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⚽ | [J3 Section 7] Start soon!Sagamihara vs YS Yokohama

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[J3 Section 7] Start soon! Sagamihara vs YS Yokohama

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After this, from 5/19 19:00, the J3 League Section 7 SC Sagamihara vs YSCC Yokohama match will be held at Sagamihara Gion Stadium.

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    Section 7 SC Sagamihara vs Y.SCC Yokohama

    J3 league

    J3 league(JXNUMX League,British: J3 LEAGUE) IsLeague structure of Japanese soccerIn one of the third division leagues inJapan Professional Soccer LeaguePartial league in (J League). Abbreviation isJ3(Jay Three).

    According to the title partner contract (described later), "Meiji Yasuda Mutual Life Insurance Co. J3 league"(British: MEIJI YASUDA J3 LEAGUE) Is used.


    J1 league,J2 leagueIt was born in 2014 as a league located in the lower category of. Since it was established as a "three-part equivalent league consisting only of professional clubs aiming for the J-League," it has been differentiated from J3 and J1 in various ways from the beginning (see below).Also, in the league structure of Japanese soccer, it is in the top category of amateurs.Japan Football League It is treated as a category equivalent to (JFL) (details will be described later. However, some materials consider JFL as a lower category than J3).

    Clubs with high grades and meeting the J2 League entry requirements (discussed below) will be promoted to the J2 League.

    Club (2022)

    Each index is based on the description of the club profile on the J.League official website. The year in which the J League is a member has become a regular member.

    Club nameJ League
    Member year
    Year of enrollment in J3
    Van Rale Hachinohe20192019
    Fukushima United FC20142014
    Iwaki FC20222022
    YSCC Yokohama20142014
    SC Sagamihara20142014-2020,2022-
    Masaru Matsumoto FC20122022
    AC Nagano Pulceiro20142014
    Catale Toyama20092015
    Fujieda MYFC20142014
    Asuru Claro Numazu20172017
    FC Gifu20082020
    Gainale Tottori20112014
    Kamata Mare Sanuki20142019
    Ehime FC20062022
    FC Imabari20202020
    Giravanz Kitakyushu20102017-2019,2022-
    Tegebagjaro Miyazaki20212021
    Kagoshima United FC20162016-2018,2020-

    J3 license

    The requirements for issuing the "J3 license" and the "J3 stadium requirements" that are conditions for joining the J3 are listed below.[1], Is generally a looser standard than the J2 license[2].

    April 2015, 4, "J28 League Club License Provision Rules" that clearly stipulates the participation qualifications of the J3 League[10] Was established. The basic rules follow the items described above, and in principle, in the case of financial loss for the third consecutive term, or if debt is exceeded, license issuance/issuance is not permitted, but even for clubs of J3 or higher, If the J-League cannot meet the participation criteria, it will be possible to participate in the J2 League if the J-League is considered to have potential for improvement. However, in this case, the club will be deducted by a maximum of 3 points from the points won for that season.

    History of establishment

    Released in June 2008Future image of the J2 league"The maximum number of participating clubs in J2 is 22" "After the season when the number of participating clubs in J2 reached 22,Replacement system for J2 and JFLIntroducing "2012 seasonHowever, on the other hand, "more than 100 nationwideA club that can aim for the J LeagueIs a goal for the future," as well as "Japan Football Association(JFA) added as “Matters to be considered in parallel”.Japan Football League), and measures to support clubs demoted from J2"[11].

    In addition, as a recognition of the current situation on the J.League side, “J.League has 40 clubs.Associate membershipAlthough it has expanded to 6 clubs, it cannot be said that it has spread all over the country[Note 3]"In order to expand the soccer family, we accept clubs that show our intention to be a J-League as broadly as J-League fellows, and support them to become a community-based club with a well-established management base. By doing so, we will create many clubs in Japan that promote the J League philosophy."[12].

    Based on these circumstances, at the "JFA/J League Future Planning Committee" held on January 2012, 1 and March 30, 3, the "strengthening of J23 lower clubs' geological strength" and "(lower league) supporting Consideration was made with a view to "enlargement"[13], Comprehensively taking into account the revision of the "J. League quasi-membership rules" (reduction of requirements) that took place on September 2012, 9, and measures to dispel the anxiety of clubs relegating from J1 to JFL. As one of the implementation of measures to create more than 2 clubs nationwide that can aim for the J League, the direction of establishing the lower league of J100, that is, J2, is shown.[14], "The JFA/J League Future Planning Committee" on December 2012, 12, discussing "starting J11 from 2014 season at the fastest" to each JFA/J League board, and each board meeting Was discussed in[15].

    Advance report

    In response to this trend, from 2012 to 2013, it was a mixed professional / amateur league in multiple media.Japan Football LeagueIt was reported that they are considering the establishment of a new league only by professional clubs aiming for the J League instead of (JFL).

