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⚾ | A problem breaks out that bothers DeNA? Fans pay attention to the moment when "Double Taishi" looks back at the same time

Photo DeNA, Taishi Ota (left) and Taishi Kusumoto [Photo: Maya Kotani]

Outbreak of problems that plague DeNA? Fans pay attention to the moment when "Double Taishi" looks back at the same time

If you write the contents roughly
DeNA will start camping in Ginowan City, Okinawa on February 2st.

Are you worried about DeNA DeNA, where Taishi Kusumoto and Taishi became two people with the addition of Taishi Ota? "Taishi problem" broke out ... → Continue reading


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Ginowan City

Ginowan City(Ginowan,Okinawan dialect: Genon[1]) IsOkinawa main islandLocated in the center of the central southOkinawaFifth city.The catchphrase is "Netatenaika(Town)GinowanIt is also the title of the public relations paper of the city. What is "Netatenaika"?OmoroushiIt also means "the root of things" and "the center of the community".[2].


Central part of Okinawa main island,NahaAbout 10 northeast of kmLocated in.The plateau in the center of the cityFutenma Air Base(British: Marine Corps Air Station Futenma), NorthernCamp FosterIt is a base town occupied by.Put these two facilities in betweenNational Route 58National Route 330Is passing.It becomes a gentle plateau from the east side of Route 58, and small hills are scattered from the southern part of the city bordering Nishihara Town and Nakagusuku Village to the eastern part of the city.The western part of the cityEast China SeaFacing the coastline, there are few entrances and exits and it is shallow.In the surrounding west coast areaOkinawa Convention CenterGinowan Seaside ParkAiming to develop as a tourism / commercial area centered on.In addition, Route 58Ginowan BypassAlongMt. Ooyama Taimo fieldIs spreading.The straight line distance from Ginowan City Hall to Naha City Hall is about 10 km, and the distance from Urasoe City and Okinawa City is about 6 km each.


US Marine Corps OfFutenma Air Base(British: Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, MCAS FUTENMA for short) occupies.Area is 4.83 km2So, it is about 25% of the city area.Most of the land is privately owned, and military land fees are paid to about 2,800 landowners in return for land use.Generally, it is often referred to as "Futenma base".It may also be abbreviated as "Futenma" (""FutenmaIs the name of a place in the northeastern part of Ginowan City, so the area around the airportresidents, Especially the local Ginowan citizens often simply call it a "base").1945/(Showa 20)US ArmyMore than 60 years since the engineers forcibly seized land and built an airfield in preparation for an attack on mainland JapanU.S. ArmyIt is used as a facility.1960/In (35), management was transferred from the US Army to the US Marine Corps.1972/(Showa 47)Okinawa returnAt that time, Futenma Marine Corps Air Station, Futenma Army Auxiliary Facility, and Futenma Marine Corps Air Station Communication Station were integrated to become the current Futenma Air Station.


Ginowan CityIsaKitanakagusuku VillageConnect WataguchiOkinawa Prefectural Road 81 Ginowan Kitanakagusuku LineIs the east-west axis.On the north side of Prefectural Road 81Okinawa City-Chatan Town-Kitanakagusuku VillageIt is occupied by Camp Foster, which covers an area of ​​1.6 km in the city.2It has become.As in the central part above, military land fees are paid to landowners in return for land use.In the Futenma housing area of ​​Camp FosterCamp Kuwae(British: Camp Lester) Okinawa Navy Hospital (in Okinawa)US NavyThe hospital) is scheduled to move.


The administrative center of the city.Ginowan City Hall, Ginowan City Second Government Building (Fire Department-Waterworks), Ginowan Community Hall, etc.


NahaOkinawa CityTieNational Route 330Is the axis.About 4 along National Route 330, which is about 30 km from Shimashi to NodakeAutomobileBecause there are scattered dealers and most of them are used car dealers.Ginowan used car highwayIt is also called (Ginowan Chukoshakaidou).


The area around the hills (Kakazutakadai, Kakazutakadai) in the Kakazu areaBattle of OkinawaIt became the biggest battlefield in Japan (detailsBattle of KakazuSee).It is currently maintained as Kakazutakadai Park.From the observatory that imitates the earth on the hilltop, you can overlook Futenma Air Station and the scenery is outstanding.News agencyCoverage andAnti-warIt is often used for education.Minister-Member of ParliamentWhen they visit Okinawa, they often inspect the situation at Futenma Air Station from here.Also,AmericaConsul GeneralThe official residence is located.

