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⚾ | Why DeNA Maki became a disciple of Yamato in his 17th year as a professional “Veteran extract” I wanted to learn

Photo: DeNA / Shugo Maki who released the voluntary training [Photo: Provided by the team]

Why DeNA Maki became a disciple of Yamato in his 17th year as a professional "Veteran extract" I wanted to learn

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"As long as I'm a batter, I think everyone is aiming for the top batter, but if you're too conscious of batting average, you won't be able to hit, so I'd like to stick to the RBI with the consciousness of being for the team rather than the batting average.

Due to summer fatigue, the monthly batting average was sluggish at .7 in July, and DeNA, who was saved during the Olympics, is entering his second professional season ... → Continue reading


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Leading batter

Leading batter(Shuidasha,British: Batting Champion) IsProfessional baseballInBlowRecognition(title)one of.Regular turn at batAmong the batters who have reachedbatting averageIs given to the highest player.

Tetsuya Usami TheJapanThe top hitterBatting kingIt came to be called by another name1949/ToLou GehrigThe movie "The Pride of the Yankees(Literally translated: Yankees' pride)Batting kingIt is mentioned in the book that it has been published under the Japanese title.[1].


In the batting departmentMost home runs,Most RBIAlong with that, it is counted as one of the three major batting divisions. To win all three titles in the same seasonTriple CrownIt is the greatest honor for the batter.

The most home runs (home runs) and the most RBIs (RBIs) are records that do not reduce home runs and RBIs, respectively.At-batA player with a large number of at-bats is more advantageous, whereas a player with a large number of at-bats is not necessarily advantageous because the batting average of the top batting average increases or decreases.Therefore, if the battle for the top batter continues until the end of the season, the player who keeps the top batter will be missed so that the batting average will not drop, or he will not stand on the bench by just defensively and immediately lowering to the bench. In addition, it can be controversial as it may prevent you from walking on a walk when facing a rival to increase your batting average.Intentional four-ballSee). On the contrary, it may be taken up as a good story if you compete in a close battle for the top hitter.[2].

Exception rules

Even if the batter does not reach the prescribed batting average, the batting average is calculated by adding the shortage to the number of at bats (that is, assuming that all the batters lacking the prescribed batting average are ordinary batting averages), and if the batting average is still the highest. That batter becomes the top batter in the league. (Official baseball rules9.22 (a))[3]

In other words, if the batting average calculated by the formula "number of hits ÷ (number of hits + number of insufficient at bats)" exceeds the batting average of those who have reached the stipulated at bat, it is recognized as the batting average even if it is less than the stipulated at bat.

The record that remains at this time is the batting average when the number of insufficient at-bats is not added.

There is no past application in the Japanese professional baseball team[4]However, in the second army, the following players are recognized as batting champions by this regulation (the team they belong to is at the time of winning the title).

In Major League Baseball1996/There was a shortage of 4 at-bats in the regular at-batsTony Gwin(San Diego Padres) Is due to this systemNational leagueBecame the top batter.2012/Is short of one at batMerkey cabrera(San Francisco Giants) Was supposed to be the top batting average in the National League based on this rule, but the cause of the lack of batting average was that he was suspended from participation due to a positive reaction in the doping test, and he declined the top batting average. , The highest batting average among those who reached the regular batting averageBuster PoseyBecame the batting champion.

Baseball Challenge LeagueThen,2010/ToHisanori Otani(Gunma Diamond Pegasus) Became the top batter by this rule.Kansai Independent League (2nd generation)Then,2020/To (Sakai shrike) Became the top batter by this rule.

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