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⚽ | FC Ryukyu and Vegalta Sendai continue to have a difficult battle 0-2


FC Ryukyu, Vegalta Sendai 0-2 struggling battle continues

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The next section will be played against Zweigen Kanazawa at Tapic Kenso Hiyagon Stadium from 27:7 pm on the XNUMXth.

Soccer Meiji Yasuda Life J2 Section 11 The first day is the 1rd, 23 games are played in various places, and the lowest FC Ryukyu is Yourtex ... → Continue reading

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    Tapik Province

    Zuegen Kanazawa

    Zuegen Kanazawa (Zougen Kanazawa,Zweigen Kanazawa) IsJapan OfKanazawa,Nonoichi City,Kahoku City,Tsubata Town,Uchinada TownAroundIshikawaHometown in all prefectures[1]Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) is a professional football club.


    1956/Founded "Kanazawa Soccer ClubIs the predecessor. In 2006Zuegen KanazawaWas renamed to ".2013/ToJ League Associate ClubApproved as[6]Joined the J League in 2014. The operating companyIshikawa Zugen Co., Ltd.Is. In addition, it was the operating mother until the establishment of the companyIshikawa Zuegen Sports ClubManages the "Tsuegen Kanazawa Supporters' Association". The name of the Ishikawa Football Club was changed to the same name in April 2017.[7].

    Zweigen means from the German words Zwei (zwei=2) and Goen (gehen=advance), “the team and supporters go together”,Kanazawa dialectAlso has the meaning of "tsuengen!" which means "strong!"[1].. The emblem design is the prefecture flower of Ishikawa prefecture.Black lilyFleur de LisIs the motif[4].. The mascot is a mascot character with the motif of the golden eagle of "prefecture bird".GenzoIt is.

    Home stadiumIshikawa Prefecture West Green Park Athletic Field[1], The practice areaTsubata Sports Park Athletic Field[1] ,Hakusan City Matsuto Athletic Park[1] Etc. (Details#Stadiums, practice areas, etc.See).



    2006-2009 (North Shin-Etsu League)


    Masami OgawaWas appointed as a coach while also serving as a player. The league matchAnd,JAPAN Soccer College(JSC),Nagano, But he finished in 4th place. Also, in the semi-finalsTayhens FCLost to the Emperor's Cup final game.


    The management body "Ishikawa Football Club" from a voluntary organizationLimited liability intermediate corporationMove to. ExRepresentation from Japan OfTsuyoshinobu IkedaBecame the director. The league match is 4th place after Matsumoto, JSC and Nagano. The whole company is in the second roundYS YokohamaDefeated by. The Emperor's Cup, which became the first appearance in two yearsMitoLost to.


    Ikeda system second year. The league match is 2rd place after Nagano and JSC. Also, at the company's Hokushinetsu tournament, we experienced a third defeat in Nagano along with the league game,National Regional League Final TournamentI did not participate. The Emperor's Cup is the third roundFC GifuDefeated by. Ikeda retired after the season. During the same year, "Ishikawa Football Club" will beInstituteReorganized to.


    京都Former head coachNobuhiro UenoBecame the director.J LeagueNot only to reinforce players from the team,BrazilianInviting a coach,Brazilian State LeagueThe season has started with the players who belong to it. The league match is 3rd place after JSC and Nagano.CompanyIs a runner up.33th National Regional Soccer League Final TournamentEntered 3rd place, JFL 17th placeFC KariyaParticipated in the replacement game with. In the replacement game, he won FC Kariya with a record of 1 win and 1 minute, and was decided to be promoted to JFL from 2010.

    2010-2013 (JFL)


    Second year of Ueno system. ExRepresentation from Japan OfTatsuhiko KuboWas won. On April 4J League associate memberApplied for[8].. Established Zuegen Co., Ltd. on December 12, and transferred the management of the top team from "Ishikawa Football Club"[9].


    Ueno system third year. I applied for quasi-membership again, but continued deliberation.Great East Japan EarthquakeThe season schedule was changed due to the influence of, and the league match temporarily took the lead in the middle stage, but the final result was 7th. After the season, Ueno resigned as director. Also,Michael james New Zealand National TeamWas elected as the club's first A representative.


