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⚾ | Hiromitsu Ochiai "The one who practiced wins, this world" reveals to active high school baseball players!


Hiromitsu Ochiai "Practice wins, this world" reveals to active high school baseball players!

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■ Hiromitsu Ochiai "The one who practiced wins, this world" reveals to active high school baseball players!

Hiromitsu Ochiai, a former professional baseball player and director, announced on the 9th that his YouTube channel "[Official] Hiromitsu Ochiai ... → Continue reading


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    Active high school baseball player

    Hiromitsu Ochiai

    Hiromitsu Ochiai(Ochiai Hiromitsu,1953/12/9 -) isAkitaMinami Akita DistrictKatanishi Village(AfterKotohama Village → Wakami Town, CurrentOga City) From[2]Source ofProfessional baseball player(Infielder, Right-handed right-handed[1])・directed by,Baseball commentator,talent,YouTuber.. Blood typeO[3].

    When I was a player1979/から1998/OverLotte Orions-Chunichi Dragons-Yomiuri Giants(Giant)·Nippon Ham FightersI was enrolled in a total of 4 teams.The fourth person in history during the Lotte eraJapanese professional baseballThe only three times in historyTriple CrownAnd is considered one of the best right-handed hitters in NPB history.He is also the last of the 20th century, the last of the Showa era, and the last of the right-handed hitters to achieve the Triple Crown.

    2004/から2011/He served as the coach of Chunichi until he entered the A class in all years, won the league four times, and won the league once.Japan seriesAchieved the championship.

    2013/From off-season2017/Chunichi until JanuaryGeneral managerServed.


    Before entering professional

    Born as the youngest of seven siblings, three men and four women[4]..His parents' house is a Japanese sweets shop.From an early age he played baseball-like play where he hit a ball rolled up in a newspaper with a stick.Under the influence of his brotherUnoki smallJoin the local schoolchildren's baseball team in the 4th grade[4].. Longing playerNagashima ShigeoMet.Academic performance in elementary school was always high except for arts and crafts.[5].In the middle of the lagoonThen, although he was the ace in the first grade to the fourth, he was a weak team who always lost in the first and second rounds in the tournament. Although he advanced to the finals in the third grade district tournament and finished second, Ochiai hit a home run over 1,2 meters in this match.[6].

    1969/, I was invited to enter by many prestigious baseball schools in the prefecture, and that was the level that I could go to any high school in the prefecture by baseball.[7]..However, he had decided to get a job after graduation, and he heard that he "doesn't mess with the players too much".Akita Prefectural Akita Technical High SchoolEntered the Department of Architecture[6]..As soon as he joined the baseball club, he was appointed as a regular and became No. 4, but three months after joining the club, he broke his right shoulder and abandoned the pitcher and turned to an outfielder.[6]..After that, I was disgusted by the fact that I originally hated practicing and the custom of being beaten by senior students on a daily basis.[8], I barely showed up in practice.localKotohama VillageThis hierarchical relationship was unbearable for Ochiai, who grew up in a sense of fellowship consisting of horizontal connections.[7].

    However, because he was the best player on the team, he was recalled to the team just before the tournament.[9]..This "practice sabori-return before the tournament" was repeated eight times.[6]..I was so disgusted with going to school that I hardly went to school, so it was a so-called "truancy".[7]..Instead, I went to a movie theater in Akita City, where the school is located, to watch 100 movies a year.For this reason, the number of attendance days was not enough, and about two years in the third year of high school was one step before repeating a grade.[10].

    It wasn't that I didn't practice at all while I was absent from school, but I was doing voluntary training such as hitting a wooden telephone pole with a bat and swinging in the mountains.When I hit the utility pole, a hole opened and the electricity went out, so I got a complaint from the neighborhood.[7].

    I had decided to get a job after graduating from high school, but in October of my third year of high school, I was recommended by the high school baseball manager.Toyo University Baseball ClubParticipated in the selection of, and passed because it was evaluated that he made a series of oversized home runs there[11].. From April 1972, it was decided to go on to Toyo University.He was suddenly given a number, decided to be an infielder in his position, and entered a training camp in February before graduating from high school.[11]..In addition, I joined the Matsuyama camp of the baseball club as a member of 20 members selected from about 4 first graders.[11]..However, during the practice, he suffered a strain on his left thigh and a sprained ankle, forcing him to go to the hospital every day.[11].

    Then, following his high school days, he faces the old constitution of the baseball club again.In response to the custom of setting up seniors and the fact that seniors are intimidating to juniors just because they are in the upper grades, "I don't have the consciousness to play baseball voluntarily, and I'm just forced to do chores and dislike baseball." I was disgusted[Note 1][12]..In this way, he jumped out of the training camp and dropped out of the baseball club and dropped out of college just before the entrance ceremony in April.[12]..The director of the university tried to stay, saying, "It's okay to return to the second grade," but he dropped out after that.[7].

    After dropping out of college, he returned to his hometown of Akita prefecture.BowlingAt the venuePart-time jobWas doing[13]..With this as an opportunity, he became enthusiastic about bowling and once aspired to become a professional bowler.Beside that, join the local grass baseball team and play, and your enthusiasm for baseball will grow again.[14].. When I was about 20 years old, I visited his high school teacher, the manager of the baseball club, and consulted about his employment.[14].

    1974 year 1 month,Tokyo Shibaura Electric OfFuchu factoryToTemporary workJoined as[15]..Of the same factoryAdult baseballteam·Toshiba FuchuJoined in, during the dayTrannyI lived a life of assembling the board and practicing baseball from the evening.[15]..In 2, his second year at the company, he settled in No. 1975, and the following day.1976/Toshiba Fuchu is the first in the 23rd year of its foundingCity oppositionPlay a part[16].. In the second roundDuploIn the second roundNippon ExpressReinforced fromYukihiro MurakamiWas the starting lineup, but was shut out by the Ehime Mutual Bank and was eliminated.[17]..From the following year onward, Nippon Express will continue to compete against the city.Denden TokyoParticipated as a reinforcement player for the third consecutive year,1978/IsKida Isamu,Mori Shigekazu25th withAmateur Baseball World ChampionshipElected to Japan[18]..Recorded 5 home runs in total in the official game for 70 years[19].

    At the 1977 draft meeting, just before the Hanshin Tigers scoutHitoshi TamaruI was told the possibility of nomination, but it did not come true[20][21].. Next day1978 draft conferenceReceived 3rd place nomination from Lotte Orions at, signed with a contract fee of 2700 million yen and an annual salary of 360 million yen[20], Joined.Scouted OchiaiKunio JonouchiAccording to the reason for the nomination,Changing sphereThere was only one point, "a type of batter who is strong against pitchers and is not good at pitchers" (Joe Nouchi was aware of Ochiai's qualities from the perspective of a pitcher.[22]).

    Active age

    Lotte era

    1979/, Director at the time of entering the professionalKazuhiro YamauchiIs also the principal image of the level swing, and started to correct Ochiai's batting form, which was the upper swing. Although he received advice such as "striking with a hose," Ochiai himself later stated, "I couldn't understand Mr. Yamauchi's advanced hitting theory at that time." It is said that the ball did not fly forward with the hitting method taught by.Teammate veterancatcher-Kenji DoiUse your wrist to repel the ball "God lord methodImitate the form of[23], Aimed at my style of foam remodeling[Note 2]..ToiTakahiro TokutsuI made my own batting with reference to senior players such as[24].

    1980/Injured his left ankle in the open match against the ocean in March and shook the previous term[25].. 5 games in a rowHome run OfEastern LeagueRecognized as a new record, promoted to one army from the second half[25].Yoichi InoueInstead ofsecond basemanHe got a fixed position and started in 54 games.At the end of the seasonthird basemanIn the same year, he hit 15 home runs.Kintetsu BuffaloesWithplay offAlso participated in.

    1981/Was appointed as a starting lineup from the opening, and was appointed as No. 6 at the end of June.All star gamesFor the first time in the seasonRegular turn at batReached and batting average .326Leading batterWon the title.Arito Tsuyo,Leon Lee,Leron LeeRatoCleanupTo formNippon HamWithplay offThen he hit a home run in the 4th round.He renewed his contract with an annual salary of 1600 million yen[26].

    1982/, At the age of 28Triple CrownWas won, but this was the youngest record in history.Contract renewal with annual salary of 5400 million yen + title fee of 600 million yen during off-season[27]..In addition, Ochiai often served as first baseman throughout his career, but this season he became famous as the triple crown mainly as second baseman.[28].

    1983/ TheFirst basemanEstablished in.With a batting average of .332, he won the top batting average for the third consecutive year, but ended up at the bottom for the first time in the team.

    1984/, The contract renewal has passed, and on January 1984, 1, the day before the camp in, the annual salary was 30 million yen (up 5940% from the previous year) + the title fee was 10 million yen.[29]..From this yearMichiyo Arito OutfielderHe was appointed as a third baseman as a successor.

    1985/With a batting average of .367, 52 home runs, and 146 RBIs, he won the Triple Crown for the second time.His batting average of .2 is the highest batting average in the history of right-handed hitters at that time, 367 home runs is the Pacific League tie record at that time, and 52 RBIs are still the Pacific League record.In addition, this year will be a Japanese recordScore area batting averageRecorded .492 (122 at bats, 60 hits, 16 home runs, 98 RBIs)[30]..Also, the season 52 home run was recorded in 1963.Katsuya NomuraAlong with that, as of 2020, it is the most Thai record among Japanese players from Japan.With 118 points in the same yearFukumoto YutakaOf 77Long strokeKazuhiro YamauchiWith an on-base percentage of .4806Hiroshi OshitaWith a slugging percentage of .7630ManuelUpdated the Pacific League records they had[Note 3].

