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⚽ | Attention 1st grade midfielder Daisei Nonaka (Shizuoka Gakuen) "I want to acquire skills that cannot be touched by the other party"

Photo Shizuoka Gakuen U-16 Captain MF Daisei Nonaka

Featured first-year midfielder Daisei Nonaka (Shizuoka Gakuen) "I want to acquire skills that can not be touched by the other party"

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After enrolling in Shizuoka Gakuen, he said, "I think that the place where you invade with ball touch or dribble has improved considerably", but here again, "I will improve my skills and be touched by the other party." I want to acquire a skill that I don't have. "

MIZUNO wintercup U-16 rookie league held at the end of last year.Due to the influence of the new coronavirus ... → Continue reading

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Shizuoka Gakuen Junior and Senior High School

Shizuoka Gakuen Junior and Senior High School(Shizuoka English Language School)Shizuoka CitySakai DistrictLocated in HigashitakashomachiprivateJunior high school-high school..The abbreviation is "Shizugaku".


It was located in Hijiriisshiki, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City since its opening, but it is adjacent.Shizuoka Prefecture Kusanagi General Sports GroundDue to the renovation plan ofShizuoka Prefectural Shizuoka Technical High SchoolMoved to the site[1]..Along with the relocation, the nation's first liberal arts science department has been established with a new curriculum.サ ッ カ ーKnown as a strong school in[2].


  • 1963/(ShowaApril 38-Established a new steel-framed two-story school building of 4 tsubo at 226-3 Hijiriisshiki, Shizuoka City, and established the Shizuoka Gakuen University Preparatory School Commercial Department (2 years of study)
  • 1964/(39) January-Independent as Shizuoka Higher Practical School and appointed as Akira Makino School Principal (Revised the period of study to 1 years)
  • 1965/(40)
    • September-Planned to build a new high school and started the first phase of construction of 9 tsubo of reinforced concrete 6000 stories in parallel with the expansion of the school site aiming for 3 tsubo.
    • December --Received donations of school grounds, school buildings and other basic property from the school corporation Shizuoka GakuenShizuoka Gakuen High SchoolKenichi Makino became the principal
    • May 12 -Approval for donation of second corporation Shizuoka Gakuen, establishment of Shizuoka Gakuen High School
  • 1966/(41)
    • May 4 -Opened Shizuoka Gakuen High School. Dormitory system ordinary course 45 people (1 class) commercial course 185 people (4 classes) establishment
    • May 4 -Shizuoka Gakuen High School entrance ceremony
  • 1967/(Showa 42) April-Ceremony of school flag and school song held at Supu Kaikan
  • 1971/(46)
  • 1976/(Showa 51) June- The 55th National High School Soccer Championshipsecond place
  • 1977/(52)May 12 -Shizuoka Gakuen Junior High School installation license
  • 1978/(Showa 53) April 4-Shizuoka Gakuen Junior High School opens
  • 1996/(Heisei8) December- The 74th National High School Soccer ChampionshipWin
  • 2009/(21)
    • April --Announced the outline of relocation to Higashitakajomachi, Aoi-ku and the construction plan at a resident briefing session.Relocation to the current location is decided after the Shizuoka Prefectural Assembly
    • September-8thNational Junior High School Soccer TournamentWin
  • 2011/(23) April-Change the corporate name to the new Shizuoka Gakuen. Moved to the current location. Liberal Arts Department established
  • 2015/(27) June- The 93th National High School Soccer ChampionshipBest 8 (National tournament after 4 years)
  • 2020/(Reiwa2) December- The 98th National High School Soccer ChampionshipWinner (second time in 24 years)

basic data

Directions & Parking


  • School lesson
    • Honesty-Aim for a simple, neat, and elegant personality
    • Love Respect-Aiming to be an intellectual human being who loves learning, friends, and harmony
    • Go-Yu-Aim for completion of Go, Ken, and functional human resources rich in cooperation
  • Takatomo Sanshin
    • XNUMX. Respond to the feelings of parents. Follow the teacher's guidance. Listen to the words of seniors. Make sense.
    • Second, I feel grateful for my parents, my teacher, and my friends. I am grateful for the grain of rice and the glass of water that support life.
    • Third, the heart of completeness No small things are spoiled. No matter what the difficulty, Responsibly work hard to the end. Become a trustworthy person.
  • Expression of filial spirit
    • XNUMX. Keep the mind and body clean with the specified hairstyle.
    • Second, dress neatly and refrain from acting.
    • Third, respect the courtesy and encourage greetings.
  • School colors-green (green and yellow are sometimes called static colors)
  • Designated bag-green (the word SHIZUOKAGAKUEN is yellow) * Currently, permission from the Student Affairs Division is required to use it.Brown (since 2011).None (from 2019)
  • Uniform-Men's standard school uniform with tight collar (black) and short sleeves in summer (SG mark is written on the pocket).Girls are blazer (navy blue) and summer is the same as boys.In addition, there are unisex vests.

