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[NPB PA League Official Match Pennant Race] Coming soon! Rakuten vs Lotte

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After this, from 3/25 16:00, the NPB Pacific League official game 2022 Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles vs Chiba Lotte Marines will be held at Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi.

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    NPB Pacific League Official Match 2022 Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles vs Chiba Lotte Marines

    Miyagi Stadium

    Miyagi Stadium(Miyagi Kyujo) isMiyagiSendai cityMiyagino Ward OfMiyajinohara Park General Sports GroundInBaseball field.2005(Heisei17 years old)Professional baseball-Pacific League(Pa League)Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles OfPrivate stadiumIn addition to being used as (base),high school baseballSuch asAmateur baseballIs also held (see below).

    From the same year as aboveNaming rights(Naming Rights) has been introduced, and nowRakuten Life Park Miyagi(Rakutenseimei Park Miyagi) is used as a priority nickname.Later).


    The official name established by the Miyagi Prefectural City Park Ordinance isMiyagi Nohara Park Miyagi Stadium(Miyagi no Harakoen Miyagi Kyujo) However, in general, omit the park name and simply say "Miyagi Stadium"It is called. The facility isMiyagiOwned byTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesOperating corporation/corporationRakuten baseball team City Park LawIt is operated and managed by the management permission system based on.Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles home game () Security company from 2021 seasonTohoku Nisso ServiceIt is done by a corporation.

    Some reports etc.[3][4]so"Prefectural Miyagi Stadium", but this is based on the old name.[Note 2]. In the 1990s, facility management rightsMiyagi Prefectural Board of EducationWhen it was transferred to the Miyagi Prefecture Sports Promotion Foundation, which is an external organization of the prefectural board of education, the name was changed to "Miyagi Stadium" because it was no longer directly managed by the prefecture, and "prefectural management" is not given. Also, until 2004, the stadium name was given the city name in the pressSendai Miyagi StadiumThe popular name was used.

    Naming rights

    MiyagiOrdinanceThe facility name above is "Miyagi Stadium,"2005(17)1/7To the prefectureRakuten baseball teamBased on the "Miyagi Stadium Naming Rights Basic Agreement" signed with[5], The right to name preferred nicknames, ie,Naming rightsIs on sale. Under the agreement, teamsagencyage,Miyagi Prefectural Board of EducationAnd the team jointly make an open call for participants, and the prefectural board of directors makes the selection, and the prefectural board of directors receives 1/4 of the income and the baseball team receives the distribution of 3/4.[5]. Also, the contract period is three years, and it is decided that the two characters of the kanji "Miyagi" must be inserted.

    Changes in nicknames due to facility naming rights at Miyagi Stadium, and naming fees (receipt distribution is 1/4 prefecture, Rakuten baseball team 3/4)[Note 3]
    Contract period (every 3 years)Contract companyAnnual contract fee (tax excluded)NicknameOfficial abbreviation[Note 4]
    (Bold:Full width(6 characters or less)
    - 200710/4[7]
    Full cast[6]2 million yen[6]Fullcast Stadium Miyagi[6]Fulsta Miyagi
    - 201012/31
    Nippon Paper Industries[8]2 million yen[8]Nippon Paper Kleenex Stadium Miyagi
    ( - 20082/14
    Kleenex Stadium Miyagi
    (20082/15 -)
    K-Star Miyagi
    (K studio[9]
    - 201312/31
    2 million yen[8]Nippon Paper Kleenex Stadium Miyagi
    - 201612/31[5]
    Rakuten[5][10]2 million yen[5]Rakuten Kobo Stadium Miyagi[5]Cobosta miyagi(- 2015)[5]
    Kobo Star Miyagi(2016)[12]
    (Kobo Studio[13]
    - 201912/31[10]
    2 million yen[14]Kobo Park Miyagi[10]
    (- July 2017, 12)
    Kobo Park[10]
    (Cobopar Miyagi/Cobopa Miyagi[15]
    (Kobopa, Kobopa[16]
    Rakuten Life Park Miyagi
    (July 2018, 1 -)
    Rakuten Life Park
    Rakuten Life
    - 202212/31
    2 million yen
    * Informal abbreviations often used are shown in parentheses.

    Fullcast Stadium Miyagi

    As Miyagi Stadium became the base of Rakuten, Miyagi Prefecture, the owner, worked with Rakuten Baseball Team in order to effectively utilize the assets owned by the prefecture to secure income and to develop professional baseball teams that are close to the community. JointlyFacility naming rightsDecided to sell (Naming Rights),20051/11からsponsorStarted recruiting companies. The contract period was 3 years or more, the annual amount was 1 million yen or more, and it was necessary to use the two letters "Miyagi" as part of the name.[17].. as a result,Worker dispatchFull-cast of a major industry (currentlyFullcast holdings. The head office at that timeTokyoShibuyaOnly one company applied, and after being evaluated by the team and Miyagi Prefecture,1/22Has reached a basic agreement with a contract period of 3 years and an annual amount of 2 million yen (of which 1 million yen is the baseball team, 5000 million yen is the income of the prefecture), and the name isFullcast Stadium Miyagi(Full cast stadium Miyagi), same year3/20Was adopted from. It was also called by the abbreviations and popular names such as "Fulsta", "Fulsta Miyagi", and "Fullcast Miyagi", and it was also used in the media. Therefore, in the original survey by full cast, the same year1/20から8/31Even if only limited to, the advertising effect was over 4 million yen[18]. In addition, in the "Naming Rights Basic Agreement" signed between the prefecture and the Rakuten baseball team for the introduction of naming rights, the minimum sale amount is 1 million yen per year, and the distribution ratio of the sale profit is 5,000:1 (3% prefecture, Rakuten baseball (25%).

    But20078/3Full castSecurity guardAnd construction/port handlingWorker dispatch lawRepeatedly carrying out illegal acts of dispatching workers to prohibited work prescribed inBusiness suspensionReceived. about thisGovernor of Miyagi PrefectureYoshihiro Murai"It is a serious and unforgivable act. I think the citizens do not feel comfortable," said Rakuten's director Atsushi Ikeda, "I will consult with the prefecture based on the facts that came out".

    When it signed a naming rights contract with the prefecture/baseball team in 2005, Fullcast stipulated "when it was recognized that social credibility was lost" as one of the contract cancellation clauses. Also20083/18With the end of the contract period up to, the prefecture had already decided the policy to recruit new contract companies by the end of the year, and although continuing to renew the contract with Fullcast was also an option, When an illegal act was discovered, a prefecture executive said, "the possibility is gone."

    In response to this series of situations8/30In the evening, a fullcast officer visited the prefectural government office, apologized to the prefecture, and offered to cancel the contract of naming rights as "considering the influence on the citizens and fans regarding the problem of the suspension of business operations of the company." this isNext 31 daysIt was revealed at the "Advertising Review Committee" held by the Prefectural Board of Education. Prefecture9/3After that, I decided to make a conclusion after hearing the circumstances of the Fullcast side again. The fullcast side said that it would like to cancel the contract "after the season, if possible, to avoid confusion".

    And9/7, The prefecture decided to cancel the naming rights contract with Fullcast on the day of the final race of the official season sponsored by Rakuten. This was the first case in Japan that a naming right contract for a baseball stadium, which is the baseball base of a professional baseball, was canceled halfway. Along with this, the prefecture is preparing for the recruitment of new contract companies, and the final season of the official race sponsored by Rakuten (LotteRound 23) was held10/4Therefore, the name of "Fullcast Stadium Miyagi" was terminated and10/5From that time until the new contractor is decided, only the facility name “Miyagi Stadium” under the prefectural ordinance will be used provisionally. In addition, regarding the removal cost of the company logo and signboard of the full cast that was posted in the stadium facility such as the field, scoreboard, front of the main stand, and other signs and information boards inside and outside the stadium, the prefecture, Sendai city etc. Both the agency and Fullcast discussed and decided the burden ratio.

    Nippon Paper Kleenex Stadium Miyagi

    With the cancellation of the naming rights contract with Fullcast, the prefecture200710/29から11/20We recruited companies for contracting naming rights. As with the last time, the condition was to include "Miyagi" in the stadium name. As a result, it was announced that there were applications from three companies inside and outside the prefecture. After that, one company that applied from within the prefecture declined, and as a result of continuing the examination of two companies outside the prefecture, TokyoChiyodaYurakuchoHeadquartered in Miyagi PrefectureIwanuma CityIshinomakiManufacturing base inNippon Paper IndustriesIt was decided to sell the naming rights to. As a result of the discussion between the prefecture and Rakuten baseball team, the companyNippon Paper CreciaManufactured and sold byTissue paperProduct name of "Kleenex”Was added to the facility name, and the new facility name isNippon Paper Kleenex Stadium Miyagi(Nihonseiishi Kleenex Stadium Miyagi) The contract period is20081/1から201012/31In the past three years, the contract amount is 3 million yen per year (of which 2 million yen is the baseball team, 5000 million yen is the prefecture's income). Also, the official abbreviationK-Star MiyagiIt was also decided to say. In addition, the content of the basic agreement is 200710/11Partly changed with the addition, the minimum sale amount was raised to 2 million yen per year.

    "K" in the abbreviation "Ksta" is an acronym for Kleenex's English notation "Kleenex". Although it was also considered to abbreviate it as "Crysta" following "Fulsta", "Crysta is a product商標Registered" "OsakaChuoIt is inUnderground street"Christa NagahoriThere is already a facility that uses a similar name such as ”.” “In “Crysta”, it is hard to recognize the abbreviation of “Crystal” and it is difficult to recognize”” Came to use the initials.

    However, in the same year when both parties were working on the details of the contract document1/9, Recycled paper manufactured by Nippon Paper IndustriesNew year postcard Ofused paperWhen it was discovered that the blending ratio was below the set standard value, the problem of camouflaged used paper blending ratio by each paper manufacturing company broke out.1/25, Hidenori Motomura of Nippon Paper Industries visited Sendai and apologized to the prefecture and requested the continuation of the naming contract. At the seat, the company side expressed the idea of ​​"I want to remove the company name of "Nippon Paper" from the name for a certain period of time." Governor Murai1/28Regarding the problem at a regular press conference of ``, it is a big social problem that deceived consumers, but it was also necessary to take into consideration the circumstances where the standard of the mixing ratio was unreasonable'', and about the proposal to remove the company name from the name `` Since we acquired the naming right for the purpose of PR of the company, it is a proof that we take the problem very seriously." Rakuten president Shimada also demanded that the contract be maintained, saying "I want you to continue basically."

    2/1Regarding the fact that this matter was deliberated by the Advertising Review Committee of NIPPON PAPER, NIPPON PAPER established an internal investigation committee to investigate the cause and prevent recurrence, and asked for the removal of the company name. Evaluation of posture". In addition, the name according to the naming right has already begun to be used in printed materials, especially the opening of the Pa League.3/20Since it was approaching, it was decided that the contract would be continued, considering the possibility of major confusion if the contract is cancelled. Based on this, Governor Murai2/4Officially announced the continuation of the contract at a regular press conference. At the same time, as a condition to continue the contract, it announced that the company name will be removed from the name for three years until the contract expires. Regarding the period for removing the company name, NIPPON PAPER CO., LTD. presented "one year or two years", but Governor Murai said, "Because of social impact, it is self-restraint I judged it to be appropriate." In response to this, Nippon Paper Industries once again apologized to the prefecture and the baseball team, saying that "it was judged to be so important. I would like to take it seriously". Through this process,2/15The prefecture/Rakuten baseball team and Nippon Paper Co., Ltd. formally signed a contract. As a result, the names after that date will beKleenex Stadium MiyagiIt became (Kleenex Stadium Miyagi). The abbreviation K-sta Miyagi was still used.

    Miyagi Prefecture 2010 before the expiration of the old contract9/13, Announced a policy to renew the naming contract with Nippon Paper. At that time, Nippon Paper Industries had already communicated its intention to renew the contract to the prefecture/Rakuten baseball team in advance, so the prefecture/Rakuten As a result of proceeding with negotiations with Nippon Paper to renew the contract, the three-year contract extension was decided,11/1Announced in[19][20][21].. The contract period is2011From December 12013The annual contract amount is 12 million yen (including 31 million yen for the baseball team and 3 million yen for the prefecture income) over the three years ending December 2. Governor Murai said in a regular press conference on the same day that the annual amount was reduced by 1 million yen. "Companies tend to reduce advertising expenses against the backdrop of severe economic conditions, and other prefectures will reduce the contract amount of naming rights. I think that 5000 million yen is unavoidable because it meets the minimum amount of the basic agreement, and I am very grateful for the renewal of 5000 million yen." In addition, as a result of the reexamination of the company by the prefectural board of education when renewing the contract, the company evaluated its compliance (legal compliance) system and efforts for regional contribution activities, and recognized that it will bear the company name again in 5000. The name fromNippon Paper Kleenex Stadium MiyagiWas decided. In addition, the abbreviation K-sta Miyagi will continue to be used as before, and in addition, the former name Krinex Stadium Miyagi will be used as a new abbreviation.

