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⚾ | Giants erase Yuki Takahashi Hawk Takashi Umino, Ham Kaneko & Takahama unregistered 23rd announcement

Photo Softbank Takashi Umino (left), Giant Yuki Takahashi [Photo: Kazuto Fujiura, Yushi Arakawa]

Giants erase Yuki Takahashi Hawk Takashi Umino, Ham Kaneko & Takahama unregistered 23rd announcement

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Naomasa Yokawa infielder has been unregistered in Hanshin.

Ryota Ishioka and Ryuku Tsuchida were erased on the middle day. At the announcement of professional baseball on the 23rd, the giant canceled the registration of pitcher Yuki Takahashi.So ... → Continue reading


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InfielderWhat is (Naiyashu, English: infielder, IF)?baseball or soft ballso,infieldDefend, (catcherSeen from the right)First baseman(First) ・second baseman(second)·shortstop(short)·third baseman(Third) 4 players (fielder) Is a general term.note that,Official baseball rulesThen, "a fielder who takes a defensive position in the infield"[1]AndpitcherIn a broad sense, he is an infielder (because he will protect the infield like any other infielder after pitching).


Infielders are usually used for pitching and returning利 き 手On the other sideHandToGrabWear a ball-catching armor called (glove).First basemanMittIs usually used.Throwing a ballDue to the direction of, the player who throws right is usually appointed because the play will be delayed unless he throws to the right except for the first baseman.Left-handed is advantageous for first baseman, but since it is a position that prioritizes striking power, both right-handed and left-handed players can be seen.

Los Angeles DodgersFor many years in charge of educating scouts and athletesAl CampanisIs the book "Dodger Tactics],Minor leagueIn a B-class game, the second baseman moved every time the catcher gave a sign, and the opponent team detected it and read the ball distribution and lost a lot. You should never move after you put it out. "[2].


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