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⚾ | "Shadow effort" of "Venus" leader of giant "Venus", a black-haired beauty with "too good style"

Nanako Saito, leader of the official mascot girl "VENUS" of the photo giant (center of the photo) [Photo courtesy of Yomiuri Giants]

"Shadow effort" of "Venus" leader of giant "Venus"

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Acquaintances who come to see it are said to be "easy to find with long hair up to the waist".

In the 2019th year since 4, Nanako Saito will also show off her make-up technique to fans. The giant's official mascot girl, VEN ... → Continue reading


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Long hair

Long hair(British: long hair) IshairExtended longHairstyleThat is.JapanThen.Long hairSays (Chouhatsu), and the hair of men with long hair is commonly used (abbreviation of long hair, etc.)Long hairSometimes called. On the other hand, short hair is called short hair.


It is common to call "semi-long" or "medium" when the hair is long enough to hang on the shoulder, and "long hair" when the hair is longer than that.Although it has become common to use long hair, there are still many men who feel femininity in long hair because they still have a strong awareness that rich long hair symbolizes women.

When tying (tying) hair,ポ ニ ー テ ー ル(up),Twin tailDerived to various hairstyles such as (side up).

In the case of men, long hair may be used even if it is relatively short compared to that of women (for women, it is considered to be short hair), and there is a difference in absolute length standards. There may be.

Along with the evolution of fashion, variations of long hair have expanded in various ways, and as described in the styling section below, various styles are possible according to each individuality.


Daily care

It is generally said that the speed at which hair grows is about 1 cm in a month and about 1-1 cm in a year, because of the length of short hair.waistIt will take about 5 years to extend it to.In that case, the tip of the hair grows 5 years ago, and as the period of stretching becomes longer, the tip of the hair becomes dry and damage such as split ends and cut hair is likely to occur.Unlike short hair, it does not cut in a relatively short period of time and change to new hair, so it is important for people with long hair to continue to take care of their hair to keep it beautiful.

modernNot limited to long hairhairandscalpFor the purpose of keeping theshampoo,rinseIs generally used.

ス タ イ リ ン グ

Hair dryer,Hair brush,Hair iron,Styling productsUseHairstylemake.

If you do not mess around too much

Styling for long hair is roughly divided, and when not tied, it is called "straight long" that keeps the straight state and makes the best use of the beauty of long straight hair.PermThere are two ways to multiply by "Wave Long".

There is also a style of "perm only under" (wave only under) with a wave only under the long hair (and medium). In the case of perm only on the bottom, the impression changes depending on how the waves are applied, so there are various arrangements such as lightly wrapping inside and strongly wrapping outside.

When accompanied by a cut

On a straight,Bob cutWhen the bangs and the hair of the side bangs are stretched to the position where they hit both cheeks and cut,Princess cut, Is sometimes referred to as Princess Cut (Princess cutDetails of the item). However, the women with this hairstyle are a minority,ComicSeen in a virtual person such as, orfashion showIt is only rarely seen in models.

Shorten only the bangs, orPattsunThere is a style in which the hair on the sides and back is extended, and a style in which everything is extended from the bangs. There is no specific name for the two. However, when the whole is cut into the same length (horizontal length), it may be referred to as "one length" or "one length cut".

When tying and fastening

The length of long hair allows you to enjoy a wide variety of variations, but it is difficult to maintain your style. for that reasonribbon,Hair elasticUsedポ ニ ー テ ー ル,Twin tailDerived from the style of tying (for these two are detailed in each item). Old timesHairpinStyles that are used (often used to suit Japanese clothes),hair band(Headband),Hair clip,hairpinIs said to beTrinketsThere is also a style to fix the hairstyle using.

In the case of "a style in which only the front hair is trimmed or shortened, and the hair on the sides and back is stretched", the headband is particularly suitable and often used.

There is also a style in which only the tips of long hair are tied with ribbons. At this time, there are a case where the whole hair is gathered into one, and a case where only the tip of the hair is separated into two. There seems to be no name. In this case, the atmosphere is old-fashioned.

There is a half-up in which only the upper (occipital) hair is up from the state of doing nothing. This is a dignified style that combines long downward hair and ponytail style.

