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⚾ | The outfielder "aimed at the runner" "Awaya direct hit" was avoided by the superhuman "reaction best"

Photo Lotte's Leones Martin [Image: Persol Pa League TV]

The outfielder "aimed at" the runner, "the best reaction" of the superhuman who avoided "Awaya direct hit"

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When "PERSOL PA League TV", which focused on the reaction of the two people, released a video on official YouTube as "[Misleading ball ...!?] Martin's apology with a smile ...!?'", Fans will be able to see a smile. A comment that seems to have paid attention to Martin's facial expression that has been demolished, "I'm so happy that I've become" and "Alice with a smile is the best", a word associated with actress Alice Hirose who is pointed out to be similar There was also.

Martin's throw is approaching second base ... At that time, Tatsumi !? ■ Lotte 6-3 Rakuten (17th, ZOZO Marine) Easy ... → Continue reading


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