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⚾ | Nippon-Ham Kosei Yoshida wins for the first time in 1071 days with a newcomer to the middle reliever since 2019

Nippon-Ham Fighter Kosei Yoshida who pitched as the 2nd place in the photo [Photo: Kengo Hashimoto]

Nippon-Ham Kosei Yoshida wins his first victory of the season with a middle reliever conversion since 1071, the first time in 2019 days for a white star rookie

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When Kiyomiya succeeded in winning from the second base without death by hitting Nakamae in a timely manner, Ishii's two-point timely triple triple still jumped out from the first base and the second base, scoring three points at a time.

He pitched as 5nd in the middle of the 2th inning, and even though he took a solo to Nakagawa in the 6th inning, he won his first victory of the season. ■ Nippon-Ham 11-4 Orix (... → Continue reading


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    2 points timely triple triple

      Middle front timely hit


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