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⚾ | [High School Baseball Spring Hokkaido District Tournament Round 1] Starting soon!Shiriuchi vs Komadai Tomakomai

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[High School Baseball Spring Hokkaido District Tournament Round 1] Starting soon!Shiriuchi vs Komadai Tomakomai

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After this, from 5/24 9:00, a match between Shiriuchi High School (boys) vs. Tomakomai High School (boys) attached to Komazawa University will be held at Maruyama Baseball Field in Sapporo City.

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High School Baseball Spring Hokkaido District Tournament Shiriuchi High School (Men) vs Komazawa University Tomakomai High School (Men)

Maruyama Stadium, Sapporo City

Maruyama Stadium, Sapporo City(Sapporo Maruyama Baseball Field)HokkaidoSapporoChuoMiyagaoka OfMaruyama ParkLocated in (Maruyama Sogo Sports Ground)Baseball field.. The facility isSapporoOwned by (one good)Designated administratorThe operation is managed as.


The first baseball field built in Sapporo was1918/(TaishoOpened in 7 years)Hokkaido ExpoIt is a ground built on the site of (later Nakajima Stadium in Sapporo City).Nakajima ParkSee).However, the equipment was as simple as installing a dugout and a back net.

The current Maruyama Baseball Field is Sapporo Shrine (currently) on the west side of the city.Hokkaido Shrine)Sapporo Shinto outside garden stadiumAs (Sapporojin Jagaienkyujo)1934/(Showa9) Completed in the summer.The 14th Hokkaido Sakhalin Business Group Baseball Tournament was held at Gaien Stadium in the same year, but on August 8th.Hakodate Taiyo ClubHe was the director and catcher of Taiyo in the 7th match against Sapporo Club.KujijiroReceived a catcher's pick-off ball in his head and became a person who did not return on August 2, two days later.

Gaien Stadium is next1935/Transferred to the city from (Showa 10) and opened on July 7.In city history, this day is the opening day.The name of the stadium is also the current nameMaruyama Stadium, Sapporo CityIt was changed to.Next day1936/From (Showa 11) to the presenthigh school baseball,College baseball,Adult baseballEtc. in HokkaidoAmateur baseballIn addition to the official gameProfessional baseballMany official games are also held.During the war, metal products such as back nets and wire mesh were collected, and the fields became fields and material storage areas.After the war, amateur and professional games will be held again,1953/(Showa 28) February 10US-Japan baseball OfYomiuri Giants(Giants) vs.New York GiantsThe war was held.At the beginning of the opening, both the inner and outer fields are filled with earthen stands, and the capacity of the audience is small.1972/In the official professional baseball games held before (47), there was a case where a yagura was set up on the upper stage of the stand to secure the number of people to be accommodated.Now there are safety issues as wellFire Service ActBecause it conflicts with, such measures cannot be taken.

Due to aging and narrowing, and safety issues regarding the installation of temporary seats, it was completely renovated.1974/(Showa 49) In MarchReinforced concrete structureThe infield stand is completed.It became the first baseball field in Hokkaido to have a full-scale infield stand.Instead of Nakajima Stadium, which was also aging and narrowing1977/(Showa 52) From summerNational High School Baseball Championship South Hokkaido TournamentMaruyama Baseball Field has finally become the main stadium in the city and Hokkaido.Nakajima Stadium is1980/It was closed and removed only (55), and the site was then closed.Hokkaido Museum of LiteratureIt became the construction site of.Also in the same yearKitaToSapporo City Aso StadiumOpened.

The scoreboard (panel type) is on the left side of the back screen, which is a rare stadium in Japan.The panel type board1975/ToPacific League Nominated batterSince the system was adopted, it was necessary to indicate the players for 10 players, so we made a slot under the board for 9 players that had been permanently installed until then.the 1990sThere was a fuss about burning the scoreboard paper after entering (the cause of the fire is unknown), etc.1995/(Heisei7) In May, the scoreboard was relocated and rebuilt on the back screen to become a magnetic reversal type.1999/In the renovation (11), in the warning zone in front of the back netArtificial grassWas laid.

Maruyama Baseball Field has a capacity of 25,000 people, and the public baseball field in Hokkaido holds the largest number of official professional and amateur games so far, but no lighting equipment is installed.According to Sapporo City, the reason why it is not installed is that Maruyama Baseball Field isFirst-class scenic areaBecause it is inside, the ordinance stipulates height restrictions (10 m or less for buildings, 20 m or less for works) when building buildings and structures in the same area, and the lighting equipment is "work". It is considered to be a problem under the ordinance because it is highly likely that it applies to[1][2]..For this reason, the official professional baseball game was mainly held on Saturday and Sunday in two consecutive games.2000/The official game sponsored by the Giants, which was held every year until (12), was held on Tuesday-Thursday with two or three consecutive games as a day game.[3].. From the 1990sthe 2000sIn the first half, even though all the games hosted by the giants at other stadiums became night games, Maruyama andAsahikawa OfStar Hin StadiumThe match will be held as a day game until the end, and in the official match hosted by the Giantsthe 1990sOnly after that in the year[4]It was a day game.

