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⛳ | Nasa Hataoka and Yuka Saso all started in 4th place, Ayaka Furue was in 25th place and Lydia Ko was the sole leader.

Photo Lydia Ko takes the lead alone The Japanese have made a good start (Photo: Getty Images)

Nasa Hataoka and Yuka Saso all started in 4th place, Ayaka Furue was in 25th place and Lydia Ko was the sole leader.

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Seven people, including Lee Jeong-eun 4 (Korea), are in fourth place Thailand alongside Hataoka and Saso.

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Li Jingen

Lee Akira(Lee Jeong Eun,Lee Jung Eun,Lee Jeong Eun, 1996/May 5 -) isSouth KoreaGirlsProfessional golfer..Affiliation is mostly construction.

It is generally known by the registered name "Lee Jeong Eun 6" (the origin of the registered name will be described later).


Jeollanam-doSuncheon CityI'm from(Korean version,(Korean version,(Korean versionAnd proceed[1],CurrentlyKorea National Sport UniversityCurrently enrolled in the Department of Physical Education, Department of Golf[2].

He started playing golf at the age of eight and quit playing golf once in junior high school due to family reasons, but he said he started playing golf again when he entered high school and wanted to become a teaching (lesson) professional.[3].

Korea National Sport UniversityAfter going on to2015 Summer Universiade(South Korea·Gwangju) Participated as a national representative in golf competitions, won gold medals as a member of the Korean women's team in team competitions, and also won gold medals in individual competitions.[4]..After the Universiade, I decided to join the proKorea Women's Professional Golf AssociationPassed the (KLPGA) selection test at the top and became a KLPGA registered athlete[5]..In the 10th round of the KLPGA Jump Tour immediately after entering the pro, he won his first professional victory while being on the lower tour.[6].

Although he did not win the tour in 2016, he won the KLPGA Rookie of the Year for his relatively stable results.[7].

In 2017, won the KLPGA Tour for the first time at the Lotte Rent-A-Car Women's Open[8]..Taking this first victory as an opportunity, her ability blossomed, and she won four wins this year and became the KLPGA prize queen.[3]Won 6 titles, including the most wins of the season[3][9].

May 2018, the first time since joining the proJapan Women's Professional Golf Association(JLPGA) "Tour participation"World Ladies Championship Salonpas CupParticipate in[3].. Involved in the battle for victory, such as taking the lead on the third day, Shin Jie (a senior in his home country) on the final dayLove), But came in 3rd place, showing that his power can be applied overseas.[10]..Also, in the interview at this time, it was revealed that he could not graduate from Korea National Sport University at the same time.[11].

November of the same yearNational Women's Professional Golf Association(USLPGA) Passed the Q series at the top and won the tour participation right for the next season[12].

July 2019 ``US Women's Open, And won the US LPGA Tour for the first time with a major title.[13]..Immediately after this, he was ranked 6th in the women's golf world ranking (world ranking) dated June 3, the same year, which was his first time in the top 10.[14]After that, he was ranked 9rd in the world ranking on September 30th of the same year when he did not participate in the match.[15].

In the same year, he finally won the "Rookie of the Year"[16], Ranked 3rd in the prize ranking[17].

About registered name

Jeongeun Lee's registered athlete name at the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) is "Lee Jung Eun6(Lee Jung Eun 6)[3].

this isHangul charactersSame surname and same name in notationLee Jung EunThere are 6 athletes registered with the KLPGA under the name of (Lee Jeong Eun).[Note 1], KLPGA has taken measures to assign numbers to the end of the players' names in order of enrollment year in order to distinguish the six Lee Jeong Eun.[18].

He says he likes the number "6" very much, such as his nickname is "HOT6" and the name of the supporters' association in Korea is "Lucky 6".[19].

Even with the registered name of the Women's PGA Championship (USLPGA), "JEONGEUN LEE6』And[20], When reporting in Japan,Lee Jung Eun 6Is called[13].


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