Western part

West coast area including convention area.Okinawa aortaNational Route 58And itsBypass roadIsGinowan BypassIs the axis. Mashiki・ Okinawa Convention Center, along the Ginowan Bypass (commonly known as the convention area) in the Uchidomari areaGinowan Seaside Park(General Athletic Park),Tropical beach(Beach), Ginowan Marina (Ginowan Port), Laguna Garden Hotel (ANA Hotels) And other facilities are concentratedNahaOnoyamacho (Okinawa Prefecture Ouyama Park), Along with), it plays a central role in events in Okinawa Prefecture.Concerts by famous artists are often held in the convention area.In addition, the sports facilities in Ginowan Seaside ParkProfessional baseball OfYokohama DeNA BaystarsIs in spring / autumnCampIt is used as a ground.Aiming for further development, Ginowan City is attracting tourism-related companies, and in the past,Prince Hotel,DFS Galleria OkinawaThere was a construction plan for.Hospitality Network, which currently operates InterContinental Tokyo Bay,Cyber ​​firmSubsidiary Psion, Real Estate Joint Corporation, Bowling Amusement CompanyRound oneThe expansion has been decided, and development of "Okinawa Intercontinental Hotel (tentative name)" and "Okinawa Ginowan BAY Resort Plan" is planned.

Mt. Ooyama area used abundant spring waterTaimoCultivation is flourishing, and there is a taimo field between Route 58 and the Ginowan Bypass.Mt. Ooyama Taimo field) Is spreading.


Adjacent municipalities

Clockwise from the north, towns and villagesNakagami-gun.

  • Chatan Town: It meets in the northern and northeastern parts of the city, and in each area of ​​Isa, Kiyuna, Aniya, and Futenma.
  • Kitanakagusuku Village: It meets in both Futenma and Nodake areas in the northeastern part of the city.PrewarUntil then, it was part of Nakagusuku Village.
  • Nakagusuku Village: It meets in the eastern part of the city, Nodake, Uehara, Equator, Aichi, Nagata, and Shimashi.
  • Nishihara Town: It meets in both the southern part of the city, Shimashi and Ganeko.
  • Urasoe City: It meets in the southern and southwestern parts of the city, Ganeko, Maehara, Kakazu, Ojana, and Uchidomari.


  • 13st century - InsightIn the days of the king, it was called the Root Island (Nee's Shima) and was the center of politics, economy, and culture.

Ginowan Magiri

  • 16st centuryAround ―― 10 villages in the northern part of Urasoe Magiri, Nakagusuku Magiri Nodake Village and Futenma Village, Chatan Magiri Yasuniya Village to Ginowan Magiri.

Ginowan Village

  • 1908/(Meiji41) -From Ginowan Magiri to Ginowan Village.
  • 1922/(Taisho11) -The light railway Naha / Kateno Line opens in Ginowan Village.
  • 1945/(Showa20 years) -At Kakazu Highlands, Ginowan VillageJapanese armyU.S. ForcesA fierce battle takes place (Battle of Kakazureference).
  • 1958/(Showa 33) -A stone ax and earthenware were excavated during the excavation (Mt. Ooyama shell mound).
  • 1960/(35) -A US military helicopter crashes in Ginowan Village.

Ginowan City

  • 1962/(37)May 7 - Municipal systemEnforcement.From Ginowan Village to Ginowan City.
  • 1963/(Showa 38) March --Fire department building completed
  • 1964/(39) January --The administrative districts were reorganized and 1 new administrative districts were newly established.
    • July-Declaration of Healthy City
    • November-Kakazu Observatory completed
  • 1965/(Showa 40) June- Chubu Commercial High SchoolOpening school
  • 1966/(Showa 41) April-Completion
  • 1967/(Showa 42) June-City emblem established. A stylized version of "Gino".
  • 1969/(Showa 44) October-Partial return of Camp Boon
  • 1971/(Showa 46) --Futenma High School Spring Koshien participation
  • 1972/(47)May 5 ――OkinawaReturn to mainland..Born in Okinawa Prefecture.
  • 1974/(49) --Camp Boon full return
  • 1975/(50)May 12 --Ichihana (Kiku Sandanka) established
  • 1976/(51)3 - Camp Mercyreturn
  • 1980/(55) --A US military plane crashed at Futenma Air Station in Ginowan City. March 3 Peace City Declaration
  • 1983/(58)8 --Mashiki starts landfill project
  • 1984/(59) --Kakazutakadai Park is maintained
  • 1985/(60) --Professional baseball Yokohama Ocean Whales (currently:Yokohama DeNA Baystars) Starts spring camp
  • 1987/(62) --Okinawa Convention Center completed
  • 1991/(Heisei3 years) --Ginowan City Library opened
  • 1996/(8)
    • 4 --Agreement on the return of Futenma base between the US and Japanese governments
    • May 2 --Ichiki (Ryukyu Kokutan) established
  • 2003/(15)May 3 --The incumbent Mayor of Ginowan, Mitsunori Higa, was in a donation case.ArrestIs done.
  • 2004/(16)May 8 - Oki country U.S. military helicopter crash.
  • 2021/(3rd year of Reiwa) April- Fukutokuoka place OferuptionA large amount ofpumiceIs washed ashore.Flooded at Uchidomari Harbor and tropical beaches[3].