    Jiji PressCoverage of[16][17] according to,Replacement system for J2 and JFLWith the start of theClubs aiming to join the J Leagueがプレーする場としての3部相当リーグの設置構想が浮上し、2012年11月のJ1とJ2の合同実行委員会で、リーグ側が3部相当リーグを設置することを提案したと報じており、関係機関による議論を経て2014年シーズンから12クラブ程度で導入を目指すとしており、3部相当リーグの参加基準となる準加盟規定について、J1・J2よりも条件を緩和する方向で検討するとした。

    Yomiuri ShimbunCoverage of[18]によると、3部相当リーグの名称は「J3」であるとしており、J1・J2に参加する「正会員」に対して「準会員」を対象としたリーグを想定していた。具体的には、ナイトゲーム開催可能な照明設備を備え、収容人数がJ1で15,000人以上、J2で10,000人以上であることというホームスタジアムの基準を、「J3」では照明設備なしの3,000人収容のスタジアムでもホームスタジアムとすることを認める方向で検討するなど、総じてClub licenseIt was said that J1 and J2, which require the acquisition of J3 and J2, are expected to relax the entry criteria without requiring a club license.In the commentary article on the paper, the Yomiuri Shimbun has two aspects of establishing a new "JXNUMX": "role as a" preparation stage "for joining J" and "role as a saucer for leaders and players". While he said he had high expectations, he also pointed out issues such as "whether we will increase the number of clubs that are difficult to manage" and "what should we do with the current position of the JFL?"


    The J2013/J1 joint executive committee held on January 16, 1, discussed the concept of "J2" installation.[15].. J League DirectorDaisuke Nakanishi TheNikkan SportsI explained to the interviewer, "The basics regarding the establishment of J3 and the understanding of all clubs were obtained."[19], Has officially started to establish "J3". There were also reports that there were a series of objections and cautions against the plan to launch in 2014.[20] Officially decided to establish a new "J2013" from 2 at the J. League Board on February 26, 2014[21][22][23]..At a press conference after the board of directors, Kazumi Ohigashi said, "We will do (a new third division league). We will widen the base without degrading the brand power of J3." The place of our activities will also expand. "In connection with this, we decided to establish a "J1 Preparation Office" in the Planning Department to proceed with preparations.[15][24][25].

    On July 2013, 7, at the J League Board of Directors, J16 was established with 3 teams in 2014, and in the first year it was decided that it would be held three times in round-robin (12 games per team).[26].. Initially, in the case of 12 clubs, we were considering a 4 round system[Note 4] However, as for the reason for the 3rd round system, in addition to securing a spare day in bad weather, widening the interval of the game for the purpose of improving the quality of the game itself, considering the correspondence of the day game in the summer time, Explains that it is to give a margin to the organization itself[27].


    JFL2013 Club at the J.League Board on November 11, 19[29] And 22 team consisting of players under 1 years old[30]On October 12stGluja Morioka[31]On October 12stJ2/JFL replacement gameLost toGainale TottoriHave decided to participate.

    Outline of the league match after the board meeting on December 2013, 12[32] Was announced ("Meeting method" sectionSee).

    Differentiation from J1 and J2

    From the beginning, J3 has been trying to differentiate itself from J1 and J2 in terms of operation.

    Club participation requirements are relaxed[3][4][5] In addition, the official name of the league will be "J1 League" from the beginning when the name of the league is J1 (the official name of J3 was "J League Division XNUMX" at the time of its establishment).[33]The logo mark also uses the "J" mark used in J1 / J2 with a black outline and a combination of 3 showing the third division league[33] Are using. Regarding the logo, since the replacement system between J3 and J2 will be introduced, it was planned to consider it as a member of the "J League" and use the same name and logo of the league match as J2 and above, but "rare J3 has partially changed the logo and name in order to strengthen its originality.[34] In addition to the J.League official website, there was also an official website dedicated to J3.[Note 5] However, with the renewal of the J League official website,20152/1FromJ's GOALWas integrated into the J League official website.

    In addition, January 2014, 1,Meiji Yasuda Life InsuranceAnnounced that it will be a J.League top partner (top category sponsorship sponsor) and a special sponsor (title partner) of the J3 league. The name of the league is "Meiji Yasuda Mutual Life Insurance Co. J3 league'[Note 6]Was decided[35].. Akio Negishi, President and Representative Director of Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co., Ltd., explained that he "supported the J-League philosophy rooted in the local community" for the reason for sponsoring[36].. Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co., Ltd. has signed a contract as a title sponsor for the J League as a whole from the 2015 season (J League title partner contract), and changed the official names of J1 and J2 to match J3.[37].

    Conditions for joining J3 in the first year

    According to the summary revealed at the press conference held on March 2013, 3, J6 will be established in 3 to 2014 clubs in the first year (10).[38]With a view to expanding approximately 2 clubs each year[39] While gradually increasing the number of clubs, for the time being we will not be relegated to JFL due to performance requirements (there may be withdrawal due to license deletion (deprivation) due to management problems).[38], The east-west block system, etc. where the number has increased[39][40] Flexibly consider the structure of the league[38]Aims to become a league that embodies the creation of over 100 clubs nationwide[38][39].

    The J-League lists the following four stages as conditions for joining the J3 in the first year.[41][42].

    1. Associate to J LeagueDoing things[3][5].. Clubs that are not quasi-members at the time of announcement must apply for quasi-membership by the end of June 2013 and be approved as quasi-members. Whether to become a quasi-member for the first year membership will be decided at the end of September.[3].
    2. Pass the “J3 License” qualification examination and “J3 Stadium requirements” examination (described later).
    3. Approval of admission from the J League Board of Directors following the "J3 Admissions Examination". J3 entrance fee is 2 million yen, which is a quarter of J4, and annual cost is 1 million yen, half of J500[5]As a result, the club's annual budget is estimated to be about 2 million.[24].
    4. Be high in the 2013 season.J League Division 2(J2) Automatic demotion →Replacement battleParticipation →JFL37th National Regional Soccer League Final Tournament(Regional Final) Assign the number of clubs from the top in the order of advancing to the final league → advancing to the regional final qualifying league, and discontinue when the planned number is reached[43].