    1986/, Until the middle of the seasonBoomer Wells,Koji AkiyamaWe fought for the title with them, and finally achieved the third Triple Crown for the second consecutive year.[31](Batting average .360, 50 home runs, 116 RBIs). The Triple Crown for the second consecutive year is in the Japanese professional baseball worldSadaharu Oh(1973-1974),Randy Bath(1985年 - 1986年)、落合の3選手のみで、通算3度獲得は落合のみである。また2年連続50本塁打はプロ野球史上初、出塁率.4866は2021年現在までパ・リーグ記録となっている。10月8日の西武戦でSusumu KobayashiHe struck the third baseman's chest a couple of times and was sent off for the first time.[32].

    Trade turmoil

    On October 10th, after the end of the season, the directorKazuhisa InaoIs informed by the team that he wants to make a baton touch with a new person, and that he will not extend the contract for this year when the three-year contract expires, and he will be effectively dismissed.Ochiai was very dissatisfied with this, and at the "Meeting to Encourage Ochiai Players" hosted by fans in Fukuoka City on November 3, "If Mr. Inao is not there, why am I in Lotte?" There is no such thing. "[33]..When the Mainichi Shimbun reported this statement on November 11, Ochiai acknowledged the statement to the press before the Japan-US friendly baseball game at Heiwadai Stadium on the same day, and said, "Regarding Mr. Inao's treatment. I'm really angry, "he said, revealing his distrust of the team.[34].

    Since then, the sports newspaper wrote "Ochiai Trade" every day, and Ochiai repeatedly criticized the front desk against the media, leading to a turmoil over Ochiai. On December 12, Shizuo Matsui, the president of the team, called Ochiai to the team office to discuss it, and Ochiai said, "There must have been some misunderstandings in the statements made through newspapers, etc. Matsui also said, "There have been some misunderstandings and inadequate communication between Ochiai and the front of the team. We read and confirmed each one by the representative. We talked directly and saw a consensus." Ochiai and the team once settled.[35].

    But on January 12thKazuhiko Ushijima-Seiji Kamikawa-Hiranuma Sadaharu-Shigeru KuwataExchange with 4 playerstradeSo, the trade to Chunichi was decided[36]..Then, on December 12, he faced a contract renewal on the middle day of the transfer destination, signed for 26 million yen (estimated), and became the first Japanese player to be a 1 million yen player in professional baseball.[37].

    Major challenge concept

    Ochiai later revealed on his official YouTube channel that he had a plan to challenge majors during the Lotte era.He said about the time when he moved to major transfer, "I think it's been after he won the Triple Crown in Japan."Bobby marcanoAskWinter leagueI was asked to make a pipe so that I could participate in the event, but when I talked to the team after having the pipe made, the team made excuses such as "If you want to go, you have to remove the Japanese registration." It didn't happen.He asserts that he would probably have failed due to his language barrier if he had challenged the majors.[38].

    Chunichi era

    1987/It is,Toshio Shinozuka,Shozo ShodaThey fought for the top batting average and recorded a batting average of .2 in the league's third place, two margins behind the leader.[39].

    1988/は、32本塁打、95打点(共にリーグ2位)、勝利打点19、出塁率と長打率共にリーグ1位を記録するなどチームの優勝に貢献したが、打率は.293とレギュラー定着以降初めて3割を割った。6月1日から8月2日までは3番で、4番はGary Rasicwas.SeibuWithJapan seriesThe pitchers of Seibu kept the RBI to 0 and lost with 1 win and 4 losses.

    1989/Batting average .321, 40 home runs and 116 RBIs to win the RBI, but both leagues were the first RBIs in history.Cecil Fielder,Larry ParrishIt was a battle for a home run, but it was robbed by Parish by two runs. August 2 Giants Battle (Nagoya Stadium), No-hitter no-run continued until one death in the 9th inningMasaki SaitoSince then, he has hit a three-point home run in a come-from-behind walk-off home run. June 3th浜 松In the match against Hiroshima in the bottom of the 7th inning, the opportunity for the first and second bases was the fourth in total, and as a result, the last sacrifice bunt in active duty was decided.[40]..After the end of the season, at a press conference after his contract renewal, he announced that he had renewed with "165 (Ichirokugo)" with an annual salary of 1 million yen.[41].

    1990/Continuing from the previous year, the season fought for the home base with Parish. May 5th in the Hanshin TigersSadaharu OhWhen it reaches 1,270 home runs in total, the fastest in history in the 1,257th game, which exceeds 350 games.[Note 4], Parish left Hanshin when he hit 8 home runs in August, and Ochiai eventually overtook him to win 28 home runs and 34 RBIs.Both league home base hitting kings were the first in history.He also won the highest on-base percentage and won the title triple crown for the first time since he transferred to the Central League.Round 102 of the All-Star Game of the Year (Heiwadai Stadium), Kintetsu's Kintetsu, who entered the pros with noise and continued to make good progressHideo NomoHe hit a home run, aiming for a high straight thrown by.

    1991/2月、契約更改で合意せず、落合は日本人選手として初めて年俸調停を申請した。落合希望額は3億円→2億8000万円、球団提示額2億2000万円だったが、調停の結果、3月8日に2億2000万円で合意した[43]..In the same year, he was strained in the first half of the season and left the front for about a month when he took the lead in the three batter divisions.He won a batting average of .1, 340 home runs and 37 RBIs, but his batting average wasAtsushi Furuta3 hair differences (Furuda.3398, Ochiai.3395)[44], RBIHirosawa KatsumiHe was second in the league, less than eight points behind.In the final match against Yakult, where Furuta is, he was able to avoid the match and set a Japanese record of 8 walks per game.Renewed the contract with an annual salary of 2 million yen[45].

    1992/, Withdraw from the Professional Baseball Players Association. With 22 home runs and 71 RBIs, he finished without a title since 1984 and finished in the bottom for the second time in 12 years.

    1993/In the match against Yokohama on May 5, he achieved 7 home runs in both leagues for the first time in history.Off the same year, just introducedFree agent(FA) Exercised the system, declared FA, and transferred to the giant[46][Note 5].

    Giant age

    Ochiai was enrolled1994/ - 1996/3 years ofNagashima ShigeoHe contributed to the team's two league championships (2 and 1994) as No. 1996.

    In 1994, he suffered from a hit by pitch on his left flank and left wrist, and on October 10nd in the match against Yakult.Tsutomu YamadaFrom the final home run[48],10.8 decisive battleShinji KonakaContributed to the victory by hitting the first home run from[49]..However, he injured his left adductor muscle during the back defense three times in the same game.[50],Japan seriesThen, he only participated in the third game as a designated hitter.He also participated in the brawl on May 3th against Yakult.[51]..In addition, 1994 became the only number one in Japan in the active era.

    1995/In this season, the battle for the top hitter was fought, and it remained strong in the summer. On August 8, he raised his batting average to .31 with a batting average of .332 (311th in the league), 4 home runs and 17 RBIs.In April of the same year he achieved a total of 65 hits,MeikyukaiDeclined to enter[52].. Achieving a total of 41 hits at 4 years and 2000 monthsHiromasa AraiIt became the oldest record in history at that time, surpassing 40 years and 2 months (then in May 2012).Shinya MiyamotoHas recorded and updated at 41 years and 5 months).

    In 1996, the 7th person in history hit a total of 500 home runs, and the 7th person in history hit a total of 1,500 RBIs.[53]Achieved. In the match between China and Japan on August 8stShigeki NoguchiReceived a hit by pitch from, broke his left wrist and left the front[54]..I shook the stick in the following games,OryxWithJapan seriesThen he returned and hit three hits in the first round.In the season, the batting average was .1, 3 home runs, 6 RBIs, such as jumping to the top of the league at the end of June. It is still the oldest record of the team.In terms of batting average, he achieved a batting average of 301% at the age of 21 and OPS of over 86%, which is the oldest record in history, and he is the only batter in history to achieve a batting average of 43% at the age of 4.

    Same year off,Kiyohara KazuhiroJoined the Giants as the same first baseman as himself, so he joined the team.Free contractOffered[55][56][57]..The withdrawal press conference is OchiaiMrs. NobukoIn addition,Tsuneo WatanabeIt is unusual for a press conference of retired players to be held in the presence of the owner, Shigeo Nagashima, and Ochiai said, "Director Nagashima (who has been a fan since childhood) appointed either himself or Kiyohara. I didn't want to see him worried. "[58][59][60].

    Japan ham era

    In 1996 off, Yakult and Nippon-Ham (who used the same Tokyo Dome as the Giants at that time), who were also based in Tokyo like the Giants, offered to win, but presented a two-year contract with an annual salary of 3 million yen. Transferred to Nippon-Ham.First is the number6I hoped, but he was the main player of the team.Yukio TanakaIt was an empty number because it was attached3Was selected.