    However, Nippon Paper Co., Ltd. informed Miyagi Prefecture that it would not renew the aforementioned naming rights contract in October 2013, as part of efforts to improve management efficiency in line with the shrinking domestic demand. Therefore, in the prefecture,Japan seriesFrom November 11th to December 5th after the end, we will publicly invite new naming contract companies to all companies in Japan[22].. As a result, Rakuten and one other company made a name[23].. The names such as "Nippon Paper Kleenex Stadium Miyagi", "Kleenex Stadium Miyagi" and "Ksta Miyagi" were changed when the contract period expired and a naming right contract was signed with a new sponsor company (Rakuten) (see below).[24].

    Rakuten Kobo Stadium Miyagi

    Miyagi owns Eagles as a result of screening two companies such as Rakuten in response to the public offering of naming contract contract companiesRakutenAcquired the naming right with an annual contract fee of 2 million yen.20141/1From the companyE-bookMail order site "Rakuten kobo”, the nickname of the stadiumRakuten Kobo Stadium MiyagiChanged to[25][26][Note 5].. The contract period is the same as the previous three years, and the abbreviation isCobosta miyagi[27].20162/1, "Kobo" in alphabetical notation "Kobo Star MiyagiChanged the abbreviation to "[28].

    Kobo Park Miyagi

    On October 2016, 10, Rakuten renewed its contract regarding facility naming rights at Miyagi Stadium. From January 31, 2017, nickname of the stadiumKobo Park MiyagiAnnounced that[29].

    Rakuten Life Park Miyagi

    On December 2017, 12, Rakuten renamed the Miyagi Stadium from January 25, 2018 to December 1, 1.Kobo Park MiyagiIs an affiliated insurance companyRakuten Life InsuranceNamed afterRakuten Life Park Miyagi”Was announced.[30].. The facility naming right with Rakuten was updated on November 2019, 11, and the same name will be used until December 25, 2022[31].


    Professional baseball until the Miyagi Stadium openedRating Kawara StadiumWas done in.

    Imperial Japanese ArmyCreate a site for the military training ground,Post-war occupation Of1950(ShowaIt opened in May. On the 25th of the same month, the skeleton was removed before the completion on the 5th of the same month.Pacific LeagueOfficial gameOrions every dayversusNankai HawksOrion vs. EverydayDaiei StarsAnomalyDouble headerWas assembled[32]..The crowd was crowded one after another from the night before (thousands were already around 2 am), and the crowd was in a rush in the morning.[32].. For this reason, the organizer advanced the opening schedule (10 am) and began to enter from 8 am[32].. Then, the audience fell in the tunnel at the entrance and became a shogi player, and three people died instantly.[32].. Furthermore, the crowd overflowing from the entrance tried to enter over the fence on the first-base side stand side, and when it grabbed a fence with a height of 1 m and hung down, the fence collapsed for about 2 m and fell to the ground 80 , 12 minor injuries occurred[32].

    1973(48)5/22,Kawakita ShimpoEstablished with the participation of leading companies and groups in Miyagi PrefectureTohoku baseball companyWith the financial support ofNight gameCompleted a lighting system with 6 steel towers and a partially electric scoreboard that can secure the illuminance corresponding to the event[33]. this isTohoku regionWas the first equipment in[33].. FoldingLotte OrionsUsed as a baseTokyo stadium 1972(Showa 47) Since it was closed at the end of the season, Lotte1977Until (Showa 52), Miyagi Stadium was used as a temporary home (only in 1973, it was a quasi-home, and it was officially decided to be a home in January of the following year.[34]·Detail isGypsy lotteSee).During that period1974(49)4/6, "Lotte VS Hankyu", the first professional baseball opening game in Tohoku, was held[34], And in the same yearJapan seriesI could not hold it,play off OfHankyuHeld the third match. Achieved three straight straight victories in the match and played the league title to raise the body (1974 Pacific League Playoffsreference). After that, the playoff was held in 1977 (1977 Pacific League Playoffsreference).

    At the baseball stadium of LotteYagisawa Soroku(1973(Showa 48) October 10, Lotte vs.Taiheiyo Club LionsSecond twelfth round [Double headerFirst game]),Hankyu OfYutaro Imai(1978(Showa 53) On August 8, two people of Lotte vs. Hankyu second half round)Perfect matchHas achieved[35].

    1978(Showa 53),Ocean WhalesEstablished a new headquartersYokohama StadiumLotte had been used by the ocean as its headquarters since then.Kawasaki StadiumMoved its headquarters to. However, Lotte has been holding official matches for around 10 games a year since then at Miyagi Stadium. Lotte isChiba Marine StadiumMoved to1992(HeiseiSince 4 years), the number of games held in Sendai has decreased to 1-2 times a year, 2 to 5 games, but the official game sponsored by Lotte is2004It was held until (16). Other than thisYokohama Bay StarsHolds one game every year,Yomiuri GiantsHas been used in the Tohoku series held every two years, and many official Se-pa games have been held. Also1992First local stadium in (4)All starRound 3 of was held[36].. However, due to the marked deterioration of the facility such as the electronic bulletin board with the player name handwritten and the deterioration of seats, the number of official baseball games held since then has decreased significantly. In addition, the official games were held during periods of heavy rain, and because it was easy for water to accumulate on the ground, it was often canceled in the rain.Summer high school baseball tournamentEven in the qualifying, there were a lot of rain cancellations, so the schedule was sometimes delayed. In order to overcome this situation, there are frequent discussions about repairs and relocations and new construction in Miyagi Prefecture.1999For about 12 peoplesignatureAnd full renovationPetitionCalligraphy was submitted to the prefecture. However, the financial difficulties of the prefectureCity Park LawDue to legal issues such as this, we could not come up with a concrete improvement measure.

    The turning point was2004(16).Orix Blue WaveOsaka Kintetsu BuffaloesWith the merger ofJapan Baseball Organization Athletes' associationBy the request of the side, one team will be allowed to enter the new market,Live doorRakutenApplied for membership in NPB, both sides announced that they would make Miyagi Prefecture a protected area and use it as a base after renovating the Miyagi Stadium. As a result of the examination, a new member of Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles was decided in November. In this way, the aging Miyagi Stadium was to undergo major renovation work to expand its facilities as a professional base. The first repair work started in December. There was concern that the construction would be delayed due to the influence of heavy snow, but2005(17) Construction was completed in March. From October, the end of the 3 season, the second phase of renovation work was undertaken, with no significant delay2006(18) Completed in March. Details about renovationLater. AlsoSengoku LineUnderground,Sendai StationAccess to railways and cars has improved due to the progress of urban development on the east exit side.

    2005(17) March of temporary staffingFull castSold stadium naming rights to. The name was changed to "Fullcast Stadium Miyagi (abbreviation: Fulsta Miyagi)".

    On April 4st of the same year, Rakuten won the first match against Seibu Lions, which was the first match. Also, this year's first match hosted by a giant in 1 years (vs. Yokohama), a pitcher from Sendai, Yokohama.Kazuhiro SasakiIs the last active pitcher (a rival from high school and a close friendKiyohara KazuhiroThe result was a strikeout with the match). September 9thKinichi HagimotoLeadIbaraki Golden GoalsMuneyuki SatoIs a local team of adultsNTT Group Tohoku MarksPractice game withNight gameIt was held in and attracted 13,600 spectators. The match was 16-10 with NTT Marks winning.

    2006(18) March 7,Summer high school baseballMiyagi Tournament FinalSendai IkueiversusTohokuThe battle was held and the Sendai IkueiYuki Sato, A pitcher battle is held by both pitchers Kazuki Takayama in the Tohoku region. Without giving up to each other, the game ended 15 times with 0-0 draws and played again the next day. Ikuei Sendai won the rematch and became Miyagi's representative for the first time in five years.

    2007On June 19, 7,Gulliver All-Star GameWas held. This is the second time the All Star has been held at Miyagi Stadium since 1992 years since 15. Since there was no record of holding an All-Star during the Lotte base era mentioned above, it was the first time in the Tohoku region to hold an All-Star as the home of a professional baseball team. In the 2th round of the game, rain legs became stronger during the S-League attack,Cold game.. The match was won by the Se League 11-5. The All-Star Cold Rain was the first event in Japanese professional baseball history.

    After the season ended in the same year, the name contract with Fullcast was canceled and the name temporarily returned to the original "Miyagi Stadium", but after thatNippon Paper IndustriesSell ​​naming rights to,2008In December"Kleenex Stadium MiyagiWas renamed to ("Later).

    2008(20) On June 6, the Rakuten vs. Giants match was scheduled to take place in the day game, but it occurred at 14:8 am before the match on that day.Iwate-Miyagi Inland EarthquakeThe match was canceled despite the fine weather, considering that public transportation was suspended, the damage situation expanded due to casualties, and aftershocks continued. The cancellation of the game due to the earthquake was the first in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball. The match was held on the 15th, the following day, but before the match, a silent prayer was offered to the victims of the earthquake.

    2009(21), the first open game sponsored by Rakuten was held (on March 3, against Orix, and on the following 23, against Seibu). Until now, no open games have been held at the stadium due to renovation work and climate issues, but this yearWBCThe opening of the official game was set on April 4 due to the influence of the event. Also, this year, Rakuten ranked second in the regular season,First stage of the Pa League climax seriesHeld for the first time (3rd place)Softbank(Played against).

    2010(22) June 6 Rakuten vs.YakultIn the war, an accident occurred in which a spectator at the outfield stand got drunk and jumped off the ground 2.8 meters below. Fortunately, the man had a bruise on his left ankle, but he was banned from entering and exiting indefinitely because he did not follow the repeated warnings and interfered with the operation of the stadium. In addition, the game was interrupted for about 15 minutes due to the rescue activities of the spectators, and the state of the stadium was broadcast on TV.

    2011(23) The name of the stadium was given the name of the stadium on January 1, 1, and the name was changed to "Nippon Paper Kleenex Stadium Miyagi" (the abbreviation "Ksta Miyagi" remains unchanged). On March 3, it was planned to hold Rakuten's first league opening match (against Lotte), but it occurred on the same day on November 25.Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake)as well asTEPCO-Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plantAtACCIDENTIt was canceled due to the influence of (The opening day was postponed to April 4, RakutenQVC Marine FieldThe opening of the Lotte match was reached. The stadium was also partially damaged and could not be used for repair work, so the team's first match at the stadium was against Orix on April 4. July 29,Mazda All-Star Game 2011Round 3 was held[Note 6].

    2012(24) On March 3, the Rakuten League's first league opening match (against Lotte) was held.

    2013(25) October 10, the first time since openingJapan series, Rakuten VS Giant was held. At the end of the same year, the contract for naming rights with Nippon Paper Co., Ltd. was terminated.

    2014On January 26, 1, the name contract was changed to Rakuten, and the name was changed to "Rakuten Kobo Stadium Miyagi (abbreviation: Cobosta Miyagi)".

    2016(28), changed the abbreviation to "Kobosta Miyagi"[37].

    2017(29), renewed the naming contract with Rakuten. At the same time, the stadium name was changed to "Kobo Park Miyagi".

    This year8/30During the opposition to the Battle of Seibu, held as a night game in the[Note 7]Hordes of birds fly to the ground. Since I turned the infield and outfield at low altitude, I could not restart the game even after the ground was prepared. The above situation did not change even if the staff ran after the wild birds while blowing the whistle, and fireworks fired several times from the back of the middle class, so as a last resort, the relay booth of the television and radio and the first base side and the third base side The lights are turned off except for the dugout. In this situationDroneWhen I flew over the stadium, a large flock of wild birds separated from the infield and outfield. However, it took time to re-light all the lights, so the match was interrupted for 58 minutes. In addition, after the back of the eighth inning, the rain legs strengthened again, so after a second interruption, the ball refereeAkimuraDeclared a rain cold game from (results 8-8 draws).2 league division (1950)This is the fourth case in which the game was interrupted by the arrival of birds in the subsequent NPB 4st Army official game.[39].

    2019(Heisei 31), Rakuten vs Nippon-Ham match on April 4, limited to the 2st and XNUMXnd Army official match held by RakutenCompletely cashless inside and outside the stadium..The match started at 16:00, but was resumed after a 1-minute break from 16:11 due to a sudden heavy snowfall in the middle of the bottom of the first round (Rakuten won the match 22-3).[40].