Next day2001/(13)Sapporo DomeWith the opening,2000/(12) February 7Nippon Ham Fighters(At that time) vs.Chiba Lotte MarinesAt the end of the battle, the official battle for the XNUMXst Army at Maruyama Baseball Field was once over.afterwards,2005/In (17), one official game sponsored by the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters was held to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the opening.2007/,2009/Also, one game is being held by Nippon-Ham.Detail isLater..Although the chances of official professional games are reduced, it is still used by amateurs as the main stadium for major tournaments.For a long time, Sapporo citizens and Hokkaido citizens said, "NorthernKoshienOr "NorthernKorakuenIt has become a mecca for the world of Hokkaido.In addition, on the upper left wing side of the outfield standRed pineThere are three trees standing, but it is completely unknown why they were raised and why they were left on the stand without being cut down.

1979/(Showa 54) On September 9th, soccerJSL East-West competitionIt is the venue for the first revival of.

Main episode

August 1949, 8 Daiei Stars vs. Tokyu Flyers

Tokyu in the 9thHiroshi OshitaIs a pitcher of DaieiMasaaki NoguchiFrom, over the far sky above the toilet on the light stand, and even the parking lot beyond that, to reach the bamboo grove, which is now a rotary.Home runWas released.Noguchi testified that he was "flying 170m" during his lifetime, but if this is the case, it is the longest home run distance in Nippon Professional Baseball at that time.Also, I saw this hit ball outside the stadiumShigeru Sugishita"I knew it was Oshita just by looking at the hit ball," he said.

July 1975, 7 Yomiuri Giants vs. Chunichi Dragons

In the 6th inning, he was a third base runnerTakamichi MorimichiTrying to rush to home base with Pitcher Goro, taking advantage of his speed, but the pitcher at that timeSekimoto XNUMXIt is sandwiched between three and becomes a touchout.However, when Sekimoto touched Takagi's face, Takagi was in a rage.Sekimoto didn't even try to apologize, but when he glanced at Takagi, he hit Sekimoto and became a brawl.

July 1978, 7 Yomiuri Giants vs. Hiroshima Toyo Carp

2nd inning, Giants starting lineupKeiji AsanoIs the first 4Koji YamamotoWas given a walk.Asano continuesMizutani MioWas beaten to Yugoro,Adrian Garrett,Kinugasa YoshioGive two straight walks in a row and continueMizunuma ShiroAlso walks with walks and finally pushes out to give one point.Giants director who has run out of numbnessNagashima ShigeoIs a pitcherHorny third sonWas replaced by.However, the corner is also the 9th pitcherKitabeppu studiesGive four walks to and extrude two people in a row. No. 2Yoshihiko TakahashiAlthough he killed Yugoro's home base, he was a pinch hitter.Taisuke MasagakiAlso extrude again with walks.Jim LytleHits two points in a timely manner to the front left, and finally makes a round of batters.When the batting order turned to No. 2 Yamamoto again, the pitcher was in 4rd place when Yamamoto was given a second walk and the bases loaded.Tamura IsaoTake turns.However, Tamura also gave Mizutani, Garrett, and Kinugasa three consecutive pushes and lost a total of three points.Mizunuma was finally hit to the right and the attack was over, but in the end, the total number of pitches of the three giants was 3, and he lost 3 points with 3 walks including 76 extrudes (6 inning four-dead ball pro). Baseball record), the attack time in Hiroshima lasted about 10 minutes.Nagashima was so miserable that he shouted, "Hey !! Is there anyone who can be thrown by a fielder? Is there anyone who wants to throw it !?"After the match, Nagashima, who was apologizing for playing the game once a year to the fans in Hokkaido who were looking forward to it, issued a stay-at-home order to Nine that night.

In this matchBall refereeServed asYoshiki MatsuhashiLater, to the corner,I also lost track of the strike zone"It seems that he said.

August 1984, 8 Seibu Lions vs. Lotte Orions

Lotte'sHideaki TakazawaIs of SeibuSteve OntiverosWhen I jumped and caught a big fly ball, I crashed into the corner of the concrete fence and rightpatellaWas crushed and fractured and was seriously injured for 6 weeks.[5]..In the wake of this accident, a rubber fence and a soft fence with wire mesh stanchions were put up in the outfield of Maruyama Baseball Field in February of the following year. The use of <so-called cushioning material> is completely obligatory1988/Because)[5].

July 1987, 7 Yomiuri Giants vs. Hiroshima Toyo Carp

Giants second yearMasumi KuwataThe pitcher scored all four goals for the team with his own three-run home run and a timely hit, and then scored his first professional shutout victory.This match was said to be Kuwata's one-man show.

