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⚾ | GG Sato returns to active duty for the first time in 8 years as an independent L Joined Saitama Musashi at the age of 43 "Aiming for triple three"

Photo Mr. GG Sato who was active in Seibu Lotte [Photo: Hirohisa Miyawaki]

GG Sato returns to active duty for the first time in 8 years as an independent L Joined Saitama Musashi at the age of 43 "Aiming for triple three"

If you write the contents roughly
I wonder if I should apply for Guinness, "and spelled" I'm aiming for a triple three!

"I became a man who was out of the fighting force four times as a professional and re-contracted with a professional team four times." Independent league BC Saitama Musashi is on the 4th ... → Continue reading


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    Guinness application

    Triple three

    Triple three (Triple three)Japanese professional baseballInbatterIn the same seasonBatting average 3%, 30 home runs, 30 stolen basesIt is a term that means to record the above grades,Japanglish[1][2].


    Triple3[3],Triple thirty[4]Also called, "3% 30 30 stolen basesAlso called.Yoshiyuki Iwamoto, Kaoru Bettoto ,Futoshi NakanishiIn the era when was achieved, the word triple three did not exist, and it is said that the record began to attract attention from baseball fans in the 1980s, and in 1983.Koji KandaWas featured in baseball magazines when[5][6].

    baseballIt is supposed to prove that he is a good hitter without a gap in the attack field (hit power, running power) of[7], There are also batters who aim for this[Note 1].

    Tetsuji Kawakami The1950/,Nagashima Shigeo The1958/In each case, he missed the triple three by one home run.In particular, Nagashima missed the record because he forgot to step on the first base and had one that became a "phantom home run".[14].

    In the 2015 season, SoftbankYuki YanagitaAnd Yakult'sTetsuto YamadaAchieved a triple three[15]..Achievement in Nippon Professional Baseball was in 2002Matsui KazuoIt was the first time in 13 years since the achievement of the triple three, and the achievement of multiple people became a hot topic for the first time in 1950 years since the achievement of Iwamoto and Betto in 65, and the triple three was in 2015.Yu Can New and Buzzword AwardWas elected to the annual grand prize of[16]..Yamada2016/,2018/Also achieved triple three. Achieving triple three for the second consecutive year and multiple times is the first in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball.[17].

    In the English-speaking world, achieving 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases a year is called "30-30" and is highly evaluated (30-30 clubHowever, the results with a batting average of .300 are not given special attention.[6], Point to it "Triple Three"Ya"Triple ThirtyThe name "" has not been established, for example.English newspaper OfJapan TimesIn 2000Tomonori KanemotoIn the article that mentions the grades of.300-30-30 player" [18](3% 30 home runs, 30 stolen base players), and in an article that the Japan Times also mentioned Yamada's results in 2015, "what is known in Japan as the'Triple Three'" [19](Achievements called "triple three" in Japan).


    Japanese professional baseball

    Affiliation team at the time of achievement
    batting average
    Home run
    Yoshiyuki Iwamoto /Yoshiyuki Iwamoto1950/Shochiku Robins. 3193934Achievement at the age of 38 is the oldest record in history[20]
    Kaoru Hetsuto /Kaoru Bettoto1950/Orions every day. 3354334
    Futoshi Nakanishi /Futoshi Nakanishi1953/Nishitetsu Lions. 3143636Achievement at the age of 20 is the youngest record in history[21].
    Minota Koshi /Koji Kanda1983/Hankyu Braves. 31232351980/Also records the only 30 home runs, 30 stolen bases, and 30 sacrifice bunts in NPB history.[21].
    Koji Akiyama /Koji Akiyama1989/Seibu Lions. 3013131
    Kenshiro Nomura /Kenjiro Nomura1995/Hiroshima Toyo Carp. 3153230First left-handed.
    Kanemoto Tomoaki /Tomonori Kanemoto2000/Hiroshima Toyo Carp. 3153030No. 30 home run achieved in the final round[21][22].
    Matsuki Kasoo /Matsui Kazuo2002/Seibu Lions. 3323633Double strikeThen for the first time[23]. twenty fourdoubleSimultaneous achievement is also the first in history[24].
    Yamata Tetsuto /Tetsuto Yamada2015/Tokyo Yakult Swallows. 3293834Central LeagueAchieved at the youngest in history[25].
    Yuuki Yanagita /Yuki Yanagita2015/Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. 3633432Second achievement in the same year (second time in 2 years)[26]..It is the only one in history to achieve simultaneous achievement with the batting champion.
    Yamata Tetsuto /Tetsuto Yamada2016/Tokyo Yakult Swallows. 3043830Achieved multiple times (for 2 consecutive years) for the first time in NPB history[17].
    Yamata Tetsuto /Tetsuto Yamada2018/Tokyo Yakult Swallows. 3153433This is the third time in two years.
    • TaiziIs the most record in the league in the same year.
    • The maximum number of achievements by one person is Tetsuto Yamada's three times.