    2019 (first year of Reiwa),Reiwa eraAnd for the first time in a stadium in Miyagi Prefecture, on July 7thFresh all-star gameHeld[41].

    2020(2 years in Reiwa), from the beginning of the year in JapanIncreasing infection with the new coronavirusAlong withNPBHas postponed the opening of the regular season by about 3 months from the original schedule. At the baseball stadium, at the beginning of the event, two cards sponsored by Rakuten (2 games each against Lotte and Seibu) were held with no audience. Starting from the Battle of Seibu on July 6th, a maximum of 7 people will re-enter the audience (Details later).

    On July 7st of this year, when we held a night game of Rakuten vs. Orix according to the above measures, from the middle of the 21th table(I.e.After interrupting withCold gameWas established (the match was a 10-3 victory for Orix). The cold game with dense fog is the 20th time in 5 years since NPB's official game (6th time including Japan series), but even during the Miyagi stadium era,1975With Lotte vs. Kintetsu war on April 41977Approved at the Taiyo-Hanshin Battle on June 6[42].

    2021(令和3年)、宮城県内で2月下旬から新型コロナウイルスへの感染が再び拡大していることを背景に、3月18日に宮城県と仙台市が緊急事態宣言を発出したことを受けて感染拡大防止策を強化。楽天主催の一軍公式戦では、日本ハムとの開幕3連戦(3月27 - 29日)を皮切りに、観客の入場を1試合あたり1万5,600人までに制限している[43]..Furthermore, against the background of the serious infection situation in Sendai cityPriority measures such as prevention of spreadWill be applied to the city from April 4th to May 5th, and advance tickets for 5 Rakuten home games scheduled during that period will be sold at 5:12 on April 4th. Stop.When a match was held, only spectators who purchased advance tickets by the stop time were allowed to enter, but the tickets were not sold on the day until this measure was relaxed.[44].

    In the Rakuten vs. Lotte day game held on May 5 under the above conditions, Lotte's from 2st base in the 4th inningHisanori YasudaThe flying ball released by Rakuten is Rakuten's left fielder.Hiroaki ShimauchiAfter passing over the head, I was caught in the gap between the top of the left wing fence and the bottom of the net.While Shimauchi took time to pull out the ball, the first base runnerNakamura ShogoHas survived to home base, but the referees have discussed the above situation.Ball deadI considered it.For this reason, Nakamura was not allowed to survive, and the match resumed from the stage of 1 death, 2nd and 3rd base (Yasuda's double hit on the official record).Nakamura, who was returned to third base, is the next batter.Katsuya KakunakaDuring the second base grounder by, he has returned to the home base again.[45].

    With the background that this year is the 10th year since the Great East Japan Earthquake, the second round of the All-Star Game will be held on July 7th.As a result of five players from Rakuten, Shimauchi, who was appointed as a starting lineup as "No. 17 left fielder", was selected as the MVP.

    Also, from July 7th to 19th2020 Tokyo Olympic Baseball Japan National TeamIt is used for the training camp of the Japanese national team on the 24th and 25th after the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.In Rakuten-related games held at this stadium, the home team (Rakuten), who is the second player, basically uses the dugout on the third base side, but in the first game of the warm-up game (Japan vs. Rakuten) on the 24th, the Japan national team Was in the dugout on the first base side while attacking (treated as a home team)[46](The result is 5 to 3 and Rakuten wins in reverse)[47].

    Plan for home base of professional baseball after Lotte relocation

    Yakult Swallows attraction plan

    2004(Heisei16 years) August,Tohoku regionCitizen groups aiming to attract professional baseball teams toCentral League OfYakult SwallowsHas begun to attract to the city of Sendai. Home of YakultMeiji Jingu StadiumSince the renewal of the usage contract of the company is unstable every year, and there is a possibility that it is considering relocation, the activity was activated. Although it was informal, they were engaged in attracting activities such as signing, and the group showed an intention to "attract by five years." However, due to the aging of the Miyagi Stadium and the lack of a concrete plan for the new Stadium, the feasibility was unclear. And then happenedSphere reorganization problemThe story virtually disappeared as a result of being taken over by the plan to enter the new baseball team based in Miyagi Stadium.

    "Livedoor", "Rakuten" new team concept

    2004(Heisei(16) September 9, livedoor, which operates an Internet portal site, is a subsidiary of a professional baseball team based in Miyagi Stadium.Live door baseballWas established and applied for membership in the Japanese professional baseball organization. Also, on the 22nd of the same month, an internet company, Rakuten, also announced that it would submit a membership application to professional baseball with Miyagi Stadium as the first candidate. The application process was completed on the afternoon of the 24th, and thus the two companies engaged in a battle for a new team based in Sendai.

    At the first public hearing (examination committee) for both companies on October 10, both companies stated their plans for rehabilitation of the stadium. The Rakuten side said, "We will gradually expand and renovate and temporarily open with a capacity of 6 at the beginning of 1. In the future, we will expand the stand to 2005 people", the live door side said, "In the middle of the 23,000 season To complete the renovation work and open it with a capacity of 3 people". The parent company bears the cost of repair work, with Rakuten presenting a budget of about 2005 billion yen and Livedoor a budget of about 3 to 32 billion yen.

    200411/2At the seats of the professional baseball executive committee and the owners' meeting held in, it was decided that the new entry team would be "Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles". As a result, after 28 years since the Lotte era, it has returned to the home base of a professional baseball team, but it is the first time in history that a baseball team based in the Tohoku region will be born from the beginning.

    Equipment outline

    Japan Ground Self-Defense Force-Kasume Airfield OfRestricted surface[48]Since the height regulation by about half of the stadium depends on the structure andAd balloonThe height is regulated.

    Stadium data

    • Building area: 13,351.83m2(2012)
    • Total floor area: 26,135.04m2(2012)
    • Capacity: 30,508 (for past capacity)# Stadium repair work(Detailed in) * Of these, there are a total of 43 wheelchair seats.
    • Both wings: 100.1m, mid-size: 122m, left-right middle: 116m (2013)
      • The size of both wings is the longest (2012m) in the stadium built in Japan as of 101.5. Longest until 2004Hankyu Nishinomiya StadiumOf 101m (1992-2002).
      • 2013年から外野フェンス・フィールドの改修で両翼101.5mから100.1m、左・右中間117.0mから116.0m、フェンス高さ2.8m(両翼4.1m)から2.5m、両翼ポール高さ15.0mから16.2mに変更。
    • Outfield fence height: 2.8m (middle to left and right middle)-4.1m (both wings) 2013m from 2.5, left middle fence only 2016m from 1.65 (minimum 12 base team base)
    • Ground area: 12,800m2(Infield area: 10,400m2, Foul ground area: 2,400m2
      • The infield area is published only in this stadium in Japan.
    • infield and outfield:Natural grass・Black clay clay pavement (2016)
    • Lighting equipment: 6 steel towers and 444 lights (battery: 2500 lux, infield: 2000 lux, outfield: 1500 lux)
    • Bullpen: 3 bases, 2 bases. You can see pitching practice only on the third base side (some days you can not see it). The first-base side has a visitor team's goods transportation truck parked and cannot be seen.
    • Bench: on the benchRECAROCompany seats are individual, with reclining seat warmer[49].. From 2022, a total of 1 seats were introduced on the 3st and 80rd base side dugouts of AKRacing gaming chairs.[50].

    Before 2004

    • Capacity: 28,000 (Infield: 13,000 seats, Outfield: 15,000 grass)
      The number of people accommodated in areas other than the seats before the renovation is calculated based on the area per spectator stipulated in the Entertainment Hall Law. However, the calculation under this method is about 1 m1 per person, which is an unrealistic area and is not suitable for the actual situation. Therefore, after the repair, it is calculated with about 0.3% of the calculated area, which leads to a reduction in the number of employees. ..
    • Both wings: 91.44m, Mid-size: 121.92m
    • Outfield fence height: 2.5m (rubber 1.8m + wire net 0.7m) 1.65m in the middle left
      • The wire mesh was added in the 1990s, and it also meant preventing the crowd from entering.
    • Infield: clay pavement, outfield: natural grass
    • Scoreboard: Score team name, order display is handwritten, only score display is light bulb type, can be displayed up to 12 times at a time
      When using amateurs, the score display and the ball count and batting order display lamps are mainly used, and the names of players and referees are used during the summer high school championships and spring and autumn Tohoku tournament finals. The team name is displayed in black background and two white letters. All games were displayed at the national junior high school competition held in 2.
    • Lighting equipment: 6 steel towers and 444 lights (battery: 2500 lux, infield: 2000 lux, outfield: 1500 lux)
      Even in the renovations carried out after 2004, the renovation of the lighting equipment was limited to the replacement of lamps, and the six towers continue to be used as they were when they were first installed in 6. From the 1973 season, it has become the only Pacific League-based stadium without LED lighting.


    The area of ​​the fair ground isNPBBaseball team is based (Private stadium) Is the largest of the stadiums (there is a possibility that the others may exceed the nominal value)Hanshin Koshien StadiumFukuoka PayPay DomeOnly). However, since the other stadiums in the other leagues have almost the same size, there are many higher outfield fences.Park factorIs not so low each year.

    Until 2004foulThere was a ground, but thanks to the field seats installed in 2005, it became as narrow as any other home earth field at the time, which is unprecedented (as of 2009, the area before the dugout is narrower.MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium HiroshimaOr refurbishedMetLife DomeIs narrower), foulflyoutIs very low.

    When the ground was expanded, it was trimmed as it was in parallel with the outfield foul line of the infield stand, so the outfield fence is gradually becoming higher from the middle of the midfield and both wings to both wings.


    Until 2004, only the stand behind the backnet and the dugout part were made of reinforced concrete, and other parts were filled with earth. In the renovation from 2005, the seat and floor of the embankment stand were demolished, but the structure of the embankment remains in the infield as well as the lighting tower. Outer part behind the back net (2nd floorConcoursePart) and the upper steps on both sides of the infield stand and the outfield are made of reinforced concrete so as to replenish. Since the original concourse area is small, half of the shops are located outside the stadium even after the expansion, and can be used without a ticket.

    Field sheetThe part was dug lower than the ground surface, and the entrance and exit used to be a wheelchair seat (extended in 1998, part of it is still used) and a passageway to the ground until then. Is diverted.

    The size of the entire stand is based on the NPB team (Private stadium) Is the smallest of the stadiums and has a small capacity. However, because the audience was close to the players, it was easy to hear the crowd's cheering and fieldwork, and he took the command of the Eagles from 2006 to 2009.Katsuya NomuraThe director said, "It's not a stadium where the audience can enter so much, but I hear my voice wellKoshienI think it has a sense of awayness."

    score board

    • Before entering Rakuten

    When it was first opened, it was a simple scoreboard that only displayed scores, but as mentioned in the history above,1973,Tohoku baseball companyWith the financial support of, a full-scale lightning-type scoreboard was completed,2004Was used up.

    Team name: HandwrittenProfessional baseballThe team name was written in one or two letters of the alphabet (eg Lotte"O→M",Seibu"L",Yakult"YS",Yokohama"YB" etc. ).high school baseball, The high school name is 2 characters (Miyagi Sendai Daiichi High School"Senichi",Miyagi Sendai Second High School"Senji",Sendai Ikuei Gakuen High School"Ikuei",Tohoku High SchoolIt was written in "Tohoku" etc.). 

    Order display: Player name is handwritten and defensive position is a number board (eg pitcher"XNUMX",second baseman"XNUMX",Left hand"XNUMX",Nominated batter"DH") enters. Also, because there was no pitcher's frame in the member's frame,Designated batter systemThe pitcher's board was placed at the DH player on the defensive team in the match. High school baseball games in the summerNational High School Baseball ChampionshipAthletes' boards are not used except for the finals of the Miyagi Prefecture Tournament.

    Referee: Handwritten home base "PL", first base "1B", second base "2B", third base "3B", left wing "LL", right wing "RL" until the first half of the 90s, respectively "Main", "XNUMX", "XNUMX" ,"XNUMX","left","right".

    Score display: It can be displayed up to 12 times at a time with a light bulb type. When 13 or more times are played in extra time, the score up to that point will be displayed once, and it will start from 1 times. Also, up to 3 points can be displayed in one inning.

    At the bottom of the scoreboardCrab topTohoku Electric Power"When"Sun cityAdvertising in the centerCitizen clockWas installed.

    • After entering Rakuten

    First,2004Only the score display was turned off with the electronic bulletin board, and the others were replaced with the latest electronic bulletin board using LEDs from the previous handwriting panel type. The player/team names are displayed horizontally as before. A large super color vision made by Toshiba Lighting & Technology was installed below. Thereby, replay of the play and various information can be displayed.

