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⛳ | Queen of the 06 prize money who participated in the US Women's Tour and the Rio Olympics [Who's birthday today? ]

Mt. Ooyama Shiho, the oldest seed player in the photo, turned 45 today (Photo: Getty Images)

The 06 prize money queen who participated in the US Women's Tour and the Rio Olympics [Who's birthday today? ]

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In 16, he participated in the Rio Olympics, which had announced his desire to participate in the war.

Today May 5th is the birthday of Mt. Ooyama Shiho, the 25 prize queen.She turned 2006 today. 45 professional ... → Continue reading

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    Hope to participate

    2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics

    2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics(2016 Nen Rio de Janeiro Olympics)20168/5から8/21Up to 17 days,Brazil OfRio de JaneiroThe 31rd held inOlympic Games.

    Approximately 206 people from 11,000 countries and regions participated for a total of 19 days (Opening ceremonyPrior toMan and woman soccer(Including two days where some games were held), 2 events of 28 competitions were held. TypicallyRio de Janeiro OlympicsIs calledRio Olympics[1][2],Rio Olympics[3]Is abbreviated.


    Within Brazil andSouth AmericaAndPortuguese-speakingOlympicIs the first time that[1][2],Also,Southern hemisphereHeld in1956Held inMelbourne olympic2000Held inSydney OlympicsIt was the third time in 16 years since[4].. further 

    Brazil will be the first Summer Olympic Games to be held during the winter months of the venue[4][5].. August in BrazilWinter seasonIn Rio de Janeiro,熱 帯Due to climatetemperatureIs around 22 degrees Celsius[6].

    At this OlympicTransgenderRelaxed the criteria for changing the gender of athletes and allowed them to participate without having to undergo sexual adaptation surgery [7].

    Until the 2012 London Games, medals were presented at the awards ceremony at each competition, followed by bouquets, but at this event, the Rio Olympics logo-type medal stand was replaced.[8].

    Background to the host city decision

    200910/2ToDenmark OfCopenhagenOpened in121th IOC General AssemblySo, the venue was decided by the vote of the IOC committee[9][10].

    2016 Summer Olympics venue vote
    cityCountry1 th2 th3 th
    Rio de JaneiroBrazilian flag Brazil264666
    MadridSpanish flag Spain282932
    TokyoJapanese flag Japan2220-
    ChicagoUnited States flag The United States of America18--

    Participating countries/regions

    From each of 206 countries and territoriesNational Olympic Committee At least one player who has passed the national selection by (NOC) is participating in each country/region[Source required].. The first three countries to qualify athletes for this tournament are the UK, the Netherlands and Germany in 3.World Equestrian ChampionshipEach country elected four athletes as representatives of the dressage group by winning the medal in[11].

    Brazil was the host country and was automatically qualified for a number of competitions, including qualifications for all disciplines and six weightlifting competitions.[12][13].(I.e.南 ス ー ダ ダFor us, this is the first time for us to participate in the Olympic Games.BulgariaRussiaWeightlifting athletes are banned from participating in this tournament due to a number of anti-doping rules violations[14][15].

    Of the country of RussiadopingSuspicion has occurredWADARecommended that Russian athletes be suspended from participating in the Olympics. In August, the IOC approved 8 out of 389 Russian teams (Doping in russiaSee also)[16].

    クウェートReceived a second suspension from the IOC in October 2015 for the second time in five years after the Kuwaiti government interfered with the country's Olympic Committee.[17].

    Due to civil warrefugeesFor the first timeRefugee teamWas formed and participated.

    Of participating countries and regionsNational team

    Conducted competition

    At this competition, 28 events of 306 competitions were held. Below, the numbers in parentheses are the number of events and the order is the alphabetical order of competition names.