    1997/As of May 5, the batting average rose to .17, but from the beginning of June, age decline and fatigue overlapped, and on the back of the first round of the Orix 339st round on August 6nd.Koichi OshimaThe left hand was injured when the ball was caught, and the left fourth finger end joint bone was dislocated.Although he did not lose the second team, he has only started in eight games since this game, and his batting average has dropped to .8.Katsuo OsugiAchieved 1,000 hits in both leagues, the second in the history of professional baseball, and in the Kintetsu match on September 9th.Hideo KoikeHe also showed an activity such as hitting a double to the left wing line to prevent a no-hitter no-run, but ended up with a batting average of .262, 3 home runs, and 43 RBIs.Although he had the lowest record ever, he was the oldest record in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball even at the end of the 44 season when he was 2020 years old.He also participated in all-star games, but was Ochiai's last all-star game.

    It was the last year of active duty1998/In order to relieve the humiliation of the previous year, the bat that had been held with bare hands was changed to wearing batting gloves, and sunglasses were worn to cope with the Pacific League, which has many day games. Was expected as a young HopeKatsuhiro NishiuraIt became the 4th battle.Ochiai won the opening No. 4 and recorded hits from the opening, keeping batting average .4 until the end of April, but when the batting average fell below .300, the director'sToshiharu UedaRelegated Ochiai's batting order to the bottom, and Nishiura took fourth place.

    Nippon-Ham of the same year continued to win from the opening "Big bang hitting line”Exploded and ran to the top, but Ochiai's participation opportunities decreased, and there were more opportunities to warm up the bench in the second half. The teams after September suddenly stalled due to a series of injured people, and four teams including Seibu, Daiei, and Kintetsu (all at that time) were screaming, and Seibu finally decided to win. ..

    The final match of the season, the match against Lotte on October 10 (Chiba Marine Stadium, Doubleheader Round 2) became the final at-bat in active duty (the opponent isTomohiro Kuroki..The result is first baseman).Ochiai was asked by Ueda to start in the starting lineup on the day of the event, but he refused and retired from active duty after choosing his last appearance with the same pinch hitter as his first at-bat.[61].

    After retirement

    After retirementBaseball commentatorAct as1999/から2001/UntilTV AsahiServed as a baseball commentator (catch copy TheMy style commentary).

    As a free after the exclusive cancellation with TV Asahi[62], I've been attending since the TV Asahi eraKyushu Asahi BroadcastingHe often appeared on the broadcast of (KBC).Also, since 19992003/In betweenNikkan SportsBaseball criticAlso worked as.

    2001 year 2 month,Yokohama Bay StarsServed as a temporary hitting coach at the camp.

    Chunichi era

    On October 2003, 10, it was announced that he would be appointed as the director of Chunichi (8-year contract).[63]..As soon as he took office, 16 playersUniform numberChange,uniformThe design of the Chinese-Japanese traditionLos Angeles DodgersI changed from the design of the mold.This uniform was used until 2011 when he retired.

    "For the past year, we will freeze reinforcements and raise the abilities of individual players by 1% to win the best in Japan."tradeAfter professing to freeze reinforcements such as, he was caught up in the mess inside the giant after the retirement game and decided to continue active duty.Kawasaki Masahiro, Yokohama was firedDomingo Guzman,HiroshimaWas dismissedMasaya TsutsuiI only got it.In addition, it was an unusual start to hold a red and white battle on the first day of the camp.

    2004/As declared, he won the league title in his first year in office.In the opening round, there was no pitching for one army for three yearsKenjiro KawasakiWas appointed as the opening pitcher, and Kawasaki won the game in a come-from-behind victory even though he dropped out with 5 goals.Ace'sNobuno KawakamiTo avoid the risk of losing three games in a row by starting the game in the third game, and at the same time, to stimulate the players with "all players horizontal line" by using Kawasaki's opening, Kawasaki who has never pitched while joining Chunichi in FA He said his goal was to give him a last chance and to make sure there was no information leaked about the starting pitcher ("I didn't tell the coach who was likely to leak to the outside").Also, regarding the appointment of pitchers, the pitcher coach'sMori ShigekazuHad decided everything including relief, but Ochiai decided only for the opening of Kawasaki.[64]..When Ochiai proposed to Mori to use Kawasaki for the opening season, he was surprised that "there are some games that can be lost in the long season, but will we suddenly make a throw-away game from the opening game?"Also, in terms of defenseAliver combinationOchiai also found this combination useful.Japan seriesThen, although he won 3 wins first, he lost 3 wins and 4 losses, and was not the best in Japan.

    2005/, Of the main gunTyrone Woods OfShugo FujiiHe stalled due to suspension of participation due to a beating case against him and losing in the interleague game, and ended up in 2nd place.

    2006/, Achieved the second league championship as a manager.Ochiai, who usually sits on the bench and does not change his facial expression, greets him with a crying hug when Woods hits a full-base home run in the championship deciding match with the giant. I was so impressed.With Nippon-HamJapan seriesThen I lost with 1 win and 4 losses, and I'm not the best in Japan again.Off signed a new two-year contract with the team.

    2007/, Missed consecutive championships in the pennant race and finished second.Introduced in the Central League from the same yearClimax seriesWith two consecutive victories over the Hanshin Tigers and three consecutive victories over the Giants,Japan seriesParticipated in.He fought against Nippon-Ham and took the number one in Japan with 4 wins and 1 loss, but it was the second time in 53 years for the Chunichi baseball team to be the number one in Japan, and it was held after that.Asia seriesBut he led the team to the Asian championship.Recognized for these achievements, he will be the first for himself and as a Chunichi coach / player.Shotaro Matsutaro AwardWas awarded.

    2008/Finishes in 3rd place.In his fifth year as a coach, he was the worst in terms of ranking, number of wins, and winning percentage.Slump or decline of the main force,Kousuke Fukudome OfmajorThe transfer and the loss of the five main players at the Beijing Olympics caused the batting power to fall into the league's worst results.In the 5nd stage of the climax series, he was eliminated after only one win over the giant.Off signed a new three-year contract with the team.

    2009/Finishes in 2nd place.Even in the 2nd stage of the climax series, he was eliminated after only one win over the giant.Kawakami, Tyrone Woods,Norihiro NakamuraLeaving the team,Tanishige MotonobuIn July, the Giants were behind by 7 games, but they stalled and were finally behind the leader by 1.5 games.

    2010/, Achieved the third league championship as a manager.Hirokazu InabaWithdrawal due to injury,Toni Blancoの不調により得点力が大幅に低下し、一時は首位に8ゲーム差をつけられたが、ホームゲームにおいて勝率.746と無類の強さを発揮し、9月10日に首位に立ち、巨人・阪神との激しい三つ巴の争いを制して143試合目にして優勝を達成。クライマックスシリーズ2ndステージで巨人を4勝1敗で破り日本シリーズに進出したが、パ・リーグ3位から勝ち上がってきたロッテに2勝4敗1分で敗れ、日本一はならなかった。なお、中日球団で7年連続で指揮した監督となったが、YonamineIt surpassed (1972-1977) and Senichi Hoshino (1996-2001 during the second administration) for the sixth consecutive year, and became the number one team in history.

    2011/On January 1, 14, he was selected for the 2011 Baseball Gymnasium (Baseball Hall of Fame) athlete commendation.This year, the first half of the game was difficult due to the slump in the offensive team, and on August 8, it fell to 3th place, behind the leader Yakult by up to 5 games, but in September, the work of the league's top pitchers. The game was rewound and the game difference was narrowed.

    On September 9nd during the season, the team will announce the retirement of the coach for the same season only.[65], Elevated to the top on October 10th, won the 6nd game on the 18th (fourth league victory as a manager), and achieved the first consecutive league victory in the history of the team with strong pitching power.

    Since the contract as a director expired only in October, the contract was renewed every day after that.With YakultClimax seriesHe won the final stage with 4 wins and 2 losses (including 1 win in the league championship) for the second consecutive year (fifth as a coach).Japan seriesAfter deciding to advance to the match, an unplanned hoisting was done after the match.[66]..The Japan Series missed the number one spot in Japan with 3 wins and 4 losses, continuing from the previous year, so this was the last time he had raised his body as a Chunichi coach. From the Central League on November 11thBest Director AwardIt was announced that they were elected[67].

    November 11th, in the Japan SeriesFukuoka Softbank HawksWith the end of the match that was defeated by, he was retired as a manager.

    During the eight years when Ochiai was the coach, he won the league four times, participated in the Japan Series five times, was the best in Japan once, and was in the B class (fourth or lower) 8 times.It is the best result among all the Chunichi directors.

    Chunichi GM era

    2012/, Returned to the Nikkan Sports Critic.Free as a commentator[68][69]..The first commentary was a TV broadcast of Hanshin vs. Chunichi on April 2012, 4 at Koshien (Me ~ TeleProduction)[Note 6].

    January,Facial paralysisWas urgently transferred to the hospital but was discharged soon.[71][72]..After that, he gave lectures and guest commentary on baseball broadcasts while continuing treatment.

    On October 2013, 10, it was announced that he would be appointed as the new general manager of the Chunichi baseball team.Initially, he was consulted as an advisor, but he proposed a GM position himself and signed a contract with an estimated annual salary of 9 million yen.

