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⛳ | Handsome professional who served as captain of high school and university and was strong against the pressure of team competition [Memoirs of high school golf club director]

Yoshiteru Shiomi, who has many fans as a handsome guy in the photo (photo by Kei Sasaki)

Handsome professional who served as captain of high school, university and was strong against the pressure of team competition [Memoirs of high school golf club director]

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Shiomi who recovered succeeded in 5 on even in the final par 2 watched by Mr. Hashimoto and the members.

The origin of professional golfers is in high school.The golf club manager of a prestigious high school that produces many promising players is the source ... → Continue reading

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Final par 5

Mr. Hashimoto

Mr. Hashimoto(Hashimoto) issamuraiOne of Mr.The main samurai families are as follows.

Seiwa Genji Ashikaga Ichimon Momoi General style Hashimoto

Emperor SeiwaAncestorGen SeiwaClan of Gen Kawachi OfLegitimacy Ashikaga OfOne gate Mr. MomoiMr. Hashimoto is a descendant of.Yoshikazu MomoiOf the VIII grandsonMomoiBegins with the child of.DescendantsEchizen countryIndigenous toEchizen Matsudaira familyTo serveFukui feudal lordWill be.He has been familiar with medicine for generations and is a priest at the end of the Edo period. Hashimoto leftAlso studied medicine.That younger brotherTsunajo TheMeijiToArmy Surgeon ChiefServe as[1][2]. 

Mr. Genji Uda Mr. Sasaki Ichimon Mr. Hashimoto

Emperor UtaAncestorUda GenjiInfluentialFamily tree OumigenjiTorrent Mr. SasakiThere is Mr. Hashimoto in the family.Omi countryAwazu Hashimoto Mikuriya (Gamo-gun-CurrentShigaRyuo TownHashimoto)[3]..The same familySagami country OfMr. GohojoWas a vassal ofEdo ShogunateThroughKishu Tokugawa familyAttached toKishu DomainBecomesFamily crestIs a circle with four eyes, a circled dot, and a left tomoe[4]In addition, the fourth corner stand in a circle[3].

Genealogy Hikobei Hashimoto Masatoshi-Masafusa Hikobei (Hashimoto,Wada,(I.e.(Grandson) --- XNUMXth grandson, Tadatoki Kakuzaemon-Tadatoki Kakuzaemon-Tadamitsu Chinosuke

Mr. Takehei Osamu Mr. Chiba Mr. Soma Mr. Ryu Hashimoto

Emperor HanmuAncestorTakehira HiranoIn the clanMr. Happei KantoOne wing ChibaIchimon SomaThere is Mr. Hashimoto in the general flow of.ShimosaSoma-gunOriginated from Hashimoto.The first Soma clan Soma Shijo11th generation is called Hashimoto[5].

Mr. Tohan, Mr. Tamura, Mr. Hashimoto

Sakaue Tamura MaroBeginning with the sons of grandchildren, who were called descendants ofMutsuTamura-gunOriginating in Hashimoto Village[1].

Mr. Tachibana Mr. Kusunoki Ichimon Mr. Hashimoto

Kawachi country-Izumi countryMr. Hashimoto inTachibana surnameCalledMr. KusunokiIn one party, the name can be confirmed in "Taheiki" Vol.[6]..Izumi ProvinceHine districtOriginated in Hashimotogo.Northern and Northern DynastiesOf the Soryo familyMasanari SuzukiFollowed.After Masanari's death, he was active as a Southern Court, and many clans including regular members died in the war.Hashimoto KansetsuIs its descendant[7].

Mr. Miyake Mr. Ukita Ichimon Mr. Hashimoto

Toyotomi Five EldersOne of Ukita HideyaIn the clan.Battle of SekigaharaAfter,Yoshitake SatakeServe[1].

Mr. Kusakabe Mr. Kusakabe Ichimon Mr. Hashimoto

InabaOmi-gunMr. Hashimoto, who originated in Hashimoto Village,Mr. KusakabeClan.Mr. YamanaServed as an old man.


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