    FukuokaFormer head coachYoshiyuki MorishitaBecame the director. Due to the renovation of the home stadium and the delay in the capital increase of the club, the application for quasi-membership for the February 2012 examination was postponed.[10].. Also, the club office was relocated to an office with a cafe near the home stadium, Seibu Ryokuchi Park, and before the opening of the club, local political and business people participated in the management and the operating company increased the capital by 8 million yen.[11].

    Team slogan:United agen

    Morishita system second year.2013/In February, J League Associates were approved[6].. In the second round of the Emperor's CupYokohama FCWas won (in the third roundShimizuDefeated). November 11,Japan Professional Soccer LeagueJoining the J League at the board of directors of2014 J3 LeagueParticipation approved[3].

    2014 (J3)

    Team slogan:CHALLENGE OF ZWEIGEN 2014

    Morishita system second year.Sony Sendai FCFormer directorHidenori TabataIs the strengthening manager,NagasakiFormer directorMasanori HigashikawaBecame the Academy Director and Youth Director respectively. Also have J League experienceKosuke Ota,Kinda Harada,Masao Tsuji,Sakuta YujiJoined. Ex during the seasonOita OfShinji TsujioIs a complete transfer,Masahiro Kaneko,Hiroshi Kangari,Shouma Mizunaga Transfer with time limitWhile joining withHonda Shingo Honda FCWas transferred to a limited time.

    The league matchNagano,MachidaAlthough they competed with each other for promotion, they ran out of second place with 21 consecutive victories from the 7st round (finally 28 games lost with the draw of the 13th round). November 2, Round 11FC RyukyuI won the battle and decided the victory. November 11,J LeagueJ2 promotion approved by board[12].


    Team slogan:Sogisen Do our best.

    Morishita system second year.Tochigi SCからCha Young Fan,ShimizuからHironobu TomonobuWith a complete transfer,CA MetropolitanoからJane Mosel,YamagataからAkiba MasaruIs acquired by transfer with a deadline.Shugo Tamaki,Yusuke HoshinoIs a new member,Masahiro KanekoShouma MizunagaJoined by full transfer.

    Also, from the middle of the seasonMendes,KofuからHiroshi NodaWith a complete transfer,SendaiからMogi ShunsukeJoined the transfer with a deadline.


    Team slogan:Yugo FUSION

    Morishita system 5th year. Be the team scorer of the previous yearKiyohara Shohei C OsakaReceived the J2 Best Goal Award of the previous yearKazuhiro Sato MitoWhat,Junichi TanakaAkiba Masaru Gifu,Masao Tsuji YS Yokohama,Jane Mosel TochigiTransferred to. Also,Cha Young FanLeft the group when the contract expired.

    On the other handShonanからTeru Ando,Yokohama FMからKumagai Andrew,(I.e.からSoryu KaniShun AgaraWith a fixed transfer,YamagataからMasato Yamazaki,GunmaからTatsuji Koyanagi,SapporoからHiroyuki Furuta,CR Vasco da GamaからRomarinho,TottoriからKazuaki MadawaEarned by full transfer,Shoshu FCFrom U-18Kim Tae SungFrom Besnai UnitedKim yon hongJoined the group.

    Also, during the season from Al OrobaDabiWith a complete transfer,TosuからKeiya NakamiJoined the transfer with a deadline. Also, I was transferred to GifuAkiba MasaruWas re-joined with a fixed transfer.

    J2リーグ戦では、第1節終了時の15位タイが最高順位で、第3節以降は、第5、24、37、38各節終了時に20位になった以外常に21位以下、かつその大半が最下位で、第41節終了時でも最下位であったものの、最終節、引き分けでも優勝となる首位札幌と引き分けたことにより、同節で敗れた21位KitakyushuIn the 21st placeJ2・J3 replacement gameTo the J3 league second placeTochigi SCIt became 2 wins in 2 races and decided to remain J2. Morishita retired after the season.

    Team slogan:ONE ACTION Be one for tomorrow you want to grab.

