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⛷ | Last day of figure skating Results of Tochigi Prefecture Ichigo Ichikai Tochigi National Winter Sports Festival


Last day of figure skating Results of Tochigi Prefecture Ichigo Ichikai Tochigi National Athletic Meet Winter Tournament

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It is said that it was decided that it was the last tournament to use "Moulin Rouge" for free, and it expresses the world gorgeously.

On the XNUMXth, the final day of the competition, the free program for adult girls was held at the National Winter Sports Festival, Waseda University ... → Continue reading

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Tochigi TV is a Tochigi TV station that celebrated its 2019th anniversary in April 4. We will deliver the latest news in Tochigi Prefecture.

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Moulin rouge

Moulin rouge(Moulin Rouge,French pronunciation: [mulɛ̃ʁuʒ][1]Was born in 1889France OfPariscity,MontmartreIt is incabaretIs.In French, it means "red windmill", and there is actually a red windmill on the roof.


Singing and dancing,French cancan, Famous for a show that combines street performance.Also, of the painterLautrecIs also famous for drawing a number of posters with the dancers as models.

World War I,Second World WarContinued to operate underneath, Paris during World War IIGerman armyEven when placed under the occupation of, it was crowded with many German soldiers.As a prominent musician who played an active part hereElvis Presley,Frank SinatraAnd many more.

It is still popular as one of the most famous tourist spots in Paris. There are two shows a day, 1:1 (with dinner), 2:19 (admission at the end of the 21:19 dinner and enjoy the show with people from 19:23, with drinks), The start time is 840:XNUMX (with drinks).It can accommodate about XNUMX people.


The movie titled Moulin Rouge1928/A total of 6 pieces have been made.

2001/A movie set in Moulin Rouge

  • Red windmill(Original title: Moulin Rouge) --Based on the life of Lautrec1952/Movie
  • French cancan ――I drew a mixture of truth and truth until the birth of Moulin Rouge.1954/Movie

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