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⚾ | [High School Baseball Spring Kanto District Tournament Quarterfinals] Starting soon!Maebashi Ikuei vs Yamanashi Gakuin

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[High School Baseball Spring Kanto District Tournament Quarterfinals] Starting soon!Maebashi Ikuei vs Yamanashi Gakuin

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After this, from 5/23 10:00, a match between Maebashi Ikuei High School (boys) vs Yamanashi Gakuin High School (boys) will be held at the Tochigi Prefectural Sports Park Baseball Stadium.

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    High School Baseball Spring Kanto District Tournament Maebashi Ikuei High School (Men) vs Yamanashi Gakuin High School (Men)

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      Tochigi Prefectural Sports Park

      Tochigi Prefectural Sports Park(Tochigiken Sogoun Dokouen)TochigiIs installed[1]ToGeneral sports park.Designated manager systemIs managed and operated by the Tochigi Prefectural Park Welfare Association.[2]..It is called "Comprehensive Grand" by the citizens of the prefecture and is widely known.


      In 1948 (Showa 23) the previous yearThe Constitution of JapanTo commemorate the promulgation, based on donations from the citizens of the prefecture, as part of measures to foster healthy citizens of the prefecture, through an unemployment countermeasure project by closing large and small factoriesOtani stoneBy working with all human power by an average of 300 people per day and more than 600 workers at the peak[3],1952/(27) Opened in June[4].

      In 1967 (Showa 42), based on the "Utsunomiya Comprehensive Athletic Park Basic Plan" that was drafted in response to the announcement to attract the National Athletic Meet, major renovations were carried out for the National Athletic Meet, and in 1980 (Showa 55). To35th National Sports Festival(Tochinoha National Athletic Meet) was held.

      From 2015 month2022/ Of77th National Sports Festival(Ichigo Ichikai Tochigi National Athletic Meet) Adjacent to the eventUtsunomiya RacecourseThe development of a comprehensive sports zone has begun, including the site of the former site and the site of the Tochigi Prefectural Police Mobile Center.[5].

      Proposed site

      The first candidate for the general sports park was the former military reservation west of Gokoku Shrine, but it was frustrated by the opposition of the Kunimoto Village Agricultural Land Committee.At your current location, during the war1943/The winter runway of Nakajima Aircraft was added in Japan, but the war ended with almost no use.However, because the topsoil of the forest was cut into strips, it was left unattended without any other uses.This is a vast area of ​​11 tsubo, and although it was owned by the landowner of Nishikawada and Hyogotsuka outside of Yokokawa Village, it was unsuitable for farming.The prefecture paid attention to this, and negotiations with the landowner were concluded with the cooperation of the mayor of Sugatagawa and the influential people in the village. Developed as a continuous business for 4000 years[6][7].

      History of facility maintenance


      Issue 1

      An athletic field, a baseball field, a baseball field, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a children's pool, a volleyball field, a sumo field, an archery field, a soccer / rugby field, a management office / training camp, and an amusement park have been developed.

      Athletics stadium (first generation)
      Construction started in October 1948 and completed in October 10. She was dismantled in 1949.
      The location is almost the same as the 2nd generation athletics stadium (currently the 2nd athletics stadium).
      Baseball field (first generation)
      Construction started in December 1948 and completed on July 12, 1949. 7 Stand dismantling.
      The location is almost the same as it is now.
      Old baseball field A / B
      Construction started in September 1949 and completed on March 9, 1950.
      The place is the current central square.
      Old baseball field C
      Construction started in September 1954 and completed on March 4, 1956.
      Old baseball field D
      Completed March 1958, 3.
      Swimming pool
      Completed in 1950.Otani stoneIt was a stand.
      The Oya stone stand was dismantled due to the renovation to the second phase.
      Children's pool
      Completed in 1951.
      Volleyball field
      Completed March 1950, 12.
      Soccer/Rugby field
      Completed March 1953, 3.
      Old office and training camp
      Completed on April 1949, 4.Two-story wooden structure.
      Old amusement park
      Construction started in 1950 and completed in 1960.
      The location is the same as it is now and has been renovated for the second phase.

      Issue 2

      Training center, training camp andamusement parkAll facilities except "Tochinoki Family Land" are available from 8:30 to 18:10 (2:17 from October to February).In addition, there is a holiday period for the year-end and New Year holidays.[8].

