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⛳ | [VW Golf New Test Drive] Which is better, gasoline or diesel, to buy golf? ... Rumiko Iwasada

Photo VW Golf TDI (Photo is R-Line)

[VW Golf New Test Drive] Which is better, gasoline or diesel, if you want to buy golf? ... Rumiko Iwasada

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Rumiko Iwasada | Motor Journalist / Writer
He has lived in Italy and actively speaks to the government from a global user perspective.

It is a diesel engine.Electric vehicles (hereinafter referred to as EV) are becoming more popular these days, but carbon dioxide ... → Continue reading


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    Car criticism

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      Car criticismWhat is (Jidosha Hyoron)?Automobile criticism(Critique).

      AutomotivecriticIs "Car critic""Motor journalist"And so on.


      Generally speaking, automobile criticism not only evaluates and criticizes the car itself, such as drive impressions of commercial vehicles ("automobile criticism" in a narrow sense), but also analyzes and explains future trends of automobile manufacturers (in recent years, huge automobile manufacturers). With the change, the content is rather closer to economic criticism), evaluation and criticism of administrative movements related to automobiles and the police control system, and so-calledMotor sportsIt is understood to include the driving technique and the evaluation of the team driver in. In particular, when calling himself a "motor journalist," he often refers to those who mainly write articles other than car criticism in the narrow sense.


      Car critic

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