    In the contract renewal with the player, which was carried out for the first time after taking office as GM, he left the group and transferred to the giant.Hirokazu InabaAnd transferred to Softbank with FA declarationKenichi NakataChunichi, excluding the above, agreed to present the annual salary and realized a cost cut of more than 8 million yen in total from the total annual salary.Chunichi ownerBungo ShiraiHas long asked the team front to curb annual salary within a given budget.However, when players with good results and veterans with a proven track record were dissatisfied with the amount offered, it was difficult to break the bad custom of allowing so-called "gonetoku" to add some "Iro".After the contract renewal was completed, the development of budget overrun was repeated as a result.Ochiai suggested, "If I take charge of the organization and leave everything to me, I can reduce my annual salary. GM is good for that."Shirai has appointed Ochiai as GM, partly because he has seen leadership power that does not say whether he was a director or not.[73].

    However, as is clear from these circumstances, it was difficult for Ochiai in the GM era to carry out large-scale reinforcement with a large amount of money.A catcher with a proven track record in other teamsMotohiro Shima(At that timeRakuten),Ginjiro Sumiya(At that timeSeibu),FAIt was reported that Chunichi investigated the possibility of acquiring it in Japan, but neither has been realized.[74].

    When Ochiai was the GM, the players that Chunichi won in the draft were poor harvests in 2014, but tended to be a good harvest in 2015 and 2016.2014 draftThen, all nine nominated people (excluding training players) were from college, working people, and independent leagues.Although it was said that the policy was to emphasize immediate fighting power, all the players in the 9st to 1th rounds retired by 4, which was a disappointing result.

    On the other hand,2015 draft1st roundShinnosuke Ogasawara,2016 draft1st roundYuya YanagiLater became a pillar of the starting pitchers of Chunichi (both are two teams competing, so I was lucky to get it). Second round of 2Yota KyodaWill be in 2017Newcomer KingWas won.

    Ochiai insisted on winning, but there were cases where players who could not be nominated as a result played an active part in other teams.2015 draft meetingOchiai was in the previous stage ofKomazawa UniversityFromShota ImanagaInsisted on the first round nomination.However, the owner of Shirai is the local teamChukyo areaLocated inGifu Prefectural Gifu Commercial High SchoolFromJumpei TakahashiInsisted on the nomination of[75]..As a result, ImanagaDeNAWon by a single nomination.Takahashi is in Chunichi,Softbank,Nippon HamNominated by 3 teams, and won by Softbank.In the out-of-court nomination, in the summer of 2015The 97rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipWonSagami High School attached to Tokai UniversityWas the ace ofShinnosuke Ogasawaraを、中日、日本ハムの2球団が指名し、中日が獲得した。2021年までの1軍通算成績は、今永46勝42敗4ホールド、小笠原24勝34敗、髙橋4勝3敗19ホールド。今永は、2022年にNo hit no runAchieved.From the result theory, Imanaga's nomination plan was valid.

    During the Ochiai GM era, Chunichi's short-term team performance was sluggish, and in 2016 it was the lowest in 19 years.On December 12, 20, the team announced that they would retire only in January 2017, when the contract expires. From 1, he resumed his career as a freelance baseball commentator.

    Play style


    The method used by Ochiai is the same.God lord methodIt was unique compared to other players who use.He received this method shortly after he became a professionalHirohisa MatsunumaIt was devised with repeated improvements in order to respond to the thorough internal angle attack.Matsunuma said, "At first, Ochiai couldn't hit the in-high at all, and at some point he shook aiming at the in-high that he shouldn't be good at. I had the skills to cut it. "also,Yuka EnatsuHe said, "Pitchers don't like waiting for a specific ball type. If you change the aiming ball like you, I can't hit it for the rest of my life." It is said that he was waiting for the in-high at bat so that he would not be overwhelmed by the powerful ball of[76].

    He has hit 510 home runs in total, of which 176 were right-wing home runs, and in 1982, when he won his first Triple Crown, 32 of his 20 home runs were right-wing home runs.He was a sports writer who admired his technique of throwing out-course balls and hitting home runs.Junji YamagiwaCovers Ochiai in the "Out Course" in his book "Knuckleball in the Wind" (1983), a collection of episodes about athletes.However, Ochiai himself said in an interview, "My weakness was outlaw. No one is as bad at hitting an outside ball as I am." In fact, Ochiai was good at wide-angle in-course balls. It was to hit.Since it flies a lot in the light direction, the number of other teams who devise measures against Ochiai from the simple idea that "the out course is dangerous. , Ochiai himself was laughing at that[77].

    He recorded the most walks in the league nine times in total, including eight consecutive years from 1984 to 1991 walks in totalSadaharu OhNext to the second in history, he is the first in history for right-handed hitters. He has never recorded a three-digit strikeout in a season.He has a batting average of .2 and a batting average of .1.[78].

    Ochiai said that he was able to win the Triple Crown because he did it with "the momentum to get three rabbits through the three rabbits (the title of the triple crown of hitting)". Baseball players should not think "I can't get a rabbit"[79].


    He has played as first baseman, third baseman, and second baseman, but the one with the most appearances is first baseman.[80].

    Protected the infield together as a shortstop during the Lotte eraYoshio Mizukami"(As a second baseman), the hit ball that caught up was definitely out. (Omitted)GetzWas able to be calculated and it was easy to do.It was easy to catch the ball by rotating it vertically, and I was able to throw the ball to the first base immediately after catching it.Even after moving to the first, the mitt judgment was soft, and even if the throwing became a short bound, it surely caught it.To Mr. OchiaiGolden Grab AwardIt's strange that I don't have any experience with[81].



    Married once in December 1980, but divorced in three months[82].. She remarried Nobuko, nine years older, in December 1984.While Nobuko later began to act as a talent, Hiromitsu decided to exercise FA rights and take office as a director, which was not positive.

    The eldest sonVoice actor OfOchiai..Also, the originalProfessional wrestler OfGiant OchiaiIs a nephew (sister's child).The Ochiai family has a unique name, such as being called the "Triple Crown Family" because Hiromitsu won the Triple Crown.[83].


    He advised Takeshi Aikoh, who joined the team as a pitcher, to turn into a batter and instructed him to hit Aikoh.[84]..After joining the team in 1981, Aiko played as a pitcher for three years, but did not produce any results, and after the end of the 3 season, director Kazuyoshi Yamamoto asked him if he would continue to pitch or turn to a batter, but he could make a prompt decision. I didn't[84], Ochiai said, "Takeshi, you can make more money from the batter. I was watching Koshien, but the batter can make more money."[84].. From the first day of the 1984 spring camp, after finishing the practice, he received battering instruction from Ochiai in Ochiai's room.He repeated toss batting instead of a ball of rolled newspaper[85]..Aiko had never received full-scale instruction by hitting, but improved with Ochiai's daily instruction.[85]..Ochiai said, "I can't do it even if I'm at home," but it's good that he had watched the farm game at Kawasaki Stadium from behind the back net and watched Aiko's batter.[86]Aiko thanked Ochiai, "The striking technique taught by Mr. Ochi was clearly a professional striking, unlike my style."[85]..Ochiai in the Lotte era was worried because he couldn't have a child, so she said she was seriously thinking about adopting Aiko, who was really loved.Fukushi-kunI became an older brother. "Aiko states his view on this, saying, "I feel very cute about the guy who cares about batting when he sees it."[87].

    1985/から1987/UntilJapan Professional Baseball Players AssociationServed as the second (first professional baseball player) chairman of[88]But,1992/Withdrew from the players' association.After that1993/, Transferred to the giant using the FA system that the players' association made an effort to introduce.

    An enthusiastic fan of Shigeo Nagashima before he became a professionalKorakuen StadiumI'm watching the retirement game at the stand.Nagashima had returned to the director of the giant since 1992, but Ochiai said in an interview during the Lotte era, "If Mr. Nagashima becomes the director of the giant again, the world will be ridiculed. You will be laughed at. Because, where is this guy returning to the team that made him angry? "[89]..However, later, Ochiai also transferred to the Giants, and at the press conference, he said, "I came to raise Mr. Nagashima," and led Nagashima to raise his body.

    During his active career, he was a director when he became a professional.Kazuhiro YamauchiThe form was corrected from, but the instructed method did not match.However, he did not have a bad relationship with Yamauchi, and when he revisited the god-striking method that was completed after that, he found that what he learned from Yamauchi was also alive in his batting.[90]..In addition, Ochiai practiced the batter practice method taught by Yamauchi until his later years of active duty.[91].

    Hankyu's ace when he was a member of LotteHisashi YamadaWe recognized each other as rivals and fought a great game. Yamada, who saw Ochiai hit two hits in the Hankyu match on May 1980, 5, told a young pitcher in the bullpen, "A great hitter has come out. He may win the Triple Crown."[92]..Ochiai was Yamada's deciding ball when he first joined the professional team.sinkerI couldn't hit at all, but I took a bold action to ask Yamada himself about the strategy, received advice to "return the center", and practiced it to overcome the sinker who was not good at it.[92].. In the game that took Yamada's 1982 wins on April 4, 29, he hit three home runs from Yamada.[93].All the balls I hit were sinkers[94].[Question].

    Yamamoto MasaFrom Ochiai when he was a director, he said, "Age doesn't matter if you stand on the ground. I use a guy who can get as many outs as possible. A strong guy can stand on this ground." He was struck by a word and wrote in a book published in 2009 that he was grateful for the word. In the 2007 season, he dropped Yamamoto to the second army many times, but Yamamoto wrote in his own book, "In 2007, I pitched 19 games, 18 of which were given the chance to start, but I asked them to use this much. I couldn't get the result. Director Ochiai really patiently sent me to the mound. "[95].