      Athletics stadium (2nd generation)
      Completed in 1979 monthJapan Land FederationType 2 official stadium.Kanto Soccer League OfTochigi City Football Club,Japan Women's Soccer League(Nadeshiko League) It is also used for games such as the first division.
      The inside of the track (field)Natural grassIt has become.The number of spectators is 24,000 (the number of seats is about 7,000, only the main stand has fixed seats and the others are grass seats).
      In the past when I belonged to JFLTochigi SCThe main game was also held,J2It is not currently used because it does not meet the above-mentioned holding specifications.
      Auxiliary stadium
      It is installed on the west side of the athletics field and the road.
      It was closed on October 3, 2017 due to the construction of a parking lot in the third phase of maintenance.
      Baseball field
      From the old name "Tochigi Prefectural StadiumAlso called.The current facility was completed in July 1979[9].high school baseballAnd so onAmateur baseballIn addition to being used in official games, it used to beProfessional baseballIt was also used in official games. In 2017Baseball Challenge LeagueJoinedTochigi Golden BravesIs conducting an official game[10].
      Both wings are 98m, mid-level is 122m, and infield isClay pavement, The outfield is natural grass.The number of spectators is 15,395.The scoreboard was an electric type, but it became an LED type in the renovation in 2014.
      Baseball field
      There are three sides from A to C, of ​​which two sides, A ground and B ground, are adjacent on the outfield side. The C ground is located away from the tennis court and across the road, and can be used for hard or semi-hard type.
      Swimming pool
      It was completed in March 1979.Official 3m pool (water depth 50m), official 1.5m pool (water depth 25m), auxiliary pool, wading pool, official diving pool (water depth 1.15m)[9]..As it is an outdoor facility, it can be used only in the summer.
      Due to the third phase of maintenance, it was closed on August 3, 2016, and demolition was started except for the diving pool.
      Ball game open space
      The field is clay.The audience seats are grass seats, except that seats are installed only behind the back net when used as a baseball field.Due to the structure of the stadium, there are no seats in the outfield on the left side.It is widely used from official competitions to athletic meet at the citizen level.The number of spectators is 1,800 (of which 50 seats are installed).
      It was closed due to the material storage area associated with the third phase of maintenance.After maintenance, it will be reborn as a new rugby field.
      Tennis court
      All 16 sides of artificial turf (omni coat) with sand.There is a clubhouse with a broadcasting room.There is a small bench seat type spectator seat in the aisle facing the clubhouse on the 5th and 16th courts.
      Soccer field
      The field is natural turf.The audience capacity is 1,000 (all seats are lawn seats).It can be used only for the purpose of holding the tournament.
      It is closed as of July 3 due to the third phase of maintenance.
      Rugby field
      Established in 1 for the first phase.The field is natural turf. Until 1953, it was also used as the stage for the National High School Rugby Prefectural Qualifying Final.The audience capacity is 1991 (all seats are lawn seats).It can be used only for the purpose of holding the tournament.
      It was closed in December 3 for the third maintenance.The new rugby field has been relocated to the current ball game plaza, and the site of the current rugby field is being used as a parking lot.
      Sumo ground
      training center
      It was completed in September 1979.It has a gymnasium and training facilities.In addition to the age limit, the latter personal use has certain restrictions such as requiring the completion of the course.Use time is from 9:8 to 30:21.
      Due to the deterioration of the facility, it will be closed and demolished due to the third maintenance.The gymnasium function will be replaced by a new gymnasium, and training facilities will be enhanced with a new stadium (specialized training) and a new gymnasium (general training such as personal use).[9].
      Training camp
      An accommodation facility attached to the administration building that can be used by groups of 20 or more for the purpose of competitive training. It is a shared room with bunk beds, and the maximum capacity is 2 people (102 people room x 8 rooms, 12 rooms x 2 people).Usage times such as meals, curfew, and turn-off time are set.
      Equipment renewal work is planned for the third phase of maintenance.
      Prefectural Gymnasium Annex
      The former firefighting school indoor training ground completed in 53 was renovated in 2005 and opened in March 2006.[9].. A boxing ring is permanently installed in the main arena on the first floor. There is a viewing space and a table tennis court on the 1nd floor.
      A major renovation was carried out in 2005.It will continue to be used in the third phase of maintenance.
      Tochinoki Family Land
      An amusement park set up in the park.
      Parking Lot
      There are three parking lots, including the north parking lot for Tochinoki Family Land, which can be used free of charge, but are closed at night.It can accommodate 3 large vehicles and 48 ordinary vehicles.
      The number of cars that can be accommodated will temporarily decrease due to partial closure during the third phase of maintenance work, but the number of cars that can be accommodated will increase after the completion of the third phase of construction due to the conversion of existing facilities into parking lots.
      Aquatic Botanical Garden and others
      Administration Building
      It was completed in March 1973. The park office, shops and restaurants are located on the 3st floor, and the Tochigi Prefectural Park Office is located on the 1nd floor.
      Central square
      A lawn plaza surrounded by an administration building, an athletics field, and a baseball field.
      As mentioned above, the site of the first softball baseball field.

