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⛳ | “Redhead” is the test taker Yosuke Asaji aiming for a major domestic title [Who's birthday today? ]

Photo The current hair color is pinkish red (photo by Keita Ueyama)

The test-taker is "Redhead" Yosuke Asaji aiming for a major domestic title [Who's birthday today? ]

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In the same year, it was a leap season, with the second win of the tour being achieved by reversing at the "ANA Open".

Yosuke Asaji, who has won three tours in total, turned 3 today on May 5th.This season, in the domestic opening round, his hair ... → Continue reading

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ANA Open Golf Tournament

ANA Open Golf Tournament(ANA Open Golf Tournament) is held in the 9rd week of September every year.All Nippon AirwaysSponsored by (ANA),Japan Golf Tour Organization(JGTO) Certified Men's ProfessionalGolfTournamentIs one of theHokkaidoKitahiroshima CityIt is inSapporo Golf ClubIt is set in the Wattsu course.2021/Currently, the total prize money is 1 million yen and the winning prize is 2000 million yen.

Tournament history

  • 1971/ToSapporo TV Broadcasting Started as "STV Cup Sapporo Open Golf Tournament" by 3 days competition co-sponsored by (STV) and Sapporo Golf Club of the holding course.1973/ANA is new from now onsponsorIt was reborn as "All Nippon Airways Sapporo Open Golf Tournament", and the tournament became a four-day competition.After that, it became the current tournament name from 4 after the name of "All Japan Sky Open Golf Tournament" (since 1986).[3].
  • The 2018 tournamentHokkaido Iburi Eastern EarthquakeWas canceled due to the influence of[4], Sponsored by ANA issued a statement that part of the prize money will be used to support the disaster area.
  • The 2019 tournament will be held every yearRugby World Cup Japan TournamentMatchSapporo DomeIn consideration of the impact on infrastructure, we took measures to advance the holding time by one week.[5].
  • 2020 was canceled due to the spread of new coronavirus infection[6].
  • Since the 2021 event is being adjusted, it was not scheduled for the original tour, but it will be held on March 3, the same year.[7]

Successive winners

Held yearNumber of timesWinner nameHeld course
2022/48 timesHeld from September 9nd to 15thSapporo Golf Club Wattsu Course
2021/47 timesZimbabwe flag [2]
2019/46 timesJapanese flag Yosuke Asaji[1]
2017/45 timesJapanese flag Yuta Ikeda[8]
2016/44 timesAustralian flag Brendan Jones[9]
2015/43 timesJapanese flag Ryo Ishikawa[10]
2014/42 timesJapanese flag Katsumasa Miyamoto[11]
2013/41 timesJapanese flag Koda Komei[12]
2012/40 timesJapanese flag Hiroyuki Fujita[13]
2011/39 timesAustralian flag (English edition[14]
2010/38 timesJapanese flag Yuta Ikeda[15]
2009/37 timesJapanese flag Toru Taniguchi[16]
2008/36 timesJapanese flag Azuma Yano[17]
2007/35 timesJapanese flag (English edition
2006/34 timesJapanese flag Tomohiro Kondo
2005/33 timesJapanese flag Keiichiro Fukahori
2004/32 timesKingdom of Thailand flag (English edition
2003/31 timesRepublic of China flag
2002/30 timesJapanese flag Shoji Ozaki
2001/29 timesRepublic of China flag
2000/28 timesJapanese flag Nobuto Sato
1999/27 timesJapanese flag Kazuhiko Hosokawa
1998/26 timesJapanese flag Keiichiro Fukahori
1997/25 timesJapanese flag Shinichi Yokota
1996/24 timesParaguay flag (English edition
1995/23 timesJapanese flag Shoji Ozaki
1994/22 times
1993/21 timesJapanese flag Nakajima TsuneyukiSapporo Golf Club Yuni Course[18]
1992/20 timesJapanese flag Shoji OzakiSapporo Golf Club Wattsu Course[19]
1991/19 timesJapanese flag Akiyoshi Ohmachi
1990/18 timesJapanese flag Nakajima Tsuneyuki
1989/17 timesJapanese flag Shoji Ozaki
1988/16 timesJapanese flag Naomichi OzakiSapporo Golf Club Yuni Course
(7,031 yards, par 72)
1987/15 timesJapanese flag Isao Aoki
1986/14 timesJapanese flag Kuramoto MasahiroSapporo Golf Club Wattsu Course
(7,100 yards, par 72)
1985/13 timesJapanese flag Nakajima Tsuneyuki
1984/12 timesJapanese flag Izumikawa Pete
1983/11 timesJapanese flag Nakajima Tsuneyuki
1982/10 timesJapanese flag Norio Suzuki
1981/9 timesJapanese flag Kuramoto Masahiro
1980/8 timesJapanese flag Teruo Sugihara
1979/7 timesAustralian flag (English edition
1978/6 timesJapanese flag Teruo Sugihara
1977/5 times
1976/4 timesJapanese flag Takashi Murakami
1975/3 timesRepublic of China flag
1974/2 timesJapanese flag Shoji Ozaki
1973/1 times

2018 has been canceled due to the impact of the earthquake as mentioned above[4].

TV broadcast

  • For TV broadcasting, Sapporo TV is the production station.Nippon Television Network (NNS)It is recorded and broadcast on the nationwide network. On the third day, 3 NNS affiliated stations (Akita Broadcasting-Yamanashi broadcasting-Northern Japan Broadcasting-Fukui Broadcasting-Shikoku Broadcasting-Kochi Broadcasting-TV Oita(Excluding), and on the final day with 24 NNS affiliated stations (excluding Akita Broadcasting, Yamanashi Broadcasting, Kitanihon Broadcasting, Fukui Broadcasting, Shikoku Broadcasting)Ryukyu Broadcasting(TBS series) Is broadcast on a total of 25 stations.also,Shikoku BroadcastingWas replaced by a local sponsor and was netted only in 2011.In addition, CS broadcastingNippon TelezitasHowever, since it is broadcast, it is possible to watch the tournament even in areas where terrestrial broadcasting is not available, if you subscribe to a channel.
  • Although the tournament was canceled in 2018 as mentioned above, although the TV broadcasting itself has been reorganized in the broadcasting frame locally in Hokkaido, it was announced that the broadcasting content will be changed and broadcast in the broadcasting frame for the whole country. The scheduled broadcast frame for the second day was local to Hokkaido, but this day was limited to Sapporo TV.Yomiuri TelevisionA nationwide wide show of production "Information Live Miyaneya』It was planned to return to the net temporarily after 14:55, but the same program will be fully netted as in the normal organization. The scheduled broadcast on the third day was "ANA Open Golf Tournament-The Famous Scenes of Fierce Fighting-", and the scheduled broadcast on the final day was "Energize Hokkaido! ANA Open Golf Tournament".


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