Merger of municipalities

Ginowan CityNishihara Town-Nakagusuku VillageVoluntary merger council Was established, but it was dissolved without a merger.Okinawa Prefecture is Ginowan CityNakagusuku Village-Kitanakagusuku VillageAdvocates the framework of.



Population distribution of Ginowan, Okinawa, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Ginowan City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Ginowan City (2005)
Purple-Ginowan City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Ginowan City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

List of current administrative town names

In Ginowan City, in some areasAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse displayIs being implemented.

List of town names (76 towns)
Town nameTown name readingTown area new establishment dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
Only1985/11/51985/11/5Each part of Nodake and Uehara
1985/11/51985/11/5Each part of Aza Nodake and Aza Futenma
1985/11/51985/11/5Part of Nodake
1986/12/151986/12/15Each part of Aza Nodake and Aza Futenma
Futenma XNUMX-chomeFutenma1986/12/151986/12/15Each part of Futenma and Nodake
2000/5/9Part of the character Futenma
Futenma XNUMX-chome1986/12/151986/12/15Each part of Futenma and Nodake
Shinshiro XNUMX-chomeAragusuku1984/11/51984/11/5Each part of Aza Shinshiro, Aza Futenma, and Aza Nodake
Shinshiro XNUMX-chome1984/11/51984/11/5Part of each part of character Shinshiro, character Futenma, character Nodake, character Kiyu name
Kiyuna XNUMX-chomeKiyuuna1988/8/221988/8/22Each part of character Kiyu name and character Shinshiro
Kiyuna XNUMX-chome1988/8/221988/8/22Each part of character Kiyu name and character Isa
Isa XNUMX-chomeIsa1988/8/221988/8/22Part of Isa
Isa XNUMX-chome1988/8/221988/8/22Part of each part of character Isa and character Mt. Ooyama
Isa XNUMX-chome1988/8/221988/8/22Part of Isa
Isa XNUMX-chome1988/8/221988/8/22Part of Isa
Oyama1989/2/271989/2/27Part of the character Mt. Ooyama
1989/2/271989/2/27Part of the character Mt. Ooyama
1989/2/271989/2/27Each part of the character Mt. Ooyama and the character Isa
1989/2/271989/2/27Part of the character Mt. Ooyama
1989/2/271989/2/27Part of the character Mt. Ooyama
1989/2/271989/2/27Each part of the character Mt. Ooyama and the character Mashiki
1989/2/271989/2/27Part of the character Mt. Ooyama
wordMashikiMaki1908/4/1Not implemented
Mashiki XNUMX-chomeMaki1990/1/221990/1/22Each part of Mashiki, Mt. Ooyama, and Ojana
Mashiki XNUMX-chome1990/1/221990/1/22Part of Mashiki
Mashiki XNUMX-chome1990/1/221990/1/22Part of Mashiki
Mashiki XNUMX-chome1990/1/221990/1/22Part of Mashiki
wordUchidomari1908/4/1Not implemented
wordOjana1908/4/1Not implemented
Ojana1995/10/231995/10/23Part of the character Ojana
1995/10/231995/10/23Each part of Ojana and Maehara
1995/10/231995/10/23Part of the character Ojana
1995/10/231995/10/23Part of the character Ojana
1995/10/231995/10/23A part of each part of the character big thank you name and the character land stay
Kakazu XNUMX-chomeKazu1991/2/181991/2/18Part of Kakazu
Kakazu XNUMX-chome1991/2/181991/2/18Part of Kakazu
Kakazu XNUMX-chome1991/2/181991/2/18Part of Kakazu
Kakazu XNUMX-chome1991/2/181991/2/18Part of Kakazu
wordMaeharaMaehara1908/4/1Not implemented
Maehara XNUMX-chomeMaehara1991/11/181991/11/18Each part of Maehara, Kakazu, and Ganeko
Maehara XNUMX-chome1991/11/181991/11/18Part of Maehara
Maehara XNUMX-chome1991/11/181991/11/18Each part of Maehara, Ojana, and Samashita
wordSamashitaI'm sorry1908/4/1Not implemented
wordGanekoGaneko1908/4/1Not implemented
Ganeko XNUMX-chomeGaneko1992/11/161992/11/16Each part of Ganeko and Samashita
Ganeko XNUMX-chome1992/11/161992/11/16Each part of Ganeko and Shimashi
Ganeko XNUMX-chome1992/11/161992/11/16Part of Ganeko
Ganeko XNUMX-chome1992/11/161992/11/16Part of Ganeko
Shimashi1999/11/221999/11/22Part of Shimashi
1999/11/221999/11/22Part of Shimashi
1999/11/221999/11/22Part of Shimashi
1999/11/221999/11/22Each part of Shimashi and Ganeko
(I.e.1999/11/221999/11/22Each part of character Osada and character Aichi
1999/11/221999/11/22Part of the character Osada
1999/11/221999/11/22Part of the character Osada
1999/11/221999/11/22Part of the character Osada
Ginowan XNUMX-chomeGinowan1998/2/91998/2/9Part of each part of Aza Ginowan and Aza Nagata
Ginowan XNUMX-chome1998/2/91998/2/9Each part of Ginowan, Osada, Shimashi, and Samashita
Ginowan XNUMX-chome1998/2/91998/2/9Each part of Ginowan, Nagata, and Shimashi
Kamiyama2014/2/32014/2/3Each part of Aji Kamiyama, Aichi, and Ginowan
Aichi XNUMX-chomeAichi2014/2/32014/2/3Each part of Aichi, Equator, and Kamiyama
Aichi XNUMX-chome2014/2/32014/2/3Each part of Aichi and Akamichi
Aichi XNUMX-chome2014/2/32014/2/3All of the character Osada and part of the character Aichi
Equator XNUMX-chomeAkamichi1994/2/211994/2/21Part of the equator
Equator XNUMX-chome1994/2/211994/2/21Part of the equator
Uehara1994/2/211994/2/21Each part of the character Uehara and the character equator
1994/2/211994/2/21Each part of the character Uehara and the character equator
wordOnly1908/4/1Not implemented
wordFutenmaFutenma1908/4/1Not implemented
wordNew cityAragusuku1908/4/1Not implemented
wordKiyunaKiyuuna1908/4/1Not implemented
wordIsaIsa1908/4/1Not implemented
wordOyama1908/4/1Not implemented
wordGinowanGinowan1908/4/1Not implemented
wordKamiyama1908/4/1Not implemented
wordequatorialAkamichi1908/4/1Not implemented
wordUehara1908/4/1Not implemented