    The company name or place name (such as "Rakuten", "Nippon Ham", "Hiroshima") is used to display the team name on the batting order table. The team name on the score display shows the hat mark of each team. The position is represented by numbers, but the designated batter is represented as "DH" and the pitcher is represented as "P". The inning score display, player name display, and game time are fixed, but simple animations can be displayed. Also, because the sub-board behind the back net is a rush work, only the SBO display was used before.

    Immediately before the completion of the renovation work, the NPB side pointed out that the back screen was rather narrow and the visibility of the pitch was poor, so we immediately added light shields on both sides of the screen. Sponsored by Asahi Breweries, an advertising space imitating a can of the company's "Asahi Super Dry" product was set up. Also, the Toshiba logo was installed at the bottom of the Super Color Vision, but due to visibility issues, it was immediately moved to the top of the Vision. After 5 times,Kahoku ShimpoThe news is displayed in the vision.

    2005In the off position, Toshiba Litec Super Color Vision is installed on the top of Eagles Nest on the 1st base side, and the player's face photo in the case of Rakuten's attack during the in-play, the visitor team's logo mark in the case of attack by the visitor team Is displayed. In addition, the ball count, batting average, home run, and RBI can be displayed, so it is always used during the match. Note that this board is used only for 1-arm games, not for farm battles or general use.

    Also, on the back screen, a vision for advertising (Pentavision) was installed under the main vision. Similar to those installed at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium, etc., it has been the main sponsor of the stadium for a long time, and is a city condominium sales company expanding sales in Sendai.Sun cityThe advertisement of is posted. As mentioned above, the company has been advertising in the back screen section since 2004, and is the main sponsor who was named "Sun City Michinoku Series" even during Rakuten's expedition to Tohoku.

    2006Off, a lightning display device with a width of 94.08 m that provides various character and image information on the back of the back net according to the development of the game ``Aurora ribbon(Made by Mitsubishi Electric) was installed for the first time in a Japanese baseball field. (LaterQVC Marine,KoshienWas also used. )

    2007Off, the "Aurora Ribbon" installed behind the back net of the previous year was added above the left and right wings.

    2008Off, the advertising space behind the backnet was replaced with a T-shaped Mitsubishi Electric "Aurora Vision" from the revolving curtain type at the time of repair. This makes it possible to use it as an advertising space while the game is in progress, and to display various information before and after the game and during the innings. This is the first case in a baseball field in Japan that a video device was introduced at the field level.[Note 8].

    2009Off, a Mitsubishi Electric "Aurora Vision" was installed at the position of the light shield (above) near the middle of the right side. With a width of 20.64m, a height of 16.32m, a 1036 inch, and an area of ​​336.8m², it has about 7 times the display area of ​​a super color vision on a scoreboard, making it one of the largest video devices installed in an outdoor stadium in Japan. is there.

    The equipment naming advertisement was also applied to this video device, and the creative power, which was the sponsor of the shading plate installed until the previous year, acquired the naming right and was named "creative power vision". As a result, the batter can display the batting average, batting average, batting average, long batting average, RBI, home run and scoring. Until now, in general, there were only stadiums that displayed batting averages, RBIs, and home runs.

    In addition, pitchers can now display the number of pitches, wins, losses, saves, pitches, holds, strikeouts, defensive rates, and pitches (2010 only). This is also the only one in Japan that displays everything in the impression like the batter.

    2010In the off state, the count display part of the scoreboard and sub-scoreboard has been repaired from the conventional "SBO (strike ball out from above)" order to "BSO" in accordance with international rules. This has been adopted by professional bases since the 2010 season, and from the same yearYokohama Stadium,MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium HiroshimaEtc. follow this display order. Although not a refurbishment, the game time was displayed until the 2010 season, but not displayed in the 2011 season.

    In 2011, the Rakuten team name notation on the batting tableRakutenChange to the logo mark.

    In May 2013, the team name in the batting table was changed to alphabetical notation (such as "EAGLES" and "GIANTS"). From 5, the score and player name are shown in green only during the summer "TOHOKU GREEN" project.

    Introduced Panasonic full-LED display type scoreboard from 2016[51].. Large clock (digital display), score, count judge, speed gun are lined up at the top, and both army batting order is displayed horizontally with a free display space underneath (9 innings are basic. Rewriting from once with amateurs), ads will be included under the score. The layout changes significantly when using high school baseball, with the score and count judge on the top row, and below that, the military batting order is displayed vertically with a large clock and referee display in between.[52].

    Tracking system

    Rakuten Kobo Stadium Miyagi period2014For the first time in a Japanese baseball field,TrackmanCalled "Doppler radarThe Rakuten baseball team introduced a measurement system. It measures the number of revolutions of the pitcher's pitched ball and the distance, speed and trajectory of the batter released by the batter for all NPB official games hosted by the team. Measurement data related to hit balls has been displayed on the LED vision mentioned above since 2016, and also provided for TV and radio relays.[51].

    Kobo Park in the Miyagi period20175/27In the war against Seibu held inCarlos PegueroSeibu at the 4nd bat at the back of the 2th inningFrank GarcesMeasured the longest flight distance (estimated 153.1 meters) after introducing Trackman with an off-base homerun shot from The speed of hitting ball reached 189.5 kilometers per hour, the fastest after installation.[53].

    Baseball fee

    The royalties of this stadium are relatively cheap compared to other baseball teams and it is about 7000 million yen per yearYokohama Bay StarsPicked up on the issue of traffickingNews stationPublished in. This has its own stadiumHanshin OfKoshien StadiumSeibu OfSeibu DomeIt is the cheapest of the 10 teams excluding. In addition, we will invest about 90 billion yen to carry out renovation work andMiyagiIn return for the use rights and business rights as intangible fixed assets in the form of donations toRakuten baseball teamOwns. As a result, compared to own stadium, there is no fixed asset tax burden, the running cost can be kept low in terms of tax system, entrance fee income from the stadium based on sales strategy, sponsorship income using advertising billboard, direct management We were able to efficiently raise the sales of goods, food and beverages, and tenants from the shops. In addition, depending on the time of day, there are also times for the general public that the time is less than 4 yen in 10000 hours (also in Paregue.Fukuoka PayPay DomeThe lowest price is about 2 yen in 26 hours, which is 52 yen under the same conditions). In this way, both the baseball team and the general public can use it cheaper than other stadiums.

    Stadium repair work

    Large-scale renovation when entering Rakuten (2004-2006)

    Miyagi Prefecture revised the Prefectural City Parks Ordinance in October 2004 to respond to the new entrant's plan to advance to Sendai,Miyagi Nohara General Sports GroundMiyagi Athletics Stadium (currently adjacent to the stadium)Sendai Athletics Stadium) The auxiliary ground (Miyagi Athletics Stadium) was deleted from the athletic facility on the ordinance.

    According to the provisions of the City Parks Law, at least 50% of the total area of ​​sports facilities in the park is stipulated. However, the total playing field was about 1956%, which was higher than that before 52 when the law was enforced. In this case, if the stadium is expanded, the regulations cannot be met, so the prefecture'sOrdinanceThe site area has been revised to 18,000m2A supplementary stadium was deleted from the "athletic facility" to reduce the total area of ​​the sports facility within the general sports arena. Miyagi Athletics Stadium so farJapan Athletics FederationCertified type 1Athletic fieldSo, it was necessary to install an auxiliary ground,2001, North of the cityRifu TownToMiyagi StadiumSince it was downgraded to the third class that does not require an auxiliary ground as soon as it was completed, the problem with the regulations disappeared. With this, up to 3m2It has become possible to expand the stadium up to now, and it will be possible to respond to the repair plan of the Miyagi stadium that both Livedoor and Rakuten have made clear.

    With the decision to enter Rakuten, the Miyagi Stadium will be refurbished, and at the same time, the Miyagi Sports Promotion Foundation, an outside organization of the prefecture, will also be transferred to the Rakuten Baseball Team regarding the management and management of the Miyagi Stadium. The construction period of the stadium repair work was divided into two phases, from the autumn of 2004 to the spring of 2005 and from the autumn of 2005 to the spring of 2006, and the present appearance and facilities were formed.

    Phase 1 (completed in March 2005)
    • Ground
      After expansion, it was made into a long pile artificial turf. Initially, as before the renovation, we planned to keep soil in the infield and natural grass in the outfield, but it was changed due to climate and lawn management.
    • Audience seat
      I replaced all the chairs in the back net back stand with larger sizes than before.
      In front of the back net back stand, we installed the first "sand cover" in the Japanese ball world. The foul zone, which is larger than the standard (60 ft ≈ 18.3 m from the home base), is used as a semi-underground type so that you can watch the game from the same viewpoint as the ground. This sand-covered seat is basically exclusively for the sponsor company and related parties of the team, and is not for general sale. However, some seats are set for general fans at auctions, etc.
      The Uchino stand has a new floor, and the chair has been changed from the chair type without a backrest to the individual type with a backrest.
      Was in the foul zonebull-penA field sheet is installed at the location. The seats were pushed up to just before the foul line, and the style was changed to be more realistic. However, it is unpopular because it is hard to see because the fence is in front.
      Chair seats are newly installed in the outfield seats, which were all grass seats.eagleIs called a "wing seat" because it resembles the shape of a wing. However, it is not called "wing seat" nowadays.Back screenThe left lawn area has been left in the middle part.
      A small hill-like area called "Rakuten Mt." was set up behind the lawn area on the left side. At this time, part of the turf used in the field in the outfield before the refurbishment was also transplanted to the lawn part of the outfield seat.
      With the above modifications, the number of inmates has been changed from 28,000 to 20,000.
      Immediately before the completion of the repair work, it was pointed out by the NPB side that the back screen was rather narrow and the visibility of the pitch was poor, so we immediately added light shields to both sides of the screen.Asahi beerWas sponsored byAsahi SuperdryAn advertising space imitating a can of "is provided. Also, the Toshiba logo was installed at the bottom of the Super Color Vision, but it was also moved to the top of the Vision in a hurry due to visibility issues.
    • Other
      A room for exclusive use of teams such as a locker room, a merchandise shop for teams, etc. were set up on the outer periphery of the back net back stand, and a store was added. The team named it "Ball Park Training Gypsum".
      The bullpen was relocated behind the dugout. This bullpen can be seen from outside the stadium only on the 3rd base side, and it is also possible to see pitching practice during the game. However, there are days when you cannot see it.
    Phase 2 (completed in March 2006)
    • Audience seat
      The "Ball Park Training Gypsum" on the outer periphery of the back net back stand has been expanded from 2 stories to 5 stories. On the 3rd to 5th floors, there is a covered seat "club seat". There is a food court on the 3rd floor, which provides a space where you can enjoy watching food and drink while enjoying the food. On the 4th floor, there were 8 completely private room type "Royal Boxes" that could accommodate about 14 people. On the 5th floor, there was a broadcasting seat for TV/radio relay and a press seat in the central part, and a membership-only premium lounge was installed on the third base side.
      A stand was added to the upper tier of the infield seat on the 3rd-base side to install 1800 seats. Behind the infield seats on the first base side, there was a box seat "Box Seat 5" that can be used by one group of 1 people.
      As a result of the above improvements, the number of inmates increased from 20,000 in the previous year to 23,000.
    • Other
      A large glass lounge "Eagles Nest" that can accommodate up to 1 people is installed behind "Box Sheet 5" on the 300st base side. This name means "eagle's nest." You can watch a comfortable game in an air-conditioned room. We also handle various food and drink. However, it is only available to those who purchase seats such as annual seat holders, back nets and field seats, and members of the fan club "Booster Club" (the fan club organization has the highest membership fee). Also, on days when there is no match, various parties including weddings can be held.
      A clubhouse and a 1m square indoor practice area are newly established behind the infield seats on the first base outside the stadium. The clubhouse and the stadium are directly connected by a connecting passage.
      Of the Rakuten baseball teamToru ShimadaAccording to the owner, the number of seats has been reduced from the originally planned capacity of 28,000 to 23,000, and the content has been modified so that a special feeling can be enjoyed. In addition, more women's toilets are installed, diaper changing beds are installed in all toilets, four nursing rooms are installed, multipurpose toilets for all floors,OstomateWas installed.
      The benches and cheering seats used will be home/rakuten on the 3rd base side and the visitor team on the 1st base side. At "Giant vs Yokohama" held on April 2007, 4, the home team giant used the third base side. In addition, the stadium's fence advertisements will now have many of the same color advertisements as the stand advertisements, starting with the previous one-color white advertisement. This color advertising fence was onceOsaka Stadium(Until 1979),Nippon Life Stadium(Until 1997 closure),Fujiidera Stadium(Until 1983),Heiwadai baseball fieldIt was also adopted (1970s to the early 80s).