    Clubs that join J3 under the above conditions (and clubs that will be promoted to J3 in the future) will be positioned as "J3 members" among the J.League regular members.[44][Note 7].. On the other hand, in 2014, in order to clarify the distinction from the conventional quasi-membership in 3, clubs that have not been able to clear the JXNUMX membership for the first year while being approved as a quasi-member of the J-League and who will join the J-League in the future For clubs below the JFL that the J League has certified as aiming,J League Centennial Vision Club”(Actually a transition from “J League Associate Club”)[48][47]). Also, regarding the clubs that are certified as "J League Centennial Vision Club", the J League is2015It will support the subsequent efforts aimed at promoting the J3 League.[45][46][2].

    When participating in J3, a proposal is being made to set up a "U-2 frame" that requires each participating club to register at least 3-22 players under the age of 22.[49].

    Regarding the examination of the "J2013 license criteria" for J10 participation in Step 15 at the J. League board on October 2, 3, the initial October After the examination up to the Board of Directors, we decided to issue the examination result at the Board of Directors in November[50].

    History of J3 entry team decision in the first year

    Trends of entry

    In the announcement on March 2013, 3,Aim to join J League,J League Associate Club12 clubs in JFL, includingRegional leagueAbout 5 clubs reported to show interest[24]At the time of launch, it was going to narrow down to "10 to 12 clubs" from this[3].

    Reported on July 2013, 7[51][52][53][54] Also, according to the information published on the special site for the "J2013 preparation room" that was released on July 7, 16, there are 3 clubs that will be willing to participate in J3 in the first year, which will be described below. It is reported that the screening will be conducted. As a breakdown, there are 19 J-league affiliation clubs and 19 newly applying for affiliation.[24][27][55].. More than half of the 19 clubs, 11 of which are J1 and J2 clubs, are regional teams, and Nikkan Sports has a great meaning to share the dream that "regions and local governments will unite and aim for J1 in the future." The filling of (so-called) "J blank prefecture" is in line with the concept of the J League aiming for "100 clubs nationwide". ”[56].

    Other than 19 clubsViatin Kuwana(Mie(Part 2) also applied for associate membership on June 2013, 6[57] However, the J. League associate membership application was not accepted due to lack of documents[51], J League is not included in 3 clubs wishing to enter J19 in the first year. Also,Southern country Kochi FC(Shikoku·Kochi Prefecture)[58][59],Volka Kagoshima(Kyusyu·Kagoshima prefecture)[55],FC KAGOSHIMA(Kyushu/Kagoshima Prefecture)[60],FC Ganju Iwate(Tohoku(Part Iwate Prefecture) was also aiming to enter J1 in the first year, but has abandoned the application for associate membership by June 3, which is a condition for entering J3 in the first year.[60][61][62][63].

    Examination outcome

    At the board meeting on November 2013, 11, 19 clubs out of 3 clubs wishing to participate in J19 were approved to join the J League.[29], Described laterJ League Under 22 selectionIn addition, up to 3 teams out of 12 teams established by J10 have been decided.

    For the remaining 2 clubs, 1 club will be held on December 2013-12, 1J2/JFL replacement gamePlay inGainale Tottori(2013 J2Bottom = 22nd) vs.Kamata Mare Sanuki(2013 JFL2nd place), the team that did not participate in J2, the other club is the regional league team (J1 license is approved by the J League Board on 17th) (Gluja Morioka,Asuru Claro Numazu,Renofa Yamaguchi FCWe decided to choose one out of three clubs.

    • Sanuki won the J2/JFL replacement game, so Sanuki entered J2 and Tottori entered J3.
    • Based on the results of the regional league finals and other events, the membership hearings of the three clubs in the regional league will be judged in the order of priority: Morioka → Yamaguchi → Numazu.[64], And then Morioka's entry into J3 was approved. For this reason, Yamaguchi and Numazu did not reach the J3 entrance examination. After that, both Yamaguchi and NumazuJapan Football League(JFL) New entry frame due to the decrease in the number of teams (15th Japan Football League #Replacement with regional leaguesWas promoted to JFL.

    In the table below, “Application date for associate membership” indicates the date of application for associate membership after March 2013. In the same column, "quasi-membership" means 3 clubs that have been approved for quasi-membership as of March 2013. Regarding the examination stage, the results as of December 3, 6 are shown.[65].

    List of clubs that have been willing to participate in J2014 since 3
    Club nameCategoryPrefecturesAssociate application dateAssociate accession dateExamination outcome
    Van Rale HachinoheTohokuPeriod 1Aomori2013/6/28[66]2013/9/17[67]Unsatisfied stadium requirements
    Gluja MoriokaTohoku part 1Iwate2013/6/17[68]2013/8/20[69]J3 participation decision
    Blau Blitz AkitaJFLAkitaAssociate membership2013/2/26[70]J3 participation decision
    Fukushima United FCJFLFukushima2013/6/25[71]2013/9/17[67]J3 participation decision
    Tochigi Uva FCJFLTochigi2013/6/28[72] Continued quasi-membership deliberation
    tonan maebashiKantoPeriod 1Gunma2013/6/27[73]2013/9/17[67]Unsatisfied stadium requirements
    FC Machida ZelviaJFLTokyoAssociate Member/Former J22009/2/17[74]J3 participation decision[Note 8]
    YSCC Yokohama[Note 9]JFLKanagawa2013/6/27[76]2013/8/20[69]J3 participation decision
    SC SagamiharaJFLKanagawaAssociate membership2010/2/16[77]J3 participation decision
    AC Nagano PulceiroJFLNaganoAssociate membership2012/7/23[78]J3 participation decision
    Zuegen KanazawaJFLIshikawaAssociate membership2013/2/26[70]J3 participation decision[Note 8]
    Fujieda MYFCJFLShizuoka2013/6/28[79]2013/9/17[67]J3 participation decision
    Asuru Claro NumazuTokaiPeriod 1Shizuoka2013/6/28[79]2013/9/17[67]Not reach the J3 entrance examination[64]
    FC Suzuka LamporeTokai Part 1Mie2013/6/28[80] Continued quasi-membership deliberation
    MIO Biwako ShigaJFLShiga2013/6/27[81] Continued quasi-membership deliberation
    Nara ClubKansaiPeriod 1Nara2013/6/20[82]2013/9/17[67]Unsatisfied stadium requirements
    Renofa Yamaguchi FCChugokuYamaguchi 2013/6/10[83]2013/8/20[69]Not reach the J3 entrance examination[64]
    Kamata Mare SanukiJFLKagawaAssociate membership2011/2/15[84]J2/JFL replacement game
    FC RyukyuJFLOkinawa2013/6/26[85]2013/9/17[67]J3 participation decision