      Issue 3

      It was in the vicinity of this Tochigi Sports ParkUtsunomiya Racecourse(The racetrack is2005/There are plans to build a new athletics stadium and gymnasium on the site of the abolition).In addition, we are aiming for integrated maintenance with the above existing facilities, and we will formulate an overall concept in 2013, and from 2014 we will start basic setting → construction, and we plan to complete the construction in 2021.Comprehensive sports zone maintenance[11]As a result, from around November 2015, logging of trees for the renovation work of A ground and road expansion work was started.

      Kanseki Stadium Tochigi(Athletics and soccer field)
      Newly established on the site of the Utsunomiya Racecourse.J League licenseDoes not meet some of the criteriaTochigi Green StadiumInstead ofTochigi SCIs being considered, including its use as a home[12].. It was announced that it will be in service on May 2020, 5, and that five of the Tochigi SC home games for the 6 season will be held at this stadium, but to prevent infection and spread of the new coronavirus. The start of service was postponed, and general service started in August of the same year (two games were held in December for the J League official game, and the registered base remains Grista after 2020, and the majority of the games hosted by the year are held). ..
      2nd athletics stadium
      Diverted track and field stadium (2nd generation).It was closed on October 3, 2017 for the third phase of maintenance, seismic retrofitting was carried out, and use was resumed on April 10, 2.
      At the time of renovation, the Japan Association of Athletics Federations official recognition was changed from Type 2 standard to Type 3 standard (treated as an auxiliary stadium for Kanseki Stadium Tochigi), and the all-weather truck is blue.[13].
      Baseball field (main ball field)
      The basic facilities remain in the second phase.In the third maintenance, the use was temporarily stopped from October 2, and the use was resumed in July 3.[14]..Infield seats or settee seats have been changed to individual seats, and outfield seats have been changed from lawn seats to concrete seats, as well as elevators, 6 night game lights, spot coolers (inside the bench), waiting rooms, and indoor practice areas.[14].. 『AleAfter the warKoshien StadiumTaken as (partly CG)[15]
      Japanese-style baseball field A
      Moved the infield from southeast to northwest due to the third phase of maintenance.A new warm-up area was established adjacent to the stadium. The A ground was significantly renewed (completed in July 3), and the C ground was netted from the embankment on the north side due to road expansion.
      Nikkan Arena Tochigi(East area indoor competition facility)
      Newly established on the site of the Tochigi Prefectural Police Mobile Center.It has a main arena, a sub arena, and an indoor swimming pool.It is a four-story reinforced steel structure with a total floor area of ​​4 square meters and a total construction cost of approximately 3 billion yen.
      The main arena can secure 4 basketball courts,Utsunomiya BreakfastAlso used as a home arena.
      Utsunomiya City's industrial waste treatment industry, Niwwa, has acquired the naming right and will use the name "Nikkan Arena Tochigi" from the time of opening.[16].
      Yukei Budokan (Budojo)
      It has a main martial arts hall, a sub martial arts hall, and an archery hall (near and far).Newly built on the site of the swimming pool used from the 1st to the 2nd period.
      Utsunomiya City's construction industry, Yukei Kogyo, acquires the naming right and uses the name "Yukei Budokan".[16].
      Parking Lot
      The number of parking spaces will be 2, such as by converting the facilities in the second phase into parking lots.

      Wakamatsuhara Shrine

      In the eastern part of NishikawadaUjigamiIt was built in 2600 (Showa 1940) to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the imperial era as a center of unity and religious beliefs, but it was incorporated into the park due to the development of a comprehensive sports park from 1948.The site area is about 60 tsubo, and the annual festival is held on November 11th every year.[17].Tochinoki Family LandLocated on the south side.



      Access as of March 2022[18]

      Public transport
      Private car


      2021/(3nd year of Reiwa)3/30On the city road on the west side of the general sports parkRoundaboutWas installed[19]..This is the second installation in Tochigi prefecture and the first in the city.[19].


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