    Former to directorNiigata OfMasaaki YanashitaIs appointed.Kazuaki Madawa Tokushima,Shun Agara Kumamoto,Shoichiro Sakamoto Albirex Niigata Singapore,Shinji Tsujio Sagamihara,Shugo Tamaki ImabariTransfer toYoshikawa ShogoWas transferring for a limited time without renewing the contractHachinoheTransfer toShouma Mizunaga Kitakyushu,Hiroyuki Furuta AkitaTransfer to a deadline,Teru Ando,Kumagai Andrew,Soryu KaniIs the expiration of the transfer period,Motohashi OhashiIs retired,Romarinho,Dabi,Honda FCWas transferred to with a deadlineHonda ShingoLeft the group when his contract expired.

    On the other hand,AndからHiroto Shirai,NagasakiからKoichi Sato,SendaiからKyohei Sugiura,KashimaからTakahashi OhashiWith a complete transfer,IwataからIshida,NiigataからIkumi MiyazakiFrom KashimaHiroki KakitaWas acquired as a fixed-time transfer. AlsoAkiba MasaruMoved to full transfer.

    Also, just before the start of the seasonKim yon hong Kita Shin'etsu Part 1-Saurucos FukuiTransfer to the deadline. After the openingK. Enomoto Fukushima Prefecture Part 1-Iwaki FC,Kenta YamatoTransferred to Kitakyushu with a deadline,MendesCanceled the contract (laterTochigi SCJoined),G OsakaからKen Tajiri,C OsakaからTomoya ShojiIs a transfer with a training type deadline,ShimizuからByung Jun BonWith a fixed transfer,Keigo NumataTheOmiyaIt was acquired from the full transfer from. Also, subscription for next season has been announcedShimazu Yorimori Specially designated playerJoined as.

    In the J2 league game, there was a difficult time of 10 games not yet won, but in addition to Shirai acting as a guardian deity, Sato playing an ace striker, Ohashi, Ishida, Miyazaki, and Shoji who joined for a while Young players who were not blessed with the opportunity play an active role as mainstay. Especially Shoji played 22 games after joining Kanazawa for a limited time.As the season progressed, the action football that Yanashita aimed at gradually spread,[Source required]In the final game, he finished without losing 7 games. The result was 13 wins, 10 draws, 19 losses, a goal difference of -18, and the final ranking was 17th.

    Team slogan:SHINKA Deepen in order to proceed.

    Yanagishita system second year.Kosuke Ota Imabari,Yusuke Hoshino Tottori,Yasuhito Tomita,Keisuke Minegishi Numazu,Kinda Harada Kanto Department 1-Tochigi Uva FC,Shinya Ado FujimoriTransfer toHiroyuki FurutaWas transferring for a limited time without renewing the contractAkitaTransfer toKitakyushuWas transferred to with a deadlineShouma MizunagaDid not renew the contract but JFLMiyazakiTransfer toOmachi ShojoWas transferring for a limited time without renewing the contractHonda FCTransfer toKim Tae SungIs JFLAomoriI transferred with a deadline to, but canceled the contract before the opening,Saurucos FukuiWas transferred to with a deadlineKim yon hongHas expired,Byung Jun Bon,Keiya NakamiIs the expiration of the transfer period,Yuhei Otsuki,Akiba MasaruRetired.

    On the other hand,Sanukiからア ラ ン,KashimaからTakahide Umebachi,YamaguchiからTaiki Kato,C Osaka(In the middle of last seasonTokushimaFrom transfer to with deadline)Kiyohara Shohei,Sukhothai FCからMaranyonWith a complete transfer,SendaiからKeita FujimuraIs acquired by transfer with a deadline. Also, I was enrolled in a training type transfer from Kashima.Hiroki Kakita,IwataI was a member with a fixed transfer fromIshida,NiigataI was a member with a fixed transfer fromIkumi Miyazaki,C OsakaI was enrolled in a transfer type with a training type deadline fromTomoya ShojiExtended the transfer period ofKenta YamatoReturned from Kitakyushu, the transfer destination with a deadline,Shunya Mori,Yoshimoto Yamamoto,Shimazu Yorimori,Ryoya TaniguchiIs a new member.

    Also during the seasonTatsuji KoyanagiMasato Yamazaki GunmaTransfers to the deadline.