    Team participation for the purpose of training

    From the stage when the J3 concept was clarified, measures to utilize J3 as a place for training young players are being considered, and in 2014 and 2015J League Under 22 selectionParticipated in the war, from 2016 to 2020J1・J2 U-23 teamWas participating in the war.

    J League Under 22 selection

    According to the Japan Football Association (JFA), a strategy to have young player-based teams participate in the J3 leagueU-20 selectionTo enter the war[86][87] However, it will be considered as "participation of the selection team of U-1 (2 years old and under) of J22 and J22", and it will be held in Tokyo on July 2013, 7. At the J League strengthening staff meeting,Hiromi HaraReported by the chairman of the technical committee in charge of reinforcement, confirming the direction among the persons in charge[88][89].. The board of directors on July 7 of the same year announced that they are considering adding one "special participation frame" (tentative name) to the J16 participating clubs. Officially announced at the progress briefing session[27][Note 10].. After that, the details were examined, and on November 2013, 11, it was decided that the "JFA/J League U-19 selection team (tentative name)" will participate as a "special participation frame" in the J3 participating clubs.[90]Later, the official team name is "J League Under 22 selection』(J-22) was decided to participate.

    However, since each player adopted the method of "convening just before each match and dismissing after the match", it was questioned in terms of the continuity of activities and the motivation of players. The activity ended in 2015.

    U-23 team participation

    Background of participation

    J3 to J1 teamSecond team (reserve team)The idea to enter the race was as of 2013[91] However, with the participation of J-22 in the above, this concept was once under fire.

    At the joint committee of J2015 and J9 held on September 8, 1, the measures for J2 and J1 clubs to form satellite second teams by team and participate in J2 are taken up.[92], Of the J League ChairmanMurai MitsuruAlso pointed out problems with the J-9 at a press conference after the J.League Council on September 24, and revealed that they have begun to consider the second team's entry plan.[93].. This matter was examined by the joint executive committee of J10, J6, and J1 on October 2 and the subsequent study group.[94].

    201511/17, At the J League Board,2016 J3 LeagueDecided to join the "U-1 Team" of J2 and J23 clubs[95].. The following criteria were shown as a concrete team formation.

    • Members of each club shall be 12 years of age or younger at the age of 31st December of the relevant season. However, 23 of the match entry members (3 for GK only)OverageAccept registration.
    • The number of participating teams is defined as "no more than one-third of J3 clubs" (in the 3 season, since there are 1 J2016 clubs, up to 3 U-13 teams can participate).
    • There is no qualification for promotion to the J2 league.

    201512/15In the 2016 season, the participation of "U-23 team" of FC Tokyo, G Osaka, C Osaka was announced[96].

    Special rules regarding the U-23 team

    The main contents of the special regulations regarding the U-23 team are as follows:[97].

    • Registration to JFA is "same for top U-23", and distribution from the league for U-23 teams is not paid (however, they have the right to win prizes). At the time of participation, the entrance fee and the "participation fee" equivalent to the annual membership fee will be paid to the J League.
    • As a general rule, 3% or more of home games will be held at fixed stadiums (multiple selections are possible) that meet J80 standards located in the hometown (or activity area).
    • Foreign national players are subject to the regulations of the J3 league (however, the regulation of player registration in J2016 has been unified with J3 and J1 from the 2 season).
    • The director is appointed separately from the top team (S-class licenseIt is possible for the top team coach who owns to serve concurrently). Staff other than the director can double as the top team.
    • Players can be registered with different uniform numbers for the top team and U-23 team (however, changes during the season are not allowed).
    • If the matches of the top team and the U-23 team are duplicated on the same day, you can play in the other game only if you have not played in one game (you can enter the bench).
    • Penalties such as cumulative warning and suspension will not be added across leagues.
    • Match time in J3Pro A contractIt can be included in the competition time to get the right to conclude.
    • If the U-23 team enters the top of the J3 league match, the handling will be the same as that of the previous J-22 (the top of the club excluding the U-23 team will be automatically promoted to J2, the second to participate in the replacement game). Also, the top team and U-2 team cannot fight in the same league (U-23 team cannot be formed if top team is J3 relegated).
    • After 2017, if there is a desire to enter the U-23 team beyond the participating teams, the U-23 team will be replaced with a club with lower grades (details will be decided separately by the board of directors).

