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⚾ | "I lost it to those who shouldn't make a mistake" DeNA Director Miura regrets one ball lacking "fineness"

Photo DeNA, directed by Daisuke Miura [Photo: Rii Machida]

One ball lacking in "fineness" that DeNA Director Miura regrets "I lost it to those who should not make a mistake"

If you write the contents roughly
Even if you make a mistake in controlling the ball, you need to be careful enough to become a ball.

Declare Murakami, who has two crowns in the Central League, with a pinch and select "game" ... ■ Yakult 2-5 DeNA (3nd, sideways ... → Continue reading


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    Ball control mistake

    Ball (baseball)

    baseballInball(English: ball) isBall as a throw decision(strikeTo the ball)Ball as a toolThere is a (baseball ball).In English, baseball also means baseball.

    Ball as a tool

    JapanIn baseballHardball(Koshikikyu)Semi-hardball(Junkou Shikyu)・SoftballThere are three types of standard balls. Depending on the ball usedBaseball-Semi-rigid baseball-BaseballIt is divided into three baseball forms.


    Hard ballAlso called (Koukyu).1878/ToSpaldingCompany developed[1].cork,rubberOn the core ofyarnWrap it aroundCowhideCovered with[Note 1], Sewn together. As a general rule, there are 1 stitches per ball.[3].. As the name "hard type" means, it is very hard,Dead ballOr when the hit ball hits the body directlyBruise,fractureEtc.injuryIn some cases.

    weight141.7-148.8g,Circumference22.9-23.5cmIt is defined by the official baseball rules. The hard balls used in professional baseball areOfficial sphereIt is called (Koshikikyu). The test of the repulsive force of the ballcommissionerAt 270 km/h (standard relative velocity of ball and bat) calculated by this test by the SecretariatCoefficient of restitutionIs 0.4034-0.4234[4]A ball that meets the criteria of is accepted and the official mark ((Japan Baseball OrganizationMark, proof hologram,Professional baseball commissionerSignature, more than 3 prints)[3][5].

    Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)

    Japanese professional baseball (NPB) official sphere supplier nine in 1980[6], Before 2010Mizuno,Zet,ASICS,Kubota sports equipment store, Nasu Sports[7],SSK,Matsukan Industry7 companies[8]In 2010, there were 4 companies, Mizuno, Z, ASICS, and Kubota sports equipment store.[1].. The material and manufacturing method are slightly different depending on the manufacturer, and there are some differences in function (easy/difficult to jump, easy to grip/hard to grip, etc.)[9][10].. The official ball was selected and used from the balls of four companies at the discretion of the sponsoring team.[11]..Official balls are sold only in small quantities.Also, although it is difficult, in the official match of the XNUMXst ArmyFoul ball or Home runIt is also available as a ball.

    Opened January 2010, 1Japanese professional baseball organizationIn the executive committee,World Baseball ClassicIn order to respond to the increase in international games such as the above and the problem of “flying ball” described later, and to standardize the ball globally, let one company of the official ball in the NPB official game after 2011 supply exclusively. Is decided[1]In 2011, a unified sphere made by Mizuno Co., Ltd. is used.[12].

    It should be noted that the total number of 1 team game balls (including practice and bullpen) for all 12 teams used in one year is said to reach about 2 dozen (about 5000) (Information as of 30. ). In addition, it is also required to have 2013 dozens in stock to prepare for transportation and customs clearance problems.[13].

    Major League Baseball (MLB)

    The first full-scale baseball team that has played with rules similar to current baseball from around 1842,New York KnickerbockersWere sewn by themselves for the first six or seven years, the original ball was handmade and was a valuable item that the winning team could receive as a prize from the losing team.[14].Civil WarBy the end of the 1860s, when baseball fever had risen all at once, many manufacturers started producing balls.[14].Major league baseball The official ball of (MLB) is Spalding from 1878 to 1976, and from 1977RawlingsThe company supplies it exclusively, and as of 2014, RawlingsCosta RicaUses what is produced in the factory[15].. The NPB official ball is the lower limit of the size and weight specified in the baseball rules, while the MLB official ball is the upper limit, so it is slightly larger and heavier than the Japanese official game ball. The texture of the cowhide on the surface is smoother and smoother than that of Japan.[1]The seams are also higher than Japanese balls, and due to the difference in air resistance, the same grip and throwing methodPitch typeHowever, the degree of change is different from the official sphere of Japan.

    Hard ball repulsion test

    NPB is supposed to put an approval stamp on all balls used in the game, but at this time, it is a condition that the repulsive force is within the regulation. The repulsion test is performed about once every two weeks during the season, and each of the products that pass the size criteria is tested.Manufacturer1 of the ballsdozenIt is taken out and inspected. The test method is to eject the ball with a machine and hit it against the wall.The velocity before hitting the wall and the velocity after bouncing are measured, and the coefficient of restitution is calculated from the ratio.[3].

