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⚾ | The hardball created by the “ultimate confrontation” is “Korya hitting”.


The hardball created by the "ultimate confrontation" is "Korya hitting". The emerging straight ball is "Fastballing?"

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Both fought as representatives of Japan for the Tokyo Olympics last summer.

The confrontation between Seibu / Taira and Rakuten / Asamura was amazing ... Seibu's Kaima Taira pitched to Rakuten's Hideto Asamura infielder. → Continue reading


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Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo Olympics(Tokyo Olympics)

Held tournament
I ran for but was not elected to the venue

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Representation from Japan

Representation from Japan(Japanese hail, Japanese hail)JapanTheRepresentativedo itinternationalConferenceAnd worldwideConventionIndividuals or groups that participate in. When referring to a group, it is also called the "Japanese delegation". Further, when referring to individual athletes in sports, they are also referred to as “representative athletes”.

Examples in sports

"All Japan" "National Team" "Representative Team"

Once upon a timeAll JapanIt was customary to call it,” but now, except for some competitions, this name is no longer used. Also, including foreign teams,National teamIt was often called "," but now it is calm by calling it "representative team."

"Director name + Japan"

In contrast, most Japanese national teams in major competitive sports are represented in Japan today.directed by OfLast namePut it on your head**Japan""xxJAPANIs called. This name isthe 1980s OfRugby representative from JapanStarting fromthe 1990s OfJapan national football teamHas been used for almost all team ball games.

Held in Japan2006 World Basketball ChampionshipParticipated inJapan Basketball National TeamThe director’s name isJericho Pavlisevich.. It was long and difficult to call "Publicevich Japan" continuously, so it was thought that the national team would not be called by the manager's name. However, the media used to call it "Jericho Japan" using the director's first name.2010/ToThomas WismanWhen he was appointed as the representative director, he was called "Tom Japan" using Thomas' nickname "Tom". Also soccerAlberto SackeroniAs for the director,2010/From the beginning of[Note 1]It was abbreviated as "Zack Japan".

In recent years, the disadvantages of the name "**Japan" have become clear. When the director changes, the name changes and the concept of team creation also changes, so it often happens that the ideas and team tactics of the predecessor cannot be inherited in team creation. In addition, the name and attention level of the manager may be the only priority over the player's individuality and ability. From this aspect,2008/Held inBeijing OlympicsThen men and womenvolleyballAnd boysサ ッ カ ー,baseballAll of the competitions called "** Japan" have failed. same year8/23 OfNihon Keizai Shimbun"The goddess of victory smiles at the player's playful play, rather than the director's charisma and excessive narrativeness." Also,Nikkan SportsColumn also mentions the weaknesses of the former and writes “○○ Japan without continuity”[1].

There are some exceptions to the above names.

Examples of nicknames

Nickname currently used in competitive sports

Representation from JapanNicknameHistory of nickname decision
Ski jumpRepresentation from JapanHinomaru Squadron1972 Sapporo OlympicsNamed by the media after being used in the field. Since then, it has been used as a nickname for a long time,Pioneer of the nickname of the Japanese national teamCan also be said.
Ice Hockey Women's Japan National TeamSmile Japan2013/Decided[2].
curlingWomen's Japan National Team
(Team aomori
Crystal japan2009/Decided to.Although not official, "Curling daughter'[3]And sometimes called "Kamusu".
BobsledRepresentation from JapanDANGAN Japan
(Dangan Japan)
Decided by open call for participants in 2013[4].
Rugby Women's Japan National Team(15 people)Sakura FifteenDecided by open call for participants in 2013[5].
7-person Rugby Women's Japan National TeamSakura Sevens
Rugby representative from Japan(15 people)BRAVE BLOSSOMS

(Brave Blossoms)