Successive chiefs

Village headNameInaugurationMayorNameInauguration
First generationMasahiro MomoharaMeiji 41First generationHarukatsu NakamuraShowa 37
2 fee2 fee
3 feeGoro Yamashiro5th year of Taisho3 feeZenichi ShimabukuroShowa 40
4 fee4 feeKenichiro SakumaShowa 44
5 fee5 feeKiyoyo YonesuShowa 48
6 fee6 feeTomimori YasujiShowa 52
7 feeTakema MiyagiShowa 47 feeShowa 56
8 feeShimabukuro MoriharuShowa 68 feeShowa 60
9 feeHidekichi TakaesuShowa 79 fee
10 feeAmaku running waterShowa 1010 fee
11 feeNakamura Chun ShouShowa 1411 fee
12 fee12 feeHiga MorikoHeisei 9
13 feeKubota (Shimabukuro) MoriharuShowa 2113 fee
14 feeKamero MomoharaShowa 2214 feeYoichi IhaHeisei 15
15 fee15 feeTakeshi AsatoHeisei 22
16 feeChinen SeiichiShowa 2516 feeSaki MajunHeisei 24
17 fee17 feeHeisei 28
18 feeHarukatsu NakamuraShowa 3318 feeMasanori MatsukawaHeisei 30

Wide area administration

health : Okinawa City・ Ginowan City ・Chatan TownIn 2 cities and 1 townKurahama Sanitary Facility Association, And has a garbage disposal facility at 3394 Ikehara, Okinawa City.