    The problem of "flying ball" and "not flying ball"

    The coefficient of restitution increases due to some factor in the manufacturing process of hard spheres, or the weight decreases and the flight distance increases significantly.RabbitIt is sometimes referred to as a "rabbit ball" or "flying ball".[Note 2].. Rabbit balls are easy for home runs, soStealIt is often criticized because it impairs the importance of play and the pleasure of watching games.

    1910 flying ball
    In MLB1910 World SeriesFor the first time, a flying ball with a cork core was used. The number of 1911% batters increased from 3 in the previous year to 30 in the 57 season after using this ball.[2].
    1931 improvements
    Because the number of home runs was increased by the flying balls and criticism occurred,1931/Has been improved by wrapping the cork with rubber and raising the seams to make it easier for the pitcher to grip.[2].
    1948/ - 1950/Rabbit ball
    Ishii Kajima (Jun Ishii)Common name for balls manufactured by automatic ball manufacturing machines manufactured by. 19489Introduced to NPB as a test1949/Fully used from to 1950. The precision of the ball, which was almost handmade until then, has been dramatically improved by introducing this automatic manufacturing machine. In terms of material, it became possible to manufacture high-quality balls by contracting with a major woolen company for the introduction of machinery for what was inferior to that during the war. In addition to the improvement of the material, the manufacturing method of removing moisture with an electric dryer also contributed to the improvement of the repulsive force. By introducing this ballHome runThe number has increased dramatically. After this, the regulation of repulsive force was made.
    1978/ - 1980/Flying ball
    At the timeMizuno10 balls made by other companiesMetersThe cause was that the ball had a high repulsive force with a long flight distance. In 1978Hankyu BravesIntroduced and won the league record with the batting average, home runs, and goals scored. Then i knew itKintetsu Buffaloes 1979/Introduced to, the league's first batting average and home run record was recorded to achieve the first league title.
    In 1980Pacific LeagueThe number of home runs in the three teams exceeded 3, with 200 home runs in the entire league (1196 on average for one team). A professional baseball commissioner of the time who saw this situation seriouslyTakeshi ShimodaRedesigned the rules for repulsion test[17].
    Flying ball problem in the early 2000s
    2001/It was said that Mizuno's balls of those days had a higher coefficient of restitution than balls made by other companies, making it easier for them to fly. For example,Average number of home runs per game at Tokyo Dome (official game) The1988/Is 1.31While it was (112 in 147 games)2004/Is 3.43The home run rate increased to 76 times or more (261 in 2.6 games). Also,In 2004, 3% of the 36 batters reached the designated bats(21 people, 15 people). Other,2003/Switched to MizunoYokohama Bay StarsIncreased the number of home runs by 95 from the previous year. In the 2004 seasonChunichi DragonsIs basedNagoya DomeSome of the balls used in the game were switched from Mizuno to those made by Mizuno (which are said to fly less than Mizuno) by the opponent.[18].. In 2005, when these were seen as problems, Mizuno's newly developed "low-resilience ball" was adopted by eight teams including Giant, Yokohama, and Softbank. As a result, the total number of home runs in 8 decreased by 2005.2010/, Which was made by Mizuno in both league 11 teams, is still said to be easier to hit distance compared to other companies.
    Problems with unified sphere in the first half of the 2010s
    Unified sphere used in 2011 and 2012 and unified sphere change issue in 2013

    As stated above, from the 2011 criticism that different balls were used for each team, and the purpose of bringing them closer to the balls adopted in international games such as WBC, from the 12 fiscal year all XNUMX teamsMizunoWe adopted a unified sphere made of low-resilience rubber material. Mizuno explains that the flight distance can be reduced by about 1 meter[12]However, as a result of various conditions such as the change of strike zone, the number of home runs in both leagues has decreased sharply from 2010 to 1605.[19].

    The unified sphere is said to fly less than the MLB sphere, and if the MLB official sphere and the unified sphere were actually dropped from the same height, the MLB official sphere tended to bounce higher.[20].. In particular, in 2012, from the opening to April 4, 25 out of 123 games in the baseball team were recorded as abnormally high pitch lows with 38 games closed[20]Others were done in JapanYomiuri Giantsas well as the Hanshin TigersSeattle Marinersas well as the Auckland AthleticsBased on the testimony that "the major ball flies," from several MLB hitters who hit the unified ball and NPB hitters who hit the ball used in the MLB in a friendly match with[21]On April 4th, the athletes' group issued a request to verify the unified ball[19].. : Also, in terms of adapting to the international competition which was another purpose,2013 World Baseball Classic(WBC) is completely different from the ball used,It was hard to say that I had achieved my purpose[Source required][22].