    2007-2011 renovation

    During this period, relatively small-scale renovations are underway.

    A waterproof genuine leather seat with a built-in seat heater was incorporated into the bench.Germany OfRecaroMade, it is the first baseball field in the world to be adopted.
    In addition, a huge light shield was newly installed on the right middle side adjacent to the scoreboard. The third base side dugout used by Rakuten faces the southwest side, and since it is particularly susceptible to direct sunlight from the right wing during day games and dusk, it was installed to prevent glare from players. It is used as an advertising space, and for two years from 2007Higashi ShinjukenGroup, from 2009Creative powerBecame a sponsor.
    The lawn seat in the right middle part of the right wing stand was abolished, and a new outfield group seat (400 seats) with a capacity of about 5 people was newly established. Miyagi Prefecture and Rakuten baseball team are the same year2/20Conclude "Miyagi Stadium Equipment Naming Advertising Basic Agreement", also for equipment in the stadiumFacility naming rightsWill be introduced. This group sheet is the first application,convenience storeMajorLawsonAcquired the naming rights under a two-year contract. Due to the online terminals installed at the company's stores,loppiIt was named "Group Sheet 5", and Group 5 tickets were handled only at Lawson tickets. As a result of the decrease in the number of people and the change from an approximate number to a real number, the number of people accommodated increased from 23,000 to 22,187.
    The artificial turf on the ground was completely re-covered, and the Rakuten Group symbol mark (R) was painted white in one place each in the middle left and middle right.The reason for the replacement was stated in the official announcement of the prefecture / baseball team as "due to deterioration over time", but apart from this, Rakuten's unofficial mascot of the baseball team "Mr. CarrascoAs part of the story, "The artificial turf was damaged by the repeated intrusion of the ground by Calasco."[54]..By replacing the artificial turf, the hit ball will bounce greatly,Entitle to baseThe number of
    Due to the stadium name change, the "Fullcast Stadium Miyagi" logo that was installed at the entrance and above the scoreboard was removed. A new "Kleenex Stadium Miyagi" logo has been installed.
    The front part behind the back net is repaired. A seat was also created above the open-air sand-covered seats, and together with the existing sand-covered seats, the annual seating area "Prestige Zone" was created, and the seats were upgraded to full cushion seats. Equipment naming type advertisement is applied to this zone,Aoba-kuManufacturing base (Miyagikyo Distillery)Nikka WhiskeyAcquired a naming right under a two-year contract and was named "Nikka Whiskey Prestige". The Nikka Prestige Bar Miyagikyo bar lounge, which can be freely used by Prestige Zone ticket holders, opens in the area. Various food and drinkbuffetIt is prepared in the format. In addition, it has become possible to go back and forth between the first base side and the third base side, improving the ease of movement and convenience of the main stand. As a result of this renovation, the number of people seated decreased by 89 from the previous year to 22,098.
    As mentioned above, we carried out renovation work to install the aurora vision at the place where the shading plate was installed.
    Right-wing stand group seat 5 (Lawson has not renewed its naming rights contract and deleted "Loppi" from the seat name) has newly established 316 seats (158 seats) and 75 seats (25 seats) for triple seats. In addition, the left wing stand "Rakuten-yama" has slippery feet when it rains, so we removed natural grass and replaced it with rubber chips to ensure a stable footing. As a result of this renovation, the number of passengers increased by 928 from the previous year to 23,026.
    In the same year, the left wing stand was refurbished to increase the number of seats by about 1,500 seats in the same year. 2011 before the opening3/11Due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, which damaged some of the facilities on the premises, emergency restoration work was carried out until mid-April of the same year.
    After the season, full repairs were made to the damaged areas due to the earthquake.
    In addition, the group seat 5 on the right middle side of the outfield stand is newlySeven and i HoldingsSeven-Eleven JapanAcquired the right of equipment-named advertising, and in "Seven-Eleven Group Seat 5", the five-seat seat of Uchino's first base side box seatMichinoku Coca-Cola BottlingAlso acquired the advertising rights and became "Coca-Cola Box Sheet 5".

    Expansion of capacity and promotion of ball park (2012-2018)

    Regarding the capacity of this stadium, regarding the capacity of the stadium as a dedicated stadium when Rakuten announced that it would enter the world, "After operating for the time being 23,000 people, it will be gradually upgraded to 28,000 to 30,000 people. He promised in the autumn of 2004 that he will do, but by regulation he is required to have a capacity of more than 30,000.Japan Baseball Organization (NPB)It has been a long-standing concern that hosting games (all-star games and Japanese series) will be hindered in terms of operation and profits. Before entering Rakuten, the number of people in the stadium at the stadium was nominally 28,000, but it was reduced to 20,000 due to the review of the structure of the seats, and it was expanded to 23,000 in the next year's renovation, but further expansion is difficult. I mastered it.

    The reason for this is that the total area of ​​the sports facilities in the Miyagi Nohara Park General Sports Ground is 50%, which is just under the regulation of "49.6% or less" prescribed by the City Parks Law. There are many users of each facility located in the park, and competition groups are strongly demanding the existence of the facility, and it is difficult to relocate and build a new facility in a nearby area due to financial difficulties. It is virtually impossible to abolish the facilities, and the facilities in the park are not only owned by Miyagi Prefecture but also owned by Sendai City, and the authority of the owner/manager of each facility was complicated.

    In order to overcome this problem, Rakuten has designated it as a "temporary work provided for competitions (Omitted)" in Article 7, Paragraph 1, Item 6 of the City Park Law.Occupation within 3 months[Note 9]Installation of a temporary standWe have secured a capacity of 28,000 people by repeating the above, and from 2016 we have secured a capacity of 30,508 by considering the area where no work is placed as a "park seat" to be a spectator seat (lawn seat).


    Since 2005, tickets for official matches have often sold out quickly due to Rakuten's match cards and advance pitchers since 2009. At the end of the XNUMX season, Rakuten was the first teamClimax series (CS)As a result of the fierce battle over the advance, it was difficult to obtain tickets. After all, Rakuten decided to make the first foray into CS in the second place of the season in the history of the baseball team, the first time as the Rakuten baseball team and the newly refurbished current stadium.Postseason gamesAs a result, we held all first stage games with Softbank. The playoff was held at this stadium1977This is the third time in 22 years since Lotte, who won the second half, played against Hankyu (first half of the year).

    It was decided that Rakuten would use this stadium even if it entered the Japan series this year, but this was realized because it was defeated at the final stage (against Nippon Ham's match) held at Sapporo Dome (capacity of about 43,000). Although it did not arrive, NPB announced a trial calculation of profit when holding the Japan series at this stadium during the CS final stage. It was pointed out that the profit per game NPB earned from the entrance fee revenue is about 1 million yen less than when it was held at Sapporo Dome[Note 10].. In response to this point, Rakuten said, "By increasing the price per seat, we can catch up with the profits expected at Sapporo Dome."

    After the Japanese series11/11At the Professional Baseball Executive Committee held at, NPB requested Rakuten to add 22,098 seats for the audience that could accommodate 6,000 people at that time. Of the giant who was presentKiyotake HidetoshiRepresentatives of teams other than Rakuten also asked Rakuten to make improvements, as the team representative said, "It is a problem that the profit of NPB and the distribution of teams and players will decrease." However, the owner acting on behalf of Rakuten said, "About 22,000 people are right in Sendai. There is an appropriate capacity for each city. There is a way to raise the price without increasing the number of seats, There are various ways to do it. (We will discuss the request from the NPB with the team), but I do not think that it must be done absolutely." He expressed a negative view on the large number of seats.

    11/18Although the above-mentioned problem of increasing seats did not appear on the agenda at the owner's meeting,Takuo TakihanaThe owner mentioned Rakuten's repair plan when he entered the world of sphere. He said, "(I can increase the number of seats by 300 billion yen in cash, so I can do it right away.) He also criticized the proposal to raise the price, saying "it is terrible to impose the cost burden of increasing seats on fans." In contrast, Rakuten'sToru ShimadaThe owner said, "23,000 seats have promised to "realize" (at the time of entry plan), and 28,000 seats are an effort goal. There is no rationale and no legal binding. 1,000 seats will be accommodated, but blind "Additional seats put pressure on management."

    12/7The Professional Baseball Executive Committee of the above has started deliberation on the above-mentioned increase in seats. The NPB side again requested the Rakuten side to increase the number of seats by 6,000. Commissioner Kunio Shimoda (both at the time) demanded the early realization of additional seats based on the materials submitted by Rakuten to the NPB at the time of the entry examination into the world sphere, saying there was a promise of 28,000 seats. While Inoue's acting agency has indicated that it will increase the number of outfield seats by 2009 for the 1,000 off-season renovation, regarding the future increase in seats, ``It is not a premise that NPB-sponsored games will be held, but while looking at the situation in stages I would like to consider it positively." Regarding Rakuten's tentative plan that gives priority to raising the entrance fee rather than increasing the number of seats, in 1974 when Lotte Orion's who used the stadium as a home base once won the Pacific League due to problems such as accommodation capacity.Japan seriesBased on the fact that it was not possible to hold the event at the stadium, there was a concern from some players in the field that "If we do not increase the number of seats, we may not be able to hold the Japan Series again in Sendai".[55].

    On the other hand, familiar with professional sports managementMasanori OtsuboProfessor(Teikyo University) Is the number of Rakuten's annual spectators as of 2009 (120.3).Sendai cityBased on the population (100.7 people) of Sendai City, the ratio of the population of Sendai City to the mobilization of spectators at this stadium is 1.19 times, which is slightly lower than the average of the cities in Japan with dedicated stadiums. Regarding the problem of the capacity of the stadium, "If the Eagles insist on maintaining the current situation of 2 seats, it may be considered as a baseball team that does not have the league title in mind or a passive baseball team. Considering 3000 times the number of spectators and 1.2% occupancy rate, there is no economic need to increase from 73 seats to 2. The current 3000 seats will be over 2% on average. It can be thought that it will not be too late even after it becomes, and some say that if there is money to increase the number of seats for the spectators, it is important to invest that money in the players to strengthen their strength. , Rather than increasing the number of seats first, we will strengthen the strength of the team and constantly fight for the championship, and it seems like it is the order to increase the number of seats after the number of spectators has increased. Was[56].

    Rakuten expanded the stadium's seating capacity by approximately 2010 during pre-season renovations in 900, increasing the stadium's capacity to 23,026.on the other hand in the same year4/20"Rakuten Group Customer Appreciation Day"Tokyo DomeHeld the first official sponsored game (against Lotte). At the announcement by the team, it recorded 40,421 spectators. As a result,Hiroshi MikitaniThe team chairman is2011It is suggested that the held games will continue to be held at Tokyo Dome thereafter. In fact, as an "Rakuten Group Day Customer Thanksgiving Day", we hold an official match every year at Tokyo Dome (1: against Softbank, 2011: against Lotte, 2012: against Nippon Ham). .. According to some reports at the time of 2013, if the problem of this stadium could not be resolved, it may be a stepping stone to hold the Japan series in Sendai, like the case of Lotte mentioned above, and to hold it at Tokyo Dome. Speculation was also reported[57].. On the other hand, we plan to refurbish the left wing stand of this stadium before the 2011 season. It was planning to add 1,500 seats. However, because the number of spectators in the season was sluggish and the number of spectators was sluggish, we forgot to apply for the renovation, which was scheduled to be submitted to the prefecture by early October. At this point, a team member said, "I would like to reconsider if the number of spectators increases in the 6 season (increase seats)."

    Regarding such Rakuten attitude, NPB'sRyozo KatoThe commissioner (at that time)12/28"It is very important for professional teams to have a stadium of any size. Rakuten (our stadium) and Yokohama (with a capacity of 3 or moreYokohama Stadium) How many spectators will come if you do a Japanese series in. I think that the stadium (capacity) of the Japanese series has a minimum (required) of 3 seats." Regarding the price increase of the entrance fee planned by Rakuten, he denied, "If there are few seats, there is no choice but to raise the seat fee, but it is difficult to raise the price in the current economic situation." On the other hand, the owner of Rakuten Shimada12/29"It is worth increasing if the crowd is always full during the regular season, but you must think carefully. It is a management decision to increase just for the Japanese series," he said. He showed a cautious attitude to increase seats.

    2012 off season

    In order to prioritize recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the plan under the "Ball Park Concept", which had been suspended from the previous year, was resumed, and full-scale efforts were made to expand the number of personnel.