    Review of the competition

    • 200910 Of121th IOC General AssemblyIn the 2016 Olympics, 7 out of the 2 sports considered below as new or reinstated were selected by voting.[18][19][20].. Golf has 63 votes in favor and 27 votes in opposition, and rugby has 81 votes in favor and 8 votes in opposition, both of which earned the majority required for hiring.
    • Holding decision
    • Defeat
    • Rugby is for men and women7-person rugbyCan be carried outInternational FederationWorld rugbyProposed by, and accounts for nearly half of IOC membersEuropeIs popular and has a sense of speed, short game time and holding period (proposed in 2 to 4 days for both men and women),PolynesiaIt was evaluated that there is a possibility of winning medals even in small countries such as. Selection is based on Exhaustive BallotFinal voteMethod), the majority of the votes of all members were collected in the second vote, and rugby was adopted first.
    • The selection was the golf with the majority of the votes at the time of the optional votes for the remaining three competitions, with roller sports, squash, and baseball dropped out in that order. The plan is for 3 holes (60 days) by 72 people eachStroke playIt is carried out as an individual battle ofTiger woodsThere are many famous players from each country,sponsorIt was evaluated that achievements such as acquisition will lead to the Olympics. Karate, which had the highest number of votes at the time when votes were cast for six competitions after the decision to hire rugby, reduced the number of votes each time it voted, and could not reach it.
    • Baseball/Softball/Karate/Roller sports (skateboard) Is the IOC General Assembly held on August 2016, 8,2020 Tokyo OlympicsIt was decided to be held as an additional event of.


    August 2016-8, 3, numbers aregold medalFinal number, • is preliminary, R is preliminary day, G is GALA GYMNASTICS (Open competition

    Competition / Date3456789101112131415161718192021meter
    Opening ceremony-Closing sessionOpenClosed-
    Canoe (Sprint444
    水 泳(Dive111111118
    Equestrian (Integrated equestrian2
    Equestrian (Jump over obstacles11
    Competition / Date3456789101112131415161718192021meter
    サ ッ カ ー112
    Gymnastics (Rhythmic gymnastics11
    Gymnastics (trampoline11
    Modern five types112
    ボ ー ト244414
    rugby(7-person rugby112
    Competition / Date3456789101112131415161718192021meter
    Table tennis11114
    volleyball(Beach volleyball114
    Volleyball (indoor)11
    swimming(water polo112
    Weight lifting122222111115
    wrestling(Greco Roman)22218
    Wrestling (freestyle)33222
    Gold medal00000012141415201924212217251623223012306

    Number of medals won by country/region

    orderCountry / RegionFriSilvercoppermeter
    1The United States of America The United States of America463738121
    2United Kingdom United Kingdom27231767
    3Chugoku Chugoku26182670
    4Russia Russia19181956
    5Germany Germany17101542
    6Japan Japan1282141
    7France France10181442
    8 South Korea South Korea93921
    9Italy Italy812828
    10Australia Australia8111029
    13Brazil Brazil76619

    *At the end of all competitions[21].. *Posted in order of number of gold medals.

    Competition venue

    In Brazil, pools of a certain sizelife guardLifeguards have been placed in swimming pools, including swimming competitions, due to legal requirements[22][23].

    Rio de Janeiro city

    Bach district
    Deodoro District
    Maracana District

    Out of Rio de Janeiro

    Both are venues for soccer qualifying and final tournaments. Scattered across vast Brazil, farthest from Rio de JaneiroequatorialClose toManausIs about 2,800km away in a straight line[28].

    Opening ceremony

    The opening ceremony was on August 2016, 8Estudio de MaracanaWas held in. The opening ceremony of the Olympics was held in venues other than athletics stadium in 1900Paris olympicIt's been 116 years since then.Olympic charterAs instructed by the ceremony, the ceremonies will include prestigious ceremonies that mark the opening of international sporting events (including welcome speeches, the raising of the Olympic flag, and the marching of athletes) and an artistic presentation of the culture of the host country. It also serves as a show. The opening ceremony was attended by a crowd of about 78,000 people.[30] The creative director of the opening ceremonyFernando Meireles,(English edition,French version,Portuguese versionAnd(English edition,French version,Portuguese versionBut as an executive producerTurin Olympic,Sochi OlympicsHandled the ceremonyMarco BalitchGot[31].. Of the most prominent choreographers in Brazil(English edition,French version,Portuguese versionPrepared more than 6000 volunteer performers to dance at the opening ceremony. The ceremony rehearsal began around the end of May 2016.[32]

    Zirma RousseffPresidentWas suspended due to impeachment,Michelle TemelThe acting president made the opening declaration as the head of state.

    (English edition,Spanish version,Italian versionIs the first awardee to be founded (Kenya flagKipchoge Keino) Is selected,pigeonKeino entered with the Kenyan Olympic kids who were fried.

    It should be noted that due to the huge cost of hosting the Olympics, some citizens protested against such as demonstrations, and even during the opening ceremony there was a collision between protesters and riot police around the venue.