    On June 2013, 6, NPB announced at a press conference that the coefficient of restitution of the ball may have fallen below the standard value in past repulsion tests. Although it was within the standard in the unannounced inspection in 11, the average restitution coefficient of the balls collected from multiple stadiums in the inspection in 2011 greatly exceeded the average restitution coefficient of 2012-0.4134 which is the standard of NPB. Sometimes even recorded 0.4374, which is below[23].. However, in fact, the average value was below the standard in all four inspections in 2011 and three inspections in 4, and it was revealed that balls below the regulation were used before 2012 as well.[24].. Also, although the reduction in flight distance was about 1 meter due to the specifications, a survey by a specialized organization also showed that it was shortened by 3 meters.[23].. Along with that, it was also revealed that Mizuno requested that it not fall below the lower limit from fiscal 2013 in the summer of 2012. Originally, it was rumored that the ball became easier to fly in 2013, and 73% of the players answered that the ball of the year (2013) will fly.[25].. The average home run per game was also higher than in 1 and 2011[26][27].. When I actually cracked the 2012 ball and the 2013 ball and examined it, there was also a survey result that the feel of the cork material in the center of the ball became hard in 2013.[28].

    The NPB side concealed this fact by requesting Mizuno company to "not disclose the adjustment of the ball specifications", and the player's association falsely explained that "the specifications have not changed". Acknowledged the changes at a press conference on June 6[23][29].

    The record of the home run caused by the change of the unified ball is shown below.[30].

    Ryozo KatoWhile the commissioner apologized for causing the confusion, he denied that "I didn't know until yesterday" about Secretary-General Shimoda's claim that the change was made with Kato's approval, and a reporter pursuing responsibility "I don't think it caused a scandal,"[31][32].. However, it was discovered during the interview that in fact, he received reports of the unified ball inspection from time to time.[33], Which led to the situation that the Kato Commissioner was forced to resign.

    After 2014

    On January 2014, 1, NPB changed the standard value of the restitution coefficient of the unified sphere from "20-0.4134" to "0.4374-0.4034"[4].. When the 2014 season started, it became clear that the average value of the sampling inspection by NPB was "0.4034", which exceeded the standard value "0.4234-0.426", and the ball maker Mizuno company collects the ball and Measures for sorting and future manufacturing processes announced[34].. As a result, there was a protest from the professional baseball players' association that the inspection based on the standard value has a narrow tolerance range and there are too many "violation" balls. At the same time, the sampling inspection that was conventionally performed after delivery was switched to the inspection before delivery.[35].

    Other processing

    Ball with serial number
    MLBThen, when the hit record, which is attracting a lot of attention, is about to be updated, the league system speciallyserial number,hologramPrepare a game ball with a sticker. This is a mark that identifies the ball used when achieving the record,auctionIt is a measure to prevent counterfeit goods from circulating around. As an example where balls with serial numbers have been used so far,Barry BondsWhen the total home run record ofAlex RodriguezWhen the youngest 500 homers hit (both in 2007),IchiroWhen the record hits most in the season is achieved (2004).


    Semi-rigid baseballWith balls used inSemi-hard sphereAlso called (Junkoukyu).The core is made in the same way as a hardball, but the surface is made of rubber instead of cowhide.It is located between the hardball and the softball in terms of manufacturing method and hardness.


    BaseballIn the balls used inSoft ballAlso called (Nankyu).Official baseball rulesAccording to the material直径・ It is roughly divided into m-ball (junior high school students and above) and J-ball (elementary school students) according to the difference in weight and repulsion.On the ballHeartIs engraved.The repulsion in the table below is from a height of 150 cm大理石The height of the bounce that was dropped on a board[36][37][38].

    M number71.5-72.5 mm136.2-139.8g70.0-90.0 cm
    No. J68.5-69.5 mm128.2-131.8g60.0-80.0 cm

    K ball

    A ball made of rubber that has characteristics similar to hard balls. For the purpose of smoothing the transition from softball to hardball2000/Was developed in. From 2015 to 2017 it was called the KWB ball.

    Ball as a throw decision

    The ball as a throwing judgment ispitcherThe pitch ofStrike ZoneJudgment given when you do not pass[39].Ball sphereAlso called (ball gama).

    When the batter is sentenced to the fourth ball, he is safely allowed to proceed to first base without fear of being out (Four ballsbyFirst base).

    1872/Added to the rules as "unfair balls"[40].. "Unfair balls" means "unhitable" (illegal) pitches in baseball, which is a "hit" sport. After that, the part "Unfair" was omitted.

    Conditions under which the ball is declared

    The prerequisite is that the batter makes a batting motion (striking,Empty swingDo not cause).

    • PitchingStrike ZoneIf did not pass.
    • When the pitch touches the ground. Even if it passes the strike zone after this, it does not become a strike.
    • If the pitcher touches the batter but the batter does not try to avoid it (Dead ballIt doesn't. However, only three balls will be dead).

    In addition, the ball will be declared in the following cases:

    • When he is a non-runner, the pitcherFoul pitchingIf you commit.Balk is not recorded.
    • When a non-runner, the pitcher possesses the ball and does not throw it within 12 seconds (2006 seconds until FY20 in Japan) from when the batter faced the pitcher in a striking posture. Is judged to have "throwed" when he leaves.)

    Ball declaration

    Ball refereeWhen he declares the ball, he utters "ball" without moving his face or hands while keeping his seat down to judge the pitch. Do not shake the head, shake one hand downwards, show the posture to cut your eyes from the pitch, or make a judgment without speaking. Especially moving one handstrikeIt may be misunderstood that it should not be done.



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