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⚽ | Rock 3 shots break through the first match Emperor's Cup soccer

Photo [1st round Honda Lock-Mary Gold Kumamoto] In the 20th minute of the first half, rock defender Hasegawa (left) decides the first heading shot.

Rock 3 shots break through the first match Emperor's Cup soccer

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Honda Lock, the representative of this prefecture, played against Marigold Kumamoto at Unilever Stadium Shintomi in Shintomi Town and won 3-0.

The 102th Emperor's Cup All Japan Championship (sponsored by the Japan Football Association, J League, Kyodo News, co-sponsored by NHK) is 2 ... → Continue reading

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A lot of information about Miyazaki such as news and sports. Miyazaki Nichiichi Shimbun, the leading news agency in Miyazaki Prefecture. By utilizing the news gathering network spread throughout the prefecture, we will deliver seasonal news and topics closely related to the region.

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    Marigold Kumamoto


    Japan > Kyushu region > Miyazaki > Koyu-gun > Shintomi-cho

    Shintomi-cho(Shinto Micho)MiyazakiCentralKoyu-gunBelongs to[1]town.Miyazaki PlainOn behalf ofVegetablesIt is one of the production areas of.


    Plains on the east and south sides, plains on the west sideplateauIt is flat as a whole, and the flat land occupies about 70% of the town area.South of townHitotsagawaFlows.

    Adjacent municipalities

    Place name

    • Nitta (formerly Nittamura)
    • Ikura (formerly Nittamura)
    • Kamitonda (formerly Tomita Village)
    • Shimo Tomita (former Tomita Village)
    • Hioki (former Tomita Village)
    • Minashiro (former Tomita Village)

    The following is from Kamitonda and Minashiro due to land readjustment.2004/(Tonda Kita only2008/) Is a town that was established.

    • Tomita 1-3 chome
    • Tomita Kita 1-2 chome
    • Tomita Nishi 1-3 chome
    • Tondahigashi 1-4 chome
    • Tomita Minami 1-4 chome


    • 1959/(34)3/31 Nyuta Village and Tonda Village in Koyu District merge to form Shintomi Town.
      • Hereafter, Nitta is read as "Nyuta" and Tomita is read as "Tonda".

    Town administration

    • Mayor:Takatsugu Kojima(August 2018, 3, 19th term)
    • Town council: constant 12 people[2](The current term of office of members of the Diet is until April 2023, 4)
    • Bidding information on public works projects ordered by the town is being released on the Shintomi Town website.


    National/prefectural government

    National politics

    House of RepresentativesSmall districtIn the electionMiyazaki 2 ward(Nobeoka-Hyuga City-West city・ Koyu-gun ・Nishiusuki-gun-Higashiusuki-gun) Belongs to.

    Miyazaki Prefectural Assembly

    With HonmachiTsunomachi,Kishiro Town,Kawanami Town,Takanabe TownIn the constituency (West rice villageexcept forKoyu-gun).The fixed number is three.The members elected in recent years are as follows.

    • March 2007
      • Hiromi Sakaguchi (Liberal Democratic Party)
      • Hironori Zushi (independent)
      • Goro Matsumura (Liberal Democratic Party)

    公共 機関

    National office

    Economic and industrial

    In 2017, in addition to traditional industries such as:General FoundationFormat areatrading companyEstablished "Koyu Community Development Promotion Organization" (Koyu Foundation).Lychee,PapayaCultivation, inns, cafes, etc. are attracting entrepreneurs from outside the town[4].

    Primary industry

    Facility horticulture in the plains (green pepper,cucumber,Tomato,CymbidiumEtc.) and early rice cultivation is popular.On the plateauChicken eggs,Beef cattleLivestock industry, etc.tea-Leaf tobaccoCultivation is the center.next toMiyazaki City OfSadohara TownAlong with the area, it is one of the leading in Japan around the Ichinose RivereelIt is an area where aquaculture () is popular.


    2007/1/30, At a poultry farm in the townbird-flubyChickenTurned out to be a mass death.After that, in the inspection by the national agency,Kiyotake Town(Currently Miyazaki City),Hyuga CityFollowing a similar case ofH5N1 typeVirus detected,Domestic animal infectious disease prevention methodA series of measures were taken based on.

    Primary industry

    Primary industry

    Land readjustment progressed from the lessons of repeated wind and flood damageconvenience storeWhile increasingShopping districtIs disappearing.1981/Current in (56)MarushokNext door until the Shintomi store opensTakanabe Town,West city,Sadohara TownI had to go to (currently Miyazaki City).Furthermore, as shown in the attached table, while large suburban stores are expanding,Long-established storeStores are being forced into bankruptcy and closure, andpachinkoShops andArcadeBecause blackmail, deduction, and runaway were conspicuous, the play facility wasthe 1990sMid-termHeiseiIt decreased to less than half around 7 years.



    Population distribution of Shintomi, Miyazaki, Japan.svg
    Population distribution by age in Shintomicho and Japan (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Shintomi Town (2005)
    Green-All over Japan

    Changes in the population of Shintomicho (corresponding area)
    Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

    National defense


    Each school has long had double-glazed windows and air-conditioning equipment to prevent noise from SDF aircraft.

    primary school

    Junior high school

    Elementary and junior high school

    Special school


    Railway line

    Transit Bus



    • E10 Higashikyushu Expressway : (28) Saito IC
      • Saito IC has most of the facilities such as tollhouses in our town, but there is no word "Shintomi" on the sign on the highway, only "Saito" is written.

    General national road

    Prefectural road

    Main local road
    General prefectural road

    Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

    Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

    Festivals and events

    • Round-table Plum Blossom Festival (2
    • Summer Festival in Hitotsuse (8Mid)
    • Soba Flower Festival (Mid October)
    • Nittahara Air Base Festival (12(Early)

    Famous people


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