Shin Matsunaga, who Abumatsu respects. I have a patterned dressing machine[59].
  • TokushoryuIs a close relationship that says, "My favorite senior. I've been like an older brother since I was little." Tokushoryu accompanied him when Takarafuji of the same grade returned to his hometown of Aomori in the same sumo club. So he trained Abu Saki as a boy.[60].. On the 2017th day of May 5, he defeated Tokushoryu and decided to win and gave back.[61].
    • Abu Saki, who met Tokushoryu in the preparation room the next day, thanked him, "Thanks to you, I won." In this regard, Tokushoryu held a talk show at Touyokan in Asakusa on June 2017, 6. "No, I'm the other person (laughs)," he added to Abusaki. At the same talk show, Abu Saki complained, "But Tokushoryu Seki will come to the fore during the match."[60].
    • The following day, July 2017, the place decided to win on the 7th day, two days earlier than the previous place, but the opponent was again Tokushoryu.
  • Takakeishō is a close friend, and during the lunch break, the two of them got along and lay down together and played on their mobile phones. However, since he was in elementary school, he has been a good rival on the ring.[62][9].. I didn't talk about Takakeishō because I hated it because I was so crazy at first, but I hope I became friends when I first talked to him when I went to practice before the place in November 2014.[63]It is said that it will be a learning experience to come into contact with Takakeishō because of differences in thinking, perspective, and what you have.[9].
  • He is also a member of the first term of the boys' sumo tournament "Hakuho Cup" sponsored by Hakuho. At the summer tour Gifu place held on July 1, 2017, "I think that if you do it with a strong person, you will eat. The strong person will burn", September of the same year, which will be the first round-robin battle For Hakuho who has a connection with "Hakuho Cup" at the placeGiving backVowed to do[64].. However, Hakuho was closed in September due to left quadriceps tendonitis and left ankle ligament injury. The repayment to the person was carried over to the place in November the following day.
    • On the 2020th day of March 3, he won the first white star from Hakuho, which doubles as the first Venus, and gave back.[65].
  • On the 2017th day of July 7, he made his first appearance with Takarafuji in his hometown and gave back. Abu Saki, who won, said in the preparation room, "I had been loved for a long time. I also wanted to show that I became stronger." On the other hand, the defeated Takarafuji was disappointed, saying, "In my (hometown) town, Takarafuji is over. (From now on) I'm going to be told that it's Abusaki."[66].
  • From the 2017th day of September 9, Nishiki-e of Abu Saki was added to the shop of Kokugikan in a hurry. Sumo Nishiki-e artist Kinoshita Daimon hurriedly took 7 hours to say, "Because too many customers ask me," because there is a young warrior who is enlivening the place where 99 Yokozuna and 3 Ozeki are closed for the first time in 2 years. I made it. This is the third time that Kinoshita, who has been making nishiki-e for over 5 years, hastily made it all over the place. "Since the time of Endo with loose hair and Ichinojo with loose hair, this time it was a kind of incident because even women who were not so accustomed to watching sumo were asked," says Kinoshita.[67].
  • From Kisenosato, you can see it both in practice and in your private life.[13].
  • In karaokeCHEMISTRYOften sings enthusiastically. That skill is professional grade[13].
  • NHK announcer's held before the place in November 2017Kazuki SawadaIn an interview with Takarafuji, it is revealed that Takarafuji and the local supporters' association are common.[63].
  • I also enjoy listening to music, but I have stopped listening to it before the initiative from a certain time because the music makes me feel too excited and extra power is put into sumo.[63].
  • Shinji SasaokaHave a friendship with[68].
  • On the 2019th day of November 11, it was 7 consecutive losses from the first face in the MakuuchiAkioThe first white star is given from. There was one match with Meisei before becoming the first face in the Makuuchi, and counting from the amateur era, there were about 1 matches in the past, but this white star is the first white star from Meisei through professional amateurs. There was[69].
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DaySumo schoolI already retired during the joint training held inElderly-MagakiRegarding the memory of the match against Hakuho, who had been named after, "I only won the first place in the end, but I also have regrets about that, so I don't want to regret it. I have to do it. "[70].
  • Wang LinHe says he doesn't want to get married, but he wants to co-star.
  • January 2022 Place 1th dayAkioIn the battle, the first partition brought out a hand before the partition line, so Gyoji's3nd Keinosuke KimuraHe was warned that he would "go down", and the witness itself was disturbed, as it took three times to complete the witness.ABEMAWhen the question "Which of these witnesses is wrong?" From the sumo wrestlers was read aloud, he explained.Hanada TorakamiReplied, "It happened because of each other's bargaining. In this case, which one is it?"[71].

Main grades

As of the end of July 2022

Total results

  • Total results: 380 wins, 319 losses, 30 holidays (56 places)
  • Makuuchi results: 207 wins, 199 losses, 29 holidays (29 places)
  • Juryo results: 111 wins, 98 losses, 1 break (14 places)

Each stage win

  • Juryo championship: 1 time (January 2018 location)

Three awards, Venus

  • Third prize: 4 times
    • Distinguished Service Award: Once (January 1 location)
    • Fighting Award: 3 times (May 2017 place, September 5 place, November 2017 place)
  • Venus: 2
    • Hakuho: 1 (November 2020 location)
    • Harumafuji: 1 (May 2017 location)