City council

  • Number of members: 26
  • Chair: Masatoshi Oshiro (Komeito)
  • Vice-chairman: Yasuyuki Uechi (Kizuna Club)

Parliamentary composition

Standing Committee

  • Standing Committee for General Affairs (10 members)
  • Standing Committee for Economic Construction (8 members)
  • Welfare Education Standing Committee (8 people)

Special committee

  • Parliamentary Steering Committee (10 members)
  • Base-related special committee (10 people)
  • Special Committee for Investigation on Parliamentary Reform (10 members)

Okinawa Prefectural Assembly

  • Constituency: Ginowan City Constituency
  • Number of people: 3 people
  • Term: March 2020, 6-March 25, 2024
NameParliamentary nameNumber of winsRemarks
Kenichiro TamakiTida Peace Net1Recommended by the Constitutional Democratic Party and the Democratic Party for the People
Kiyoyoshi MatayoshiOkinawa LDP3Recommended by Komeito
Hiroshi GoyaOkinawa LDP3Recommended by Komeito

House of Representatives

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedrepeat
ThisKunio Arakaki65Social Democrats74,665 vote
RatioMiyazaki Masahisa56LDP64,542 vote
Yasuhiro Yamakawa51Japan Restoration Party15,296 vote
Yukiya Nakamura41In violation of Article 72 of the Party Attorney Act, which is being tried with NHK3,053 vote

Sister city/friendship city


April 60 Sister city tie-up.It is a town where school children from the three national schools of Futenma, Ginowan, and Kakazu were evacuated during the Pacific War.


November 7 Sister city tie-up.It started in 11 when the city staff baseball team played a friendly friendly match in Xiamen.

Economic and industrial

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries



  • Urasoe Ginowan, which consists of fishermen from Urasoe City and Ginowan CityFisheries cooperativeAt (Makiminato, Urasoe City)PrawnsIs cultivated.

Major companies

  • Ltd.SAN-AHeadquarters: Large-scale retail stores in OkinawaFood, The head office of a supermarket that operates clothing stores.
  • Sunshine Co., Ltd. Headquarters: An amusement company that develops gaming businesses such as pachinko in Okinawa Prefecture.
  • Ltd.JimmyHeadquarters: The head office of a specialized supermarket that sells meat and groceries in Okinawa Prefecture.
  • Nodake Shokai Co., Ltd. ・ ・ ・ Supermarket in OkinawaFresh Plaza Union”Is expanded.
  • Koki Headquarters Co., Ltd. ・ ・ ・ In Okinawa PrefectureKDDIAs an agencyMobile phoneIs on sale.
  • Ltd.A & WOkinawa Headquarters: The head office of a fast food restaurant that owns all 26 stores in Okinawa Prefecture.
  • American Engineering Corporation Headquarters (American Engineering Corporation) ・ ・ ・ We are engaged in the construction industry for US military bases in Japan.

Base real estate business

The base real estate industry is active in Motoichi.A considerable area in the central and northern parts of the city area was rented to the US Marine Corps as Futenma Air Station (Marine Corps Air Station Futenma) and Camp Foster (Camp Foster).CitizenLanoReal estateIt is an income.

Postal business

Ginowan Post OfficeIs in charge of collection and delivery throughout the city.

No pick-up and delivery station

  • Futenma Post Office
  • Ginowan Uehara Post Office
  • Ginowan Nagata Post Office
  • Ganeko Post Office
  • Maehara Post Office
  • Isa Post Office
  • Mashiki Post Office
  • Ojana Post Office


Community broadcasting station

Government office

City agency

  • Ginowan City Hall
  • Ginowan City Second Government Building
    • Ginowan City Waterworks Bureau
    • Ginowan City Fire Department
      • Ginowan Fire Department
        • Ganeko branch office
        • Mashiki branch office

National/prefecture institutions

Foreign legation


  • Ginowan City Chamber of Commerce

Shopping center

Medical institutions and welfare facilities

  • Ginowan City Health Counseling Center
  • Ginowan City Council of Social Welfare Ginowan City Social Welfare Center


  • National Hospital Organization Okinawa Hospital
  • Medical corporation Ryokusuikai Ginowan Memorial Hospital
    • Internal Medicine / Surgery / Cardiology / Respiratory Medicine / Ophthalmology / Cardiovascular Surgery / Orthopedics / Dermatology / Gastroenterology / Cardiovascular Medicine / Rehabilitation
  • Medical corporation Kyuyokai Kaiho Hospital
    • Internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, urology, otolaryngology, rehabilitation, radiology
  • Medical corporation Utomiya Tamaki Hospital
    • Psychosomatic medicine / neurology / psychiatry

welfare facility

Welfare facilities for the elderly

  • Ginowan City Elderly Welfare Center
  • Special elderly nursing home (day service center) Fukujuen
  • Special elderly nursing home (home care support center) Aiseien

Welfare facility for the disabled

  • Sosei Gakuen

Child welfare facility

  • Equator Children's Center
  • Ojana Children's Center
  • Mt. Ooyama Children's Center
  • Shinshiro Children's Center
  • Ganeko Children's Center

Licensed Nursery School

As of April 2004, 4, there are 1 public nurseries, 3 licensed nurseries, and 10 non-licensed nurseries.