    He hates violence and had all the coaches invited to sign a pledge that he should not raise his hand for any reason. If he fails to protect, he will be dismissed.[96]..The Chunichi baseball team is struggling to eradicate violence in the team in order to change the practice of Tekken sanctions such as Senichi Hoshino, and Ochiai says, "It took five years to get rid of violence from the team."[97][98]..Regarding the eradication of violence guidance that is widespread throughout the sports world, "I think it will take decades to come. It's better to think that the era of'absolutely not'will not come while I am alive. Problem "[99].

    Relationship with Kazuhisa Inao

    Kazuhisa Inao, who was the director of the Lotte era, is referred to as his teacher.During his active career, after Inao's inauguration interview, when the new director and other leaders tried to go out for a drink, he followed "Can I go too?" And arrived at the store. "Or do you leave it to the players?"It's safe to be furious, but I'm relieved to hear that Inao said, "Unfortunately, I'm a person who grew up in the" Nishitetsu "Lions, so I've never been managed. That's why I don't manage it either."[100]..Inao continued to appoint No. 2 until he bowed his head to several coaches who proposed to demote Ochiai's batting average, which had a batting average of 4% in the first half of the same season, and as a result, Ochiai exceeded 4% in the second half of the season. I left a batting average like[101]..After a long batting practice in the indoor practice area, Ochiai's fingers lost sensation and could not be separated from the bat, but Inao appeared from the shadow and slowly lifted his fingers from the bat. was.It is said that this was the trigger for Ochiai's personal visit to Inao.

    In 1985, at the pre-opening camp, the hitting coach struggled with Ochiai's request not to swing the bat at all, but Inao easily acknowledged Ochiai's request, and Ochiai did so during the camp and even in the open game. Ochiai, who hates running without swinging a bat at all, trained his legs only by defensive practice, and in the same year he won the Triple Crown with an overwhelming record of batting average of 367, 52 home runs and 146 RBIs.Teammates at the timeAiko TakeshiAccording to him, "Ochi-san before and after that looked very big when he was standing at bat. Inao-san, who sits next to me on the bench, said," Ochi, I'm about to ask, "he said," I understand. " I hit it and came back. I was calm. "[102][103].

    In 1986, he hit 123 home runs in 50 games, but he was absent at Inao's decision in order to maintain the batting average and build a solid line for young players due to Boomer's batting average approaching .355.[104]..In his autobiography, he said, "I thought he could aim for a Japanese record of 55 home runs next year."

    The relationship with Inao extended beyond the ground.An actress who interacts with Mr. and Mrs. OchiaiFujimi ManamiOne day, when I visited Ochiai's house, Inao and Ochiai were poking the pot at the table, and Ochiai worked hard to serve the pot, and at the end Inao lay down on the sofa and fell asleep. Seeing Ochiai happily watching the situation, he said, "Oh, I really love Inao-san."[105].

    November 2007, 11, when Ochiai won the Matsutaro Shoriki Award, was also the anniversary of Inao's death. He left a comment saying, "I don't understand the pitcher's psychology is my property."

    Ochiai recalls, "I served seven directors, but only Mr. Yamauchi (Kazuhiro) and Mr. Inao learned baseball."[106].


    A total of 500 hits, 1,000 hits, 1,500 hits, and 2,000 hits were all achieved with home runs.In addition, he has hit home runs in 1,000 and 2,000 games.

    Some of the best bat control episodes are like this.

    • When it was traded on Chunichi in 1987, the team used the gymnasium, which was separated from the main stadium and had a net around the ceiling, as a battering practice field.Naturally, the ball gets on the net and hangs down, so even if the player tries to throw the ball and drop it, it does not go well.Ochiai then said, "I'll drop it," and hit the ball of the pitching machine and started hitting the ball on the net, dropping the ball on it.Central LeagueServed as the chief of the refereeing departmentToshiyuki Tanaka"It ’s like magical bat control,AcrobaticsIt was like watching magic. "[107].
    • Ochiai says that adjustments are OK if he can hit the loose ball freely, but the referee is approaching because he is practicing hitting at Nagoya Baseball Stadium. When he asked, "How many stands do you think you can hit 10?", The umpire replied, "I think it's 4 or 5 at best," because a loose ball won't fly even if you hit it with all your might.When Ochiai begins to say "8", the hit ball draws a beautiful arc and is sucked into the stand.As a result, two fell in front of the fence, and eight stood in.The referee said, "It was an incredible sight."[107].
    • From the practice stage, the Pacific League referee, such as having the batting pitcher throw the ball in front of the body and hitting it back with the core of a global bat, hitting it back with a liner on the pitcher's chest with toss batting, etc.Natsuo YamazakiWas an amazing bat control[108].
    • During the Lotte era, he used a 35-inch long bat.NankaiHiromitsu Kadota"Even though I did my best for 34 inches and a half ... I need great skill to handle a bat of that length," he recalls.[109].

    At the beginning of joiningthird basemanHowever, from the second year onward, the team was too thin to settle in the first army.second basemanHe was also second baseman in the year he won the Triple Crown for the first time.The following year he turned to first baseman, but he was third baseman.Arito TsuyoReturned to third baseman due to the outfielder's conversion, and then again in consideration of the defensive burden.First basemanTurned to.He was in 2000 because he was second baseman at one time.Japan Baseball OrganizationAnd so onCentury Best Nine(20th Century Best Nine) ”Ochiai was nominated and elected as second baseman.He has been selected as the best nine four times for first baseman, two times for second baseman, and four times for third baseman.

    Ochiai of the Chunichi era is a teammate who wears the hem of the mainstream uniform trousers down to the bottom.Uno MasaruIt is said that it was the first to start with.To prevent your feet from being spiked by the infield defensive cross spray, wear hairy ankle supporters and stockings over your socks, and use the rubber that was previously attached to the hem of your trousers to prevent poor blood flow. I lost it and tried to lower it to the bottom.For the same reason, socks and stockings were custom-ordered by manufacturers to their own standards.Ochiai was a hitting coach at the time during the Lotte era.Hirono IsaoWith the recommendation of, a bat case that can strictly control the water content of a wooden bat (Fuji Silysia ChemicalMade) started to be used.This is a pioneer in controlling the moisture content of bats in the ball world.

    Maeda SatoshiHe evaluates the batter of the batter, and often says, "Refer to Maeda in Hiroshima" when instructing the batter.Also, when teaching Little League, he says, "If you want to imitate a professional, imitate Maeda in Hiroshima."Regarding his own imitation, he said, "If you imitate it, you may fall into a slump, so please do not do it."[110]..Regarding Ochiai's own hitting method, "I can hit the same hit as I do.Kazuhiko Ishimine"Only", and he especially appreciated Ishimine's internal angle hitting.Ochiai took over as coach of Chunichi and at the same time welcomed Ishimine as a hitting coach of Chunichi, and Ishimine consistently supported the team as a hitting coach for eight years when Ochiai was in charge of coaching.


    2009/Made in2rd WBCRepresentation from Japan"I'm glad that I won the championship. Congratulations."[111]He left a very unfriendly comment, and was criticized for his lack of interest in WBC as well as all the players belonging to Chunichi who were elected to the Japan national team of the tournament declined to participate.Ochiai is free to go or not, but in his own book "Saihai", "Athletes are sole proprietors who have a contract with a team and do work that is not specified in the contract. Should be respected first and foremost. "" (I missed the medal.Beijing OlympicsWhen Iwase, who participated in the event, returned to Japan, the team was constantly receiving calls.Some were noisy, even feeling the danger of his life. ... "[112].

    Also, after the resignation of Chunichi2013/ Of3rd WBC OfRepresentation from JapanOchiai himself was on January 2012, 1, although there were some who expected him to become a director.Kinokuniya HallThe book "Saihai" (Saihai) opened inDiamond Company) In the publication commemorative lecture, "(WBC director) will never do it. Why do I have to say such a life-saving thing? I'm not good at short-term decisive battles. If I do it, I will definitely lose. I denied it by saying, and in the endKoji YamamotoBecame the director[113].

    During the same season, despite the fact that the parent company was a newspaper company, in an interview with a reporter, "I haven't talked about baseball for the time being. I stopped using the media to send messages to players. Some players don't read newspapers. ".Because of thisChunichi ShimbunThe column "Reading Baseball" will be written above.[Note 7].

    2011/, After retiring as a director,News stationInKazumasa NagashimaIn a dialogue with him, he said that the influence of the unified ball was "not relevant at all" and "the player escaped to the words" the unified ball does not fly. "Everyone who can't hit the ball is swinging the ball. It's natural that you can't hit it. "[115].

    Friendship with Omar Linares

    January 1978 NetherlandsHeld atHarlem Baseball WeekOchiai who participated in the 11th tournament ofCubaFrom the fast pitcherDead ballSince then, he hasn't had a very good image of Cuban players.However, when a Cuban player visited Japan in 1995,Omar LinaresOf the billHiromitsu Ochiai Baseball Memorial HallLinares agrees with this.Antonio Pacheco,Victor MesaI visited Ochiai's house in Setagaya by car.