    Major league baseball

    #OverviewAs mentioned in the section, the concept of triple three itself is not widespread in English-speaking countries.The following list is "30-30 club"(30 home runs, 30 stolen bases achieved) with a batting average of 3% or more.

    Baseball team
    batting average
    Home run
    Defensive position
    Uiri Amusu Ken /Ken Williams1922/St. Louis Browns. 33239377/Left hand
    Meisu Uiri /Willie Mays1957/New York Giants. 33335388/Medium-sized
    Ah Ron Hanku /Hank Aaron1963/Milwaukee Braves. 31944319/Right hand
    Well fluffy /Dale Murphy1983/Atlanta Braves. 30236308/Medium-sized
    Kanseko Hose /Jose Canseco1988/Auckland Athletics. 30742409/Right hand
    Really /Barry Bonds1990/Pittsburgh Pirates. 30133527/Left hand
    Kantoron /Ron Gant1990/Atlanta Braves. 30332338/Medium-sized
    Really /Barry Bonds1992/Pittsburgh Pirates. 31134397/Left hand
    Really /Barry Bonds1996/San Francisco Giants. 30842407/Left hand
    Hishietsutotante /Dante Bichet1996/Colorado Rockies. 31331319/Right hand
    Hakusu Erisu /Ellis Burks1996/Colorado Rockies. 34440327/Left hand
    Uoka Arai /Rally walker1997/Colorado Rockies. 36649339/Right hand
    It's a good idea /Raoul Mondesee1997/Los Angeles Dodgers. 31030329/Right hand
    Rotorikesu That Tsukusu /Alex Rodriguez1998/Seattle Mariners. 31042466/shortstop
    Hakuueru Shiefu /Jeff Bagwell1999/Houston Astros. 30442313/First baseman
    I'm wandering around /Bradymir Guerrero2001/Montreal Expos. 30734379/Right hand
    I'm wandering around /Bradymir Guerrero2002/Montreal Expos. 33639409/Right hand
    Sled Ah Aru Fuonso /Alfonso Soriano2002/New York Yankees. 30039414/second baseman
    Overflowing Yu Hohii /Bobby abreuil2004/Philadelphia Phillies. 30130409/Right hand
    Raito Hitsuto /David Wright2007/New York Mets. 32530345/third baseman
    Ramiresu Hanrii /Hanley Ramirez2008/Florida Marlins. 30133356/shortstop
    Erusherii Shiyakohii /Jacoby Ellsbury2011/Boston Red Sox. 32132398/Medium-sized
    Kenfu Matsuto /Matt Kemp2011/Los Angeles Dodgers. 32439408/Medium-sized
    Furaun Rian /Ryan Brown2011/Milwaukee Brewers. 33233337/Left hand
    Take it and go /Mike Trout2012/Los Angeles Angels. 32630498/Medium-sized
    Furaun Rian /Ryan Brown2012/Milwaukee Brewers. 31941307/Left hand
    Hetsutsu Muukii /Mookie Betts2018/Boston Red Sox. 34632309/Right hand
    Eritsuchi Kurisuchiyan /Christian Yelich2019/Milwaukee Brewers. 32944309/Right hand
    • The highest number of achievements per person is Barry Bonds 1 times.

    Korean professional baseball

    Baseball team
    batting average
    Home run
    Ishiyon Homu /Lee Jong(Lee Jong Bom)1997/Hete Tigers. 3243064
    Ihiyonkiyu /Kei Lee(Lee Byung Kyu)1999/LG Twins. 3493031
    Shiei Tehisu /Jay Davis1999/Hanwha Eagles. 3283035
    Really Hiyonu /(Korean version(Hong Hyun Woo)1999/Hete Tigers. 3003431
    Hakuchi picture book /Park Sakihiro(Park Chehon)2000/Modern unicorns. 3093230
    Temusu Eritsuki /Eric Thames2015/NC Dinos. 3814740

    Taiwan professional baseball


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