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⚽ | Ideguchi's injured chest feces tackle, yellow is not enough! Suspension of 2 games


The chest feces tackle that injured Ideguchi, yellow is not enough! Suspension of 2 games

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However, the Scottish Football Association is considering a retroactive disposition, which was heard on Thursday.

Yosuke Ideguchi who transferred to Celtic this winter. First starting lineup in the domestic cup match against Alloa Athletic in the 3rd division ... → Continue reading


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Scottish Football Association

Scottish Football Association(Scottish football today,British: The Scottish Football Association, SFA, The Scottish FA) IsEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu Ofサ ッ カ ーA competition management organization that oversees.Abbreviation is SFA. Founded in 1873Football associationIt is the second oldest football association in the world after. (Scottish Rugby Union, SRU) should not be confused with the name "Scottish Football Union" (Scottish Football Union), which was known until the 2s.

Scottish Football AssociationSoccer lawTo enactInternational Football CouncilIs a member of.also,FIFAIs also a member ofUEFAIs a founding member of.HeadquartersGlasgow OfHamden ParkIt is in.here(English editionIs also installed.

Scottish Football AssociationSoccer Scotland National TeamIn addition to playing a role in organizingScottish cupHas an important obligation to host the game and make the match in Scotland work.


Following the formation of Scotland's earliest football clubs in the 1860s, football competition expanded rapidly, but there was no official governing body and games were often unplanned.

Glasgow club founded in 1867Queen's ParkLeaded by seven clubs (Queen's Park,) following an ad published in the Glasgow newspaper in 1873.(English edition,(English edition,(English edition,(English edition,(English edition,(English edition) Attended the meeting on March 1873, 3.Moreover,KilmarnockAlso sent a letter stating that he wanted to join.

On this day, the Scottish Football Association was formed by these eight clubs and resolved as follows.

The club that sent the representative hereThe Football AssociationForm an association for the promotion of football according to the rules of the association, and the clubs formed by this association will invest in the annual Challenge Cup and the committee that sets the rules of the tournament.[1].

Main management tournament


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