    U-23 Team Participation Policy and Evaluation

    In 23, the first year of the U-2016 team, the participation policy of the three clubs that participated in J3 was that while FC Tokyo acted as a team in which the top and U-3 were united as expected at the time the system was introduced. , C Osaka positions U-23 team as a new team between U-18 and the top, and operates as a separate team from the camp before the opening, G Osaka participates in training of the top team in order not to reduce the quality of practice It was literally "Sansha Sansama", such as taking an intermediate stance that players who did not have a chance to participate in J23 will participate in J3 with limited players.[98].. 2017 G Osaka U-23 directorTsuneyasu MiyamotoSaid, "The first goal (of the team) is to nurture the players who will be active in the top teams", but "as a manager of the J3 team, I have not lacked the consciousness to win each match, and there is no manager who does not want to win". Talks about how difficult it is to lead a U-23 team[99].

    Many articles about football in the training period have been announced.At the end of the 2016 season, the U-23 team's participation in J3 has the following four merits from the viewpoint of training, and there are four concerns about the J4 league He said that there was no adverse effect on the box office.[100].

    1. Members were convened for each matchJ League Under 22 selectionDifferent from, you can set up a "match-training-match" method that uses the task you gained in a match for training and the next match.
    2. The young players gained experience in regular battles, and they did not lose their intuition even if the top team did not appear.
    3. It was a participation in a regular league game, and the actual battle experience with the players who came up from the lower category was a tough serious game
    4. It was an opportunity for players of the youth team to know both their own challenges and weaknesses that they would not be able to understand by playing against a team of the same age, and the weapons that can be used at a higher level.

    Also participating in J3YSCC YokohamaWas the director ofYasuhiro HiguchiAfter the 2016 season, “When the season started, I was watching U-23 players and I felt that my motivation was uneven. But when it came to the second half of the round (round two) There was an increase in the number of players who had the impression that their children have grown a lot."[101].

    U-23 team activity end

    Nikkan Sports dated July 2019, 7[102]In the article2020It was reported that it is expected that the U-23 team will end the race at the end.

    FC Tokyo U-2020, who was scheduled to participate in the 3 J23 League,Impact of Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)Due to the drastic change in the schedule of J. League sponsored official games (particularly all the J League sponsored tournaments were canceled from the end of February to the end of June), it was difficult to secure the venue for the league match planned to be hosted by FC Tokyo. What happened (I used it as the main venueAjinomoto Field Nishigaoka,Komazawa Stadium,Yumenoshima StadiumWith other competitions2020 Tokyo Olympics-2020 Tokyo Paralympics(Because it is necessary to adjust the schedule related to), FC Tokyo president Naoki Ogane said, "This season was the final year," said U in J2020 in 3. -23 Leave a comment suggesting withdrawal from the war[103].

    After that, the name of the U-2020 team was not in the list of participating clubs for the 2021 season announced after the end of the 23 season.[104], Although the J-League side has not made a statement, it is clear that the activity has ended.

    Holding method


    2015 season summary, announced on December 12, 15[105] And announcements regarding changes to the competition system[106] The regulation based on is as follows. Until 2015, some regulations different from J1 and J2 were introduced from the viewpoint of "securing the participation opportunity of young players".[32],this isJ2・J3 replacement gameThe first round (J1 side advancing team management game) was also applied mutatis mutandis (J3 side advancing team management second game J2 rules applied mutatis mutandis).

    • Home and awayRound two round robin of. In the 2 season, 2016 games by 16 teams (240 games a year for each team).
      • Until the 2015 season, the round 3 round robin (2 games of home and away + 1 game at either home, but all games are treated as away only for J-22 selection). In the 2014 season, 12 teams have 198 games (33 games each year), and in the 2015 season, 13 teams have 234 games (36 games each year).
    • The match will be 90 minutes (45 minutes half) in the latter half of the game, and if there is a tie, no extra time will be held and a draw will be drawn. The points are 3 wins, 1 draw and 0 losses.
    • If the points are the same, the ranking is decided in the following order.
      1. Goal difference of the team
      2. Total score of the team
      3. Competitive performance between the teams (win points → goal difference → total points)
      4. Foul points
      5. Lottery (However, the lottery is applied only when the promotion club is decided to J2 or when the board of directors needs it)

    In addition, the following regulations, which differ from J2015 and J1, were adopted regarding the substitution of players until the 2 season. The handling will be unified with J2016 and J1 from the 2 season[106].

    • Up to 16 people can enter the game bench.ForeignerAs a general rule, the maximum number of players per team is 1[Note 11] Permits additional registration of one player with nationality of.
    • Up to 5 players can change during the match.
    • If the cumulative number of warnings reaches 4, the game will be suspended for the most recent match.
    2014 season J1・J2 match points[107] Comparison with
    RequirementsJ1 / J2J3
    Number of matchesHome and away second round brute force
    (J1=34, 306 games, J2=42, 462 games)
    Home and away second round brute force
    (Section 33/198 games)
    Match entryUp to 18 peopleUp to 16 people
    Foreign national athleteUp to 3 players per match + 1 AFC member country + 1 JapaneseUp to 2 players per match + 1 J League country partner
    Player change during matchUp to 3 peopleUp to 5 people

    Changes in match system

    • From the beginning, the J3 League has adopted "no extra time" and "winning points system (3 points won, 1 draw, 0 points lost)".
    • Please refer to the items of each season for the detailed match system.
    年度ク ラ ブU22 / 23OUR TEAMBattle methodNumber of matchesPromotion
    2014111123 Round331+0.5
    2016133162 Round30

    Prizes and prizes

    Awards for teams are stipulated in the J League award rules. The following is for 2014.[108]

    RankingPrize moneyprize
    1 bit500 million yenJ League Cup, Meiji Yasuda Life Cup "ball orbit"[109]
    2 bit250 million yen


    Switch between J2 and J3

    The conditions for promotion to J2 are as follows.