  • Ginowan City Nodake Nursery School (2-22-12 Nodake)
  • Ginowan Municipal Unabara Nursery School (Mt. Ooyama3-30-1)
  • Ginowan Municipal Ginowan Nursery School (3-13-10 Ginowan)
  • Social welfare corporation Izumi Welfare Association Shiinomi nursery school, etc.

Entertainment facilities / athletic facilities



high school

Junior high school

primary school


  • Kakazu Kindergarten, Ginowan City
  • Ginowan Municipal Ginowan Kindergarten
  • Ginowan City Shimashi Kindergarten
  • Ginowan Municipal Mt. Ooyama Kindergarten
  • Ginowan Municipal Ojana Kindergarten
  • Ginowan Municipal Futenma Kindergarten
  • Ginowan Municipal Futenma Daini Kindergarten
  • Ginowan City Nagata Kindergarten
  • Ginowan Municipal Hagoromo Kindergarten
  • School corporation Catholic Okinawa Gakuen Maehara Catholic kindergarten

Vocational school

Social education facility

Ginowan City is focusing on educational administration.for that reason,Museum,Museum,libraryBeginning with the IT eraGinowan Bayside Information CenterWas opened.




In the cityTrainIs not in servicestationDoes not exist[4]..The station closest to the cityOkinawa city monorail line OfUrasoe Maeda StationOrTedako Urani StationHowever, it is located in Urasoe city and is quite a distance away.In addition, the population density is the highest in Japan as a city without a railway station (although the neighboring city of Urasoe used to exceed the population density).Okinawa city monorailBecause the railway station was set up).following"Transit BusAs explained in the item ", there are many fixed-route buses that lead to various parts of the city.

Second World WarPreviouslyOkinawa prefectural railwayKadena LineTo sayLight railThe line was running.This line isgasolineTank carIt became interrupted due to the explosion flameAfter the warNot restored, suspended in 1945 (virtuallyAbolished) And does not exist.Known as "light railway (Keibin / Kabin)"[5][6]..In Ginowan city ...Mt. Ooyama Stationwas there.

Main road

Transit Bus

Ryukyu Bus Transportation-Okinawa bus-Naha bus-Toyo Bus・ Five Yanbaru Express Bus companies operate in the city, and there are regular buses and regular buses.Okinawa ExpresswayThere is a highway bus via.Ginowan City is the transit point for most of the lines connecting Naha City-Central and Northern, and there are quite a few lines operating around Route 58 and Route 330.In addition, Ryukyu Bus Kotsu and Okinawa Bus are branch offices in the city.Parking LotThere are many routes that start and end in the city.

Since there is no railroad line in the city, access to the city by public transport will be exclusively by local bus.Route buses in Ginowan cityNaha Bus TerminalAlthough it is operated mainly in the 200 series,Omoromachi StationStarting from the front squareOkinawa city monorail lineIt is possible to transfer to.In addition, there are lines that can be changed at stations on the Okinawa City Monorail Line.

Some routes of Ryukyu Bus Kotsu2006/May 2From Naha Bus TerminalTomigusuku CityIt was extended to Ganaha.Also, the 99th Ameku Shintoshin Line2006/May 9ThanNaha AirportからNahaIt was extended to Gushi XNUMX-chome,2008/May 10There is a history of returning to the starting point of the airport again.

In addition, Nakagusuku village community bus "Gosamaru BusIs in front of Futenma Ryubo and Chubu Commercial High School in Ginowan City.