July 1988, 7 Yomiuri Giants vs. Chunichi Dragons 6th round

Giant·Yoshimura SadaakiHas achieved 100 home runs in total for professionals.8th inning of the game, Chunichi batterTakayoshi NakaoChased the ball hit to the left middle and was in a catching positionLeft handYoshimura tried a diving catchMedium-sizedTadahiro SakaemuraCrash.Yoshimura is on the leftkneeSwipeAnterior cruciate ligament,Medial collateral ligament,Inner meniscus damage, Fibula nerveparalysisHe was seriously injured, and at one point his life was at stake.After that, Yoshimura was forced to leave the front for a year and two months.[6]..In addition, in the same card game the next dayKawamata RiceOutfield fly ballLumingWhen he jumped and tried to catch the ball, he crashed into the wire mesh support of the outfield fence and fell and was transported to the hospital (diagnosis of bruise). It is believed that the measures against the collision of the fence did not result in serious injury.[5].

"Birthplace of Make Drama" 1996

The Yomiuri Giants were up to 11.5 games behind the leader Hiroshima Toyo Carp.However, in the match against Hiroshima on July 7, the giant scored 9 points in the bottom of the 2nd inning with 9 consecutive hits from the two-death non-runner (the professional baseball tie record of team 1 inning consecutive at-bat hits at that time, 5th in total). After thatKawasaki MasahiroWon a big win by hitting his first full-base home run.With this as a trigger, the Giants' march began.Furthermore, Hiroshima stalled in the summer and fell from the top, and at the end of the game, Chunichi and the GiantsOne fightTo.And on October 10, the giant is in a direct confrontation with Chunichi, the 6th round (Nagoya Stadium) And "Make drama, And won the league title. The 11.5 game behind the game is a league record at the time.From this,Sapporo DomeIncluding after opening2009/When the giants were sluggish at the time of the official game sponsored by the giants held in Sapporo every year until (21), each media gathered and emphasized that "Sapporo is the birthplace of make drama" almost every year. Was.The record is2008/(20),Make LegendThe record has been updated due to the reversal from the 13 games behind the game.However, since it was held at Sapporo Dome,2004/In (16), he lost 3 consecutive games on the same card on the middle day and fell to the top and stalled (3rd in the season), and the next day.2005/(17) lost two consecutive days in the middle of the day and stalled from there (2th in the season), two after another2006/In (18), he lost to Yokohama two times in a row, and the slump accelerated (2th in the season).From 4Sep-pa Exchange BattleSince the start of the event, the Giants match (held every other year after 2015) has been held in Sapporo as the official match of Nippon-Ham Fighters, and the official match sponsored by the Giants in Sapporo has not been held since 2010.

"Last Official Battle" 2000

With the completion of the Sapporo Dome coming up the following year, the last match before the "takeover" was the Nippon-Ham vs. Lotte match on July 7, where seven private cheering teams, including both teams located in Hokkaido, gathered.While cheering jointly, he hung up the banner of "Thank you Maruyama Baseball Field Professional Baseball Hokkaido Private Cheering Team Alliance" on the stand and missed the "last match".

Nippon-Ham-sponsored game after moving to Hokkaido

In 2000 (Heisei 12), the official game of professional baseball teams was no longer held in Maruyama,2004/(16) October,Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersDirector'sTray hillmanWhen he came to visit the official game of high school baseball, he heard from the people concerned that Maruyama Baseball Field would celebrate its 70th anniversary the following year, and said, "We also want to help," and held an official game at the stadium and the front of the baseball team. Strongly requested.This is fruitful2005/(17) May 5, as a match to commemorate the 28th anniversary of the openingSep-pa Exchange Battle・ Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters vs.Yakult SwallowsThe fifth round was held.The official game at Maruyama Baseball Field for the first time in 5 years, and the franchise fighters and the locals (Hokkaido)Rumoi City) FromTsutomu WakamatsuThere was a match card against Swallows, who is in charge of the coach, and 22,526 spectators packed up on the day.The blue vertical striped uniform that was once used by the Nippon-Ham Fighters has been reprinted and used as pre-match practice wear.The game was 13-5 and Yakult won a big victory.

The official game at Maruyama was generally well received by fans, and as a result of the team's discussions to hold regular official games at Maruyama after that,2007/(19) It was decided to hold one official game on May 5th.The card is the same pair of interleague games as last timeTokyo Yakult SwallowsWar.The match was once enrolled in YakultAtsunori InabaNippon-Ham won 6-4 in the final timely.

2009/(21) Against June 6th (Wednesday)Yokohama Bay StarsThe third round was the first weekday day game in the Interleague Play.Nippon-Ham is expected to be mobilized in large numbersSapporo DomeThe game was held on weekdays with the intention of concentrating the games on weekends, and aiming to develop a customer base such as housewives and preschoolers who cannot usually watch night games.Although it was hit by a strong wind on the day, the stand was still very successful with the number of spectators recording 10,977.Nippon-Ham won the match 5-3.

2013/(25) February 8Eastern LeagueThe official match against Yokohama DeNA BayStars was held, and DeNA won the match 7-10.

Equipment outline

  • Ground area:
  • Both wings: 98m, Mid-size: 117m
  • Infield: clay pavement, outfield: natural grass
  • Scoreboard: Magnetic reversal type (donated by Japan Lottery Association)
  • Lighting equipment: None
  • Capacity: 25,000

Other facilities in the park



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