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⚾ | Daisuke Matsuzaka and Higashio's grandchildren “return” the 200-win commemorative ball, entrusting the promise of 24 years ago to the next generation

Photo Daisuke Matsuzaka who appeared at the "MLB CUP 2021" activity plan presentation [Photo: Yasushi Kobayashi]

"Return" the 200-win commemorative ball to the grandchildren of Daisuke Matsuzaka and Higashio.

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Mr. Matsuzaka was nominated by Seibu at the 1998 draft meeting and joined from Yokohama High School.

Mr. Matsuzaka, Mr. Riko Higashio, and Mr. Hisashi Iwakuma attended the "MLB CUP 2021" activity plan presentation sponsored by AIG Seibu, ... → Continue reading


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Draft meeting

Draft meetingWhat is (draft key)?Professional sportsleagueIn, a meeting held to distribute players (negotiation contract rights with players) to each team. Besides getting new peopleRule Five Draft,Expansion draftAlthough it may be adopted as, etc., this section describes a conference for recruiting new players.

The Draft Conference was held in 1936 to balance the strength of the team and control contract price spikes.NFLIt was adopted for the first time in Japan, and has been adopted in the four major professional sports in North America as well as in professional baseball in Japan[1].


The purpose of the draft system is to balance the strength of forces between teams and control the rise in contract money.[1].

Originally, players should have the freedom to choose a team, and in fact, the draft system is not adopted in professional soccer leagues in European countries.[1].. However, if each team can contract with players freely, the teams with a lot of money will be unevenly distributed, leading to a decline in the popularity of the professional league as a whole, resulting in a disadvantage to the players. System is adopted[1].

1936/ToNFLSince it was first introduced in1965/MLB and NPB (Japan Baseball Organization OfNew player selection meeting) Has also spread beyond the boundaries of competition and countries[1].. Although it is held in professional sports leagues mainly in North America, restrictions on freedom of contract and recent yearsAntitrust lawIn many cases it can not be implemented unless it is subject to exceptions by law because it conflicts with such things, it is banned in Europe, and players are acquired under free competition in these countries.

In the North American professional league, the income of TV broadcasting is distributed evenly to each team regardless of the popularity of the game, and it is devised so that the abilities of all the teams are competitive in terms of budget. In addition, such a system is because the number of teams themselves is artificially limited in American professional sports, and profitability is improved by intentionally creating an oligopoly state. Has been endorsed from a political perspective in the form of legal exceptions.

On the other hand, as mentioned above, in many countries including Europe, such exceptions are not allowed, so complete free competition is the principle for acquiring and transferring professional sports league players, Looking at the team side, there is a limit to the number of teams that can participate in the league of the highest category, but there is no limit on the number of professional teams themselves or barriers to new entry, so it is said that it is a professional league. However, in one country, there may be more than 1 teams crowded from the top category to the lower category at the end of the region. These professional teams negotiate freely with thousands of players, taking into consideration strengthening strategies and financial power, and conclude a contract if both parties are satisfied with the content of the negotiation. However, from the perspective of league management, complete free competition is ensured so that during the season, players do not transfer with each other, the team does not trade a large number of players under the name of reinforcement, or withdrawals arbitrarily. Even in principle, rules such as prohibition and procedural restrictions on transfer/trading during the season and cancellation of contracts are established for each professional league according to the actual situation. Meanwhile, in Europe, ice hockeyKHLThe draft meeting is exceptionally adopted because there are few teams.

From the side of the nominated players, the draft conference system also has a problem that the originally desired right to select a team cannot be exercised because it is obstructed by the league's management purpose.[1].. In addition, when nominated, it is ranked such as "XX team's draft ○ rank" or "draft overall rank ○ rank", so the evaluation as immediate fighting power appears straight, and the lower the rank, the more immediate evaluation. It will be regarded as a player with low expectations. Since it is a meeting to decide the right to negotiate, even if nominated, there will be players who refuse to join the team at the time due to reasons such as the above.

As mentioned above, in the initial stage, it is a conference to distribute the "negotiation right" to join players who want to acquire, but in recent years especially in the league that regards the league as a single corporate entityTry outThe number of conferences, which are solely for the purpose of balancing the strengths of distributing the players selected according to the above, is increasing (bj league draft conference). Also, a league that limits player acquisition to joining the draftOutside the draftThere is a league that admits.