In the table below, the operating company "Ryukyu" is the Ryukyu bus transportation route, "Okinawa" is the Okinawa bus route, "Naha" is the Naha bus route, "Toyo" is the Toyo bus route, and multiple notations are joint operation routes. ※BT=バスターミナル* BT = Bus Terminal

numberRoute nameOperating companystarting pointend point市町村Main stopovers in Ginowan city
All sections of the city via Route 58 (Naha City --Urasoe City --Ginowan City --Chatan Town --Various Areas)
20Nago West LineRyukyu
Naha BTNago BTNaha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City --Chatan Town --Kadena Town --Yomitan Village --Onna Village --Nago CityUchidomari, Ojana, Mashiki, Mt. Ooyama, Isa, Isahama
28Yomitan (Sobe) lineYomitan BTNaha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City --Chatan Town --Kadena Town --Yomitan Village
29Yomitan (Kina) line
63Xiekari LineRyukyuGushigawa BTNaha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City --Chatan Town --Okinawa City --Uruma City
120Nago West Airport LineRyukyu
Naha AirportNago BTNaha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City --Chatan Town --Kadena Town --Yomitan Village --Onna Village --Nago City
228Yomitan Omoromachi LineRyukyu
Omoromachi station squareYomitan BTNaha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City --Chatan Town --Kadena Town --Yomitan Village
263Xiekari Omoromachi LineRyukyuGushigawa BTNaha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City --Chatan Town --Okinawa City --Uruma City
Via Route 58 / Futenma (Naha City --Urasoe City --Ginowan City --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City --Uruma City --Various Areas)
23Gushigawa LineRyukyuNaha Airport
Naha BT
Gushigawa BTNaha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City --Uruma CityUchidomari, Ojana, Mashiki, Mt. Ooyama, Isa, Futenma
31Awase West LineToyoNaha BTAwase Sales Office
77Nago East (Henoko) LineOkinawaNago BTNaha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City --Uruma City --Kin Town --Ginoza Village --Nago City
223Gushigawa Omoromachi LineRyukyuOmoromachi station squareGushigawa BTNaha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City --Uruma City
331Express busToyoNaha BTAwase Sales OfficeUchidomari, Isa, Futenma (stop)
777OkinawaYakena BT
Via Route 330 / Futenma (Naha City-Urasoe City-Ginowan City-Various Areas)
24Naha Daigana LineRyukyuNaha BTGushigawa BTNaha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City --Uruma CityOjana, Maehara, Ganeko, Shimashi, Aichi, Futenma
27Yakena LineOkinawaYakena BT
52Winning line
80Yonagi Line
92Naha-AEON MALL lineRycomNaha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City --Kitanakagusuku Village
227Yakena Omoromachi LineOmoromachi station squareYakena BTNaha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City --Uruma City
21Shintoshin Gushikawa LineRyukyuNaha BTGushigawa BTKakazu, Maehara, Ganeko, Shimashi, Aichi, Futenma
90Chibana (bypass) line
110Nagata Gushikawa LineOjana, Maehara, Okinawa International University, Aichi, Futenma
25Naha Futenma LineNahaNaha BTFutenma
Naha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City --Kitanakagusuku VillageMaehara, Ganeko, Shimashi, Aichi, Futenma
125Futenma Airport LineNaha Airport
Via the convention center (Naha City-Urasoe City-Ginowan City-Various places)
26Ginowan Airport LineRyukyuNaha AirportGinowan Branch OfficeNaha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan CityUchidomari, Hamahara, Convention Center
55Makiminato LineToyosaki Road StationGinowan Branch OfficeTomigusuku City --Naha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City
32Convention Center LineOkinawaNaha BTMashiki parking lotNaha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan CityUchidomari, Ojana, Mashiki, Convention Center
99Amakushintoshin LineRyukyuNaha AirportGinowan Branch Office
43Chatan LineOkinawaNaha BTChatan Town OfficeNaha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City -Chatan TownUchidomari, Ojana, Mashiki, Convention Center, Isahama
112National highway lineRyukyuNaha BTGushigawa BTNaha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City --Chatan Town --Okinawa City --Uruma City
88Ginowan LineRyukyuToyosaki Road StationGinowan Branch OfficeTomigusuku City --Naha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan CityKakazu, Maehara, Ganeko, Shimashi, Aichi, Futenma, Isa, Convention Center
Via Okinawa Expressway
111Express BusRyukyu
Naha AirportNago BTNaha City --Haebaru Town --Nishihara Town - Ginowan City --Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City --Uruma City --Kin Town --Ginoza Village --Nago CityRyudai entrance
117Highway bus (direct to Churaumi)Ryukyu
Hotel Orion MotobuNaha City --Haebaru Town --Nishihara Town - Ginowan City --Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City --Uruma City --Nago City --Motobu Town
113Gushigawa Airport LineRyukyuGushigawa BTNaha City --Haebaru Town --Nishihara Town - Ginowan City --Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City --Uruma City
123Ishikawa Airport LineHigashiyama parking lot
127Yakena (Highway) LineOkinawaAsahiYakena BT
152AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom (high speed) lineRyukyuNaha AirportRycomNaha City --Haebaru Town --Nishihara Town - Ginowan City --Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village
888Yanbaru Express Bus Airport LineUnten PortNaha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City --Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village --Nago City --Motobu Town --Nakijin VillageKakazu, Ryudai-iriguchi
56Urasoe LineRyukyuToyosaki Road StationMaeharaTomigusuku City --Naha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan CityMaehara
61Maehara LineOkinawaMashiki parking lotYakena BTGinowan City --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City --Uruma CityConvention Center, Ojana, Maehara, Ganeko, Shimashi, Aichi, Futenma
97Ryudai (Shuri) LineNahaNaha BTRyudai parking lotNaha City --Urasoe City --Nishihara Town --Nakagusuku Village - Ginowan City -Nishihara TownShimashi
98Ryudai (bypass) lineRyukyuToyosaki Road StationTomigusuku City --Naha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City -Nishihara TownKakazu, Maehara, Okinawa International University, Ryudai North Exit
125Futenma Airport Line (via Nakagusuku)NahaNaha AirportRycomNaha City --Urasoe City - Ginowan City --Nishihara Town --Nakagusuku Village - Ginowan City --Kitanakagusuku VillageMaehara, Ganeko, Nodake 1-chome, Futenma
297Campus busTedako Urani StationRyudai parking lotUrasoe City- Ginowan City -Nishihara TownMaehara, Okinawa International University, Ryukyu North Exit