    Closing session

    August 2016, 8,Fernando MeirelesThe closing ceremony held by the general director is the same as the opening ceremonyEstudio de MaracanaThe Olympic flag was handed over from the host city of Rio de Janeiro to the next host city of Tokyo.


    • May 2014, at that timeJohn Dowling CoatesVice Chairman of the IOC described Rio de Janeiro's readiness as "the worst ever." Points out delays in construction of competition facilities[33].
    • High crime rate "Level 1: Be careful." Outbreaks and infectious diseases such as yellow fever, dengue fever, Zika virus, and rabies. For details on crime prevention measures and vaccinations,External link belowSee the Consulate General website.

    Zika virus

    2016 in BrazilZika virusAre being spread by mosquitoes. The first vector is a mosquito, but dangerousSexual intercourseDepending on the virus, the virus may be transmitted from person to person.WHORecommended that pregnant women continue to refrain from traveling to Zika virus-infected areas[34].. It also states that if a pregnant woman's partner returns from the contagious area, she should have sex safely or refrain from having sex during pregnancy. What is safe sexコ ン ド ー ムIs to use correctly[34].

    In Brazil, there are many voices of tennis players worried about participation because there is no infection control. There are voices in the men's golf and basketball circles that are considering refusing to participate.[35].

    WHO go to the fieldathleteAnd list things travelers should keep in mind while staying in Brazil[34].

    • Be careful of mosquitoes by wearing light-colored clothing that covers the whole body.
    • Have sex safely, or do not have sex.
    • Air conditioning equipmentStay in a well-equipped accommodation and always keep windows and doors closed.
    • Do not stop in poverty/crowded areas or areas with poor hygiene.

    Public services and security

    public service

    Due to financial difficulties in the city, there are situations in which services such as security, medical care, and transportation cannot be guaranteed.State of Rio de JaneiroDeclared a financial crisis. Brazilian government decided to provide support[36].. Delays in salary payments to police officers have occurred, and while police officer demonstrations have taken place, street robbery and snatching have become frequent.[37].. In addition, slums scattered throughout Rio de Janeiro due to a decrease in police morale.FavelaThe number of gun battles between gangs and police based on "is increasing.


    Poor security has been pointed out in the city of Rio de Janeiro even before day of the Olympics, with street robbery occurring even in daylight. The Brazilian government has rushed to maintain security by introducing military forces and special forces, but not only tourists who visited Rio de Janeiro to watch the Olympics, but also athletes, the press, and foreign officials have stolen it. , Robbery, stone damage, etc.[38][39][40].

    Rio city[41]And the damage of theft is one after another[42].. Australian athletes suffered theft of equipment such as computers on July 7[43]Since then, there have been a series of thefts in the athlete's village, despite enhanced security. In addition, there have been multiple sexual assaults on women by athletes.[44].


    In Brazil, there is no penalty for possessing a small amount of personal use of cannabis, but even if it is a small amount, the cannabis control law is applied at the time of entering cannabis in the territory of Japan. It is a violation.

    Tournament management troubles

    Mistakes in national flags and national anthems
    Pool water quality problem

    A situation occurred in which the water in the pool of the diving competition turned green as if algae had grown.The competition was held on the management side, saying that there was no safety problem due to a mistake in drug adjustment.In addition, some athletes complain of eye pain in the water polo pool adjacent to the diving competition pool, and it has been pointed out that water quality management is inadequate.The water in the water polo pool was replaced before the synchronized swimming started on August 8.[46].

    Absence of tournament volunteers

    Rio de Janeiro Olympic GamesvolunteerThere are about 5 people, of which about 1 were absent from work in a week[47].

    • There was a problem that the bus carrying the athletes participating in the 50-meter freestyle semifinals for the women's swimming race got in the wrong place and arrived at the athletic stadium about 14 km away instead of the pool near the athlete's village.[48].
    • Of the OlympicsboxingBoysLight weightParticipated inNarumatsu DaisukeAgainstJapan Sports Promotion Center 2015About the 240 million yen grant awarded toJapan Boxing FederationAccording to the instruction, 2 yen each was distributed to two players who are not eligible for subsidies other than Narumatsu, and it was divided into three,2018It was found in some newspaper reports. It is regarded as a problem because public money was used for purposes other than its intended purpose[49].

    Tournament mascot

    The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics mascot was open to the public on November 2014, 11[50].. The name was decided to be "Vinicius" by a public vote held on the Internet[51].Bossa novaMasterpiece of "Ipanema's daughterWas writtenVinisius de MoraisDerived from[51].


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