2003 World CupAt the localAustraliaNamed after the media[6], Has come to be used in support campaigns in Japan[7]..In addition, it is simply called "Japan" or "Jamie Japan" after the head coach name at that time.
7 person rugby men's representative from JapanSevens Japan
Rugby League Japan National Team(13 people)Sumrise
Australian footballJapan national team (18 people)
Japan national soccer teamNadeshiko Japan2004 Athens OlympicsBy winning the Asian qualifying of and winning the participation right,Japan Football AssociationIs decided by open recruitment.This name came to be called repeatedly in sports news etc.Women's footballAttention has increased.2011/ToNew Word/Buzzword AwardReceived the annual grand prize.
U-20 Soccer Japan Women's National TeamYoung Nadeshiko2012 U-20 Women's World CupIt will be used as an official nickname when participating. It was used in some media even before that.
Japan Women's Futsal National TeamNadeshiko 5
(Nadeshiko Five)
Announced by the Japan Football Association in 2012.
Japan national football team(Boy)SAMURAI BLUE
(Samurai Blue)
2006 World CupIt was used when participating. At that time it was not a nickname but a so-called catch phrase,2010 World CupIt was decided to use it as a formal nickname when participating.Previously, it was often called with the director's name such as "Okada Japan" or "Zico Japan".Also, in the past, in some media, "BluesThere was also a time when it was called.
Japan Futsal National TeamSAMURAI 5
(Samurai Five)
Announced by the Japan Football Association in 2012.
Homeless Soccer Japan National Team
(4 boys systemMini soccer
Nobushi JapanEstablished in 2008. Even before the establishment of Nobushi Japan, the Japanese national teamHomeless World CupHave participated in 3 times[8].
Hockey Women's Japan National TeamSakura Japan
(Sakura Japan)
Held in 2008Beijing OlympicsDecided by open recruitment when the right to participate in
Hockey Men's Japan National TeamSamurai japan
(Samurai Japan)
It was decided through an open call for participation in the final qualifying round of the Beijing Olympics held in 2008. Initially, it was written as "Samurai JAPAN" in Hiragana, but later changed to "Samurai JAPAN".
Baseball representative from Japan(Unisex)SAMURAI JAPAN
2009 World Baseball ClassicAt the press conference for the director of the Japanese national team participating in (WBC),Ryozo Kato-Japan Baseball OrganizationWith (NPB) CommissionerTatsunori Hara・Japan national team announced. Registered as a trademark by the Japan Hockey Association in March 2008 (category limited to hockey)[9]) He received a protest because it was very similar to the nickname "Samurai Japan" of the Japanese hockey men's representative who was doing, but Kato Commissioner said, "Because both national teams are familiar as "SAMURAI JAPAN", they can play an active part in the world. I would like to ask for your support."[10].
soft ballRepresentation from JapanSOFT JAPAN
(Soft Japan)
volleyballWomen's Japan National Team
Firebird NIPPONDetermined by public offering in 2009.Osamu TezukaCartoonFire birdCharacter is used for logo mark etc.[12].
Volleyball Men's Japan National TeamRyujin NIPPONDetermined by public offering in 2009.
Japan national basketball team
(Akatsuki Five)
2015/Until2011/"Peregrine Falcon Japan" used by the public recruitment was used, but "Peregrine Falcon is not for women"Kawabuchi Saburo(JBAChairman's intention2016/Changed by[13][14].
Wheelchair basketball
Men's Japan National Team
Hayate JapanNamed by then head coach Yoshiaki Iwasa in 2012[15].
Handball Japan Women's National TeamOrihime JAPAN
(Orihime Japan)
Determined by public offering in 2013[16].. In 2011, the then captainFujii MioNamed byRainbow japanWas used[17].
Handball Japan Men's National TeamComet JAPAN
(Comet Japan)
Determined by public offering in 2018[18]..It used to be called "Flying Squirrel Japan".