    When Linares visited, he was welcomed by Mrs. Nobuko and Fukushi, but Ochiai was absent from the Tokyo Dome match.I couldn't meet Ochiai because of the time limit, so I said goodbye to Ochiai's house in a short time.However, when I returned to the hotel, Ochiai, who was contacted by Mrs. Nobuko, rushed to me.With the birthday celebration of Pacheco, Mrs. Nobuko and Fukushi joined later, and the celebration was a great success. The two hit it off in a baseball discussion, and finally Ochiai promised Linares to "play until the age of 2" and broke up with everyone.

    The following May 1996, Cuban players visited Japan again, and Ochiai visited their dormitory again and presented Linares and Pacheco with one bat each.exileImmediately beforeRolando ArrojoI also celebrated my birthday.Later, Ochiai's bat was displayed in the center of the venue of the "Linares Exhibition" held at Linares' alma mater, Pinar del Rio University.There was a figure of Linares explaining himself to the person who came to visit, "This is the bat of a great player named Ochiai who won the Triple Crown three times in Japan."[116]..Later, although it was a short period of one year in 2004, Ochiai was the manager and Linares was the first baseman regular in China and Japan, and he won the league title.

    Commitment to uniform numbers

    There is a strong commitment to uniform numbers, and the Ochiai Hiromitsu Memorial Hall has a hexagonal design named after the number 6. Since 2010, he has been wearing glasses, but the edge of the frame has the Chinese character "6" in it.XNUMX already at the time of Giants transferKazunori ShinozukaWas used by, so I added 6 to 060(The day after Shinozuka retired1995/Changed to 6).1994/Is the 60th anniversary of the Giants' baseball team, and it is said that Ochiai chose to become the Giants' "60th fourth batter" if he stood in fourth at the start of the same year.It is also said that if Shinozuka gave up 6, there was a risk of further criticism of Shinozuka's sympathy and Ochiai, and he wanted to avoid this.[117]..In addition, after taking office as director of Chunichi, two 6s were piled up.66Is the number.

    Even after taking office as director of Chunichi, he has shown his commitment to uniform numbers everywhere.Tanishige MotonobuThe jersey number 7 at that time was "not like a catcher's number"Masahiko Mori-Akihiko Oya-Ito work・ It has been changed to 27, which is the uniform number carried by successive famous catchers such as Atsuya Furuta.Also, the uniform number was 16.Morino MasahikoImmediately after taking office 8,2006/Changed from to 31[Note 8]I let you.Morino2010/から2013/Up to 302014/After that, use 7.2009/Retired from active duty and had a permanent retirement signing activity from fansKazuyoshi TachinamiI tried to give Morino the number 3 but he declined.In addition, after the number 3 is absent for one year,2011/From now onDaiki Yoshikawa, Yoshikawa left the group2015/LaterShuhei TakahashiHas taken over.

    The idea that "Chunichi's ace number is" 20 "", which has been passed down from generation to generation by pitchers representing Chunichi and has become a tradition, is also negative.2004/ OfKenjiro KawasakiJoined after retirementKenichi NakataGave 20 to. "In me, 18 is the ace number. If someone doesn't add that (20), the number isn't enough," he explained.[118].

    Atsushi Nakazato,Mitsuru SatoFor example, a player who has no back is given a grace period of only one year, but the number is changed to 1 in the sense that it is the lowest among the players under control.In the end, Nakazato and Sato were notified one year later that they were out of force without any results.Also, I had 70 before these two peopleKen Toritanibe(2006/),Koichi Misawa(2007/) Has been dismissed one year after the transfer.However, I joined in 1Angel belt sotoIs an exception, and he had been wearing 70 since he joined the group. After returning to Chunichi as a GM, he was wearing 70.Daniel CabreraChange the number to 99,Tetsuya TaniI changed my number to 70.

    In the baseball section read by the Chunichi Shimbun, it was decided to be absent from 00 because "number 2011 is meaningless", but after returning to GM.2014/から2016/UntilAnderson HernandezUsed by. From 20072012/Was enrolled untilHiroki KongoHe also commented that the number 0 that he had attached was "not a uniform number."

    My car

    After becoming a professionalToyota crownPurchased (110 series, sedan type).Made a major remodeling for self-defense.In fact, all the interiors of the new car will be peeled off at the Toyota factory so that you will not be seriously injured even if you are shocked.Roll barAnd reinforcements are embedded everywhere, the company has become quite small, the weight of the vehicle has increased to about 3 tons, and the fuel efficiency has deteriorated considerably.After riding for about 10 years, I handed it over to my relatives. As of 2022, we own two units. One isDodge Daytona.. He won the Triple Crown for the second time in 1985 and won the Triple Crown in the Central League.Hanshin Tigers OfRandy BathIt was given to both parties as a supplementary prize for the MVP award.The other was given as a gift from his wife in the late 80's.Aston Martin・ V8 (commonly known as "bond car"), both of which are in active service.

    Gundam fan

    Partly due to the influence of his son Fukushi[119],Gundam seriesI like it.

    I am particular about Gunpla, and I like it the most.Mobile suitIs "New Mobile Report Gundam W]Wing Gundam Zero (EW version)[120].. Located in Shizuoka prefecture in January 2008Bandai Hobby CenterVisited, "Mobile Suit Gundam 00]Gundam ExiaChunichi Dragons color version was presented[120].

    Miracle Giants Dome-kun

    Shotaro IshinomoriManga and anime "Miracle Giants Dome-kun』Appeared as a Chunichi player with his real name (voice actor isIkuya Sawaki).Confront Dome as the biggest rival as a real player, such as defeating the magic ball "Dome Special No. 1 Snow Mirage Ball" thrown by the main character in the play, Dome Shinjo (Giants) for the first time. Most of them are fictitious people).The subtitles of the anime are also titled "Ochiai, Declaration of Overthrowing the Magic Ball" (Episode 8) and "Confrontation! Ochiai vs. Dome" (Episode 9).NobukoMrs. also appeared in the play.

    Movie lover

    Also known as an unrivaled movie lover[121]..He said, "In high school, I was more in the cinema than in the baseball club."[Note 9].

    Language skill

    For the regular exams in junior high school, I submitted a blank English answer sheet, and even for the high school entrance exam, English was blank.[7]..When I was a director, I asked foreign players to use Japanese, saying, "This is Japan, so speak Japanese." However, if Ochiai doesn't understand English, foreign players will naturally speak Japanese. corresponding to[7].

    As a director

    He has only been a director for eight years as a director at Chunichi Dragons, but during his tenure as a director.A class in all yearsHe entered the league four times (of which he won the Central League in 4 and 2010 in a row) and was the best in Japan.However, there is also the worst record that he was sent off six times.[122].

    Ochiai, who was born in a fielder and had no real coaching experience, was able to make a mark as a coach due to several factors.

    In 2004, the red and white battle was held from the first day of the spring camp, which was the first year since he took office.In addition, during the camp, in consideration of the schedule for the pennant season, we held a camp with 1 shifts and 6 holiday, with Monday, which is the moving day, off.

    During his tenure as a coach, he used the wide Nagoya Dome to fight the pennant season with his pitcher power.

    Regarding the appointment of pitchers, since he was a fielder, he is a trusted head coach.Mori ShigekazuIt is said that he did not say anything at all.Ochiai said, "(If you speak badly) it usually fails."He said that he had few signs on the attack side, and basically let the players do it easily.It is said that he thought that if it was a sweet ball or a target ball, he could hit more and more, and he said, "If there is a target, everyone can change with 3 balls in the first ball."[123].

    In addition, the pennant season digestion is also precise, and in the home game, take advantage of the wide Nagoya Dome to take a few chances and escape with pitcher power, and in the match against the lower team, be careful about arranging and appointing players to avoid being missed due to pride. I was careful.

    Yamamoto MasaAfter retirementMeikyukaiOfficialYouTubeOchiai in the video of the channelProphetBefore the 2003 Japan Series, he predicted that "both teams will win all at home and Daiei will win", and in 2004 he frozen the reinforcements and achieved the promise of winning. Has a reputation for insight[124].

    In the first year of his appointment as a coach in 2004, he was joyful on the bench during the game set of the winning game in several games from the opening game, but gradually became expressionless during the game, and he also knew that he would not reveal any emotions. However, after he retired from the coach in November 1, he said, "You always stand on the bench every inning? Because you go behind the scenes and change your facial expression. While complaining, he said to himself, "That idiot, that place, that ball hitting." So I switched my head, went to the bench and sat down. This is repeated. "[125].

    On November 2007, 11, in the 1th round of the Japan Series with Nippon-Ham, he achieved the number one position in Japan for the first time in 5 years as a team.On the other hand, up to the 53th inningPerfect matchThe starting pitcher who continued to pitchDaisuke YamaiIn the 9th inningHitoki IwaseThere were pros and cons to the change to Saihai (Successive pitching before the perfect match in the 2007 Japan series(See)[126].

    On November 2007, 11, the selection committee unanimously received the Matsutaro Shoriki Award, the first from the Chunichi baseball team.At that time, Tetsuharu Kawakami, who was the chairman, commented, "A strong belief and a good way to raise players. I made a strong team with my own view of baseball. A great achievement."[127].Akada OkadaWith Ochiai2008/When talking off, he felt a strong obsession to train players and win, instead of baseball, which takes the strong main axis of other baseball teams such as Woods and Wada in money games.[128].