    • If you hold a J3 license, you will be placed in 1st and 2nd place in J2, and will be replaced with 2st and 21nd place in J22.
      • When selecting teams for replacement, the U-23 team (J-2014 selection in 15/22) will be excluded (if U-23 is within 2nd place, it will be excluded and the ranking will be increased). ).
      • If the 3st and 1nd place clubs in J2 do not have a J2 license, the number of clubs to be replaced will decrease (there will be no advancement of replacement targets).
    • As a general rule, the first and second place of J3 will be automatically promoted (the second and second place of J1 will be automatically demoted).
      • Until the 2016 season, J3's 2nd place was J2's 21st placeHome and awayIn the replacement game, the winner was promoted to J2 (residual) (If J3's 1st place does not have a J2 license, 3nd place of J2 will face the replacement of 2nd place of J22).
      • 2020 seasonImpact of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)Was not demoted from J2, only promoted from J3.To compensate for this, up to 2021 clubs will be demoted from J2 in the 4 season (up to 3 clubs will be promoted from J2).

    Join JFL to J3

    After fiscal 2015,Japan Football League(JFL) Requirements for joining the J3 League (limited to clubs that are certified as J League Centennial Vision Club. However, you must have applied for the Centennial Vision Club by November 3 of the previous year when you apply for the J11 license. Presuppose[10]), the J League shows as follows, and it is a condition for J3 membership to meet all of these items.[6][110][111].

    1. Examination related to J3 Stadium requirements
    2. Examination related to J3 license standards
    3. J2 entrance examination (provided that the above 3 items are passed)
    4. (Provided that all three items above are passed)
      1. The JFL annual ranking for the year is within 4th place, and it is included in the top 2 teams in the XNUMX-year vision club.
      2. It is admitted that an effort can be made to aim for the average number of visitors per game to exceed 1 and to reach 2,000 or more in the games hosted by the 3,000-year vision club in JFL.
      3. Annual business income is over 1 million yen, andDebt overrunNot reasonably expected

    Even if you have a J3 license and have cleared the 4-1 ranked project, if you cannot clear the above 4-2-4-3 projects, you cannot join the J3 without special exceptions.[Note 12] There is also.

    Relegation from J3

    Currently, in the J3 league, there is no "demotion" system from J3 other than "withdrawal" due to non-licensing. For this reason, in the J.League, the guidebook for J3 entry states that "it is possible to sit down carefully and undertake the development of the club's management base (such as the establishment of various facilities and financial strengthening)," and then J3. While belonging, "It is important to firmly solidify the foundation of the club for the sustainable development of the club"[112].

    After the license for 2019, which was applied for in 2020, even if the higher license standards are not met at the stadium and practice venue, "Construction to meet the requirements of existing facilities has already started, and construction has already started. And it must be completed within 3 years (exception rule 1) "or" a new design of a ball game stadium that is an ideal stadium that corresponds to Articles 30 and 1 of the J.League Regulations. The new stadium must be completed within 3 years (exception 5) "(the latter can be used in combination with the former).[113][114] It is possible to issue a license if either of the above is satisfied, butIf it is not met, the J3 license will also be confiscated, and if no special case is approved, it may be demoted to a league below JFL.[Source required].

    J League Chairman(At the timeMurai Mitsuru The20171/18Made inShinano Mainichi ShimbunAfter denying the expansion of the league by regional division such as the east-west division method, he said, ``If the U-23 team is made into a unique league and J3 is 20 clubs, it will increase from JFL by up to 3 each year. It will be a maximum in a year. The ups and downs will start in the fourth year," suggesting the possibility of introducing a demotion system to J4 in the future.[115]..In fact, although there is no demotion in the March 2021 revised edition of the "J League Enrollment (J3 League Participation) Guide", "The club is expected to start a demotion / promotion system between J3 and JFL in the future. I would like you to work on the growth of the club. "It is said that the J-League executive committee will discuss the details as a long-term agenda, and the J-League Board of Directors held in June 3 also said that J2017 should be (maintaining the national league, etc.). Discussions are being held including[116].

    そして2021年8月理事会後の会見でJリーグ全体で60クラブ(うちJ3は20クラブ)が目途であるとした上で、2023年シーズンにはJ3が20クラブを越える可能性が出てきたことからどのように20クラブに調整するか議論していることを明かした。この時「21チームになる可能性がある場合は、J3からJFLに落ちるチームがあるという理解でよいか」との問いに副理事長(当時)の原は「そうなる」と返しており、詳細は検討中ながら早ければ2022年のシーズン後からJ3とJFLの昇降格が導入を検討していることを認めた[117]..Also, J.League chairman Murai202111/25At a press conference online after the board of directors, "At the earliest2023[Note 13]There is a possibility that a replacement system will be implemented between the lower ranks of the J3 and the upper ranks of the JFL (who hold the J3 license) after the season of "Soccer is an open existence." , While every club has a chance, the rigor that should not be lukewarm water also contributes to raising the level of the J League. "[118].

