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⛳ | <Breaking News> Yuka Saso is 70rd place T with "3", Nasa Hataoka is 5th place T, Ayaka Furue does not improve the score

Photo Yuka Saso (left) fights for the top (Photo: Getty Images)

<Breaking news> Yuka Saso is 70rd place T with "3", Nasa Hataoka is 5th place T, Ayaka Furue does not improve the score

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Similarly, Nasa Hataoka, who made a good start with 4th place tie on the first day, played in the afternoon group.

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Hataoka Nasa

Hataoka Nasa[1](Hataoka,1999/May 1 -) isIbarakiKasama CityNative Japanese girlProfessional golferIs. Belongs to ABeam Consulting[2].


* In this sectionJapan Women's Professional Golf AssociationIs JLPGA,National Women's Professional Golf AssociationIs written as USLPGA

Amateur age

The name Nasa isNational Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)It was named with the thought of "to do what the unprecedented"[3].Shishido Hills Country ClubStarted playing golf at the age of 11 due to the influence of his mother who worked at[4].. Athletics during middle school (200m run) Has experience of winning the prefectural convention[5].

Held in August 2014Japan Junior Golf Championship(15 to 17 years old), the JLPGA tour victory experience on the final dayMinami KatsuWas reversed by 6 strokes[5].

From the latter half of 2015JGAEnter national team[6][Note 1].. In July of the same yearIMG Academy World Junior Golf Championship”In individual and group wins[5].. JLPGA Tour held in October of the same yearHisako Higuchi Ponta Ladies"ofOrganizer recommended selection competition(Monday) won and made the tour debut for the first time, taking the lead with 4 unders on the first day[7].. It's the first time for an amateur player to take the lead in the first tour of the tour.[7].. On the second day as well, with a total of 2 unders to protect the lead[8], Did not improve the score on the last day and was tied in 7th placeLow amateurEarned[9].

Achieved two consecutive wins of individual and group championships at the IMG Academy World Junior Golf Championship in July 2016[10][11].. Official game of JLPGA Tour in October of the same yearJapan Women's Open Golf ChampionshipOn the final day, he started in 4th place, 5 strokes from the lead on the final day.[12].. This is the first time an amateur has won the official tournament match[13]Wins at 17 days, 263 years oldAi MiyazatoNot only drastically updated the youngest tournament championship record (2005 = 20 years 105 days) held by[13],Mayumi Hirase"JLPGA Lady Bowden Cup" (The tournament name was at that time.LPGA Tour Championship]) The tournament tournament championship youngest championship record (1989 = 20 years old 27 days) was also updated[14].

After entering the professional

On October 2016, 10, he announced that he was a professional, and entered the professional age group at 10 years old 17 days, updating Ai Miyazato's 271 years old 18 days, becoming the youngest in Japanese history.[14].. Opening November 11th of the same yearITO EN Ladies Golf TournamentFirst appearance as a professional[15].. December of the same year US LPGA Tour FinalQualifying TournamentEntered (QT), became Thailand in 14th place and won the right to participate in the tour of the following season at the age of 17 which is the youngest Japanese.[16].

Joined Mori Building from 2017[17].. From the same year, played the US LPGA Tour as the main battlefield[18].. JLPGA tour that I returned to Japan for a whileMiyagi TV Cup Dunlop Women's Open Golf TournamentWon the first professional title[19].. The second victory of the tour at 18 years old 254 days was to update the 2 years old 18 days held by Ai Miyazato.[19][Note 2].. On the final day of the tour's official tournament "Japan Women's Open Golf Championship", 8 birdies were taken to 65 on the final day, and 20 unders (4 days total for 268) was beaten by 2 strokes to 8nd place.[14].. Updated the most under par record in the official tour of the tour,Hisako HiguchiHas won the tournament for the first time in 1976 years since they won the championships in 1977 and 40, winning the first two weeks in a row as a pro.[20][Note 3].

Apply for JLPGA membership with the qualification of "2017 Miyagi TV Cup Dunlop Women's Open Golf Tournament Winner" and applied at the same timeLee BomiAlong with October 2017, 10, will be the JLPGA 1th generation[21].

In the same year, he passed the top of the US LPGA Tour Final QT and won the tour right of the next season.[22].