    First, the outfield fence is refurbished and newly constructed. Due to the fact that it was difficult to get a home run due to the expansion of the field in the construction in 2004, both wings of the fair ground were reduced by 1.4 meters and the deepest part between the left middle and the right middle was reduced by 1.4 meters. Therefore, the distance from the platform to both wings has changed to 100.1 meters, and the distance to the deepest part between the left middle and the right middle has changed to 116 meters. In addition, the area that is between the fence and the outfield stand (so-called ""Lucky zone))E wing". 23 pairs of seats with counter tables on the left side (46 seats in total) and 4 seats for 11 persons with tables on the right side (44 seats in total)[58].. Regarding the "Coca-Cola Box Sheet 5" (box seating area for 1 seats installed on the upper side of the infield stand on the 5st base side), the area has been significantly expanded and a new party deck (group watching deck) has been added. With the appearance of paralleling with, 45 box seats have been added. With this expansion, the maximum number of people in the area has been increased from 120 to 345.[59].. As a result, the number of inmates increased by more than 400 to 23,451 (2012 by 23,026).[60].

    On the other hand, the wire mesh that was in the front row of the outfield stand was abolished, and the ball net for the infield seat was changed to "Dyneemanet" (Yankee Stadium,Safeco FieldHas also been introduced toToyoboMade wire net). In addition, the newly-established outfield fence has "Skydex wall pads" that are used in 30 of the 17 MLB teams that are home to the earth field (Promats Athletics Co., Ltd., which has excellent cushioning properties and shock absorption during collisions). Made of rubber material)[59].

    2013 season

    In the 2013 season, he has held the lead position immediately after the opening of the regular season. Also at this stadium, as a "bon festival series"8/9Tickets for all games were sold out in the three consecutive games with SoftBank held from. In response to such a boom,12th of the same monthAnnounced the installation of a temporary stand on the premise that it will be used in host games after September of the same year and dismantled after the end of the season. The number of occupants has increased to 9 since September due to the temporary installation of 3 seats on the 936rd base side and 1249 seats (2185 seats in total) behind "Rakutenzan" on the left side. At this point, Rakuten was planning to increase the number of seats when it entered CS, and it was supposed to consider increasing seats after FY9 after the 25,651 season.[61].. Temporary seats on the 3rd base side started operating from the Seibu game on September 9, and temporary seats on the left side started operating from the Orix game on the 3th of the same month. Before the game on the 13th of the same month, the nickname of the temporary seat on the third base side was ``Zao”, the nickname of the left side temporary seat is “Kurikoma"(All originated from the mountain name in Miyagi prefecture)[62].

    Furthermore, in response to the league title and the decision to advance to the climax series,Japan seriesIn October, it was decided to add temporary seats in order to accommodate 28,120 people at the time of entry.[63].

    • Stage 1 10/3From the last day of the regular season to 217 seats increased (capacity 25,868)
      • Breakdown 60 extra seats on the left pole, upper 72 extra seats on the left pole, extra 60 seats on the right pole, reserved seats on the outfield 25 (only the same-day tickets are sold during the regular season)
    • Stage 2 10/17fromClimax series final stageHolding period 1,097 additional seats (capacity 26,965)
      • Breakdown Seat 224 (1st-base side wood deck temporary seat, 3rd floor concourse temporary seat, Uchino 3rd-base side concourse temporary seat, outfield light vision temporary seat), Standing seat 873 (1st-base side wood deck standing free seat, 3rd base side) (Concourse standing reserved seat, infield 3rd base side concourse standing free seat, infield 3rd base upper row standing seat free seat)
    • 3rd stage (when breaking through the climax series/final stage)10/26From (11/3For up toJapan seriesHolding period 1,155 additional seats (capacity 28,120)
      • Breakdown All standing (3rd floor concourse standing seat, outfield light seat)

    As a result of increasing the number of seats in such a short period, the first round of the Japanese series (110/26) Gathered a record number of 25,209 spectators at the time[64].. In addition, the 6th round (it was the same year that it was the first time for the baseball team to reach Japan)11/2), recorded the largest number of spectators mobilized, 25,271 since the opening. In addition, held around the stadiumPublic viewing (PV) Since more than 1 people gathered and it became impossible to move, we took measures to restrict entrance to the park grounds with the stadium from the back of the fifth inning.[65].. In Round 3 on the following day, the venue of the PV was suddenly changed to the Sendai City Athletics Stadium adjacent to the stadium.[66].. Although Rakuten decided to win the Japanese series for the first time in this game, the number of spectators to the stadium was 25,249, which was slightly below the highest record achieved on the previous day.

    Regarding the above temporary seats,Iron pipeThere was also an article that fueled the "crisis of collapse" from visual anxiety due to the exposed structure[67]But,Nagano Olympic StadiumSafety was guaranteed by operation at sporting events such as.However, at this stadium, a large number of fans stood up from their temporary seats to cheer for Rakuten, causing vibrations throughout the temporary stands.Some fans criticized this phenomenon and the fact that the number of people in the permanent spectator seats on the visiting team side (first base side and right side) was relatively small due to the increase in seats due to the temporary stands. was

    2013 - 2014

    Immediately after the end of the Japan series in 2013, in line with the provisions of the Temporary Workpiece Occupation of the City Park Law,KurikomaAll temporary stands except At this point,ZaoAssuming that a temporary stand will be rebuilt on the former site, the maximum seating capacity for the spectator seats excluding standing seats was expected to be about 2014 in the 26,000 season.[68].

    The Rakuten baseball team announced a construction plan for a permanent stand for about 28,000 billion yen on January 2014, 1 for a total of about 17 billion yen on January 20, 2 in order to increase the maximum number of people to over XNUMX.[69].. During the first phase of construction from March to just before the start of the official game, theRakuten mountain bleachersWas established behind "Mount Rakuten" (but as of October 2015, 10)Kahoku ShimpoSince this Rakutenyama bleacher is made of the same steel frame as in the 2013 Kurikoma stand era,Temporary seatIs explained)[70].. Furthermore, during the second phase of construction, which started in April 2014 during the official match period, a permanent stand with a capacity of 4 people equipped with seats with counters, seats with tables, box seats, party decks, and standing seats was added.ZaoOn the site of[71].. The breakdown of the stand is as follows, against the SoftBank game on August 2014, 8[72]The operation started from. In addition, a large LED vision measuring 6m in height and 35m in width was installed from September near the "Viber stand" near the outfield.

    • Total capacity 3019
      • Uchino 3rd-base stand 1462
        • Counter seat 224 people
        • Premium seat 651
        • Box sheet 6 (6 seats) Total 48 people (8 sets)
        • Box sheet 7 (7 seats) Total 70 people (10 sets)
        • Sky deck A (standing deck seat with table) 50 people
        • Sky deck B (stand-up deck seat with table) 50 people
        • Standing 25 270
        • Standing 50 75
        • Standing 24 people
      • ViverStand (on pole) 1509
        • 1371 seats of viver seats (seat-up general seats)
        • Viver Living 4 (4 seats) Total 32 people (8 sets)
        • Viver Living 5 (5 seats) Total 20 people (4 sets)
        • Viver Living 7 (7 seats) Total 56 people (8 sets)
        • Standing 30 people
      • 48 concourse standing seats

    In the so-called out-of-place seats that straddle some of the pillars of the lighting tower, a 47-inch TV monitor is installed on the pillars because the view to the ground is blocked by the pillars. A small monitor is attached to part of the box seats[73].

    Regarding the expansion of permanent seats above,Yozo TachibanaThe president of the team said, "The capacity for 28,000 people is increased by this time, and we aim to accommodate 3 people in the future." Suggested that there is a plan of[74].

    In addition, from the start of the 2014 season until the operation of the permanent stand on the 3rd base side started, the maximum capacity was reduced to 25,723 due to the removal of the temporary stand mentioned above.[75].. However, in the Softbank game on the first day of operation (August 8th), it attracted 30 people (the most number of people at that time throughout the regular season and postseason)[76]Since then, the spectator mobilization record has been updated one after another, and the total number of spectators mobilized in the main match was 65 in the game against Nippon Ham on September 9th, which is the 20th match of the main match. (Including the main game of)[77].

    On the other hand, a new field, "Green Field" (a green field, approximately 2,000 square meters), will be laid on the ground adjacent to the indoor practice area, and a practice/event space with a tour space will be provided. Started operation from August 2014, 8[78].

    2014 off season

    In order to enhance the facilities full of entertainment both inside and outside the stadium, we have carried out work to renovate the outer periphery of the stadium.[79].

    • A "Welcome Gate" has been set up at the main gate, and a large merchandise store for goods has been newly built in the vicinity.
    • At the goods shop, there is also a section that looks back on the history of the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles team.
    • In front of the new stand on the 3rd base side, measuring 21m in diameter x 10m in heightdomeAfter installing a multi-purpose hall (Eagles Dome), operation started from March 2015, 3. Rakuten official gamePublic viewingAlso, it was used as an event venue until the 2019 season. The "Eagles Dome" was the first dome-type facility owned by a team that was adjacent to the NPB's baseball-based earth field.
    • The "VIP Dining" restaurant, which can be used mainly by buyers of seats reserved for the year (seat owner), is opened at the stand on the first base side.

    Concerning the above measures, it was reported that the team will be at the bottom for the second consecutive year in the regular season, so there is concern about attracting customers after 2.[80].

    2015 - 2016

    Starting late November after the end of the 2015 season, we have begun repair work on a total scale of 11 billion yen.[81].. The total construction cost of 30 billion yen was funded by contributions and donations from the Rakuten team and Rakuten headquarters.[70].

    In this construction, natural grass was laid in the infield and outfield fairgrounds in order to reduce the burden on the stadium landscape and athletes' legs. With the construction based on the usage and operation results of the "Green Field" that was opened in August 2014, it is the only base of the Pacific League and the base of the NPB8 team.Hanshin Koshien Stadium(Laying only in the outfield)Mazda StadiumThe next case (laying both infield and outfield). The conversion from artificial turf is the first home of the NPB team. Also, the scoreboard has been completely renovated. LED is adopted throughout[81].

    In addition, the Rakuten Mt.[70].Petco Park(San Diego PadresThe number of seats was increased to 30,508 by installing a "park seat" with a vast site in the rear left center[81].

    On November 2015, 11, it will have 13 4-seater gondola units.Ferris wheel(Total height 36m, diameter 32m)Sendai HighlandAnnounced a plan to install it in park seats after taking over from (closed on August 2015, 8). Installation work was carried out after the maintenance of the park seats[82][83]On May 2016, 5, when the Rakuten team held a day game with Chiba Lotte, the operation of the Ferris wheel started.[84][85].. For the purpose of making it function as a "moving spectator seat," it is not enough for Japan to permanently install a full-scale Ferris wheel on the grounds of the baseball field used as the base of professional baseball.Major LeagueBut this is the first case[86].

    On November 2015, 11, Rakuten team reported to NPB and 16 other teams a plan to replace natural grass and set up a Ferris wheel. That there was no particular objection[87]Therefore, on the 20th of the same month, the repair plan was officially announced with the following outline.[88].. According to the team, by implementing the following plans, we will aim to shift to a management structure that is not easily affected by the victory or defeat of the team.[80].

    • The site of the "park seat" (tentative name "Rakutenyama Park") is about 4,000m2Therefore, it is possible to accommodate up to about 7,000 people by considering it as a full grass seat. It is scheduled to be completed in March 2016, and the naming rights for this area will be solicited on the premise of a contract of 3 years or more.
    • The height of the Ferris wheel is 36 m, and the time required for one lap is set to 1 minutes and 5 seconds. The construction cost is about 15 million yen, and an LED lighting device is attached to the gondola and legs, also as a production when a home run is hit in the night game.[86][89].
    • A Panasonic-made full-scale LED scoreboard vision is installed behind the center.[90].. While linked with "Rakuten Kobo Vision", it will be used for detailed data display of teams and players and for various productions.
    • The "Sub-Air System", which has a proven track record at stadiums for professional sports in the cold area of ​​North America, using the natural grass of the infield and outfield fairgrounds (natural grass for the purpose of soil temperature and moisture management throughout the year The system that blows warm air from below) is introduced for the first time in a Japanese baseball field.
    • フィールドシートを、従来から約1.4m前面に拡張。拡張分のエリアに「エキサイティング・フィールドシート」(1塁側57席/3塁側59席)、ボックスシート(1塁側:32席[4人×8ボックス]/3塁側:32席[4人×8ボックス])、ダッグアウト上部・カメラマン席の上部に「プレステージ・ダグアウト」(1塁側:91席/3塁側:121席)をそれぞれ新設する。
    • Renewal of Golden Sheet as "VIP Sheet". In addition, the number of rows of benches in the dugout will be increased from the conventional 2 rows to 3 rows.

