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🏀 | [B1 Section 19] Starting soon!Nagoya D vs Utsunomiya

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[B1 Section 19] Starting soon!Nagoya D vs Utsunomiya

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After this, from 1/29 15:05, the match between B.LEAGUE (B1) 2021-22 Nagoya Diamond Dolphins vs Utsunomiya Brex will be held at Park Arena Komaki.

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Park Arena Komaki

Park Arena Komaki(Park Arena Komaki)AichiKomaki CityIndoor complex inSportsIt is a facility.Komaki City Sports ParkThe official name isKomaki City Sports Park General Gymnasium..It is roughly divided into three buildings,volleyball,FutsalEtc. can be donegymnasiumIn addition to multipleTraining gymand so on.In addition to frequent sports-related events,Coming-of-age ceremonyEvents in Komaki City such as are also held.



  • Main arena --A huge capacity of about 5000 peoplegymnasiumFacility equipped with.
  • Sub arena ――The size is about half of the main arena.There are sports facilities for children.
  • Training building --Sports gymFitnessThere are studios, conference rooms, etc.


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There were about 1 users in one year and about 40 users per day ()2006/Every time).[2]



AichiKomaki CityOaza Mamahara Shinden 737 Komaki City Sports ParkInside


■Komaki City Sports Park #Aroundreference


■Komaki City Sports Park #Aroundreference


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