    Won the opening game with Ehime, which was the same card as last year. This is the first time in the fourth year of J2 entry that the white-star in the opening round is displayed. In addition, in the Section 4 Yokohama FC match, he won the Kanto Away game for the first time in a league match after promotion to J7. Although he couldn't record the results he expected at home, he showed good performance throughout the game and accumulated points, with the final result being 2 wins 14 minutes 13 losses and 15th place. Season 13 wins, 14 points, 55 points, +52 points difference were all the highest after promotion to J4.

    Club philosophy:Challenge to the tradition of this town.

    Yanagishita system second year.Koichi Sato,Tatsuji Koyanagi Kofu,Naoki Harada Kanto Department 1-VONDS Ichihara FC,Hiroshi NodaIs JFLAomori,Kenta YamatoIs JFLHonda FCTransfer toK. EnomotoIs VONDS Ichihara FC,Ryoya Taniguchi Kita Shin'etsu Part 1-JAPAN Soccer CollegeTransfer to a deadline,MaranyonHas expired,Tomoya Shoji,Ishida,Ikumi Miyazaki,Ken TajiriIs the expiration of the transfer period,Masato YamazakiRetired.In July after the openingToshiya Mouri ShonanTransferred to.

    On the other hand,Costa Rica-CS CartainesからClooney,ShonanからMasaaki Goto,Niigata(In the middle of last seasonGunmaFrom transfer to with deadline)Takumi HasegawaWith a fixed transfer,SendaiからMasaya Kojima,ShimizuからSatoshi Arai,AndからLotus komatsuIs acquired by transfer with a training type time limit.Keita FujimuraMoved to full transfer. Also,KashimaI was enrolled in a transfer type with a training type deadline fromHiroki KakitaExtended the transfer period ofRyoma Ishio,Ryoko Kubota,Ryuhei OishiIs a new member.

    The league match was the 61th place with 11 points, the highest number of points ever recorded. The Emperor's Cup lost in the third round.


    Yanagishita system second year.Masaya Kojima Gunma,Keigo Numata Ryukyu,Yoshimoto Yamamoto Yokohama FM,Taiki Kato Yamagata,Takahide Umebachi,Kiyohara Shohei Sagamihara,K. Enomoto Kansai Section 1-Kyoto AC,ア ラ ン Kanto Department 2-Esperanza SC,Ryoya Taniguchi Albirex Niigata SingaporeComplete transfer to,Clooney,Masaaki Goto,Satoshi AraiHas expired the transfer period has expired,Hiroki Kakita KashimaWith the expiration of the transfer period with a training period fromTokushima,Lotus komatsu AndWith the expiration of the loan transfer period fromYamaguchiTransferred to a deadline.

    On the other hand,MitoからIshii AyaWith a complete transfer,FC Tokyo(Last seasonFukuokaTransfer to for a limited time)Masayuki Yamada,Brazil-Metropolitano(Last season transferred to Yamagata for a limited time)Rodolfo,KagoshimaからLucao, Matsumoto (Last seasonAtagoTransfer to for a limited time)Yota ShimokawaWith a fixed transfer,oakからHayate SugiiAcquired by a training-type loan transfer.Also,NiigataI was a member with a fixed transfer fromTakumi Hasegawa, In the middle of last seasonC OsakaI was enrolled in a transfer type with a training type deadline fromYamane EternityHas extended the transfer period as a loan transfer,Ueda tree,Takayuki Takayasu,Yosuke Toji,Toshiya Motozuka,Megumu Nishida,Mutsuki KatoIs a new member.In July after the openingNiigataからYasuki WatanabeJoined the loan for a limited time.



    Yanagishita system second year.Mutsuki Kato C OsakaComplete transfer toMegumu Nishida IwateWith a fixed transfer,Yamane EternityIs due to the expiration of the transferMito,LucaoIs due to the expiration of the transferAnd,Hayate SugiiIs a training-type loan with a time limitTottoriTransfer toYota ShimokawaIs due to the expiration of the transferAnd,Takumi HasegawaIs due to the expiration of the transferNiigataReturned to.In July after the openingRyoko Kubota GifuTo, in augustShimazu Yorimori KagoshimaLoan transfer to, in OctoberFC TokyoWas transferred from for a limited timeMasayuki Yamada OmiyaTransferred to a deadline.