badmintonRepresentation from JapanBIRD JAPAN
(Bird Japan)
Table tennis representative from Japan(Unisex)Table tennis NIPPONIn 2013Japan Table Tennis AssociationAnnounced[20].
Short-distance women on land
National relay team
Tsubaki Sprinters2014/Decided by open call for participants[21].
Short distance men
National relay team
Sandaten SprintersDetermined by public offering in 2014[22].
Rhythmic Gymnastics Japan National TeamFairy Japan POLA2007/Toポ ー ラSigned a sponsorship contract with and named it.
Artistic swimming
Representation from Japan
Mermaid japan2006 yearsSynchro World Cup・2007World swimming championshipRelayTV AsahiHowever, it was added to improve the image of the players. Initially, it was only used for TV Asahi, butAesthetic-TBCIt was also used in the CM of and penetrated.Japan Swimming FederationOfficially recruited by 2010[23].
Japan National Swimming TeamTOBIUO JAPAN
(Flying fish Japan)
2009/Decided. Was called "Fujiyama Flying Fish"Hironobu FuruhashiDerived from.
DiveRepresentation from JapanTsubasa JAPAN
(Tsubasa Japan)
water poloRepresentative from Japan (unisex)Poseidon JapanDetermined in 2011. Greek mythological sea godPoseidonDerived from.
ボ ー トRepresentation from JapanCrew Japan
(Crew Japan)
SailingRepresentation from JapanHinomaru Sailors2015/Decided by open call for participants.
surfingRepresentation from JapanNAMINORI JAPAN
(Wave riding Japan)
2016/Decided by open call for participants[24].
boxingMen's Japan National TeamAsura Japan
(Ashura Japan)
2020/Decided. Named by Seon Okazawa, representative of the Tokyo Olympic welter class.
Boxing Women's Japan National TeamBlue Rose JAPAN
(Blue Rose Japan)
Determined in 2020. A Japanese female boxer who decided to participate in the Olympics for the first time was once considered a phantom existenceBlue roseAn analogy to. Of the flyweightNamiki TsukiumiAnd Featherweight representative Sena Irie named[25].
karateRepresentation from JapanRaijin JapanDetermined in 2015. Japanese mythology Ken Goraijin (Takemikazuchi), the flash of lightning leads to the sense of speed in the karate butt and kick, and also has the meaning of "rising" in English.[26].
Sepak TakrawMen's Japan National TeamSaruhi JAPANDecided by open call for participants in 2018.Because it is called aerial martial arts[27].
Sepak Takraw Women's Japan RepresentativeMIYABI JAPANDetermined by public offering in 2018.
BocciaRepresentation from JapanHinotama JAPAN (Hinotama Japan)Determined in 2016[28].

The nickname used once in competitive sports

Representation from JapanNicknameHistory of nickname decision
Baseball Japan Women's National TeamMadonna Japan2008 Women's World CupIt is a venue for participationMatsuyama CityIt was named after (the novel "Botsuchiyan』).Currently, both men and women use SAMURAI JAPAN, but the nickname has not been completely unified, and the nickname of "Madonna Japan" is also used in parallel.Long time agoOtsuka PharmaceuticalUnder a sponsorship agreement withTeam energenI was calling myself.
Japanese representative of college baseballWakatakesha Japan2010/Adopted for.Currently, SAMURAI JAPAN is used in all generations.
Judo representative from JapanGodzillaJapanThe trademark of the game image analysis system developed by the All Japan Judo Federation was originally known as "Godzilla".TohoProposed by 2019 to be decided[29].. It became a nickname for 2019 without renewing the contract with Toho[30].

Nickname currently used outside of competitive sports

Representation from JapanNicknameHistory of nickname decision
GoJapanese wisdom Japan2010/Decided by open call for participants.

Other,Magic: The GatheringSuch asテ ー ブ ル ゲ ー ムInternational Math OlympicsJapan representativeMiss UniverseSuch as internationalMiss contestRepresentatives from Japan are listed.


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