    For several years, we have been studying inside the Rakuten baseball team for the full-scale natural turf transformation of this stadium in the cold district, against the background of Mikitani's strong intention to study abroad in the United States as a major league student. As of July 2015, we were unable to resolve technical problems related to turf management, so we were adjusting to continue using artificial turf in 7. However, the policy was changed again due to the prospect of introducing a sub air system in September 2016. The team's board meeting in the middle of the month officially decided to fully introduce natural grass.[91].. In addition, maintenance of natural grass,Yourtec Stadium SendaiIs in charge of the management company. In charge of ground maintenance and maintenance of the Hanshin Koshien Stadium in the 2016 seasonHanshin gardeningStaff were stationed throughout the season as temporary staff[92].

    Regarding the Ferris wheel to be installed about 170 m away from the home base, Rakuten Headquarters from the 2016 season will be compared to the player who hit the home run ball directly in the official game sponsored by Rakuten.Rakuten Super PointWe plan to give 100 million points (equivalent to 100 million yen). The plan is based on the idea of ​​Mikitani, "I want to grow long-distance hitters who have survived since the establishment of the Rakuten baseball team", and the target is all players of the NPB12 team. It is said that Mikitani himself will contribute the prize money for points[93].

    About Rakuten Mountain Park in March 2016Ezaki GlicoHas acquired the naming right, so for two years from the same yearSmile Glico Park”Is used (it will continue to be used even after the renewal of the 2018 naming rights contract). The company also places an advertisement in the center of the Ferris wheel.[94].. The "Smile Glico Park" will also open on May 5rd, when the Ferris wheel started operating. "Play tickets" and "annual passports" are sold to facility users in the park (including a Ferris wheel) who are 3 years old or older. In addition, even on days when Rakuten home games are not held, business days are set at any time. If you purchase an admission ticket or show your "annual passport", you can enter the park regardless of whether you want to hold the Rakuten home game or watch the game.[85].. However, the average period from the end of November (immediately after the Rakuten baseball fan thanksgiving event was held at the stadium) to the middle of March of the following year (during Rakuten's open battle period) is set as the "winter holiday period".

    By the way, at Smile Glico Park, a full-fledged cafe with a single-house style was constructed. 24 people can watch the gameMerry-go-roundAfter permanently installing (16 horses and 2 carriages), we started paying business from August 2016, 8[95].. This is the first time for a permanent merry-go-round to be set up on the grounds of a baseball field, not only in Japan, but also at the home of major league baseball teams.[96].

    As a result, the total number of spectators in the team-sponsored match (2016 games) reached the highest ever (5) in 72, despite the team finishing fifth in 162. The 961 games hosted by the stadium attracted an audience of 67 (average of 1,517,680 per game).[97].

    Promotion of smart stadium (2019 -)

    2018 - 2019

    At Smile Glico Park, even after March 2018, we will gradually expand the first play facilities in the Japanese ball world to watch games. From April 3 of the same year,UKA double-decker bus for sightseeing that was traveling in the city (London bus) One is permanently installed in a corner of the park[98].. On the other hand, from May 5 of the same year, two of them called "EAGLE BRIDGE"suspension bridge(One isAerial swingWas installed on the upper side of the third base side viber stand (20 meters above the ground).[99].

    During the 2018 NPB off-season, we will start a major renewal of the spectators' seats. A 1-story tower-type watching stand called "Eagles Tower" was newly installed behind the 4st-base side stand near the light pole.[100]。このタワーでは、1階(個室1室)に15席、2・3階(いずれもデッキ)に各24席、4階(テラス)に40席、4階の後方にLEDビジョンを設置。観戦席の総数は103席で、グループによる観戦を主に想定している[101].. In addition, all the seats on the 1st base side field seats have been replaced with flip-up seats, and the seating composition in the area has been significantly changed. If Rakuten wins the official game, the seats for the two rows from the front row (2 seats in total) will be "Victory Field Seats (50st base) so that the spectators can face high five with the players in the field after the game is over. Dedicated to "side)". In addition, a "field room" (one private room that can accommodate up to 1 people), a "field box 10" (two movable covered 1-seat box seats), and a drink counter have been newly installed. At the outfield stand, the reserved seat area of ​​the "E wing" in the front row of the left right has been expanded, and eight seats have been added to the "home run BOX" (box seat zone behind the E wing) provided on the left side. Changed from hanging to 6-seater. In addition to renewing the ball-proof net of the infield stand, the natural turf that was introduced only in the infield area until the 6 season has been expanded to the foul ground.[101].. In addition, it is called "Eagle Climbing"Sports climbingThe attraction facility (height 6 meters) was newly introduced in "Smile Glico Park".

    From the 2019 season, cash will not be collected at stores and counters inside and outside the stadium.Completely cashlessWill be held only on the dates of Rakuten-sponsored games. The "Eagle's Tower" has four admission fee categories (A-D categories) for the seats on each floor, and started operation from the Rakuten vs. Seibu battle on July 4, the same year. In the same season, the team decided to advance to the climax series after digging into 7rd place in the final stage, and the total number of spectators in the stadium-sponsored game reached 23, the highest number in history. did[102].

    2019 - 2020

    Rakuten Baseball Team and Rakuten LIFULL STAY (for the purpose of making the stadium a ball park and developing entertainment facilities in the area around the stadiumPrivate lodging businessIn January 2020, a new company called "Rakuten STAY x EAGLES" was jointly established by the group company that operates the company. A two-story accommodation facility (1 rooms in total) with the same name as the new company was constructed in the park during the winter holidays of "Smile Glico Park". This is the first accommodation facility on the premises of Japan's professional baseball baseball stadium, and reservations are accepted at domestic and overseas accommodation reservation sites, including Rakuten Travel, which is operated by the Rakuten Group. Even on days when Rakuten's official game is not held, if there are vacancies during the opening period of "Smile Glico Park", it is possible to stay on condition of reservation. The original plan was to accept reservations from March 2th and start operations from April 4th (Friday).[103].. Due to the spread of infection with the new coronavirus in Japan from the beginning of the year, the opening of the NPB regular season has been postponed for about 3 months, so reservations are actually accepted from Tuesday, June 6th. Rakuten's home opening card round 17 (night game with Lotte) was held at this stadium on Wednesday, 2th of the same month, officially opened.[104].

    On the other hand, as part of the "complete cashless society" that has been implemented on Rakuten's official competition dates since 2019, tickets for the official competition, both paper and electronic, will be available from the 2020 season.QR codeIs added. From Friday, March 5, 2020, the opening game of the regular season of the 3st Army will be held against Orix after installing push-down bar type entrance gates linked with the QR code authentication machine at all 20 locations around the studio. , Operate the gate only on the official game day. For this reason, spectators who have already obtained a ticket can enter from 2 hours before the scheduled start time of the match simply by holding the QR code over the authentication machine.[105].. However, even in the case of temporary exit or re-entry, QR code authentication is required each time you enter or leave.

    In addition, as a payment method that can be used at most facilities on the day of "complete cashless payment"SuicaSuch asPrepaid Transportation CardsAdd. Suica has been recognized as a payment method since the beginning of the implementation of "complete cashless society".Rakuten PayIssuance procedures and cash charges from PCs and mobile terminal devices are possible through the application software of.[102].

    Furthermore, following the field seats on the 1st base side that were renewed in the off-season of the previous year, all the field seats on the 3rd base side were replaced with flip-up seats, and the seating composition in the area was significantly changed. Victory Field Seats (2) are the seats for the two rows from the front row (exciting field seats) so that if Rakuten wins the official game, the spectators will be able to give a high five with the players in the field after the game is over. After changing the name to "base side)", the total number of seats was increased to 3. In addition, the reserved seat area on the upper part of the Victory Field seats has been expanded, and "Field Box 74" (7 movable covered 6-seat box seats) and a drink counter have been newly installed. Even on the upper stage of the 7rd base side stand, after removing "EAGLE BRIDGE", "box seats" (3 box seats for 4 people) were installed on the site.[105].

    The "Eagles Dome", which has been opened outside the 2015rd base side stand since the 3 season, has also been renewed to "EAGLES DOME FANS'SHOP" (the second permanent official goods shop on the stadium premises).On Rakuten's official game date, it is open 2 hours before the game starts.[105].

    However, as a preventive measure against the spread of the new coronavirus infection, NPB will hold all official games (including other stadiums) at the beginning of the regular season in 2020 without spectators. In the Rakuten home game of this stadium, from the battle against Seibu on Wednesday, July 7th,Up to 1 players per gameThe entrance of the audience was resumed. Tickets are sold only for reserved seats, and the deck, lounge, Eagles Tower terrace, and visitor support area are excluded. Tickets for watching groups and admission tickets to "Smile Glico Park" on the day of the match will not be sold for the time being. Regarding reserved seats for sale, we aimed to control the infection with the new coronavirus.Social distance expansion strategyThe condition is that the seats should be separated by one row in the front and rear and two seats in the left and right.[106]..On the other hand, as the Japanese government relaxed the restrictions on the number of visitors to the spectator event, which is being taken to prevent the spread of infection with the new coronavirus, after the war against Seibu on Friday, October 10th. In home games, the maximum number of visitors has been raised to half of the capacity (9)[107].


    2021 (Measures to prevent the spread of infection with the new coronavirus)

    With the start of the regular season in a situation where the spread of infection with the new coronavirus could not be stopped, all the photocatalytic coatings were applied on Thursday, April 4, when the Rakuten match was not organized from the beginning immediately after the start. It was given to the audience seats (22 seats in total). This is the first outdoor stadium used by the NPB baseball team (at the outdoor stadium, which is the home of professional sports in Japan).J League OfVISSEL KOBEUsed for home gamesNoevir Stadium KobeIn an attempt (next to), a self-bonding titanium oxide dispersion (nanozone solution) that exerts an antibacterial effect when exposed to light is used for coating.Approximately 300 liters of solution was sprayed from a large spray drone.The Nanozone solution is said to "spray once and the above effects will last for about 1 years", but at the stadium, disinfection work during use is continued even after spraying.[109].

    In addition, every day after Sunday, July 7-Tuesday, Rakuten Group and Sendai Chamber of CommerceModerna's new coronavirus vaccineJointly manages the occupational inoculation venue.Based on the fact that the Rakuten Group has been operating a large-scale inoculation venue for the above vaccines for Kobe citizens at Noevir Stadium Kobe from May 5, employees of group companies in the Hokkaido and Tohoku regions, including the Rakuten baseball team. And their families, fire brigade members in Sendai city, workers in public services (essential workers), employees of Sendai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and their families, etc., were vaccinated about 31 times a day. Is[110].

    On the other hand, during the period from the second round of the All-Star Game to the training camp for the Japanese national team (July 2th and 7st), the Rakuten baseball team used this stadium for team practice.However, I participated in the practice for both daysGinjiInfielder was infected with the new coronavirus on the 21nd after he got sick on the night of the 22st.PCR testTurned out in.In response to this situation, Ginji disinfected the facilities (clubhouse and player lockers) in the stadium that Ginji stopped by for two days of practice on the 2nd.A total of 22 coaches, coaches, players, and staff who participated in the practice with Ginji were confirmed to be negative by the PCR test on the following day.[111]However, "with GinjiRich contactThere is a high possibility ofSuzuki DaichiInfielders were voluntarily quarantined (both Ginji and Suzuki returned to the actual battle after the regular season resumed).

    In Miyagi prefecture, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus peaked in late August and has begun to decline.The Rakuten Baseball Team, in collaboration with the Japanese government, Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai City, and NPB, will demonstrate technology for easing the capacity limit for events at the end of the regular season (late October) in four Rakuten-sponsored games (all in the Pacific League).・ Implemented in the official league match). "Vaccine / test package(Efforts to admit admission to the event venue on condition that a certificate of double vaccination of the new coronavirus vaccine or a negative certificate in the PCR test is presented), for people over 2 years old who meet the above conditions On the other hand, tickets with limited entrances and seat types are on sale from October 12th at a lower price than usual.However, children (10-13 years old) accompanied or led by the relevant person will not be required to show the above certificate, and infants (under 3 years old) who do not use individual seats will not be required to show an admission ticket as usual. Admitted[112].


    In Japan "AKRacing"(People's Republic of ChinaDeveloped inGaming chair), Which is exclusively responsible for sales, has signed a sponsorship contract with the Rakuten Baseball Team from this year, and the dugout bench seats have been replaced for the first time in 2007 years since the 15 season on both the first and third base sides. ..In consideration of holding games in the cold in early spring and autumn, 40 seats each of "AKRacing" gaming chairs designed exclusively for dugout with built-in heaters on the seat and waist are installed on the XNUMXst and XNUMXrd base sides.[113].