Extracurricular activities

Sports Department
  • Soccer club
  • Judo section
  • Gymnastics
  • Baseball club
  • Table Tennis Department
  • tennis Club
  • basket Club
  • Kendo club
  • Volleyball club
  • Land section
  • Handball club
  • Swimming club
  • Support guidance
Ministry of Culture
  • Literature department
  • chorus club
  • Hyakunin Isshu
  • Go Shogi Club
  • Tea ceremony club
  • Flower arrangement
  • PC section
  • Photo Club
  • Calligraphy club
  • Theater department
  • History Research Department
  • Brass band club
  • Art department
  • Science department

Soccer club

サ ッ カ ーThe club traditionally has a style of connecting short passes based on individual skills. The first appearance in Japan in 1976The 55th National High School Soccer ChampionshipThen, the unique style attracted attention, and won the runner-up while participating for the first time. As a professional director,Katsumichi IdaWas teaching from 1972 to 2008. Practice groundSuruga WardShizuoka Gakuen Yata Grand in Yata[3].

1995 years74th competitionThen dominate the whole country (Kagoshima Business High SchoolAnd both schools won).

2003/ToAll Japan Youth Championshipsecond place.

In addition, 2002/A soccer club was also established in junior high school, and has achieved results such as 14rd place in the U-3 national tournament.2008/ToJFA Premier CupWin theEnglandMade inManchester United Premier CupI participated in.2009/ToNational Junior High School Soccer TournamentWon.

The high school championship (Inter-High) participated in the 2010 Okinawa tournament for the first time.The following 2011 tournament also decided to participate in a row, advanced to the final and achieved the runner-up.

In 2020, he won the national championship as Shizuoka Prefecture for the first time in 98 years at the 24th National High School Soccer Championship.This victory was the second victory for both schools with Kagoshima Vocational High School at the 74th tournament, and the first solo victory for Shizuoka Gakuen.