Performance by location

Abu Saki Keiya
January place
First place (Tokyo)
March place
Spring place (Osaka)
May place
Summer place (Tokyo)
July place
Nagoya place (Aichi)
September place
Autumn place (Tokyo)
November place
Kyushu Place (Fukuoka)
(Former sumo)7th piece
17th eastern order
The east third stage 55th sheet
West third row 3th sheet
West Makushita 54th sheet
34th piece
28th piece
16th piece
10th piece
8th piece
3th piece
East Ten Ryo 11th piece
East Ten Ryo 9th piece
East Ten Ryo 10th piece
East Ten Ryo 8th piece
East Ten Ryo 9th piece
Nishi Juyo 6th piece
4 – 10 – 1[Place 1] 
East Ten Ryo 14th piece
Nishi Juyo 12th piece
West Makushita 3th sheet
7–0[Place 2] 
East Ten Ryo 12th piece
East Ten Ryo 12th piece
East Ten Ryo 4th piece
Nishi Juyo 5th piece
Nishi Juyo 2th piece
14th east front
West Front 6th
3th east front
Nishi Koi
Nishi Koi
4 – 6 – 5[Place 3] 
West Front 5th
Closed[Place 4]
0 – 0 – 15
West Juryo first
West Front 11th
West Front 6th
13th east front
/ Reiwa first year)
West Front 6th
West Front 5th
West Front 10th
8th east front
11th east front
6th east front
(2nd year of Reiwa)
West Front 7th
West Front 5th
9–6[Place 5]
Infectious disease spread
Canceled due to
West Front 2th
2–13 [Place 6] 
West Front 9th
2th east front
7–8 [Place 6] 
(3nd year of Reiwa)
West Front 3th
West Front Head
4–11[Place 6] 
West Front 5th
6th east front
West Front 6th
2th east front
(4nd year of Reiwa)
5th east front
3th east front
5th east front
2 – 4 – 9[Place 7] 
The numbers in each column areWin-Loss-ClosedIs shown.    Win Retirement Closed Ten cars Makushita
Three awards : Daring=Fighting award,Especially= Distinguished Service Award,Skill= Skill Award Others:★=Venus
Numbered class : Makuuchi - Ten cars - Makushita - Third stage - First two steps - Introduction
Makuuchi rank : Yokozuna - Ozeki - Sekiwaki - summary - Frontal("#Number" is the rank within each place)
  1. ^ Closed from day 11 due to injury to the lateral collateral ligament of the left ankle, re-entered from day 13
  2. ^ Advance to the Makushita championship deciding match
  3. ^ Closed from day 10 due to injury to the posterior cruciate ligament of the right knee
  4. ^ Full holiday due to injury to right knee ligament
  5. ^ No audience
  6. ^ a b c Tokyo held
  7. ^ Closed from the 10th day due to fractures of the left 11 and 6 ribs.


Both are as of May 2022.

(The following are the highest ranks of Yokozuna and Ozeki wrestlers)

  • YokozunaTerunofuji4 wins and 4 losses.During the reign of Terunofuji's Ozeki, 1 win and 1 loss.After being promoted to Yokozuna by Terunofuji, he lost one.Most recently, he won the place in March 2.
  • OzekiNoble scenic3 wins and 10 losses.After being promoted to Ozeki by Takakeishō, 1 win and 9 losses.Most recently, he won the place in January 2021.
  • OzekiMasayo4 wins and 6 losses (including 1 bye).After being promoted to Ozeki in Shodai, 3 wins and 4 losses (including 1 bye).Most recently, he won the place in September 2022.
  • OzekiOntake Sea4 wins and 9 losses.There is no match during the reign of Mitakeumi Hisashi.
  • Former OzekiTakayasu3 wins and 4 losses.During Takayasu's reign at Ozeki, he won 1 win and 1 loss.
  • Former OzekiTochinoshin2 wins and 1 defeat.There is no match during Ozeki's reign in Tochinoshin.
  • Former OzekiAsanoyama2 wins and 7 losses.4 losses during Asanoyama's reign at Ozeki.

(The following are the retired wrestlers of Yokozuna and Ozeki)

  • Former yokozunaWhite Peng2 wins and 1 defeat (including 1 bye).The efforts on the 2020th day of March 3, where Abu Saki won, resulted in Venus being the last to be distributed by Hakuho.
  • Former yokozunaHima Fuji2 wins. Acquired Venus in September 2017.
  • Former yokozunaA rare village1 loss.
  • Former OzekiProsperous road1 win and 3 losses.In January 2020, where Abu Saki won, the efforts of Chiakiraku became the last and last active activity for Goeido.
  • Former OzekiKoto ChrysanthemumIs 3 wins and 6 losses against Kotoshogiku after the fall of Ozeki.
  • The results of the battles with wrestlers whose highest rank is Sekiwake or lower are as follows.
Wrestler nameNumber of winsNegative numberWrestler nameNumber of winsNegative numberWrestler nameNumber of winsNegative numberWrestler nameNumber of winsNegative number
green mountains66Momentum11Yano Castle34Okinoumi Ayumi87
Kaisei3 (1)2Kotoyuki20Daiei Sho86Takashi wins37
Takarafuji98Tamawashi55Tochihe Mountain43Toyonoshima01
Myogiryu93Akio65Yoshikaze43 (1)
Chiyo Tairyu46Kitakatsu Fuji56Ryuden43Wakatakakage43
Arawashi30Ishiura40Ura12Enho Akira33
Shine46Asahi Daisei01Kotoeko33Kotoshoho30
Sadanoumi51Shimanoumi23O Amami10Daisho Peng20
Daishomaru21Kigen Osamu10Kinoiwa20Chiyoshoma33
Emperor Chiyono10Chiyo country21Chiyomaru50Kensho11
Terutsuyoshi32Tokushoryu22Shozaru23 (1)Tomokaze02
* The number in parentheses is the number of wins, the number of byes and losses among the negative numbers.TaiziIs currently active as of the end of July 2022Wrestler.

Rename history

  • Abu Saki Fumiya January 2013 Place-


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