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⛳ | Hideki Matsuyama to participate in the tour since the Masters In Fukuoka, "smile" and "wear" are also a hot topic! [Major tournament of the week]

Photo Hideki Matsuyama will participate in the tour for the first time in about a month (Photo: Getty Images)

Hideki Matsuyama to participate in the tour since the Masters In Fukuoka, "smile" and "wear" are also a hot topic! [Major tournament of the week]

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From Japan, Nasa Hataoka, Yuka Saso, and Ayaka Furue, who won their first victory of the season (sixth victory in the US) two games ago, will participate.

In the United States, Hideki Matsuyama will return to the course for the first time in about a month since the "Masters" in early April.After a while of rest ... → Continue reading

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    Winner (6th win in total in the US)

    Yuka Sasasa

    Sasagi Yuka[2](Sou Yuuka, Yuka Sasso[1], English: Yuka Saso[3],20016/20 -) isフィリピンBorn[1][Note 1],TokyoBackground[2]GirlsProfessional golfer.Yoyogi High School[Note 2]Athletes golf course graduation[4]So, affiliation in Japan is free.

    In the philippinesJapaneseWith my fatherFilipinoborn to the mother of[5], Moved to Japan at the age of 6, and returned to the Philippines from the second year of elementary school.[6]..Started playing golf immediately after returning to the Philippines due to the influence of his father[1].New century generationThree people.

    Japanese nationality lawBy the age of 22, SasaoCitizenshipOn November 2021, 11, he announced that he had chosen Japanese nationality because he had to choose between Japan and the Philippines.Until then, the nationality of the player registration was the Philippines.

    Amateur age

    He has been active in junior and amateur competitions in the Philippines and other countries from early on (see details).Major amateur gradesreference)[7],

    Elected to the Filipino amateur national team.

    2017rd place in "Thai Amateur Open" (2014) by 3[8]Wins the "World Junior Girls Championship" (2016)[9],IMG Academy World Junior Golf Championship(2016, girls 15-17 years old) 2nd place Thailand (winnerHataoka Nasa[10], (2017, girls 15-18 years old) 2nd place, etc.[11].

    We have also been participating in professional games from an early stage, and in 2015Japan Women's Professional Golf Association(JLPGA) Tour of "Suntory Ladies Open(The tournament name was at that time), first appearance in the tour, and then as an amateur for five consecutive years[12].

    2017Yoyogi High SchoolAdmission

    またKorea Women's Professional Golf Association(KLPGA) Participated in the tour for the first time at the tour major tournament "Korean Women's Open" (Failed to qualify)[13]).

    2018: 2nd place in the "Asia Pacific Women's Amateur Championship" held in February from this year[14].. In June of the same yearIndonesia OfJakartaHeld inAsian Games(Golf competition)” as a representative of the Philippines and won gold medals for both groups and individuals[15]..At this time, 1000 million from the Philippine governmentPesoWas to be paid, but I talked with my teammates to maintain my amateur qualifications and donated the entire amount to the country's golf association.[16]..From around this timeShoji OzakiStudied under Jumbo House in the same gradeMao SaigoPracticing with them. (Sasao is not an academy student.)

    In 2019, he participated in the tournament "The Country Club Ladies Invitational" co-sponsored by the Taiwan Women's Professional Golf Association (TLPGA) and the Women's Philippines Golf Tour (LPGT) in March as an invited player at the time ranked No. 3 in the women's golf world ranking.Park Sung HyunNext to (Korea), while being an amateur, finished second in the Pro Tour[17].. The first event held in April of the same yearAugusta NationalParticipated in the Women's Amateur Golf Championship and later became a professionalYuka Yasuda3rd place with[18].. Win the Women's Junior PGA Championship in July of the same year.[19].

    December of the same year[Note 3], JLPGA advanced to the final protest and passed in 18th place Thailand (with Saigo)[20] [21]..To qualify for the tournamentQTHe finished 28th and qualified for the first half of the following season.

    Joined JLPGA on January 2020, 1 and became the 1nd generation.[2].

    Professional record

    August 2020, 8,NEC Karuizawa 72 Golf TournamentWon. Became the first 21st century born champion in women's golf[22].

    Won the Nitori Ladies Golf Tournament on August 2020, 8.

    Graduated from Yoyogi High School Athlete Golf Course in March 2021[4]..In the same year with Japanese girlsWomen's PGA Championship(LPGA) I took the form of taking part in a tour match.And in June, it ’s the LPGA official game.US Women's Openに出場、大会では2日目に単独首位、3日目にスコアを落とし首位と1打差の2位に下がり、最終日も2、3番ホールで連続ダブルボギーとなるなどスコアを落としたものの、-4(69-67-71-73=280)で終え、同スコアで首位に並んだHataoka NasaIn the playoffs with, the score total method of 9 holes, 18th hole and 2th hole, was used, and both ended with even. From the second lap, it became a sudden death format, and after Hataoka removed the birdie putt on the second 2th hole, Sasao decided the birdie putt and shook off Hataoka to win the LPGA tour for the first time by winning the major tournament.[23]..As the winner of the tournamentPark Jin(South Korea) Along with 19 years 11 months 17 days[Note 4]Youngest victory in history[24]..As a Japanese female golferHisako Higuchi(1977Women's PGA Championship),Shibuno Hinako(2019British Women's Open), And the first female golfer with Filipino nationality to win the LPGA major tournament.

    Major amateur grades

    Only the championship tournament is not listed in the above history.World Amateur Golf Ranking Profile Page, with some exceptions[25]based on.


    • Kartini Cup (Thailand, Junior Tournament)[26]


    • Filipino Junior Amateur[27]
    • Philippines Junior Amateur Match Play[27]


    • Philippine Amateur Open Championship[28]
    • Filipino Junior Amateur[28]
    • Philippine Amateur Open Match Play Championship[28]


    • Philippines Women's Open[29]
    • PATSY HANKINS TROPHY (Asia Pacific Team Representative, Group Winner)[Note 5][30]

    Tournament victory

    LPGA Tour (1)

    Number of wins
    Major Tournament (1)
    Tours (0)
    No.DateTournamentScoreDifference from second place2nd place (Thailand)
    12021/6/6The 76th US Women's Open-4 (69-67-71-73=280)play offJapanese flag Hataoka Nasa

    JLPGA Tour (2)

    No.DateTournamentScoreDifference from second place2nd place (Thailand)
    12020/8/16NEC Karuizawa 72 Golf Tournament-12 (65-72-63 = 200)4 strokeJapanese flag Mai Wakabayashi
    Japanese flag Saiki Fujita
    22020/8/30Nitori Ladies Golf Tournament-13 (67-69-68-71 = 275)2 strokeJapanese flag Cherry blossom

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    注 釈

    1. ^ He holds nationality of both Philippines and Japan.
    2. ^ It is a correspondence high school based in Shima City, Mie Prefecture.
    3. ^ The regulations will be changed from 2019, the final protest will be moved from the end of July to the beginning of November, and the examination age will be reduced from 7 years old or older to 11 years old or older as of April 4 of the final protest year, high school Saigo and others in the third grade will be given the qualification to take the examination.
    4. ^ However, according to the pure calculation of the number of days at the time of winning the US Women's Open, Saso is 19 years old and 351 days, and Inbee Park is 19 years old and 353 days, so Saso is the youngest.[24].
    5. ^ Yuna Nishimura (Japan), who later became a professional player, also participated as a teammate.


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