    On the other hand,ToyamaからHayato Otani,ShonanからMasaaki Goto,Yokohama FCからYuji Senuma,AtagoからNiwa Shien,G OsakaからRiku MatsudaWith a complete transfer,C OsakaからTomoya Shoji,OmiyaからShintaro ShimadaIs acquired by transfer with a deadline. Also,NiigataI was a member with a fixed transfer fromYasuki Watanabe,Brazil-MetropolitanoI was a member with a fixed transfer fromRodolfoEach extended the transfer period,Shogo Rikiyasu,Seiya Katakura,Gaku Inaba, Has participated in the match as a JFA / J League specially designated strengthening player since 2020Rikito SugiuraIs a new member.In July after the openingShonanからSho HiramatsuWas acquired through a training-type loan transfer.

    In the league match, although it was in good shape in the early stages, such as recording 7rd place at the end of Section 3, it sank to the bottom due to the lack of consecutive wins in 19 games in Sections 31-13, and reached 40th place at the end of Section 19. It was located in the relegation zone.But in Section 41YamagataBy winning the battle, he escaped from the relegation zone and succeeded in remaining in J2 after the final round.The final result was 10 wins, 21 losses and 11 minutes, finishing in 17th place.The Emperor's Cup is in the second roundNiigataLost to.



    ク ラ ブ


    More informations

    Stadiums, practice areas, etc.

    Home stadium

    Home stadiumIshikawa Prefecture West Green Park Athletic FieldIs. In addition, in the past home game holding stadiumThis itemchecking ...

    Practice field

    Practice areaIshikawa Western Green Park Auxiliary Stadium[1],Tsubata Sports Park Athletic Field[1],Hakusan City Matsuto Athletic Park[1], (Kanazawa City)[1], (Nomi City)[1] Next to othersHokuriku UniversityI also use a football park[13].

    In January 2016, a dedicated clubhouse was completed at Yasuhara Sports Square, Kanazawa. The exterior is based on black. The construction date is September 1, 2015, and the completion date is January 9, 30. The name plate of the sponsor is posted on the wall of the clubhouse, and the sponsor was recruited again in January 2016.[14].


    2009/,KanazawaTsubata TownEstablished a soccer school in Japan, aiming to develop human resources in the U-12s, spread football in the region, and develop football culture. Also, in addition to launching the Zuegen Kanazawa U-18,2010/Tiegen Kanazawa Tsubata U-15,2011/ToNanao CityZougen Noto Junior Youth was established.


    Uniform color
    カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
    FP (1st)"Red"black"Red"
    FP (2nd)whitewhitewhite
    GK (1st)turquoise blueturquoise blueturquoise blue
    GK (2nd)Gunmetal grayGunmetal grayGunmetal gray
    FP 1st
    FP 2nd
    GK 1st
    GK 2nd

    Team color

    •     "Red"[1],    black[1],    yellow[1]

    Uniform sponsor

    Submission locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
    chestHokoku newspaperHokoku newspaper2011-2009 pants
    2010 is back
    clavicleNakamori Kaiiki Pharmacy GroupNakamori Kaiiki Pharmacy Group2019-Notation only on the left side of 1st
    2010-2014 pants
    Thank You100 full bolt2019-Written on the right
    2015-2018 pants
    Upper backHokoku BankHokoku Bank2011-2006-2008 back
    2009-2010 is chest
    Lower backNone--
    sleeveYonezawa Electric WorksYonezawa Electric2010-2009 is back

    The history of uniform supply

    Successive uniforms

    FP 1st
    2006 - 2007
    2008 - 2010
    2022 -
    FP 2nd
    2008 - 2010
    2012 - 2013
    2022 -

    Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

    chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
    2006A-O-CBefore banHokoku BankBefore banCUP YOUNTT DoCoMoBefore banPUMA
    2007Will CorporationAOC
    2009Hokoku BankYonezawa ElectricHokoku newspaper
    2010Hokoku newspaperYonezawa ElectricPharmacy
    2011Hokoku newspaperHokoku Bank
    2015100 full bolt
    2016Shibuya Industryadidas
    2018-Tomorrow's team
    2019Nakamori Kaiiki Pharmacy Group
    Tomorrow's team
    100 full bolt-
    2020Nakamori Kaiiki Pharmacy Group


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