In 2018, the USLPGA Tour Major Tournament in JuneUS Women's OpenAfter becoming the first Japanese to enter the top 10 in their teens (10th place)[23]Achieved the tour's first victory at the "Walmart NW Arkansas Championship" three weeks later at the age of 3 years old 19 days youngest Japanese[14], Next week's US LPGA Tour Major Tournament "KPMG National Women's Professional Golf Championship", but was defeated in the playoff, but second place tie. After returning to Japan for a while, he participated in the "Japan Women's Open Golf Championship Competition" in September, and challenged his second consecutive tournament victory for the second time since Hisako Higuchi.Willow(South Korea) Before 3 strokes and 2nd place[24].. Then, in November, co-sponsored by USLPGA and JLPGATOTO Japan ClassicOn the final day, the four-stroke difference was reversed on the final day and the USLPGA Tour second win was won.[25].

2019rd win of the 3 US LPGA Tour "Kia Classic"[26].. JLPGA Tour official game in September, which I returned to Japan temporarily and participated in the warJapan Women's Professional Golf Championship Konica Minolta CupWins[14].. We won the tournament record with 18 unders and also achieved the lifetime prize money of 17 million yen in 1 games that participated in the tour, the fastest in Japanese history.[27].. Furthermore, in the tour's official tournament "Japan Women's Open Golf Championship Competition" in October of the same generationMomoko OsatoSuppressing others and winning the tournament for the third time[28].. This made it possible for 1977Hisako HiguchiAchieved the second Japanese title in the same year since then[29], 20th year 245th domestic official match third win[14], The fourth win at 20 days at the age of 266, both became the youngest in history[28].. Immediately after this, it will become the highest ranked 10rd in the world ranking on October 7, the same year[30].

It was held in July 20212020 Tokyo Olympic Golf CompetitionIn girls, it was 274th in total of 9[31].


The training also incorporates the methods of other competitions.For example, hitting a tennis ball with a baseball bat, etc.[32].

Tour winner

JLPGA Tour (5)

No.DateTournament nameScoreNumber of strokes2nd place (Thailand)
12016/10/2Japan Women's Open Golf Championship-41 strokesJapanese flag Kotone Hori
22017/9/24Miyagi TV Cup Dunlop Women's Open Golf Tournament-134 strokesRepublic of Korea flag Lee Chihime
32017/10/1Japan Women's Open Golf Championship-208 strokesRepublic of Korea flag Love
42019/9/15Japan Women's Professional Golf Championship Konica Minolta Cup-188 strokesJapanese flag Aoi Onishi /Flag of the People's Republic of China Fancy coral
52019/10/6Japan Women's Open Golf Championship-184 strokesJapanese flag Momoko Osato /Republic of Korea flag Willow/Japanese flag Eri Okayama

LPGA Tour (6)

No.DateTournament nameScoreNumber of strokes2nd place (Thailand)
12018/May 6(English edition-216 strokesUnited States flag (English edition
22018/May 11TOTO Japan Classic[Note 4]-142 strokesJapanese flag Saki Nagamine/Japanese flag Ueda Momoko/Spanish flag Carlota Siganda
32019/May 3-183 strokesRepublic of Korea flag Park Jin/Republic of Korea flag Park Sung Hyun/Republic of Korea flag Ko Jin Young/

Spanish flag Asaara Muñoz/United States flag

42021/May 7-196 strokesUnited States flag /United States flag
52021/May 9(English edition−161 strokesRepublic of Korea flag
Australian flag
624Apr67-68-67-67 = 269−155 strokesAustralian flag225,000

Team competition

*Only tournaments not listed in the history




注 釈

  1. ^ He was a member of the national team until he announced the conversion to a professional.
  2. ^ Ai Miyazato is also an amateur (Tohoku High School) He won the first Japan Women's Tour championship in the Miyagi TV Cup in 2003, and the second tour in 2Daikin Orchid LadiesIs the first professional win.
  3. ^ However, Hisako HiguchiTokyo Broadcasting(CurrentTokyo Broadcasting Holdings) Organized under the name "TBS Women's Open" from the 1968st in 1 to the 1970rd from 3 and the currentJapan Golf AssociationFor four years until 4, when the event was sponsored and was held as the 1971th tournament, he holds the record of consecutive wins (4 consecutive wins) at the Japan Women's Open.
  4. ^ Also serves as a tour of the Japan Women's Professional Golf Association (JLPGA).


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