In addition, the professional sports draft conference is an event that draws a lot of social attention, and in most professional sports leagues that have a draft system, almost all new players go through the course of becoming professional players.Rite of passageSince it has one side, there are not a few professional sports that showcase the draft conference itself and hold it as a regular off-season event.

the way

The distribution system differs depending on the league, but the typical one is to nominate one player from the team with the lowest performance in order. At this time, a player designated by one team cannot be designated by another team. When all teams have completed their nominations one by one, they will enter the second round, and will appoint one player at a time from the subordinate teams. After repeating this process and assigning players to each team, the team negotiates contracts with the nominated players. In Japan, the method of nominating the lower teams in this way is "Weber method"On the contrary, nomination from the top team in orderReverse Weber method".

However, in the Weber method, the lowest rank is the highest rank, so it is defeated because I want to acquire the desired player (Matchfix, Lethargic match), and for the players, the right to negotiate is almost decided after the ranking is decided, and there is a risk of refusing to participate in the draft, so the nomination ranking called "lottery" described later is used. There are also leagues with some ingenuity such as a lottery method and a bid lottery method.

A negotiation period will be set up after the meeting, during which the teams nominated can negotiate exclusively. If the deadline is reached without joining the team, the draft meeting will be held again, but depending on the league, it may be free negotiation.


NBA,NHLAdopted by etc.

Lottery (lottery=from among the teams that failed to advance to the playoffs in the top partial nomination order)Lottery) It is a system decided by. When the nomination of the lottery target is completed, the normal Weber system will be used thereafter.

Bid lottery

Adopted in Japan's professional baseball (NPB) and professional basketball (bj league since 2012).

This is a system in which all participating teams make nominations at the same time, and if the nominations overlap, a lottery is conducted. Only the first round is targeted.

Transfer of nomination and preferential negotiation rights

Depending on the leaguetrade,Free agentDepending on the case, draft nomination rights and preferential negotiation rights may be transferred.

  • In the NBA, it is possible to tie the draft superior designation right and the preferential negotiation right into the trade.
  • MLBSince 1978, when a player who meets specific conditions transfers to FA, the draft nomination right will be lost and compensation will occur.
  • In NFL, limited FA andFranchise playerDraft nomination rights are transferred as compensation for the FA transfer. There are many movements by trading.

Nomination right

Teams that violate player acquisition may be subject to penalties for stripping all or part of their draft nomination rights, depending on the degree. As a main caseSeibu LionsDue to fraud scouting problems2007 High School DraftThe nomination rights of the top two players have been stripped.

Nomination target

The target is basically a player outside the league, but the qualifications differ depending on the league.

範 囲

The range of nominations can be broadly divided into cases where only athletes in a limited area (often in the same country) are nominated, and cases where athletes in and outside Japan are targeted. Basically, it targets amateur players,Independent LeagueIncluding professional contract players from other leagues.

Limited area
  • MLB/NPB/bj league etc.
  • Domestic athletes include not only nationality holders of the country concerned, but also foreign national athletes and athletes who have been educated in the country.
  • In the case of the NPB/bj league, even if you have experience as an overseas professional, if you do not go through the league, you will be eligible for drafting.
Domestic and overseas
  • NBA/NFL etc.
  • In the case of NBA, professional athletes from other countries are also included.
Domestic and overseas division

Qualified age

There are various qualification ages depending on the league, such as when it is possible to have a junior high school degree or when a university degree is obtained. Even if you are a university graduate, in NFL/NBAEarly entryMay be recognized.

In these cases, as a general rule, only university graduates are eligible for nomination, but as a special case, early entry is a system that allows them to be nominated even while at school.

In the case of NFL, it is necessary to pass 3 years, but in the case of NBA, it is possible for 1 or 2 years.

Draft meeting adoption example

Country and organization

United States/Canada


South Korea


Russia and others

Organizations that were implemented in the past

United States/Canada


South Korea


Draft meeting as a metaphorical expression

  • Besides sports, it is a Japanese female idol groupAKB48 GroupAt irregular intervals,AKB48 Group Draft ConferenceWe hold a member audition event entitled ".
  • Especially during the Hashimoto Cabinet,Administrative reformIn the process of public worksRiggingWith the intent of being half institutionalized,Draft meetingIt was expressed in press terms.


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