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🏓 | Miwa Harimoto, aiming to advance to the top in the 4th event "Don't forget your feelings" <All Japan Table Tennis 2022>


Miwa Harimoto aims to advance to the top in the 4th event "Don't forget your feelings" <All Japan Table Tennis 2022>

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Miwa Harimoto (Kinoshita Academy) won the straight 3-0 and decided to advance to the 4th round.

<2022 All Japan Table Tennis Championships (General / Junior Division) Date: January 1-24 Place: Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium>… → Continue reading

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Miwa Harimoto

Miwa Harimoto(Harimoto Miwa,2008/6/16 -) isJapan OfTable tennisplayer. MiyagiSendai cityI'm from T League TheKinoshita Avier KanagawaBelongs.


Spring 2014, father, brotherTomokazu HarimotoAt the same time, he was naturalized in Japan and changed his family name to "Harimoto".He played for the Sendai Junior Club and won the U2018 victory at the age of 10 at the 13 China Junior Open.In the same year, he entered the U18 Top 8 at the Taipei Golden Junior Open, which attracted attention from the Japanese table tennis world.

From 2018 T League OfKinoshita Avier KanagawaAre enrolled in[3].

2021 years,National Junior High School Table Tennis TournamentWon the first victory in the first grade of women's singles[4].

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