    In 2010, he was ranked 5th in the league in terms of batting average and score, and in 2011, he achieved the first consecutive victory in the history of the team, despite the lowest results in both divisions.[129].. On May 2011, 5, when he suffered his 7th defeat, he said, "I will lose 11 more times."[130]As a result, the 61st defeat of Chunichi of the year was just the winning line of the season.

    Regarding the FA right, Ochiai himself has had the experience of exercising it during his active career, and he has taken an acceptable stance that "FA is the right that the player has won."During his tenure as a directorShigeki Noguchi,Kousuke Fukudome,Nobuno Kawakami,Norihiro NakamuraWhile four players exercised FA rights and transferred, from Saitama Seibu LionsKazuhiro WadaWas won by FA.

    On the other hand, for the media, the comments after the match are shorter than those of other managers, and Ochiai's post-match comments are posted every time.Tokyo Chunichi SportsThere is almost only one line of comment in the "Ore style vocabulary" section.It is said that he is wary of leaking his team situation, knowing that there is a reporter who distracts the team situation to the enemy during his active career.[131].

    Due to the above circumstances, the media and the team have criticized him as "insufficient fan service."In response to these criticisms, Ochiai says, "If you win, your fans will follow you."[132].

    He retired from the coach in the 2011 season, but there was a team executive who thought it would be a problem to win Ochiai, and when he lost the Giants match in September of the same year, he became that executive.Guts poseRevealed that[133]..In fact, when he achieved the consecutive championship in 2011, he shook hands with Bungo Shirai, who was the owner at the time, but left the bench without shaking hands with the team executives.The following year, the 2012 fan club newsletter (January special issue) stated "Takagi MoridoThe new director's fan service has already far surpassed his predecessor. "" The predecessor said, "If you win, the fans will follow you," and he wasn't keen on fan service other than winning. " A statement of explicit criticism of Ochiai was posted[132][134].

    At the end of his tenure as a director, the number of spectators at Nagoya Dome decreased, and the lack of fan service and the boringness of Ochiai baseball were often pointed out by the media and the media as the cause of the decrease in the number of spectators.However, in reality, the change in the city situation in Nagoya during the eight years when Ochiai was in charge of the coach has greatly affected the decrease in the number of spectators. This is because the negative image has taken root and the recession represented by the Lehman shock and the Toyota shock that occurred at about the same time has spurred a decrease in the number of spectators.Even if Morimichi Takagi was appointed as the successor director, the decrease in the number of spectators could not be stopped, and in 8, the annual number of spectators was less than 2008 million, which was even lower than that of Ochiai.

    Detailed information

    Hit results by year


    Every time
















    1979Lotte3669647153122671000401122. 234. 290. 406. 696
    19805718816628477015993210221701235. 283. 349. 596. 946
    1981127502423691381933326290631468165517. 326. 423. 6191.043
    1982128552462861503213228099820481655811. 325. 428. 6061.034
    1983119497428791422212524175650364525214. 332. 419. 563. 982
    1984129562456891431733326594810498848314. 314. 436. 5811.017
    19851305684601181692415235114651041012634016. 367. 481. 7631.244
    1986123522417981501105031111651011011935915. 360. 487[Note 10]. 7461.232
    1987Chunichi1255194328314333028260851404811025110. 331. 435. 6021.037
    19881305574508213231132261953406981337011. 293. 418. 580. 998
    19891305594767815323140298116431675716911. 321. 410. 6261.036
    199013157045893133191342561023308100174877. 290. 416. 559. 975
    1991112478374801271703725591420595164559. 340. 473. 6821.155
    1992116481384581122212220271230688837412. 292. 422. 526. 948
    19931195043966411319017183651208961446913. 285. 423. 462. 885
    1994巨人129540447531251901518968000681465613. 280. 393. 423. 815
    1995117483399641241511719265100873238717. 311. 414. 481. 895
    1996106448376601131802119486300267335311. 301. 408. 516. 924
    1997Nippon Ham1134663973510414031274330056116016. 262. 361. 320. 680
    19985919216211386025018010226022212. 235. 344. 309. 652
    Total: 20 years22369257762713352371371155104302156465354881475160631135236. 311. 423. 564. 987
    • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league,Red boldIs the best ever in NPB

    Supervision results by year

    Regular season

    Every time











    2004Chunichi1 bit13879563. 585(7.5)111. 2743.8662355850
    20052 bit14679661. 54510.0139. 2694.1368062851
    20061 bit14687545. 617(3.5)139. 2703.1066949652
    20072 bit14478642. 5491.5121. 2613.5962355653
    20083 bit14471685. 51110.0140. 2533.5353555654
    20092 bit14481621. 56612.0136. 2583.1760550855
    20101 bit14479623. 560(1.0)119. 2593.2953952156
    20111 bit144755910. 560(2.5)82. 2282.4641941057
    Total: 8 years115062949130. 562A class 8 times
    • *1TaiziWon the Japan Series, team resultsTaiziIs 1st in the league (best),UnderlineIs the bottom of the league
    • * 2 2001 games from 2004 to 140 (2004 games were not played in 2 due to a strike by the players' association)
    • *3 2005 games from 2006 to 146
    • * 4 2007 games from 144
    • *5 The game difference of the winning year is the game difference from the second place
    Post season

    Every time

    First name


    2004ChunichiJapan seriesSeibu Lions3 win 4 losses = defeat
    2006Japan seriesHokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters1 win 4 losses = defeat
    2007SE League Climax series
    1st stage (2nd in Central League)
    Hanshin Tigers(3st place in the Central League)2 wins 0 losses = advance to the final stage
    Central League Climax Series
    2nd stage
    Yomiuri Giants(Central League victory)3 wins 0 losses = advance to Japan Series
    Japan seriesHokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters4 wins and 1 loss = No. XNUMX in Japan
    2008Central League Climax Series
    1st stage (3nd in Central League)
    Hanshin Tigers (Central League 2rd)2 wins 1 losses = advance to the final stage
    Central League Climax Series
    2nd stage
    Yomiuri Giants (Central League champion)1 wins 2 losses 1 draw = defeat
    2009Central League Climax Series
    1st stage (2nd in Central League)
    Tokyo Yakult Swallows(3st place in the Central League)2 wins 1 losses = advance to the final stage
    Central League Climax Series
    2nd stage
    Yomiuri Giants (Central League champion)1 win 3 losses = defeat
    2010SE League Climax series
    Final stage (Central League victory)
    Yomiuri Giants (3st in Central League)3 wins 1 losses = advance to Japan Series
    Japan seriesChiba Lotte Marines2 wins 4 losses 1 draw = defeat
    2011SE League Climax series
    Final stage (Central League victory)
    Tokyo Yakult Swallows (Central League 2st)3 wins 2 losses = advance to Japan Series
    Japan seriesFukuoka Softbank Hawks3 win 4 losses = defeat
    * In the 2008 and 2009 climax series 2nd stage, the Central League champion Yomiuri Giants, and in the 2010 and 2011 climax series final stage (renamed from the 2nd stage), the Central League champion Chunichi Dragons 1 winadvantageWas given, but here the number of wins excluding the advantage is shown.


    • Leading batter: 5 times (1981-1983, 1985, 1986) * Pacific League record for right-handed hitters. For the third consecutive yearNagashima Shigeo-PowellLongest right-handed hitter in line with Thailand, 3rd in Pacific League history
    • Home run: 5 times (1982, 1985, 1986, 1990, 1991) * Both league home base hitting kings are the first in history
    • RBI: 5 times (1982, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1990) * Both league top scorers are the only ones in history
    • Highest base rate:7回(1982年、1985年 - 1988年、1990年、1991年)※受賞7回は歴代2位、右打者歴代1位。パ・リーグで3回(1986年まで)、セ・リーグで4回(1987年以降)はそれぞれのリーグの右打者最多
    • Most hits(No federation commendation at that time): Once (1)
    • Most winning points: 5 times (1982, 1985, 1988, 1989, 1993) * 5 awards are the most in history, 1989 and 1993 are special awards