    Changes in the number of people accommodated

    YearsMiyagi Stadium's capacity
    20130100 ~] 23,451 people
    0400 ~] 23,466 people
    0900 ~] 25,651 people
    【October03 days-] 25,868
    [From October 10th] 17
    [From October 10th] 26
    20140401 days-] 25,717
    0From August 8th] 30
    Changes in the number of people accommodated at Miyagi Stadium[114][115]
      Miyagi Stadium capacity (people) ... 2005 before 28,000
      Transition within 2013
      Transition within 2014

    Use other than baseball

    • At the stadium, many event attractions have come to be held.
      • In the special ring in front of Miyagi Stadium, "Wrestle Fursta MIYAGI", which participates in Mr. Carasco, is being held. In vol.2005 on August 8, 24Michinoku wrestling, In vol.8 on August 29th of the same year新 日本 プ ロ レ スParticipated in the war. In 2006, "5 Michi Pro Edition" on May 17th and "06 Michi Pro Edition" on September 9th.Osaka wrestlingHen "was held. In 2007, he played against Michi Pro in May.
      • August 2006, 8-About two weeks on September 23, 9SENDAI Light PageantCo-sponsored by the executive committee, named "Furusta Miyagi Hikari Pageant"illuminationThe event was held.
      • In 2006 and 2007,Sendai Classic FestivalAs one of the pre-events ofRakutoUnder the name of "Furusta MIYAGI"Classical musicjazzWas played in the outer space.
      • 2007 yearsGWUnder the name of "Furusta Miyagi Hero Retsuden"Kamen Rider Den-oYes! precure 5Event show was held.
      • Summer VacationDuring the period, entitled "Field Staying Party", with the support of a local company, school children aged 6 to 15 years old who purchased the watching ticket after the night game or dusk day game match on that day and their Invite applicants with parents (3 or more per 1 people in principle, 4 or more in the case of 6-2 people) and at the field of the stadium where the game is overcampfire,Radio gymnastics, Base running, catch ball and other events are being planned[116].
      • After 2014SCRAPExperience-based mystery solving event sponsored byReal escape game』The venue for the outdoor tour Sendai performance has been established.
        • June 2014, 6Attack on Titan× Real Escape Game ”Escape from a fortified city Sendai performance.
        • June 2015, 11ONE-PIECE× Real Escape Game ”Escape from the Summit War Sendai performance.
      • August 2021, 3,TBSOf seriesDay of musicMade a one-night revivalFUNKY MONKEY BABYSBut"One more","Thank you","Small courageWe performed 3 songs[117].

    Restrictions on bringing in noises when cheering

    With the new base of Rakuten, the baseball team has largely regulated support for playing in the home games held at this stadium. The reasons are "Consideration of neighboring residential areas" "Ensuring a spectator environment where the sound of a ball can be heard" "Sendai Medical CenterIs in the neighborhood. " (According to Sendai City, "complaints about the noise of cheering" from the citizens occur every year, and in fact, the team is making capital investment of about 1 million yen every year by improving the acoustic equipment such as speakers.)

    The specific restrictions are as follows.

    1. Trumpet, Money, whistle, loudspeaker,BoomboxIt is forbidden to bring in or use
    2. The drum was approved by NPBPrivate cheering partyOnly one, "40 cm on all sides, 30 cm in height" is allowed. The place of use is limited to outfield seats except reserved seats, and use is prohibited after 1:22.
    3. The support flag is also available only for NPB-approved private supporters. There is no limit to the number of sheets within "2 m in height and 3 m in width". AlsoBannerAs a general rule, you can only hold it by hand and do not install it on a ballpark facility such as a fence or a stand. (Duct tape-Curing tapeIt is also impossible to stick it on and fix it using eyelets. However, only private cheering teams with permission are allowed to attach banners to the stand and waving the big cheering flags, but only to the outfield central corridor, and to locations designated by the main team. )
    4. Do not use rugs such as leisure sheets to secure excessive seats.
      Incidentally,Jet balloonsIs not regulated in particular, and is used to boost the support of other stadiums. Volunteers continue to collect and recycle used balloons, and they are attracting attention nationwide.
    5. However, in high school baseball, brass bands cheer them up regardless of this rule.

    The support production has changed from the 2018 season, but the restrictions on sounding things have remained the same, but during the Rakuten attack, the support song recorded from the stadium speaker was switched to the method of playing as background music.

    At the stadium, to secure the sales of the shop (comment from the team) and to strengthen security.GarbageConsidering issues such asConvenience storeIt is forbidden to include items such as those bought from a lunch box shop, lunch boxes, or brought in from home. However, you can only bring in food that has been checked and sold on the stadium's premises and that has a special sticker (common name: Rakuten sticker) attached. At the time of admission, baggage inspection is also carried out under the guidance of the police and other related organizations.can,bottle,PET bottles(Regardless of the amount of contents and the lid)Water bottle,tumblerIt is forbidden to bring packed beverages.

    However, since there are many eating and drinking spaces on the outer circumference, it is possible to use this space to finish eating and drinking. Regarding the prohibition of carry-in, since the team is a facility manager and has been granted business rights, although there are no particular problems in the laws and regulations until the current situation, some facts are deeply criticized. However, this regulation has become famous and innocent, and recently, baggage inspection has not been carried out and carry-in has not been particularly pointed out.

    Also, in the summer when the temperature tends to rise, it is allowed to bring in water bottles that are normally prohibited, but until 2017, the contents will be transferred to the designated paper cup or water bottle by yourself at the gate. It needed to be replaced.However, since it was abolished in 2018 and the transfer corner is no longer set up, it is necessary for each person to transfer from their home or nearby convenience stores and vending machines.In response to this, "You can bring specific food and drink only when there are appropriate reasons such as restrictions due to health reasons or meals for infants. Please contact the entrance staff on the day." "Your own For physical condition management, it is possible to bring only one water bottle per person if it is 800㎖ or less. "

    Sacred place for amateur baseball in Miyagi prefecture

    Since 1950, Miyagi Stadium has centered on high school baseball, and is a middle school baseball player in Miyagi Prefecture.College baseball-Adult baseballHas been used in games such as. for that reason,Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesAs of the end of 2004, when it was decided to use it as a home base, there was concern among the parties that the number of amateur games played at the Miyagi Stadium would decrease. However, in the agreement between Miyagi Prefecture and Rakuten,

    1. Lending to amateur baseball at conventional rates
    2. Rakuten cooperates with baseball promotion

    As a result, a certain number of amateur baseball games will be secured even after becoming Rakuten's home base, and part of the status as a holy ground for amateur baseball is protected.

    For example, "City of Forest OfEarly raceIs called "Sendai XNUMXst and XNUMXnd grade baseball team regular gameIs1900(MeijiIt started in 33, and after the war ended after the war1946(Showa(21 years) has been revived until now. As a traditional game in Miyagi prefecture, it has been a match venue for about half a century, but after entering professional baseball, there were problems with the schedule and “Sendai International Half MarathonThe competition at Miyagi Stadium was jeopardized. However, due to the efforts of both Miyagi Prefecture and Rakuten and the hard work of the people involved, the schedule was secured.

    In the 2005 regular game, both schools had a traditional and fierce support battle during the match, but at the rehabilitated stadium,Cheer teamIt was difficult to set up a big stage on which I was riding, and Rakuten rejected it. Both Miyagi Prefecture and Rakuten discussed the installation and restoration of the status quo several times, but it was not possible to clear the difficulty of installation and restoration that physically and temporally meet the legal standards, and in the end, Ichitaka was a beer case. It was decided to change to a format in which the small stage made in 2008 was made on the infield stand and cheered on, and Futaka cheered on the outfield stand without setting up the stage. However, since XNUMX, the stage has been set up in a way that overcomes the problems by changing the schedule and stage setting method with the advice of the then director Horie Stadium and the efforts of the alumnus Ichitaka.

    In addition, according to a report published by the Rakuten Baseball Team every year, the number of days lent to amateurs since 2005 has been 70 days or more, and the state of lending far exceeding the lending level before 2004 has been maintained. There is. This is because it is a home stadium where professional baseball is held, and it can be said that the popularity of well-equipped stadiums is increasing and the desire to use them is increasing. Miyagi Prefecture's intention was to "give a large amount of usage authority to professional sports companies by granting management occupancy permission, improve facilities, and improve user convenience", both inside and outside the country. It is highly evaluated by sports people in Japan. Under these circumstances, even after 2019, when Rakuten decided to make the host game date completely cashless, cash collection will be permitted as before when opening shops and counters inside and outside the venue on the day of amateur baseball. ing.

    However, taking advantage of the fact that priority has been given to hosting games sponsored by Rakuten since 2005, it has become necessary to secure facilities suitable for matches and practice in the amateur ball world in Miyagi prefecture.2007Since the city planned to complete a baseball stadium in Miyagino Ward, a facility that amateurs could prefer to use for the next two seasons was required. So the city2005Was abandonedJT hardball baseball clubThe former JT baseball stadium in Miyagino Ward (which was used as a practice field byHigashi Sendai Stadium.Japanese tobacco industryA hard and soft type can be used in the former site of the Sendai factory) under a 2-year contract from JT and used as a city management facility. Also, the Izumi Ward and Izumi Park Town's Mingtsu Stadium are mainlyBaseballUsed in. Of these, Higashi Sendai Stadium2006The usage contract ended in October, but instead, in May 10, it was moved to Miyagino Ward.Sendai Municipal Baseball StadiumHas been completed and started to be used, and part of the official game of amateur baseball has been held, and it is also used for general use.


    Access by train (numbers are approximate to the front entrance)
    JR logo (east) .svgSengoku LineMiyaginohara Station0.6 km07 points
    Egaoka Station0.9 km11 pointsMiyagino StreetAlong
    Sendai Station1.7 km21 pointsAlong Miyagino Dori
    JR logo (east) .svgShinkansen-Conventional lineSendai StationEast exit1.8 km23 pointsAlong Miyagino Dori
    Sendai City Subway Logo.svg東西 線Yakushido Station1.3 km15 points
    Renbo Station1.4 km17 points
    Miyaginodori Station1.6 km20 pointsAlong Miyagino Dori
    Sendai City Subway Logo.svgNamboku Line・Tozai LineSendai Station2.1 km27 points

    At the time of a match hosted by Rakuten, JR Sengoku LineAoba Dori Station - Kozuru Nitta StationInter-division trains may be in between. Stadium and JRSendai StationThere is a shuttle bus that connects the East Exit, but to the JR Sendai Station East ExitMiyagino StreetIt may be faster to walk on foot. Miyagino Dori is slightly flat from the stadium to the vicinity of Egaoka Station, but it is almost flat and straight. There are restaurants, sports equipment stores, stores selling replica uniforms of other teams, etc. in anticipation of game spectators along the road (Sendai Station East Exit Commerce and Industry Cooperative).

    "National hospitalVia・Kotsuru-Nitta Station・Higashi Sendai Sales OfficeTake the "bound" and get off at "Miyagi Nohara Sogojo-mae". Adults 180 yen, children 90 yen.
    • From Bus Stop No. 5 (Sendai Station West Exit Bus Pool)
    "Via wholesale town XNUMX-chome, Shiwa-cho,Kasuminome Sales OfficeTake the bound for "Miyagino XNUMX-chome"In front of Seiwa Gakuen"Get off. Adult 180 yen, Child 90 yen
    Go-Operates every 2 to 30 minutes from 5 hours before the match until 10 minutes after the match starts.
    Return-Operates anytime from the beginning of the 8th round to the end of the game 45 minutes later.
    In both cases, the fare is 100 yen for adults and 50 yen for children.


    [How to use footnotes]

    注 釈

    1. ^ It will be treated as a dedicated stadium from 1974
    2. ^ From the opening to the renovation in the 1970s, it was posted on the front of the main stand as "Kotani Miyagi Stadium". From the renovation in the 1970s until 2004, the year before Rakuten's headquarters, the nameplate "Miyagi Stadium" was posted.
    3. ^ The contract fee is more than 1 million yen per year. If the annual fee is between 5000 million yen and less than 1 million yen, the prefecture's income will be fixed at 5000 million yen, and the rest will be the income of Rakuten baseball team. If the annual sum is 2 million yen or more, the distribution will be 5000/2 of the prefecture and 1/4 of the baseball team.
    4. ^ 770th Miyagi Board of Education Ordinary Meeting Schedule (PDF) (Miyagi Prefecture, January 2008, 1), according to the internal rules of the Japan Professional Baseball Organization, it is required that there is a notation within 16 characters. Therefore, if a nickname with more than 6 characters is named, the official abbreviation of 6 characters or less will also be announced.
    5. ^ However,NHK professional baseballThe expression "Cobo Stadium Miyagi" is used in the relay of, without Rakuten on the head.
    6. ^ Initially, it was not planned to be held at this stadium, but it was decided to be held as a charity match for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred in March. However, since there was no reserve day, the event was canceled if it was canceled due to rainfall.
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