Famous people

サ ッ カ ー

NameBackgroundYear of birthGraduationPosDestinationJoining clubCurrent affiliation / representative / teaching history
Shinichi MorishitaShizuoka19601979GKTokyo University of AgricultureYamaha MotorActive retirement, former soccer representative from Japan, currentFC TokyoGK coach
Makoto SugiyamaDFTokyo University of AgricultureNissan MotorActive retirement, U-20 Japan National Team (1979 FIFA World Youth Championship)
Tsuyoshinobu Ikeda19621980Active retirement/formerJapan national soccer teamdirected by
Hidenori Matsunaga19631981Osaka University of CommerceMatsushita Electric IndustrialRetired
Yasushi Miura19651984MFSantos FC(Study abroad)Retired
MukaijimaFWKokushikan UniversityToshibaRetired
Chiura Miura1966DropoutSantos FCYokohama FCFormer soccer representative from Japan
Kunio Kitamura19681987MFGamba OsakaRetired
Takahiro EndoFWAvispa FukuokaRetired
Shoji Suzuki19701989DFNissan MotorRetired from active duty, former Japan national football team, former Japan futsal national team
Hiroshi HaruyamaAichi19711990FWJATCORetired
Masahiro KatoShizuokaMFYokohama F. MarinosRetired
Yasushi MizusakiKinki UniversityCerezo OsakaRetired
Koji ImatoAichi19721991DF / MFGamba OsakaActive retirement/former soccer representative from Japan
Tadatoshi MasudaShizuoka19731992MFKashima AntlersActive retirement/former soccer representative from Japan
Daichi MatsuyamaHokkaidoBellmare HiratsukaRetired
Yasuki HashimotoShizuokaUrawa Red DiamondsRetired
Hiroshi Yamamura19741993FWGamba OsakaRetired
Mochizuki studyDFShimizu S-PulseRetired
Taijiro KuritaMFKashima AntlersRetired
Kuboyama YuseiShizuoka19761995FWYokohama FlugelsActive retirement/currentShimizu S-Pulsecoach
MukojimaDFNagoya Grampus EightRetired
Naoki MakinoFukuoka UniversityVerdi KawasakiRetired
Takumi Morikawa19771996Kashiwa ReysolActive retirement/currentConsadole SapporoU-15 Director
Yoshihiro FukasawaMFYokohama MarinosRetired
Koji SakuraiFWYokohama FlugelsRetired
Taketo ShiokawaMFMontedio YamagataRetired
Toshiya IshiiUrawa Red DiamondsRetired
Norihiro Naito19781997Shimizu S-PulseRetired
Kuranuki KazukiShigaJubilo IwataRetired
Koji SakamotoFWRetired
Hiroki IizukaShizuokaMFMontedio YamagataRetired
Tetsuya YamazakiDFActive retirement/currentOita TrinitaU-18 Director
Yuta MinamiKanagawa19791998GKKashiwa ReysolOmiya Ardija
Tetsuya OishiShizuokaMFKawasaki FrontaleRetired
Makoto Watanabe19801999MFKokushikan UniversityVentforet KofuRetired
Ryohei KoikeMFOita TrinitaRetired/Former Futsal National Team
Taro SugawaraShiga19812000FWMiraso FCRetired
Kazuki SakuradaShizuoka19822001MFShizuoka Sangyo UniversityThe Spa KusatsuRetired
Mitsuru Nagata19832002DFKashiwa ReysolRetired
Tatsuya Tanizawa19842003MFRetired
Akira AndoShigaDFKansai UniversityKyoto Sanga FCRetired
Kota SugiyamaShizuokaMFShimizu S-PulseRetired
Yamamoto Kaito19852004GKFukushima United
Kobayashi YuzoDFKashiwa ReysolRetired
Kohei MatsushitaIshikawaJubilo IwataRetired
Yokoyama TakuyaShizuokaFWUrawa Red DiamondsRetired
Wataru IizukaGKRyutsu Keizai UniversityTokyo Musashino City FCRetired
Kenta Kano19862005MFYokohama F. MarinosRetired
Nakamura YusukeVISSEL KOBEAgremina hamamatsu(Japan Futsal League) ・ Former Japan Futsal National Team
Ryohei KamonOsakaMomoyama Gakuin UniversityFagiano Okayama FCRetired
Rikihiro SugiyamaShizuoka19872006GKKawasaki FrontaleAvispa Fukuoka
Katsuya MasakiKanagawaMFKokushikan UniversityFC Machida ZelviaRetired
Maki YamamotoShizuokaShimizu S-PulseRetired
Kuniyoshi TakahiroSaitama19882007Ventforet KofuRetired
Yuichiro EdamotoKanagawaKinki UniversityThe Spa Kusatsu GunmaKagoshima United FC
Yu NagasawaShizuokaFWShimizu S-PulseOita Trinita
Kyohei SugiuraMFKawasaki FrontaleZuegen Kanazawa
Yoshino ShunmitsuKyoto19892008Kokushikan UniversityCerezo OsakaRetired
Otoshi OtoshiKanagawaFWKanagawa UniversityFujieda MYFCSame as the left
Yutaka YoshidaShizuokaDFVentforet KofuNagoya Grampus
Hirotaka TodakaOita19912010MFRitsumeikan UniversityFC Machida ZelviaOkinawa SV
Nakanishi TomoyaWakayama19922011FWMomoyama Gakuin UniversityCatale ToyamaArterivo Wakayama
Yusuke HoshinoTokyoMFSenshu UniversityZuegen KanazawaRetired
Ryota OshimaShizuokaKawasaki FrontaleSame as on the left, Japan national football team
Akira KashiwaseChiba19932012FWShimizu S-PulseRetired
Kyoo KimotoShizuokaMFFukuoka UniversityCerezo OsakaFC Tokyo
Yukitoshi ItoDFKashima AntlersOita Trinita
Fukushima HarukiAichiGKSenshu UniversityUrawa Red DiamondsRetired
Tatsuya HasegawaShizuokaMFJuntendo UniversityKawasaki FrontaleYokohama FC
Kano Ren19942013DFKokushikan UniversitySC SagamiharaArterivo Wakayama
Kibe MiarashiMFMasaru Matsumoto FCRetired
Yoneda JunyaFukuoka19952014Juntendo UniversityV. Farren NagasakiSame as the left
Shintaro NakoOsaka19962015Kashima AntlersSame as the left
Asahi IshiwataKanagawaDFKanagawa UniversityFukushima United FCFC Kariya
Kei OsugiShizuokaGKNippon Sport Science UniversityAustralian flag Malvan City FCFukushima United FC
Flag bearer ReoMie19972016FWJuntendo UniversityKawasaki FrontaleScottish flag Celtic FC
Atsushi SatsukawaShizuokaDFKanto Gakuin UniversityKamata Mare SanukiKagoshima United FC
Nao KanumaSaitamaMFSenshu UniversitySC SagamiharaJubilo Iwata
Takumi YamanoiChiba19982017GKAvispa FukuokaSame as the left
Riki WataiShizuoka19992018MFTokushima VoltisSame as the left
Hidemitsu OzawaAoyama Gakuin UniversityGainale TottoriSame as the left
Tatsuki HigashiyamaNiigataShizuoka Sangyo UniversityRoasso KumamotoSame as the left
Ryoma ItoShizuokaKokushikan UniversityIwaki FCSame as the left
Rin KandaOsaka20002019FWRio Blanco ECEsperanza SC
Yuta Matsumura20012020MFKashima AntlersSame as the left
Hideto TanabeKyoto20022021DFKawasaki FrontaleSame as the left
Shinnosuke ItoOsaka20032022DFGiravanz KitakyushuSame as the left
Hyunri GoHyogo20032022MFTokushima VoltisSame as the left
Nagi KawataniOsaka20032022MFShimizu S-PulseSame as the left
Yosuke FurukawaShiga20032022MFJubilo IwataSame as the left

Other sports



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  1. ^ Shizuoka Technical High School used to be located in Ota Town at that time, but most of the site is located in Kataba Town, but it spans Ota Town and Higashi Takasho Town. (Area where housing display is not yet implemented)
  2. ^ Masayoshi Morita "The strong Shizuoka Gakuen is back.The dynamics of the artisan group that produced King Kazu and othersWeb Sporty,Shueisha, Published January 2020, 1.
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  4. ^ Sued for a gymnastics fall accident Former students and school management corporations are charged XNUMX million yen Shizuoka Shimbun February 2020, 5

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