    Japanese record
    • Triple Crown: 3 times (1982, 1985, 1986) * The 4th and 3rd Triple Crown in history is the only one in history
    • More than 200 home runs in both leagues (247 pas, 263 se)
    • More than 2 home runs in the second consecutive season (50-1985)
    • SeasonScore area batting average: .492 (1985)
    • SeasonBase run rate: .487 (1986) * Japanese record in NPB official.However, going back to the Central League record when the number of bases was adopted, Sadaharu Oh's .1974 in 534 became the Japanese record.
    • Season batting average .360 or higher: 2 times (1985, 1986) * Japan-Thailand record, the only right-handed hitter in history
    • 1 match 6Four balls(1991 10 年 月 日 13)
    Pacific League Records
    First record
    • First appearance: May 1979, 5, vsNankai Hawks8th round of the previous term (Kawasaki Stadium), back three timesMasanori AraiParticipation as a substitute hit
    • First starting lineup: May 1979, 5, 30th round against Nankai Hawks (Kawasaki Stadium), No. 9third basemanStart as
    • First hit/first RBI: Same as above, in the bottom of 6thMasumitsu Moriguchiから
    • First home run: May 1979, 5, against Nankai Hawks first half 31th round (Kawasaki Stadium), in the bottom of the 11rdShinichi YamauchiFrom 3 runs
    Record of milestone
    • 100 home runs: August 1983, 8, vs.Hankyu Braves20rd round (Hankyu Nishinomiya Stadium), 9 timesNorihiko YamaokiFrom left fielder 3 run * 127nd person in history
    • 150 home runs: May 1985, 5, 5th round against Nankai Hawks (Kawasaki Stadium), in the bottom of the 4thOkuboFrom ※ 75th person in history
    • 200 home runs: May 1986, 5, 31th round against Hankyu Braves (Kawasaki Stadium), in the bottom of the 8ndYutaro ImaiFrom Chuetsu first solo * 48th person in history
    • 250 home runs: August 1987, 5, vs.Yomiuri Giants7rd round (Nagoya Stadium), back three timesNishimotoTo Nakaetsu 2 runs *27th person in history
    • 1000 Hits: August 1987, 6, againstYokohama Ocean Whales9rd round (Nagoya Baseball Stadium), in the bottom of the 7thKazuhiko TakahashiTo Saikou solo *148th person in history
    • 1000 games participation: May 1988, 5, starting pitcher as 14th and 7rd baseman in the 276th round of the Yomiuri Giants (Nagoya Baseball Stadium) * XNUMXth person in history
    • 300 home runs: August 1988, 10, vs.Hanshin Tigers23rd round (Nagoya Baseball Stadium), in the bottom of the 3thKoji NakataFrom Ugoe Final Solo * 19th person in history
    • 350 home runs: July 1990, 5, 8th round against the Hanshin Tigers (Hamamatsu Stadium), back three timesKeiichi ShimaoFrom left-handed 3 runs * 14th person in history (reached in 2 games, 1257nd place in history: fastest in history at that time, laterAlex CabreraUpdated)
    • 1000 RBI: September 1990, 6, vs.Hiroshima Toyo Carp9rd round (Hiroshima City Stadium), 9 timesNobuhiro TakagiFrom Uetsu 3 Run * 21st person in history (reached in the fastest 1284 games in history)
    • 1500 hits: June 1990, 9, 5th round against Yomiuri Giants (Tokyo Dome), 9 timesMasumi KuwataFrom 3 runs to Sakoshi ※59th person in history
    • 3000 base hits: June 1991, 6, against Yomiuri Giants 30th round (Nagoya Baseball Stadium), in the bottom of the 10thKada NorioFrom solo * 30st person in history
    • 400 home runs: September 1991, 8, against Hiroshima Toyo Carp 30th round (Hiroshima Municipal Stadium), 15th inningAkito KaneishiTo Nakaetsu Solo *11th in history
    • 1000 points: April 1992, 4, against Hanshin Tigers 26th round (Nagoya Baseball Stadium), in the bottom of the 5rdShin NakagomiAchieved a solo home run from * 24th in history
    • 1500 games participation: May 1992, 5, 4rd round against Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Nagoya Baseball Stadium), No. 3First basemanAs a starter ※The 101th person in history
    • 3500 base hits: August 1993, 8, against Yomiuri Giants 15th round (Tokyo Dome), in the 18th inningKiyoshi HashimotoSingle hit from * 18th person in history
    • 450 home runs: August 1993, 8, vs.Yakult Swallows18rd round (Nagoya Baseball Stadium), in the bottom of the 6thKenjiro KawasakiFrom the first final 2 runs
    • 300 doubles: April 1994, 4, 16nd round against Yakult Swallows (Tokyo Dome), in the bottom of the 2thNaoyuki NaitoFrom ※ 31th person in history
    • 2000 hits: April 1995, 4, against Hanshin Tigers 15nd round (Tokyo Dome), in the bottom of the 2thYasuo KuboTo Saikou solo *27th person in history
    • 1000 strikeouts: October 1995, 10, against Hiroshima Toyo Carp 8th round (Tokyo Dome), in the bottom of the 27ndKito MakotoFrom ※ 21th person in history
    • 4000 base hits: May 1996, 5, against Yakult Swallows 18th round (Tokyo Dome), in the bottom of the 7ndTerry brothAchieved a solo home run from * 11th in history
    • 2000 games participation: May 1996, 5, 29th round against Yakult Swallows (Tokyo Dome), starting as 10th and 29st baseman * XNUMXth person in history
    • 500 home runs: July 1996, 7, 3st round against Yakult Swallows (Meiji Jingu Stadium), 6 runs from Terry Bross in the top of the 2th inning * 7th person in history
    • 1500 RBIs: August 1996, 8, against Hiroshima Toyo Carp 27st round (Hiroshima Municipal Stadium), in the 21th inningYoshihisa ShiratakeFrom right front final timely hit * 7th person in history
    All-star game record
    • All star gamesParticipation: 15 times (1981-1991, 1993, 1995-1997) * Although he was elected in 1992, he declined to participate.[138]
    • All-star game batting average: .365 * With 100 at bats or more, the number one tie in history
    • All-star game total home runs: 11 * 4th in history
    • All-star game total RBI: 27 * 3rd place tie in history
    Other records
    • Seasonscore: 118 (1985) * Pacific League record for right-handed hitters
    • SeasonHome run: 351 (1985) * Pacific League record for right-handed hitters
    • シーズン打率3割以上:11回(1981年 - 1987年、1989年、1991年、1995年、1996年)※歴代5位タイ、右打者歴代1位タイ。1996年は43歳になる年での達成で史上最年長記録。
    • 50 home runs or more in the season: 2 times (1985, 1986) * 2nd place in history Thailand
    • Season 30 home runs or more: 9 times (1981, 1982, 1984-1986, 1988-1991) * Third place in history Thailand
    • Over 17 hits in 100 consecutive seasons (1981-1997) * 4th place in history
    • More than 1000 hits in both leagues (1096 hits, 1275 hits) * Second player in history
    • Five consecutive home runs (July 5, 1989-July 10, 10)
    • Total batting average: .3108 (1979-1998) * The highest batting average in Japanese history for right-handed hitters, and the highest batting average for right-handed hitters with more than 5000 at bats.
    • On-base percentage: .422 (1979-1998) * 2nd place in history, 1st place in right-handed hitter history
    • Total slugging percentage: .564 (1979-1998) * No. 1 in Japanese history for right-handed hitters
    • Total walks: 1475 (1979-1998) * 2nd place in history, 1st place in right-handed hitter history
    • Seasonbatting average: .367 (1985) * 3rd place in the history of right-handed hitters
    • SeasonHome run: 52 (1985) * The highest number of right-handed hitters in Japan in history
    • Top hitter, home base hitting king, hitting point king all won 5 times or more: BesidesSadaharu Ohonly
    • Simultaneous acquisition of top batting average, highest on-base percentage, and highest slugging percentage: 3 times (1982, 1985, 1986)Nagashima Shigeo)
    • Record the highest score in both leagues: only in history
    • Most long hits in both leagues: (Pa: 1982,1985, 1988,1989, Se: XNUMX, XNUMX) * OtherIsao Harimotoonly
    • Most bases in both leagues: (Pa: 1982,1985, 1989, Se: XNUMX) * Only Harimoto
    • League's extra-base hit: 4 times * 2nd place tie after the king
    • League's most walks: 8 times in a row for 9 years * Thailand is the longest in the Pacific League for 3 years in a row.In the Central League, 5 times in a row for 6 years, 8 times in a row for 9 years, all ranked second in history after the king.
      • The only walk in history to win the most walks in both leagues
    • Maximum slugging percentage: 5 times * Thailand second in history after the king
      • The only one in history to win the highest slugging percentage in both leagues

    Uniform number

    • 6(1979-1993, 1995-1996)
    • 60(1994)
    • 3(1997-1998)
    • 66(2004-2011)

    Related information


    * Reorganized version of "Hiromitsu Ochiai's Super Baseball Studies (1)" and "Hiromitsu Ochiai's Super Baseball Studies (2)"
    • "Hiromitsu Ochiai's Advice: The Essence of Baseball Revealed to Leaders" (Diamond, July 2017,ISBN 4478103089
    • "Decision = Execution" (Diamond, November 2018,ISBN 4478106150
    • "Warrior's Dining Table" (Iwanami Shoten, April 2021)ISBN 9784000614641

    Related books

    Starring program

    Appearance CM


    • "Samurai Kaidou / Sonna Futari no Love Song" (1986) "Sonna Futari no ..." is a duet with his wife Nobuko. Sold 5 copies[148].
    • "Man's Lullaby" (1987)
    • "Meeting" (December 1989, 12)
    • "Koi no Hirokoji" (December 1990, 12)Nakamura MitsukoAnd duet
    • "Tears" (December 1991, 12)
    • "Enkashu" (September 1992, 9)Maiko TakigawaAnd duet
    • "To my son" (January 1993, 1)
    • "Yomeikawa" (January 1994, 1)
    • "Until tears thirst" (February 1996, 2) Duet with Ruriko Hayashi
    • "Hugged and toast" (March 1997, 3)Kazusa WakayamaAnd duet
    • "Farewell to the Fog" (March 1998, 3) Kazusa Wakayama Duet
    • "Samurai Kaido / Men's Lullaby" (February 2004, 2)
    • "People on the journey"
    • "Ore style classical music" (selected and supervised by Hiromitsu Ochiai)King record, November 2005, 11, KICC-23)
    • "Hiromitsu Ochiai Golden Best" (EMI Music Japan, November 2011, 11, TOCT-23)

    Appearance work


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