Kuba Ryudai LineHiga dermatologyIn front of Chubu Commercial High SchoolNakagusuku Village → Nishihara Town → Ginowan CityIn front of Chubu Commercial High School
Ishu Futenma LineIshuFutenma RyuboNakagusuku Village → Ginowan CityNodake XNUMX-chome, Futenma Ryubo
Ishu circuit line
Kuba roundabout
Yoshinoura HallNakagusuku Village --Nishihara Town --Nakagusuku Village - Ginowan City --Nakagusuku Village

In addition to the above, the following airport limousine buses will operate connecting Naha Airport and resort hotels in Ginowan City.

Culture and tourism

Cultural property[7]

  • Kiyuna Naizumi(country'sImportant cultural property
  • Mt. Ooyama shell mound(country'sHistoric site
  • Oroku Tomb (prefectural designated tangible cultural property building)
  • Stone kitchen in Oroku tomb (prefectural designated tangible cultural property sculpture)
  • Forest river(Prefecture designationScenic spot
  • Ganeko Hiijaaga(City designated tangible folk cultural property)
  • Kiyuna stone lion group (city-designated tangible folk cultural property)
  • Futenma Lion Dance (city-designated intangible folk cultural property)
  • Ojana Lion Dance (city-designated intangible folk cultural property)
  • Ganeko Sunthermy (city-designated intangible folk cultural property)
  • Nodake Stone Pavement Road (City Designated Historic Site)
  • Nodake Kushinuka (city designated historic site)
  • Isa "Taketauhara" inscription on the bank of Inbe (historic site designated by the city)
  • Isahama "New Saa Tenbashi Monument" (City designated historic site)
  • Mt. Ooyama Ontake Monument (City Designated Historic Site)
  • Nishimori Inscription (City Designated Historic Site)
  • Ojana Maine Car (City Designated Tangible Folk Cultural Property)
  • Mt. Ooyama Mayagama Cave Ruins (City Designated Historic Site)
  • Futenma Shrine Cave(City designated scenic spot)
  • Ojana Maine Car Freshwater Red Algae (City Designated Natural Monument)
  • Udenaga Sawadamushi (designated by the city)Natural treasure
  • Aichi / Kamiyama Nourger (City registered cultural property)



Every summer, fireworks festivals are held.


Sightseeing spot

  • Mt. Ooyama shell mound: A national historic site known locally as a psychic spot.
  • Kakazu Highland Park: You can overlook Futenma Air Station from the observatory that imitates the earth.
  • Ginowan used car highway: There are many used car dealers along Route 330.
  • Tropical beach: A beach in the convention area of ​​the West Coast area.
  • : MaeharaRed light district.
  • Futenma Shrine: One of the eight Ryukyu companies.

Hotel A major hotel in the west coast area of ​​Ginowan CityPrince HotelWas scheduled to advance, but abandoned in 2005.

  • Laguna Garden Hotel
  • Culture Resort Festone (formerly Okinawa Heights)
  • Okinawa Intercontinental Hotel (tentative name)

Celebrity from Ginowan City


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