There is also a style in which the hair on both sides is turned back and tied into one with the back hair extended normally, and only the upper hair is up (one hair on both sides at the back when half-up). Summarized in). This may be called a lady's knot, half ponytail, etc., but it seems that there is no established name in general. In addition, in the case of a lady's knot, in addition to this style, it may also refer to a development system such as turning the hair from the side and putting it back in a braid. The style of turning the hair backwards from the side is so that long hair does not fall out of the way when desk work is done in the office (for example, if you have long wave hair down, the volume at the office work is Sometimes it goes out or spreads too much).

In addition, I bundled long hair and gathered it up on the side or the back of the head (in the form of dumplings)ShinyonThere is also a style.

When weaving

When there are one or two braids from the lower back (two braids), there is a style called one braid. Although it is rare to make three or more braids,PeopleIn some cases it has a formal hairstyle. Also,KoreaThere is also a braid style that makes a ring shape. Making braids neatly takes some getting used to, and the stitches tend to be uneven at the beginning, so while taking time to make them carefully, master a consistent knitting method from the root to the bottom. ..

Depending on the braid, two braids are called fishtail braid or fishbone (because the braid looks like fish bone).

Another name for largerBraid (braid), about the fine braidCornrow(Cornrow). Also known as braid or quartetPratt(Plait).



Before modern times

Since long history, long hair has been known to be universal, but manyCultureLong hair is a symbol of women.

In many cultures, men grew their hair, but in these cultures men sometimes did not tie up their hair and hang it down.


EuropeThen.中 世Long hair was common in men such as.The Ancient GreekSo long men's hair was a symbol of wealth and power. Also,Zeus,Achilles,ア ポ ロ,WhenPoseidonAnd worshiped long-haired gods.

Curly wigs are popular among medieval aristocrats,Carlos IIISuch as the royal family,Johann Sebastian BachSuch as作曲家You can see in his portrait that it had a unique curly long hair style.


SafeからAzuchi-Momoyama PeriodIn, it is said that the darker the hair of a woman and the longer it was, the more beautiful it was, and it has been recognized as a symbol of women until now.

Especially straight and long hairstyles in JapanHeian period Of貴族What was the mainstream as "hair hanging" mainlyThe Tale of Genji”, and the long hair of a womanvirtueYou can see that it was a symbol.

ThenThe early modern periodAnd in the era before and after thatJapanese hairA woman's hairdresser, called


UighurIs known for its emphasis on women's long hair. Including JapanEast AsiaAmong the peoples ofBunBecause of the habit of tying, men also grew their hair.

Clear countryThen.ManchurianIt is a custom ofpigtailOther than ManchurianPeopleAlthough it was also forced to, the members of Taihei heaven grew their hair against this custom, so they were called long-haired bandits from the Qing dynasty.Taiping Heaven RebellionIs known as "Long-haired bandit".

Since modern times

Since the modernglobalismThe same trend of hairstyle changes can be seen in modern society such as Japan and Europe, including the United States.

the 1960sからthe 1970sOver timeビ ー ト ル ズMen's long hair has become popular due to the influence of hairstyles such asLockSingers andhippieOften had long hair.

The fashion of long hair in the 1960s社会The intention is to create resistance and anti-regime. This is from modern to modern long hairWorker,StudentWhich was said to be unsuitable forCircle cutting school rules) Was there.

Vietnam Warat that time,Anti-warYellAmerica OfYouthAgainst the GI cut (forced recruits, all shaved off leaving only the crown),ConscriptionWith the intention of refusing to grow my hair for a long time,OverseasHas a history of spreading to (AmericaVolunteer systemIt was changed to after the withdrawal from Vietnam).

Since the 1990s, when the antisociality of long hair has faded, men sometimes produce long hair and create a neutral image.On the contrary, they stretch their hair consciously and randomly to emphasize their wild taste and masculinity. It may be finished.

Bubble economyBetween the late 1980s and early 1990s among womenOne lengthLong hair and long hair have become very popular.

The popularity of long hair has not declined since the mid-1990s, and it has rapidly become popular in Japan.Hair colorAfter the spread of, the style in which long hair was added color and lightness and lightness became the mainstream among women.

In Japan2010/From around that time, the style of “perm only underneath” has become popular and has become a standard item among women.

UnionReleased a questionnaire on November 2019, 11, answered by 15 men and women working on the rules of grooming at work.1000 people answered that there are rules.There is also an internal regulation that men's long hair should not be used.If you violate the rules, 571 people will be punished.DisclaimerSubmissionDismissalThere was also a contract termination[1].


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