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⛳ | Nasa Hataoka takes on the offensive stance of the opening round "Making the home course an advantage"

Photo Nasa Hataoka celebrates her first match on the home course (Photo: Getty Images)

Nasa Hataoka takes on an aggressive stance in the opening round "Making Home Course an Advantage"

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Last season, he returned to Japan after finishing second in the final round of the "CME Group Tour Championship".

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Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Chicago Mercantile Exchange(Chicago Mercantile Exchange Chicken,British: Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Abbreviation:CME Or "The Merc", NASDAQ: CME) IsThe United States of AmericaChicagoIt is inDerivativesExchange.Financial instrumentsAlsoCommoditiesAlso handleGeneral exchangeIs. In addition,mercantile exchange Is a word that means "commodity trading",Chicago Commodity ExchangeIt is customarily translated like the title because of the necessity of distinguishing it from (CBOT).Chicago Commercial ExchangeAlso translated[1].


1898/ToChicago Butter Egg Exchange(British: Chicago Butter and Egg Board) AsChicago Commodity ExchangeIndependent from1919/ToChicago Mercantile ExchangeReorganized into. In the 1970s (Leo Melamed) Has carried out bold reforms, including futures trading.DerivativesActively working on the listing of products, the volume of transactions is now the largest in the world.Nikkei XNUMX futuresIs handled 1 hours a day, and is attracting a lot of attention from Japanese investors. We have been handling Japanese electricity since 23[2].

Originally a non-profit private organization,2000/In 11 monthLtd.Was converted into2002/In 12 monthInitial public offering.2007/By Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) in JulyChicago Commodity Exchange(CBOT) acquisition decided,CME Group Inc.Became a subsidiary of.2008/On March 8th,New York Mercantile ExchangeBusiness integration with (NYMEX)General meeting of shareholdersApproved and passed by the exchangeCME Group Inc.Became a subsidiary of[3]..At the same time, the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) and the New York Mercantile Exchange (COMEX) became part of the CME Group.

Handling product

Of the followingFutures tradingas well as the Option tradingIs dealing with.The names in parentheses are the names of exchanges within CME Group.

Trading time

Trading hours, with some exceptionsEastern Standard TimeSunday-Friday 18: 00-17: 00[14]..There is an hour break every day.Japan Standard TimeThen, daylight saving time is Monday 7:00 to Saturday 6:00, and winter time is Monday 8:00 to Saturday 7:00.Trading hours are shorter on public holidays[15].

The interruption time isNew York Stock Exchange,NASDAQIs in the middle of trading hours.The closing time of 17:00 on Friday is earlier than the closing time of 20:00 on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

IMM position

International Monetary Futures Market (International Monetary Market, IMM) listed currenciesOpen interest(Position) balance.The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) aggregates the number of open positions after closing every Tuesday at 3:30 pm EST on Friday.Home Page(English)Will be announced at.

Attention is paid to the change in the open interest of speculators (Non-Commercial) called the Chicago muscle position.[16][17].


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