    Responses associated with the launch of J3

    Treatment of JFL

    With the launch of J3,Japan Football LeagueSince many clubs are expected to leave (JFL), there will be no demotion from JFL after the end of the 2013 season.Regional League Final TournamentIn addition to high-performing clubs, the clubs that want to join will be judged after approval[119]・Reduce the number of clubs in the next year to 14[120] An irregular treatment was taken.

    Handling of sports promotion lottery "toto"

    Nikkan Sports from 2014Sports promotion lottery(Toto) will be released every week, and J3 may be included in toto at that time[121].. According to the report, when J3 is targeted for toto, toto-BIG, which is a maximum of 6 million yen, will be held every week, and sales are expected to increase by about 3%. BIG, which accounts for about 7% of toto's sales, could not be released weekly because J1 was not held in some weeks so far, but when J3 starts, it will be held more than 2 games every week including J3 and J14. , Because it will be possible to sell weekly[121].

    In addition, in the first year of the 2014 season, the "toto" and "BIG" for the J3 league were not sold, and the J2015 league Section 8 match held on August 2 in the 3 season was included. "Toto" and "BIG" were released for the first time.

    Emperor's cup

    The J3 club will not be given seed participation rights for the Emperor's Cup final competition, and will be participating from the prefectural qualifying. Detail isEmperor's Cup JFA All Japan Football Championship # Qualificationchecking ...



    年度Win2 bit3 bitNumber of teams
    2014Zuegen KanazawaAC Nagano PulceiroFC Machida Zelvia12
    2015Renofa Yamaguchi FCFC Machida ZelviaAC Nagano Pulceiro13
    2016Oita TrinitaTochigi SCAC Nagano Pulceiro16
    2017Blau Blitz AkitaTochigi SCAsuru Claro Numazu17
    2018FC RyukyuKagoshima United FCGainale Tottori
    2019Giravanz KitakyushuThe Spa Kusatsu GunmaFujieda MYFC18
    2020Blau Blitz AkitaSC Sagamihara AC Nagano Pulceiro
    2021Roasso KumamotoIwate gluer MoriokaTegebagjaro Miyazaki15
    2022   18
    • Taizi TheJ2Club promoted to.
    •   The club was promoted to J2 for the first time.

    Top scorer

    年度Player nameClub at the timescoreCitizenship
    2014Koji SuzukiFC Machida Zelvia19Japanese flag Japan
    2015Kishida KazutoRenofa Yamaguchi FC32
    2016Noriaki FujimotoKagoshima United FC15
    2018 Gainale TottoriBrazilian flag Brazil
    2019Taichi HaraFC Tokyo U-2319Japanese flag Japan
    2020Kaito TaniguchiRoasso Kumamoto18
    2021Shota KawanishiFC Gifu13


    Number of wins by club

    Club nameNumber of timesChampionship year
    Blau Blitz Akita22017, 2020
    Zuegen Kanazawa12014
    Renofa Yamaguchi FC2015
    Oita Trinita2016
    FC Ryukyu2018
    Giravanz Kitakyushu2019
    Roasso Kumamoto2021

    Total results by club

    Club nameYearsTrialWinMinuteDefeatObtainedLostdifference
    Van Rale Hachinohe396292344115142-27
    Iwate gluer Morioka82597866115310376-66
    Blau Blitz Akita72311005576302242+60
    Fukushima United FC82598861110314356-42
    Iwaki FC00000000
    Tochigi SC262332098244+38
    The Spa Kusatsu Gunma2663316179669+27
    FC Machida Zelvia2694317911140+71
    YSCC Yokohama82596063136270433-163
    SC Sagamihara7231856185287319-32
    AC Nagano Pulceiro82591177567325223+102
    Masaru Matsumoto FC00000000
    Catale Toyama7226965575298256+42
    Zuegen Kanazawa13323645620+36
    Fujieda MYFC82599455110335363-28
    Asuru Claro Numazu5160603862203183+20
    FC Gifu2622813218874+14
    Gainale Tottori82599558106335372-37
    Renofa Yamaguchi FC13625389636+60
    Kamata Mare Sanuki39621284786142-56
    Ehime FC00000000
    FC Imabari2622219217360+13
    Giravanz Kitakyushu398382535117106+11
    Roasso Kumamoto396472425140106+34
    Oita Trinita13019475024+26
    Tegebagjaro Miyazaki12816574431+13
    Kagoshima United FC5156772950223179+44
    FC Ryukyu5163654454236223+13
    FC Tokyo U-234128403157149175-26
    Gamba Osaka U-235162483777223259-36
    Cerezo Osaka U-235162504072201243-42
    J League Under 22 selection26916134065134-69

    League annual goals

    年度Number of goalsNumber of matchesNumber of clubs
    201449519811 (+ 1)
    201558623412 (+ 1)
    201659224013 (+ 3)
    201769827214 (+ 3)
    201981330615 (+ 3)
    202079116 (+ 2)

    Total record

    Player names in bold are active players (including those belonging to different categories) as of the end of the 2021 season.

    Match participation

    At the end of the 2021 season[124].

    RankingPlayer nameAffiliation (J3 final affiliation)Number of matches
    1Arinaga IsseiIwate gluer Morioka231
    2Akio YoshidaYSCC Yokohama222
    3Takuya SugimotoFujieda MYFC213
    4Satoshi HisatomiBlau Blitz Akita208
    5Takashi AkiyamaFujieda MYFC207


    At the end of the 2021 season[125]

    RankingPlayer nameAffiliation (J3 final affiliation)Score
    1Otoshi OtoshiFujieda MYFC73
    2Yonezawa ReiKagoshima United FC48
    3Hiroki HiguchiFukushima United FC45
    4Kaito TaniguchiRoasso Kumamoto42
    5Yuichiro EdamotoFujieda MYFC39
    FernandinhoGainale Tottori
    Noriaki FujimotoKagoshima United FC


    Both are for the 2022 season.

