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⚽ | Soccer = French representative Mbappe, contract extension with PSG until 2025


Soccer = French representative Mbappe extends contract with PSG until 2025

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It was thought likely that he would move to Real Madrid (Spain).

[Paris XNUMXst Reuters] – France's first division of soccer, champion Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), will be on the XNUMXst ... → Continue reading


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    Madrid (Spain)


    Real (real) IsFederal Republic of BrazilCurrentcurrencyIs.International currency code (ISO 4217) IsBRL.

    Equal to 1/100 real as a sub-currency unitCenterbo (penny)

    AllBrazilian Central Bank (Central Bank of Brazil) Is issued by.

    Name / symbol

    Brazilian PortugueseThen. real It is,/he.ˈaw/(Hair).

    "" As a currency nameReal"ofPlural formIs traditionally Wraith (réis) However, in Brazil today, "Like the plural of the meaning of "2"Hair ice (real) ”(However, in Brazil, there are a few people who use 1-hair ice and plural even though they are not plural, and conversely, use singular system such as 2 hair and 3 hair even though they are plural. ).

    The abbreviation is "R$"and"BRL"But private shops andsupermarketIn the price tag of the product of$It may be written.This "$" sign isCifran (Cifrão), And there are two vertical lines.[1].


    Old real

    originally"RealThe namePortugalUsed by the pioneers of1654/It originated in the Dutch issuing and distributing banknotes under the currency name "real" in northern Brazil.afterwards,19st centuryEspecially Spanish from the beginningLatin AmericaIt will also be widely used in countries.

    Still PortugalColonywas1790/, Brazil introduced its own currency, the Brazilian Real (formerly the Real),1822/It continued to be used even after the independence of.The plural of the old realWraith (réis), Often referred to by this name.Also, for 1000 reals (1000 wraiths)Mill Wraith (mil-réis) Was a special name.

    The symbol is prefixed with "Rs", with "$" in the 1000s place (two cifrans with vertical bars) and ":" in the 2 millions place.colon) Was used.So, for example, a 1234 real would be written as "Rs 5678: 12 $ 345" (this kind of notation is not used in the current real).


    1942/ToCruzeiro (cruiseAfter changing the currency to)inflationHigh exchange rate to deal withdenominationIs repeated (denomination rate in parentheses).

    • 1942/ From Real (Wraith) to Cruzeiro (1/1000)
    • 1967/ Cruzeiro to new Cruzeiro (1/1000)
    • 1970/ New Cruzeiro to Cruzeiro (1/1)
    • 1986/ CruzeiroCruzadoTo (Cz $) (1/1000)
    • 1989/ Cruzado to Cruzado Novo (new cruzado) (1/1000)
    • 1990/ Cruzado Novo to Cruzeiro (Cr $) (1/1)
    • 1993/ Cruzeiro to Cruzeiro Real (CR $) (1/1000)
    • 1994/ Cruzeiro Real to Real (R $) (1/2750)

    After all, in the 1942 years from 1994 to 52, 1000 x 1000 x 1000 x 1000 x 1000 x 2750 = 275 times 1 denomination was performed.The relatively recent eight years from 1986 to 1994 alone have resulted in a denomination of one in 8 trillion.

    Code position of symbol

    symbolUnicodeJIS X 0213Character referenceName
    Cruzeiro sign

    New real

    The new real (currently the Brazilian real) isHyper inflationAs part of the measures againstItamar FrancoUnder the administration (Minister of Finance at that time)Fernando Enrique CardosoBy "Real Plan" by (led)1994/7/1Was introduced in.

    In Brazil at that time, Kurzeiro Real banknotesRecyclingSince there was no technology to do so, all of them were disposed of after recovery.

    1990/から1994/Until SeptemberU.S. dollarIt fluctuated independently, but from October 1994Management floating exchange rate systemIt became. In the 1994 denomination, the 2750 Kurzeiro Real was converted to 1 Real.This odd rate is against that timeU.S. dollarDetermined by the rate, the rate at the start of the managed market was 1 real = US $ 1.However,1998/The real fall that began in November and the acceptance of $ 11 billion from the IMF,1999/1Can no longer maintain a managed market and is completeFloating exchange rateRe-migrated to.



    There are old coins and new coins.[When?], Both have 1 types of 5 ・ 10 ・ 25 ・ 50 ・ 1 centavo and 6 real.However, the old 1 real coin is2003/12/23Disabled on[3]..Also, 1 centavo coins are no longer manufactured.

    In addition, 2000/ToPedro Alvarez Cabral500 real polymer banknotes were issued and distributed to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the discovery of Brazil by.Cabral is drawn on the front, and various races living in Brazil are drawn on the back.[4].

    The design has undergone minor changes several times, and the latest version as of 2006 has only one real banknote with the country name on the upper left and the bank name on the lower left.[5].

    Exchange rate

    Against the dollar Against the dollar

    Current BRL exchange rate
    Google Finance:AUD CAD CHF CNY EUR GBP HKD JPY (/circleUSD
    Yahoo! Finance:AUD CAD CHF CNY EUR GBP HKD JPY (/circleUSD
    Yahoo! finance:AUD CAD CHF CNY EUR GBP HKD JPY (/circleUSD


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