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⚽ | "Japan's lowest-waisted national team player" Hiroaki Morishima is the only J-Club top among the 23 members [2002 Japan-Korea ...

Photo The president's business arrives at the board and the personality is also (photographed) Etsuko Motokawa

Hiroaki Morishima, the "lowest representative player in Japan", is the only one among the 23 members to be the top of the J club [2002 Japan and Korea ...

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The Japanese national team, led by French coach Philippe Troussier, broke through the group league for the first time in history.

[Current location of the 2002 Japan-Korea World Cup warriors] # 1 Hiroaki Morishima (President of Cerezo Osaka / 50 years old) With Japan in 2002 ... → Continue reading

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French director Troussier

Break through the group league


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