    Van Rale HachinoheFukushima United FCIwaki FCSC SagamiharaYSCC YokohamaCatale Toyama
    Prefairs StadiumToho, everyone's stadiumJ Village StadiumSagamihara Gion StadiumNHK Spring Mitsuzawa StadiumToyama Sports Park Athletic Field
    Seating capacity: 5,124Seating capacity: 6,464Seating capacity: 5,000Seating capacity: 6,291Seating capacity: 15,440Seating capacity: 18,588
    Hachinoher-taga stadium4.JPGFukushima azuma2.JPGFukushima j-village stadium.jpgAsamizopark-4.JPGMitsuzawa1.jpgToyamaken Sougou Athletics Park 1.jpg
    AC Nagano PulceiroMasaru Matsumoto FCFujieda MYFCAsuru Claro NumazuFC GifuGainale Tottori
    Nagano U StadiumSunpro AlwinFujieda Sports Park Soccer FieldAshitaka wide area park multipurpose stadiumGifu Memorial Center Nagaragawa StadiumAxis Bird Stadium
    Seating capacity: 15,515Seating capacity: 20,336Seating capacity: 5,056Seating capacity: 5,104Seating capacity: 16,310Seating capacity: 11,999
    Minaminagano-15032202.JPGALWIN7.jpgFujieda football Stadium 1.JPGAshitaka Stadium 2.JPGNagaragawa stadium2017.jpgTottori-bird131006-4.jpg
    Kamata Mare SanukiFC ImabariEhime FCGiravanz KitakyushuTegebagjaro MiyazakiKagoshima United FC
    Pikara StadiumThank you service. Dream StadiumNinnia stadiumMikuni World Stadium KitakyushuUnilever Stadium ShintomiShiranami Stadium
    Seating capacity: 22,338Seating capacity: 5,063Seating capacity: 20,919Seating capacity: 15,300Seating capacity: 5,354Seating capacity: 12,606
    Marugame-sta140824-01.jpgArigato-yume-stadium2.JPGNinjaia-stadium2.jpgMikuni World stadium1.JPGUNILEVER STADIUM SHINTOMI2.JPGKamoike kyougijyou 2.jpg

    Supporting organization

    In FY2014, J3 had its own sponsorship sponsors (however, most companies/organizations also served as sponsors in the same category of J1 and J2). The "Title Partner" contract has existed in the J3 League since its inception, and from the first yearMeiji Yasuda Life InsuranceSupported by a mutual companyMeiji Yasuda Mutual Life Insurance Co. J3 leagueWas used.

    From 2015, a common sponsorship group (partnership) has been established with J1 and J2 (Japan Professional Soccer League #Sponsoring Organization(See), the title partner contract is also common to J1, J2, and J3.

    2014 J3 Sponsor
    J3 sponsorship category classificationSupporting organization nameRemarks
    J3 title partnerMeiji Yasuda Life Insurance・J League top partner
    "J League title partner" from 2015
    J3 Official PartnerMolten
    Adidas Japan
    ・J League Official Equipment Partner
    Japan AirlinesFrom 2015, a new category ``J League Associate[126]Move to
    J3 Official Broadcasting PartnerSKY Perfect JSAT・J League Official Broadcasting Partner
    J3 Sports Promotion PartnerJapan Sports Promotion Center
    (Sports promotion lottery・Toto)
    ・J-League Sports Promotion Partner


    About game broadcast

    Holds the right to broadcast the J League until the 2016 seasonSKY PerfecTV!So in the J3 leaguerelayThe policy is to broadcast about 10 games a year, including all J3 games (2014 games in 198)Highlight broadcastCarried out[36][127].. From the 2017 season, J League has the right to broadcastDAZNIs broadcasting all J3 league games live.


    [How to use footnotes]


    1. ^ After that, some regulations were revised, and by June 2, lighting towers with 1500 lux or more, which is equivalent to J2022 or higher, will be greened on the lawn, adopted embedded goals, and air conditioning in various rooms such as locker rooms will be in June 6. Requirements for installation by all means[7]Has been added. Lighting towers and locker rooms are not subject to grace when applying for "special provisions" to meet higher league promotion projects due to the revision of license regulations in 2019.[8].
    2. ^ J1 and J2 have established a lower limit for the number of "Pro-A contract" players who do not have an annual salary limit for professional contracts (J1:15, J2:5), but J3 has a lower limit for holding "professional contract" players. As there are three or more people, it is not explicitly stated as "A contract".[6](Refer to page 2014 of the revised version of the J. League Rules 29) Although it is not listed in the J. League rules collection, the Japan Football Association “Rules for Contracting/Registering/Transferring Professional Players” has a C contract (450 yen annual salary). Athletes who are under 3 yen and have a professional contract for less than 15 years must play 1350 minutes or more, which is equivalent to XNUMX games full participation, in order to transfer to contract A (no annual salary limit).[9] Is clearly stated.
    3. ^ As of March 2012, 3, the prefectures in which the J.League regular members and quasi-members 6 clubs are located are 46 prefectures and 33 prefectures (Aomori/Iwate/Fukushima/Mie/Fukui/Shiga/Nara/Wakayama/Shimane/Yamaguchi/ Kochi/Miyazaki/Kagoshima/Okinawa prefectures) did not have a J-League regular member or associate member club.[12].
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